Sophia – Dog Like Beings & Readers Questions ~ Jan. 15, 2016

Ah..this messassge from Sophia Love is amzing to read! From this message comes a basic understanding of just how precious life is, and how our lives are about to change in a most positive way…forever. This article also brings to (L)ight just how many other sentient beings there are in our existance.

As Sophia states, this essage is a “soft disclosure” to introduce humanity to other Beings in our Galaxy. Thank you Sophia, for using your gifts as a telepathic empath that allows communication with these BEings!

So…are you ready? Please read, imagine, and…


This is a sort of “soft disclosure”. 
In the weeks coming up, I’ll be talking to a Sirian, SCAL and some without given names. Send questions for these beings to my inbox!  I will ask them and publish any response. 
Some of your questions are answered 
at the end of today’s conversation.
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Words in bold and parenthesis are my own unless otherwise specified. 
This is verbatim. Before conversing, the following declarations were made: “Highest and best for all concerned. No ego. Complete and absolute truth only. For assistance only. 
Just love. Pure love.” 

This conversation took place June 23, 2015
“Is there someone who would like to talk?”
Yes; as always.
What would you like to talk about?
About the events about to transpire on your planet.
And what events would those be?
This rapid impulse of light which will infuse your DNA and force an upgrade of sorts.  An instant evolution.  Humans are in for a treat.  It is the culmination of the hopes, dreams, prophecies and wishes of each member of this race – now and any “time” at all.  The end to suffering, suffering at the dictates of others.
These others too will be getting a blast of light – so all will be changed.
Who are you?
I am a being who has been in life, in physical form, for a very long time – longer than the current life expectation of your race.  I am not human.
I come from a race that is older than humanity.  My race is that which you’ve heard of recently by some others.  I am not one of the hybrids with human DNA, but a race of what you would call “dog-like” beings because of my appearance.  Our star is very distant from Earth’s star, in your galaxy however.  We are not a “known” race and have appeared only infrequently and to certain governments.  Yes, the US government is one of them.
The reason for contact is two-fold.  One, as is the reason for all of this contact you are experiencing, is the version of “soft” disclosure these conversations supply to anyone reading them.  It is a gentle way to introduce into the culture of humans an idea of many forms of life – all valid and sentient.
Two – it is a curiosity for me, for us collectively as a race, to interact on an unofficial level with a human who has no agenda for the interaction.  Your governments always do interact with agendas.  Regardless of how “off topic” our meetings with them got, there was always an agenda.
As humans are preparing to enter the collective of beings beyond their own planet, I’d, we’d like to understand who we will be working with.  Humanity is a relatively young race and this, a very “old” collective.
What is it you wanted to discuss about the upcoming “influx of light” as you put it?

