Epstein Cellmate And Fox News Host Sean Hannity Warn Their Lives Are In Danger—While US Military Advances Civil War Training ~ August 22, 2019

Editor’s Note: Well…back from the interview trip (we’ll see how that goes!) and back to more umm… stable and routine blogging for you (and me!). The article below shows just how crazy and insane environment we live in!

How much longer will this go on? I Am no soothsayer, but this seems to be perhaps a fitting end for this “hot” August. September (right around the corner, ya’ll) promises to be more of the same, but actually ramped up a bit as more and more of the general population taste upheaval in personal lives!

So…how to cope with discordance and uncomfortable change in your life? Time to become an “observer” and merely watch all the goings on. Sure…this is a coping mechanism and one that will provide personal relief when it all gets “too real”. So…relax, breathe, know the end really is in sight, and BE…



I thought I’d make this article a standalone as it’s just so juicy and ploughs through a plethora of threads we’re currently following, adding a lot of detail and perspective. Always use your discernment, of course.

It may sound melodramatic to Americans when Sean Hannity says there could be a hit coming soon but it’s the truth. Sean is perhaps too prominent a figure to be a real target but it’s always possible. If nothing else, it may garner a little more attention from distracted viewers.

Besides, it’s good for ratings and Fox is already cleaning up on the airwaves since the other networks are so pathetically lying through their teeth. They’ve had many layoffs and still keep doing the same thing; spout pure propaganda.  ~ BP

Epstein Cellmate And Fox News Host Sean Hannity Warn Their Lives Are In Danger—While US Military Advances Civil War Training

August 22, 2019

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A mind-shattering highly classified “Of Special Importance” new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says it’s no surprise that the United States national debt limit has now hit levels not seen since World War II—an outcome fully expected to occur in a nation preparing itself for civil war—a nation that is now seeing the entire State of North Carolina being overtaken by thousands of elite US Army special forces troops secretly training for guerilla warfare—as well as the US Air Force rapidly gathering a massive fleet of tactical jets to rival the entire air forces of some nations in the feared to become rebel State of Wisconsin—one of whose most advanced F-22 stealth fighter bombers broke away to scream through the skies of the in full open rebellion City of Chicago flying below this cities skyscrapers in violation of every rule applying to military aircraft flying in urban areas where a crash would cause multiple-billons-of-dollars in damage in seconds—all of whose targets have been pre-planned since 2017 when spy planes began flying over every American city in or near rebellion—and comes at the same time the ex-cellmate of child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein has filed documents begging a US Federal judge to transfer him before he is killed and warning his prison guards have threatened his life if he tells the truth about Epstein’s murder—who was then shockingly followed a few hours later by Fox News Host Sean Hannity (the most watched news host in America) warning on his nationwide television programme that his life is in danger because he keeps exposing the Russiagate hoax with his further stating “There’s a bad accident in my life, or some mid-morning raid at my house, that’s not going to be an accident, either. This is not a joke.”—all of which combined proves beyond any doubt that President Donald Trump knows about himself what H. L. Mencken (one of Americas most beloved and respected journalist during the 20th Century) said would happen when he wrote the prophetic words” The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out … without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable…”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Feared F-22 stealth fighter bomber flies straight through the heart of in open rebellion City of Chicago below its skyscrapers (above) in President Donald show of force

According to the portions of this highly classified report we’re permitted to reveal, even though US Attorney General William Barr attempted to calm a nation reeling over the obvious murder of child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein, and its subsequent cover-up, with his legalese statement yesterday of “I have seen nothing that undercuts the findings of the medical examiner that this was a suicide”—it’s critical to note that this statement was quickly faced with the obvious fact that Barr had “seen nothing” because, of the at least eight prison guards under his command who all had orders not to leave Epstein alone, it’s now been stunningly revealed that none of them are cooperating with his Department of Justice investigation—an investigation whose suspects for Epstein’s murder now include the richest man in the world Bill Gates, that flight records show his flying on Epstein’s “orgy island” private jet repeated times in spite of his owning a fleet of aircraft that rivals those of some nations—and now has Gates further failing to explain why his top science adviser Boris Nikolic was named by Epstein as an executor of his will signed just two days before he was murdered.

With the American Gulag” death of Jeffrey Epstein now raising fears that Wikileaks leader Julian Assange will be the next to be suicided, this report continues, Assange’s quick death is needed because shocking new evidence has emerged proving that Hillary Clinton’s supposedly Russian-Wikileak hacked emails had been forwarded to a Chinese email account—a fact that obliterates into nothingness the entire Russiagate hoax narrative—especially when it’s combined by Joseph Mifsud,(the supposed “Russian operative” who started this whole vile plot) having just admitted that he’s a Western intelligence agent, which, in turn, proves conclusively that Special Counsel Robert Mueller lied about him—an admission that then caused the American-British spy Stefan Halper, who spied on the Trump campaign for Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan, to rush to a US Federal Court and claim that he cannot be sued for lying about Trump’s national security advisor General Michael Flynn because he’s a government agent—which are both now being joined by a dire and grave warning that if President Trump declassifies just 10 documentsthe Democrats are finished.

Fox News host Sean Hannity reveals to the American people the 10 documents that will destroy the Democrat Party—then warns his life is in danger

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Epstein: Suicide, Suicided, or Protected Asset? ~ August 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: I agree with the proposal made by Starship Earth, in that the “death” of a super important witness may be to remove him from public scrutiny in order to actually preserve his witness capacity as the pedo involvement from many of the prominent folks he “collected” comes to Light. Just think of who he knows that did what!

No one know for sure if he is dead or alive, but we do know that truths of evil will be revealed. Now, more than ever, those awakened need to become “the observer”, and be…



No matter where we are, we wake to the same news.

Like you, I immediately knew Epstein did not kill himself, so that leaves suicided or whisked away for safe keeping, as were our other star witnesses, Timothy Holmseth and Julian Assange.

The ridiculous details like the timing and mal-functioning CCTV cameras and guards sent away due to a maintenance issue suggest it was an “op”—but whose?

Do we believe the White Hats would let THE KEY witness in THE KEY case get taken out?

A witness on suicide watch or in protected custody can’t off themselves unless rules are broken.

I found the Tweet below interesting in that an apparent inside resource says it broke protocol if it happened the way they said. Not a vetted source, obviously, but interesting.

Maybe just a Q-incidence.  ~ BP



— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) August 10, 2019



— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) August 10, 2019

6/8 TRUMP: “GUESS WHAT, We Have A WORLD To Run” #NO5G #1776PLANET ~ June 8, 2018

As President Trump trolls the G7 Bobbleheads, people are being Arkancided around the globe, while the Bilderbergers go full Vatican to achieve Quantum domination of the Prison Planet. WE, the People, must be Active Now to defeat the Globalist fascists!

Sunday Headline Roundup for December 17, 2017 [videos] ~ Dec. 17, 2017

The truth about our reality here on earth continues to emerge. Thanks to BP at Starship Earth for bringing us a walloping measure of truth using several videos to bring us all up to date. Those of us in the “truther” segment of society just cannot keep up with all the latest breaking news!

So…hunker down and learn more about what the cabal/Illuminati NEVER wanted you to know, just keep on breathing, and…


Thank you everyone for the links and information you share, and thank you too, for the donations. At this time of year it is especially kind of you to be so generous.  ~ BP & Patrick

Some of the videos and links aren’t behaving today so… good luck.


December 17, 2017

When we say a lot of truth is going to continue to come out, our heads will be reeling, but in the video above, they say the White Hats can’t let the truth out about everything all at once because the cabal still has some power.

The video above says some women were paid or had their mortgages zeroed out to come forward with lies about Trump sexually assaulting them, or some such dirt. Just like Sandy Hook. They paid off the mortgages of everyone in town so they would go along with that stunt and shut up about it forever. Most people have no idea the power, wealth and depravity of the cabal. It’s inconceivable to them that anyone would do these things. Newsflash! That’s how they got away with it for so long. Denial.

From Twitter… have a boo at this: (thanks, L)

TRUTH BOMB: Former Miss Universe Manager Confirms The Sexual Misconduct Accusations Against Trump Are False, – ‘Trump was always a Gentleman


Col. Potter reveals there have been hit attempts on he and at least one other Bundy supporter and he warns all Bundy supporters are on one of the “kill lists” BLM Special Agent Wooten revealed in his 18-page whistleblower document.

Here is more about that document here, if you missed it. Rep. Shea goes over the highlights and explains the significance.


There are an increasing number of truth bombs going off all around the cabal so the situation remains dicey, to say the least.

Enter, stage left, the UFO truths…

SOME of the members of the US government are in favour of releasing the truth about the ETs and all the ships we see; mainly the Navy, who have their own “secret space program”.

Weather is weird, too. It hasn’t rained in months here but we had a 45 minute thunderstorm at 4 am this morning and I’m taking the credit for this one. We just had all our windows cleaned, and our driveway is all dug up with new concrete poured for retaining walls because a flash flood washed it out last summer. Timing is everything.

The fires in California are still creating problems. As Thomas Williams said, this ancient technology test they pulled off there is nearly impossible to stop once it’s unleashed. More evacuations are imminent and our hearts go out to our compatriots in Cali.

BPEarthwatch does a great summary and cautionary update here:


And on a sad note… the 81st doctor death.

The Pneumonic Plague is spreading: Warnings issued to 9 countries

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks warns deep state is trying to take out President Trump. That’s not news, but when coming from Assange… perhaps more credible for some disbelievers. It’s not like they’ve never done it before.

And last, but not least…

$21 Trillion of Unauthorized Spending by US Govt Discovered by Economics Professor