Update from Kevin Annett on Canada’s Election, Genocide, and Nervous Politicians [video] ~ September 13, 2019

Kevin has another interesting update for us as of September 8th. It seems the PM Turdeau was conspicuous by his absence in the debates yesterday. He is avoiding the press like the plague, and there have been some intimidation/strong arm tactics going on with respect to journalists who wish to chronicle events.

All is not right in the Republic of Kanata as evidenced by this headline involving improprieties within the RCMP. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot more of this. Thanks, R.

RCMP intel director charged in major case was top adviser to former force head: sources

See Kevin’s video below. The source for this update is Murder By Decree. com

In this Update:

  1. Where Oh Where is Justin Trudeau? An Elusive Prime Minister hides in plain sight
  2. On the Campaign Trail: From West to East
  3. New Republican Assemblies formed
  4. Cleansing the Temples: National Day of Action against Genocidal Canadian Churches set for September 22
  5. The Free University is launched under the Republic’s auspices
  6. Award winning journalist profiles Kevin Annett in an upcoming release

PM Justin Trudeau -THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck ORG XMIT: VCRD109

Where Oh Where is Justin Trudeau? An Elusive Prime Minister hides in plain sight

Rulers caught with their pants down tend to avoid the spotlight. Sometimes – like in the case of “Pope” Benedict – they hide out altogether. Justin “Mini Me” Trudeau is no exception. Ever since being publicly named and summoned as a major defendant in Canada’s latest War Crimes Tribunal, Trudeau has dodged the media like a besieged Dick Nixon in his final days.

On September 6, the Liberal Party announced that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will not participate in upcoming party election debates, including the televised Macleans/City TV debate set for September 12. With the Liberals dropping in the polls as the federal election looms on October 21, the party is doing its best to fog and downplay two political bombshells: Trudeau’s personal involvement in the SNC Lavalin bribery scandal involving his own cabinet members, and the growing evidence of his ties to aboriginal-killing Chinese corporations in British Columbia. Trudeau refused to respond to a Public Summons issued to him last June to answer questions about these ties at an upcoming international Tribunal in Vancouver commencing September 16.

Perhaps not unrelated to all of this was a phone call made on September 2 to the syndicated journalist Sarah Webster by a lawyer who claimed to represent the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The lawyer grilled Webster about an article she is writing on Kevin Annett and the Republican movement. According to Ms. Webster,

“The lawyer asked me why I had contacted the PMO and whether I’d done so on behalf of Kevin Annett. When I told him no, that I was simply researching an article about him and wanted to interview someone at the PMO, he pressed me for information about Kevin’s location and plans. When I played dumb, he warned me that my failure to disclose information involving the “security” of key government officials constituted a felony and I could be prosecuted.

“What does Reverend Annett have to do with the security of government officials?” I asked the lawyer. When he didn’t reply, I continued,

“Are you saying Kevin Annett is a threat to their security?”

“I have been so informed, yes”

“By whom?”

“By the relevant authorities”

“Do you mean a political threat?”

“I’m not free to comment about anything else”

Clearly, Justin Trudeau and those around him are more than a bit nervous about the Republican campaign’s spotlighting of the Chinese connection to the Liberal government. Attacking the messenger – in this case, once again, Kevin Annett – is standard ops for criminally-complicit regimes of both Church and State.

Like trying to close the barn door after all the horses are loose.

(Note: See more below on Sarah Webster’s exclusive piece on Kevin Annett and the campaign, to be released worldwide before the election)

On the Campaign Trail: From West to East

Two new delegates to a future Republican Congress have joined Kevin Annett, Tim Bartsch and Brenda Everall on the campaign trail. The new delegates will announce their identity this coming week, but they live on the west coast of Canada and in Alberta. One of them recently convened a Republican Assembly in her own traditional indigenous territory and announced an ending of all ties between her local native nation and the federal government.

“We have never recognized the authority of the British Crown or its puppet genocidal government in Ottawa” said the delegate. “As independent, traditional indigenous people we are joining hands with Kevin Annett and the movement to create a Republic of Equal Nations in Kanata.”

