Headlines and Updates for June 21, 2019: Expect the Unexpected [videos] ~ June 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: this is another incredible report from Starship Earth! The dark IS falling away from utter control of you and me and the way we live our lives. All I can say is…read this article, watch the video’s, and be…



This sensationalized research update is making the rounds in social media.

“Horns Are Growing on Young People’s Skulls”

No, not horns like Baphomet. Of course the WaPo article suggests the bone spurs result from cell phone use, but researcher Dr. Katherine Horton of Joint Investigation implies another possible cause…

(4632) @CIA‘s @washingtonpost reports about “horns” (note Satanic term) growing on the back of young people’s skulls…


…in EXACTLY the location where Body Area Network chips are implanted in every American at birth since 1980s!! #ChipCalcificationshttps://t.co/Fah9mlKztq

— Joint Investigation (@JITupdate) June 20, 2019

And we wonder why hospital staff whisk a newborn out of a mother’s arms at birth. We know what we’re told; it’s what we’re not told that is the crime.

We also understand that every baby in America is vaccinated at birth. True? Humans have been one big experiment for many reasons.

Skeptical? They put them in pets… and the satanic globalists consider us cattle, so…

Read about it at the link below. Or do a search for ‘Body Area Network implants’. Every American can be a “targeted individual” with a birthday gift of a free “kill switch”. Charming.

How can they do that? Obama’s Executive Order related to—our favourite offshoot of 9/11—the PATRIOT ACT!

And we won’t even get into the “energetic implants” that Simon Parkes spoke about in his last video.


If you think implants are a myth or fear mongering, you’ve no idea where they have gone behind our backs with tracking Humans. This is what paranoid psychopaths do to control more and more of society BECAUSE THEY FEAR US.

The invaders have always controlled everything on this planet and the degree of that control and manipulation is still being defined for the average person. When we say we live in a Petri dish, we’re not kidding. They monitor, record, and manipulate everything—all of us. Is this the world you thought you lived in? The majority would have to say, “no”.

Homeland Security Fuses All Biometric Data On An Amazon Server – What Could Go Wrong?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Expect the unexpected…

Magic Cards Are Highly Radioactive

Murdered by the Mob

The natives are restless. When the government won’t protect them and do what’s right, sometimes citizens reach their tolerance threshold and take matters into their own hands. Someone has to protect the children.

This happened in South Africa—and no guns required.

Angry Mob Cut Off Pedophile’s Genitals After Catching Him Raping Girl – Nwo Report

You know, I hear a lot of negative stuff about Mike Pompeo, but I get a good reading from him. His energy and light are great and I have trouble with the suggestion he’s not on our side. He doesn’t seem like a bad guy to me at all, but we’ll see. He’s certainly in a difficult position as Secretary of State, trying to do Trump’s will and dodging globalist traitors and deep state operatives, AND working within the confines of The Plan.

Here he explains the initiative to encourage governments to take Human Trafficking seriously and put an end to it.

Pompeo, Ivanka Trump unveil 2019 human trafficking tip report

The “forced migration” issue, thanks to the globalists trying to destroy our societies, is something many of us want resolved–and fast.  This guy is rather outspoken about it and it’s refreshing.

Former Romanian President and MEP: “EU Tends to Tell Us We Must Live with Muslim Invasion”

The EU has to do that to fight not the “poor migrants,” but the criminal organizations that charge them some €5,000 to €10,000 to place them in Italy, Spain and Greece.

These “things are so well known that it seems very wrong to me that the EU does not put its resources together and stop” this, Băsescu said.

Thomas Williams delivered another terrific show last night. He always leaves us with a few zingers, doesn’t he? Clearly some extraordinary things lie in wait for us, possums, and as Thomas has said, it may not unfold as we expect.

If you prefer the full show with the pertinent musical selections you can listen here on Spreaker.com.

The Bill Gates admission that vaccines are for population control was particularly apropos, wasn’t it? Not a conspiracy theory—just a conspiracy.


This video is quite the departure for Sir Patrick Mack, and a serious documentary revealing a profusion of facts most of us are probably unaware of. No dancing doggies or spring-loaded cats in this one, and it’s not about weather.

It may take a few minutes to hear a familiar name but hang in there. It’s worth the wait.

