Headlines and Updates for September 11, 2019: 9/11—18 Years Into the Nightmare, and a Promise from the President [videos] ~ September 11, 2019

The ramping up of the 9/11 issue is evident in the news. One day soon, those who sleep are in for a rude awakening.

The President and the White Hats are not yet ready to break the truth to the world. We hear it will be one of, if not THE final revelation as to what the globalists have done to Humanity.

Most Americans Who See Collapse of Building 7 Doubt Official Story, Survey Finds

See the video at the link . Americans are waking up to impossibility of the long coverup.

A solid majority of Americans who watch the Sept. 11, 2001, collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 on video don’t buy the government’s story that fires brought it down, according to a new survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

NEVER FORGET: President Trump VERY MOVING Speech

President Trump Issues STRONG Threat to Terrorists on 9/11 Anniversary

and from Wake Up Kiwi…

September 11 2019 – Federal Grand Jury To Hear Evidence That 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition + President Donald Trump Implies 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition

This overview is a good way to begin the day. Phoenix discusses a couple of major headlines in politics, earth events, the energies, and what we can expect. Buckle up, he says.

The wild ride is just getting going. Rally the troops in the Q army. WWG1WGA.

Patriot Intel Report 09 11 19

Laura Walker’s Update for September 11th:

THE ORACLE REPORT | September 11, 2019 “Ritual Day Becomes Heroes Day”

Unfortunately, we have this breaking news from Florida this morning, but no deaths as yet, thankfully. It sounds promising that all will be okay after surgery.

Breaking: At least 6 People Injured After Mass Stabbing at Dyke Industries in Tallahassee

Tallahassee police identify suspect in stabbing that injured five at Dyke Industries

The morning attack, which became the subject of live feeds on major Cable TV networks, further fuels a bloody week in Tallahassee. City officials were already grappling with a rash of shootings over the weekend that left two dead and one injured.

Craig at Justinformed Talk is streaming from a QAnon Rally at the Washington Monument today.

Live QAnon Rally Washington Monument DC

It appears that Boris Johnson has adopted Trump’s tough attitude and determination to get what’s best for the People and the nation. He’s digging in his heels. Simon Parkes’ update…

Far from being mad he is trying to force the opposition to agree to an early election by saying he will refuse to do what Parliament wants if he is told to go to Europe and ask for a further delay to Britain leaving the European Union.

This leaves the opposition with only one credible alternative and that is to agree to a early general election in Britain.

With regard to the Tribble arrest over the misappropriation of funds for the Puerto Rico disaster relief/reparations following Hurricane Maria… some are saying it’s not a big deal and only outsiders were arrested, however…

As we know, the patriots start slowly, at the bottom, let the public know where the problems are, and then go for the bigger fish. I suspect there will be more arrests over this and many other related crimes, particularly with—what is it now?—106K sealed indictments and growing, waiting to be ripped open?

The pond scum are all going down. Be patient.

From Reddit we have the following update after the press conference… (I got a warning saying this community was “quarantined” due to violation of the terms, blah, blah, blah.) Thanks to American Intelligence Media for the heads up.


99 points · 8 hours ago · edited 1 hour ago

The Federal authorities this morning are executing several arrest warrants in relation to an alleged fraud scheme involving stolen Federal disaster recovery funds after Hurricane María in Puerto Rico.

The arrests, some in Puerto Rico and some in the US mainland, are being led by the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security, with the assistance of the FBI.

The Chief Federal Prosecutor in Puerto Rico, Rosa Emilia Rodríguez, will offer more details in a press conference this morning at 11 AM. (Stay tuned and I will offer updates.)


UPDATE 11 AM – The arrests announced so far include leaders in FEMA, who were illegally steering contracts of over $1.8 BILLION in electrical restoration funds to friends.


UPDATE 11:15 AM: Everyone arrested today was from outside. The regional leader of FEMA New York district, Asha Tribble, who had an inappropriate relationship with the head of Cobra Energy, a Mr. Patterson. She was assigned to Puerto Rico after María and soon thereafter hopped in bed with Patterson, both figuratively and literally, and started machinating to get the contract originally awarded to Whitefish changed to Cobra. With people waiting in the dark while things were stuck in limbo for months. Also arrested was a lawyer for Cobra named Bridget Moore. She helped Patterson file all kinds of fraudulent paperwork and hide income from the Feds. Plop. This is no fun at all. I was hoping to see local politicians in handcuffs. Maybe later?

+++ UPDATE 11:40 AM: Press conference over. Turn off the red flashing sign. Only outsiders got arrested. This is bush league. My only hope is that they arrested the outsiders first so they could shake some bushes to flush out their contacts here and also avoid cries of raaaaaaacissssss. Damn, I wanted to see Yulín in an orange jumpsuit so bad, along with Rosselló.

Yes, Virginia, they do control the weather. They wouldn’t have signed a treaty back in the 1970’s if it was not a weapon multiple nations already had the power to wield. Did you think climate change is what has caused storms to become more and more violent and destructive? They would love for you to believe that. Read the article below.