These new volunteers joined Kevin Annett this past week in a series of local election meetings in “British” Columbia and Alberta. On Labor Day, Kevin also spoke at a regular meeting of the Republican Assembly of North Winnipeg, where he announced his candidacy on July 23.

During the week of September 16, three Republican events will be held in Owen Sound, Toronto and Picton, Ontario: respectively, on the 16th, 18th and 20th. (Please note the rescheduled date and location of the Toronto event; more news is forthcoming).

“There’s an amazing groundswell of support building for the Republic, wherever we travel” said Kevin Annett today from his office in Winnipeg.

“The official national poll that showed a 58% support rate for a Canadian Republic is woefully out of date. Our own polling of people on the ground this past week shows a 73% support level. Our time has come. The only issue now is whether people will take the next step, take out citizenship and actively build the Republic”.

New Republican Assemblies formed

Three more Republican Assemblies were formed and chartered this past week, bringing the total to eleven across Kanata. That was the good news issued from the central office of the Provisional Council for the Republic in Winnipeg.

Under common law and the Republican Constitution, twelve or more people in a community can sign a Charter and constitute themselves as a legislative Assembly with the power to form a citizen’s militia and local common law courts. These Republican Assemblies can then issue citizenship identities and deputize police to disavow their allegiance to the “crown” and serve under the authority of the Republic.

Copies of the Republican Assembly Charter and Kanata Citizenship Cards can be obtained through the Provisional Council at republicofkanata@gmail.com .

Cleansing the Temples: National Day of Action against Genocidal Canadian Churches set for September 22

60,000 murdered children was part of the fuel that ignited the Republic of Kanata. The churches that killed them in their so-called residential schools have had no legal or moral right to operate ever since their lawful conviction as genocidal institutions in February 2013. A standing arrest warrant is still in place for the top officers of the Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, their churches have been legally evicted from our nation, and the property and assets of these criminal bodies can be legally seized by the people. (see www.murderbydecree.com)

On Sunday, September 22, the Republic of Kanata is sponsoring a National Day of Action to make this happen. Citizens and their indigenous allies will be picketing, occupying and reclaiming these churches across the nation. Citizens and supporters can and should organize an action at their local Catholic, Anglican and United churches, or find out if an action is being planned in their communities. More information and copies of leaflets and other supplies can be obtained at republicofkanata@gmail.com .

But don’t forget: this is not a one day event. The disestablishing of these churches and the reclaiming of their space is an open-ended and ongoing effort. It represents part of the Republic’s program of cleansing our nation of its ongoing genocide and the institutions responsible.

The Free University is launched under the Republic’s auspices

How do we construct a truly post-colonial, anti-corporatist education system and culture in Kanata when those who try to do so are continually targeted and marginalized? Five blacklisted scholars are showing us how.

At a founding meeting in Vancouver on August 24, the five men and women and their supporters formed a movement called The Free University. Their aim is twofold: a) to construct a “Pedagogy and Curriculum of Liberation” to reverse the legacy and mindset of a genocidal Canada, and b) to provide an alternative forum for scholars who have been blacklisted for their work. The Free University has affiliated itself to the Republic of Kanata and will operate under its jurisdiction and security, and within its territories.

According to one of the founding scholars, an indigenous woman of Anishinabe-Cree ancestry,

“Canada is a country of silent but ruthless academic censorship. The purging of dissident scholars like us goes on behind the scenes but is systematic, weeding out any alternative view of official history. The classic, ground breaking work on the Canadian genocide, Kevin Annett’s Murder by Decree, has been purged right out of every college and library across Canada. Our job is to reverse this culture of censorship. We must make the full truth of our domestic war crimes known to every student and to our children. We won’t have a future, otherwise.”

Kevin Annett was present at the founding meeting. He spoke of his expulsion from the University of ‘British’ Columbia (UBC) during his Ph.D program between 1996-1998, after the intervention of his former employer, the United Church of Canada. Kevin was also banned from lecturing on the UBC campus in 2003 and again last year. Academic allies of his like sociologist Dr. Richard Fredericks have been threatened and fired for circulating Kevin’s books, films and research in their classrooms.

