Dear Cosmic Community, Over the past 24 – 48 hours a SIGNIFICANT influx of cosmic energy has infiltrated our planet.
This wave began the day after last weekend’s BIG lunar eclipse – the door closer – the light bringer.

Since Wednesday you may have noticed that your EARS have been picking up on high-vibration ear downloads.

The more sensitive you are to cosmic energy – the more attuned and psychic you are, the more you tend to notice this occurring.
This sounds like a tuning fork being struck in one ear or the other.
It’s been SO pronounced, as souls have been absorbing a higher frequency of light.
Have you felt between worlds?

I see many souls have created a new energy body template and have quite literally sloughed off
(or stepped out of) their OLD energy body and into a NEW one of their own creation.
Your higher, evolved self is now forming your physical body.
A complicated topic to express in a few words.
But, you can feel it occurring.
Trust in your process.
Love into it .

Are you feeling a flurry of energy? Where previously (this week) energy was slow moving, now you may have become UNSTUCK. Many could be doubting the efforts that they’ve been putting in. My advice is stay with your process. Don’t give up just before the rewards flow. You’re so needed and the coming week will prove to be the TURNING POINT of 2020 for many…

Chiron the great asteroid in our solar system has just moved RETROGRADE and it’s sparking many old WOUNDS. There are now SIX planetary retrogrades taking you back into your past – but only for the next 12 hours. In today’s ALL-NEW Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast, LISTEN to me speaking about what this means for you, why this weekend is HUGE and how you can no longer inflict pain upon yourself – or others 🙏

~Elizabeth Peru

source: elizabethperu.com/the-tip-off
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Trust As Your Only Option ~ December 1, 2019

Editor’s Note: It all boils down to trust, my friends, trust in yourself to trust the Universe as your method of reliance and support. Becoming spiritually expanded calls for TRUST…that moment of internal decision.

Please read this article, the decision of trust is in your hands allowing you to BE at peace, and…



By: L’Aura Pleiadian


You can only know how much you do trust when trusting is your ONLY option.

Does it seem like there is no way out?

Or you are about to face homelessness or complete utter destruction of the life you have lived?

I have lived this and may again. As we do not even KNOW if we will be alive or not, the next hour, let alone the NEXT DAY!!!!

These situations of loss, or potential loss, stretches one’s beliefs in TRUST AS the  only true strength. And walking the talk is living through the trust that is the true INTEGRITY of Being.

How can someone even say they trust if they are not willing to lose it all, including all the comforts of being ~  to step into this true place of power?

If you are so called tried and tested, it is for this ~ to stand when it appears you have fallen and lost everything, house, home, food. Knowing that this too is the plan. And through this HARMONY, miracles take place. Miracles are within YOU.

As you shift, so does EVERYTHING.

Putting all your trust in your life plan when you are living through the integrity of being Is what complete Ascension is about.  To be as The Gods here on Earth.

To evolve and live as that higher SELF pure flow ~ Being.

Many things will be taking place on Earth in 2020. The energies will be calling you to trust.

Now trust so that you do not loose everything that is your inner INTEGRITY. Authenticity.

Trust so that you are LIVING through that true reliance as pure being, through your higher aspect, here on Earth.

This is your true portal, the portal of the heart. That separates all that is false to that which is the purest and most precious of ALL ~ Your eternal being.

In this we activate you now, through the power and purity on all levels and authenticity of your being.

To walk the talk.

To be that which is the portal of Ascension ITSELF, through love.

We are The Divine Council of Overseers, in love, we are present here on Earth and now and activate you THROUGH THIS. Your Ascension.

Archangel Gabriel’s DAILY MESSAGE ~ SATURDAY AUGUST 31, 2019 ~ August 31, 2019

Editor’s Note: Very nice and reassuring message on how to let higher energies unfold within your soul. What to do once you are energetically
“charged”? Please read salient advice below, know yourself, and BE…



By Shelley Young

Many of you have wrapped up the first phase of your incarnation and are poised to step into the new.  You have done a tremendous amount of energetic shifting, both on a personal and planetary level. You have slowed down and cocooned to integrate these changes. And now you are ready to explore what is possible from this new energetic state.

