5 Steps for Thriving in the Current Energies ~ July 18, 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are having a celebration of sorts here in the ninth dimension, because we are so very pleased with how humanity has been evolving and expanding your consciousness. We notice every little improvement in your overall vibration and in the vibration of each individual there on Earth. We continue to notice how well you are progressing there in spite of the very challenging conditions you are living in. This is a time to be looking for the progress that you are making as individuals, rather than looking outside of yourselves for evidence of humanity’s evolution of consciousness.

Those who are not handling the influx of energies well will always get the most attention, because they will act out. They will grab the headlines because they are the ones who feel so much discord inside of themselves that they must do something or say something in order to release the pressure that they feel. Those of you who have been practicing being grounded, present, open, and receptive, on the other hand, are thriving at this time because of how much more energy is coming in to support humanity. Now, it is not our intention to trigger anyone, and none of the other beings who are helping humanity are purposefully sending people into panic mode.

Everyone is being given an opportunity to rise up and meet the challenge of higher frequency energies as they land there in your atmosphere. Now, you might wonder what you can do to be an even better conduit for these energies, and we want you to know that there are steps you can take to insure that you are keeping up. One of those steps is probably very obvious to many of you. You must stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. Another step might be a bit counterintuitive. You have to slow down to keep up with the energies. You have to rest, relax, meditate, play, and just take it easy in order to keep up.

And another step that is always going to serve you is to pay very close attention to what you are putting in your bodies, not only terms of what you are eating, but also what you are watching and listening to, what you are reading. If the vibration is not high, then set it aside. Now, there is also the step of being more present, being mindful of what you are doing and who you are with, giving that person your full attention. Finally, take the step of grounding yourself in your physical body and to Mother Earth, regardless of what’s going on energetically. That’s always going to be something that serves you.

Now, many of you already know these steps and are taking them, but reminders are important, because there will always be the temptation to go down a road that does not serve you and that gets you into a place where you are then the one who is acting out. We are here to remind you, and we are here to support you and guide you, and we will always be available to you. Call upon us when the energies feel too intense. We love to hear from each and every one of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”
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Christy Wallace and Christy Mantese ~ July 11, 2020

Yesterday, an activation took place in the Pacific Ocean to bring a dormant part of the grid back online. Through wonderfully synchronistic events, and with the support of the Water Consciousness, another beautiful Sister and I were given instructions to work together in focusing the Christ Light into the Waters, and onto each other. This joining of our Light caused a spark that ignited the grid to wake it from its dormant state, creating a pyramid in form that connected to the Sirius System. The two of us each held one point of the pyramid (Long Beach, Ca, and Byron Bay, New South Wales Australia), while the third point (Cape Horn, Chile) was held by the Whale Collective. There were other systems and planets also called to benefit from this activation, supported through the management of the Dragon Collective.

The result in bringing this section of the grid back online, causing the connection to Sirius, is the anchoring of the Pyramid/ Crystalline consciousness within our Water. This was not to raise the frequency of the Waters of Gaia, or the Water within our cells per se, as the core of our Water is already pure and incredibly high vibrational. What it WILL do, as the Crystalline frequency emanates, is to spark each Being on our planet to shift their awareness so they are able to feel and acknowledge the purity of the water that already resides within us and around us.

This awareness will pave the way for the Pyramid/Crystalline consciousness to activate within each of us, placing us firmly on the path to a fifth dimensional state of Being. Of course, Humans are governed by free will, so some may choose to ignore this spark, and that is okay. But for those who do choose to travel this beautiful path, the Dragons told me the first affect we will notice is a lessening of fear in both animals and humans, and that is a beautiful thing!

When I asked my husband, Garri, to channel about this activation for me, a huge Stag immediately came through. The Stag said he spoke for all animals in acknowledging what was being brought forth, and the influence will be felt, loved, and appreciated by all of them. The Animal Kingdom as a collective vibration will celebrate and will be drawn to the water edges, and drink from the waters, recognising the vibrational effect that has been achieved. The Water Beings also came through and told us they wished we could see the effect it was already having but know that we will be able to feel it as/ when it settles in.

Thank you so much to the Divine Christy Wallace for following your guidance, your alignment, your beautiful Light Language, and for being the Californian anchor point 
If anyone else is in connection with the Water Consciousness, please let me know. We would love to work with you 

Image credit: Christy Wallace

Headlines and Updates for June 13, 2020: New Q & In the Nick of Time [videos] ~ June 13, 2020

No words, folks. My jaw dropped when I saw this image just now.  How can we dispute the existence of demons? The evidence is right in front of us.