“The Free University is also our way of fighting the Corporate University and its rule of Big Money over Free Inquiry” declared Kevin to the meeting.

“If we are to have a new Republic we have to unlearn the thoughts and ways of a genocidal culture. Our education system has to free the truth and the real history as well as the minds of our coming generations.”

The Free University has just issued two special leaflets and internet notices addressed to the students and faculty of the University of BC and Vancouver Island University. They address the complicity of these colleges with the west coast genocide and the presence of mass graves of native women and children on their properties. Copies of the leaflets also here are attached to this email.

To contact The Free University write to thecommonland@gmail.com .

Award winning journalist profiles Kevin Annett in an upcoming release

Sarah J. Webster had only used a pseudonym once before, during her thirty plus years as an investigative journalist. But nowadays she still uses the “Webster” name after researching and writing about Kevin Annett and the Canadian genocide. Her first article about Kevin in the fall of 2017 evoked RCMP harassment, threats of lawsuits and a gamut of late-night death threats.( http://www.salem-news.com/articles/march262019/canada-biggest-cover-up-sw.php ) And now she’s on the campaign trail with Kevin and is producing an even more penetrating article about the burgeoning Republic of Kanata.

“Some guys just never give up” Sarah commented after observing Kevin at one of his election meetings in the north end of Winnipeg. “And of course, neither do the creeps.”

Sarah described her recent harassment by a government lawyer who wanted to know all she could tell him about Kevin Annett’s plans and movements. She declined, and then the lawyer spoke of her possible prosecution.

“It’s the same reaction, wherever you go in official Canadian society” said Sarah.

“The mere mention of the name Kevin Annett sends everyone into a frenzy. I find that fascinating, both as a journalist and a non-Canadian. To be so hated at the top and so cherished on the bottom of society means you’re doing something right in my book. And now with the Republic idea, I expect the division to get even greater and the shit to fly even more. Hell, I want to do a whole series on Kevin.”

Sarah Webster’s writings are syndicated in Europe, Asia and America. She is the recipient of several journalism excellence awards and is a consultant to alternative media networks. She can be contacted at sarahjwebster101@gmail.com .

For ongoing updates on these and other topics and the Republic of Kanata, listen every Sunday at 3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern to Here We Stand: The Voice of the Republic, at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand .

Campaign News Update: Sunday, September 8, 2019

News You May Have Missed But Can’t Afford To [videos] ~ June 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh my, this is about to get real my friends…real interesting and real exciting! So very many signs and signals about how our world is teetering on the brink of exciting change!

Please read the articles and video’s below, think carefully if your are really ready for change in your life…cause here it comes, and be…



I had so much fascinating news to share, I compiled it in one post. You don’t want to miss this. Some of it is explosive.

We are fortunateSo very and grateful to be getting the flood of information we are but there’s so much, it’s easy to miss things—even important items, but particularly more obscure situations or details. Add the censorship and new algorithms into the mix and we can miss some darn good stuff.

Like this. Thanks to Dr. Richard Presser for this one. Excellent news. It seems the Independent News community—the digital soldiers—have been successful. Kiwis got the message!

This is it, in a nutshell:

Simply put, guns — in the hands of good people — level the playing field against guns in the hands of bad people. It is this simple. As this tragic case illustrates, bad guys will always have access to guns, even if you use laws to disarm them.

The protectionist attitude of taking guns from law abiding citizens to keep guns from criminals is ineffective, self-serving, one-sided and ignores the benefits of an armed society as well as history. And, it only serves to further the oppression of those who cannot defend themselves.

Citizens disobey New Zealand gun ban, only 530 of 300,000 people turned guns in

Not Elton John; DOCTOR John. Deceased June 2019. RIP

Sir Patrick Mack picked up on some clues and went diggin’. He had a feeling something was going to happen in Louisiana. There were a few things going on. The “doggie drops” by many Democrats were very interesting leads he’s been following for some time and they continue.

It seems that when dimms Tweet about dogs, it’s about death, or attempted assassinations, or sacrifices, and the like.

This particular video is chock full of excellent sleuthing and nuggets.

