Late Headlines and Updates for December 7, 2018: Cats and Rats [videos] ~ December 6, 2018

Let the nail-biting commence. Trump is pushing the declassification of the FISA documents to the lethal limit—for maximum effect, I’m sure. Nobody’s rushin’.

And if we’re feeling the pressure and angst, imagine how the treasonous criminals feel. The story unfolds in scads of mixed metaphors.

From one day to the next they don’t know what’s coming, and all they can do is dream up lame excuses for delays. Pitiful, isn’t it? They are like the worm on the hook, skewered and squirming helplessly, all the while attracting the attention of the hungry fish ready to move in for the big swallow. Gulp! Gotcha, you bastards.

Trump and Q are taunting them and the game of one-upmanship moves ever nearer game-set-match.

The only question now is, what will the psychopaths attempt to unleash in a last ditch effort to lash out and threaten the Patriots? The threadbare pages of their playbook are scattered to the winds of change and they frantically try to snatch one here, another there, and pull together a plan. They know we’re watching. Like a cat watches a rat-hole—ever vigilant.

The Great Awakening is unfolding before our very eyes as Humanity unites against the globalists.

As we hold our collective breath, we need some major distractions or we’ll go quite mad.

Check in with Thomas Williams on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show tonight 7:30 EST, 4:30 Pacific for news analyses, op-eds and the latest intel about the exciting situations on our planet now.

You can also listen live here.

Here’s one topic the control freaks on our planet do NOT want getting out. Perhaps not what you thought.

Space Force, the Final Frontier of Destroying the Deep State

The evidence of coverups of bases on Mars pale in comparison to the evidence of bases and space craft on Earth. Antarctica is a hotbed of new discoveries of bases, pyramids, crashed ships, lush life and greenery, warm lakes and perhaps even creatures. Check out these highlights from Third Phase of Moon.

Further research on Antarctica follows. To some folks this is going to sound really out there, but we’re being prepared for big news. When the deep state/control freaks are removed, we will learn just how much of reality was kept from us as a race. Everything about our world is fake, and the truth will be shocking to most of Humanity who have not been paying attention; who never questioned; who snickered and considered everything not on the 6:00 news just fantasy, and space movies pure entertainment.

The following footage may reflect the weaponry involved in the DEW fires Ben Fulford tells us were burning down under in Australia. What a coincidence they got an EAS cellular alert in Oz just prior. A family member of mine confirmed they got one in Calgary, Alberta, too. We’re all on high alert.

There are some odd reports coming out of the Sea of Japan about—you guessed it—Russia! and the US butting heads and planes running into each other. Crazy stuff. We never know any more what’s real and what isn’t. There is one thing I am confident of, and that is that Russia is not going to start WWIII. No WWIII. No way. No how. Somehow, it will be averted.


Perhaps some of the false flag events we expected…

Car bomb attack leaves 4 dead and many injured in Iran

It sounds like the psychos are trying to wind up the Patriots just as Trump is cranking up the deep state. If we are prepared, that’s all we can do. We’ll pull through; we always do. I love candlelight.

To finish on a light note and coax a few giggles… It’s the Most Wonderful Time in Eight Years—a flashback from 2016. Merry Christmas, everyone. Merry Christmas. Not “Happy Holidays” or “Have a pleasant Festive Season”. Merry Christmas. And Happy Hannukah. Hopefully I don’t come back between now and the end of the year saying, “Merry friggin’ Christmas.”  ~ BP

X22 Reports for December 6, 2018, financial and geopolitical.  ~ BP

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Patriots Are In Control,The DS Was Just Out Maneuvered,The Great Awakening Is Here – Episode 1734b

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