Headlines and Updates for May 28, 2019: Things We Need to Know—And Do [videos] ~ May 28, 2019

The People in America are slowly being roused from their unconscious state of apathy and beginning to take action to correct injustices and do what must be done, but it’s a long row to hoe. A flu virus spreads faster.

The El-ites are paranoid and kept the location of the 2019 Bilderberg Meeting secret until 2 days prior. Every year we have enjoyed the intrepid boots on the ground coverage in various locations across the planet as they tracked down the the bloodline families and their highly paid policy makers and even interviewed a few of them. They also had cameras confiscated and were detained by police, so covering this NWO event is not for the feint of heart.

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth has published his Bilderberg feed in past years and brings us this update, along with the perspective of Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media. They discuss the participant list, the implications, and much more. I believe this will be the last Bilderberg Meeting we will be covering.

Dan leaves for Switzerland tomorrow morning for his usual coverage of the secretive event and appreciates financial support, of course.

BILDERBERG 2019 in Switzerland AGENDA And Participants List Revealed!! (With Truthstream Media!)

Jim Stone’s update follows:

Bilderberg meeting to be held in Switzerland on May 30

Ok, so I guess they think they can stop everyone from reporting on it by delaying the news of where it will be until two days before. The building is probably already on lockdown. No one is likely to be there because you can’t get a passport visa that quick, plus book air travel and actually fly there.

The meeting will take place at the Hotel Montreux Palace in the Swiss town of Montreux from Thursday to Sunday. They are faking “openness” by simply announcing it so late that no one can get there, but early enough to make it look like they are not hiding anything. The Swiss media report is here

DAHB0077 brings us more details on the wall erected over the weekend by Patriots at El Paso, Texas. Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage were instrumental. You may remember the outrage we expressed when Brian returned from a Town Hall and was rudely frisked and patted down at an airport despite his apparent status as a triple amputee. He raised a lot of money for the wall—and it was put to good use. Kudos, patriots.

Bannon’s Group Secretly Built Mile-Long Border Wall In Texas Over The Weekend

BCP has a great commentary around the latest developments in Washington along with some very surprising remarks from Congress members. Is the tide turning?


Others took note of the refreshing remarks and honest language as well from that surprising source, Liz Cheney.

Finally, Someone Serious Has Said the Word: Treason

CALLS GROW TO PROSECUTE JOHN BRENNAN after Existence of Clandestine CIA Asset in Top Level of Russian Government is Leaked

And while you’re at it—get the entity masquerading as Hillary Clinton!

More drama around that…

Joe diGenova: John Huber Investigation of Clinton Foundation is a Farce – Never Even Started

What the American People want to know is, why is this creature called Hillary Clinton walking around free when she should be in a cell at Guantanamo for countless crimes—if not awarded the death penalty for treason?

Hillary Clinton in Memorial Day Parade 2019

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! I’m so sick of the histrionics in this theatre of the absurd. How can you impeach someone who hasn’t done anything wrong? The deep state cabal actors need a whole lot of duct tape. And they need to get to work earning their paycheques or leave!

Congressman Bradley Byrne has read the Mueller Report 5 times, every page and more, and wants to ensure we “Investigate the Investigators” fully to bring those who fueled the fires of the “witch hunt” to justice. There’s no “witch” in the “witch hunt”, he states.

GOP Rep. dares Democrats to try and impeach Trump

This just in…

BREAKING: Dossier Author Christopher Steele Refuses to Cooperate with US Attorney John Durham in His Investigation Into Origins of Spygate

What the lamestream media networks don’t show us in America is the activities of the Yellow Vests/Gilets Jaunes protestors in France who have been demonstrating peacefully for months. Unfortunately, the establishment is using nasty warfare tactics on the citizens to thwart their actions to exercise their rights and there have been many casualties. Check out the artillery they’re using on the People now. Thanks for the update, J. Read and see the videos here.

Will America adopt the mettle of the French and take their rogue government to task?

