Mass Meditations On 6/20/2020 ~ June 2, 2020

Editor’s Note: NOW is the moment for all to unite (as ONE) to push humanity from the birth canal into BEing in a new Era of Light! (Pun absolutely intended!!)

Know your Magnificent hearts open into a portal of Quantum LOVE, allowing us to BE in a state of…

Quantum Joy!


Greetings everyone, it is I Kejraj!

Today I wish to share a simple guided meditation or I should say a few steps of the meditation process that I will be doing on the 6/20/2020 Summer Solstice and 6/21/2020. If you find that these steps or techniques resonate with you, please follow. If not, you may create your own way, as long as you meditate on 6/20/2020 and 6/21/2020 at 11AM EST and 4:44PM EST on those two days, or at times of your choosing.

1. If possible, go out in nature, to a park, take a 15 minute walk and just enjoy the experience.

2. Find a quiet spot, where you won’t be bothered by anyone, perhaps in the woods. Sit down whatever position you are most comfortable; relax for about 5 minutes.

3. Close your eyes; take a few breaths, say; In this moment of the now I call upon Creator, the Elohim of the Great Central Sun, the Archangels, the Ascended Masters and all benevolent Souls who wish to join me in this meditation and amplify these energies; begin taking deep breaths; inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth, slowly…

4. Continue with the breathing; After each exhale, say each line of the Soul Invocation;

I Am The Soul

I Am Divine Light

I Am Divine Love

I Am Divine Will

I Am Divine Design

5. Relax; As you breath gently, say; From the deepest essence of my being I send light and love to all of Mother Earth; May this lightlove bring freedom, healing, peace, and joy to all of the Kingdom’s of Mother Earth. Begin now to visualize this lightlove from your heart flowing into the world; See this lightlove reach the Water Kingdom(seas, rivers, oceans), see the waters calm, shining and sparkling with purity. The Plant Kingdom, all thriving, blossoming, growing and expanding all over. The Animal Kingdom; see the animals free and happily moving around. And finally, see this light reach all of humanity; see all humans dancing hand in hand across Mother Earth’s body, smiling, laughing, full of joy; Hold these images for a few minutes; Now see a sphere of the brightest light covering all of Mother Earth; Hold this image for a few minutes, say; All is Light, All is Love, All is Well; So it is.

Relax; Gently open your eyes. If you wish, you may sit there for a little while and just BE, one with all.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

Relaxation and Fluidity ~ April 2, 2020

By: Lisa Renee


During these times learning how to slow down and achieve a relaxed state of mind is of vital importance, especially when retraining and clearing out our subconscious mind programming. The simple truth is that when we rid our body and mind of destructive habits and useless distractions we create more balance, which naturally manifests more grace and ease in our life.

Our brain and our mental body is much more effective when we have slowed down and works more optimally when we are in a relaxed state and calm atmosphere, because this is the natural state of our core spiritual essence. All forms of mental anxiety, stress, and over intellectualizing makes our mind speed up to having too many thoughts at once, and this overwhelms and clouds our Discernment, causing us to make poor impulsive decisions. To make contact and communicate with our subconscious layers, as well as our super consciousness layers, we need to go slower in order to reach a totally relaxed Meditation state and stay fluid within the energies. Energy bodies behave like waters moving in an ocean or river, if we can sense our inner energy when it meets the outer energies, we can navigate the surrounding waters by paying attention to the energy flow. We go with the flow in a state of relaxed fluidity. If we are moving too fast and not paying attention to the energy flow, we can get carried in the current of stronger forces in a sudden and unexpected tidal wave and this is when we get hurt or injured.

Thus, it is important that you learn to induce a simple meditative state in yourself, where you become the observer and are incredibly relaxed, and yet you are alert, not so relaxed that you fall asleep. Obviously, this state is not for when you are doing heavy physical exertion, but in the majority of your waking life, you can be in this relaxed state of fluidity paying attention to how the energy feels around you, while doing simple tasks or at work completing responsibilities. Using single focus and staying presently focused on the task in front of you, while naturally adjusting to the energies that are making subtle changes to the environment. In the early stage of developing Meditation skill we have to sit, relax and learn to observe the thoughts passing through without having attachment to them. Once we notice the thought pattern, we let it go and bring our focus back to the now moment. The next stage is adjusting to the energies inside you and outside of you. Each of us must find the most natural state of being for our body that feels good in the energetic flow, and not let our mind interfere with that natural state of calm and equilibrium. In our natural state, our inner self will strongly align with the outer self to bring harmony and wholeness between the inner and outer.

