Headlines and Updates for June 25, 2019: Sabotage and Sedition from the Invisible Side of Government [videos] ~ June 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: Can you not see how the left in the US are trying so very hard to both overthrow President Trump, with his ideas of “rightness and wrongness” the left are trying so hard to overthrow? Please read this report from Starship Earth, know exactly who your enemy is, how they are being thwarted, and be…



Did you wonder why we learned that ICE was planning Sunday morning raids in multiple cities on illegal aliens?

You don’t telegraph your intentions to do raids—unless you want CNN there to document it as they did for the Roger Stone pre-dawn bust—or unless it’s sabotage. The Deep State has always been about sabotage since Trump was elected because he is undoing everything they have done and strive to do.

POTUS had to respond; what else could he do but rescind the order?

Much of what unfolds is clear as mud these days, but there isn’t much point in sending in the exterminator when someone went in, turned on the light, and the cockroaches scattered. Insubordination and sedition are rampant within the deep state swamp Trump is wading in. 

The left needs those bodies for their dastardly plans to destroy America from within, and they desperately need their bought-off votes in the 2020 election—not that it will make any difference. POTUS will be re-elected by a landslide bigger than the one in 2016. 

Americans are waking up and the process that will destroy any last shred of credibility the legacy media has remaining is in full swing as we allow them to eviscerate themselves.  ~ BP

Report: Acting DHS Sec. Accused of Leaking ICE Raid Plans, Issuing “Stand Down” Orders

Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan has been accused of leaking details of planned ICE raids after expressing his “fierce opposition” to President Trump’s targeting of 2,000 families for defying orders to return to their home countries after illegally entering the U.S.

The DHS official is also being accused of issuing “stand down” orders to top officials.

Fox reports:

A source familiar with the matter told Fox News that when the operation was in its planning phase two weeks ago, McAleenan ordered ICE Acting Director Mark Morgan to call off the deportation operation that was expected to target 2,000 families in up to 10 cities across the country. President Trump, however, ordered that Morgan continue as planned — until he abruptly announced Saturday he was delaying the raids to see if Congress could work out a solution to the “Asylum and Loophole problems at the Southern Border.”

Read the rest of the article…

Americans largely underestimate the intent and activities of the Deep State. They don’t believe their “government” would intentionally harm them, use them for experiments, or steal from them. They don’t believe they’ve been used as lab rats.

It’s wake-up time. The government of most countries was hijacked long ago and has been run by secret societies and their thugs; ruthless people of questionable bloodlines who only seek to empower and enrich themselves by controlling the population of our planet.

They experiment on us in countless inhumane, evil ways. How long can Humanity ignore it?  ~ BP

C.I.A. Sought to Spray Drug on Partygoers

September 21, 1977, New York Times

A former Central Intelligence Agency employee told a Senate subcommittee today that he and another C.I.A. employee were sent to San Francisco in 1959 to lure unsuspecting people to a party at which the two agents were to spray the air with LSD 25 as part of the agency’s secret drug testing program. The test [was] part of a much larger drug testing program known by the cryptonym MK ULTRA,” David Rhodes told the Senate Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. Mr. Rhodes, two former C.I.A. employees, two former Bureau of Narcotics agents and Dr. Charles Geschickter, head of a foundation that channeled C.I.A. medical research funds to universities for nine or 10 years, were questioned this morning in the first of two days of hearings into C.I.A. testing of drugs on human beings. Today’s testimony by Mr. Rhodes provided the first look the public has had at an LSD test inside a C.I.A. safehouse. The agency carried out other drug tests in both California and New York City from 1953 to 1966 in such safehouses, mainly apartments and motel rooms. These were secretly rented for the agency by George H. White, an official of the old Federal Bureau of Narcotics, which has since been supplanted by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Mr. Rhodes, a psychologist employed by the C.I.A. from 1957 to 1961, said he went to California in 1959 with Walter P. Pasternak. Mr. Pasternak, a former employee of the agency, was also an official with the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

Note: Read more about the CIA’s MK ULTRA program. Shortly before his death, George White summed up his CIA career by saying, ‘It was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill and cheat, steal, deceive, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the all highest,” as reported in this ABC documentary on MK ULTRA. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on mind control from reliable major media sources.


Natasha V brings us an update on the accident that killed 7 in a group of Marines and spouses in the motorcycle club. It seems like such a freak event. What are the chances? Marines answer directly to POTUS, do they not? And the driver was, “known to authorities”. A familiar phrase. Witnesses say he took a hard left into the group of motorcycles. Read more at the link. Cars and trucks can be remote controlled, and so can people.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, of West Springfield, Mass.