Flooded Camp Ashland, Army National Guard facility, is seen in this aerial photo taken in Ashland, Nebraska, U.S., March 17, 2019. Picture taken March 17, 2019. Courtesy Herschel Talley/Nebraska National Guard/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY.

The flooding in the Midwest has been increasing for a couple of months and after major tornado damage in Missouri last weekend, tornadoes moved through Ohio last night. Some are cautioning that dams are going to fail from all the water storms dumped that has nowhere to go.

Perhaps by now we understand why President Trump asked us to prepare for anything. Ten years ago I heard that Humanity would be besieged by the biblical fires, floods, earthshaking, famine, etc. and it would be utter chaos and we would have to learn to support each other, learn what it really important, to share, and to come together as one.

Perhaps at least a sampling of that is what we are now witnessing. With diseases introduced into the food chain, such as the pigs in Vietnam we heard about recently, and fields of crops under water and livestock drowned, there could be some issues. It would be prudent to prepare for interruptions in the supply chain or for the event we are displaced from our homes.

The weather guys who are on top of the solar activity, planetary alignments, and weather manipulation are predicting storms like this 16 days out and they’re very accurate most of the time. We knew this was coming—and it’s not only in America.

Floodwaters began submerging Iran in March 2019

Canada is suffering greatly from flooding in the East, wildfires rage in the West, and even Iran is 90 per cent under water. We just don’t know what will happen next, so be prepared. Have a plan.

‘WAR ZONE’: 5 MILLION Without Power as Storms, Tornadoes Slam Ohio

TROTWOOD, OH – MAY 28: Fire fighters and rescue crews go house to house to search for anyone trapped or injured in the night time following powerful tornados on May 28, 2019 in Trotwood, Ohio. One person is dead and several others injured after multiple tornadoes touched down causing extensive damage throughout the city and the surrounding area. (Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

She’s breaking up! Take at look at this. It’s astounding. The Earth is very unstable for many reasons.

GIANT Boulders The Size Of A Building Destroy Colorado Highway

Colorado is a mess. The Denver area is full of cabal New World Order minions. They hosted repeated false flag school shootings, the Batman Theater Massacre, the police go along with it, there are countless satanic rituals with Human sacrifices, the airport is full of satanic artwork and underneath it is, or was, a secret multilevel underground base.

This next story is where universities are headed and what they’re teaching our youth. The People need to take control of the curriculum; to wrench it from the fingers of these sick globalists and stop them creating problems where there never were any—until they provoked race wars and encouraged everyone to be offended by everything instead of respecting the opinions and feelings of others and adopting the live and let live idiom. They want to ban tolerance instead of allowing us all to be equal. They are pushing for the “white is less equal” standard.

Denver University Offers ‘Problematizing Whiteness’ Course

Many things on our planet are improving slowly, and great plans will unfold in the future to reshape our bright, new world.

Our newly appointed Acting Secretary of Defense has some remarkable allies and great impetus to make the necessary changes. Thanks, R.

Shanahan Tells US Naval Academy’s Class of 2019 to Challenge the Status Quo

Simon Parkes did another interview with Ted Mahr a few days ago and as always, they discussed a variety of fascinating topics. Of course some of it was a repeat of info shared on Simon’s show from Saturday but most was in a different direction as Ted asked him many questions and Simon presented his views based on his intelligence sources around political developments, now and in the future.

I thought it interesting to note that Ted heard the frequencies on our planet would be so high next year that 5G would be rendered obsolete. Simon agreed in part, but said he felt we would see major shifts THIS year due to the rising energetics on Earth/Terra.

With all the water on the planet I imagine the currents will be traveling like—I was going to say lightning. Isn’t that what’s been happening? Lots of lightning? Odd lightning like we’ve never seen before? Simon believes people will be seeing Truth like they’ve never been able to see it before… like the veil will be lifting.

More below the video…

Out Of This World hour one 05-24-19 guest- Simon Parkes

Ted mentioned an interview Obama did some time ago with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel where he made light of the fact that aliens control the White House. Of course he did it in the usual way to ridicule it and make sure no one took it seriously. It seems Ted took it seriously. It WAS true, of course, but the delivery would lead the unaware to believe he was kidding, so he wasn’t admitting to anything. However, the truth is hidden in plain sight—as always. The lie is so big no one will believe it, right?