Link to New Q Drop

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 13 Jun 2020 – 12:03:17 PM

EZlRSs1WoAAZ7lS.jpg Only when evil is forced into the light can we defeat it.
Only when they can no longer operate in the [shadows] can people see the truth for themselves.
Only when people see the truth [for themselves] will people understand the true nature of their deception.
Seeing is Believing.
Sometimes you can’t tell the public the truth.
It had to be this way.
This is not another 4-year election.

See the rest of the Q drops here.

I knew there would be an overwhelming response for this first KAG rally.

Trump Moves Rally to June 20 as Over 300,000 Request Tickets

G. Edward Griffin opines about the theatre of the absurd with respect to the world post-CV-19. Video available at the link.

Money & Power – Hidden Agendas behind COVID-19

Looks like Fox is the only major news network telling the truth about the fake plan-demic. Every week we get conflicting information coming out of the con men at the CDC, and other Health sources, and fake studies at Universities.

They are going to keep telling us new outbreaks are occurring, a second wave, blah, blah, blah. Now Beijing is claiming this.

It’s up to Humanity to tell them go screw themselves and we’re not doing this any more. The guilt games and false positives won’t work, and people are going to VOTE IN PERSON.

Now they’re saying if we wear masks it will make a difference and lockdowns and other measures won’t have to be levied.  These liars caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people world wide and almost destroyed our civilization with their BS and coverups. Lock them up!

Masks now seen as vital tool in coronavirus fight

Expect more spicy action. This summer will be muy caliente!

DHS Warned of ‘High Risk’ of Attacks on Law Enforcement, ‘Violent Opportunists,’ During Height of Protests https://t.co/UzQ7J23VHj via @BreitbartNews

— Kristina Wong 🇺🇸 (@kristina_wong) June 12, 2020

The problem with the cabal’s stunts and choreographed social justice claims is their hypocrisy and inconsistency. How many funerals did former police captain David Dorn get? Did they give him a gold casket? Who is screaming for justice over the shooting death of federal officer Patrick Underwood?

No Outrage for Officer Patrick Underwood

Tennessee doesn’t have to worry about an “autonomous zone” which is just a fancy, leftist term for a “commie militarized zone”. Summer of love? Give me a break. Who writes this stuff? We’ll see how much “love” reverberates in Seattle this summer.

Tennessee Governor Issues Warning After Autonomous Zone Threat

Seattle police chief says rapes and robberies are occurring in CHAZ area and officers can’t respond to them https://t.co/NqMoSTR40Q

— TheBlaze (@theblaze) June 12, 2020

Tucker Carlson’s monologue was satirical, and therefore funny when he unloaded on the absurd Seattle situation. Watch at the link.

Tucker: The world welcomes its newest country

Simon Parkes brought us this news from Seattle:

With President Trump talking up army involvement in Seattle due to the Governor pulling police from one precinct and allowing the demonstrators control – The local legislature has said they don’t want the President to get involved.

The Ted Mahr radio show which broadcasts from Seattle which is pro Trump and on which I regularly appear is being closed down because local legislators don’t want a pro Trump radio station in Seattle !!!


Fortunately, Ted Mahr has found a new station in California and we hope he will be well received with no interference. The censorship is still increasing, folks. They don’t want anyone talking about those aspects of our reality. Learn more at Simon’s blog.

radio show host and psychic Ted Mahr

As bad as it is in America just now, it could be worse. Africa is a war zone at any give time and the savagery is off the scale. Demons. Read or listen to the article at the link below.

Islamic terror group Boko Haram massacred a village on Tuesday in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno State killing at least 81 people, German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) reported.

Nigeria: Boko Haram Kills 81 in ‘Barbaric’ Overnight Village Attack 

This is another video I didn’t get to earlier. Some of the information sounds like it’s from Gene Co Sensei, our decoder. Thanks, L. It’s a long list of big names arrested, and even those already executed. What we see unfolding now is for the benefit of waking up the masses and often using clones, doubles, CGI and holograms.

Gen. Michael Flynn wrote the message at the link below, and many will find solace in his words. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say when the law suit is over and the gag order removed.