Several nations agreed not to use weather to attack their allies—but they never signed a treaty saying they wouldn’t use it on their own people. And since the psychopaths running the world are lawless, it doesn’t make any difference what agreements or laws they passed—they don’t apply to them. They’ve even weaponized people to carry out their mass stabbings, shootings, and bombings. Nothing is off the table, folks. Humanity is under attack—but try proving it was a weather weapon.

Weather Weapons Are Real, They Have A Treaty To Regulate Them

I hope the Great Awakening will apply to California residents—and soon! I listened to a discussion (video below) with two advocates against California’s SB 276 which would mean that no one would be able to secure medical exemptions from doctors for vaccines, meaning that even people who had previous potentially lethal reactions to vaccines could not be exempted.

It’s utter tyranny, folks, and if it goes through in California and New York, as they are attempting, it can go across the country once they get their foot in the door.

People need to stand up to these monsters. Rigged elections make it hard to vote them out but you must educate those who are unaware of the plan. The California voter roles are being addressed and there will be a lot less “dead people” voting this time around.

The government does not have the right to tell Americans what to do. It’s the opposite. The Republic was designed so that the People direct their government. So do it! They work for YOU! Their paycheque comes from YOU.

Six women arrested in California capitol while protesting SB276https://t.co/qLTyXCALxk

— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) September 9, 2019

As an aside, James White (video below) at NW Liberty News has also had discussions with a man in Switzerland who has been fighting with “child protective services” in the Geneva canton for two years trying to get his two little boys back. “Medical abductions” are a global problem people also need to be aware of as rogue government agencies steal children—and traffick them. An official twice removed from President Trump is now involved and we hope they see a resolution very soon.

Getting back to SB 276… In this video, James replays an interview with two dynamic women, one of whom is an attorney, about the fight against SB 276 in California. They are definitely organizing and educating the public like never before.

Live News Updates and A Replay of Yesterday’s Explosive Interview on SB 276 from California

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. joined an enthusiastic group of mostly women in California who are alarmed at Prop 276 and gave an encouraging speech, saying they will persist and will be successful in overturning this travesty of Americans’ right to choose what goes in their bodies.

Big Pharma can’t get Americans to voluntarily take their poison so they are using their political puppets to make it mandatory. It’s that simple. They’re even manipulating the doctors. You all need to stick together and rise up. Change the legislation so you are all free to do as you choose and as ethics demand.

RFK Jr ‘s Mic Dropping Speech Inspires Hope Vis à Vis The Rise of the Medical Police State

MV Conception

With respect to the Conception dive boat fire on Labour Day, the update from September 10 is below. I would add that Wikipedia has already used different wording than the testimony I heard from the crew, who reported hearing a sound “like someone tripped”. On a wooden boat, that might sound like a bump or a thud.

Wikipedia reports the crew member heard a “pop”—so it sounds like they’re leading to the exploded battery story, and autopsies will not be performed on all passengers as the coroner is satisfied they all died from smoke inhalation. I don’t trust California coroners, sorry—or Wikipedia. Too many suspicious deaths in the past were pronounced even remotely, by phone or email, by parties with interests in keeping CODs quiet.

Perform the job to the letter of the law, keep it all above board, and then there are fewer openings for doubt or second guessing—or crimes.

And does the fact that the Conception was owned and operated by “Truth Aquatics” have anything at all to do with the tragic event? In this day and age, with occult messages sent between factions one has to wonder.

Boat fires are far more rare than plane crashes. I just have a bad feeling about this and the FBI have opened a criminal investigation. I don’t even want to think about the criminal negligence charges that could ensue for Truth Aquatics if the deaths of 34 people are determined to be the result of something they did or didn’t do.

The FBI set up a webpage, www.fbi.gov/boatfire, for the submission of images and said witnesses could call the agency at an 800-number with tips.  Source

Authorities identify additional victims of deadly Conception boat fire

Until all questions have been satisfactorily answered and the investigation completed, for me this event goes in the “suspicious” category; and even then, it may stay there and join the California/Paradise fires; the cause of which was not yet revealed to the public.

The destruction of Paradise. The destruction of Truth. Coincidence? We question everything.

The decoding continues around President Trump, Hurricane Dorian, Alabama, and more. Below is what Area 17 Ground Zero got out of the comms. Those old Q posts; the gift that keeps on giving. He walks you through the method in case you’re not familiar with Gematria. Some posts are so old they pre-date the “Q” identifier.

Is there a military op currently ongoing? We believe there is. Will today, 9/11, be a big day? It may, but we may not find out about it until after the fact. The satanic secret societies love their sacrificial unholy days and anniversaries and the White Hats frequently send them messages that can’t be misconstrued. We shall see.

Things are always happening behind the scenes that must remain under wraps until it’s appropriate to reveal the activity and the (potential) outcome.