Driver with record charged with seven homicides in Marine motorcycle club crash

I don’t know how the incident in New Hampshire happened, but it brought to mind an old video we featured in 2013 after the suspicious death of journalist Michael Hastings whose car suddenly increased to a high rate of speed and veered into a palm tree on the boulevard causing a massive explosion and sending the engine flying yards from the car.

Check out how easy it is to hijack/remote control an electronic vehicle from a laptop.

We understand any relatively new electronic vehicle can be hacked and controlled remotely. It’s the new version of the “Boston brakes”.  Read that article from 2013 based on an article by Forbes Magazine.

That hidden camera video Project Veritas released about the Goog monster was too explicit to misunderstand, but Justus Knight explains it—just so we’re up to speed on the clear and present danger to America and the world under lawless, unethical corporations too big for their britches.

It’s a no brainer to re-elect President Trump in 2020. If America fails to do that, any shred of democracy will evaporate and the Republic will be in the toilet.

It has to be obvious even to the brain-dead that the propositions of the left are not beneficial to the People, or the nation. One would think the only voters who could support the lunatic left are the programmed ones incapable of thinking logically.

Why would you elect anyone who puts illegal migrants who are not citizens, ahead of American citizens? Why would anyone in their right mind vote for someone who was going to mandate that Americans support migrants like a family member?  It makes no sense. Can voters fail to see this? I guess we’ll find out.

Bernie’s Healthcare Plan Would Cover 11 Million Illegal Immigrants, And YOU Would Foot The Bill

Further to our report on Thursday about the unethical and dangerous offshoots of cryptocurrency, and in particular Facebook’s new “Libra”… more people are picking up the call issued by Thomas Williams to avoid this trap at all costs.

Libra isn’t really backed by anything, according to Thomas. They put the initial phase out there to hoodwink the public into funding it FOR them. The deep state globalists are flat broke and they have no shortage of ideas to steal money from gullible people. The privacy angle they will exploit is one more despicable warning to the public to steer clear of this ploy.

Macro view of Bitcoin reverse side.

They want to take the world cashless so they can control every aspect of our lives with the flick of a switch. We must not fall for their sell job about convenience, etc. “Cashless” is the death knell for Humanity.

Facebook Unveils Invasive & Dangerous Form Of Surveillance: Libra Cryptocurrency

It’s always good to know when major eclipses will take place. On July 2 a total solar eclipse will be visible from Central but mostly South America.

Best Places to See The Total Solar Eclipse On July 2, 2019


Captain of ill-fated Superjet says ‘landing speed was normal’, fire broke out after touchdown | RT ~ May 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: My heart goes out to all the families involved in this airplane tragedy in Russia as all of humanity is “under attack”. Why? The truly demented dark are at a loss for preventing something the knew would happen as Light continues to brighten the Earth!

I think it wise to be aware of the actions taken by the dark, yet try and stay out of their way by avoiding unnecessary risks and/or major travel. Those steps may not be possible for many, yet maintaining awareness is critical at this time, that…and a lot of prayer!

Please read this article, minimize risk-taking in the increasingly perilous times, yet remain…



I was told that airplanes were made to rock and roll on the air currents and that storms are no biggie. Sure, they usually fly above them, but having to land in a T-storm isn’t uncommon and there is rarely a problem. Lightning doesn’t usually cause a loss of comms, but suddenly, lightning seems to be an issue.

We had lightning in Jacksonville when the 737 went into the river on Friday night, and lightning in Moscow yesterday. We’ve heard a lot about lightning—or what they are calling lightning—in the news fairly recently.

We’ve also seen the bizarre circumstances around the “transformer explosions” in New York and Louisiana in December. What sparked those?

Lightning might not always be “lightning”. Just sayin’. 

Oh, but lightning isn’t a weapon. Really? So, this was just a coincidence?

Lightning bolt strikes the Vatican’s St Peter’s Basilica – video

The captain of the Superjet 100 reports that a “bright flash and a bang” occurred BEFORE they began their descent in Moscow—and had to perform a MANUAL landing and lost radio contact due to a” lightning strike”. No wonder it was rough. 

—not that we expect they would reveal the whole truth to the public in times of war. If this is due to the “grand solar minimum” I’d like to know.  ~ BP

Captain of ill-fated Superjet says ‘landing speed was normal’, fire broke out after touchdown

May 6, 2019 An Aeroflot captain who piloted the Superjet 100 in Moscow has revealed harrowing details of the accident, saying he had to crash-land with full tanks, which possibly led to the jet catching fire right after its bumpy touchdown.