Exclusive from Gen. Flynn: Forces of Evil Want To Steal Our Freedom in the Dark of Night, But God Stands with Us

Josh Bernstein updates us on the Republican Convention in August and shares some thoughts on what would have happened if President Trump had decided to hold the event in Charlotte, NC.

RNC Convention Location Finalized! Look Where the Party Will Be!

How did we get to where we are today in America? Why is everything so vicious, violent, and political? Here’s a factual 10-minute refresher.

Fortunately, America made the right turn at the fork in the road and we are getting further and further away from the planned course that would have destroyed the nation—and the world. It’s all under control, despite how it appears. Trust is something we must all indulge at this point, however.

A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

As for the court case in progress about fluoride in our drinking water, here’s an update from FluorideAlert.org

Friday, June 12th, 2020

June 12, 2020 The Fluoridation Trial: Science 4, EPA 0

The fluoridation trial is going INCREDIBLY well. Our scientists are just knocking it out of the park. The score so far: Science 4, EPA 0. Below are links to the written declarations of the four main scientists testifying,… Read More

United States, TSCA Lawsuit

I don’t indulge in channelled messages often any more because the information can sometimes only be validated by our own intuitive feeling about it, but for Kryon fans we have this, from May 2020. I Q’d up the video to 16 minutes where Lee Carroll begins.

It’s an interesting bit of wisdom about the coming new world and it resonates with me. Old ways vs. the new ways; the “new normal”. Positive or negative? You decide.

Learn more about Kryon channelings here.

Kryon 2020 ~ The Changes: Not What You Expect

Top analyst Dave brought us another terrific X22 Report yesterday on the meaning of what we see unfolding.

Patriots Are 5 Steps Ahead, People Are Beginning To See The Full Picture – Episode 2198b

And there it is. Fascinating.

The Sun Unleashes Another Revealing Coronal Mass Ejection

The end for now. Enjoy your weekend, and remember to stock up on popcorn.  ~ BP

Quick Healing Ritual With Water ~ April 9, 2020

Quick Healing Ritual With Water.  By Dr. Schavi M. Ali.

Rituals are sometimes very involved and require that certain special accoutrements be obtained.

However, there is a quick healing ritual that is also very powerful which requires only one very easily obtainable substance – Water!

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The ritual can be done by any spiritual or religious path. The normal physical vessel is over 80 percent water.

Water hydrates our cells, delivers oxygen to our cells, revitalizes us, and assists in moving out toxins. It cleanses every part of our body temple.

It also helps to lower blood pressure, to relax every aspect of the nervous system, and to elevate consciousness because an ancient teaching (which I have often quoted in both my in-person and on-line teachings) is: “The Spirit moves on the face of the waters.

Quick Healing Ritual With Water - Structured Water

Structured Water

Quick Healing Ritual With Water

As most people realize, a person can go for several days without food but not very long without water. It is our most important element for the material earthly realm.

The word “Spirit” is from the Latin word “spiritus” which translates as “breath“. Our breath, therefore, is life force which in Sanskrit is “Prana“.

SOURCE moves life force thru us and thus we receive the vital energy of SOURCE for this material realm via each breath we take.

Water is, however, actually both material and spiritual. Water increases life force!

Before you drink water from a bottle, cup, thermos, glass, etc., recite into it the following sacred sound three times: “AUM” (also seen as “OM“) slowly and with a long intonation.

This is the mantra known as “Pranava” which is “Cosmic Sound“.

This mantra causes the water to become “Prasadam” or “Healing Substance“. Consequently, its power is strengthened and is more potent.

Quick Healing Ritual With Water - The Spirit Moves On The Face Of The Waters

The Spirit Moves On The Face Of The Waters

Quick Healing Ritual With Water

Some people have reported that after pronouncing this mantra into the water, it tastes clearer and lighter.

Ancient sacred texts say that the DIVINE ABSOLUTE (SOURCE, INFINITE PRESENCE, CREATOR, DIVINE MOTHER, etc.) pronounced this sound and brought all things into being form “Her” vast, watery cosmic womb.

For the material plane, we have the elements earth, air, fire, water, and ether.

However, water is, as stated, both of the material and spiritual realm. The physical womb of a woman is also known as the “bag of waters“.

Thus, WATER is a VERY IMPORTANT element which flows from the ETERNAL LIGHT to the physical vessel – our material body temple.

Bless your water!

Emotional Comfort During Heightened Frequencies

Emotional Comfort During Heightened Frequencies

The New Galactic Spin: Greater Source Light!