Let’s be safe out there.  ~ BP


Headlines and Updates for June 1, 2019: June is Busting Out All Over [videos] ~

June is busting out all over, and so is the Truth. As the buds burst forth on flower and tree, so are the bubbles bursting for those who thought they lived in the land of the free: where rights are protected and their government would look after them.

In Montana the latest case of medical kidnapping of a newborn by the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DPHHS) erupted this week and blatant targeting in one family is clearly documented.

DPHHS staff have more clout than a judge and act with impunity. They can swoop into a delivery room and on fabricated charges, lock up a baby and prevent the mother from even breastfeeding. Outrageous doesn’t begin to cover it.

The police told the mother they were afraid to go up against DPHHS and refrained from helping.

Nurses at the hospital rooted through the mother’s diaper bag of supplies for her newborn and confiscated the partially completed birth certificate. She was evicted from the hospital a day early and even her own doctor disrespected her and would not attend to her health complication as a result of childbirth.

Jim White at North West Liberty News did two videos on this story. This one below is a brief introduction with the initial facts. He did a second one with the mother and her witness that you can find at that channel on YouTube or watch at that link if you wish to hear the full, appalling story and further details that left Jim Speechless.

He reminds us that abductions and Human trafficking, particularly of babies, is far more common than most people realize and something must be done because the frequency of incidences like these in many states are on the rise. They don’t get much push-back so they continue to do it. He urges everyone to contact their legislator and get this story out there to put a stop to this scandalous attack on Humanity.

It’s about money, mostly. Just as the prison system yields massive payouts for those involved in feeding the system, so do the scams run within the child protective services generate shocking profits for those on the procurement side. It’s a racket.

If the public do not address this when it’s someone else’s child, they can rest assured at some point they’ll be gunning for them or their family and friends.

Emergency Broadcast! Kidnapped at Birth!

Report: Virginia Beach Shooter Bought Gun ‘Legally’

Look at the list of shootings in the article above.

Stricter gun laws won’t stop these senseless killings because these aren’t nut jobs, people. They’re hired/trained by the deep state. They may be part of a sleeper cell, or a manchurian candidate, programmed and activated.

Does the name of the town have anything to do with it? The attacks are often about satanic ritual sacrifices. VIRGINia Beach may be connected.

We know who the real terrorists are.

Someone suggested there was an event related to disaster training or something similar and there was this. We don’t know if it was related or not. In many cases we learned there were emergency preparedness drills scheduled for the time of many false flag events, including 9/11. Thanks for the tip, K. Not sure if this was the one you were referring to.

FBI and Saint Leo University to Host an Active Threat Preparedness Seminar

There’s been a lot of discussion about some televised discourse with AG Bill Barr recently around the definition of “treason”. Dan Bongino hones in on this and explains what Barr is saying.

Ep. 992 The Backlash Will be Unprecedented. The Dan Bongino Show 5/31/2019.

Rudy Giuliani DROPS A BOMB on the Biden Crime Family — Accuses Joe Biden and his “Drug Addict” Son Hunter of pay-to-play worth billions in China, and Extortion & Bribery worth millions in Ukraine. Then admonishes the corrupt media for lack of coverage.https://t.co/hmOkbv8qAE pic.twitter.com/yrCdIXca9m

— TheSharpEdge (@TheSharpEdge1) May 31, 2019

They all have skeletons in their closets, don’t they? More than we know.

Q fans might be interested to hear the latest decodes from TN Homesteader, who tells us that the [C] before [D] drop from QAnon referred to Doug Collins rather than James Comey. Q told us to keep an eye on Collins so I don’t know why we assumed it was Comey and discounted Collins.

These are very deep and detailed decodes, and along the way we pick up nuggets of information and perspective we might not otherwise find. Who knew Q’s simple breadcrumbs were so multifaceted? Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omxRjbZmhtY Part 2 https://youtu.be/btmPhMjPKjE

Weather is just weird. While it has warmed up to more seasonable temperatures here in the Phoenix valley, and the sky is blue, sans clouds and chemtrails for a change, the sun this morning seemed weak and thin—almost like there was a partial eclipse. Some of the sun’s light was “missing”, somehow. Sounds odd, I know, but that’s the way it felt to me.

Our Planetary Defense Commander, Thor, says he believes there is the potential for major tropical developments in the Gulf of Mexico in the next 5 days or so. Conditions are irregular and unpredictable so anything is possible. He mentions small dams and levies breached in many areas from unheard of volumes of rain and he says we’re on high alert until October/November as it will probably be a deadly hurricane season so folks need to prepare and have a plan.

30% Chance of Tropical Development in Gulf of Mexico over next 5 days

The likelihood of monster storms and torrential rains increases with geoengineering that thousands of people are aware is ongoing every day, across the planet. They have been controlling weather for decades. They know how to make it rain, snow or hail, and they know how to make it stop. They know how to make it cold, hot, and how to move weather systems around. They can split the polar vortex and shift the wind and water currents.

The following video (thanks, J)  shows how they make clouds on the ground to feed the systems, and ships also leave “ship tracks” on the satellite images in the middle of the oceans, which Mike Morales shows us on a regular basis in his coverage of the Weather Warfare.

