Ascended Christ Collective ~ December 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a transformative article! The words below are written in the language of love. Your feelings from reading these words ignite the incorporation of these words (ideas, thoughts, vibrations) into your heart (your BEing) allowing you to raise your vibration.

Holding (BEing) a Higher Vibration expands your thought, ideas, and essence of you (BEing) into another state of consciousness which is spiritual evolution (Ascension). Thank you for reading these words, applying these to your heart, expanding further into ALL THAT IS, while evermore BEing…



Channel: Galaxygirl
November 29th, 2019

Rise up, O Christed ones. Arise with the firm beam of truth shining through you. It is time to speak your truth, your wonderment of the unseen. Do not be afraid. We are the Ascended Christ Collective. We are the collected energies of the Christs that were, that are, and that are to come. To be the Christ means that you are at one with Source, with the Father, with the Mother of all things, and eternally at peace with yourself in relation to the whole of all things. The Christed consciousness is the fabric of the universe. Worship the Christ within you. Flow with the Christed energies of change in your surrounding reality into the eternal truths that always are. Your illusionary world is being stripped of deception. The light is shining too brightly for the dark ones to hide. There is no hiding in a hall of mirrors. Reflections are sought out and easily found. There is no escaping the light. Just as the light shines unwaveringly, all that has been hidden is now seen. The veil is rending, top to bottom, as in the era of Master Christ Yeshua. He has returned, is returning and you are his hands and feet. We see the stamp of the Christ on your hearts, on your hands that serve, on your feet that continuously walk seemingly uphill, dirty and worn. We see his stamp on your faces that shine like the sun, unwavering in their faith in a new bright world. Friends, Nova Gaia we see being made manifest within your very forms. The dark ones know this, they see this, they are beginning to accept their demise. Their fight is but a faint sputtering of old energies that are fizzling out. The new Christed cosmic waves are inundating your sphere of pristine beauty, nurturing her waters and her lands and all upon her into yet a higher vibrational reality of truth, of light, of love, of green, of true life at its fullest potential.

We are the Christed ones returned. Our energies are here, fully being anchored onto your planet in this most sacred now. You are the transmitters of this energy, of our energy, of our love. We would like to infuse you with a bit more of this presence to assist with your expansion more fully, as a foretaste of what is to come. We see humanity rising, fully embracing the light of the Mother and Father, of the Great Central Sun. We see the light illuminating all in its path and transforming all into a higher vibrational reality. We see these readers being uplifted out of the dross of circumstance and uplifted by millions of angel wings carrying them up and over the turbulence of the changeover. We foresee turbulence, but with it great peace. We see that you will be anchoring this peace in many various ways. We are lending our hands, our wings, our energies, our essences to our grounded Christ-bearers today. We wish for you to feel our love, the love of the Mother and Father that is available for you. We wish for you to be grounded in joy in these higher vibrational sequences that are not out of reach, but are all around you. We wish for you to accept these energies we are offering, to accept your Christhood, to accept more fully your role. Your roles, your jobs, are to be more fully revealed to you and we see them fulfilling deep-seated desires to make a difference and much creation of joy for you as a result. We see joy for the people of Earth as they ascend more fully from the mist into the sunlight. We extend our hearts to you, into your heart chakra should you allow. Be Christed. (I am seeing golden light streaming into my heart. I am seeing gold all around me, around you readers, around Gaia. I am seeing white light with glittering radiance. We do not have yet words for this). True, Galaxygirl. Become emboldened, all, by your seeing and reading of these vibrational upliftments. Become the Christ for those who have nothing, who have lost hope and lost themselves along their way. For some you can simply hold the space, love and intention. For others you can create a better situation for them once you have the means to do so. You will have all that is needed to assist in the most perfect way. Do not fret. Ascension Gaia is the priority of the universe and near and dear to Mother and Father God. You are all so precious. Feel the Christed light and become it. Breathe it in. Ground it into Gaia. Become one with the light, for that is what you are. You are a light being, a being of light, a sliver of Source, fully powerful, fully alive. Asleep no more, eyes open, arms open wide, embrace this new reality that fully supports you. Entrapped no longer. Fully realize your potential. It is time. This is the now of the Christ returned.

We are the Ascended Christ Collective Consciousness. Feel our peace and our joy extended for you, to you. Feel it all around you. Breathe the light within these words and become more fully alive on your path towards enlightenment. Peace.…/

Late Edition for July 11, 2019: Yes, This is ‘The Storm’ [videos] ~ July 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes indeedy…we are indeed In the Storm! However…we have good news which Starship Earth brings to us indicating the forces of the Light (knowledge, truth) are buckling down (up) to the task of cornering and defeating the dark (conscious-less control).