That name: Sidley Austin. Ring a bell? The helicopter that crash landed on the roof of a building in Manhattan last week involved a building owned by Sidley Austin LLP.

That mention soon leads to other familiar names like Barack Obama and John McCain and from there this story is all over the place, going in surprising directions.

Sir Patrick found threads intriguing enough to research for several days, at least. This is the result. So many dots… so little time. Nice work, Sir.

The WeatherMen – IPOT Presents – 6.21.19

We have further exploration of the Gloria Vanderbilt legacy in this TRUreporting video.

And holy cow—does Kathy Griffin look like Anderson Cooper’s sibling or what?! Gender perturbation? Could she be the brother, Carter, that “committed suicide”? You know half the time when these people die they don’t really die.

This world we live in is a fantasy concoction of theatre and manipulation where everyone is an actor to deceive us and to entertain the El-ites. Hollywood is not what it appears. Television is about programming.

Sickos. Is it any wonder our society is broken, folks? Reality is anything but. Lies upon lies upon lies. We’re just their playthings to be used, tortured, butchered, implanted, drugged, deceived, drained of life-force energy and discarded en masse at their discretion. Slaves to their system.

Gloria Vanderbilt: The More You Know :Coded:

More un-real news… from the Boogie Man, Andrew. Fascinating. We’re all trying to figure out just what we are seeing out there. Thanks, L.

Simon Parkes discussed Earth’s “moon” on his show last week, as well. It’s so not what we’re told. It’s fake, like everything else.

Holographic Universe: New 3D Moon Hologram Technology & The Holographic Moon Track System

The terror cells are slowly being dismantled, thank goodness. We never know when a shooting, a bombing, or a ramming will take place.

Syrian Refugee in Pittsburgh Arrested for Plotting to Attack Church on Behalf of ISIS

I watched a terrific Lou Dobbs show last night with several informed guests but all I can find now are bootlegged versions.

This news, however, is worth noting.

Texas is pledging nearly $1B for border security: Abbott

And in light of this news today… wow.

Huge: ICE To Start Pre-Dawn Raids Sunday In 10 Major US Cities

What? Too many presidential candidates? No kidding! Have a contest and eliminate 90 per cent of them. It’s absurd. If they can’t get 10K people to a rally—off with their head!

Size of 2020 field too big even for Democratic enthusiasts, poll finds

Rush Limbaugh points out that…

President Trump Is a Bigger Draw Than Disney World

and says…

So you just don’t know. And I’d be very wary and suspicious of any polling data now, especially if it tends to make you mad. Don’t give it that much attention. Don’t give it that much power. I mean, just laugh at them and use them for entertainment value.

Did we expect this? Of course we did. Relax. It’s all theatre.

Trump holds off on approved strikes on Iran

Headlines and Updates for June 20, 2019: Solstice Energies Stirring Things Up [videos] ~ June 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: Again, let’s be cognizant of the tremendous “awakening” that is happening globally due to “The Plan” carried out by President Trump, “Q”, and other patriots.

They could NOT stand to see America, and the world, collapse at the feet of Dark forces who were systematically destroying our world, and…the wealth and health of every BEing on this glove. Poppycock you say? Let’s remember the constant and continual warring, the economic slavery (mortgages, interest payments are soon to disappear!), the debauched role of media and entertainment, and…the increasing recognition of pedophilia and satanist practices being publicized

So…please read this tremendous report from Starship Earth (perhaps the best news channel for Alt Media?), understand the deliberate manner needed for “The Plan”, watch as more and more positive news comes to Light, and be…



I got an email from Eric Trump the other day about kicking off his father’s re-election campaign. He said they wanted to raise $7M for the campaign trail. They exceeded that goal just a little at $24.8 million in one day. That’s some rousing support for the man who agreed to be the villain many would hate and spew vicious lies about; who would virtually give up his life and endanger his family to save Humanity.

It must be truly gratifying, however, for QAnon, POTUS and his family to see many other nations across the planet embracing the President and the Q movement: The Great Awakening.

It caught on, because it’s real. The subconsciousness of Humanity realizes this and they know it’s time to wake up and evict the pond scum who have preyed upon an innocent race of genetically modified and dumbed down Humans for millennia. They know we were intended to be, have, and DO so much more.

