A Confluence of Events are Building Ahead of October 31st ~ September 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: ( Thanks to Galactic Connection for this one!) World events are shaping up nicely in the geo-political sphere. Nicely, you say? Yes, current geo-political events are falling into place (falling apart) which HAS to happen in order for a new, more positive way of life to evolve here on Planet Earth. Old systems and ideas are evolving…whether they want to, or not!

The details are all listed below for your awareness. It’s best to stay on top of news these days, be vigilant and prepared, and as you watch our world change for the better, BE…



With less than six weeks before the UK is due to leave the European Union, the geopolitical environment is growing increasingly unstable. Whilst this is not necessarily an indication that Brexit will happen on October 31st, there have recently been some interesting developments globally that merit closer examination. Let’s start with Brexit itself.


As it stands, a Halloween exit from the EU remains the default position. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged that if he cannot agree a withdrawal deal with the EU at an upcoming summit on October 17th and 18th, he will not ask for a further extension to Article 50. This is in spite of a bill that passed through parliament in September that legally compels Johnson to go to the summit and request a minimum three month extension if a deal is not forthcoming.

If there is no agreement on a Brexit deal, and assuming Johnson keeps his word and leaves the summit without an extension, I would take this as an indication that the 31st exit date will hold. Parliament would not go quietly, however. One possibility is that right before the departure date MP’s try to force a vote on revoking Article 50 to stop a no deal exit.

This is potentially shaping up towards an eventual no deal mired in legal wrangling. But in the end the manner of such a departure will not matter. As the Article 50 text states, once the treaties binding the UK’s membership to the EU cease to apply, the UK is out. Any rulings made thereafter would not alter this fact.

Many consider Article 50 to be a mechanism designed to thwart Brexit from ever happening. But you could also reason that Article 50 works well from a globalist perspective. If elites want no deal to occur, then Article 50 is the ideal construct as through it they can control the timing of the point of exit and pull the UK out at their convenience.

Watching how Brexit is unfolding, it feels to me like the process is now reaching a crescendo. Perhaps this is why several key positions within the EU are about to change. EU Commission President Jean Claude Juncker is stepping down, as is European Central Bank President Mario Draghi. The date of their departure? October 31st. Christine Lagarde – a leading proponent of digital currencies – will take the reigns at the ECB from November 1st, the day when a new round of quantitative easing will begin to the tune of €20 billion a month. Is this all a mere coincidence?

Meanwhile, the Bank of England still has no forecast for a no deal / no transition exit from the EU, even as the possibility of such a scenario remains open this late in the process. They gave two reasons for this, the first being that no deal is not the policy of the government, and second that it is not the most likely outcome. At a Treasury Select Committee this month, BOE governor Mark Carney said the central bank will instead ‘take stock in November of where the UK stands as a country and adjust accordingly‘.

The BOE’s next policy meeting coincides with their latest inflation report on November 7th. As I have detailed over the months, the economic ramifications of a no deal event would over the ensuing months almost certainly prove inflationary.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that Article 50 is extended again for at least another three months to January 31st. Incidentally, this is the date that Mark Carney is due to depart the Bank of England. In this three month window a snap general election would likely be called, out of which I would expect the Brexit Party to gain enough support to be the deciding factor in the make up of the next government. A Boris Johnson / Nigel Farage coalition would fully encapsulate the narrative of a resurgence in political nationalism, and set the UK on a course for a ‘hard‘ Brexit come January.

An October 31st exit is not certain, but it feels more likely this time around than the original leave date of March 29th. Especially with Boris Johnson in Downing Street.

Federal Reserve

Last week the Fed began a series of sudden overnight repurchase operations in response to a sharp drop in liquidity in financial markets. The liquidity the Fed made available was initially not enough to satisfy demand, resulting in the Fed’s target range of 1.75 – 2% interest rates being breached. So far the Fed have injected hundreds of billions of dollars into the system. They plan to continue these operations until October 10th, and have left open the option of extending past this date.

Dubbed the ‘Fed Repo‘, these actions are not as many analysts claim quantitative easing ‘in all but name‘. They are short term loans, whereas QE is a permanent form of liquidity injection in which the beneficiaries are not obliged to repay. In short, the Fed have been lending ‘primary dealers‘ money, but the dealers in question have put up some form of collateral in order to acquire the funds, such as Treasury securities.