Everything is undergoing a profound shift. You are moving from a doing based system to a being based system. You are evolving from navigating primarily through the mind into navigating through the heart. You are letting go of martyred service and ready for joyful, supported service. You have completed your soul’s initial to-do list and are now exploring new possibilities through co-creation and preference.

At this point it can be difficult to know what next steps profound shiftto take as you are still trying to find your energetic bearings. It can be very helpful to simply recommit to being of your highest service and allow the unfoldment from there, making your best and highest choices one Now moment at a time. If you do this, before you know it you will have moved far enough into the new energies to start to get a better feel of what they hold and how to flow with them, allowing yourself to be both the love and the beloved. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


Twin Soul Ascension report : Next wave of Twin Soul unions aligning rapidly for so many ~ August 13, 219

Dearest brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward now in this moment of your time with wondrous and exciting news to share with you all, whilst we are still in the Mists of this life-changing and 3d paradigm shattering Lions Gateway.

Everybody is feeling the shifts and transformations, as the gamma rays continue to be expelled from our central sun and the star system of Sirius. These gamma rays are working on a microwave level and they are heating up our DNA causing it to transform and metamorphosize from its kernel state In to its open and expanded state much like how a popcorn kernel transforms to become a popcorn.

This is the most perfect analogy that illustrates what is happening with our DNA and explains why so many of us are experiencing extremely high levels of dehydration. This is due to the impact of these solar photonic light particles and their interaction with our DNA, which is activating this transformation in our DNA, and support the great shift from 3D carbon-based to 5D crystalline based humanity.

Again we come forward with the reminder to always stay on top of your hydration levels. electrolytes and coconut water are two of the most powerful antidotes to the Ascension symptoms many of us are experiencing. Stretching and being out in nature are also important ways that you can manage your vibration and attain the optimum attunements whilst these energies are continuing to pour in.

This lionsgate holds the destiny for many first wave twin Souls to come into physical contact in the coming weeks. Please know that many of you who have been in periods of Separation for quite sometime will be spontaneously hearing from your divine counterparts and please know that the universe is working overtime currently to ensure that these meetings that are a profound aspect of your spiritual destiny are aligning in this auspicious Gateway.

It is very important that you remember to stay grounded even amidst such exciting timelines opening up for you. Divine feminines a message for you – stay very focused on your spiritual missions this week, showing up in service to your brothers and sisters and being a most wonderful and wondrous guardian for your own little girl, ensuring that she is well cared for and her needs are addressed consistently. This will help you so much to Anchor the energies of this week which are extremely high vibrational due to Jupiter now going direct after quite some time of being in retrograde. Jupiter is also aligning with Venus this week which is very much supporting these twin soul alignments that are occurring.

Dearest ones the more that you can seal your circle of completion within your own energetic field within and without above and below please know that this sends forth the necessary codes and signals to your divine counterpart that you are truly ready to meet and merge.

For many in the Twin soul community it appears as though your divine masculine counterpart has been running from you but the truth is the third dimension- the Maya is also known and referred to as the illusion, and for many of you what appears to be a certain way on the third dimension is cleverly masking what is truly going on on the higher dimensions and for many many of you who are reading these words please know that your divine masculine is intimately and intricately connected to your own establishment into your own sacred energetic field of wholeness, and as soon as you align, anchor and stabilise in your own circle of completion,  please know that everything in your divine masculines reality will start shifting to reflect the alignment of His Divine feminine who is now ready on all planes of consciousness for the grounding of this divine sacred Union.

Therefore it is absolutely imperative that everybody keep their focus on their own self and their own vibration. Everything is a mirror of your own vibration. Therefore if you are wanting your divine counterpart to walk by your side, walk by the side of your own inner child, be in contact with her or him consistently, and show up in your life with the love for your divine self that you have always sought from others.