When we see Brazil’s “Trump of the Tropics”, Jair Bolsonaro; when we hear soccer stadiums in Europe chanting, “lock her up!”; when we see Italy’s astonishing paper maché Trumpinator dominate their parade as well as the many phone shots of everyday citizens from Scandinavia to Holland to China and Antarctica with their “Q” signs; when we get images of the military forming a Q within their ranks… how can there be one iota of doubt in our minds what is happening?

I think one of the most interesting aspects of this military intelligence (psy)op is the fact that much of the real liberation has already happened. I can now see why QAnon told us we’re “watching a movie” and “enjoy the show”.

They monitor our blogs, websites, videos and social media and they know where we are. I think that is part of the reason for Q’s lengthy silence, even up to today. They did their job. We know what to do and until we need new orders the QAnon team will do what they need to do. They are still around…

They have already made arrests and hauled the biggest criminals in for a come-to-Jesus meeting. They have done their deals and their negotiating so that the perps would cooperate in pulling off the most breathtaking operation ever conducted in this Petri dish.

Q said “no deals”, and I take that to mean the traitors will not get off Scot-free. They may, however, be granted leniency in some ways if they fully cooperate and this mission is a success.

The objective? To drain the swamp with the approval and support of the American People, and do it civilly, lawfully, and safely without frightening the masses. No riots, no looting, no violence if at all possible. To hold honest elections. Above board, transparent, and legal; setting a good example for the denizens of our planet.

The psychopaths will still get trials, prison sentences, etc., and we will see justice done.

For some time I have said the entire world is against the cabal and knows full well what is going on. Presidents and emperors didn’t want the war, violence, death, and suffering for their People, but they couldn’t fight it. They didn’t know how.

If they made a move in opposition, there would be retaliation, either in the form of an assassination or the murder of a family member, a severe weather event, an earthquake, or a public smear campaign in the media—usually about sexual misconduct. They had their ways of intimidating people into submission.

This organized White Hat movement engaged the leaders of all countries and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. They told them they were going to systematically destroy the cabal/Illuminati/globalist regime and that if everyone participated, it was doable. They told them it was the final chance to do it, and do it right. They only had to do what was asked and when it was asked; that failure is not an option.

They shared The Plan, and negotiated with the leaders like Kim Jong Un whom we were continually told was nuclear-capable and could now fire a missile that would take out America. The Patriots removed the CIA “black site” there and freed the chairman from the dark’s tyrannical hold. That process was replicated in other countries; most recently in Japan. They’re all acting and enjoying the show. What a relief for them.

What we are watching now—the “movie”—is the result of those efforts. The heavy lifting is already done and that’s why it appears Trump has the “magic wand”. He cannot fail because he’s going through the motions. The new tracks have been laid and we are on the scenic, inaugural voyage of the Freedom Train, enroute to the Land of Liberation.

Some might claim their tactics are not on the level; it’s dishonest, they’re deceiving us… and to some extent that’s true, but I, for one, am AOK with a little military/political deception.

The end justifies the means if an entire planet is freed from slavery, torture, and certain annihilation by predatory species breaking all the Universal Laws and infecting other worlds.

There was no choice; no other way. It had to be done before it was too late, and frankly, the fact they have been able to do this without widespread violence in America to this point is a miracle in itself. That was the role of QAnon, it appears.

The Q spokesman/spokesmen have snipped the fuses of the patriot bombs that might have detonated if they believed HRC and everyone else had escaped justice. How long have we sat at our monitors or with gadget in hand, mouths agape at what has unfolded? The blatant lies under oath, the “I don’t recalls”, the murders, 9/11, Benghazi, “what difference at this point does it make?”,  the constant warring and deaths of civilians, the sacrifice of our soldiers, the torture, mutilation, and rape of our children—and the treasonous media complicit in it all?

Q also passed responsibility on to the awakened patriots and empowered the “digital soldiers” to use Social Media to the max to support President Trump, fight the mass media lies and psyops, and wake up the masses. Get out and vote was a clear mandate in 2016—and it worked like a charm. Donald Trump was legally and democratically elected, officially unleashing The Storm.

How much longer would the patriots in America have stood by and done nothing? The Awakening was progressing and those who knew had to be managed. They needed a tranquilizer; a chill pill. We had to adopt a “wait and see” attitude, and we had to trust.