Therefore, the Fed’s balance sheet, which over the past two years they have trimmed by over $600 billion, is not going to grow through these specific actions.

There are questions now about whether bank reserves in the U.S. are sufficient to maintain market stability. In other words, are there enough dollars in the system to keep it from malfunctioning? When announcing a cut in interest rates last week, Jerome Powell mentioned in regards to reserves that ‘we’re going to learn a lot more in the next six weeks‘.

The Fed’s next decision on monetary policy takes place on October 30th – 24 hours before the UK is supposed to leave the EU. If a no deal happens, then it is not difficult to imagine this having an impact on market liquidity, especially if traders were to re-position funds into alternative currencies or be forced to liquidate holdings for cash.

Many expect the next FOMC meeting to be where Powell announces ‘QE4‘. But even if he does (which I am sceptical about), the announcement would come too late to prevent the immediate fallout of an October 31st exit. It would be an example of the Fed acting after the event and not before, which fits with how they reacted to the 2008 financial crisis.

What should not be forgotten here is that a growing liquidity crisis in the U.S. comes in the wake of the Fed having actively engaged in reducing the size of its balance sheet for almost two years. Only since then has market volatility become widespread. Their actions in the Repo markets are not a cure all, nor are they QE. I would suggest that they are a temporary measure to control the speed of an impending financial downturn, perhaps with Brexit serving as a near term trigger event.

U.S / China Trade War

Two days removed from September’s FOMC meeting, news broke that a Chinese trade delegation team in the U.S. had unexpectedly cancelled their planned visit to U.S. farms in Montana and Nebraska. No official reason was given for the cancellation, but what it illustrated was how closely developments in the trade war continue to be in correlation with the policy announcements of the Fed.

Here are some examples:

  1. A day after the Fed raised interest rates on March 21st 2018, Donald Trump asked the U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to look into applying tariffs on $50 – 60 billion of Chinese goods.
  2. Two days following another hike from the Fed on June 13th 2018, 25% tariffs on $50 billion of Chinese products were announced.
  3. On September 17th 2018 the U.S. announced 10% tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports to begin on the 24th. The Fed raised interest rates on the 26th.
  4. When the Fed cut interest rates on July 31st this year, a day later the Trump administration imposed new 10% tariffs on $300 billion of Chinese goods. These came into effect on September 1st.

As much as Donald Trump criticises the Fed, he has a curious habit of announcing escalations in the U.S. / China trade war that serve as well timed distractions from the central bank’s actions and communications.

The trend since 2018 has been for every round of talks to peter out into no agreement. The stop start nature of negotiations has allowed for the gradual imposition of tariffs that over time have weighed on financial markets and kept geopolitical tensions between the two nations elevated.

Most recently White House advisor Michael Pillsbury signalled that if China does not reach a deal with the U.S. soon, Donald Trump would likely escalate the trade war further by ratcheting up tariffs. Pillsbury described the current tariffs as ‘low level‘ which could subsequently be raised to ‘50 per cent or 100 per cent‘.

What are the chances of an upcoming round of talks in early October yielding little progress, leading to Trump doubling down on tariffs in and around the Fed’s next meeting? Based on past evidence it is a distinct possibility.


Just over a week ago two oil processing sites in Saudi Arabia were attacked by what the U.S. and the Saudi’s claim were a mixture of missile and drone strikes. Both nations were quick to pin the blame on Iran, despite the apparent lack of hard evidence.

Since then the U.S. have responded by announcing that an unknown amount of troops and additional missile and air defence systems will be deployed to Saudi Arabia, and that new economic sanctions have been levied against Iran’s National Bank. According to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, the U.S. has now ‘cut off all source of funds to Iran‘.

So far Donald Trump has not been inclined to respond to the attacks militarily. Iran have warned Trump that any retaliatory strikes would lead to ‘all out war‘, whilst Saudi Arabia have said they will respond with ‘necessary measures‘.

A few weeks before the oil refinery attacks, the British flagged tanker ‘Stena Impero‘ was seized in the Strait of Hormuz following the capture of an Iranian tanker off Gibraltar.  This stretch of sea connects the gulf with the Arabian sea, and is where a fifth of the world’s oil passed through in 2018 (estimated at 21 million barrels a day). For this reason it is one of the most important shipping routes. Earlier this year Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if they were ever prevented from using it.

