New QDROP today… #1440 6-3-18 ~ June 3, 2018

Ok folks, might be time to sit back and buckle up those seat belts for real! I AM basing this message on the latest “Q” drop which Kp provides that indicates that things are about to get mighty interesting on the geo-political scene no doubt, but also on the spiritual scene.

Why so I say this? Because my thought is that “Q” is actually Julian Assange. Many have reported this, and I agree with their thoughts. But I also think Julian Assange is also Pleiadian (!), or at the very least, a Pleiadian contactee.

Think about this folks… Not only does Julian all the time in the world to research and is an expert computer user, but he also urges us to “follow the plan”. What plan could be better than to execute a plan to curtail darkness on the Earth at this time? Who else would be privy to a vast amount of knowledge (including pics)?

Trump and Putin are also players in this game to bring Light to the humanity. Perhaps this is why Trump has made the statement (last year, I think) that soon money would flow with relief for everyone. Putin has been listed by Disclosure News Italia as being an envoy for the Pleiadians.

These men’s popularity in their respective countries is problematic right now due to actions they have taken to cause more dissent in the world. No government is stable right now,and angst rules the planetary scene as more and more and more negativity is released.

This is all coming full circle quite quickly, so stay tuned, know the end is in site (although no one knows exactly when fireworks will start), enjoy the show knowing you will be safe, read the message below from Kp and determine your own thoughts, and…



06-03-2018 12:58:29 PDT Q !CbboFOtcZs 1620282



Look at the shape of this post!!

Earth’s Polar Shift ~ Reversal ~ April 28, 2018

I believe this is, indeed, true news about the impending magnetic change of poles on the Earth. The Galactics have poured so much influence (love) onto our world that are working to reverse many of the negative factors for the sake of humanity…and this is one of the reversals now in play.

Please read this article, understand the positive influences being used in humanity’s favor, and…



By mastersofthespiritworld

QUESTION: Masters, I am grateful for the interaction with you, always very enriching! I have read about the change of polarity on Earth and its effects on earthly lives, especially on animals, with events scheduled for April 2018 and in the near future. I would like to know the opinion of the Masters about these changes on the planet, and so Brazil may be suffering this influence in the face of the current critical situation: violence, hatred, corruption, etc. ~Duda, Brazil

ANSWER: There have been a number of polar shifts since man inhabited this planet. Instead of the recognizable, to you, magnetic poles being North and South, they shift to East and West or around what is now considered to be the center of the Earth, or equator. During this rotational process, all electrical impulses, which are modulated by magnetic electrical currents on the surface of the planet, cease to exist until they can be reset in their new position.

In the past, this shifting process has taken from 3 to 3 ½ days as time is measured now. Humans and all animal life on the planet operate with electric flashes between brain, muscles, and organ systems. With the cessation of electricity, brains and body systems cannot function and stop working. The body therefore dies, since the electricity needed to regular heart beats isn’t present. This is a purely biological process. It will affect the entire planet if it occurs.

The good news is that the shift that was happening is reversing itself because of the energy sent to heal the Earth by spiritual groups. Also, this shifting is stimulated by negativity on the planet, and since so much negativity is tied up with conflicts between and within countries, the shifting has backed off.

Brazil, Syria, Korea – all these are holding off a polar shift by dealing with the massive amounts of negativity required for their struggles. There is an equal balance of negative and positive energies on the surface, and when so much negativity is involved with discord, the positive is easier to use to balance the physical electrical and magnetic energies.


[New post] A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon: Sound Meditation ~ Feb. 1, 2015


I just found this audio file on Starship Earth: The Big Picture. Quite a good website, full of interewsting info regarding spirituality and geared for Lightworkers! Check it out at

This article refers to sound-healing technology, which I feel is quite valid. As a former music student…I always thought that the field of “music therapy” was there for a reason. Music, as well as other sounds can lift us up…or be quite irritating…thinks of nails on a blackboard! Why does this happen? It’s the frequency of sound that affects us so.

If the frequency of sound is synchronistic with our frequency…all is well, and we really get into that sound. However, if the frequency of a sound is at a variance (no harmony) with our frequency…ugh, is all I can say…turn it off!  The cabal knows all about sound and frequency and is hard at work on producing subliminal sounds to alter our state of BEIng. Hear that ringing in your ears? Might not come from you, but somewhere else!

SO now that we have established sound (frequency) as a way to help, or hurt us, please listen to this audio meditation that is guaranteed to help, use headphones for a biaural effect, and…


Hathorian Stream of Light

The Hathors have been asking me to post this sound meditation for weeks due to the extreme stress that many individuals are experiencing and will continue to experience in their lives.

This sound meditation is gentle and subtle, but its benefits are extensive, in that it allows you to gently release tension that arises from your present circumstances, and if you choose to work with it further it can help release negativity from your past.

The meditation is 12 minutes long and is best listened to with stereo headphones or earbuds. If you have the space to do so I suggest you lie down and prop your legs up so that they are higher than your head and chest as this simple position will assist you to relax more deeply.

Breathe in long slow comfortable inhales and gently relaxed exhales, letting each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it.

The sounds that comprise the meditation are from a stream that flows on the island where I live along with Hathor sounds that are analogs from the light realms to release stress and to activate networks of light in your body.


As you listen to this meditation imagine that a stream of liquid light is flowing through you from the top of your head down through the space of your body and out your feet and hands, gently carrying away stress and tension.

Keep your awareness in your physical body as you listen to the sounds of the stream and the sounds of the Hathors. By doing so you will allow the vibratory energy of healing and release to move deeply into your organs and other areas of your body that may be tense and constricted.

I suggest you rest a few minutes with your eyes closed after listening in order to sense the subtle energies that have been released within you. You can repeat the sequence as many times as you wish to create a listening session as long as you desire.

Click here to listen to and/or download the Hathorian Stream of Light Sound Meditation.

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