During his 30 or so hours with POTUS, George Snuffleupagus/Stephanopoulos asked Trump directly about the ET issue and UFOs. He intentionally put him on the spot. Trump replied that he didn’t particularly believe there are UFOs. He knows damn well there are UFOs and that extraterrestrial races are engaging the Human race, so why did he lie?

He replied as he did because the Commander-in-Chief’s first obligation is to America and her People. “The Plan” was devised to protect both.

Trump and the Patriots will not deviate from The Plan. They just won’t. How many times have we acknowledged that “timing is everything”?

To change a vector on just one aspect of The Plan would have a domino effect. They can’t risk it.

They are committed, and take responsibility for this planet as much as they can. Obviously they can’t control free will, but they will do whatever it takes to execute that Plan because they have run the algorithms and possibly even beyond that. They know what will happen if they achieve their objectives and so far the results have been monumental. They have told us nothing can stop what is coming because it’s a fact. It’s The Plan. A done deal.

What’s a few little white lies among Patriots? We’ve been lied to about absolutely everything for friggin’ ever by the psychopaths. If a positive psyop saves an entire planet from certain destruction, what’s the harm?

Trump has already told us there is a Space Force and the world will be apprised of our off-world friends and enemies when the time is right. There are other things to address right now in a strict order of operations.

Perhaps almost as important as freedom to the White Hats is that the military, whose reputation is beyond tarnished at this point, can hold their heads high and earn the respect of America again. Some members of the forces have behaved in a most depraved way and have regrets. They want their ranks to polish up their pins and wear their uniforms proudly again because the public honours and trusts them.

If you don’t trust them yet, you soon will. This is the Humane way to do this. Many of us are so fed up with the snoozers we no longer care about being Humane. We just want this done and for the nonsense to be over so we can move forward in Truth.

I heard Trump loud and clear in his Orlando address speaking about the “33,000 missing emails” and how they just might be found in the State Department somewhere. That coded message yielded a smug smile. Of course they’ll be found. Nothing created is ever destroyed.

Not really, because as it’s created it’s stored, by the incredible NSA! They’ve got it all. QAnon told us that long ago and I believe it. When the time is right, those emails HRC foolishly thought were bleach bitched will turn up. Like magic. The Patriots have the “acid washed” emails; count on it. These people are stupid.

Right now, however, the Patriots need these criminals to complete their roles in the “movie” that is educating the unsuspecting masses as to just what unfolded in America and the world. Their fate depends on how they handle themselves right now in the public eye. If they mess up and The Plan is compromised, they can kiss their favours goodbye. Treason can mean an ugly death and misery for a surviving family.

Above all, we want Peace moving forward. The White Hats want justice, but they also want Humanity to move on and not be obsessed for years with the sentencing levied on the criminals.

I think they are anticipating that if the end of the movie is spectacular and gobsmacking enough, the People will let go of the desire for retribution and revenge to a great degree and choose to focus their energy on building a new and better world; on enjoying their new-found freedom rather than being embroiled in the negativity.

The final act has not yet been played out, but it’s coming. It’s coming. The grand finale is going to be sensational. Epic. Historic. Unequaled in Earth history, and life-changing.

The only way to move forward together is to bring full disclosure to those who have been resisting the Truth. It will come out, but as the Quotable Q says, the end won’t be for everyone, and the choice to know will be yours.  ~ BP

Did You Catch What Trump Did At The Rally, The People Now Know – Episode 1897b



Tune in tonight to the Truth, Honor and Integrity Show with Thomas Williams for the latest news analyses and intel dump. Listen live at 7:30 ET/4:30 Pacific on Spreaker.com or at the Think Different website.

Part 3 of the SerialBrain decode from And We Know.

SerialBrain2: The reason President Trump tweeted “Prince of Whales” (part 3)

Before you go wasting your pity on Anderson Cooper, listen to Area 17 Ground Zero and the rundown on the REAL Gloria Vanderbilt, his mother.

Isn’t it interesting to learn who is related to who in this hall of mirrors? These people keep it all in the family, and the names have been changed to protect the criminals. The world is a better place without Gloria Vanderbilt and her jeans.


Forgotten 2007 Article Exposed NXIVM Connection to Clintons

Mr. MBB shows us interesting pulses that occur just prior to some earthquakes. What a Q-incidence. I Q’d it up around 2:50.