Tension with Iran has been gradually percolating since Trump entered the White House, and was solidified back in May 2018 when he abandoned the Iran nuclear deal that was signed between the U.S. and Iran in 2015.

If the attacks in Saudi Arabia lead to further outbreaks, the shutting down of one of the world’s most prolific waterways for oil is a strong possibility. This would have an immediate impact on the price of oil globally, and if prolonged on global inflation.

With the U.S. economy consumed by tens of trillions in debt and fundamental economic data showing increasing signs of a downturn, a conflict with Iran in the short to medium term could be a catalyst for the U.S. falling into recession.

Since central banks began to tighten monetary policy – in particular the Federal Reserve with its balance sheet reduction scheme – we have witnessed a perpetual rise in political conflict. The false recovery narrative that grew out of the 2008 crisis, coupled with the re-affirming of inflation targets that were abandoned pre Brexit and Trump, presented central banks with a window to tighten financial conditions. If the past is any guide, then they will once again allow multiple crisis scenarios to reach a tipping point before contemplating some form of renewed stimulus.

Inducing crises is how globalists have historically gained greater power over the financial system. The question is how they will respond to what I believe will prove to be an inflationary recession / depression. The mandate for 2% inflation remains prominent in their communications. If that persists then do not count on central banks to support markets indefinitely.

Headlines and Updates for September 3, 2019: The War Unfolds—Hold the Line, Patriots [videos] ~ September 3, 2019

Was this a freak accident? Related to oxygen tanks? No word on what caused the fire.

LABOR DAY HORROR: 34 People Feared Dead After Scuba Boat Catches Fire Off California

California boat fire rescue suspended after no signs of other survivors; 20 bodies found, 14 still missing

While the good news is that Hurricane Dorian has not hit Florida as models predicted, it stalled over the Bahamas after doing a tremendous amount of damage and killing half a dozen people. Now we need it to move on out and north, off the coast to avoid landfall. Perhaps all the huffing and puffing worked. The call now is to blow the system North, then before it makes landfall, blow East again, out into the Atlantic.

GoodDog has a theory about the hurricane and the Fentanyl/Human supply chain.

Fentanyl is a very dense poison. A little kills a lot.

My sense is that the Hurricane is messing up the Global Supply Chain for children & adults that are consumed – through experimentation in the camps – as well as on the dining tables of those mentioned by General Haotian. https://t.co/GeSByJKOzk

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) September 3, 2019

Juan appears to be a member of the Q Team, but that’s still speculation at this point. He is very knowledgeable about who did what, however, and makes the crimes abundantly clear.

Juan O Savin calls Jennifer Mac – But that wasn’t the shocking part! Exclusive interview!

Buh-bye, Justin.

Today, the people in Hamilton heckled Justin Trudeau out of the Labour Day Parade.

What a great close to summer!


— LΞIGH (@LeighStewy) September 3, 2019

Protestors in China may want to have a scrub-down in the shower ASAP.

Organizers of today’s Hong Kong general strike say a police helicopter dropped fluorescent powder on their rally, visible under UV light. To tag protesters, presumably. That’s some next level dystopian stuff. #AntiELAB pic.twitter.com/TcWvycTI4I

— Alejandro Alvarez (@aletweetsnews) September 2, 2019

Walmart Says It Will Stop Selling Handgun Ammunition

The announcement follows a string of mass shootings in the last month, one of which occurred at a Walmart store.

Are you enjoying the show, folks? Here’s the next chapter in the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal and the Benghazi Coverup. The Department of Justice is fighting us every step of the way.

Federal Court Wants Answers on Clinton Emails AND Benghazi Scandal | Tom Fitton

We are keeping Sean of the Cordicon YouTube channel in our thoughts after his accident and if you would like to help his recovery, there’s a donation link. Poor guy. Sean is a great QAnon researcher and dot connector.

The last link I tweeted was apparently for a one-time donation and it expires…

If you would like to donate to help Sean through this tragedy, please visit his website(Donate button at the bottom: https://t.co/8HtRUH4VPy

Please continue to pray for Sean. pic.twitter.com/wRnl7qQy7i

— M3thods (@M2Madness) September 3, 2019

The psychopaths see their demise as a reality now and are acting out more than ever before. We are winning.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for July 20, 2019: Rules of Engagement [videos] ~ July 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: Woah! With this evenings news cast from Starship Earth, we also get the low down on why we on Earth need , “The whole truth and nothing but the truth” when it comes to alien disclosure.

