Headlines and Updates for May 1, 2019: Moving Along the Continuum [videos] ~ May 1, 2019

It’s May Day; a day and time of ritual for the dark ones. Here’s a little history on it. It’s not all about dancing pretty ribbons around a pole.

May Day aka Illuminati May 1st, Beltane Fire Festival, Bin Laden’s Death, Ba’al Human Sacrifice

Looks like the indictments are being unsealed and they’re starting off with the small fry. The degree of corruption in politics is staggering and the myriad ways the People’s money is stolen boggles the mind. This would explain why there were so many indictments for all states of the union. The first wave of the “mass arrests”… music to our ears.

The link to the article Kip Simpson reviews is here.

4 More Democrat Indictments Unsealed, “This is the First Wave of Arrests” says Dayton Attorney

The Jussie Smollett fallout just will not go away.

The media knows the score, but rarely share their pearls of wisdom like this. Pay attention, America.

MSNBC: The people in Venezuela have no guns, and so therefore no power

And that is why President Trump stated and committed to the following:

“Under my Administration, we will never surrender American sovereignty to anyone. We will never allow foreign bureaucrats to trample on your Second Amendment freedoms. And that is why my Administration will never ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty.” pic.twitter.com/j1xnuUdX1x

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) April 26, 2019

In that NRA (National Rifle Association) presentation he also said,

“With God as our witness, we swear today that we will defend our rights, we will safeguard our freedoms, we will uphold our heritage, we will protect our Constitution, and we will make America stronger, prouder, safer and GREATER than ever before!”

And that is why Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020. He puts America and the safety of the American People, their constitution and their civil rights before all else. It defines the MAGA Movement, and I believe he will succeed in his quest to Make America Great Again. In addition, he has inspired patriots in other countries to dare to do the same for their nations, and for themselves.

Whaddya know? Another SpaceX “anomaly” on Saturday, April 27th. The space craft had another mal.

“Super Draco thrusters”?

It is unknown which Crew Dragon was involved in the Saturday anomaly, but each spacecraft has Super Draco thrusters designed to be used as a launch abort system.

Fire-breathing Dracos. You can’t make this up. Watch the video before it disappears. Again.

Smoke seen for miles as SpaceX Crew Dragon suffers ‘anomaly’ at Cape Canaveral during engine test fire

Internal Memo Suggests That SpaceX Crew Capsule Explosion Video Could Be Legit

So, what does the SpaceX Dragon crew actually DO up there? Supposedly they go to the International Space Station. And what do they DO at the ISS? Perhaps they’re trying to fix the glitch?

Here we can see the not-so-natural looking aspects of our sky, suggesting there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. Spectacular captures from the Boogie Man—and this isn’t a moiré photographic effect.

If you thought that was mind-blowing, check out this next video. You may not agree with the biblical connotations to her theories, but in general, it sounds like we have some interesting times ahead, regardless of what any of us believe. Our ‘jailbreak’ must be coming soon.

We’ve had a break from the chemtrails these past 10 days or so here in the Phoenix valley, with light spraying only at sunup and sundown some days. Mid-day has been gloriously clear with our familiar old blue skies and bright “sun” shine with the exception of one dark day with multiple squalls blowing through.

This next video suggests why they are spraying the skies early and late. This is spectacular, unedited footage from the FAA cams in Alaska.

The final days. Massive planet covers 25% of the sky on FAA weather camera. 4-15-2019

Yes, there are significant Earth-changes, and they may very well be related to the recently arrived system in our galaxy now in close proximity to our little terrarium. We are seeing dramatic events all over the world, and the media, strangely, either doesn’t mention them or down-plays their significance. They don’t want folks to know our planet is falling apart. Perhaps the extreme weather demands most of their attention.

Monster Sinkhole Swallows Up Rice Field After Loud Rumble In Indonesia

Here’s a spiffy little number from Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Under one minute. If we do these incantations often enough, it must come to pass, right?

Tom Fitton: Obama, Biden and Comey Need To Be Investigated For Illicit Anti-Trump Targeting

May-day! About those bioweapons… you might want to beef up your immune system—and always wash your hands when you come inside from public places. Yes, Mum. Thanks for the reminder.

Important to note… another “drill” went into effect yesterday, but don’t worry—it’s only THE PLAGUE.

Thanks, R.

Disaster Exercise: Operation OX

Statewide Full Scale Exercise April 30 to May 2

The Oregon Health Authority is sponsoring a 3-day disaster training exercise on intentional release of plague. The exercise is focused on rapid distribution of antibiotics.

This is only an exercise. There is no need to call 911 for exercise-related activities in your area.

 A reminder also that Thomas Williams will be updating us on the news analyses, intel and the usual Q&A tomorrow night, Thursday, 4:30 Pacific/7:30 EDT on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show. Listen live on Spreaker.com or at the Think Different website.

The forced migration issue is a multi-pronged approach to attacking America. It begins without, and moves within, under false pretenses.

Soros is a generous benefactor to the illegal aliens. Their worries evaporate when they break into the United States. Everything they need is provided, while American citizens live and die on the streets from malnourishment, toxic drugs, medical procedures, militant police attacks, and terrorist events.