Beloveds this truly is the fast track to aligning with your divine counterpart on all planes of consciousness, and please know that many of you who are reading these words have been following this sacred internal guidance vigilantly, resulting in this alignment now of many of you with your divine counterparts in the next couple of weeks

It gives us such great joy and delight to observe these divine sacred unions aligning on the physical level. Many of you have done such a huge amount of preparation to be the conduits of these sacred unions, and to be free of all lower dimensional and vibrational habits and addictions.

Please know that the work that you as a collective 144000 star being collective is exponentially accelerating the timeline of the Solar flash event. May we please remind you that the solaflash event is intricately connected to the Collective vibration of humanity, and as one individual person truly awakens and stabilises in 5th dimensional consciousness, this sends out powerful codes to the collective and to our galactic brothers and sisters who are guarding over the timeline of the Solar flash event that we as a collective Consciousness are ready to experience this wave of God’s love, God’s eternal Divine Grace and presence, that will wash away all memories of 3rd dimensional trauma and separation and fear consciousness forever.

Please no beloved’s that these truly are the days we have all been waiting for and we are truly the ones we have all been praying for now is the time to shine like never before so many of our brothers and sisters are Awakening and they need to be able to see and locate stabilized lighthouses of Higher consciousness who are emanating codes of self love compassion empathy and multidimensional wisdom.

 please make it your absolute priority two stabilizing 5th dimensional consciousness so that you can take your position as a lighthouse for your brothers and sisters

Please know that all of the codes and vibrations contained in this sacred offering have been designed to specifically bring you into alignment with the frequency of the true living master that you have come here to be which is the fundamental prerequisite to everlasting Twin flame union.


Follow the Heart & Watch Where It Leads You ~ August 6, 2019

By A Gift From Gaia

The Solar winds continue to bring light and it appears to be creating quite a stir in the collective.
I’m hearing reports of anxiety (where are you avoiding Self) heart palpitations and much uncomfortableness, the time has gone to simply allow this to pass, the time has gone to simply accept this as a “symptom” of the energies, there are NO symptoms only symbols which direct you inwards to address what it is the body is currently screaming out.

Symptoms are from the old victim programming that is found in the 4th frequency, symbols are gifts from Self to dissolve the separation

Use this time wisely to begin realising your truth, and act accordingly, these energies are super supportive of unity, however unity manifests for you. 
What is happening is simple, as the light enters it zooms throughout the cellular body with super high frequencies, and when it meets condensed light within a reaction begins, for most it starts hitting the duality chords and vibrates in a way that feels humanly very uncomfortable, frequently it’s called out as anxiety, that’s just the energy rattling around, pushing and creating pressure until the gaskets get blown, some can observe this and discover before the “blowing” appears and some require the “blowing” for the realisation but one thing is for sure…it’s shifting.

Today will add to the intensity as the Sun Conjuncts Acuben a star in the left claw of the crab, and at first this can appear a little forced, a little snappy, and pressurised, it reminds me of the energy that transforms carbon into diamond but this star is all about Resurrection.

Acuben is known as the gateway of Life and whilst that birthing canal can feel a little tight, choices of where to move may become limited the last push into the light will appear oh so worth it providing you are choosing to stay conscious and the want to align your life to conscious living out weighs the old attachments to the unconscious world.

This may come down to trust, the leap of faith for many but the ability to surf through, staying present, expanded heart will quickly show the fast, light speed trajectory path you have chosen to move along.

This conjunction is trine Jupiter, which is a little like that golden egg, a surprise level awaiting that perhaps you didn’t even know existed yet.

Follow the heart and watch where it leads you

Surprises are abundant…

Self love all the way today angels, keep those muscles relaxed, the tones in the voice soft and pay close attention to the symbols that are directing you into your unification.