Also, we need to know how to stay as calm as possible even when under great stress in the moment. Stress causes our body to enter a heightened state of reactivity due to the release of hormones and Neurotransmitters when we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. So, remaining calm and slowing down, even during potentially tense situations can establish a sense of powerful stillness that will help your mind stop racing from one thought to the next.

To be effective we need to establish a peaceful mind-set before concentrating on any one thing, especially when facing conflicts or challenges. General fluidity and relaxation of both the mind and body will greatly improve higher sensory perception development and build spiritual communication links, helping to bring more ease and clarity for problem solving. When a person is fluid and relaxed, their Energy Receivers are open and more receptive to guidance and creative resolutions. Listen to your body, treat your body with care and make corrections when you feel tense, by returning back to a state where your bio-rhythm feels relaxed and open. With practice you can discipline your mind and emotions from overwhelming your effectiveness in a range of social settings. The more we dis-identify from our need to control the external influences and learn to allow and accept situations we have no control over, the more quickly we can adapt and stay relaxed while addressing stressful situations.

As many of us in the spiritual community are fully aware, we must move out of the Subconscious Programming and Mind Control conditioning of the 3D way of existence and be hypervigilant to constantly refocus ourselves into higher states of being. Expressing unconditional love, Compassion, gratitude, appreciation, and the Spirits of Christ, are great sources of higher states. Knowing that love, heartful presence, being in alignment with nature, and being an authentic and caring human are the simple keys to ensure our success in every way to rebuild our lightbody. May we inspire others who may come into contact with us, to know the truth in the path of unconditional love, as it is the only path of spiritual freedom!


Successfully Navigating the Current Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council ~ January 22, 2020

Editor’s Note: The definition of meditation is revealed in this message. Meditation is the ability to “clear the mind”…but at times, that is very hard to do given the assault of distraction we live with in this world.

Yet, now we learn the secret…focus. Focusing is the act of concentrating on a single subject, keeping a single thought in your mind all the time! For me, the best way to focus is to honestly just concentrate on the beauty and joy found in that item of thought which also serves to raise my vibrational level.

“Ask and ye shall receive” by meditating (focusing) with Love on that which you desire…and you never know what just may happen! Please read, learn to focus with Love, and BE…



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are continually amazed at the way that you all are capable of handling yourselves in the midst of chaotic energies. You are walking around your planet, swimming in a sea of different energies, different thought forms, and even emotional energy, and somehow you are maintaining your sanity, and most of you are fairly healthy in your bodies. So we have been investigating to discover the tools that you are using to manage, to handle all of these energies that are competing to take hold of you, and we have discovered that it is humanity’s ability to focus that has been your saving grace.

Now, you are generally focused on something that you want, and being focused in that way keeps you on that vibrational wavelength enough to avoid some of the hazardous energies that are fluttering around you. It is good to have desires, because desires cause you to focus, and focus keeps you on the straight and narrow. Even if what you are focusing on could be considered a lower-vibrational activity, it is still your saving grace in that moment.

Now, if you can decide that you are going to focus on higher-vibrational experiences, objects, people, writings, videos, and so on, then that’s even better than just focusing on what is interesting to your mind. Something can pass the interesting-to-the-mind test but not do so well on the does-this-actually-feel-good test. And when you can focus and feel that higher vibrational energy, then you are definitely on the right track towards living a life of ease, a life filled with love, and a life where you get to do what you enjoy to do. This may seem like a very basic transmission that we are offering you here, but we want to hammer home the significance of this finding about focus.

Now, focus is what meditation is all about. Meditation is about focusing your mind on one singular thing, whether it’s your breath, a flame, a mantra, it doesn’t matter. Focus is the key. Focus gets you to align your energy with something, and when you start aligning that energy with something that also feels good to you emotionally, that’s when you begin to create the reality that you desire to experience.