If you haven’t seen that short interview, it’s here.  ~ BP

President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens

‘Truth Media’ Gone Rogue on Operation: Backyard Brawl & Operation: Child Shield—All Real & In Progress in Tucson [videos] ~ June 13, 2018

Many, many thanks to Starship Earth for a complete report of exactly what is happening the desert east of Tuscon, AZ at this time. Please redt his message, watch the video’s learn the truth without cabal-induced distortion, and…



I knew there was an agenda to discredit the Veterans On Patrol (VOP) and Operation: Backyard Brawl but my jaw dropped yesterday after watching a number of videos and seeing the disinfo agents hard at work on ThemTube so I am going to lay it out plainly for those who don’t want to do any research and prefer to hang out in a vaping parlour chat and have someone tell them what to think.

Sorry, my friends, but human trafficking is horrendous problem and there are “patriots” in the alternative media who are not patriots. Not only are they misleading their subscribers they are asking for donations in exchange for the lies they tell about real patriots who are boots on the ground fighting the dark forces in our world.

After listening to the interview I shared yesterday with Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers and a former Arizona law enforcement officer, Ron Thompson, who speak so highly of VOP and the work they are doing, and learning that the Oathkeepers are there in Tucson supporting the search and investigation mission of Operation: Backyard Brawl, I also learned of a shooting of a border patrol agent.

I also shared that video from Urban Moving about that, and if you watched it, you would know that the shooting was nowhere near any VOP search team and that a cartel member shot and wounded the border patrol agent.

Of course the disinfo shills seized that event to discredit VOP as part of their witch hunt. Unirock channel had a livestream going with this title:


DarkSkyWatcher is another patriot from Kingman, Arizona who drove down to Tucson and helped out for a few days. He has streamed a lot of footage of their searches so it’s impossible to debunk what they are doing down there. It’s in plain sight, completely transparent, which is what the VOP wanted all along. That’s why they made so many videos.

In the video below after the 9 minute mark, Lewis Arthur/Michael Meyer invites Ron Thompson of the Oathkeepers team to say a few words about the ongoing operation. Ron is followed by Stewart Rhodes. Both are on site, and no, the VOP team is not “on the run”.

It’s not even a matter of “the VOP team” at this point because there are hundreds of people down there on multiple teams helping with searches, seeing that the donations get to the people who need them, and that vast areas are covered efficiently and safely, looking for child trafficking camps and anything suggesting they are operating in that sector of the state—going either north or south.

Both Thompson and Rhodes are not only in favour of the searches and ongoing investigation, they are involved. They are fully aware of the “systemic, catastrophic” problem in America and are also supporting their own Operation: Child Shield and helping to educate and train all the teams of volunteers in Tucson so the investigations will be handled better, evidence preserved, documented, and everything conducted in an organized fashion as law enforcement would do it.

You can see it for yourself, people. Lewis Arthur is not a criminal. He’s not rogue, armed and dangerous—except for one thing: he is dangerous to the pedophiles, and all those who support them. The Deep State.

He is not a veteran, and never said he was, but he IS spokesman for a team of veterans and now a much larger community of volunteers and he is not “on the run”. He is working his ass off to stop the trafficking of women and children through Arizona.

He may not be who you want or expect to be spearheading such a mission, but you know what—it takes all kinds. He is the natural one to do it; the one who jumped on this based on what their team found and ramped it up, put it out on social media, involved local law enforcement who wanted nothing to do with it, and now we have a massive initiative to do the work the police should have done a long, long time ago. Bravo, VOP!

The ones making a difference in our world aren’t media actor-models with perfect hair; they are real people. They are like you and I; imperfect, with Human foibles and HUGE hearts. They are doing the best they can to win this war—in their own unique ways.

If Operation: Backyard Brawl is just a lunatic criminal and his band of decrepit vets looking for free handouts, why did Oathkeepers put out this video on June 6 inviting patriots to be part of their own Operation: Child Shield in Tucson?