It has been seen by our collective that you are due for an upgrade.  This brings joy to us all for it will bring a more rapid end to the darkness surrounding your planet.  By darkness I mean a being “kept in the dark”.  With this influx you will more quickly ascend, move into a consciousness of expansion – one that allows for diversity of life and acceptance of alteration of approaches to how it should be run.
Man has been held back, held down and stopped in all cases from forming his own opinions for the governing and perpetuation of life.  The controlling element on your home planet now, on Earth, is not originally human and have a very specific way of running what they see as their property.
This ownership and control and manipulation of the mind of man will and is coming to an end.  With the help of your star, the unified field that is Life Itself has chosen to give you a “push”, an energetic shove into an evolutionary stronghold of love.  Love is the Unifying Force of all of Creation. 
It is what has been minimized and trivialized and capitalized in the human mind with …
With what?
I struggle to express what is not real on my home world – with commercialized, emotion driven falsehoods.
As the driving force of all of life, love is not a small part of life.  It is the very reason you exist. 
This influx of light will actuate in mankind the spark that initiates personal strength – power – love beyond any reason.  Love has no reason.  Love is.
When the moment happens, some will die, not understanding how to live with such truth pulsing through their physical selves.  This is to be expected and sadness should not overwhelm those witnessing or knowing of these “death events” of loved ones.  The being having the event is still experiencing the massive influx of love – even while non-physical.
None in creation will be spared as all are One.  The light, being directed towards humanity, will have a more dramatic effect (here); this, because of the contrast.  You will feel the pulse of love as momentary bliss.
You’ve stopped?
Again, it is a challenge to express to you what I will not experience the same way.  Once it has occurred, man himself will be the only ones able to give voice to how it is experienced.  None before you have come from such a deep stronghold of oppression and then climbed out through the effort of their own being – humanity is a force, and once the event of light happens he will be closer than he’s ever been to self-realization.
Like witnessing a butterfly emerge from its cocoon – we watch and wait and anticipate your joining us.  You (collective) really have no idea what freedom experienced really feels like.  You are about to.
We can’t wait to welcome you on equal grounds and are so very grateful for this opportunity to say so.
It will not be very long now, this light show/light event is seen now closer than it’s ever been seen.
Those ready for it will still be surprised, for that is how it’s been planned.  The intent of and expectation for it only hastens its appearance.
I need to end our conversation.
Yes, I see that you do.  We will speak again.
This conversation ended.
What follows are answers to questions from readers, some of them asked several months back.  
As the popularity of this disclosure increases, there are more inquiries about “truth telling” around well-known human historical events.  Certainly these are interesting, yet not the point.  These beings are not here to fill in those sorts of gaps in our awareness. 
This interaction, as far as I can tell, is a gathering of folks we’ve yet to meet.  It is taking place now, before we are full-fledged galactic beings.  There are many showing up just to say hello. Treat the information as you would details regarding someone from another country on Earth.
The information they share concerns their lifestyle and form, as well as events that concern all of creation, (as was shared today).  So please direct your questions accordingly.  They can perhaps give us more information about themselves. They are not going to tell us who killed JFK. 
Answers to 6 questions from different reader’s (not me) follow… (You know who you are!)

For the Ewok: Is this species indigenous to earth?

         We are not from this planet – no.

For the Hathor: A few personal questions – What do you see in my struggles lately?  I feel “off” and dizzy, anxious and with small tremors.  We are “slaves” to relationships, jobs, money and chastised if we go outside the “norm” – what to do?

Oh dear one, so many concerns, all of them united in one.  Do you see the anxiety manifest in your decision making, in your thinking about anything at all, in your body?  This can be resolved with clarity – this can be reached via beherenow.  Meditation is a loaded word, perhaps one you resist as yet something
more to do?  Beherenow is not something more; it is an acceptance of life as it shows up while dealing only with that.  This does not mean ignore the rest – but narrow your focus.
You will find then, that your power will expand to incorporate only what is directly in front of you, and that you will impart a greater effect on what is right in front of you than you’ve experienced prior to this now.
This greater impact will be felt by you as an increase in power.  With increased power you will impart a greater wisdom and peace on your immediate life.
This, in turn, will reduce your inner anxiety and at that point you will realize the answers you seek are within.  All of this accomplished with a concerted effort to BEHERENOW.  That is all.
Thank you.

  1.     For the Cloud Beings: Do you feel the spirit of Christ within?
This is not a question for one non-human.  It is imagined to cover a myriad of situations.  Yet realize all of these are earth based.  It is felt by this questioner to be a direct indication of good vs evil – yet it assumes humanity to be the only bearers of truth.  Inherent here are too many assumptions to address so we will say this – we feel within the light of Source – this light is universal and regardless of form or place of residence, is truth.
Thank you.

  1.      For the Merfolk: What can you tell me about the merfolk on earth?
Only this: They are not legend, they are not imagined, and they are not precisely as drawn.  They are not our descendants but a form of “cousin”. They are a life form that exists as it does because of the cruelty and might of the human.
Think of them as fairies.  They hide for safety and communicate in ways not human-like; more like mind to mind or heart to heart.  They know of each other and of us.
Thank you.