Methinks it’s time to boot out the Democrats, Republicans, RINOs, and any other traitors. Cuba might be a good place to send them. I hear the accommodations are second to none and they’ll be well looked after by the military à L’hôtel Gitmo.

Two Million Prepaid Debit Cards Have Been Passed Out to Illegal Aliens When They Cross the Border

And now I’m going to sashay over to the Captain’s Blog and share some important stuff.  ~ BP

Mothership Down: Comms Out ~ November 25, 2018

You gotta love an information war. Starship Earth is down, so here we are, operating from the satellite on the Captain’s blog. Direct hit from a Borg cube??? We don’t know.

I find it interesting that the traffic tripled at Starship Earth these past few days, and suddenly our comms are out. We’ve called Number One to the bridge for a consult and hopefully he can restore the system quickly.

That’s what backup blogs are for, so here goes—and I’ll have to keep a civil tongue so WordPress doesn’t have any excuses to shut us down here, too. We can’t have any hate speech or bullying, heaven forbid.

San Diego border military
Image Source: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/immigration/mattis-can-order-lethal-force-border-mps-training-riot-gear-n938981

Bill Still reminds us that today is the day the migrants (terrorists) vowed to “storm the bastille”. Will this be the day we learn if the bullies’ claims were all bluff and bluster? Just who do they think is coming to back them up—the ones they claim they have on speed dial?

For those unaware, the “wall” at Tijuana Mexico/San Diego, CA has recently been fortified with razor wire, as seen above. Those images you see of people scaling and sitting on the wall are old. No one climbs or sits on razor wire unless they have a death wish. It was a brilliant tactic, if you ask me. Fast, cheap and effective. Kudos to the American military.

Things aren’t going well for the globalists at all, unfortunately for them, and the peons have decided to provide direct feedback on their plans to install the New World Order.

The People of Germany have had enough and Merkel is on the way out.

When will the Brits lose patience with the stall tactics against Brexit and take their own deep state to task?

In France, the efforts by Macron to ram globalism down their throats has resulted in repeated protests. This weekend Paris was in flames and police used tear gas to control the riots.

Just how far do the corrupt government bodies believe they can push us until we dismantle the whole show?

Paris on fire as massive protests against beleaguered President Macron and his new fuel tax continue

Read more here…

Not to be outdone, women in Rome engaged in lively protests, as well. What a messed up world we live in. The globalists’ efforts to blur the lines of gender are getting too bothersome to ignore, apparently.

‘Homophobes, racists and sexists, all guilty’: Thousands in Rome protest against femicide

Judge Jeanine has fun with Hillary Clinton’s latest angle on immigration. What a plum job the judge has. It’s great to have an “entertainment news” network, isn’t it? It makes politics fun again.

Why the about face? You don’t suppose the White Hats made a deal with this (fake) Hillary Clinton to help change the narrative with the nutty left, do you? How far would she go to save her own skin? Just a thought. If our intel is legit and the real HRC passed over and this is just a clone/double, then she really isn’t the one to send to GTMO and might qualify for a much lighter sentence.

Judge Jeanine Rips the Mask off Clinton, 2452

Speaking of “news”… there’s been a big change at ABC.

This isn’t exactly entertainment, but it certainly is fascinating and took place over Denver, Colorado on Friday, November 23. It’s not your common, everyday chemtrail—so what is it?

THIS is definitely NOT entertainment. Don’t watch on a full stomach. Unfortunately, it contains truths we must all recognize and accept before anything can be done about it, and I think I’ll leave it there for now. Thanks to the brave Natasha for broaching the subject.  ~ CB

Food Danger – What Kraft Pepsi & Nestle Are Doing To Our Food

Odd Experiences in Texas & a Massive Saucer; Setting the Stage for the Fake Alien Invasion? [videos] ~ Oct. 5, 2016

I found this posted on Starship Earth:The Big Picture, and wanted to share this with my readers as well. Why? Because my feeling is that everyone needs to know the truth.

Are the circumstances of the “portal” in the Texas night sky, and very crisp and clear image of a huge UFO for real, or are they holograms put into the chem-trailed sky for our amusement (more like fear). Are we being “primed” by those losing their control (the cabal/Illuminati) to freak out over a “fake” alien invasion?

I’m posting the entire article, including video’s, below…so please make certain to take a peek at these. My opinion? I’m leaning to these being “show pieces” from the cabal who are ramping up our fear factor along with the heightened tension in the world. Why do I feel this way? Because I believe in Love and neither of these events in the manner in which they have been presented, promote any type of positive response.

So…please read this article, watch the videos, and determine how they make you feel, and…


It appears some very peculiar things have happened in Texas this past week—among other places. One group saw a streak of light in the sky lasting about ten minutes which they say looked like a portal. I’ve never seen a portal, so I can’t say what it looked like, but it was odd. Even stranger, […]

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Meditation and the Incoming Wave ~ Nov. 22, 2015


Onnce again, this is a re-post of another GREAT article from “Molly” over at Starship Earth: The Big Picture. This post enlivens me and exhorts me to truly understand where my focus should be right now…in JOY because LOVE has won on Planet Earth. We just don’t see it yet…

But, that great wave is coming to our planet, and is coming fast! It should be here anytime and will change things totally and completely for the better…in every respect.