Unfortunately, we ALL fell for the snowjob Craig Sawyer did, but that’s not going to stop the investigation. We’re learning as we go who to trust and just how far the satanists will go to protect their interests.

If Operation: Backyard Brawl is bogus and no one is there, why did Oathkeepers go down and do this training? You can clearly see it in this video. With donations, they have flown in detectives and other former law enforcement to educate the volunteers BECAUSE IT’S IMPORTANT. They want to know why the FBI hasn’t been there! But we know, don’t we?

The video evidence we have from multiple sources and very credible expertise in this line of work tells us that those who say there is nothing to see here, that they didn’t find anything, that it’s only homeless camps and that Lewis/Michael is hyping up nothing to solicit undeserved donations are either paid shills or ignorant of the facts.

Not only are Michael and his team still there, without interruption, systematically doing what they started, they are overseeing many other teams that have set out on their own to specific coordinates to investigate suspicious activity reported by ranchers and other local sources. Combat vets are going out on their own because they are equipped to do so.

The debunkers also say Lewis/Michael told everyone to search the Internet for photographs of children tied to rape trees. That is NOT what he said. If you watched the video, you would see that. He suggested that very adept hackers may be able to get into porn sites where they may find photos taken here in the Tucson area at these camps at the rape trees—as evidence for the investigation.

Perhaps since then the LEOs have coached them and maybe they told them it’s not a good idea to suggest people look for porn on the Internet in case people misunderstand, but regardless… it’s spinning information to publish character assassinations on someone who is ACTIVELY INVESTIGATING CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING.

They have found computers and discs and paraphernalia suggesting videos were made at one location so far, perhaps more. The shills are selectively using edited video as propaganda to mislead their subscribers. Sound familiar? Isn’t it EXACTLY what the corrupt mainstream media does? Always spinning the truth into lies.

They do it with President Trump and they’re doing it to the VOP. I can’t believe people fell for it.

Think you know who Lewis Arthur is?

I watched a video of Lewis/Michael walking through one of the camps they have created that shows tents with otherwise homeless people in them. They have shelter, food, water, shade, companionship and protection. Lewis walked the camp like a doctor doing rounds, checking in on people and others greeted him like a close friend.

It is clear this is a community he built because he cares, and those he and his wife helped over the past three years care about them, too. It almost brought a tear to my eye that he is so bulletproof and amped up to do this work that so many others refuse to do—even though it’s their job—and he’s relentlessly attacked for it. Michael has enough enthusiasm and bravado for every one of the volunteers and some to spare, and he has not missed a beat in this operation he began at the beginning of June. He felt called to do it.

This is WAR, my friends and this is MY STATE; where I live. I take this personally.

The drug cartels and child trafficking rings are moving farther and farther north. We lost our tough and mostly-constitutional long-time sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa county and I don’t know what to expect now. The Oathkeepers tell us we have good sheriffs in the Phoenix area, but this problem, and the open border embraced by the Tucson sheriff must be addressed.

To shut down this operation that is in full swing would be insane because it is what has been needed for decades. Law enforcement is compromised so the locals have stepped in peacefully to take care of the problem themselves, and are helping each other.

The cabal is buying off traitors left and right. The Internet is swimming in shills and disinfo agents and patriots need to be a lot more discerning and research, research, research!

Here’s a quick-reference guide for what’s going on in Tucson… just off the top of my head after watching videos from several sources.

WHO is Involved?
Lewis Arthur/Michael Meyer and his wife and their not-for-profit church/ministry to help homeless vets (past 3 years)
Oathkeepers and other local organizations
(Homeless) vets the VOP rescued
Retired combat/infantry veterans
Local Tucson residents and ranchers
Volunteers from elsewhere in the state, and soon, international (ie. Australia)
Former Law enforcement and forensic criminal investigation people
Search and rescue trackers
Dog handlers with search and rescue/cadaver dog experience
Patriots from anywhere who send donations of all kinds, camping gear, gas cards
Alternative media/vloggers

WHERE are they working?
Open desert areas East of Tucson/the mountains and known corridors between Tucson and the Mexican border where human traffickers travel, and areas indicated by local ranchers to be sites for suspicious or known illegal activities

Where do donations go?
Donations to VOP first go to supply the volunteers, many of whom are out in 100+ F temperatures checking out leads and looking for evidence. The homeless may use other supplies as needed after the VOP volunteers have what they need.
Gas cards go to the volunteers because some are driving long distances to get to the areas they are scheduled to search. Some pay for their own gas and refuse the cards.

