Headlines and Updates for September 3, 2019: The War Unfolds—Hold the Line, Patriots [videos] ~ September 3, 2019

Was this a freak accident? Related to oxygen tanks? No word on what caused the fire.

LABOR DAY HORROR: 34 People Feared Dead After Scuba Boat Catches Fire Off California

California boat fire rescue suspended after no signs of other survivors; 20 bodies found, 14 still missing

While the good news is that Hurricane Dorian has not hit Florida as models predicted, it stalled over the Bahamas after doing a tremendous amount of damage and killing half a dozen people. Now we need it to move on out and north, off the coast to avoid landfall. Perhaps all the huffing and puffing worked. The call now is to blow the system North, then before it makes landfall, blow East again, out into the Atlantic.

GoodDog has a theory about the hurricane and the Fentanyl/Human supply chain.

Fentanyl is a very dense poison. A little kills a lot.

My sense is that the Hurricane is messing up the Global Supply Chain for children & adults that are consumed – through experimentation in the camps – as well as on the dining tables of those mentioned by General Haotian. https://t.co/GeSByJKOzk

— Good Dog (@GoodDog94619152) September 3, 2019

Juan appears to be a member of the Q Team, but that’s still speculation at this point. He is very knowledgeable about who did what, however, and makes the crimes abundantly clear.

Juan O Savin calls Jennifer Mac – But that wasn’t the shocking part! Exclusive interview!

Buh-bye, Justin.

Today, the people in Hamilton heckled Justin Trudeau out of the Labour Day Parade.

What a great close to summer!


— LΞIGH (@LeighStewy) September 3, 2019

Protestors in China may want to have a scrub-down in the shower ASAP.

Organizers of today’s Hong Kong general strike say a police helicopter dropped fluorescent powder on their rally, visible under UV light. To tag protesters, presumably. That’s some next level dystopian stuff. #AntiELAB pic.twitter.com/TcWvycTI4I

— Alejandro Alvarez (@aletweetsnews) September 2, 2019

Walmart Says It Will Stop Selling Handgun Ammunition

The announcement follows a string of mass shootings in the last month, one of which occurred at a Walmart store.

Are you enjoying the show, folks? Here’s the next chapter in the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal and the Benghazi Coverup. The Department of Justice is fighting us every step of the way.

Federal Court Wants Answers on Clinton Emails AND Benghazi Scandal | Tom Fitton

We are keeping Sean of the Cordicon YouTube channel in our thoughts after his accident and if you would like to help his recovery, there’s a donation link. Poor guy. Sean is a great QAnon researcher and dot connector.

The last link I tweeted was apparently for a one-time donation and it expires…

If you would like to donate to help Sean through this tragedy, please visit his website(Donate button at the bottom: https://t.co/8HtRUH4VPy

Please continue to pray for Sean. pic.twitter.com/wRnl7qQy7i

— M3thods (@M2Madness) September 3, 2019

The psychopaths see their demise as a reality now and are acting out more than ever before. We are winning.  ~ BP

Countdown is On… Tick-Tock! [videos] ~ March 2, 2019

I feel like sharing Q today and have two more videos for you. It would be nice if all the patriots were on board and united. We’ll see what happens.

Q posted this today, and there was more there later:

The Clock is Ticking

2913Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 2 Mar 2019 – 1:54:51 PM


TT.png The clock is ticking.
If we are merely a so-called conspiracy (FAKE NEWS NARRATIVE), why the daily attacks by the biggest media co’s in the world (attempt to control)?
You are the news now.

Yes, we ARE the news now.

This is a fantastic older video from Ben and Rob at Edge of Wonder about QAnon, the questions people have about this mysterious group, and the dialogue that needs to take place when discerning the validity of Q and the message.

It’s probably the best analysis of the QAnon Phenomenon I’ve seen yet. It’s a purely logical approach, and a testament to the commitment these two have to examining the Truth while having fun doing it.

We are in unprecedented times now, and that calls for creative, unprecedented measures to secure our liberation. Kudos to the positive military. What an exceptional solution to the mind-numbing fake news disinformation campaigns. They have educated and inspired the patriots in America and worldwide as to the true situation on our planet and there is no turning back.

Make no mistake: the Great Awakening is in full swing.

#QANON – Why it’s NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

Cordicon dug up this information on QAnon I think you’ll want to see. Purely unexpected. I’m not familiar with Minecraft other than the name, but I feel this is significant, as does our host.

Q appears, by many considered credible, to be what we believed: a military intelligence operation. I didn’t always think so, but have come to understand that is the case. It appears to have been designed to counter the deep disinformation/mind control deception perpetrated by the mainstream corporate media in the United States—and with miraculous success.

You know you’ve arrived when the mockingbird media attacks you relentlessly. Just ask President Trump.  ~ BP

MINECRAFT Creator says Qs LEGIT : Pope wants a child’s heart

CNN Broadcast the Truth About John ‘No-Name’ McCain’s Execution; Assassination Attempts on POTUS [videos] ~ September 7, 2018

You’d better watch this fast before it’s removed. Download it, whatever you want to do, but here you have the truth from a reliable source, Ohio Governor John Kasich.

In the first 5 seconds of this video he said: “It’s like, 24 hours since John McCain was put to death…”

John McCain was put to death: Do It Q

(Be sure to watch the whole short video from Cordicon. It’s excellent, with a little extra decoding. Great job, Shawn.)