There are 36,000 homeless in Los Angeles and the People are putting their foot down regarding the mayor. Perform or get out.

When I watch the media now I see men everywhere. In dresses. Am I crazy? Did I really want to know about “gender perturbation”?

LA residents launch petition to recall Mayor Garcetti over homeless crisis

California requires a serious cleanup campaign, on so many levels. Dead people don’t get to vote. They just don’t. Not any more.

ICMI: Victory in CA–L.A. County to Clean Up Voter Rolls–Up to 1.5 Million ‘Inactive’ Voters!

Sean Hannity continues to hammer away at the American public, explaining the reality to them. He must be tired of this by now. He even calls out the owner of CNN.

Yes, Fox is part of the family of Disney under Murdoch, but Fox is touted as “fair and balanced”. They do present both sides, but have very outspoken anchors who are pro-Trump. It seems to me that Murdoch has agreed to allow the Patriots to take on the treasonous, legacy media networks on this platform as this “movie” plays out. I suspect it’s going exactly as the White Hats wanted.

Hannity: Trump supporters pack arena in Orlando

For those not aware, the latest from Planet X News via Blue Koolaid. It appears there are many who will not take no for an answer on the extraterrestrial disclosure front. It’s going to happen, no matter what. Full disclosure.

UFO Disclosure is NOW!!!

Headlines and Updates for June 17, 2019: The Globalists’ Revenge [videos] ~ June 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Where do you live? Are you seeing unusual weather? Have you stashed emergency supplies “just in case”? As you can see below in this excellent report by Starship Earth, we ARE coming down to the wire in this epic battle of Dark vrs Light.

This battle is not just in America, but is global as seen from the reports below. My advice? Mind your heart and do not let your head get into this game. We are all observers, so it’s good to chill out and just watch the antics of the Dark as theyexperience the turning of the tide against them.

Be aware the July 4 is being set as the time when change will be announced in some way or fashion. The fireworks ought to be tremendous as cosmic events play out here on little ‘ole Earth…and we are part of the show (as observers, mind you)!

So…please read this report, be very aware of your place in this epic event, and be…



In a war like this, the People pay the price. The power players threaten each other behind closed doors and via secret, coded language, but in the end, it’s We, the People, the civilians who are the pawns in the game. We will also be the big winners when victory is ultimately declared.

It’s promising to be an interesting summer. Blackouts are occurring with more regularity, Internet platforms are going down in widespread swathes, the tyrants in a tailspin manipulate the already chaotic weather, and we can’t help wonder if they’re manipulating POTUS with even worse when he’s signing Executive Orders allowing more freedom with genetically modified foods.

We hear the drums of war beating faintly in Iran, and pre-trial tribunals are ongoing in Guantanamo and other locations for war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

President Trump has promised serious fireworks for the 4th of July—INDEPENDENCE DAY—and all we can do is watch current events unfold as the secret societies take their last gasp… and we’re left wondering what will happen next.

Following is the June 16 update and also a recap about the military tribunals in Guantanamo Bay and other courts. In the June pre-trials they were processing the Saudis who orchestrated the American 9/11 event in Manhattan with the full knowledge of the American Government.

They also get into how the families of victims have been refused information to prosecute those responsible for the event and that Barrack Obama sat on his thumb and obstructed justice. Fantastic job, Linda and Leonard who spell it all out so everyone understands. I would say it’s a must listen.

Tribunal Watch ~ Getting Ready for June 17th ~ KSM et al

This just in: another one bites the dust.

As with all the El-ite families, we have our own truths about Gloria Vanderbilt, her sons, Carter and CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the “suicide” of Carter, and the rest. The glorification of this element of society doesn’t wash with us.

Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress and jeans queen, has died at age 95 (June 17, 2019)


Mohammed Morsi, deposed president of Egypt, has collapsed and died in court, according to state TV

July 4th is less than 3 weeks away, and Simon Parkes (see below) is suggesting we may see something jaw-dropping with regard to JFK Jr. and possibly the Federal Reserve. He explains why we did not get the much anticipated big announcement within the two weeks of Trump’s second British invasion, and he takes the potentials for the future one step further, suggesting JFK Jr. might run as Trump’s VP, AND possibly then in four years run for President with Donald Trump Jr. as VP. Wow! That’s one way to keep the El-ites in power; make the People an offer they cannot refuse. I don’t believe we need to think that far ahead at this point. A lot will change between now and 2024. President Trump said he had a very big announcement coming so we’ll see what happens. He could be baiting the deep state, too, as if having the threat of more DECLAS details hanging over their heads isn’t enough.