Now, I Am no seer, but wouldn’t it be nice if aliens were publicly disclosed which would be the means to alter current banking practices, end taxation, and have a global monetary reset. Hmm…let’s see, I’ll have to work on making that happen in my world!

In the meantime, become aware of the truth out there hidden by MSM, understand the rules of warfare do not honor antyhing, be ready for a “truth” explosion, and be…



Thanks to the crew, we learned that President Trump had been in office for 911 days on July 19. It’s all about the numbers. We are living in a system about numbers, in case you hadn’t realized. Gematria is real; Q is real; evil is real, our liberation is real, and it’s all related.

For so long most of us didn’t understand or see the world we live in for what it is. Now that we are, it’s unsettling for some. They feel threatened to see Gematria, numerology, dates, colours, sigils, etc. being used in the battle raging for this planet. If you’re going to communicate covertly with the enemy without the general population being spooked YOU HAVE TO SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE.

What good would it do me to write this post in French when my target audience are English-speaking patriots? Besides, the French, Dutch, Spanish, and other patriots know how to speak English and/or how to get a good translation.

We have had quite an education from QAnon, SerialBrain2 and even POTUS about the reality of our plight and the nature of our enemy, and the rules of engagement in this war. We no longer have to sit in the dark like a mushroom and get fed crap every day. We can now see the tools used against us—and now used against the enemy.

If the truth is that frightening then folks should stay away from websites, videos and podcasts where the truth is revealed. Do what you need to do to get through this, but it’s a fantastic time to be paying attention if you can stomach it. You’ll have to face it at some point, and there’s no time like the present.

Spreading information suggesting we are beaten and the dark is doing all manner of evil things to us is what the enemy does. We, the Lightwarriors, aim to factually reveal what they have done in the past that has been stopped, or is in the process of being arrested as quickly as possible—because knowledge is power.

You can’t stop millennia of evil systems in two or three years. The infestation was everywhere, including the unseen realms, and we now have crews digging deep to route it out. It’s happening.

We are very fortunate to have the channels we do to provide updates on how the war is going. For some, however, the good news is never good enough; the White Hats can never do enough, or do it to their satisfaction. That’s their problem. I see massive results and therefore I trust The Plan—so far, because I can see it’s working. QAnon engaged their secret weapon: Humanity.

We in the awakened community are largely doing what we can to learn what the reality is, and where possible are taking steps to take our power back—be it personal power, or working to dismantle the cabal’s systems established to harm us. If we all do what we feel guided to do, it will work out just fine. Hopefully some will step outside their comfort zone and experience growth.

I think we, the Patriots, are doing a good job of countering the disinformation and propaganda. Folks take to Twitter and other platforms to blast the lies out of the water, share the reality and support our elected officials who are fighting for us. By election time in America the few idjits remaining won’t be a factor.

In some ways we hate to pull people out of their blissful reverie, but going forward we are going to need the input of the full population of this planet and they have to get up to speed enough to contribute. They can opt in to do the deep dive at the time of their choosing. The military tribunals need to be shown publicly for those who wish to observe and that is one step in the right direction we are seeing.

We are learning a great deal about just how the evil ones were able to control the world and us, and what motivates them. It’s dark, and ugly beyond imagination, but we need to know. We need to be able to recognize the red flags so this can never happen again and so we can stop being victims today.

The White Hats will give us as much truth as we can handle. I hope those who are floundering in the current reality won’t set us all back.

I told the story once of a personal development weekend I attended several years ago where I was partnered with a young lady with a physical handicap. If she had mental handicaps as well they were not apparent prior, but because of her (irrational) fear in the exercise we were doing, I never got to test myself to see if I could complete the task.

There was no danger whatsoever, but we had to stop less than half way through and I didn’t get the opportunity to fail while trying, or to succeed. That memory has come up again for me, so apparently it needs to be recognized and processed.

I don’t want to be hobbled by babysitters or people who are steeped in fear, disgust, agendas, or any other block. We need to forge ahead and reveal all the darkness for those who have a need to know.

I give NO ONE permission to speak for me. The ones overseeing can’t cop out and say, “We’ll tell the Humans this, but not that.” Nope. Sorry. Doesn’t work for me. How many have stated we have to have Full Disclosure, only to change their tune afterward?