Will this happen over night at once? I doubt this…we really need to “let go” of the promises of immediate abundance and all those other perks promised to us by so many…it ain’t happenin’ that way.

The main reason why? The evolution of Humanity is…an “inside” job, that is…it is the decision of each individual person to elevate their heart, or not, which can lead to a better vibratory rate, or not, and all that the vibratory rate you choose entails! As your consciousness becomes higher, synchronicities and manifestation ARE occurring…as you create your own life…no one else’s.

So…please read the latest news, understand the importance of knowing your heart, and be…



Expect the unexpected… and may everyone be safe. Flight AC33. Nice number. It’s my understanding aircraft are designed to rock and roll with turbulence. What’s really going on? We’ll find out… eventually.

35 believed injured after turbulence forces Vancouver-Australia flight to divert to Hawaii

This is a good video from the Patriot Hour. Military guys.

Wheels Up In Military Means [Officially Started Operations] HOT

Juan O Savin was not able to get on the Abel Danger Live call as scheduled today, but he did call in briefly at the end. Those few minutes he gave us were chock full of great information. I will summarize some of it.

Field wanted to know more about the Russian sub incident and if there was or was not a US sub involved, and who attacked who. Juan said there is no quick answer; it’s complicated.

Many of us know this full well, but he said it would be a mistake to assign the parties involved a “side” in the war by country. As we know, the cabal is global and infiltrates nearly every country. They have controlled this planet for a very long time and their tentacles are everywhere.

As I have cautioned more than once, we need to be attentive to our labeling of events by painting participants with a broad brush of US, Russian, etc. because there are positive and negative factions in each.

Juan said there are so many angles to the submarine incident and much of the background has not yet been explored in the public domain. He said one Russian sub was under the control of “the cabal”, and the fact that a “Russian” sub got that close to that area when authorities knew what was going to happen spoke volumes. Putin was notified, and as we deduced by the scrambling of multiple nations’ diplomats to meet about the situation tells us the conflict was global in nature.

He cautioned us not to claim victory at this point; that the discovery, routing out and purging of the evil will go on for years. He says we must understand the insidious nature of it.

Juan stated that the first stage of a military assault involves taking out the enemy’s ability to engage us; airports. When Trump said “airport” recently in his July 4th speech he meant what he said. (As always.) I’ve added the video below for your understanding.

As Q says, “this is not a game”. POTUS does not make mistakes and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people say about him and his coded speeches and Tweets. He is on a mission almost 24/7/365.

I think you can surmise that “airports” was code for “activate that part of The Plan.”

Watch Trump claim the army retook airports during the Revolutionary War in July Fourth speech

(An aside with respect to the Salute to America and the suspected “threat” that caused POTUS to revise his speech… leaving out the expected news about the Federal Reserve and return to the Gold Standard… speculation on the Abel Danger show suggested the threat was not to POTUS, but FLOTUS.)

With respect to the newer Q posts, Juan stated that the current campaign is also about the next phase of the assault: disrupting the enemy’s ability to communicate = disemboweling the media and social media and the tech giants’ operations to throttle truth and spew disinformation, lies and propaganda to mislead the public.

He said the patriots installed a virus in the equipment they sold to the enemy and henceforth when they connected that equipment to everything else they used, the virus spread, making their comms go haywire.

Do you believe the outages we’ve experienced lately at Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, etc. are a coincidence?

Now, you don’t have to believe that Juan O Savin is JFK Jr., but it’s clear to me he is directly connected to QAnon and the ongoing operations by the Patriots. He is well informed and inspiring to listen to as he has a vision for what is coming to overthrow the demonic entities intent on the destruction of our planet.

He sees a higher road for Humanity, and is involved deeply in The Plan. To me, he gives a “voice” to the Q drops. He adds another dimension to the rapport between the Q team and the patriots and anons.

Where Q is brief and cryptic, Juan fleshes out the concepts, adds clarity to the drops, and shares the vision of the team. And then there’s SerialBrain2 who also seems to be part of the team. They’ve got all the bases covered.

There is no excuse for us not knowing what’s going on.

Typically, Juan sheds much light on the past, present and future. He dispels fear, unites the Patriots, and plays an important leadership role, in my opinion, and Field seems to treat him with the utmost in deference.

We learned that this phase is about preventing the enemy from using their communication assets like the mockingbird media, Hollywood, social media and Big Tech to freely broadcasting their messages while preventing the truth getting out to the public.