You know unnatural stuff is going on when you live in the desert, it hasn’t rained for weeks, and you walk out of the house in the morning and smell and feel moisture in the air, like a storm front is coming in—but doesn’t. That moisture in the air had to come from somewhere and it never used to happen. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon.


There is even greater attention placed on the Oroville Dam in California. Many eyes are on Orville Lake as it is holding steady at high levels but temperatures are now climbing and the snowpack could suddenly cause a massive surge in runoff and cause catastrophic damage to residents even a long way off.

Are we getting the real facts on this? Can we rely on the data?

Oroville Dam: DWR May Open Spillway, Seeping Thru Weir Wall, FERC Concerns, 8 Days Above 90 Temps

Dan Dicks brings us the Canadian contingent footage from Montreux, Switzerland (probably the most expensive country in the world, our friends who live there tell us) at the site of the 67th Annual Bilderberg Conference. He shows us a tour boat the El-ites are about to embark on. Perhaps someone should sink it. They wouldn’t be so haughty dripping wet, would they?

Live at Bilderberg 2019 with PFT

News from the US/Mexico border which remains a hot spot for illegal activity…

EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Marine Reports Being Attacked on Border Surveillance Mission

REPORT: Border Agents Make Biggest Arrest in History

I spoke with agent after agent in El Paso & was told the same thing: They’re overwhelmed. Border Patrol agents are being pulled off the frontlines to process the escalating volume of migrants coming in. The men & women protecting our border are asking Congress to act & we must. pic.twitter.com/gc1bvhrhz9

— Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) May 31, 2019

Presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigeig has a history; but not the one he’s telling. His family tells it differently. Go figure.

Is it really a surprise he’s going for the sympathy vote?

Buttigieg’s brother-in-law speaks out against Mayor Pete

And that’s not all. The family history is far more colourful than they’re letting on. Pete is actually pretty well connected in El-ite circles as this short video reveals.

“Do you know who Pete Buttigieg’s father was? This explains everything.” Sebastian Gorka

Want more? AIM4Truth has it.

Little Peter Buttigeig Exposed

Who else has skyrocketed in popularity recently? And how do they do that? Simple. Set up a non-profit organizations for money laundering. The George Soros Foundation is happy to contribute.  ~ BP


Headlines and Updates for May 28, 2019: Things We Need to Know—And Do [videos] ~ May 28, 2019

The People in America are slowly being roused from their unconscious state of apathy and beginning to take action to correct injustices and do what must be done, but it’s a long row to hoe. A flu virus spreads faster.

The El-ites are paranoid and kept the location of the 2019 Bilderberg Meeting secret until 2 days prior. Every year we have enjoyed the intrepid boots on the ground coverage in various locations across the planet as they tracked down the the bloodline families and their highly paid policy makers and even interviewed a few of them. They also had cameras confiscated and were detained by police, so covering this NWO event is not for the feint of heart.

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth has published his Bilderberg feed in past years and brings us this update, along with the perspective of Aaron Dykes of Truthstream Media. They discuss the participant list, the implications, and much more. I believe this will be the last Bilderberg Meeting we will be covering.

Dan leaves for Switzerland tomorrow morning for his usual coverage of the secretive event and appreciates financial support, of course.

BILDERBERG 2019 in Switzerland AGENDA And Participants List Revealed!! (With Truthstream Media!)

Jim Stone’s update follows:

Bilderberg meeting to be held in Switzerland on May 30

Ok, so I guess they think they can stop everyone from reporting on it by delaying the news of where it will be until two days before. The building is probably already on lockdown. No one is likely to be there because you can’t get a passport visa that quick, plus book air travel and actually fly there.

The meeting will take place at the Hotel Montreux Palace in the Swiss town of Montreux from Thursday to Sunday. They are faking “openness” by simply announcing it so late that no one can get there, but early enough to make it look like they are not hiding anything. The Swiss media report is here

DAHB0077 brings us more details on the wall erected over the weekend by Patriots at El Paso, Texas. Steve Bannon and Brian Kolfage were instrumental. You may remember the outrage we expressed when Brian returned from a Town Hall and was rudely frisked and patted down at an airport despite his apparent status as a triple amputee. He raised a lot of money for the wall—and it was put to good use. Kudos, patriots.

Bannon’s Group Secretly Built Mile-Long Border Wall In Texas Over The Weekend

BCP has a great commentary around the latest developments in Washington along with some very surprising remarks from Congress members. Is the tide turning?


Others took note of the refreshing remarks and honest language as well from that surprising source, Liz Cheney.

Finally, Someone Serious Has Said the Word: Treason

CALLS GROW TO PROSECUTE JOHN BRENNAN after Existence of Clandestine CIA Asset in Top Level of Russian Government is Leaked

And while you’re at it—get the entity masquerading as Hillary Clinton!