The Reps and the hybrid demons did what they did and we deserve to know.

It’s not okay for some to have the knowledge and others not. If we’re going to be space-faring people and interacting with other races of Beings we have the right to know the whole truth about us, our lives (past and present) and what the hell happened here. Why should everyone else in the Universes know except us?

I can’t believe we would be expected to co-habit on a planet where every race of Being knows the truth except the majority of the victims living on the surface.

For one thing, it gives others an unfair advantage, and that has been the problem all along. We were living in a world we didn’t understand because from birth we were told lies about how it worked. They can’t keep us “babies” by holding back unpleasant information. That serves no one—except the perpetrators or those protecting them. FULL DISCLOSURE. Nothing less.

We don’t need anyone telling us they can’t tell us something because it would breach “national security”, or galactic security. I don’t want to hear, “We are not going to talk about this because WE think it’s best for Humanity.” That is a control mechanism and I’ve had enough.

Are we babies? We need to suck it up, folks. What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, as the saying goes.

Strategically controlling information = manipulation. We have been manipulated far too much. Aren’t we sick of being “managed”?

We have the right to think what we think and feel what we feel based on truth, not partial truths. I don’t subscribe to this control ethic and don’t want to be under anyone’s thumb any more.

I take QAnon at his/their word: “The choice to know will be yours.” We should not settle for anything less than full transparency. Those who need more time can have it.

Once the sensitive nature of this war is past and the information doesn’t need to be so guarded, I expect to be told the truth. There are ways to make it available, and ways to seek the opinion of the ones who understand the situation without appointing spokesmen to guess about what we desire and deciding on our behalf what’s best for us. We were given free will and without information we can’t exercise it.

We all need to be on an equal playing field to move forward and create a better world than we were born into. Together, unified, and with the leadership we have, we can complete the task. We have every advantage we need and failure is not an option.

When the scourge infecting this planet is removed through our collective efforts, we have everything we need to ensure our civilization does not repeat the mistakes of the past. If the promises made are kept, the power will return to the People and we will not permit others to subjugate us ever again.

Having said that, there have always been positive and negative forces in all organizations. Some with morals and better ethics objected to the way things were going and tried to change it and failed. They underestimated the dark. I wouldn’t be too quick to label someone an enemy simply because they understand, employ or even exploit the rules of engagement. All is fair in love and war and we cannot afford to lose.

If the ones running the show at the moment are getting positive results and respecting my rights as much as possible under wartime conditions, they’re on my side. If they’re controlling and manipulating information and trying to herd people to a desired way of thinking, then they’re not on my side.

While I appreciate what those who were able to improve a nasty situation have done on our behalf, I am not content to let others make all the decisions for us as a whole forever. The time will come when we must assume the responsibility collectively. We will never grow up with others making our decisions for us and overseeing everything. One of the worse shocks is learning you live in a friggin’ fish bowl with off-world Beings watching everything you do. How long are we going to have babysitters?

Most of us can be warriors, and some very powerful ones have enabled us to live to see another day; another year. I’ve never been in the military but I would imagine the best warriors are the ones who understand how the enemy thinks. That’s why they spy.

You have to be able to out-think the enemy to be on the offensive and remain multiple steps ahead of them. You need to keep them so busy responding to YOUR strategies and land mines in defense that they don’t have the time or resources to instigate their own offensive. Keep them re-active, not pro-active.

When you’re ahead of the game you have the luxury of being able to set traps the enemy is going to walk right into, and when your generals are leaving breadcrumbs like, “trolling is fun”—you know they have a distinct advantage. So for now I guess we follow orders and relax and enjoy the show.

Those are my observations and thoughts for this moment in time. Go boldly and triumph over your demons—real or imagined.

Oh and—the truth is the truth. I want it all. Are we clear?  ~ BP

Queen – I Want It All (Lyrics)

Ready for some truth about who infiltrates whose organizations? It’s obvious—or is it?

Thanks, J.

Hillary Clinton “Lost Emails” Topple Feared Terror Leader And Prime Minister In Single Day

We’ve Been Tracking Obama & Based On His Meetings It’s Time to Question If The Ex-President is Running a Shadow Government

Why are the “El-ites” crapping their pants? He’s got it all.

And now the White Hats do, too. Ha!