Trump’s Got A Very Big Announcement! JFK Jr/Gold Tie/ Nobody Knows/2weeks?

I don’t need to tell you what having JFK Jr. running alongside Trump would do for Trump support. John-John just might be the White Hats’ secret weapon that will turn the tide of  opinion, even though Trump claims it’s far too early to be taking stock of polls. I would not be going out on a limb to say if John Kennedy Jr. runs for VP, Trump’s a shoe-in. No contest. Pfffft. We don’t even need to have an election in 2020. Done deal.

2019 06 15 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

We had this bit of news yesterday, which may be a typical tactic of the President to threaten one thing while the plan is to do something else. Keep them off balance and distracted!

Donald Trump Junior Threatens to Campaign Against Anti-Trump Republican Justin Amash in Michigan Primary

The background on that… from Josh Bernstein


The deep state is somehow getting thousands of foreigners into America ahead of this election so they can coach and bribe them into voting for their own deep state evil anomalies.

Journalist talks to Congolese migrants flooding into San Antonio

SerialBrain2 helps us understand the true situation so we are less influenced by the lies and propaganda of the legacy media whores. Here is the latest decode. It also serves to keep our levels of angst down, shooting for that 45/55 balance.

Post # 175 – The Trump State Visit to the UK Riddle Solved and the reason he tweeted “Prince of Whales”.

Steve Pieczenik gives us his take on the pending conflict in Iran in this 4 minute video.

OPUS 160 Impending War Not!

Here’s a chuckle. It’s the old “found a passport” trick. One of the oldest tricks in the globalist’s dog-eared playbook.

Floating passport found near burning tanker proves Iran did it! pic.twitter.com/sATCwP5fbA

— Jackie (@risetoflyy) June 16, 2019

I think it’s too late for the Rothschilds to be censoring our knowledge of their power and influence over global affairs in the past. We now know they’ve been selling off not only property and estates but priceless art and antiquities; most recently some Egyptian artifacts. One in particular was said by Egyptian authorities to be stolen. Clearly liquidation of these items speaks of their current financial situation. BTW, we understand the Roths have the highest degree of reptilian DNA of all the bloodline families. Time for them to go.

Politicians/Authors Being Investigated for Criticizing Rothschild Family

Sean at SGT Report brings us Part 2 of this great talk with Dr. Dave Janda of Operation Freedom.


Mike Morales did his usual 16-day weather forecast last night and he’s saying, “Have a Plan B”.  Thomas Williams confirmed that the deep state actors are exacerbating already chaotic weather patterns which are actually caused by us. He tells us the weather in America is largely a reflection of the inhabitants and the pandemonium here on so many levels.

This is the battlefield, at the moment. It would be difficult to have a civil war without unrest and the subsequent energies and upheaval, even when much of the population is technically unaware of it.


There is unprecedented global civil unrest at this time of great change. The People were protesting again on Sunday in China, and the sheer size of this movement is extraordinary.

Biggest Protest In Hong Kong’s History | China Uncensored

It’s not fear mongering to suggest that more devastating events could unfold. As anyone with eyes can see, QAnon and President Trump have a view of the future—at the very least probabilities based on planned moves by the White Hats. When the President tells America to “prepare”—we should take his advice. ANYTHING can happen at this point, anywhere on this planet—or wherever the hell we are. Thomas Williams refers to it as “in here” so if you’re not aware, we are in an artificial construct of some kind; trapped, but soon to escape. Long story.

Presidential Proclamation on National Preparedness Month, 2018

Things can get pretty heavy with all the nastiness unfolding everywhere, but we will “do the best we can with what we’ve got from where we are.” I’ve always loved that phrase from Mike Dooley.