Translation, for anyone not sure due to language barriers or hearing challenges… that means, “execution”. “The Songbird of Hanoi” wasn’t even given the option of suiciding himself. I’m sure the officers tasked with that job felt a deep satisfaction.

Things slip when people in the know are chatting off the cuff. So… everyone knows  the truth about John McCain but The People, because of the lamestream media’s lies and freak show funeral and disgusting displays of honouring him as a war hero with brain cancer—when he’s the opposite—and the finger-pointing over Trump’s absence and lack of fake fawning.

Shame on CNN editors for missing that little truth bomb. Tsk! Tsk!  I’m sure ThemTube will take care of your careless faux pas. Dustin Nemos shared this news as well. As Q said, No-Name did not leave on his own terms. Isn’t that a nice way of putting it?

Arrests… military tribunals for war criminals and treason… and executions. McCain is the first of many, and if you think the psychopaths are going to surrender… think again.

They will do anything to distract and transfer the attention for their crimes to President Trump or others. This Kavanaugh hearing/circus is exactly what they need.

If you listened to the THI Show last night you heard Thomas Williams say that there have been more attempts to assassinate POTUS and on Monday he had to change his plans due to threats. Unfortunately, one man died when he jumped in front of the President and took a bullet for him.

Now, do you wonder why Donald Trump tore a strip off the press after the Sheriffs award ceremony when they brought up the topic of that “anonymous patriot” memo in the lamestream media claiming to be a member of the “resistance within the White House”???

It’s “treason”!!! And it is “gutless”. The news worth sharing isn’t from gutless anonymous sources.

Donald Trump was a duly elected president and no one can show he did anything wrong after digging and stalling for 18 months. But they pretend. Two men have died protecting the President this summer.

And wasn’t it odd that the first video I shared from that ceremony the Sheriffs held for Trump was removed from ThemTube? I replaced it, but we’ll see how long that one lasts. In the video above where Trump addresses the press about the letter, you hear him address all the sheriffs standing behind him after presenting him with the plaque.

As Natasha says in this one minute video, you’re not allowed to publish material that highlights Trump’s accomplishments. They deleted one of her channels full of interviews and documenting Trump wins when he delivered on his promises, which he has done many times.

Some Starship readers found the video of the mile or more of patriots lined up for the Indiana Trump rally that I shared was blocked in their location.

We can’t show the thousands of Americans who want to attend Trump rallies, or show that the constitutional sheriffs support him and honour him with a plaque for building the wall and helping them do their jobs to stop the crime and corruption. The censorship is outrageous.

Now you know why the White Hats will have to use the emergency broadcast system to warn us when we launch into the next phase of martial law—and I’m sorry but I can’t recall now where I heard the explanation of the martial law scenario or I would link it. I’m taking in so much information these days. Was it Daniel in Alaska and his insider intel or Dave on the X22 Report?

Regardless, the latest BS about the “Resistance in the White House” is obviously a further attempt to impeach the President and make it look like he is under attack from within—which he is—but not the way they make it sound. It’s the deep state traitors attacking him.

They want us to think they have their own “QAnon patriot” as spokesman for a group that wants to oust POTUS”. We all know they are anything but patriots, and that’s why there are over 50,000 sealed indictments now.

As usual, they copy the strategies of others because their own playbook is so worn out we’ve memorized every page and they can’t fool us any longer.

Thomas Williams has reasons for believing it may have been Mike Pence who wrote the anonymous op-ed. More on that later.

If you watched the latest video from the War Drummer I shared yesterday, you heard his personal input on the current situation at the beginning before he got into the SerialBrain2 decodes.

He said in his opinion WE, the Resistance, the Patriots, the Awakened, MUST get down and dirty and fight in the mud with the deep state actors. This is no time for our conservative decorum. That is his personal decode of Q’s posts telling us to “be brave” and “fight, fight, fight”.

He says if we don’t fight fire with fire, and extinguish their incendiary attacks with our own, that we cannot win this war. And it is a WAR. For our very lives.

He says it’s time we all gave everything we have to this battle. There’s no time for sitting on the sidelines. It’s time for an all-out brawl, if that’s what it takes. It’s ugly, but it’s necessary. How much are people willing to SACRIFICE as Cordicon/Shawn points out in the first video in this post, for FREEDOM? Are Christians willing to sacrifice like Christ did? So many have sacrificed already.

Are the patriots ready to bring it? Everything but the guns? I guess we’ll find out.

If you would like to watch all or part of the Montana rally from Billings yesterday, it’s here.

In closing, I want to say that I do hope the Patriots’ MOAR (Mother Of All Rallies) set for tomorrow in Washington, DC goes off without a hitch. The deep state don’t want patriots talking face-to-face to other patriots, because they can’t censor them, and they can’t stop them from handing out pamphlets to share information, either. I don’t know if that’s in the plan or not.

Envision the best case scenario, and may everyone be safe. May it be a glorious day of increased understanding and unity, of strengthened resolve, of high frequency energies that purify the putrid stench of treason in Washington, DC, the corruption capital of America. The swamp.  ~ BP


What Makes a movie GOOD? GREAT actors. QANON ~ August 24, 2018

 The whole political situation at hand is really very simple, current events are in reality all a game of show designed to obliterate the deep state in the government of  USA.

It’s all about acting…bad actors of those who are working for their own benefit, and good actors who are playing the game for the benefit of all involved. So…please pay attention to Q messages, consider why “game” actions happen, and…