There was “a bright flash and a bang” moments before the pilots began an immediate descent into Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport, Denis Evdokimov, a captain on the ill-fated Aeroflot flight, told Telegram channel Baza. To make matters worse, communication with the ground failed “because of a lightning strike.”

The failure left the crew with no option but to perform a manual landing. They finally managed to establish radio contact and “could only say a couple of words” to the air traffic control, who guided them back to the runway, Edvokimov recalled.

READ MORE: Fiery Sukhoi Superjet-100 crash-landing: How it happened

While attempting to land, the jet struck the runway several times, probably damaging the fuel tanks and causing a fire to ignite in the rear of the fuselage. But the captain failed to explain why the touchdown was so hard, only saying that “we had caught fire upon landing.”

The crew didn’t seem to have any trouble during descent, he said. “The speed wasn’t high, it was normal. [We acted] according to the flight manual.” However, the jet’s weight was much greater than required because of its full tanks, making it extremely challenging to safely land a 45-ton airliner on a runway, the pilot said.

He and his first officer followed a protocol on landing an overweight plane, but it could be the bumpy touchdown that ignited fire on board, Evdokimov suggested.

The plane was flying to Murmansk, a city in the north of Russia, carrying 78 passengers and five crew members. Shortly after take-off, the pilots declared an emergency and turned back. The Flightradar24 tracking service showed that the jet circled twice around Moscow before it hit the runway after spending less than half an hour in the air.

See the rest of the article and video…

Now—as a full-fledged conspiracy analyst I have to go here. We’ve had what appears to be spontaneous combustion of two transformers in two different cities last December within days of each other, thousands of acres of land and properties in California igniting and burning in most unusual ways, and plane crashes and problematic landings with lightning, flashes and bangs.

Transformers do explode and catch fire, but two in two days in different cities?

Maybe they’re not related, but flashes and bangs usually need a spark or something of that nature. We like to explore the possibilities and ask questions because we’ve grown very suspicious over time about events that aren’t explained to our satisfaction and have no basis in physics we know of. Many things we understood were impossible, aren’t impossible.

Electrical explosion in both Louisiana and New York?

Why do lines of cars on a freeway suddenly burst into flame? Why do homes burn but trees do not? Why does half a home burn and the other half is untouched? Why is half a football field scorched black and the rest green with a hard line?

Some folks believe they have the answers and suggest we are under attack by silent, stealthy killers who don’t do battle face-to-face. Normally that would be cowardly, but all’s fair in love and war, right? The artillery of combat may have taken on a different guise but in this war, it’s civilians who are the targets, not soldiers.

California Wildfires Caused By Directed Energy Weapons

There’s logical fodder for the line of thinking. Thanks, R.

Usually when we’re told something is “possible” it’s already been in practice for some time. Who is the enemy; the Pentagon, or the Pentagon’s enemies?

SPECIAL REPORT: The Pentagon Could Put Directed Energy Weapons in Space

We also have intel suggesting Israel’s moon mission was shot down. You will, of course, come to your own conclusions.  ~ BP

Best UFO Footage, Unexplained Weirdness in Canada and Aquatic Humanoids in Thailand [videos] ~ February 3, 2019

Edito’s Note: Time to wake up my friends! if you have read the last message from Michale Love on Jan. 28 (https://roserambles.org/2019/01/29/pleiadian-light-forces-transmission-via-michael-love-january-28th-2019-january-29-2019/), you will realize that the Earth will begin seeing “unbelievable” events across the globe. This is an effort to “wake up” the masses to the fact that life on Earth is not only that we we see with our eyes.

Please read the article below, watch the video’s, know that the actual dream IS our reality here on Earth, and be…



We never know from one day to the next what we will see or hear. Reality has been leaking through for some time, but the trickle is beginning to gush. These stories go into our, “The Truth is Out There” archive.

This is one of the best captures of a saucer in flight—from a drone in Utah in 2016. Check out that attitude adjustment.

Thanks, C.

Exclusive, Jaw Dropping UFO Sighting Caught on Camera, New Footage Reveals

Here’s a real Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. This birder caught a flashing object in the sky he calls “pill-shaped” over North Carolina on January 25th. I hope it’s neutralizing chemtrails or something productive.

Carstairs, Alberta, between Calgary and Edmonton, is the site of an unexplained phenomenon that is disabling cars in the Co-Op parking lot over the course of a few weeks. I doubt if folks are going to want to leave their car elsewhere and buy their groceries on foot so business will probably suffer.

