‘Truth Media’ Gone Rogue on Operation: Backyard Brawl & Operation: Child Shield—All Real & In Progress in Tucson [videos] ~ June 13, 2018

Many, many thanks to Starship Earth for a complete report of exactly what is happening the desert east of Tuscon, AZ at this time. Please redt his message, watch the video’s learn the truth without cabal-induced distortion, and…



I knew there was an agenda to discredit the Veterans On Patrol (VOP) and Operation: Backyard Brawl but my jaw dropped yesterday after watching a number of videos and seeing the disinfo agents hard at work on ThemTube so I am going to lay it out plainly for those who don’t want to do any research and prefer to hang out in a vaping parlour chat and have someone tell them what to think.

Sorry, my friends, but human trafficking is horrendous problem and there are “patriots” in the alternative media who are not patriots. Not only are they misleading their subscribers they are asking for donations in exchange for the lies they tell about real patriots who are boots on the ground fighting the dark forces in our world.

After listening to the interview I shared yesterday with Stewart Rhodes of Oathkeepers and a former Arizona law enforcement officer, Ron Thompson, who speak so highly of VOP and the work they are doing, and learning that the Oathkeepers are there in Tucson supporting the search and investigation mission of Operation: Backyard Brawl, I also learned of a shooting of a border patrol agent.

I also shared that video from Urban Moving about that, and if you watched it, you would know that the shooting was nowhere near any VOP search team and that a cartel member shot and wounded the border patrol agent.

Of course the disinfo shills seized that event to discredit VOP as part of their witch hunt. Unirock channel had a livestream going with this title:


DarkSkyWatcher is another patriot from Kingman, Arizona who drove down to Tucson and helped out for a few days. He has streamed a lot of footage of their searches so it’s impossible to debunk what they are doing down there. It’s in plain sight, completely transparent, which is what the VOP wanted all along. That’s why they made so many videos.

In the video below after the 9 minute mark, Lewis Arthur/Michael Meyer invites Ron Thompson of the Oathkeepers team to say a few words about the ongoing operation. Ron is followed by Stewart Rhodes. Both are on site, and no, the VOP team is not “on the run”.

It’s not even a matter of “the VOP team” at this point because there are hundreds of people down there on multiple teams helping with searches, seeing that the donations get to the people who need them, and that vast areas are covered efficiently and safely, looking for child trafficking camps and anything suggesting they are operating in that sector of the state—going either north or south.

Both Thompson and Rhodes are not only in favour of the searches and ongoing investigation, they are involved. They are fully aware of the “systemic, catastrophic” problem in America and are also supporting their own Operation: Child Shield and helping to educate and train all the teams of volunteers in Tucson so the investigations will be handled better, evidence preserved, documented, and everything conducted in an organized fashion as law enforcement would do it.

You can see it for yourself, people. Lewis Arthur is not a criminal. He’s not rogue, armed and dangerous—except for one thing: he is dangerous to the pedophiles, and all those who support them. The Deep State.

He is not a veteran, and never said he was, but he IS spokesman for a team of veterans and now a much larger community of volunteers and he is not “on the run”. He is working his ass off to stop the trafficking of women and children through Arizona.

He may not be who you want or expect to be spearheading such a mission, but you know what—it takes all kinds. He is the natural one to do it; the one who jumped on this based on what their team found and ramped it up, put it out on social media, involved local law enforcement who wanted nothing to do with it, and now we have a massive initiative to do the work the police should have done a long, long time ago. Bravo, VOP!

The ones making a difference in our world aren’t media actor-models with perfect hair; they are real people. They are like you and I; imperfect, with Human foibles and HUGE hearts. They are doing the best they can to win this war—in their own unique ways.

If Operation: Backyard Brawl is just a lunatic criminal and his band of decrepit vets looking for free handouts, why did Oathkeepers put out this video on June 6 inviting patriots to be part of their own Operation: Child Shield in Tucson?

Unfortunately, we ALL fell for the snowjob Craig Sawyer did, but that’s not going to stop the investigation. We’re learning as we go who to trust and just how far the satanists will go to protect their interests.