Remember the memes, folks. QAnon told us the social media bots and Google algorithms find it much more difficult to detect keywords in a meme. That is the way to share important information on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and websites.

Juan said for some time many have complained it’s going too slowly; but very soon we will complain it’s going too fast.

The pedophilia issue is not partisan, Juan reminded us. We’re going after ALL of them on BOTH sides. We now have the NXIVM, Epstein and Bill Maher spider web to deal with. He said we are in the middle of the storm; it’s “ON” and the enemy will do ANYTHING to slow it down.

He said they’re “mental” and would burn the whole world up to stop what is coming just as they tried to nuke Hawai’i a few years ago.

These entities are psychopaths in every sense of the word. Human life means nothing to them if they can’t squeeze something out of it. Dominating and controlling the planet and her resources—Human and natural—is what matters to them. They know they’re circling the drain and will pull all the stops to prevent their ultimate demise.

Below we remind you that POTUS held a summit today to deal with social media censorship and bipartisan shadow banning. That initiative will be key in the days between now and the 2020 election. I believe the election will easily be won fair and square by informed and inspired voters BUT the Patriots/White Hats/POTUS will not take any chances. Failure is not an option.

BTW, have you visited the Q Proofs website? If not, and you’re not up to speed on QAnon, you should go there.

You may have heard about the summit the President convened to address the illicit tactics of the social media giants. It was a packed room, and we will see the fallout from this initiative in the coming weeks and months.

Juan O Savin confirmed it today as part of the strategy already in place for this time as outlined in the most recent Q drops. He confirmed we are in the middle of the Storm, and what you see is the President’s actions to parry the inept thrusts of the dark to manipulate the information flow and truth in the coming critical 500 days up to the 2020 election and beyond.

A big subject today at the White House Social Media Summit will be the tremendous dishonesty, bias, discrimination and suppression practiced by certain companies. We will not let them get away with it much longer. The Fake News Media will also be there, but for a limited period..

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 11, 2019

Interesting numbers here, from POTUS.

…years, or maybe 10 or 14 (just kidding), they will quickly go out of business for lack of credibility, or approval, from the public. That’s why they will all be Endorsing me at some point, one way or the other. Could you imagine having Sleepy Joe Biden, or Alfred E. Newman…

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 11, 2019

What does SerialBrain2 have to say about numbers? Check it out.

Post # 178-A  a special post of note re: Q post 3410.

These people have no shame and never miss a trick when it comes to monetizing and manipulating the People through deception. Drain the swamp.

Tom Steyer telling an Iowa crowd that he would not run for president in January. He has since reversed this decision

The shadow campaign of Tom Steyer

How a billionaire turned his two-and-a-half year email gathering operation into an ego trip

But the people who took heed of these calls to action and entered their contact information on the ‘Need to Impeach’ website were not signing up for a Steyer 2020 presidential campaign. They were signing up for some amorphous pro-impeachment effort, which may have had Steyer as its figurehead but never gave any direct indication that he was actually going to run for president – especially after he swore off the idea earlier this year. Steyer effectively duped eight million people into forming his initial campaign constituency;

Read the rest of the article…

Based on my comment earlier today, does this come as a surprise? Trump has these freaks chasing their tails most of the time. They’re so dizzy… It’s a war of attrition. He knew he would do this all along, don’t you think? Executive Orders are not new. The Art of the Deal.

Trump drops bid to add citizenship question to 2020 census

In closing, allow me to share one of my favourite scenes from a Monty Python movie again, wherein the Black Knight is reduced to nothing more than a torso in the dirt, spurting blood yet still blindly claiming, “it’s just a flesh wound”, while King Arthur looks on in disbelief at the lack of awareness in the evil one.

Outright denial of reality. Programming.

It’s the perfect illustration of what is unfolding now, is it not? A few of the cabal’s ranks have reconsidered and now fight with us, but there is a core group that will never surrender. It’s us or them and WE shall be the victors.

They can chant, “None shall pass” all they like, but they cannot block our path to Ascension.  ~ BP

Prepare for Turbulence ~ July 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ah! Yes another article letting us know that unexpected personal realities will be in play for this month. Turbulence? Perhaps…but this is all based on your heart and it’s reaction to your reality. So…I think it wise to partially disconnect as an “observer”,go with the flow, and be…



By A Gift From Gaia

Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for some turbulence.

Or perhaps it’s more like…

Buckle up and scream if you wanna go faster

I guess that’s all dependent on you and how you are perceiving these shifts but the next few days may feel a little…bipolar?