He also reveals there was a power outage at LAX on Wednesday which I had not heard about. However, on Wednesday night/Thursday morning my power went off here in the Phoenix valley and the screeching smoke detectors woke me up. It was a momentary lapse just long enough to mess up my clock radio, but it also turned my iPad on which was charging. The time? 12:12. On 6-6. I thought that was interesting.

How many times have we heard about power outages at airports? No coincidence.

RIP Dr. John, who knows what it means to miss New Orleans. Love this song.  ~ BP

Q Anon/News – Try the GumBeaux – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 6.6.19

Part 2 of that thread above was good, as well.

Did you hear about an alleged incident at the White House as President Trump was departing for the UK? Craig at Just Informed Talk explains. Talk of assassination attempts on POTUS are almost part of daily conversation now.

He also speaks of the mentality of the enemy. Now that you know that programmed bots comprise a large proportion of the population, does this make more sense? How about Trump’s frequent comments about people with “low IQ”?

You may also notice that a lot of ‘Tubers now have their own websites where, if the need arises, they can feature their own videos and other content.

What Happened At The White House?

The paranoid satanists are whacking anyone and everyone who gets in their way and isn’t so lucky or maintaining their situational awareness, like Mr. Campbell who is slated to testify about U1 on Monday. He was packing and cautious and managed to avoid an attempt on his life in the woods behind his home recently.

This story below from Brad at Lions Republic is about a less fortunate player.


And how about the satanists’ plans? Daniel Cannon of Logic Before Authority makes a point of digging into topics many others don’t, and when people follow their intuition, we learn fascinating things. To start off, he brings details about the “burning man” at the White House I hadn’t heard elsewhere.

Have a boo at the suits with Obama at the Warriors/Raptors game.

Daniel gets into some odd stuff related to the Feather River Canyon near Paradise, California and activity on the featured channel on Themtube. The town of Pulga is an interesting place with a bit of history attached. Perhaps it has more to offer than we know. Someone bought it for a song.

Also check out the artist’s rendering of the plan for Grand Central Station/Terminal in Manhattan, New York. Quite the contraption, isn’t it? Portal, anyone?

“Fire From The Sky & Below” The Coming Storm/s

I covered the unfortunate recent situation and deaths on Mount Everest, but Thomas Williams brought this additional accident in the Alps to our attention on Thursday in his ‘Sub-Intel” portion at the 58 minute mark on Spreaker which I hadn’t seen. He confirmed 11 deaths already so far in 2019, and added that another 8 went missing between last weekend and Thursday. (June 1 and June 6)

He had a cautionary word for all climbers above what the authorities are saying in the articles. He said avoid ascending mountains at this time until further notice. The planet is changing rapidly, and will not wait for you to get off those places while continuing the progress. Shift is happening. No fear.

I don’t think Thomas can say more than that, so use your knowledge base to apply the appropriate context to the warning.

Mont Blanc, Alps

Mont Blanc climbs restricted after fatal accident, will ‘crowded’ Everest be next? (PHOTOS)

8Chan under attack? I did say I was not able to access Qmap.pub for awhile the other day—which is an aggregator site that pulls all the QAnon posts from 8Chan.

In this TRU Reporting video below Thomas gets into the news he’s found, and some of it is very interesting. Isn’t it crazy that we have to communicate in code, vagaries, and innuendo these days?

What if… JFKJR=VP 2Q2Q? Betcha. Piece o’ cake. WWG1WGA

That would be D-Day for the dark, wouldn’t it?

Like I said… lots of fireworks coming. All kinds.

The perfect venue: the Mountain of Presidents. Unbelievable. We shall see.

Fourth of July fireworks to return to Mount Rushmore in 2020

Lets Catch Up With The News :coded:

This one’s about waterworks. I finally got to this video last night and I warn you, grab the tissues. The whole box.

It might be the most haunting video I’ve ever seen. Thank you to the Patriot Hour for featuring it, and to this Veteran, Jim Radford, for his gut-wrenching, soulful rendering. It is perfection.

He reminds me of me old dad, who was proud of his uniform, often wore the same kind of hat and beard, and loved to sing.

This one gets my vote for most important video of the week and bears sharing.