That’s how you avoid all of those lower-frequency energies that are around all the time, looking for an opening, an easy target, someone who is not focusing, someone who is unconscious and just moving from one neon sign to shiny thing to billboard to whatever is in front of you. Focus and feel, and know that as you do you are stepping into your power as creator beings.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Global Mind Energy Report: Impact of Mass Meditations HIGH | November 30th 2019 ~ Dec. 1, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a report reporting how geomagnetic activity affects those facets of ourselves many may call “spiritual”, but then I Am of the opinion that spiritual = reality, so perhaps this report actually is about our real inner state of focus.

It’s very interesting to recognize our hearts being an oscillator producing…geomagnetic pulses. This is another indication for the heart being a bit more than simply a blood pump! Please read this article, know that you are so much more than you realize, understand the importance of your heart, recognize your own spiritual growth, and BE…



by Justin Deschamps

The following report details the current state of geomagnetic activity and resulting effects on human consciousness. This can be used to guide one’s activities in meditation, mass meditation, personal energy work, and self-mastery practices.

Report: The impact of individual and coordinated mass meditations will be HIGH.

Law of One: All Serve the Creator

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Geomagnetic activity is stable, ranging from 0 to 3 of the Kp Index. The solar wind intensity spiked as expected but without producing strong geomagnetic disturbances. The predicted coronal-hole stream weakened significantly. The next major earth-facing coronal-hole stream will impact around the 7th of December or so.

Personal Effects: High synchronicities, precognition, deja vu, energetic downloads, and connectivity to cosmic energy systems.

Social Effects: High capacity for telepathic exchanges in small or large groups.

Universal Effects: High energy and information streaming in from the celestial bodies, like surrounding planets, as well as stars, the galactic sun, and other galaxies.

Forecast: Meditations for the collective via outer work should have a high impact for 72 hours.

Inner Work: Develop gratitude for the cosmic lessons received in the form of mirroring of oneself, like stubbing a toe, a friend being upset with us, or the genuine reactions of others and ourselves to life events. All is information that reveals the nature of self and reality. If one does not consciously invoke acceptance of circumstances and emboldens themselves to overcome those obstacles via inner growth, it is likely one will feel emotional upset and angst. But with purpose and dedication to self-mastery, all challenges can be overcome so as to develop wisdom, personal growth, and a spiritual character. Strive to know thyself and this will help one know the world and others.

Outer Work: During quiet geomagnetic conditions, focus your meditations on forgiveness, social harmony, relaxation of tensions, and collective healing. Strive to be honest and transparent with your desires that affect others. See the other self an extension of your own being, developing unconditional love balanced by honest communication and clear agreements. When personal expectations are not met and communication with others isn’t clear, this is an opportunity to reflect on the methods of how we manifest our desires (with honesty and explicit communication or cowardice, fear, and blind faith others know what we want). Social harmony is the constant building of trust with oneself and others, which creates inner and outer peace, harmony, and abundance.

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Note: The recommendation and impact of meditations report only analyze the electromagnetic (material) aspect of consciousness, operating within the subluminal electromagnetic spectrum. Other, super-material, energetic, or spiritual mediums of informational transference (telepathic and energetic effects of meditation) will likely still have a profound effect, even if the geomagnetic conditions are chaotic that day. Please do not assume this report is suggesting you avoid meditating on days when the impact is forecasted to be low. 

Scientific Basis of Telepathy, Mass Meditation, and Global Field Effects:

The human organism is energetically linked to the earth via electromagnetic interactions in the extremely low-frequency range (ELF). These frequencies interact with the global system via the Schumann Resonances, ranging from 7.83hz up to 39hz. The human body, particularly the heart and brain, resonate at the same frequency range, measured by an EKG and EEG.

The heart is a piezoelectric liquid crystal oscillator that produces strong electromagnetic pulses, which are governed or attenuated by the brain, radiating outwardly up to 30 feet from the body. By way of inducing coherent states of mind (usually through meditation and/or chanting, sounding, yoga, or qi gong), the mind can focus the energies of the heart into a coherent field that is able to interact or “link up” with the global field.