More drama around that…

Joe diGenova: John Huber Investigation of Clinton Foundation is a Farce – Never Even Started

What the American People want to know is, why is this creature called Hillary Clinton walking around free when she should be in a cell at Guantanamo for countless crimes—if not awarded the death penalty for treason?

Hillary Clinton in Memorial Day Parade 2019

Impeach! Impeach! Impeach! I’m so sick of the histrionics in this theatre of the absurd. How can you impeach someone who hasn’t done anything wrong? The deep state cabal actors need a whole lot of duct tape. And they need to get to work earning their paycheques or leave!

Congressman Bradley Byrne has read the Mueller Report 5 times, every page and more, and wants to ensure we “Investigate the Investigators” fully to bring those who fueled the fires of the “witch hunt” to justice. There’s no “witch” in the “witch hunt”, he states.

GOP Rep. dares Democrats to try and impeach Trump

This just in…

BREAKING: Dossier Author Christopher Steele Refuses to Cooperate with US Attorney John Durham in His Investigation Into Origins of Spygate

What the lamestream media networks don’t show us in America is the activities of the Yellow Vests/Gilets Jaunes protestors in France who have been demonstrating peacefully for months. Unfortunately, the establishment is using nasty warfare tactics on the citizens to thwart their actions to exercise their rights and there have been many casualties. Check out the artillery they’re using on the People now. Thanks for the update, J. Read and see the videos here.

Will America adopt the mettle of the French and take their rogue government to task?

Flooded Camp Ashland, Army National Guard facility, is seen in this aerial photo taken in Ashland, Nebraska, U.S., March 17, 2019. Picture taken March 17, 2019. Courtesy Herschel Talley/Nebraska National Guard/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY.

The flooding in the Midwest has been increasing for a couple of months and after major tornado damage in Missouri last weekend, tornadoes moved through Ohio last night. Some are cautioning that dams are going to fail from all the water storms dumped that has nowhere to go.

Perhaps by now we understand why President Trump asked us to prepare for anything. Ten years ago I heard that Humanity would be besieged by the biblical fires, floods, earthshaking, famine, etc. and it would be utter chaos and we would have to learn to support each other, learn what it really important, to share, and to come together as one.

Perhaps at least a sampling of that is what we are now witnessing. With diseases introduced into the food chain, such as the pigs in Vietnam we heard about recently, and fields of crops under water and livestock drowned, there could be some issues. It would be prudent to prepare for interruptions in the supply chain or for the event we are displaced from our homes.

The weather guys who are on top of the solar activity, planetary alignments, and weather manipulation are predicting storms like this 16 days out and they’re very accurate most of the time. We knew this was coming—and it’s not only in America.

Floodwaters began submerging Iran in March 2019

Canada is suffering greatly from flooding in the East, wildfires rage in the West, and even Iran is 90 per cent under water. We just don’t know what will happen next, so be prepared. Have a plan.

‘WAR ZONE’: 5 MILLION Without Power as Storms, Tornadoes Slam Ohio

TROTWOOD, OH – MAY 28: Fire fighters and rescue crews go house to house to search for anyone trapped or injured in the night time following powerful tornados on May 28, 2019 in Trotwood, Ohio. One person is dead and several others injured after multiple tornadoes touched down causing extensive damage throughout the city and the surrounding area. (Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images)

She’s breaking up! Take at look at this. It’s astounding. The Earth is very unstable for many reasons.

GIANT Boulders The Size Of A Building Destroy Colorado Highway

Colorado is a mess. The Denver area is full of cabal New World Order minions. They hosted repeated false flag school shootings, the Batman Theater Massacre, the police go along with it, there are countless satanic rituals with Human sacrifices, the airport is full of satanic artwork and underneath it is, or was, a secret multilevel underground base.

This next story is where universities are headed and what they’re teaching our youth. The People need to take control of the curriculum; to wrench it from the fingers of these sick globalists and stop them creating problems where there never were any—until they provoked race wars and encouraged everyone to be offended by everything instead of respecting the opinions and feelings of others and adopting the live and let live idiom. They want to ban tolerance instead of allowing us all to be equal. They are pushing for the “white is less equal” standard.

Denver University Offers ‘Problematizing Whiteness’ Course

Many things on our planet are improving slowly, and great plans will unfold in the future to reshape our bright, new world.

Our newly appointed Acting Secretary of Defense has some remarkable allies and great impetus to make the necessary changes. Thanks, R.

Shanahan Tells US Naval Academy’s Class of 2019 to Challenge the Status Quo

Simon Parkes did another interview with Ted Mahr a few days ago and as always, they discussed a variety of fascinating topics. Of course some of it was a repeat of info shared on Simon’s show from Saturday but most was in a different direction as Ted asked him many questions and Simon presented his views based on his intelligence sources around political developments, now and in the future.

I thought it interesting to note that Ted heard the frequencies on our planet would be so high next year that 5G would be rendered obsolete. Simon agreed in part, but said he felt we would see major shifts THIS year due to the rising energetics on Earth/Terra.

