Odd Experiences in Texas & a Massive Saucer; Setting the Stage for the Fake Alien Invasion? [videos] ~ Oct. 5, 2016

I found this posted on Starship Earth:The Big Picture, and wanted to share this with my readers as well. Why? Because my feeling is that everyone needs to know the truth.

Are the circumstances of the “portal” in the Texas night sky, and very crisp and clear image of a huge UFO for real, or are they holograms put into the chem-trailed sky for our amusement (more like fear). Are we being “primed” by those losing their control (the cabal/Illuminati) to freak out over a “fake” alien invasion?

I’m posting the entire article, including video’s, below…so please make certain to take a peek at these. My opinion? I’m leaning to these being “show pieces” from the cabal who are ramping up our fear factor along with the heightened tension in the world. Why do I feel this way? Because I believe in Love and neither of these events in the manner in which they have been presented, promote any type of positive response.

So…please read this article, watch the videos, and determine how they make you feel, and…


It appears some very peculiar things have happened in Texas this past week—among other places. One group saw a streak of light in the sky lasting about ten minutes which they say looked like a portal. I’ve never seen a portal, so I can’t say what it looked like, but it was odd. Even stranger, […]

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