We have highs and we have …some…..”oh yeah alright, we’ll just see about that shall we”

Hey I can’t write “lows” when I’m fully aware they don’t exist, what is a low anyway? A refusal of truth? Well that’s a choice, albeit a rather blinded one.

So we have highs and I’ll observe and take action…that’s far more fitting.

Word spells are something of a favourite of mine at the moment and we can think about this for a second.

Many get the words contradicted, mostly because at first they don’t know, and that’s the safest place to be if you wish to stay oblivious and continuing your life unaware…sleep is one of my most favourite places so I understand how the simplicity of the complexity suits.

However when you are aware and waking yourself up to know and yet not do is nothing short of….well, lining up a whole bunch of life experiences to teach you.

Let’s look….

Dark night of the Soul – is a breakthrough for growth
Anxiety – Avoidance of Self truth, experienced for the purpose of growth
Anger – disconnection from self, lack of self…experienced for growth
Depressed – Self avoidance, disconnection from reality, avoidance of growth

We can go on….but can we see how the subconscious mind, which only matures to the approximate age of 12 and has very limited understanding, it works in binary…at first, yes no, on off, high low…can you see how the contradiction begins within just by the mix up and the spells in your words.

Of course as we move through these phases and release attachment, this includes our language, but it’s also a reason why you find keyholders bringing in new words to use in explanations as the words create a whole new vibrational message to the receiver, it ensures a direct shift as there can not be any distorted attachment to a word created for the purpose of the experience, which, when delivered by a light worker is in fact filled with a very high and impacting light code or feeling.

It often also brings a giggle, which encapsulates the new word in a even higher frequency.

Too many words have been diluted or changed, one of the favourites to use in the spiritual arena is narcissist, it’s everywhere but it’s now used so freely, an empath gets upset because a truth is delivered and all of a sudden the truth bearer is a narcissist.

From a psychology point of view I find it all very interesting especially with the ability to feel the words, and see behind the words, the fluff, the distortions and the smile to your face and yet the dagger in the back.

Pay attention now it’s come to light in this transmission because today will be a mighty fine day to observe Self within your reality and the reflections you are about to see.

The next few days are going to feel like a shake, as the universal proverbial rug is set to ripple…nope not strong enough word…FLAP…yes that’s it, it’s going to Flap like Aladdin’s rug in a hurricane.

Or not…

That depends on you entirely.

We have had a blast of Solar Winds reaching G1 storm levels, it has subsided for now and I’ll keep you posted. 
Not just this but we have tiny sun spots from the NEW solar cycle which will give this movement a forward future focus, as though something inside is telling you this is essential for the future and you won’t be wrong.

To WEIGHT will highlight your experience that to wait is to be weighted…self sacrifice.
And yet to action will bring instant realisations, instant manifestations and instant opportunity.


Because firstly our Sun has been pumped up and aligned to our Great Central Sun Sirius. 
Fully charged and ready to apply masses of coded light, in the form of truth, is now aligned with our North Node, which brings in either what you require to clear in order for the new, or for those already aware and working through, it brings the dues, it’s time to reap.

And whilst this transits the North we have the opposition to the South, which provides the release of the old, making space for the North to bring in the winds of change.

Providing the work has been ticked off and dissolved…otherwise those glittery timeline loops that look all sparkly, exciting and new…..just turn out to be that same old same old of old, those looping patterns, that most have been highly trained to accept as life.

These solar blasts are now rare in comparison to what we are generally used to, during a solar maximum it’s the cosmic rays that feel all different, now we are in a solar minimum the solar rays can feel a little to high.

How you experience in your physical just depends on your frequency.

So those still muddling will experience all the typical ascension symptoms.
Aches, pains, emotions, tension, aggression, headaches.
Realities get loud people get grumpy BUT you see that’s because light activates and it allows you to SEE what we choose to ignore.

Higher octaves get super productive and surf the realisations and movements like a pro.

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s creative BUT and here is another big BUTT we are in the midst of some powerful energies, some super DNA upgrades and I suggest to take this slow and steady regardless.

Sun is also trine Neptune bringing in more heightened awareness, more quantum codes, more dreamy and yet tangible data enters for us to ground in and INjoy the new sacred space.

Now…I mentioned bumps…shakes and rugs…

Mars is hitting a square with Uranus….whilst trine to Chiron so we could be seeing some very quick turn around, quick explosive presentations but the softness of the trine has the opportunity to bring gentle closure and healing to this masculine wounding we all hold.

The collective field has had no rest for weeks….let’s see how this manifests.

Hearts wide open
Release all to fall away that no longer resonates
Zero point everything within

And remember….we are working in the energetic field…all is completed from within


It’s simple 


The Great Shift Gateway: September 23, 2017 ~ Sept. 21, 2017

Great article! Are you feeling tires, stressed, anxious for no apparent reason? You are NOT the only one with disturbed “insides” as humanity experiences a great inundation of positive spiritual energies otherwise known as (my favorite topic) LOVE!

This article was posted by Starship Earth: The Big Picture and I also appreciate this message of love and calmness as well all weather( in some cases literally!) the various storms in our personal lives.

So…please read on, time to bring out the buttered popcorn, and…


What’s all the hoopla about the date ‘September 23rd’? There’s been a lot of disinformation and fear porn making the rounds, but it’s another gateway—one of many.

The missive below resonated strongly with me and it may be just the message of support we need to get us through another difficult period. It’s probably crazy to think we can weather these storms—literally—and the tumultuous energies flying around without being at the very least grazed.

Mica isn’t himself, I’m definitely feeling it, and this “support memo” was like a warm shower on a cold day. We knew there’d be turbulence, but expecting it and experiencing it in its myriad forms, wave upon wave, is another thing entirely. It’s good to hear a reminder and realize… “Oh right—this was supposed to happen. I can do this.”  Thanks for the heads up, J.  ~ BP

by Morag, Guest writer,

We have been plunged into deep, turbulent waters of cosmic transformation friends. The culmination of 888 Lions Gate and American Solar Eclipse Gateway on 23rd September will mark the most accelerated wave of higher frequencies we have experienced so far. We each respond to upgrades and transmutation of negative energies in our own unique ways. For those who have been consciously and actively welcoming and embracing upgrades this current tidal wave is taking us to heights previously unknown, and depths previously feared. We are realising that to surf higher wavelengths, to integrate upgrades and to embed higher frequencies in our own energy field, is to be aware at all times of this momentous process. Fluctuating between dimensions on the vast universal frequency spectrum of life can be intensely challenging. The impending closure of 888 timeline gateway on 23rd September is cranking up the pressure on a global and individual scale. As the matrix is further decommissioned the elite fight dangerous and dirty in their bid to maintain their control.

Our systems are under constant pressure to ground us into lower or higher frequencies, this affects us in many ways. Disturbed sleep is very common as we flit between dimensions, we wake up to remind our spirit this is the dimension we have life form in. Nausea, stomach upsets and dizziness are experienced, like travel sickness, we are realigning and readjusting our cellular vibration whilst moving at an accelerated rate of evolutionary growth. This can make us feel shaky, sick and tired. The matrix programmes us relentlessly to consume, it poisons us with chemtrails and pollution, toxins that seep into our systems lowering our vibration. We are being pushed and pulled, our higher self urging us to meditate, connect to universal love and lighten our beings for ascension. The matrix dragging us back down. All the while cosmic waves of recalibration and upgrades flood our systems, individual and planetary. Geo-engineering of the weather manipulates our mindset, confuses our natural Gaia rhythm and throws us off kilter. Day to day interactions can be fraught as the world unravels around us. People have lost their inner radar of certainty. The so called sheeple are aware of the label and resentful of it. Awakened people are bemused and traumatised by what they see with their now open eyes. Empathy and compassion can cripple us in a reality torn apart by depravity, greed, deceit and mind control. We are in an almost impossible situation.

In their own way our guides and higher self are always reaching out to us, reassuring us. We all have good days and bad days, sad days and happy days, scared days and uplifting days. To navigate this vast scale of emotional energetic responses in our system is challenging at the best of times. To do so under a barrage of twisted, upside down, world corporate politics, intensive global mind control programming, constant war, poverty and disasters can bring the highest vibratory people down. When we feel like giving up, when it all gets too much, when our bodies ache, our minds fragment, and our souls despair, take refuge in knowing you are not alone. For many of us the bad days are so challenging now as to rock our very sense of self worth and commitment to this lifetime.
There will be better days. These symptoms of accelerated DNA upgrades are pushing many of us to new limits of tolerance. Seeking comfort in the present, in nature and loved ones will help. Reach out and let others know when the mud you’re pushing through begins to feel like quick sand. These are intensely tough times. Know this. Know we are warriors caught in a bitter war for our minds, our hearts and our souls. Look for healing groups to help you. Use the internet as a source of research and reassurance. Experiencing turbulence during this momentous transition from 3rd to 5th dimension of a whole planet, possibly solar system, is to be expected. Stay grounded and hydrated. Be kind to yourself. Release stress, anxiety and fear by embracing love, by being compassionate to yourself. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.
I call my soul tribe to me.
I am a sovereign being, a co creator of this world. I am love.