With all the water on the planet I imagine the currents will be traveling like—I was going to say lightning. Isn’t that what’s been happening? Lots of lightning? Odd lightning like we’ve never seen before? Simon believes people will be seeing Truth like they’ve never been able to see it before… like the veil will be lifting.

More below the video…

Out Of This World hour one 05-24-19 guest- Simon Parkes

Ted mentioned an interview Obama did some time ago with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel where he made light of the fact that aliens control the White House. Of course he did it in the usual way to ridicule it and make sure no one took it seriously. It seems Ted took it seriously. It WAS true, of course, but the delivery would lead the unaware to believe he was kidding, so he wasn’t admitting to anything. However, the truth is hidden in plain sight—as always. The lie is so big no one will believe it, right?

If you haven’t seen that short interview, it’s here.  ~ BP

President Barack Obama Denies Knowledge of Aliens

Headlines and Updates for February 4, 2019: Year of the Pig & Big Intel Put Out [videos] ~ february 4, 2019

Year of the Pig… charming… but here’s the dirt on Chinese pig astrology.

Editor’s Note: Hang on, Hang on, Hang on my friends! Despite the extreme craziness we see all over our world (including some of our personal lives), the end is in sight! Please read this article below, know that love and truth ultimately win, and be…



There are many ways to put lipstick on a pig, and some pigs do fly so don’t give up hope, patriots.

There’s some interesting information below…

Benjamin Fulford’s Geopolitical Update: (full report to be published later this week, per Ben’s request)

Year Of The Pig to start with big bounty for people of the world

This BS is getting really old, but it’s not what it seems. Is anything?

Australia’s busiest airport shut down after bomb-threat by machete-wielding, “Middle-Eastern” “Arabic” man

If you have seen SerialBrain2’s decode below from And We Know, you may look at bizarre terrorist activity through a different lens. You may also better understand the need for delicacy in this cleanup effort on our planet.

This is one of those things he will illustrate was hinted at by QAnon, but many of us were already aware of these “Manchurian candidate” type soldiers of the dark. QAnon made it better known to many more people, and this video puts it in your face so you cannot miss it. Fiction isn’t fiction. Fiction is hints of reality.

Q said, “The choice to know will be yours.” Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to piece together your reality—and then face it.

Yes, there is a vast new Q Army, but the dark has their armies, too. Invisible armies just waiting to be activated. Triggered by a simple command. Maintain situational awareness, they said.

Perhaps after watching you will better understand why the dark continues to attack QAnon. They don’t want anyone waking up Humanity. They can more easily take over the planet if we believe all this crap “just happens”.

Knowledge is power. We need that wall.

Dr. Dave Janda on the politics around the recent government shutdown, the nonsense over the wall, obstructionism by the opposition, and the probable strategies. I think he provides a great deal of valuable insight into these key issues that may get lost in absurd political antics. Whether you believe the Patriots are in control or not, there is a reason for everything, and I think you’ll see value in that “trial” government shutdown.

President Trump Reopens The Government: Cave or Strategic Move

Australia is now in the crosshairs. You may recognize a similar pattern used in California; fires, wind, extreme heat, then torrential rainfall bringing mudslides and flooding. Time to evacuate. Image Source

Source: Twitter Feb. 4, 2019 – Extreme Rainfall in Australia Forces Evacuations, Could Flood 20,000 Homes http://dlvr.it/Qy8hkN

But you don’t have to believe in weather wars. It could all be Earth changes due to the ‘Grand Solar Minimum’. If it were weather wars, do you really think you’d hear it from an official source? Do they tell us anything? We have to inform ourselves and use critical thinking.

Did they tell us it was some kind of weapon that burned a path of wind through Florida, etc. and took out an air base when Hurricane Michael hit? Did they tell us it was directed energy weapons that destroyed Paradise, California including cars with people in them? No… they allowed the public to believe it was “wildfires”.

How’s your math? If we can put two and two together we can figure it out. General Flynn told us they have armed the “digital soldiers”. Q armed the digital soldiers with knowledge; an education like no other. We had homework in that school of dark reality.

They can’t tell the public the truth just now. What purpose would it serve other than create fear? There will be a time to inform the masses about what has transpired, but it will be past tense.

President Trump told everyone in America to prepare for anything. The world is watching what unfolds in America. For years I’ve said the Universe is watching what happens on Earth and Q says all eyes are on the States.

There have been tests in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and perhaps other countries of the Emergency Alert System for cell phones. President Trump is in the process of building that wall while he uses the drama to educate the masses. What else can they do?

Australia’s emergency services are grappling with a disastrous flood caused by torrential monsoon rain in Queensland; up to 500 homes in Townsville are now underwater after authorities decided to open the gates of the Ross River Dam, news.com.au reports.

Major flooding in Queensland: Townsville dam spillway gates fully open as extreme rainfall continues, Australia

Australians Evacuated as ‘Unprecedented’ Flood Hits Queensland (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Our friends in Oz live on an island, so it’s not as easy to evacuate or relocate, but it’s a vast country and they are resilient and will accommodate those displaced.