This next story is mind-blowing, and judging by the pathetic attempts to throw us off the scent, probably the real deal.

We know the Atlanteans did a lot of DNA experimentation and hybridizing of humans and animals and our jailors would like us to believe centaurs, mermaids and sasquatch are the stuff of myth and legend. That is questionable at this point considering all the bizarre creatures that have mysteriously washed up on our shores across the planet that don’t resemble anything currently in existence. It appears the experimentation has never stopped.

These little creatures they’re calling “Ewoks” have a unique talent. Check it out.  ~ BP

The Globalists are Waging Open War on America! | AIM4Truth [video] ~ November 17, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends…the “storm” is indeed upon us! The video above is horrific, but true. Too much evidence exists to support the fact that the dark are now engaged in a full scale battle to retain their control over Earth, and…you and me.

Please read this report from Starship Earth, but avoid a fearful reaction…that is exactly how the dark become able to achieve their goals! Instead, it’s time to take action that is not rooted in violence…unless your life is in danger.

Instead, as much as possible, play a game of non-resistance. Do you really need that vaccination? Do you really need to watch the TV show? Do you really need to stay tied to the dark’s program they have for your life? It’s time to wake up and read this report, stay low and use non-resistance, pray for  spiritual help although knowing this battle has already been won, and…



This is a chilling message for a Saturday morning, my friends, but it must be stated clearly.

Yes, they torched thousands of homes in California, but they are now using their weapons on cars—with people in them. There is no other explanation—and many reasons why they are doing this. Many. We have discussed the multi-pronged approach to the globalist/dark cabal agenda so many times over the years.

The war is hotting up, I’m afraid, —scratch that, I’m not afraid. We can do this, but must understand that Humans are the targets. They want 90% of us gone and their thrusts of the sword are no longer happening in the shadows. It’s out there for all to see and this is no time for denial.

It’s no longer a war fought in the courts—although that is still happening. It’s no longer only a war fought at the polls. Americans are seeing what happened there.

These psychopaths are using weapons paid for with trillions siphoned from taxpayers; stolen by the Nazi “Project Paperclip” group (look it up) who developed the ability to go to the stars and left us here, Earthbound. They became a “breakaway civilization” and they have technologies, anti-gravity ships and weapons they don’t want us to know exist.

You thought Star Trek was pure fantasy, didn’t you? They love to tease us and they laugh at our gullibility. In truth, WE are the entertainment.

Hollywood is their den of iniquity where people sold their souls for wealth, fame and power. That is why they attack President Trump.

These beings are all about war. They have caused all the wars on our planet. They thrive on it, they eliminate millions of us in the process, and grow rich and powerful with each conquest and regime change.

They have their own armies and continue to murder innocent civilians, all the while covering it up with lies delivered by their talking heads. Some have suggested firefighters in California are paid mercenaries actually starting fires. That is inconclusive but not outside the realm of possibility.

Their people infiltrated all governments on the planet and now that President Trump, Putin, and most others are standing up to them and dismantling their corrupt systems that have enslaved us for millennia, they are growing more brazen—and desperate.

This is the final battle. We are drawing them out and there is no other way to free the planet, but there will be collateral damage. You are seeing it now in the middle east and in California. Murder, plain and simple.

To complete this liberation process Humans have to accept the truth and fight back. They have to stop fighting amongst themselves as they’ve been programmed to do. They must unify and fight the enemy.

It’s not easy because the dark lords control everything. EVERYTHING. Even the way we think. They have us under constant surveillance and see everything we do. They listen. They watch. They kill.

They have provided military-grade equipment to police forces so they can bully us, torture us, or kill us if we rebel. They must show us that they will keep us in our place. Victims.

They invented religion to circumvent our natural spiritual process—our <strong>direct connection</strong> to Source or Creator. They provided priests to bridge that gap and deceive us. They kept us separate and alone. “There’s no intelligent life out there.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

They are master geneticists and tampered with our genes eons ago. The result is all that “junk DNA” they claim we have, and they told us we evolved from apes. They took over the education system to dumb us down with lies just like those.

They lie about physics so we can’t figure out how to progress and when an inventor creates technology which would be a threat to their ability to keep us small and dependent on them, they suppress it, steal the patent, and or use it to enhance their own lives.

They only allow us to have technology which suits their agenda. They keep us preoccupied with television “programming”, computerized toys, and use our electronics from TVs to refrigerators, to phones and tablets to spy on us and track us.