The New Galactic Spin: Greater Source Light!

Intensive Source Light – The Great “Tutorial” Reminder

Intensive Source Light – The Great “Tutorial” Reminder

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Miles Davis

Oversoul Collective: Welcome to the New Earth ~ December 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Great teachers use a way of explaining which brings the subject being discussed/taught into relevance for the student. Thus, we see the simile used below to explore the concept of collective’s and the oversoul. How are these related?

Please read this article, understand the unique existence of you, your relationship to your Oversoul, your relationship to Love, rest during this “birthing period”, allowing yourself to relax and BE…



Welcome to New Earth. We are the Oversoul Collective. We are one of many collectives, of collectives. For we see from a higher viewpoint and offer perhaps a more expanded perspective. For we are after all higher aspects and perspectives of you. (I am seeing a massive white fluffy cloud composed of mist and each mist particle of water represents a soul). It is from this higher vantage point that we can offer peace and comfort and reassurance to the ascending collective of humanity this day. For this moment is ripe with promise of ascension, of joy, of great purpose. Suppose that one particle of mist decided to become a rain drop. Suppose that rain drop fell down to the earth and felt separated. It is still that particle of mist that was enveloped by friends and family all around. It is still that essence and it still has the massive support of the cloud above. Water communicates.

The raindrop can still feel the cloud and yet it feels distant, apart, for positionally in a way it is, but it is still of the same water of the cloud. Do you see how you never really left? You are really just having a human incarnation experience. And yet your little raindrop of your life is having massive cleansing effects upon Mother Gaia in this now moment. Your rain-light is watering her flowers, her fauna. Your rain-light is lighting up the darkest of places, and lighting up the faces of the other raindrop light workers around you. You are strong enough for this. Water is a massive force upon Gaia, a water planet. Many of her hidden waters have yet been untapped, untouched, for they represent the repression of the sacred feminine. Much water, much change we see upon her surface world. Much good is coming, is here. This is why we stated a greeting of welcome to the new paradigm. For the old is being shattered, splashed by massive light from Alcyone, our friend. For we are all interconnected. Oversouls of oversouls exist. All is recorded. All is Source understanding, growing, exploring, expanding. Untold raindrops having untold adventures through all dimensions and realities.

We are the Oversoul Collective. We wish for you to feel the tremendous love in these words of encoding. Every one of you has many hidden inner waters, inner mysteries of your own soul journey to rediscover. Many of you have already begun this process. You have been many things in many places. You are strong enough for this task of assisting Mother Gaia in her rebirthing. You as well, dear one, are being born anew, redressed in the white robes of the Christed light. For the Christed rays burn brightly, strongly once again within the hearts of humankind. We see a general lightening up of this precious blue sphere of experience and of duality. No longer will duality to this extreme exist in this realm for this sector is in the process, in the throws of rapid ascension. Your work is assisting the multiverse, dear one. You have many reasons to be deeply fatigued. Being born is exhausting for the mother and for the infant child. You are being squeezed from all sides. Rest in this precious time space of the moment in between the in-breath and the out-breath of the Great Mother. Rest and know and feel your divine supportment.

We are the Oversoul Collective. You are no great mystery to us for we are you in higher form and we have seen and done many extraordinary things together and we will once again. For the adventure never ends, dear one. You simply change form again. The water droplet becomes the moistness in the soil, nurtures the plants and through evaporation once again becomes water moisture and rejoins the cloud. In a way that water droplet never left but its experience did expand, and it will always remember that journey to nurture, to fulfill its role as water-light. You are much the same. We utilize the analogy of the cloud so that perhaps you will get a feeling, a sense of how big you are, of how grand this is, for the vastness of the All cannot truly be comprehended. For there is always more to explore and to experience. This current incarnation is creating such excitement and joy in the loving family members that surround. Be at peace. The waters are running high. Surface rebirthing. Planet reforming. Do not be afraid, for all is truly most well. Ground the light. Nurture the surface with the light of our energies for they are your own. The power of holding space is not to be underestimated. Never underestimate the moment in between moments. For that is where you are. You feel this void and perhaps it feels uncomfortable. Perhaps it feels as an old friend. It is but another moment of experience. Much grace is learned in the waiting. Lift your face to the sky. Look at the clouds and feel our love for you. A simple analogy and yet a good and true one. We are the Oversoul Collective. Peace. You are loved beyond measure.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl