James Gilliland Message ~ Galactic Reunion and the Days to Come ~ December 27, 2018

There has been a lot of communication with the Galactic Federation. The Pleiadians and Orion Council of Light are saying the end of tyranny is very near. The Shift is hitting the fan so gear up, the deep state is a wounded animal on the way out grasping at straws using all of its assets to fuel the lies that form the bedrock of their foundation. I had a dream last night which is subject to interpretation. There were two people in the dream. A male and female. They were both in military garb part of an elite group operating some very sophisticated vehicles. One was by air the other by land. There were two others male and female dressed in black. The ones dressed in black tried to hijack the mission and the vehicles. They were unsuccessful due to the wisdom and quick responses of the military.

The mission went on with a slight interruption. My interpretation of this dream is the dark hats or deep state and the global elite are trying one last attempt to stop the planetary liberation. They were unsuccessful and now it is full steam ahead. The dream is representative of what is happening as we speak on Earth. We have been under the dark hearts thumb what one would call the Draconian Grid for thousands of years. Kings, political, business and even religious institution have participated in an Archon Hiarcheal power structure of suppression and manufactured lack perpetuating war and disease. They are the war and disease profiteers. We are at a turning point where Universal Law, a consciousness and energy grid what some would call Unity Consciousness is replacing the old Draconian or Archon Grid.

This is an unstoppable event. The Archons are a collection of fallen Annunaki, negative Greys, Reptilians, Serpent Beings, fallen humans as well as what some would call demonic entities. Just as there is a dark force with levels there is also a light force. There is the source itself, the one consciousness that encompasses all consciousness on all planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. God/Creator/Great Spirit. There are Ascended Masters, Angelic, Andromedan, Arcturian, Lyrian, Sirian, Orion Council of Light and Pleiadian beings who created the colonies of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu on the light side. There are 13th-dimensional beings along with 11th, 9th,8th joining the party as of late. This is all part of the Awakening and Healing of Humanity and the Earth, Planetary Liberation. What you are seeing playing out on Earth is what some call the White Hats or Ground Crew versus those who have willingly or in ignorance have become puppets of the Archons. These influences are in degrees and percentages. There are shades of gray. No one is perfect nor has anyone lead a perfect life all that matters are your intentions and actions, NOW. Karma, Action/Reaction is accelerating. It is written in the days to come, “No rock shall be left unturned and all the inequities will be shouted from the rooftops.”

All the manipulating, hidden agendas in the past and in the now will naked for all to see. The Archons and the counterparts on Earth share one common theme. They can’t tell the truth. If you make a list of their lies and present it to them they will greet it with more lies. Avoid and deflect then attack is the modus-operandi. You cannot have a logical, truthful, intelligent conversation with those under the Archon influence.

Most will become very uncomfortable or fly into a rage when challenged. Spiritual counselors call it barking. Entities are barking through those under their influence. Some are going beyond barking into acts of meritless violence. Now I know I am losing some of you grounded in reality folks yet answer me this. How is it there is so much inhumanity? Could there be nonhuman influences? Could there possibly be unseen negative influences at war with Creation? The Creator within all Creation? Is it possible people have been manipulated, suppressed, falsely guided by kings, politicians, religions and the elite for so long they accept it, think it is normal?

Your history is replete with such stories. There never was a Holy War; there was one king or leader wanting what another had. Time to stop participating. The consequences are becoming monumental. All ill-gotten gain will be lost. Those who are not frequency specific or aligned with Universal Law by their own hand will suffer the consequences. It is a natural cycle, the Earth and everything on the Earth is graduating to the next level. Everything else will be phasing out.

There is an Earth just out of phase above and below this Earth. There are planets, solar systems, and galaxies just out of phase from the ones we can observe. You live in a multidimensional universe as multidimensional beings. We will give those who be-lie-ve they are just a body and a personality time to sit with that. Meanwhile, let’s get back to the days to come. Do you want to know the future? Most of it is common sense. Are you creating Heaven on Earth? To what degree?

Are you operating under Universal Law? Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. To what degree? The percentages determine your future. Are you a blessing to life? Are you in service to others? Those who are brutally honest with themselves and have the courage to evolve and change are the ones with the brightest future. On the same note, those who are self-serving, operating from a sense of entitlement and acting outside of Universal Law have a very bleak future.

Applying this makes one a prophet. Need more? Here is a hint, Less is More. Power is not in more, happiness is not in more, abundance is not in more. Out of the nothing comes everything, everything begins at one point. Becoming nothing becomes everything. Contemplate that in Nature. Might want to do a little Yi Gong along with it.

Be well,

James Gilliland


Gov’t Shutdown… Civil Unrest… What’s Coming? ~ December 23, 2018

Stefan Molyneux discusses the wall funding, the democrat/left desire to destroy America and the possibility of civil unrest. Will the treasonous media be able to whip up the libtards into violent acts across America? If so, are we ready?


In addition to all military, including retired, being called to active duty in November 2018, we now have troops recalled from Syria, and you may have heard for the first time all US aircraft carriers are also returned to dock.

The Patriot hour brings us another article about the current state of the nation and possibilities for the near future including arrests of the cabal, the takeover of the Federal Reserve, and other topics.  ~ CB

Late Headlines for December 21, 2018: Gearing Up For… Something Big [videos] ~ December 21, 2018

There is a bumper crop of information at our fingertips these days and no excuse for not knowing what’s going on. QAnon also posted again today.

The quality of most of the information is so good, it’s difficult to decide where and with whom to focus one’s attention.

Below is another interview with Dr. Michael Salla via Edge of Wonder.

Incidentally, I have had to (re)subscribe to several Themtube channels today as I discovered I had been unsubscribed somehow… imagine.

Why the Deep State Despises the American Constitution Exclusive Interview with Dr. Michael Salla

What Would This Government Shutdown Look Like?

Dave discusses some interesting aspects of a shutdown/economic crash we may not have considered. It confirms for me that the positive forces facilitating this take-down of the cabal and our liberation thought of everything and whatever could be done to soften the blows, cushion the fall, soothe the panic has been considered and addressed—and get them to prepare.

Those of us who understand what is happening will need to explain that there are strategies in place to ensure that no one suffers very much, if at all. However it goes, we will survive, work together, and we’ll be fine.

I had to resubscribe to the X22 Report today. That’s the 4th channel today, so you may want to make sure you’re still subscribed to your favourite channels and getting notifications.

Stores Are Stockpiling Goods To Prepare For The Transition – Episode 1747a

Anons Were Right, 16 Year Plan Stopped, Full Control, PANIC – Episode 1747b

This just in… another delay. They will keep us on tenterhooks until the last second.

Senate moves forward on funding bill including border wall money; Pence breaks tie

Further to the news that a “drone” seemed to be what led to the shutdown of London/Gatwick airport, it was shut down for 32 hours. Coincidence? We were told that when the mass arrests took place all borders and airports would be shut down to prevent cabal members from escaping… so… you can connect the dots. It just might be related.

Two shut-downs at Gatwick. Everything is a cover-up. A drone-scare—oh my. “Highly targeted”. Can you stand the drama?

London’s Gatwick Airport closes again due to suspected drone sighting after brief opening

Benjamin Fulford did another update with the gang at Prepare for Change you may want to take in. It’s a lot more interesting than the intel he gets from various sources and shares on his blog as a reporter each week because it’s his own interpretation of events unfolding and likely outcomes.

Benjamin Fulford Interview: Ding Dong the Sherff is dead, Military Tribunals are now ahead!

Wikileaks locked out of their Twitter account…

For those who don’t mind reading, Jon Rappoport brought us a thought-provoking piece on the direction America took that led us where we find ourselves today. We will need to contemplate and plan for the future, based on lessons learned from the past so history doesn’t repeat.

Earlier today we spoke of the Republic vs. The United States, Inc. Most Americans are unaware of the reality and the sleight of hand. It’s actually a fascinating topic and needs to be understood.

Utopian Fantasies Verses a Better World

by Jon Rappoport

December 21, 2018

“When you come to the subject of who should ‘fix things,’ the government or private individuals, you could throw up your hands and confess that neither choice works, in which case you’re left with a terminal disease, and a fine excuse for doing nothing; or you could refer back to the principles of the Republic, and understand why the Founders put chains on government, and you might a find a clue for navigating out of the maze.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

This piece is for anyone who can understand it—but it’s also for THE ENTREPRENEUR, who in his soul wants to do something large and bright and radical and successful, to turn the tide of human affairs in an enormously good direction and, yes, still make a substantial profit.

And no, “the universe” doesn’t rule out those two motives existing side by side.

The United States was created as a Republic.

That meant severely limited central government.


Read the rest of the article…

For those new to Q… Praying Medic brings us his December 21st update he says is perfect for you.

Qanon December 21 – The 16 Year Plan to Destroy America

The Current Situation in America and Potential Scenarios ~ December 21, 208

We made it! The shortest day of the year has arrived. From here on we coast to summer. That’s how I look at it. The nights get shorter, the days longer, and we find our way out of the dark… into the Light.

There is a little extra excitement in the air this Christmas as Trump continues to shake up the Washington crowd, key figures retire, the troops come back from Syria, and the possibility of a government shutdown looms large.

Of course it’s all for show and everyone is playing their role to the hilt. It’s not your typical Christmas pageant but I’ll take it.

Many people on our planet are not aware of the situation and don’t want to know. Now would not be a good time to wake them up fully, so it appears the White Hats may be implementing a plan to remove the cabal quietly and under false pretenses. A government shutdown.

These “radical” moves always get volleyed back and forth for a few weeks… or months… so people get used to hearing about them. It gives them a chance to consider, “what if”.

Now it appears we just may be on the verge of a government shutdown—or more—and various sources tell us what they’ve heard about it. We’re hearing about “ten days of darkness”—which doesn’t mean a power outage in this case—it’s a military operation.

A military guy from Texas dropped by the Captain’s Blog yesterday and reiterated the message to us. He said we should always be prepared, don’t buy into the fear porn, and “civilians relax”.

The military’s got this. They recruited and installed Trump and protected him, educated the patriots, and many groups are working in concert to eliminate the cabal and bring them to justice.

Many of us may not be aware of anything unfolding at all during this period, depending on where we’re located and the number of cabal members in our area—if any. It will be done as quietly as possible, is my guess. Or maybe it will just be the Washington general area. We don’t know.

Below is a post shared in a couple of places with some details that are floating around. We have no way of vetting it.

However, Thomas Williams told us again last night the wall funding thing is all for show. The Trust funded the wall and pays all government employees because the Fed is flat broke—and they just admitted it. It was a fascinating show. I recommend you take it in. It was another one revealing a startling history you’ve probably never heard.

The drama continues today, as Thomas alluded when he said tomorrow could be bedlam—but a good bedlam, depending on who you are. Trump always keeps us on the edge of our seat, doesn’t he? It’s part of The Plan. Every bit of it, and he’s great at setting the stage.

GOP Led House Passes Trump’s Border Wall Funding

Enough with government shutdowns – Washington, wake up! When will our leaders learn that we want compromise?

President Trump warned Friday that a partial government shutdown would last “for a very long time” if Congress does not meet his demand Friday for billions in funding for his long-promised border wall in a stopgap spending measure.  Source

According to comments left on blogs, a few are really caught up in the minutiae of who the military pledges their allegiance to: the President or the Constitution. Some believe because they’re “woke” that they know everything.

Most don’t understand that things are different from what we were told. We needed to fix this problem resulting from the cabal changing laws, rewriting documents, and creating Executive Orders on a whim—for the benefit of the crooks—not The People. It’s complicated.

There are actually 4 constitutions according to Thomas Williams, and the People’s military (as opposed to the cabal’s military) have an allegiance to the President, the Commander-In-Chief. I don’t believe they would swear allegiance to a fake constitution, do you? The “official” Constitution references the United States of America, does it not?

It reads… “… do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Technically, the People of America are part of the Republic, not the United States. That’s Washington; a corporation run by the criminal cabal.

The People officially need (or needed) a new Constitution drafted for America—the Republic, as I understand it.

A lot of details need to get sorted, but that will come. In times of war, where national security is at risk and there is a clear and present danger to The People, there are extenuating circumstances. It’s a state of emergency. Why fight over trivia? That’s creating division and wasting time and energy on things that don’t matter in a crisis such as we have now.

Nothing has been done the way it normally would from the beginning of the “soft coup” as they called it, in 2016. Hillary Clinton was prevented from stealing another election by replacing rigged voting machines, Donald Trump was voted in because he told the truth about the situation in America and those running it and promised to fix it. He has done his best to fight the cabal and fulfill his campaign promises, and continues to do so. And that’s just what we can see. There is so much more that has been done behind the scenes, such as releasing the suppressed technologies, as we recently learned.

The positive military intelligence group (QAnon team) and Trump’s inner circle and other groups who get no fanfare, are draining the swamp. How many other ways do we have to put it for people to understand that unusual things must happen to do this? If you want it done for you, you don’t get to decide how it’s done, when it’s done, or by whom—or how you will be notified.

Q told us yesterday that [D] Day is coming. There’s your direct heads up. Will 2018 be “glorious” as Q said? It sounds like there’s a good possibility it will be.

The Plan is in the process of being executed every day. What must happen will happen, and we will not be told everything for obvious reasons. If people can’t see from the chain of events and intel over the past year and longer, that big stuff has to go down to stop the carnage and prevent genocide, then I don’t know what to tell you.

I can’t speak to all the info in the message below but share it for what it’s worth. You decide.

The meme we shared said martial law would come “after Christmas”. That could mean December 26th or mid-January, for all we know.

I would say don’t sweat the details, just prepare, then relax and enjoy the show—as we’ve been told many times, by multiple sources. You may have heard about the tornado near Seattle. If you don’t want to prepare for martial law then prepare for freak weather because the terrorists do control that to some degree and they’re trying to do as much damage as possible. Prepare for whatever threat you think is likely. We’re just along for the ride—and what a ride it is.  ~ BP

This text is repeated below if you can’t read it.

Same info as above from VOAT plus some additional…

“Be Prepared to be Blown Away”Intel Update 12-20-18











“Be Prepared to be Blown Away” – Intel Update from Q Frankie Z 12-20-18 ~ Intel


My comment: after re-reading the March 1, 2018 Military Tribunal/Court Martial EXEC ORDER, no one can be arrested before Jan 1, 2019 and have this EX Order apply.

2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States

https://www.whitehouse.gov/presidential-actions/2018-amendments-manual-courts-martial-united-states/ (If I am reading it correctly.) If so, then there would be no point in declaring Martial Law right after Christmas, if no one is going to be rounded up until Jan 1 or some time there after. That’s just my opinion. I do believe Martial Law will be declared at some point, probably when the round up takes place, as this is what Q has hinted at in 2 posts now. This guy seems to be quoting insider sources, but remember we are in the middle of a major war here, and disinformation is necessary to deceive our enemies. So just get your households prepared mentally and physically for this eventually, so there is no panic, and everyone knows what to do, or not to do. Know that possible interruption of services, if they happen, will be restored as soon as possible, but we need to be prepared to take care of ourselves during these service disruptions.

Other than that, I sure hope this guy is right about shutting down the IRS and arresting 380 Congressmen/women.

There you have it; some additional feedback. Most of the reception of the news of a potential martial law scenario has been very positive. Patriots understand, are ready, and welcome it.

Some folks are already traveling to be with family for Christmas so we thank you all for flying with us this year, for your support, viewpoints, contributions to information and news we share, and the generous donations. Merry Christmas from me, and Number One.

Be safe, and full of joy and positive anticipation for the days ahead. I’m not going anywhere, have no guests, and will be carrying on as usual. Let the round-up begin!  ~ BP


What’s Coming? The Fall of the Cabal and BIG Change ~ November 28, 2018

October 31, 2018

The Deep State’s Control is Fast Coming to an End

The centuries-long tyrannical regime is reaching its termination stage


Thousands of centuries of criminal extortion

The Deep State’s control is fast coming to an end. They never expected this, so they are not prepared for it. Their lackeys – the puppets – in governments all over the world will find themselves in deep trouble. They are being believed less and less with every passing day. They are being exposed and must eventually face the wrath of the people whose lives they have maliciously exploited. President Trump, on his short visit to England, was there for only one reason: to confront the Queen of England with her malevolence and to demand the return of all that was stolen, to which the Queen agreed.

He didn’t want pomp and ceremony. He has the respect of all who seek truth. It was a pity that there were those in England who set out to disrespect him. They were either paid for it by George Soros, or displaying their own ignorance about what is going on in our world. President Trump deserves every respect and success in his endeavour to free the world from the criminal mafia that has terrorised and exploited the populace for thousands of centuries.

Politics is a dirty game. President Trump is not a politician, so he is free to follow his conscience. This is why there is such a huge effort to remove him from office. There have been to date over a dozen assassination attempts. The Cabal is petrified of him because they cannot control him. Never in the history of our world has there been such an effort to remove a President from his Office. The Cabal is ruthless and desperate to hold on to their power and control, which again is why numerous assassination attempts have been undertaken. To fulfill this monstrous task, you must really be driven and totally convinced of the ability to improve the world for all of humanity, for it is the most ungrateful job to fulfill. There is no glamour and money involved, commonly belonging to such a position.

People will be shocked to learn the extent of the Cabal’s control over them. Every aspect of our lives is covered. Even in the world of sports, where it is believed that the best man, woman, or team wins. Be assured it is often decided in advance by them, because they are the owners of the game, and have set their huge bets on their designated winner. They never leave anything to chance. They control all; much more than you ever can imagine.


Exposing the Truth

The change cannot occur until all governments cease to use chemtrails, which destroy humanity and the crops people depend on for their survival. No one should be forced to be vaccinated, especially not our lovely children. Drugs that eventually kill patients should be removed immediately.

The full extent of the Satanic Ritual Abuse and killings must be fully exposed and outlawed. Respect for men, women and children, should be the norm. These are the goals we should all intend to achieve. Many freelance investigative reporters are fighting the cabal via the internet. ‘It has become an army of digital soldiers’ that are fighting the cabal and all oppressive forces around us, to inform the awoken public about the progress made.

These are citizens like yourselves that cannot withstand the call to expose the truth. There is no option of being helpless and standing by as a spectator, while knowing the extent of the corruption, high treason and lies, all made possible by a judicial system that is bought and controlled by the cabal. This is all made possible as a result of the privately-owned monetary system that they illegally seized. This has become warfare at its best. Meanwhile, it has been made publicly visible that the cleaning up of the swamp is in progress and very soon a great deal will be exposed when the sealed indictments are opened.


Economic Collapse is being planned

The economy has long ago passed its expiration date and will now be purposely collapsed. This economy is a central bank economy and cannot be repaired. The economy will be replaced by a people’s economy, supported by free markets. The ongoing global financial market correction could continue during the coming weeks, as more GESARA-related changes are made around the world.

The Central Bank system works on debt and people have been brainwashed for years to make them believe that debt is a good thing. The stock market and the housing market are going down. The interest on debt will get to a point where it is unsustainable. President Trump and the patriots are using this strategy to push the MSM into blaming the Fed for the coming crash.

The stock markets all over the world have been declining for the last 5 weeks, and have lost over 8 trillion in paper value. This is the beginning of the entire global economic system breaking down. Around the world the real estate market is experiencing a downturn, even worse than the 2008 market downfall.

The Globalist system is collapsing on all fronts, and this is being done intentionally with the intervention of the Alliance. The most important factor for both sides of this information war is the push to control the narrative of the collapse. The central banks that were planning to introduce a cash-free society, are now experiencing the setbacks. They are in great panic.


The centuries-long tyrannical regime is reaching its termination stage

The centuries-long tyrannical regime is steadfastly reaching its end stage, to be destroyed for ever. No more lies and manipulation. All markets will be free, all aspects of our lives will be free from oppression and suppression. People will take responsibility for their own lives and decide for themselves.

Be prepared and be on your guard, as things are going to move fast from now on. Banks are closing and this will leave many people stranded without the necessities of life. The changeover should take about three weeks. The corrupt and their puppet helpers will be removed as they are unable to move forward. They became part of the Cabal because they have all been bribed to do the work for them. It made them feel important, but they will regret it and are paying a very high price for it.


There is plenty of work to be done

Remember; If only 1 percent of the population is knowingly involved, participating and benefiting from the Deep State fraud scheme, that amounts to about seven million criminals that have to be addressed with some level of questioning and prosecution.

So how are about two million law enforcement officers and judges, and other officials in the Army supposed to arrest, incarcerate, and prosecute these seven million criminal cases? Military tribunals and resources alone cannot possibly handle the vast volume of inquiries and prosecutions. Of course, they can take out the puppet ringleaders and dismantle the infrastructure that supports the Deep State, but in order to do the actual housecleaning, we will need the help of the awakened masses.

We, the people have to work together to put our house in order. We have to assemble our regional infrastructure and appoint or elect our governing bodies, to reclaim our assets and resources, restore our lawful court systems, and many issues more. There will be no sitting around in front of the television set, waiting for superman to come along and rescue us, even though there are many heroes doing their best for us.

We are the answer that we are looking for. Remember that these heroes depend on our civil government to direct and finance their operations. – The Cabal has been leeching off of humanity’s wealth for centuries. The amounts of stolen wealth are being recovered, to be allocated to projects for the benefit of humanity.

There are enough funds to build an entire civilisation on another planet. The funds being allocated to the GCR/RV are equivalent to less than 1% of the total amount of stolen wealth.

For now; the war is nearly over. Roll-up your sleeves and think how you can help to clean up this mess. Start organising your community for the new era that lies ahead.

In the famous words of President John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

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