They own nearly all the media in all formats and manipulate the perceptions of Humans with their treasonous lies. They masque what is happening in other countries. They blackmail and bribe politicians and rig elections to stay in power. They murder those who get in their way or threaten to expose them. Human life is of no consequence to them. They consider us chattel and their property; their slaves.

They manipulate the economy, stocks, and caused all the crashes and devastating depressions.

They sink battle ships and crash passenger jets.

They poison our food, water, the air, the soil, and train doctors to be drug pushers to make their pharmaceutical corporations wealthy beyond measure. They use the medical system to create long-term customers, not to heal.

They vaccinate our children with so much poison before their immune systems are mature some of our babies die. Others develop “autism”. Now you know why they are trying to mandate vaccinations for everyone and take children away from parents who refuse. They want us sick, helpless, or dead.

There are simple, natural ways to eliminate every disease but they will never tell us that and they ruin the lives of those who attempt to reveal it or heal us. They have killed our loved ones for years and blamed it on a disease they created in their labs.

A sweeping statement would be that they have literally weaponized everything.

No, this is not the plot for a horror movie, my friends. This is life on Earth at the hands of off-planet marauders who parade as Human. The entire Universe is fighting to eradicate them because they have destroyed civilizations and planets long before they began on ours. Star Wars is real.

They kidnap children for purposes we won’t get into now. We have expounded on that in other posts… other videos. Suffice it to say they are satanic pedophiles.

We are at a turning point. We either win this war now, or kiss Earth and Humanity goodbye forever.

I suggest you do your research quickly and come up with a plan, but in the interim, you MUST SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP AND PRESIDENT PUTIN in their initiatives to GET THIS DONE.

Tell others what is going on. The evidence is right in front of you, all over the Internet. That is one tool WE have weaponized and use against them.

Even the Sacramento Bee newspaper is now attacking those of us on the Internet who are showing and telling what is happening in California and why. Don’t believe their lies. You do so at your own peril.  ~ CB

P.S. This originally appeared on our main blog, Starship Earth: The Big Picture but someone is messing with subscriptions so we have included it here on our backup blog. Please subscribe to stay apprised of important developments in our battle for survival.  ~ BP

Paradise Lost: California is a War Zone with Human Casualties, Skeletons in Cars [videos] ~ November 14, 2018

What’s left of a staircase stands amidst a smoldering home as the Camp fire tears through Paradise, north of Sacramento, California on November 08, 2018. – More than one hundred homes, a hospital, a Safeway store and scores of other structures have burned in the area and the fire shows no signs of slowing. (Photo by Josh Edelson / AFP)JOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images

This looks like something out of a movie, my friends. It’s shocking. Don’t miss the videos below—and some had better download them because they might well disappear. The one on the beach said to be Malibu has been called a “setup”, so it may not be as portrayed. Read that here.

I tried half a dozen surf cams at Malibu beach and they all say they are down, with some blaming the Internet provider.

Are we conspiracy theorists? The proof of what we have been warning about for years is before your eyes. These fires were not started by arsonist patsies. This is murder.

One must ask how the cars became piled on top of one another from fire. We have seen vehicles lifted off the ground and dropped in residential neighbourhoods when people walked the streets videoing the wreckage. Fire didn’t do that.

We’re told we won’t “attack” the cabal; only respond. Thomas Williams indicated that if they went too far our retaliation would be swift and sure. These are not “just wildfires” and if it doesn’t qualify for going after them in self-defense I don’t know what does.

My stomach is churning just watching the videos below. Why were these people killed in their vehicles? Something is not right.

In the thousands of severe fires to date in California, Colorado, British Columbia, Fort McMurray, Canada… we never saw this before in the ravages of the flames.

I can’t imagine what these poor folks in California live with day to day, never knowing where or when a fire will lunge at them, engulfing their homes, stores, and vehicles; killing their pets and domestic animals.

PG&E shuts off their power due to “wind” (up to 5 mph) and then they are not permitted to go back to their properties and rebuild their homes. Even people living in rental properties not burned were evicted and told not to come back. People need to be brought to justice quickly and this terrorism stopped. What will it take?

Before It’s News shared this video. Thanks, L.

And a fire burns a marina how? We’ve seen the burned out boats in California. Fires don’t sweep across water.  ~ BP

Look What Just Happened On The Beach In Malibu CA. You Will Be Shocked – there is some evidence this is a “movie set” at Point Dume, CA. I’m not there so can’t say.


If you are not aware of Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) you need to do some research. It’s in full swing in California.  Richie from Boston gets into a lot of related topics here.  ~ BP