For a dose of levity and confirmation of what is inevitable, we have 2 minutes of excellent memes.  ~ BP

Q Prison Is Coming QMegaMemeDrop [PAIN]

Headlines and Updates for August 31, 2018: Anniversary Farewell to a Princess [videos] ~ August 31, 2018

Diana, Princess of Wales

Today being the anniversary of the untimely and calculated demise of the beloved Princess Diana, I wanted to share something in her honour. Many tales have been spun about who and why, but the whole truth is only known by a few.

Now that the satanic nature of the psychopaths running this planet is better understood and accepted as fact, perhaps a ritual sacrifice is not out of the question.

Diana was alive when she left the scene of the crime in the ambulance. Some speculate she was pregnant with the child of Dodi Fayed. I don’t even want to think about that angle, knowing the habits of those who wanted to eliminate her and the fact that it took far longer than it should have to get her to the hospital.

One firefighter who arrived on the scene, stabilized Princess Diana, and heard her last words speaks frankly in the video below. You can see the firefighter in at least one frame of the video above. While much younger, obviously, he has a distinctive nose.

I’m sure Diana is hard at work on the other side to restore Light to the cosmos, and it’s important that the world know her death, like every other key “accident”, was no accident.


Speaking of the cosmos, I took note of an appealing selection on the satellite radio this morning that referenced, “Stars of the Lid”. Of course that brings to mind this ol’ thang…

…and when I looked into the selection online, which was “A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(Less) Process”, I found ‘Stars of the Lid’ is the duo performing the music which is relaxing atmospheric frequencies, in my opinion.

Just thought I’d throw that out there since so many speak of the flat earth and the dome but most people believe it’s fantasy—or conspiracy. Last week I took a photo of a rainbow in a blue sky. That was a first for me.

This just in… read the whole article at the link. Another ritual sacrifice, a terrorist act to prevent peace—or both? There must have been chatter about this that was intercepted by the Five Eyes or NSA.

Leader of self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic killed in E. Ukraine blast

August 31, 2018

An explosion that rocked a cafe in central Donetsk city, in eastern Ukraine, has killed Aleksandr Zakharchenko, the leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, and injured several other top officials.

“The head of the DNR, Alenksandr Zakharchenko, has died as a result of a terrorist act,” a spokesperson of the self-proclaimed republic’s administration told journalists, revealing no details of the incident.

“An improvised explosive device was planted inside the café … right near the entrance,” Aleksandr Kazakov, an advisor to the DNR leader, told RT, adding that the killers apparently knew that Zakharchenko would arrive at the café and were “waiting” for him. A state of emergency has been imposed, Kazakov said, adding that borders with both Ukraine and Russia were sealed as the security services are “actively searching for the potential perpetrators.”

One of Zakharchenko’s deputies also sustained severe injuries in the blast while several bodyguards died in the incident, Kazakov said. He added that Zakharchenko died at the scene as well, contrary to the earlier reports suggesting he was injured and succumbed to his wounds in a hospital.

Moscow condemned 42-year-old Zakharchenko’s murder, adding that it could be detrimental to the whole peace process in Ukraine. The death of the DNR leader could have a particularly negative impact on the implementation of the Minsk Agreements, Konstantin Kosachev, the head of the Russian Senate’s International Affairs Committee, said.

Trump fans may wish to view his August 30th rally speech from Indiana… I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but I may. It’s exciting to see the crowds supporting someone who has actually done so much and promises so much more.

President Trump EXPLOSIVE Speech at MASSIVE Rally in Evansville, Indiana – August 30, 2018

Dustin Nemos remarks on the degrees of truthfulness and transparency with respect to what We, the People will be told about various events, actions, etc. involved in the Liberation of Planet Earth.

It seems Q has stated there will be information held back. Dustin feels it should all come out for full transparency and let the snowflakes melt. I agree. Folks have had decades to wake up. We’ve spent years violently shaking them and still they slumber on, ostracize us, and call us tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists. We’ve done all we can and they made their choices.


Hurricane Maria killed 70 times more Puerto Ricans than estimated – study

I saw a headline yesterday about the death toll in Puerto Rico and did a double take on the numbers. The original count was 64—which was suspiciously understated, I felt. Now it’s nearing 5,000. Well, that’s close, isn’t it? And of course they can justify the gaping crevasse. And do we trust a Harvard study?

What happens when there is a colossal event chalked up to “an act of God”? Funds go flying. The governor declares a state of emergency, vast sums are funneled to the city or state; insurance scams; the Red Cross and FEMA take their sweet time arriving on the scene, do precious little to help people and/or they abscond with donations and federal funds while the victims get next to no assistance or financial aid for reparations.

Another anniversary just passed: August 29: In New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina had the cabal’s armed military going door to door, confiscating guns, holding residents at gunpoint, and ransacking the homes of those who evacuated and stealing their guns.

After a disaster, private donations and even federal supplies trucked, flown or shipped in to devastated areas are left sitting in state, or even turned away! Too often we hear stories that pallets of food, water and emergency supplies were not distributed to victims. What is wrong with this picture?

Worst of all, the orphaned children taken in by federal agencies or those in operations like the Clinton Foundation are trafficked to the pedovores. Fortunately, that was at least partially prevented in Haiti when officials stopped Laura Silsby and her crew from leaving the country with a gaggle of 33 children.

Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Harvey, the fires in California, Hurricane Lane and the flooding in Hawai’i, tornadoes in the mid-west… where does it all end, because a lot of critical thinkers are thinking these are not all “acts of God”.

Here’s an example of obscene wealth in our faces. These people got rich living off of the rest of us—but they’re “keen philanthropists”. Is this the Koch brother the Thomas Williams/World Trust team convinced to step down?

We have millions of people globally who are sick, dying, without fresh water, starving and homeless or living in their cars or tents and we really needed to hear about these folks who immediately fell in love at first sight with a New York mansion and just had to have it. Bloody hell. It’s “Us and Them”. This is how the one per cent live. They can put down $40Million in cash when many Americans can’t even afford one more $2,000 mortgage payment and lose their home.

See the sad state of this old home where the Kochs will be slumming it.

David and Julia Koch Put Down $40M in Cash for New York Mansion

The Deplorable McAllister channel has a new video which explores the jewellery of CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. She’s an odd looking creature, as Linda alludes. The Q crumbs lead to some very interesting history of deities, human sacrifice, and cults. Great job, Linda.

Is there a possibility that Anderson’s brother was chosen for a “higher purpose”. such as a gift to Tanit?


Thomas Williams on the THI show last night presented some fascinating information, as always.

Many of us await “THE Event” and some doubt it will ever happen. Thomas closed with a list of ALL the “events” that have already taken place—all thirty of them. If you listen to nothing else, I recommend you take in that portion at the 2:07:00 mark. Most of us are aware of these events, but when you collect them all in one place we can see just how far we have come in a very short time.

Thomas also told us the team requested another influx of high frequencies for the planet so if you’re noticing a more lighthearted approach to life out there in the world recently as I have, that might be why. Of course that also accounts for the extreme discomfort the low-lifes in the fake media and the psychopaths are feeling as they grow more and more at odds with the soaring energies on and around Earth/Terra. They just don’t fit in any more.

In keeping with that list of Events above, Tolec of the Andromeda Council and Maree Batchelor did an interview with the Unknown Light Warrior last week entitled, “Leaving the ‘Wait Club’ for the Event”.  I wasn’t able to buffer it on my iPad so have not yet listened.

I believe terminology and the many groups involved in the liberation process have muddied the waters with respect to what events will happen and when. There may indeed be a major, cosmic event such as the one Cobra speaks of that momentarily changes everything in the galaxy or perhaps even beyond, but there are also many smaller events that are part of the process that have already taken place.

As an aside, the Praying Medic pointed out in this video that in all fairness, we can’t expect the Patriots to perform mass arrests when the judicial system is still steeped in massive corruption—as evidenced by the release of three terrorists in New Mexico teaching children to perform school shootings. There is no point in arresting the criminals when they will simply go free. President Trump and his team are working on replacing corrupt judges. Hundreds of years of spinning a sticky web that entrapped Humanity cannot be undone in a year, and timing is everything.

QAnon recently advised we NOT try to force the truth on anyone. We just need to hang in there, support POTUS and do our best to raise our own frequencies and when the time is right, enlighten people as to what has happened and is happening.

Who doesn’t want to hear that our world is about to transform for the better into something almost unrecognizable; a world more incredible than anyone would dare hope for? It’s coming. And now, it’s coming faster than ever before—partially thanks to us, the awakened ones in the alt/independent media who just keep banging away like the Energizer bunny.  ~ BP