    For One: When the Experiment ends, do all of my fractals merge?  Or is there a continuous playing in the other dimensions and realities?

Your imagining is such that both cannot co-exist.  In such a mindset, the expanse of creation limits itself.  Know this, you are greater than the individuated you and the sum of your individual parts.  You are all (parts) of every imagining – simultaneously and singularly – that has ever been considered.
These truths are available now.  With the ending of “the Experiment” as you call it, access to their location is easier discovered.  There are no guarantees in creation – there is every possibility.  The choice to experience life from any vantage point is yours to make now and will be yours to make after “the Experiment ends”.  Where you play is up to you.



For One: Are there realities one could go to simply enjoy the physical without enslavement?

Know that this current earth reality includes pockets of humans unaware of slavery, yet living isolated lives without the benefit of technology.  What you are asking is of a life with modern conveniences and many beings, (all) shared in complete freedom.
There are two parts to this answer.  The first is to say that your question states clearly the form of the “New Age”.  Second is that there are many planets and existences.  You are learning about some of them now.  Mankind will create a new version of freedom that has not been seen yet and will add to the richness of creation.  Many are anxious for this to occur.  We are complete.
Thank you.

It is through mutual support that we’ll grow a sustain-ably conscious world.  
No one can do this but us.
We are the gods we’ve been waiting for.
With absolute love,
  Sophia Love

[New post] A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon: Sound Meditation ~ Feb. 1, 2015


I just found this audio file on Starship Earth: The Big Picture. Quite a good website, full of interewsting info regarding spirituality and geared for Lightworkers! Check it out at

This article refers to sound-healing technology, which I feel is quite valid. As a former music student…I always thought that the field of “music therapy” was there for a reason. Music, as well as other sounds can lift us up…or be quite irritating…thinks of nails on a blackboard! Why does this happen? It’s the frequency of sound that affects us so.

If the frequency of sound is synchronistic with our frequency…all is well, and we really get into that sound. However, if the frequency of a sound is at a variance (no harmony) with our frequency…ugh, is all I can say…turn it off!  The cabal knows all about sound and frequency and is hard at work on producing subliminal sounds to alter our state of BEIng. Hear that ringing in your ears? Might not come from you, but somewhere else!

SO now that we have established sound (frequency) as a way to help, or hurt us, please listen to this audio meditation that is guaranteed to help, use headphones for a biaural effect, and…


Hathorian Stream of Light

The Hathors have been asking me to post this sound meditation for weeks due to the extreme stress that many individuals are experiencing and will continue to experience in their lives.

This sound meditation is gentle and subtle, but its benefits are extensive, in that it allows you to gently release tension that arises from your present circumstances, and if you choose to work with it further it can help release negativity from your past.

The meditation is 12 minutes long and is best listened to with stereo headphones or earbuds. If you have the space to do so I suggest you lie down and prop your legs up so that they are higher than your head and chest as this simple position will assist you to relax more deeply.

Breathe in long slow comfortable inhales and gently relaxed exhales, letting each exhale be more relaxed than the one before it.

The sounds that comprise the meditation are from a stream that flows on the island where I live along with Hathor sounds that are analogs from the light realms to release stress and to activate networks of light in your body.


As you listen to this meditation imagine that a stream of liquid light is flowing through you from the top of your head down through the space of your body and out your feet and hands, gently carrying away stress and tension.

Keep your awareness in your physical body as you listen to the sounds of the stream and the sounds of the Hathors. By doing so you will allow the vibratory energy of healing and release to move deeply into your organs and other areas of your body that may be tense and constricted.

I suggest you rest a few minutes with your eyes closed after listening in order to sense the subtle energies that have been released within you. You can repeat the sequence as many times as you wish to create a listening session as long as you desire.

Click here to listen to and/or download the Hathorian Stream of Light Sound Meditation.