Complete Transformation – The Beginning Of A Rebirth ~ September 15, 209

Editor’s Note: This article by Teri Wade is well said. Aren’t you tired of living in the “rat race”? And that is exactly what life on earth had become under the control of the Dark.

NOW is the time for each of us to regain our own personal sovereignty! To live our own lives free of “control” with resulting positivity and Joy. No force or violence is needed to introduce this method of living into your own personal life. Change your patterns of behavior and thought that just don’t result in anything good in your life. To quote a quote…”Let It Go!”

As you begin to change for your better, you life will also change for the better! So…take an honest hard look at the way you live and the way you think, make changes that feel good inside of you (your heart), and BE…



Complete Transformation. By Teri Wade.

On the surface our planet seems to be operating on a constant state of fear and confusion with mass shootings, wars, arguments, riots and civil unrest.

If you only listen to what the mass media portrays our world seems to be scary, a very threatening place to live.

However, they only tell you what they want you to hear.


Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive

​​Much of what happens in our world goes undocumented and unreported by the mass media and lots of these occurrences happen to be positive.

While awful atrocities happen in our world daily there is a shift in consciousness that is happening, a shift in our awareness that is happening simultaneously.

Remember, where evil exists good does too. You really can’t have one without the other, darkness doesn’t exist without the light especially in these lower realms.

This shift is happening and much of humanity is awakening to the ultimate truth.

Peace and Love will always prevail but we have to keep them alive.

Many people around the world have started to speak out against the corruption, greed, injustice and inhumane behavior of the current system.

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It’s easy to become discouraged as we try to escape this low vibrational Matrix but if we don’t do it who will.

The world we live in, our current reality, is experiencing a Spiritual Awakening.

We are seeing organic food sales on the rise while non-organic, GMO foods are being pushed aside.

Veganism and vegetarianism is also on the rise because we are now understanding what really fuels the body and what poisons it. I for one need to work on this.

We are seeing a global movement on health.

Complete Transformation - Escape this Low Vibrational Matrix

Escape this Low Vibrational Matrix

Complete Transformation

​People are realizing how important real food from the Earth is to their overall health.

What’s happening is people are starting to take their power back and control what goes into their body.

Mindfulness and meditation has skyrocketed in the last few years especially in Western nations.

​People are becoming not only aware of their physical health but their mental and spiritual health also.

Meditation which was once just a pseudo science collaboration is now being taught and used all over the planet in businesses, hospitals and schools.

We see this spiritual awareness also in the so called tiny house movement and the discouragement of excessive consumerism.

Minimalism is coming to the forefront of our minds and rampant consumerism is on a decline.

Humanity is waking up to the fact that sitting in an office 40 plus hours a week filing papers is not doing it for them anymore.

They are waking up to a higher understanding of why they’re here.

Many ponder this every day how to escape this monotonous daily life to a more richer, less anxiety riddled survivalist state of mind.

Complete Transformation - Awakening


Complete Transformation

Many ponder this every day how to escape this monotonous daily life to a more richer, less anxiety riddled survivalist state of mind.

Many are deciding to take the path less traveled.

Some people say that this carefree attitude shows a lack of accountability to the economy but really it represents responsibility to something extremely everlasting and important to our true worth and identity.

With these actions humanity is starting to stand up to the few that reap the benefits from our hard work.

What we’re seeing is a change in our consciousness.

Humanity is waking up to a personal responsibility that we have in taking care of this planet.

We are becoming aware of the harm we are doing to our home and ourselves.

Complete Transformation - Ascending

Ascending Gaia

Complete Transformation

We will no longer continue to survive if we do not take care of ourselves and the planet.

Humanity wants more of a collective living instead of individualist way of living.

Look at the rise of transformational festivals, mass meditation events etc.

This is a sign of humanity’s innate way of knowing our collective mind.

It’s written in our DNA and we’re seeing currently how it cannot be ignored.

Really, what’s happening is humanity is just becoming sick and tired of war, dying of disease, living in fear.

Basically, we’re all just sick and tired of existing in a survivalist state of mind.

We are at the beginning of a rebirth, a complete transformation in how we live and how we think and as we’re seeing it playing out on the world stage, it’s not going to come easy but the fight will definitely be worth it.