So…please read on, imagine your life full of JOY, and…


Bill at American Kabuki shared this post yesterday and I found the Galactic update intriguing.

I appreciate his observations as well as one he includes from Kauilapele from his perspective in Hawai’i. 

Bill said, “What is needed is JOY and EXUBERANCE that THIS WHAT-IF EXPERIMENT IS OVER!”

I love the optimism, Bill. Cobra said there are some “naive optimists” out there, and perhaps I seem to fall into that category, but I feel I’m in good company.

Yes, our current situation is serious and I understand the gravity, but it isn’t insurmountable. More and more people are waking up and taking responsibility for their own vibrations and actions and I feel the Light is increasing and the power of the psychopaths waning. 

The way to create what we want is to visualize it as already manifested in the NOW, and that is what I do. It has already happened, and I am so grateful.

I am just enjoying my cosmic dance as much as possible with willing partners who know the steps. We’re tripping the Light fantastic and my dance card is full.  ~ BP

Meditation and the Incoming Wave

By American Kabuki

I have been asked to post Cobra’s meditation for today at 3:12 PM EST.  For those who desire to participate you can read about that here: http://2012portal.blogspot.com/2015/11/event-meditation-update.html  And honestly who in the right mind is against peace other than those who profit from war and dividing humanity?

You don’t break up a bar fight by throwing more agitated fighters into it.  Sometimes a bucket of ice water is more effective at changing the mindset.

The ETs themselves are facing personal shifts every bit as great as humanity.  You might remember them during the meditations, they are not gods, they are beings with personalities, agitations, agendas, and hopes and wants every bit as real and dynamic as Earth.  The Pleiadians are not as accustomed to such rapid shifts as we are. They are just like us, but they do have better tech toys.The Pleiadian fleet is in great turmoil as the events of the [Nov 7] Malibu event continue to shake out, and it was not without Earth based casualties either.  Some of that data is not available, for reasons that will soon be transparent about Malibu.  The tentacles of that operation go much further than at first thought. Its a strange nexus of agendas.  There is some effort to round up the “usual suspects” in order to forestall transparency.

I have decided my time is best spent preparing the Celebrations and my own personal state of being for what is about to transpire. Politics is in all realms. Do not for an instant believe that “densities/dimensions/realms” mean that personalities are not in play. That’s probably the greatest damage the Law of One teachers did, was to deify ETs and place that expectation upon them by humanity as being some how angelic.

Various political agendas are now playing out in that realm as various pieces of information come to fore that were not known by the greater collective. I do hope they avoid the pin the tail of blame on the donkey game, that is common on earth, to cut off investigation of the entire trail.

The Blue Avians are now in rival factions since the demise of  their favorite deities Ra and Horus and its not coincidental Corey Goode is not bringing out data as fast as he once was, and that he does so through David Wilcock it who is rather enamored with Ra’s Law of One teachings.

The SSP [Secret Space Program] (which is really the dragons and the Halliburton/Cheney complex) is equally in disarray, knowing they hold a bad hand, and are still in ongoing negotiations with the SA. [star alliance?]

I do make an alternate suggestion, rather than look to ETs to free us, lets create something that makes all the conflict and judgement and warfare that would entail into something that is no longer required.

There is an inbound wave of energy that is electric blue in color.  I have associated the color Electric Blue with Source and that everything will be okay and beautiful. I won’t go into the details for that association in my life but I did see that color once in the blue bio-luminessence of plankton in San Diego and its quite a sight to see in nature.

I got this message from Thor of Andromeda a few days ago regarding the ongoing waves of energies:




Interesting KP at his blog reported the electric blue light coming out of the Hawaii Star Gate…

“I can tell you that the 11-17-15 Three Mountain journey opened up and intensified the Stargate that’s formed by the three mountains (volcanoes). Yesterday I looked at Hualalai and the blue appearing light coming from the Stargate was much brighter than I’d ever seen it. As I can tell, this is a very powerful Cosmic connector, and will be useful in guiding off world visitors to this planet.”

I haven’t posted much in recent days.  A lot of “whack-a-mole” going on as to planned false flags and other energy disruptions were lined up the one trick dog and pony crowd.   And there’s stuff some of the ETs have to sort out among themselves.

We don’t know who does the Gaia Portal postings, but we do know they are highly accurate.   The one that mentioned “morbidities” caught our attention and we did work to alleviate that, which the subsequent posting shows.   It doesn’t have to go down that way and Gaia Portal usual reports what has transpired but in that post it was before the fact.  Thank you for the heads up Gaia Portal!

The best thing for everyone to concentration on now is the REUNION OF ALL REALMS.   This single event of reuniting with all your family you ever had, realigns many energies of the moment.  What is needed now is not more conflict, anguish or children suffering.