Source (email newsletter from

Creating as the Oversoul – The Hathors ~ November 8, 2014


We all get tired… we all get frustrated…we all want a change for the better in our personal lives! More money, more love, more happiness. Ya’ll know that I constantly tout the Law of Attraction and firmly believe in that we all indeed create every aspect of our own lives…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, if we are able to stay in a high state of vibration (love), why aren’t we able to bring on the things that make us happy?

This is a good question and one The Hathors answer in this article. Who are the Hathors? The Hathors say that they are a group of interdimensional, intergalactic beings who were connected ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor, as well as several other pre-history cultures. They come to us in love and are normally channelled  through Tom Kenyon, although in this case, they are channelled through Daniel Scranton.

This is a pretty interesting message with many good points about the differences, and similarities,  between the human body and it’s higher self (oversoul) that account for why the human body (ego-driven) can’t “produce” things/events that bring happiness. My goodness, what a point…why even bother?

But then…it’s time to step back and understand the spiritual growth that can evolve from every circumstance in life, if you look for growth and let it happen! I’m unemployed, and unemployment benefits end next week. Am I in a lather about this? Not so much now that I realize it’s time for me to put other talents to work such as my spiritual writing capability. At any rate, The Hathors bring some compelling thoughts that may be of benefit, so please read their article, think about it, and…


p.s. I had this very question today…and look what popped up in my email today! Near instant manifestation of an answer! Pretty astounding…someone’s listening!

“From time to time you will find that you cannot possibly create the exact experience that you want to create for yourselves. And this has many of you feeling frustrated and even angry with this business of ‘you create your reality’ and the law of attraction, and so on.

So we want you all to let yourselves off the hook just a bit. You are creators, indeed. You are creating every single moment, and every single detail within that moment, that you experience. But you are doing so from many different levels of your being-ness. So you see, you are aware of yourselves as an ego, as but a small fraction of who and what you are.

And so that portion of you has desires for itself. Most of those desires revolve around comfort and survival and fun and things of that nature. But you are also part of a bigger entity called your oversoul. And your oversoul is more interested in having a variety of experiences. So you want all the good experiences. You want all the pleasurable ones, and your oversoul wants to know all experiences for itself.

And so, in some ways you are living in service to that goal. And that has many of you feeling like you are out of control, that your lives are not your own to live. You may even see your oversoul then as the bad guy or bad girl. We can understand this. We understand how it seems as though this is not you, this is some other being that exists somewhere else, and that you are just a pawn in its game.

But we want to submit to you that you are your oversoul and that you cloud your awareness of this fact by setting yourselves up with certain beliefs and with certain experiences that will give you that very limited perspective that your ego has. And then you will believe in fact that you are your ego. It is a trick, but it is a trick that you are playing on yourselves.

And if you want to release yourself from the trick then you must first acknowledge that everything is your creation. You must also acknowledge that everything serves you in some way. You must be willing to look for the service in everything that you experience. And you must also embrace all experience as being a part of the truth of who you are. Then and only then will you have the perspective of the oversoul.

And when you have the oversoul, you are of the vibration of the oversoul. And when you are of the vibration of the oversoul, then you begin to create the precise reality that you want to experience. And then you may be surprised at what you do select for yourselves. You will find that you choose to experience some of the same challenges that right now you simply feel are being thrust upon you. We think you like challenges, and we think that you would like your life so much more if you accepted those challenges with a grin and a nod and a knowing glance.

We are The Hathors. We thank you. And we wish you a fond good day.”



anna merkaba

Hey Folks…this is an article from Anna Merkaba simply saying…it’s ti-ime! Please read, feel, and…


Greetings everyone, before I begin the channeling I would like to tell you once again of very exciting news, that we have indeed entered a photon belt. On September 22^nd the following image was posted by NASA.
The image above shows the plane of the Milky Way with x-rays indicated in blue and gamma rays indicated in purple. Read more at:

At the same time I have received an e-mail from a beautiful Light worker Luis Nunez who wrote to me saying “For some reason the thought crossed my mind yesterday, to search and see if there was a live stream of earth on real time going on at around 8:30 central European time. I found a stream from the international space station being broadcasted on Ustream and I took a couple of pictures that I’d like to share with you….People may say it’s a coincidence, but to me it was a beautiful moment…”

I have been watching the sky everyday and although my camera refuses to take a proper picture, the sky has been purple everyday at sunrise and sunset following earths entrance into the Purple Photon Belt.