When you follow the money… we will learn that not all the “good people” were always spotless. There’s dirt on nearly everyone, and some were tricked/drugged and are not pedophiles/pedovores. We don’t need to know what every single individual did—just the collective gist of it.

On the other hand, if we’re going to bury a psychopath permanently—like HRC, Epstein, or Obama—we want it all.

This case is sending ripples of fear & panic through out Washington DC, the corporate world, & Hollywood. “It’s going to be staggering, the amount of names. THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY TAKE DOWN THE DEEP STATE & DESTROY THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY pic.twitter.com/m1TBPPyGEx

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) July 18, 2019

Crisis? What crisis?

President Trump has been read in on everything. EVERYTHING. No “security clearance” has prevented him knowing the truth about anything, in my opinion. They couldn’t expect him to do what he is doing by keeping secrets from him. That would be akin to tying his hands and would doom the mission. Certain disaster, guaranteed.

Q has said they serve at the pleasure of the Commander-In-Chief. Fortunately, some actually honour their military oath.

Donald Trump wouldn’t be as smart as I think he is if he agreed to put his and his family’s lives—Humanity’s survival!—on the line without knowing exactly what he was dealing with.

When he says something is an emergency, a crisis, warrants an Executive Order, is top priority—it’s because it is. If you don’t already know, you’ll find out why later.

And if he says we’re not going to address this issue or that issue right now, it’s not the time, then respect his decision. He knows what’s going on. We don’t. If we did, the enemy would as well, and that’s no way to win a war.

Undocumented Immigrants Assault CBP Officers On Pharr International Bridge Attempting to Enter U.S.

Yesterday we brought you news that Germany is having great difficulties in their hospitals due to migrants. Perhaps this will make it clear why President Trump has made it a mission to keep illegals out.

People have been weaponized. They were paid by the dark forces to destroy our countries and Humanity. They’re evil and they have already transformed Europe. They will do the same to America and Canada if they are left to invade unchecked. This was just an excuse to be violent. Normal Humans don’t do this.

RIOTS IN FRANCE! After Algeria Wins African Cup — Migrants Terrorize Women, Taunt Marine Le Pen, “It Took Us Just 3 Hours!” to Take over Paris (VIDEO)

We can’t have lawless societies. Lawless people continue to prove they will trample the rights of others.

Immigrants on edge over prospect of ICE raids

Presidential material? Hardly.

Kamala Harris’ Horrible Skeletons in the Closet

Fox is still trying to appear “fair and balanced” after being called out as fake news. This is a good update from Gregg Jarrett on a number of points including a briefing on the Mueller debacle which may or may not take place. Plain-speaking Joe DiGenova and his wife/law partner Victoria Toensing enlighten us.

DiGenova, Toensing react to the upcoming Mueller hearing

DAHB0077 has a head on his shoulders. Storm Area 51? “Laughable”, he says. Exactly. Watch for traps, people.

Guy Behind ‘Storm Area 51’ Page Worried About Visit From Feds, PSYOP!

Dave at the X22 report has a long, revealing chat with patriot Dr. Dave Janda.

I feel the same way as Dave. The fake news/lying, treasonous media and trolls are out there every day non-stop, poisoning the world with their version of reality, and so I am out there every day to counter it, and have been for over 7 years.

That’s just the way things have to be right now when you’re a patriot and you care about Humanity and the trajectory this war is going to take. Dave is one of the very best and most reliable sources of information we have and we appreciate his dedication. Dr. Janda continues to bring us a lot of solid information and encouragement as well.

The Shot Heard Around The World Will Unite The People: Dave Janda

I wish truth for everyone,  the strength to tell it and recognize it, as well as the wisdom to believe you deserve it.  ~ BP

Martial Law May Be Involved in the Mass Arrests, But Not Necessarily [video] ~ December 30, 2018

The video below was attacked by Themtube shills, and I think it’s an excellent one, so I’m sharing it to give some much-needed perspective to the possible scenarios we might see when the new Military Tribunal law goes into effect on January 1, 2019.

I’ve never seen this fellow, Law Johnston, before but I like his style. We, the independent “digital warriors” process the information we get as we see fit, and it always bears our own personal stamp. It sure beats all those “bubble-headed bleach blondes” that read the teleprompters.

As Steve Motley, Retired Marine said yesterday in his Dec. 29 video (shared yesterday), Martial Law is not expected nationwide in America. It would be a localized measure if the cabal terrorists such as ANTIFA get out of hand in specific communities when arrests begin. Steve mentioned “sanctuary cities” as possible targets but we won’t know until the time comes—or it doesn’t.

Things could go really quietly and smoothly and it might be business as usual in 95 percent of our communities.

The unconstitutional acts committed against civilians in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina and after the Boston Marathon Bombing false flag event will NOT be happening this time around because those were cabal mercenaries, not the People’s military.

According to shill JonXArmy (not really a former military guy, some say) his fellow patriots in the military are going to go door to door confiscating Americans’ guns and enforcing curfews. I guess shills don’t have to be able to make any sense at all. Why would he paint the military that way if he is former army?

FEMA will not be involved. Why would they? No one is going anywhere except the criminals. We will all be snug in our homes, or going to work, or whatever else we do. We will be given instructions if the military will be in our area and all we need to do is comply and stay out of the way.

With every criminal cabal member arrested, we grow more free. We are liberated as they go into custody.

Every precaution has been taken to ensure no civilians are harmed or go without necessities. This has been planned for years, and you know how the military are about planning, procurement, execution and maintaining that “need-to-know” basis for information.

Don’t make a bigger deal out of it than it is. Anyone who has common sense and pays any attention to QAnon can see this is all planned well in advance, the EAS Presidential messaging system was tweaked and tested, and it will all go off without a hitch. President Trump and his military will keep America safe. We need to cooperate and keep a cool head.

The world is watching and we want to be on our best behaviour as we write a new chapter in the annals of history for future generations. We are experiencing the Greatest Show on Planet Earth, with front row seats. Look how much the snoozers are missing.

I suspect most Americans will not see arrests being made OR experience a martial law scenario, but Law Johnston says get your camera ready. If it will be that public, and the lamestream media is alerting their audiences then I can see there might be skirmishes with whack-jobs. Will there be extractions in the wee small hours? Possibly. I hope they get JonXArmy, lol—and the lying turds in the media.

Just be prepared with what you will need on a daily basis in case you are required to stay in your home for a period for your safety. There’s no telling what gangs of mind-controlled, bought-and-paid-for thugs will do if activated.

I suppose there is always the possibility of attacks on the power grid but we should all be prepared by now.

Obviously if we see violent people tearing up the town we would clear out and stay away. I’ll be home celebrating. BIG time. I’ve been making popcorn for days…  ~ BP


Finally! California Fires Spark Yellow Vest Movement in Paradise! [videos] ~ December 15, 2018

It took awhile, but some of the Paradise survivors have donned their yellow vests and are speaking out about the tyranny of their government and torching of their town and state by the Deep State and want to separate. They are calling for “mass yellow vest revolt” and stand in support of the French people. They know about Agenda 21/2030 and the depopulation plan.

If you didn’t see the post at State of the Nation yesterday, do take it in. GWEN is the missing link and her fingerprints are all over it.

If the People are awake now, Paradise should soon be glowing neon yellow—and the rest of California, with it. Organizing vast numbers of resistant people can be unwieldy (don’t we know it!), so perhaps a smaller group can mobilize, fight the apathy and ignite the rest of the State by setting the example.

They don’t have to know exactly HOW the mass murder was engineered—just that it was, and take it from there. There must be an official investigation to identify the perps.

They should be ousting the corrupt government anyway so I hope they will band together, hold demonstrations and educate their fellow Californians as part of The Great Awakening. This is the spark. 

The video below is excellent.  ~ BP

YELLOW VESTS IN AMERICA: Paradise Fire Survivors Claim State Sponsored Arson

December 14, 2018


CBS News: New California declares “independence” from rest of state

New California is a new state in development exercising its constitutional Right to form from the State of California as codified under Article IV Section 3 of the United States Constitution and in the United States Declaration of independence. (NewCalifornia.com)

In the community of Paradise over 2,000 buildings were destroyed and up to 600 people may be missing including the leadership team for the NEW CALIFORNIA STATE MOVEMENT from Butte County.

The town of Paradise, CA has served as one of the central locations for numerous meetings and town halls. Now the churches and residences along with the community of Paradise, are all destroyed.

Paul Preston Youtube Channel

12/11/2018 – Sutter County – NEW CALIFORNIA STATE GRIEVANCE 47

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