If you want to support Oathkeepers in Tucson, see the banner at the top of this post and listen to the instructions from Stewart Rhodes in the video above. Note: All volunteers must be vetted FIRST before they go to Tucson.

I am astounded that the shills and disinformation agents can so blatantly and easily mislead their subscribers. I guess some patriots aren’t as savvy as they think. There have a been a lot of lies told to cover up this situation in Tucson. Why don’t people see it for what it is? The cabal cannot afford for the rampant pedophilia problem to be recognized by the masses.

The fact that Craig Sawyer did a complete about face should scream, “setup”. It wasn’t the VOP who contacted him and sent him to Tucson. It was a “third party”, from his own lips, and that third party was the deep state. They knew if they had Sawyer investigate and then say, “nothing to see here, folks” that because of the reputation they have created for him, many people would believe him and then would have the video he did recanting his earlier statements. Dismissed! VOP is a sham. It worked to a point, but only the really gullible would believe that.

I just learned that the censorship has begun on OBB. Watch this short video for the details. Ha! What does that tell you? This is mostly for video techies who can share and archive videos.

You know what’s really interesting? As UM points out, the ones telling the truth get censored/shut down, and the shills and liars continue to do what they do. That will make it easier for your to discern who is who, unless they start shutting down the shills just to make them look good.

If you want to know what’s going on in Tucson, you can check out the Urban Moving channel on ThemTube where the VOP videos are, or the DarkSkyWatcher channel to see the video he took while there. It’s a LOT.

From DSW You will see how many vehicles were in one particular caravan, how far into the desert they had to drive, how far they had to walk, and what they found. You’ll find out that the heat wreaks havoc on phones, video cameras, laptops, etc. It’s not easy out there, folks, but these warriors are determined to carry out their mission and bring us the unedited truth.

Volunteers have found a lot of things the LEO experts find highly valuable. They will not be telling us/showing us everything. There is a criminal investigation ongoing.

This video shows you what Craig “Sawman” Sawyer said the first time he reported. Somewhat accurate. Then what happened? Oathkeepers tell us the “rape trees” are ENTIRELY CONSISTENT with the child sex trafficking camps in Arizona, as Stewart Rhodes said in the video above. Why is it that those who seek to discredit Meyer and the operation simply don’t mention the rape tree, nylon ropes, all the hair dye, condoms, lube, pornographic magazines, Barbie dolls, child’s comb with blonde hair in it, children’s clothing, dog chains, etc.?

What these people do to Human Beings makes me sick to my stomach.

If you are a god-fearing individual perhaps you would appreciate this overview of the Tucson situation from the Fullerton Informer channel, who has also brought us a great deal of information about the dangers of 5G, WiFi, electromagnetic weapons, etc.

I can’t say it enough: Research, research, research. Question, question, question. Those you trust to bring you the truth may not be who they pretend. Many are very well paid to deceive. They don’t need your donations.

Anyone who claims that discoveries potentially related to child sex trafficking are bogus, hyped, sensationalized, or fake, is highly suspect. There has not yet been time to fully ascertain the situation around Tucson, but the current activity will most certainly force the cartels to change their itineraries.

Until the experts have had a chance to inventory what was found, do forensic examinations, and collectively discuss, we won’t know how bad the situation is. To suggest this isn’t necessary suggests an alternative agenda or complete ignorance of the reality too well understood by law enforcement in the Southwest for decades.

Attacking anyone carrying out investigations into alleged activities is a dead giveaway to an evil agenda. Knowing how rampant human trafficking is on our planet SHOULD tell you that, and have you on your guard for those who seek to influence others to dismiss it.