Some thoughts: Folks like to say, “Q is a psyop.” That’s true. President Trump is running a psyop, too. Everything is a “psyop”. Life is a psyop. Death is a psyop. Everything we experience is a psyop because our reality was created and is manipulated to the point it doesn’t resemble reality. We are told what to think and how to view our world.

The weather and climate are a psyop, because they’re manipulated. Religion is a psyop. Politics is a psyop. The medical system is a psyop. Science is a psyop.

Psychological operations are used to manipulate people. To deceive. The dark used them so they could control us, enslave us, steal our resources, and kill us.

The Alliance is using psyops to manipulate the dark and to keep us safe, and out of panic and fear. You can’t tell people the truth when they’re living a lie and have no context for the truth. You have to work with what you have.

The Great Awakening is Humanity seeing the grand psyop for what it is. Once you see it and know it exists, you can change it, but you have to know who the enemy is. The enemy has remained hidden until just recently, but folks are beginning to get it. They’re seeing that UFOs are not a psyop; that we are not alone.

They’re beginning to see that what the establishment tells us is the opposite of reality. They label everything they don’t want us to believe or investigate a “conspiracy theory” and ridicule it.

They don’t want the world to know that the “alien invasion” already took place. They want good little slaves enabling their despicable predatory lifestyle which is the opposite of what is natural and good and what the Creator intended.

The enemy are evil, illogical, and have been exposed and to some degree have been divested of technology—but not entirely—and they don’t hesitate to use it. They are cowards and bullies. The playing field may have been leveled to some degree but in limited ways they have an advantage.

QAnon has been leveling the playing field further with their own psyop—psychological operation—to educate in conjunction with President Trump. They were able to connect with those not fully in the trance state and shake them awake.

Just as with everything, the Alliance has used the dark’s tools against them. They’re running a positive psyop because they need the support of a lot of Humanity to pull this off. They knew Trump would be attacked and the deep state would try to remove him, but if enough Americans are behind him, it would be much more difficult to pull that off.

President Trump and QAnon showed us that there is a Plan, that there are those fighting for our freedom and our very survival, that we have been deceived beyond all imagination, and that the evil in this world was never intended; it came through infestation.

QAnon came to bring us courage and hope, and ask for faith; faith in the powers of goodness, and love, and faith in ourselves to weather this Storm. The fact they referred to it as a “storm” is a psyop, too. It’s a hell of a lot more than a “storm”, but they don’t want us in fear so they understated it.

They presented information in stages, to gradually acclimate us to the fact that dark forces are working to enslave us—and worse. They had to alert us to the fact that those we see as looking after our best interests are not only looking after their own interests, but attempting to eliminate us entirely.

They had to get us to realize that the media is our enemy and that we should pay close attention to what they are doing.

QAnon was a powerful catalyst, and the subsequent reactions are still firing as the movement took on a life of its own. Synergy is at work.

Something about the QAnon movement sparked something within Humanity and the hypnotic spell of the dark is wearing off. It’s fascinating to watch. There is a lot to see, but there’s even more unseen.

We need to release any preconceived ideas about dates, time frames, and how this revolution should look. This is one for the history books. There are powerful forces at work to free this planet from evil and it will go down the way it has to—including positive “psyops” such as the ones in play by QAnon and President Trump and the others involved, such as President Putin and other world leaders.

We need to support those who are in the trenches and remain calm and even-keeled. Yes, it’s frustrating that it’s taking so long but it would be far worse if nothing had been done at all. Humanity would then have existed only in the Akashic Records. We would have had no future. No Golden Age.No ascension to the higher realms where we really should be.

We also need to remember that many put their lives on the line every day to fight this war, and many have died in the line of duty. A lot of warriors don’t have much of a life at all. We’re all making sacrifices but it’s going to get better.

We’ll have to be satisfied with The Plan as formulated by those in the Alliance and with the information we get. We can focus on avoiding falling for any more evil psyops, do what we can to expose the dark plots, and remove the enemy from power. We can fight in the Information War and pull together to do what we can to relieve the misery inflicted. It’s the least we can do.

Sometimes it may seem like the Plan has stalled, but it hasn’t. The visible part is sometimes on the back burner, but in the oven, magic is happening.

We trusted the dark ones to run everything for hundreds of years and now we can’t allow a few years for the Light Forces to undo the damage? I’m very grateful for the intervention and sacrifices made, and the promise of an exciting, transformational future for our planet. We have to hang in there no matter what.

There is a message on the Q boards for those who speak and write Italian and English.

Seeking Italian anons to help translate drops. Contact here

We have some news of the military tribunals for your perusal. It’s interesting reading.

Always use discretion and discernment.

This came in just this moment as I was about to publish… you decide.

Shadow Super Exopolitical Intel Report — February 3, 2019

2/03/2019 05:22:00 PM  CabalExopoliticsGeorge SorosGitmoObamaSecret NewsShadowSuper

Shadow Super Intel Report

February 3, 2019

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By ShadowSuper

News just received from an Earth Alliance sources.

