I AM Ashtar. ~ July 18, 2020

Editor’s Note: What can I say? The comet Neowise, shown above, comes as a physical reminder for all across the globe to know Who You Are. Open your Magnificent Hearts to the Quantum LOVE you Are, and then rest in…

Quantum Joy!


I AM Ashtar. I come at this point in your Evolutionary process, in your Awakening process.

For this is that Grand Awakening. This is what you all came here for. These are those times, those moments just prior to the Great Awakening.

You are in it NOW. And you are moving through it rapidly. Because everything is exactly as it needs to BE in these Moments, even though everything appears around you to be in chaos.

There will Be ORDER coming from this chaos. Because you are moving through this process, and what is occurring is a Separation. Yes, you must BEcome UNITED. But first, in order to do so, there must be that Separation.

A Separation of the Wheat from the chaff.

This is what is occurring. Some are calling it a TimeLine Shift. That is also correct. Because those of you that are on the TimeLine that is in creation NOW, the creative process that you are in, you are creating the TimeLine that you want to BE on. You are creating the TimeLine of the NEW Higher Vibrations and Frequencies, moving into the HIGHER Dimensions.

And yes, you will be leaving behind those that are Not ready for this. But fear NOT: those that are not ready, those that choose to not be ready, they will be accommodated just as they need to be. And No One, and I repeat: NO ONE shall be lost. Even though they are temporarily lost to you, even if they may be family members. They will be back with you again.

For you, your SELVES, have left many, many times your families, your loved ones, in many different systems, many planets. You have done this many times before. You have said good-bye, whether it was through a dying process or just simply leaving to move to continue on your Journey.

You have left them before, always to return once again, to connect once again to your brothers and sisters, to your family members, to your loved ones. For they are all a part of our SOUL family-always will BE, always have been. You will BE back with them. Even those that have left you in this lifetime in the dying process: you will be reunited with them once again. And those that still yet may leave in that process, you will reunite with them again.

You are destined, my friends, you are destined to complete this Journey that you came for. You made many promises long ago and, as you Know, you volunteered to be here. But those times are coming to an end. This volunteering is coming to an end. You are close to reaching that finish line. We know you heard this before. And in your third-dimensional illusionary understanding, you wonder, “When is it going to be? When is it going to be?”

But our answer to you is you are in it right NOW.

You are at the cusp of the NEW Awakening, the NEW DAWN that is coming. It is already approaching NOW. And if you look out and look beyond the chaos, you will see the Blue Skies. You will see the white fluffy Clouds. You will see the flowers in the fields blooming. You will see and feel the water, consciousness within the water. You will KNOW Beauty, even within the seeming ugliness.

But the seeming ugliness is necessary for more and more people to Awaken. That is what you are waiting for. Many of you could have ascended back in your 2012. Many of you were destined to do so. But you KNOW that you all chose at a deeper level, within you at the Higher SELF level, you chose to wait so that more and more of your brothers and sisters here could Ascend with you.

That is what you came here for many, many lifetimes ago, to prepare the way for this Ascension process. To be those Way-Showers. To show the way. To prepare the way.

And along the way, the system that are in place Need to Be Changed. They Need to BE Busted Wide Open. And that one you have as the President Now, President Trump, is that System Buster. He has been put in place for this. He volunteered for this. He is the one is leading you through this Transition.

All of you must give him all of the strength that you can muster to provide for him the LIGHT. Send him LIGHT. He is in need of a Great amount of LIGHT NOW. For those of the dark forces will do everything that they can to hold him off, to hold those forces of the LIGHT off.

But as you KNOW, and as you have heard many times, and have begun to fully realize, the LIGHT has WON, and what has started CANNOT Be Stopped.

It can be postponed and has been many times. But it CANNOT Be fully Stopped. You, those of you the Light-Workers and Warriors are the one that are paving the way forward. So, continue to assist in any way that you can, any opportunity that arises to help others Awaken.

Even if you may receive those attacks you speak of, those mental and emotional attacks, you can ward that off. You can protect your SELVES. You have the tools: the Violet Flame, the Shield of LIGHT, Archangel Michael’s Blue Sword of Truth, the use of Crystals.

Whatever it is, whatever tool that works for you, you have it to use to Shield your SELF from negativity, to Shield your SELF from dark forces attacking you. And in return for reaching out to helping others, you will help more and more to Awaken to who they are, just as you were helped by those of us to Awaken to who you are.

For you are all of us BEcoming. You are the Ones that are going to take our places. You are the ONES. You are the ONE.

I AM Ashtar. And I leave you Now in PEACE and LOVE, as we continue to watch from above to assist whenever we find it possible. And you have many, many that are assisting and helping you.

You are NOT Alone, my friends, never have been, never will Be. We are all in this together. Remember that. We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.


Channeled by James McConnell

source: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net

Ashtar: Be in, and Become, Your Still Point ~ June 27, 2020

Editor’s Note: Guidance is here for all who will listen! Become quiet and dive deep into your self and feel into your heart. “Let go” and discover that point of stillness within which allows you to create with LOVE from your Magnificent Heart, and find that place of only BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


Greetings to all of you who are reading or listening to this message. I bid you great tidings, for all is well on the surface of planet earth. Despite how it may look in outer appearances. This is all to do with the way you see things.

It’s important that you cultivate an ability, to see things as your heart does, to live in heart awareness, heart consciousness. To be still. To allow your heart to open, fully open, to the full potential of the consciousness that you truly are.

There are many beings of light around you, that are assisting you at this time, to help you to do this. But it is important that you take the steps and the time to centre yourself daily, to allow yourself to become the still point, the very centre of your heart. In doing so, you will discover aspects of yourself, qualities of yourself, a feeling of yourself, that you have only dreamed of. It is right there for you, it is sitting right in your heart centre, waiting to be tapped into fully, completely, lovingly and openly.

It will become apparent to you as times move forward, just how easy it is to connect to this still point, relax with this, have fun with this, for this is the easiest way to do it, to bring yourself into your still point.

Allow your physical body to loosen, release the tension, let go of your worries, your anxieties, your fears. It is a little, as this one imagines, to holding on and clinging on to the side of a swimming pool, just as you might do in your daily life, in the many actions you take, it feels like you’re constantly clinging on in a certain way, and then when you relax, you feel as if you can release yourself. In truth you are letting go to the very truth that you are, you are surrendering. And imagine if you will, in this analogy, of holding onto the side of a swimming pool, and then allowing yourself to drift, trusting, that you will float, that you will always be supported, you are eternally supported. You are eternally supported by yourself, your higher self. The true fabric of who you really are. And in that state of being, there is nothing to hold onto.

You see, from a very young age, you have all been conditioned, programmed if you will, to grip, to hold on. And by doing so, you take yourselves further out of heart consciousness, and into mental control. This is one of the many things, that the energies coming in right now, are changing for you, and helping you to change. But you must be a willing participant, you must be a conscious participant.

We recommend that you go in daily, to your heart centre, surrender. Allow yourselves to drift freely, into melding into your heart centre. And instead of searching for the still point, allow it to draw you in, surrender to it, surrender to the truth that you are. Much like the analogy of releasing your grip from the side of the pool, in full faith and love and joy, that you are eternally supported and you are absolutely safe dear ones.

This is important because you see, whatever you can let go of, is not you. And when you let go and allow yourselves to drift and meld into your still point, you become aware of who you really are, you become aware of what you are. You become aware of when you fully let go, when you immerse yourself in your heart centre, you become your true state of being, this is what it is to live in the fifth dimension and above.

These are glorious times, in the unfolding’s that you are moving through at this time.

I thank this channel, for bringing this message through for me. And I will release channel now and bid you farewell. So much is yet to transpire, all of it is of the utmost amazement. Be well dear friends, brothers and sisters, for the future is about to more exciting than you can possibly imagine…

We love you all, farewell for now…

This is Ashtar

» Channel: Davey

Ashtar: Your Councils Are Guiding You ~ June 13, 2020

Editor’s Note: Yes, yes, yes…NOW is the moment to recognize yourself, not as a “mere” human without means, for each of us IS the vessel of Source/Creator/All That Is/ your name. Lend yourself to understand your Magnificence of BEing, your basis of BEing A creature of LOVE, with the ability to find balance from this observation allowing you a to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Your counsels are guiding you.

What do I mean by this? Alas, many of you don’t realize the significance you have in being on earth right now. Ivo has explained some of this in videos and books, and Sharon has relayed the messages, so I will add my part in this now.

You are all representing a world, or worlds, or dimension or dimensions in your work here on earth. As I said, you may not realize it. You are multi-dimensionals, and at times, so is your work.

If your most recent past life was in the Pleiades, then Pleiadian guides will be assigned to you, sometimes a twin flame, sometimes family members from that lifetime, and sometimes counsel members who wish to infuse earth again with the knowledge of that counsel, through you. The counsel members are always watching you, as you are an ambassador for their worlds, representing them upon the earth. Your life is not any less important than that.

Sometimes you may see beings you’re unfamiliar with, see shadows walking through your home, have dreams of strangers who seem alien to you…. these are often the counsel members as they school you, answer your questions, and work on your awakening.

If you have a predominance of lives in any particular area of the galaxy, such as Vega and Sirius, such as Sharon has, then you will be visited by counsel members of both these worlds. They may be of differing frequencies as well, if you have had lives of differing frequencies in their worlds.

If you have had past lives in many different constellations, or many different dimensions, then congratulations, you are playing a role of infusing the knowledge of the One through to your planet. You are a complete being with information entrusted to you by many worlds and God himself.

If you are a master, then speaking to the masters will also be possible.

If your physical body has other bloodlines than those your soul predominates with, then these counsels will be interested in you. DNA is key.

You are a receiver, you receive the energies from these constellations, their stars and from the people on these planets, and it is infused into your DNA and transferred down into the inner core of earth. Gaia is enriched by your energy transfers. This happens always, but specifically at peak times of open portals, galactic alignments and also through visitation.

Many of you have no idea of the unique role you are playing to reconstitute the earth as a knowledge bank, to restore her to the wonderful realm of perfection that she once was.

Light is being infused into your planet in so many ways, and in so doing, you raise its frequency and the frequency of the people upon it. You raise them back to their splendor as the Olympians they once were, the Atlases, the Aphrodites, the gods who walked this planet in Antiquity, the marvelous loving powerful beings that earthlings once were.

Your contribution is so appreciated, you have no idea how loved you are.

We are with you,



Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

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Ashtar: Entire Scenario ~ June 6, 2020

Editor’s Note: Too true, the message of this article. Whooo! Perhaps it IS time to leave the internal fight against the dark, and instead, focus on inviting all that is good, pure and true into my life. The more I think about taking this action, the more I like the way it makes me feel…and that is the whole point!

No one is “against” me, except…myself, and my thoughts. This is a very nice, freeing and Loving perspective leaving me waiting to literally see how this plays out (don’t we already KNOW the answer?).

Please read this article, know your own Magnificent truth, exist in nothing but LOVE, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


We of the Light Forces wish to remind you on planet earth, that your battle now is not between the left and the right, the Republicans and the Democrats, the people and the Deep State… you are fighting for something much more meaningful. You are fighting to re-entrench God into your world. It has been a long time since God has graced your minds, walked your streets and blessed your hearts and it is time again, for the re-introduction of God and all that is One to bless your lives again.

For anyone who sees themself as having an enemy at all, you are missing the point. The enemy is within and it must be expunged from your hearts and minds, so that God may reign free in your world once more and that you take your places as the cherished divine beings that you are.

This entire scenario on your world now, being played out for you to see, to improve, to work on yourselves to change, is there for your reaction and your input. You are playing a game, a very important game, of “What do I do next? How do I improve myself and the world for the rest of humanity now?” If these are not the questions you’re asking, then you’re playing the wrong game.

Know that you are more powerful than those who run your world. They have stolen it from you. Something stolen can only be taken from one who has more, remember that.

It is as if you are at a movie theater, and the script is being created by you and all your fellow earthlings. How do you wish to influence it now?

We are with you, always.

Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega

Get your copy of our new book, “Ashtar Sheran: Your Future on Eden” today! Your download is available now, at: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1010871

Ashtar: Time to Rise Above the Illusion ~ May 27, 2020

I am Ashtar. As always, I appreciate these times that I can be with you. That all of us can be with you in various ways and various expressions. That we can bring certain messages across to you. Certain understandings. To help you to move through all that you are experiencing now.

Even though as you look out at the expressions that are presenting themselves to you now, know that there is so much more that is happening behind the scenes.  All is not as it appears to be.  But all is as you are creating it to be.  So know that.  Know that you have the creative ability, have always had it.  So create the life that you want.  Create the world that you want.  Not tomorrow.  Not next year.  But right now in this moment.

That is why we tell you so many times to be in the moment.  Do not have fear whatsoever.  Fear will only hold you back.  The negative lower expressions will only hold you down, will hold you to this three-dimensional earth illusion, here.

But you do not have to be held down any more.  Now it is time to rise above the illusion.  To know that there is no more illusion.  The illusion is a creation that is no longer needed here.  You created it purposefully so that you could have the experience, you could have the experience of duality and be able to choose between the Light and the dark.  But you no longer need to have that here as an expression.  For you are choosing the Light.  All of you are choosing the Light.

And those that yet choose the darkness, those that will still hold onto everything that they have known, the expression that they have felt comfortable with, then they will be accommodated in whatever way is needed for them in their expression in that moment.

So as the Solar Flash hits, as The Event and the Changeover happen, all of those that are prepared within themselves to express at a higher vibration will do so.  And those that are not prepared, those that are yet still sleeping:  they will find themselves in a different expression from you.

And THIS IS the separation of the wheat from the chaff that was spoken in your bible, was spoken of by your Yeshua that this would be the time of separation.

You have heard it in terms of a timeline separation where one timeline will go off in one direction, and another will go in another direction.  And that is true.  And there is a point where those of you are choosing which timeline you want to be on.  All of you that are on this call, and most, if not all, of you that resonate to these words have already made your choice.  And many more that are yet still asleep will make their choice.  They will make a conscious choice to either follow the light or to recede from the light.  And that will be their choice.

Because it is not up to anyone else to control you.  No one controls you.  We certainly never would even think about controlling you.  We only are here to help guide you.  To help move you in a direction that is purposeful for you in the moment.  That is what we are here to do, to offer our expression.  To offer our knowings.  To offer those things which will help you to continue to rise in your expression into higher frequency.  That is what we are here for.

You are here to raise yourselves into those higher dimensional expressions.  And all of you are doing exactly that.

As you look out as to what is happening in the world right now, most of you, if not all of you, realize that it is a false expression.  It is false.  It is not real.  It is only as real as you allow it to be.  So whether you wear masks or you do not wear a mask is not the issue.  Whether you separate from another six feet is not, is not the issue.

The issue is what you want to create each and every moment, right now, here and now.  That is what you are here to do.

And those that are ready to accept the expression that you are providing.  And I say now, you are providing that expression, you are the ideal that is set up to help those who are still yet asleep, to help them awaken.  You are the ones that are sent up for that.  And you do so simply by showing it to others.  You do not need to tell them anything.  You need to show them.  You need to help them learn.  Just as we are helping you learn.  You are us in a higher expression.  That’s what you have to come to understand.  We are you, and you are us.  And there is really no separation except what you allow yourself to create within yourselves.

So continue now to understand that we, in our ships, in my Ashtar Command in the Pleiadian Command of the Light Forces, and the Sirian Command, and all of the various commands and councils and all that is happening now, all of this is happening to help free not only the Earth, not only Gaia, but the entire Solar System, and even yet the Galaxy!  To finally bring the entire Galaxy into the Light.  That is what this is all about.  So what happens here now on the Earth is going to reverberate across the entire Solar System and the Galaxy itself.  So you, those of you, that are creating the expression here now on the planet, you are going to reverberate this expression across the entire Galaxy!

So what you do now is important.  YOU are important.  Whether you sit at home and follow these expressions from your rules and your laws, or you say “No!  Enough is enough!”  Creator Him/Her self, Prime Creator, has uttered those exact words!  “Enough is enough!”  So how can you not say the same thing.  How you cannot say now, “Enough is enough!”?  And not rebel in the sense of creating a separation with violence of anything of this nature.  We would never suggest that.

But to create a nonfollowing, a nonfollowing, following you own heart, but do not follow those forces of the darkness which are attempting to hold you back, to hold back your Ascension process.

They have known about the Ascension process for many thousands of years.  They have done all they can to hold this Ascension back, to hold the Light back.  To keep you in the darkness.  To keep you asleep.  Because as you awaken, it causes them to have to leave, and they know it.  And they do not want to leave.

They believe this is their home.  They believe that they have a right to be here and to express in the way they need to express and to control all those that will not express in the way that they want.

But they are learning now that that is not to be.  That everything that is happening now is happening for a reason and cannot be stopped.  And they know that, even though they attempt to strike out in various ways that they have understood that have worked in the past.  And even this virus scare, this creating of fear around this, they even believe yet that they will succeed.

But they are finding out that the Light is more powerful than the darkness within them.  And many of them are even beginning to turn to the Light.  Many of them are coming out of their slumber.  And I speak now not only of those that are within the darkness, but I speak of all of those that are yet asleep and not even knowing that they are asleep.  And they are also coming into the Great Awakening.

So have faith.  Have hope that everything is exactly as it needs to be right here NOW in this moment.  And in this very NOW moment, create the exact life that you want to have, not only for yourselves and your future selves, but right now in this moment.

I am Ashtar, and I leave you now in peace and love, and continue to ask you to look up at the stars and see beyond the stars, and see what is really there that is shining back to you to let you know that we are here, and are here to assist in every way that we can.

Peace and love be with all of you.

» Channel: James McConnell


Believing Is Seeing!