It’s 100 degrees in the shade on my patio, and thankfully a little cloudy. If I’m hot, I can turn on the air conditioner and take a dip in the pool, and when I do you can bet I will be thinking of all those selfless people in Tucson who are outside, living in tents, tramping through the desert to save children, while “truthers” vilify them.  ~ BP

The Ascension Process & the Embodiment Process Clarified ~ May 24, 2018

“…would you touch on the distinction between the AP and EP?” — Kara


These two questions may sound like they’re not related but they most certainly are. First, Kara’s question.

I have intentionally been writing these two terms — the Ascension Process (AP) and the Embodiment Process (EP) — in this way because not everyone is or will be living the Embodiment Process in their current incarnations. For that matter, not everyone is or will be living the Ascension Process in these current incarnations because some people are hell-bent on continuing and/or perpetuating the only thing they know and enjoy which is the old negative patriarchy and all that it was. But those people are not the focus of this article so I won’t spend anymore time on that subject.

The AP is natural compressed evolution and everyone alive on Earth now is feeling the constant bombardment of higher frequency Light energies to quickly evolve from within the physical bodies they incarnated into in this life. The only way to not evolve now is to die and exit your physical body and reincarnate in the future or near future with a NEW higher frequency body that’s a vibrational and energetic match to the NEW Earth and baseline global 5D HighHeart consciousness. Some people now incarnate are too old, too sick, too weak or just do not want to remain in their current physical body and go through the tremendous Work that the AP requires. These people are and will continue to die and exit their current bodies and reincarnate down the evolutionary road a bit with physical bodies built to match such profoundly higher energies and existence in 5D both internally and externally. Those people who stay in their current physical bodies and go through the AP to evolve them in every way imaginable, and many that are not, are living the natural Alchemical Ascension Process in-body.

These people are the “normal” masses of humanity who are not consciously aware of the evolutionary Ascension Process but are subject to it because they are alive and in physical bodies on Earth now. Just so there’s no confusion over this aspect, understand that there’s a HUGE difference between the unaware people currently living the AP on Earth now, and those individuals that are known as Volunteers, First Everything-ers, Forerunners, Gatekeepers, Gridworkers, Starseeds, Pathpavers, Wayshowers, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors etc. of which I am one.

The Forerunners and other names listed above, have been consciously aware that they are not only living the Alchemical AP as First Everything-ers, but that they are the ways and means by which the NEW higher frequency Light energies (and more) are seeded, inserted and permanently anchored into and on ascending physical Earth via their physical and energetic bodies and higher Heart consciousness. I’ve said in other articles that Divine Source throws out the balls so there’s got to be a small Group of individuals voluntarily inserted in the physical third dimension (3D) in physical bodies to literally “catch those energy balls” and anchor them into their own bodies and into Earth and reality on Earth.

The First Everything-ers have consciously been involved with the AP from the very beginning and have been transmuting and clearing old residual 3D patriarchal negativity—human and non-human created—across time on Earth from the first moment too. As they transmuted and cleared out unimaginable amounts of old negativity and darkness across time on Earth and in the fourth dimensional lower Astral too, they were simultaneously and constantly embodying (notice I used a lower case “e” here to represent something different from when I use a capital “E” in this same word) more and more of the NEW higher frequency evolutionary Light energies into their physical bodies, consciousness, CNS (central nervous system), heart and Rewiring their two separated brain hemispheres back into One whole unified brain and much more. To even be able to “catch the balls” coming in from Divine Source, the First Everything-ers HAD to live the AP first in and through their own physical bodies. Someone always has to go first and Pathpave and Consciously Create for the rest of the people who will be evolving behind them at a later date.

The next layer to all this is why I’ve deliberately use a capital “E” when I write the word Embody or Embodiment Process. When I write it with a capital “E”, I do so to represent those individual First Everything-ers that have intentionally gone further with this process to Embody their Higher Self/Selves, their Galactic Selves, their Multidimensional Selves etc. and enough Divine Source on a conscious and direct level so as to become fully ‘Sovereign’ individually or Self-Source connected individually. In other words, those Forerunners that have continued to go further with the AP individually for their own Soul, Spirit, Service to Source reasons and live the Embodiment Process and unify with, merge with, integrate with their own Higher Selves and Divine Source while in their current incarnate physical body, do so and continue to do so as NEW ascended living incarnate Masters.

The normal human masses that are currently living the AP but doing so with no conscious awareness of it or that they are and are being dramatically evolve by it are also embodying, lower case “e”.  They are and will continue to be embodying those natural but mandatory aspects of the overall Ascension Process such as integration of both sex energies within their current physical male and/or female bodies. The masculine, the feminine, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, left brain and right brain, lower heart evolves energetically up into HighHeart consciousness because HighHeart is integrated and unified, not old lower dualized and separated. These are baseline mandatory evolutionary upgrades that MUST be achieved by each individual to even be able to exist within and survive the 5D NEW Earth world and reality. Five or ten years ago that statement would have sounded almost unattainable by mass humanity, but now in 2018, it is the bottom, lowest baseline mandatory energetic level each person HAS to have within themselves to be able to enter and remain on the NEW 5D Earth. So the unaware masses that are living the AP are also embodying, but they are doing so at base levels only, and I do not mean for that to sound like it isn’t an extraordinary thing because it is! I cannot wait for there to only be integrated, non-dualized, individually unified 5D frequency, HighHeart consciousness people with equal amounts of masculine and feminine energies and consciousness on NEW Earth!

  • embodiment — evolving or ascending enough to have what’s been separated like male and female, higher and lower awareness, right and left brain etc. re-unified within each person that’s currently living the Ascension Process
  • Embodiment Process — First Everything-ers, Forerunners, Pathpavers etc. continuing beyond mandatory embodiment and merging with, aligning with their individual Higher Selves and Divine Source so as to be individually Sovereign physically incarnate Beings of Light in physical human bodies


“I am not feeling any communication like I used to have with higher self or guides or having any ” magical” experiences. In fact I feel more grounded and 3D capable then ever. In fact I recently went back to work for the first time in 12 years and am doing great. Anyone else experiencing that?” — Debbie


And now to Debbie’s question.

I wrote about the first time I started experiencing this in A Lightworker’s Mission: The Journey Through Polarity Resolution (2010). All my life I’ve had conscious awareness of and both telepathic and higher dimensional face-to-face conversations with three Starbeings that are part of my Oversoul Group; an Orion from 8D, a Sirian from 6D and a Pleiadian from 5D. I’ve written about them and have included some drawings of them at TRANSITIONS and the book if interested.

As I’ve said many times over the years, my physical biological Ascension Process began February 1, 1999. About a year or so before that these three lifelong and beyond that (past lives too) Starbeings began slowly retreating from me. I didn’t confront them about this for about a year but finally knew I had to. When I finally did ask around 1998, the 8D Orion informed me that I was about to begin a very important and difficult process and they would, for no reason whatsoever, interfere with my going through that process. Because of this their time with me was rapidly coming to an end because, they would be going through this “process” too but at the different levels that each of them would. In other words, our time together was ending because we’d all reached the completion of the preparation phase of what was the Ascension Process, not that I knew it as that at that time. I knew and had know since 1995 that something huge and profoundly important was about to begin with the start of 1999.

It was a difficult phase of feeling my beloved three Starbeing kinsfolk slowly remove themselves from my 3D life and frequency back then but it was necessary for all of us because all of us were about to being this Universal Ascension Process. Me here on 3D physical Earth, and each of them in their different dimensions and realities.

As my AP continued from 1999, almost all of my old familiar higher dimensional Assistants, Guides, helpers and such have, over the decades, slowly disappeared. I’ve experienced being in the same or near space of other higher dimensionals like Lightbeings or Angels and other areas of focus and intelligence in space where some great Beings have no “bodies” per sey but are currently existing in energy bodies in certain areas in higher dimensions and in higher space if you will. It’s hard to describe much of these types of things because they are consciousness areas without bodies like we’re used to and they move and change occasionally, or, my consciousness is evolving to where I’m now able to perceive them as somewhat different from the last time I did.