After I posted this on FB I have received an overwhelming response from so many sharing what they experienced on that day and continue to experience. So as you can see we truly have, entered this beautiful corridor of light, and are riding the wave towards pure bliss assisted by all the phenomenal energies coming our way. All you need to do to experience them is to be open to these energies.

I want to remind you that our planet has JUST entered the photon belt, which means that we are going to be experiencing a rise in consciousness in stages, NOT overnight as many of you are requesting. Because once again, the reason is simple, our bodies must adjust to the new frequencies. It is the same as saying that you want to lose the extra weight that took you years and years to put on overnight! I understand your anticipation but I ask you to please be patient and gentle on yourself as you truly do need to give your mind and body to catch up to what your advanced soul is ready for.

So having shared this with all of you here is a recent channeling from our beloved Hathors who continue to walk with us to our full awakening. Please note that this is VERY LONG channeling, but offers many insights into what we are all going through and what is yet to come, giving us a glimpse of our individual and collective future. Enjoy.

I have not formally spoken to St. Germain prior to receiving this tool, and found myself flabbergasted when he came to me early in the morning as I was awakening from sleep. I saw him clearly and he pointed to this tool and explained to me in detail how to use it! And as soon as I took it into my hands and closed my eyes, I felt my crown chakra vibrating surprisingly much and felt myself surrounded by so much Violet that I felt myself actually becoming it! Then complete, peace and serenity filled my body and uncontrollable joy! This frequency operates on opening up our 8th chakra and crown chakra, the chakras of divinity and connects us with the divine. In doing so, it purifies our whole body, removes blockages, releases the past and transmutes all that stands in the way of total recognition and understanding of self. Click here to learn more about it :

Dearly beloved children of light and dearly beloved children of love, dearly beloved children of the moon, the sun and the stars,

As you continue your journey through the photonic belt of your creator selves. As you continue your journey on Mother Ship Earth. The consciousness of your creator selves is merging the consciousness of those dwelling therein and raising the vibratory impulses of the planet, assisting it from within and sending the signal of light to without.

As the energy that you generate, fully and completely from within the heart codices of your DNA structure are sending a signal to the cosmic getaways, measuring the level of intensity, measuring the level of the structural components of your DNA and adjusting the flow of energy to earth in unison, in response to your generated field of energetic proportions.

For once again through the sacred heart space of your creator selves, you are spinning an energy field into existence, allowing it to become a force shield if you will , and a generator of energies, and collector of energies which are plummeting to the planet at the given moment in time.

For the portals that are being  opened by you, the portals that are bridging the gap between the present reality of your selves and the reality that you wish to merge with, are once again generated by your very own hearts. And hence, we repeat that the activation of your internal grids is the most important step that you to take toward oneness and unity.

For only through the clearance of your own heart space, through the activation of your own heart’s DNA, and clearing out that which no longer belongs, will you be able to become that which initially you have come here to be. You will be able to take on your respective roles and assist those whom you have come here to assist.

And so, let us then explain to you in your human language for you to understand that which is occurring presently on your planet. Many of you have begun to feel the tremendous shifts taking place within your own realities. Many of you are seeing that which we have promised you that you will experience. As you are presently moving through the photon corridor of creator, and you are merging two distinct fields into one whole, two distinct fields of two distinct realities are becoming evidently more clear, separating the “good” from the “bad” and simultaneously merging it into oneness, merging it into one whole, in order to move past the paradigm of yesteryear and move into the new paradigm, the new reality of your being, the new reality of understanding and incorporating both polarities into one inevitable infinite whole.

