The Great Shift Gateway: September 23, 2017 ~ Sept. 21, 2017

Great article! Are you feeling tires, stressed, anxious for no apparent reason? You are NOT the only one with disturbed “insides” as humanity experiences a great inundation of positive spiritual energies otherwise known as (my favorite topic) LOVE!

This article was posted by Starship Earth: The Big Picture and I also appreciate this message of love and calmness as well all weather( in some cases literally!) the various storms in our personal lives.

So…please read on, time to bring out the buttered popcorn, and…


What’s all the hoopla about the date ‘September 23rd’? There’s been a lot of disinformation and fear porn making the rounds, but it’s another gateway—one of many.

The missive below resonated strongly with me and it may be just the message of support we need to get us through another difficult period. It’s probably crazy to think we can weather these storms—literally—and the tumultuous energies flying around without being at the very least grazed.

Mica isn’t himself, I’m definitely feeling it, and this “support memo” was like a warm shower on a cold day. We knew there’d be turbulence, but expecting it and experiencing it in its myriad forms, wave upon wave, is another thing entirely. It’s good to hear a reminder and realize… “Oh right—this was supposed to happen. I can do this.”  Thanks for the heads up, J.  ~ BP

by Morag, Guest writer,

We have been plunged into deep, turbulent waters of cosmic transformation friends. The culmination of 888 Lions Gate and American Solar Eclipse Gateway on 23rd September will mark the most accelerated wave of higher frequencies we have experienced so far. We each respond to upgrades and transmutation of negative energies in our own unique ways. For those who have been consciously and actively welcoming and embracing upgrades this current tidal wave is taking us to heights previously unknown, and depths previously feared. We are realising that to surf higher wavelengths, to integrate upgrades and to embed higher frequencies in our own energy field, is to be aware at all times of this momentous process. Fluctuating between dimensions on the vast universal frequency spectrum of life can be intensely challenging. The impending closure of 888 timeline gateway on 23rd September is cranking up the pressure on a global and individual scale. As the matrix is further decommissioned the elite fight dangerous and dirty in their bid to maintain their control.

Our systems are under constant pressure to ground us into lower or higher frequencies, this affects us in many ways. Disturbed sleep is very common as we flit between dimensions, we wake up to remind our spirit this is the dimension we have life form in. Nausea, stomach upsets and dizziness are experienced, like travel sickness, we are realigning and readjusting our cellular vibration whilst moving at an accelerated rate of evolutionary growth. This can make us feel shaky, sick and tired. The matrix programmes us relentlessly to consume, it poisons us with chemtrails and pollution, toxins that seep into our systems lowering our vibration. We are being pushed and pulled, our higher self urging us to meditate, connect to universal love and lighten our beings for ascension. The matrix dragging us back down. All the while cosmic waves of recalibration and upgrades flood our systems, individual and planetary. Geo-engineering of the weather manipulates our mindset, confuses our natural Gaia rhythm and throws us off kilter. Day to day interactions can be fraught as the world unravels around us. People have lost their inner radar of certainty. The so called sheeple are aware of the label and resentful of it. Awakened people are bemused and traumatised by what they see with their now open eyes. Empathy and compassion can cripple us in a reality torn apart by depravity, greed, deceit and mind control. We are in an almost impossible situation.

In their own way our guides and higher self are always reaching out to us, reassuring us. We all have good days and bad days, sad days and happy days, scared days and uplifting days. To navigate this vast scale of emotional energetic responses in our system is challenging at the best of times. To do so under a barrage of twisted, upside down, world corporate politics, intensive global mind control programming, constant war, poverty and disasters can bring the highest vibratory people down. When we feel like giving up, when it all gets too much, when our bodies ache, our minds fragment, and our souls despair, take refuge in knowing you are not alone. For many of us the bad days are so challenging now as to rock our very sense of self worth and commitment to this lifetime.
There will be better days. These symptoms of accelerated DNA upgrades are pushing many of us to new limits of tolerance. Seeking comfort in the present, in nature and loved ones will help. Reach out and let others know when the mud you’re pushing through begins to feel like quick sand. These are intensely tough times. Know this. Know we are warriors caught in a bitter war for our minds, our hearts and our souls. Look for healing groups to help you. Use the internet as a source of research and reassurance. Experiencing turbulence during this momentous transition from 3rd to 5th dimension of a whole planet, possibly solar system, is to be expected. Stay grounded and hydrated. Be kind to yourself. Release stress, anxiety and fear by embracing love, by being compassionate to yourself. In love and light beautiful people.

Mantra: I am one with universal love frequency.
I call my soul tribe to me.
I am a sovereign being, a co creator of this world. I am love.



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Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a manager. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientitst who sings!
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One Response to The Great Shift Gateway: September 23, 2017 ~ Sept. 21, 2017

  1. Loraine St Clair says:

    Nice article but for me – nothing new, just a gentle reminder. Riding the currents of energies is and has been for all my life, a full time occupation. And so I sense nothing greater in the current set of rollers (pun intended!) than before. Just keep pushing forward wrapped in the Love of Creator.


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