Anyway, to make sense of Debbie’s question you need to go back to the information about the First Everything-ers currently living the Embodiment Process, with a capital “E”.  🙂

Because we Forerunners are and continue to live the EP, we are increasingly consciously aligning with, merging with, integrating back and unifying with our individual Higher Self/Selves, our Multidimensional Selves, our Starbeing Selves, our Lightbeing Selves, our Angelic aspects, our Galactic and Universal Selves, and Divine Source in vastly more direct and conscious ways. With all that going on now and well into our near and distant futures, we aren’t needing our old lower frequency, lower phases “Guides” and other multidimensional helpers and assistants etc. Because WE are Embodying these other aspects of our self/Self/SELF and SELVES into these current incarnate physical bodies living the Ascension and now Embodiment Processes, we have less and less need for external “Guides” and others. That’s the whole point we had them in the first place. Before we left Higher Home we asked them to help, guide and assist these aspects of us that Volunteered to physically incarnate into physical bodies during the time of Universal Ascension to physically catch those many evolutionary balls that Source throws out.

“Earthly incarnate ET Starseeds phones HOME” and no one is answering because YOU and each of us have been and continue to live the EP individually down here in physicality vibrationally lifting Earth up higher and higher. You/me/we are becoming so Sovereign that we no longer need those external in the old ways we did at the start of the AP. And, I’m going to add here for your honest consideration: Do you think that all these higher Beings would allow the weakest one to be the one that incarnated to catch all those Divine Source balls down in what was 3D physical reality and Earth? Not hardly fellow Cosmic Superheros! 😆


One last thing before I need to get horizontal for a bit. This May 2018 higher alignment download “Gateway” was, for me and I suspect many of you reading this, epic in its intensity, its glory, its pain-inducing spectacular-ness, its surreal like nature, and its “Huh, feels kinda like this might could kill me if I hadn’t done all that difficult prep Work!” This month’s higher energies alignment downloads into our level here was one for the Ascension Process record book in my opinion! Amazing, strange and surreal, otherworldly in nature but that should be expected at this point, and pretty asskickingly painful in other areas for a while too. Just another day in ascending paradise.

Said another way, OMG May 15th thru 22nd—with Saturday the 19th and Tuesday the 22nd and Wednesday the 23rd so powerful and intense that I momentarily wondered on the 23rd where exactly I was, not that it mattered that much to me or even if my physical body didn’t survive this latest shout-out from Divine Source!

The physical pains in certain body parts was severe but nothing new about that. It was the incoming blasts that caused my heart to pound yet again while at complete rest to the point my body shook a bit with each heart-pounding beat. That and those pains and pressures in your head and skull that often go straight into your Pineal and then Pituitary glands and cause you to suddenly perceive certain aspects of “reality” quite differently for a few days or more. This level of head intensity energies often cause me to smell certain strange scents that I don’t even know are physically “real” or not. Kind of a miserable side effect to having one’s Pineal and Pituitary blasted by Source, yet again, but the end results are so worth all the weirdness up front!

I know I’ve been in another ascending Earth world reality for the past few weeks. I know this because it’s happened so many times over the years that I can fairly quickly tell the difference because there are slight to rather dramatic differences in the external world that I see and feel. That statement isn’t all that important really, but how it makes you feel when you consciously experiencing the fact that you’ve changed Earth realities yet again is. I spoke about how our sense of self and singular identity has changed lately and this is another big reason why. Those of us living the EP (with a capital “E”) continue to expand our sense of aligning, unifying and merging of self/Self/SELF/SELVES into these bodies and consciousness are repeatedly shifting our locations and identities within “reality” and “realities”. I AM here, then I AM there, then I AM in both and more places and on and on this expanding and aligning and merging with more and higher continues. And this is how we eventually reach the I AM point. Sounds like a great spot to close this one. ❤


May 24, 2018

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