New QDROP today… #1440 6-3-18 ~ June 3, 2018

Ok folks, might be time to sit back and buckle up those seat belts for real! I AM basing this message on the latest “Q” drop which Kp provides that indicates that things are about to get mighty interesting on the geo-political scene no doubt, but also on the spiritual scene.

Why so I say this? Because my thought is that “Q” is actually Julian Assange. Many have reported this, and I agree with their thoughts. But I also think Julian Assange is also Pleiadian (!), or at the very least, a Pleiadian contactee.

Think about this folks… Not only does Julian all the time in the world to research and is an expert computer user, but he also urges us to “follow the plan”. What plan could be better than to execute a plan to curtail darkness on the Earth at this time? Who else would be privy to a vast amount of knowledge (including pics)?

Trump and Putin are also players in this game to bring Light to the humanity. Perhaps this is why Trump has made the statement (last year, I think) that soon money would flow with relief for everyone. Putin has been listed by Disclosure News Italia as being an envoy for the Pleiadians.

These men’s popularity in their respective countries is problematic right now due to actions they have taken to cause more dissent in the world. No government is stable right now,and angst rules the planetary scene as more and more and more negativity is released.

This is all coming full circle quite quickly, so stay tuned, know the end is in site (although no one knows exactly when fireworks will start), enjoy the show knowing you will be safe, read the message below from Kp and determine your own thoughts, and…



06-03-2018 12:58:29 PDT Q !CbboFOtcZs 1620282



Look at the shape of this post!!

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