For through the incarnation of the vehicle which you see unfold before you, through the vehicle of your creator selves you are bringing forth the necessary changes into your beings, you are bringing forth all that you are, allowing these energies to work with the encodings within the structural components of your DNA codices and bring forth the new programming with which you have been infused before being incarnated on planet earth. Bringing with you the wisdom of the ages, the technological understanding of the world that is yet to come, the emotional frequency of the unconditional love of the eternal OM.

For many of you who have awakened have not fully understood the reason for your being, for many of you are walking in the shadows of your ego selves, for many of you this phase is about to end, and new unison, a new reality to take hold of your beings.

For the reality that you are about to encompass, the reality that you are about to spin into the world in which you dwell, shall shake you to the core of your being. For all that you have believed to be of difficulty shall begin to come to you with ease, for all that you believed not to exists, shall present itself to you fully and completely.

For you shall begin serendipitously meeting those with whom you are to collaborate on various objectives set forth by your own higher consciousness, your own higher creator selves. Meeting with absolute “strangers” shall turn into magnanimous life changing events for many of you. For indeed the time has come to merge the powers of your creator selves, to merge the powers of that which you are, in order to utilize the UNITED energies in building a new foundation on planet earth.

For indeed phase one has come to completion, for indeed phase two has commenced, and as such, the new vocations, new understanding, new encounters, new realities, new experiences, are unfolding rapidly for many of you, many of you who are allowing such synchronicities to enter your psyche, many of you who are ready to take on your active roles in the game of life!

Many of you shall and will and have felt the disconnectedness from your vessels, from your very selves, as you have moved through the vortex of the full moon of yesteryear. Many have indeed shed much of their old paradigms, and allowed the energies to cleanse them and prepare them for what’s to come. Many have finally tapped into the understanding of their DNA structure, many have allowed and as they proceeded to allow, as they welcomed such experiences into their lives, many have indeed experienced oneness, many have indeed experienced their godlike selves, for indeed you are gods, for indeed is so.

And so and thus, comes a moment in time, when you are to take action, action of your respective roles, listening carefully as you are being guided to maneuver the seeming darkness of your world, for the chaos that you are experiencing is simply a recalibration of energies, for the two worlds of your divine selves are merging into one complete whole into one complete understanding of life, into one compete understanding of reality.

The reality which your human selves, have not dwelled in prior, the reality in which you shall find and are finding yourselves in, is the reality that is here to stay, the reality of love, the reality of light, the reality of unconditional co creation of eternal bliss, joy and health. Bliss joy and health of your very vehicle, joy bliss and understanding of your very soul. For you are the ones that have come to illuminate the path for those who have come before you, for you are the ones that have come to enlighten the path of your very own selves, for you are the ones that have come to enlighten the path for those that shall come after you, for you are the ones that have returned and indeed you are the ones that have never left. For you are GODS, GODS of your creator selves, gods of al that you see before you. And as such, you are to take active roles in the co creation of everything that you wish to manifest into your reality.

Many upon many ways of being shall be revealed to you in the days to come, much of the information that you are eagerly awaiting shall be brought into your psyche by your own higher selves. Much of this information is already readily available for your taking, much of said information shall magically manifest from within the space codes of your heart.

For you are the ones that shall go deep within and extract such information from your higher selves, for you must fully understand your present reality in order to comprehend your mission here on earth.

And so, we leave you with a new message of understanding, allow that which you are to shine through, doubt yourself not for you already know all that there is, allow yourself to REMEMBER that which you have come here to be, allow, and BE, in the NOW moment of time, allow and utilize the energies as they are unleashed into your world to assist you.

We the Hathors, the forefathers of your vehicles creation that you call the human bodies, are standing before you, once again in line with you energies, once again, with open arms and open heart ready to assist you, ready to guide you, ready to be guided by YOU, standing by your side, as you plunge ahead and lead humanity out of the veil of forgetfulness and onto the magic road leading them to their true magnificent selves.

WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL –