The Time To Dream Big ~ December 4, 2019

Editor’ Note: Please pardon the formatting here, but I wanted to get this message out ASAP before figuring out this format issue! What do you really want to do? Think and dream BIG for this particular planetary alignment adds vibrational POWER to your thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams!
Please consider carefully, listen to your heart for guidance about your dreams, and BE…
A Gift From Gaia

Jupiter is now in its final degrees of Sagittarius, still lingering over the threshold of the Galactic Centre, if there is a time to dream big it is now.
The core frequency within, the control centre is busy manifesting the experience for the next year, the next decade, the next paradigm and so I urge all to be entirely truthful, which means to know the truth of the frequency held, the behaviours it holds, the realities it attracts and begin to build from that space, knowing that if the reality is busy, loud and somewhat bipolar then the next phase must guide you into the detachment of the mirrored world, a confusing space and to do so in these incoming energies will be an incredibly powerful reality to surf.
Peace is the field where we create light structures and if you have found yourself in this space you will be watching the seeds planted begin to sprout, don’t get complacent, these seeds require tendering to like nothing else grown before, the new structures give constant surprises as whilst we watch a pattern form and the reality begins to take shape a new branch forms holding more opportunities and buds to bloom.
Nothing, not a single thing works how it used to in the new fields, the only focus is the core frequency, and when we keep this stable everything else begins to take shape around, and this is how we surf Jupiters last moments at home, we will not have this opportunity to maximise and expand in this way for another 12 years, and right before Jupiter joins the Capricorn party, a party that will raise the roof like never seen, it’s not just next year though, this is the beginning of another 500 year cycle which holds many more new cycles within, such as the next decade and the next Solar Cycle, in which we will really see our truth (frequency) come the solar maximum, those fruits or lack of will begin to be shown in the next 2-4 years. This is why the NOW moment is so very important, everything is built from here, from the most subtle whispers, the subconscious drivers, the reasons why we do or behave as we do to the reasons why we want or dream, that is the space that we create from and we are constantly creating, manifesting the opportunity to get us to the most light filled experience that will enable us to be free, always in ALL-WAYS, only most can’t or won’t see it that way, and will focus on the pain and suffering until the pain and suffering dies itself, however they choose to experience that, some may leave their physical, some may leave their old frequencies whilst in the physical and expand into their path of light.
The Seekers will Find the way to the lights standing strong, we have no requirement to do anything, in fact the more you try and fix out there the more crooked the reflection can get, lighthouses belong on the solid land, and there is too much to be focusing on within to be unconsciously fumbling about out there in the dark, it’s pointless, so we stay with the point, facing within, and find that we guide by example, we work physically on Self and by doing so we shift energetically which forms the out there, attracting those who require the wisdom/data from the shared experience and offering gifts of expansion to assist all who connect in each moment.
And all of this, takes no energy at all, when we hold this field there is no burnout, there is no sickness, there is no stress, not even a flicker of frustration..
There are if course symbols, but once read and dealt with they move within moments, one would have called them miracles, now it’s simply to be expected that once realised it is released, because that is of course the cosmic pattern and when filling these vessels with light, there is no reason we cannot work at light speed.
I am currently very busy writing the reports for December in which I hope to be publishing on the website very soon! I know I have been quiet but I am preparing so many things such as preparing the website, my Son Reese is now on the mend, well, we have a long journey and won’t know for the next 6 months if there is “irreversible” damage, light healing will and is creating miracles, whilst also guiding so many others I connect with after and only after I focus on my own Earth experience.
With a little bit of Jupiter I will be sharing the details of the website very soon where you will be able to sign up and receive super SUPER detailed navigation reports.
Tune in angels.

Are You Ready, Fellow Travelers? Astonishing Sky Footage [video] ~ May 2, 2019

They say our mind is like a parachute; that it only works if it’s open.

What do skydivers call it when a parachute doesn’t open? A “mal”. (malfunction). Open your mind, or crash and burn.

If you don’t have an enquiring mind, then don’t watch this video brought to us by Steve at WSO because it defies everything you ever understood about your reality. Ready?


If you watch, we’ll do some relative work, next we’ll track toward the sun set and then mind your altimeter, deploy, and finally… flare-flare-flare!

What a rush! What a ride. Who’s going to pack my chute for the next jump?

Bring it on, Steve.  ~ CB

Most Remarkable Images Ever ++ A Discussion on Immanuel Velikovsky

The Nibiru Winds Hitting Earth. ~ October 18, 2018

Jesse, from BP Earthwatch, has some very interesting information that he shares about winds from Jupiter (Jupiter wind) affecting our magetosphere and counteracting the solar wind. This occurs when the Earth is directly stationed between our Sun and Jupiter when massively negatively charged electons sweep across Earth.

What does this mean for us on Earth? Perhaps this will effect the polarity of the Earth’s magnetic fields causing a magnetic attraction of a “collisional cascade in the inner solar system” of which the Earth is  part. As an intuitive, this information feels spiritual significant to me, just sayin’…

This message is NOT to cause fear, but rather indicate the importance of finding and holding a higher vibration of Being leading to your existence in a higher dimension (5th). If/when you choose to exist in a higher dimension, perhaps your existence will be beyond events of the 3D world? Please read this information, watch the video’s, and…



Oct.17 2018/Nibiru in Our Inner Solar System. ~ October 17, 2018

Editor’s Note: Pretty interesting theory Jessie, from BP Earthwatch, has here. Jupiter, a gas giant, as Nibiru? This is pretty interesting stuff with Annunaki and prophecy involved. Saturn is involved as well leading to the destruction of inner planets as well as the 5th planet which leads to the creation of the Keiper asteroid belt.

What does this mean? I do not know and I think this information IS significant! We all aware that something is going on in our sky, so…eyes to the sky, my friends.Fascinating and time to do more research. Please watch, think about this, and…


Space Wars: Saturn A Secret Weapon? [videos] ~ September 27, 2018

You may have seen the recent video footage of what appears to be the planet Saturn shooting red rays toward Earth. We now have information suggesting that when the galactics fight space wars, they install “warrior planets” as weapons against the enemy.

In the recent past we have seen stunning visuals of giant spheres next to the sun that appear to be siphoning energy from it.

Dante Santori has shared with us many secrets relating to the eons-old battle between Light and dark, and he has come forward with not only an explanation as to the enigmatic Saturn activity, but other “secret weapons” the Resistance use, including structures in the clouds. It’s fascinating information and illustrates that reality is definitely not what we’ve been told. Dante’s group refers to their operation to protect Humanity and vanquish the dark as “The Cause”. They appear to be our “guardian angels”.

If you’re not familiar with Dante’s work, don’t expect it to be like anyone else’s. He has his own style involving repetition, historical footage and music with a message.

First, we have Naughty Beaver’s video about the Saturn images, and then Dante’s “Secret Weapon” videos, parts one and two.

Naughty Beaver
Published on Sep 24, 2018

Secureteam10 just posted footage recorded from an amateur photographer, of what appears to be “laser beams” coming from Saturn, while at the same time there are images coming in of a massive mothership heading towards earth. Am I the only one thinking this could be an issue? Nostradamus had prophesied these events 500 years ago. Time to step up political pressure on the leadership of this world to announce alien life and tell humanity what’s going on. These events around World War 3 are merely an illusion to distract the public from the truth. Naughty Beaver investigates.

For those who like to dive deep, “Blue Koolaid” has been watching the activity in the cosmos via SECCHI for months and he shows us what appears to be the massive “Anunnaki” ship ploughing through the heavens as well as an unidentified something-or-other approaching Jupiter, with Jupiter eventually doing something in concert with that anomaly involving large blasts of energy.

We’ve heard that the Anunnaki mothership has been protecting Earth from the energy weapons of the enemy (planets).

The unidentified structure in the video below is reminiscent of what Yellow Rose for Texas referred to as “the mob”, (a fleet of the allies’ arcs) as shown on the Stereo B camera in 2007 moving en masse through space and the El’s planets–which we’re told they destroyed with parachute and cluster bombs, etc.. That is around the 23 minute mark of her video “The Lie NASA Told” where she dropped so much information that was new to us.

In her video “Ed is Dead” she showed us the allies destroying the Sun (or Ed, short for Editor) with its gears hanging out and fires smoldering. It didn’t make sense at the time to have planets as “personalities”—either good or bad—but it does now, thanks to Dante’s videos.

I believe that some of Rose’s source information was incorrect, but she certainly gave us an education in many areas and it’s well worth looking into. Most of what we see and hear about space is speculation because few will officially come forward and explain what we are really seeing, and why. The history books have been rewritten to conceal the truth and we have to take our educated guesses and use our intuition.

For some religion and prophecy come into it. Sometimes the more we know the more confusing it is, and we just have to go with it and hope it makes more sense eventually. It was a prophecy that the Anunnaki would return.

Apparently this month of September the space war is alive and well above us, and that may be why we have a fake sky, sun simulator, etc. One of these days we’ll learn all about these tactics to protect us and enable us to live without panic and chaos from folks who haven’t a clue what’s going on.

Naughty Beaver please watch. UFO ship is same object on HI2 satellite and it deploys something.

Blue Koolaid Oh Ya
Published on Sep 23, 2018

Hey everyone. This is awesome because it has answered a question for me about what the object that deployed something on HI2. These in my opinion are the same objects.


On September 1, 2018 SecureTeam uploaded a video of what we think is a ship shot down over Scotland. I believe I heard since then that the small object leaving the ship at the end is the pilot ejecting.

Life has never been more exciting, has it? Eyes to the skies, guys.  ~ BP