If Operation: Backyard Brawl is bogus and no one is there, why did Oathkeepers go down and do this training? You can clearly see it in this video. With donations, they have flown in detectives and other former law enforcement to educate the volunteers BECAUSE IT’S IMPORTANT. They want to know why the FBI hasn’t been there! But we know, don’t we?

The video evidence we have from multiple sources and very credible expertise in this line of work tells us that those who say there is nothing to see here, that they didn’t find anything, that it’s only homeless camps and that Lewis/Michael is hyping up nothing to solicit undeserved donations are either paid shills or ignorant of the facts.

Not only are Michael and his team still there, without interruption, systematically doing what they started, they are overseeing many other teams that have set out on their own to specific coordinates to investigate suspicious activity reported by ranchers and other local sources. Combat vets are going out on their own because they are equipped to do so.

The debunkers also say Lewis/Michael told everyone to search the Internet for photographs of children tied to rape trees. That is NOT what he said. If you watched the video, you would see that. He suggested that very adept hackers may be able to get into porn sites where they may find photos taken here in the Tucson area at these camps at the rape trees—as evidence for the investigation.

Perhaps since then the LEOs have coached them and maybe they told them it’s not a good idea to suggest people look for porn on the Internet in case people misunderstand, but regardless… it’s spinning information to publish character assassinations on someone who is ACTIVELY INVESTIGATING CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING.

They have found computers and discs and paraphernalia suggesting videos were made at one location so far, perhaps more. The shills are selectively using edited video as propaganda to mislead their subscribers. Sound familiar? Isn’t it EXACTLY what the corrupt mainstream media does? Always spinning the truth into lies.

They do it with President Trump and they’re doing it to the VOP. I can’t believe people fell for it.

Think you know who Lewis Arthur is?

I watched a video of Lewis/Michael walking through one of the camps they have created that shows tents with otherwise homeless people in them. They have shelter, food, water, shade, companionship and protection. Lewis walked the camp like a doctor doing rounds, checking in on people and others greeted him like a close friend.

It is clear this is a community he built because he cares, and those he and his wife helped over the past three years care about them, too. It almost brought a tear to my eye that he is so bulletproof and amped up to do this work that so many others refuse to do—even though it’s their job—and he’s relentlessly attacked for it. Michael has enough enthusiasm and bravado for every one of the volunteers and some to spare, and he has not missed a beat in this operation he began at the beginning of June. He felt called to do it.

This is WAR, my friends and this is MY STATE; where I live. I take this personally.

The drug cartels and child trafficking rings are moving farther and farther north. We lost our tough and mostly-constitutional long-time sheriff Joe Arpaio in Maricopa county and I don’t know what to expect now. The Oathkeepers tell us we have good sheriffs in the Phoenix area, but this problem, and the open border embraced by the Tucson sheriff must be addressed.

To shut down this operation that is in full swing would be insane because it is what has been needed for decades. Law enforcement is compromised so the locals have stepped in peacefully to take care of the problem themselves, and are helping each other.

The cabal is buying off traitors left and right. The Internet is swimming in shills and disinfo agents and patriots need to be a lot more discerning and research, research, research!

Here’s a quick-reference guide for what’s going on in Tucson… just off the top of my head after watching videos from several sources.

WHO is Involved?
Lewis Arthur/Michael Meyer and his wife and their not-for-profit church/ministry to help homeless vets (past 3 years)
Oathkeepers and other local organizations
(Homeless) vets the VOP rescued
Retired combat/infantry veterans
Local Tucson residents and ranchers
Volunteers from elsewhere in the state, and soon, international (ie. Australia)
Former Law enforcement and forensic criminal investigation people
Search and rescue trackers
Dog handlers with search and rescue/cadaver dog experience
Patriots from anywhere who send donations of all kinds, camping gear, gas cards
Alternative media/vloggers

WHERE are they working?
Open desert areas East of Tucson/the mountains and known corridors between Tucson and the Mexican border where human traffickers travel, and areas indicated by local ranchers to be sites for suspicious or known illegal activities

Where do donations go?
Donations to VOP first go to supply the volunteers, many of whom are out in 100+ F temperatures checking out leads and looking for evidence. The homeless may use other supplies as needed after the VOP volunteers have what they need.
Gas cards go to the volunteers because some are driving long distances to get to the areas they are scheduled to search. Some pay for their own gas and refuse the cards.

If you want to support Oathkeepers in Tucson, see the banner at the top of this post and listen to the instructions from Stewart Rhodes in the video above. Note: All volunteers must be vetted FIRST before they go to Tucson.

I am astounded that the shills and disinformation agents can so blatantly and easily mislead their subscribers. I guess some patriots aren’t as savvy as they think. There have a been a lot of lies told to cover up this situation in Tucson. Why don’t people see it for what it is? The cabal cannot afford for the rampant pedophilia problem to be recognized by the masses.

The fact that Craig Sawyer did a complete about face should scream, “setup”. It wasn’t the VOP who contacted him and sent him to Tucson. It was a “third party”, from his own lips, and that third party was the deep state. They knew if they had Sawyer investigate and then say, “nothing to see here, folks” that because of the reputation they have created for him, many people would believe him and then would have the video he did recanting his earlier statements. Dismissed! VOP is a sham. It worked to a point, but only the really gullible would believe that.

I just learned that the censorship has begun on OBB. Watch this short video for the details. Ha! What does that tell you? This is mostly for video techies who can share and archive videos.

You know what’s really interesting? As UM points out, the ones telling the truth get censored/shut down, and the shills and liars continue to do what they do. That will make it easier for your to discern who is who, unless they start shutting down the shills just to make them look good.

If you want to know what’s going on in Tucson, you can check out the Urban Moving channel on ThemTube where the VOP videos are, or the DarkSkyWatcher channel to see the video he took while there. It’s a LOT.

From DSW You will see how many vehicles were in one particular caravan, how far into the desert they had to drive, how far they had to walk, and what they found. You’ll find out that the heat wreaks havoc on phones, video cameras, laptops, etc. It’s not easy out there, folks, but these warriors are determined to carry out their mission and bring us the unedited truth.

Volunteers have found a lot of things the LEO experts find highly valuable. They will not be telling us/showing us everything. There is a criminal investigation ongoing.

This video shows you what Craig “Sawman” Sawyer said the first time he reported. Somewhat accurate. Then what happened? Oathkeepers tell us the “rape trees” are ENTIRELY CONSISTENT with the child sex trafficking camps in Arizona, as Stewart Rhodes said in the video above. Why is it that those who seek to discredit Meyer and the operation simply don’t mention the rape tree, nylon ropes, all the hair dye, condoms, lube, pornographic magazines, Barbie dolls, child’s comb with blonde hair in it, children’s clothing, dog chains, etc.?

What these people do to Human Beings makes me sick to my stomach.

If you are a god-fearing individual perhaps you would appreciate this overview of the Tucson situation from the Fullerton Informer channel, who has also brought us a great deal of information about the dangers of 5G, WiFi, electromagnetic weapons, etc.

I can’t say it enough: Research, research, research. Question, question, question. Those you trust to bring you the truth may not be who they pretend. Many are very well paid to deceive. They don’t need your donations.

Anyone who claims that discoveries potentially related to child sex trafficking are bogus, hyped, sensationalized, or fake, is highly suspect. There has not yet been time to fully ascertain the situation around Tucson, but the current activity will most certainly force the cartels to change their itineraries.

Until the experts have had a chance to inventory what was found, do forensic examinations, and collectively discuss, we won’t know how bad the situation is. To suggest this isn’t necessary suggests an alternative agenda or complete ignorance of the reality too well understood by law enforcement in the Southwest for decades.

Attacking anyone carrying out investigations into alleged activities is a dead giveaway to an evil agenda. Knowing how rampant human trafficking is on our planet SHOULD tell you that, and have you on your guard for those who seek to influence others to dismiss it.

It’s 100 degrees in the shade on my patio, and thankfully a little cloudy. If I’m hot, I can turn on the air conditioner and take a dip in the pool, and when I do you can bet I will be thinking of all those selfless people in Tucson who are outside, living in tents, tramping through the desert to save children, while “truthers” vilify them.  ~ BP

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