BREAKING: George Soros has been arrested at 13:23 GMT on 03/02/2019 (in Switzerland).

Soros was arrested when Earth Alliance members stormed his retreat at Saint Margrethenberg, Switzerland, based on a tip off from local police.

The Earth Alliance had enough evidence supplied by Obama and other Cabal informants at GITMO to arrest Soros.

Soros is believed to be in poor health and was prevented from committing suicide with a cyanide pill prior to capture.

Documents found at the retreat revealed the locations of Cabal underground bases from Ireland to Croatia, as well as a new type of CERN quantum “China syndrome” teleporter machine which could use the Earth’s Van Halen belt to transport static objects from one side of the planet to the other in an instant. [I think they mean Van Allen Belt.  ~ BP]

Earth Alliance source(s) revealed this was their technology stolen by the Cabal back in 2007.

Soros is believed to be currently under interrogation at a bunker near Gasternal, Switzerland.

More info as it arrives…

SHOCKING FBI: Guess What Was In James Comey’s Office Safe When He Got Fired?

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Late Headlines & Developments for July 20, 2018 [videos] ~ July 21, 2018

Editor’s Note: Starship Earth presents another compilation of late breaking news from Friday, July 20. What a better time to catch our breaths and read up on what is sure to be an astounding week ahead of us as the unredated FISA memo appears!



Patriots are doing a fantastic job of pushing out the latest news and information. It’s dizzying.

The rats continue to scurry. Action required; time sensitive.

FISA MEMO RELEASE CAUSES CHAOS!! Adam Schiff Is Weeping As Released MEMO Is On Trump Desk

Rothschild Bank Caught in Money Laundering Scandal by Swiss Regulator

The Rothschilds are done. They have been caught so many times and it has all gone in their file, to be dealt with at the perfect time. They have been blocked from accessing the global trust and they are desperate to acquire funds, we hear from Thomas Williams and Kim, Trustee of the Manna World Holding Trust.

The Rothtilians, as Thomas refers to them, don’t EARN money, like the rest of us. They steal it and create it out of thin air. Fraud, money laundering… you name it. They’ve been embezzling on every barrel of oil, causing prices to rise, the cost of gasoline to respond in kind, which affects food prices… you’ve seen it.

The Rothchilds are being shut down, however, but they won’t tell you that. They’ll just sell off their assets so they can keep going while seeking their next scheme.

This news comes from Sputnik—and yes, the Russian media tells a lot more truth than North American. They openly share information about the ETs, too. The West is so controlled that people are kept in the dark about most things, living in a land of make believe. The controllers and corporate media have nearly everyone believing what they want them to.

All we can do is continue to share the proof that President Trump is targeted for actions similar to the former administration. It’s okay for Obama and Hitlary to work with the Russians, but when Trump tries to improve damaged relationships, it’s “treason”. The media is completely squirrelly and illogical.

Share this video clip and stop the insanity.

Then-Secretary of State Clinton: “We Very Much Want To Have A Strong Russia”

This video goes down a fascinating rabbit hole.  There is one ‘Tuber poo-pooing this theory, but because of several of his actions, I have to discount his opinion for now. This thread Cordicon follows sounds like the real deal, and we know the truth is “out there” and stranger than fiction.

We also know the El-ites have faked their deaths for a long time, usually to avoid either prosecution or persecution. They frequently seem to turn up with disguises (Alex Jones) and continue on with a new life. (Challenger crew)

Since the Kennedys were targets, it wouldn’t surprise me if John Jr. disappeared himself. His plane vanished from radar and they eventually gave up the search for bodies. There were elements of that event and others involving the family that just didn’t seem quite right to me when I learned of them, and his findings might support that.

Of course, the crumbs could simply be a distraction, but it’s very interesting to ponder, particularly for those who like to decode clues. There seem to be too many coincidences.

Here’s an excellent summary and update on global Earth and sky events for the third week of July. There is so much happening, and a lot of people are getting skeptical about much of what we’re told. He discusses the “sloshing around” of our oceans, the possible reasons for that, and other unexplained phenomena—like new, miniature moons in odd orbits around Jupiter.

We have some additional details about Lara Prychodko and her death at the apartment building of Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin. There is quite a bit of background on Lara’s estranged husband that we didn’t have before, too, which raises some flags.

I believe using the term, ” Huma Abedin’s home” suggests to many people that she died in the house where Abedin lived, which isn’t the case. It was a high rise apartment building and Martin gets into that in the video.

This “accident” seems to be a case of someone who knew too much.

Woman Who Died In Huma Abedin’s Home Worked For George Soros

This is after the fact, but good to know what’s coming down the pike so we can work with the energies. We need to address our shadow selves and clear out the old, stagnant energies so we can fill the void with higher, more refined frequencies.

Solar Eclipse In Cancer: Addressing Our Shadows

We are having a partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12th/13th. It is a supercharged New Moon that not only influences this month, but also the following 6 months. Here are some things to reflect on.