Never war. Never again.  ~ BP

The Shores Of Normandy By D Day Veteran Jim Radford [MUST SEE] SHARE

Headlines & Updates for January 30, 2019: Caught in Limbo Between Darkness and Light [videos] ~ January 30, 2019

Does it seem like there is a tremendous amount of action begging to unfold that is being reined in until the right moment? It seems dammed up. That’s how it feels to me. We are getting all sorts of rumours, teasers, intel, disinformation, promises, prophecy, and it all seems to have stalled other than a few stunts like the Roger Stone arrest.

There are a number of distractions, but many of us are confident the real stuff that needs to happen is percolating away as quickly as possible. We certainly can’t go back, so we have to go forward; out of darkness, into the Light.

Going forward, Trey Gowdy has linked up with Fox News.

Trey Gowdy and Fox News Join Forces

The news that Bill Smith is back is most welcome as Bill vanished from his Themtube channel 5 months ago and no one knew if he was safe or what had happened to cause him to disappear so suddenly. He says he will explain but doesn’t feel like talking about it yet.

Following is his latest video. You may have heard that Sheila Jackson Lee was forced to resign from several positions she filled. This is more on WHY. Human trafficking.

BTW, while I delete many old posts beginning with the oldest from 2012, I am still experiencing a little sluggishness on the bridge so, to the Crew: please advise of any irregularities when flying Starship Earth. Thank you. As you were.

Lindsey Graham Sends Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Justification For Pre-Dawn Raid on Roger Stone

More foundations breaking the laws in the headlines… and who’s involved? They just keep on keepin’ on’ dancing like nobody’s watching.

Sergey Brin Foundation Named in Dark-Money Campaign Finance Complaint

Donation linked to oil and gas initiative may violate IRS rules, Colo. campaign finance law

This news wasn’t a great start to my day, but it’s clear where they’re going with this. They are showing exactly who they are and why they must be removed. Permanently. We told you the creatures who have been running the planet prey on Humans. I’m sure many didn’t believe it. Perhaps now they will.

Aborting full term babies???!!!!!!  That is allowed in their new bill.

Virginia Now Considering Law Legalizing Abortion Up Until Birth

Originator Explains How He Built the History of Earth Map

There is a fascinating aspect to this because before Dylan had finished his map or chart, QAnon was giving patriots updates on “the map”, and Dylan was unaware Q was referencing the map he was working on. Freaky? Supernatural? I keep telling you; Q knows stuff.

The following interview explains that this “map” is only related to Q in that QAnon recommended it as it contains a great deal of valuable information which connects a lot of dots. Dylan did a super job of researching and creating this and for the most part it reflects what we’ve heard elsewhere, so there is probably a lot of valid info in his chart.

I look forward to having an up close and personal look at the ancient global martial law chart in care of the Manna World Holding Trust which shows who was who and their area of responsibility thousands of years ago. Too bad the globalists aren’t the “royalty” they claim.

The more we learn, the more we know we were lied to about everything. History, as we are taught, is no more real or valid than a Hollywood movie.

After his Qmap went viral he’s Mapping the Ultimate Cult – Dylan Louis Monroe Exclusive Interview

Further to the information above, we have this update just in from American Intelligence Media. I haven’t even listened yet.

New Wikileaks EXPOSES Vatican, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, and Pope Francis

And as long as we’re exploring the fringes… we understand there is a dome over our planet; plasma or something else? We don’t know. Some say over specific cities, but how is that possible? A dome over every city, planet-wide is more likely.

Knowing how they give us hints in movies and entertainment, someone focused in on this episode of King of Queens. I’ve never watched the show, but it’s right there. Flat or not, we don’t know. Too many lies and fake Earth stories to be sure at this point. We don’t even know where we are; whether it’s on Earth or some fake quarantined reality where we’re captive.

The FLAT EARTH Dome/Firmament In King Of Queens!

One of our best sources of information, both current and ancient, has been Thomas Williams on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show. Tune in tomorrow night, Thorsday, at 7:30 EST, 4:30 Pacific for the latest deep intel and updates on the cabal’s financial shenanigans to steal our Trust money, news analyses, and truth about anything you can imagine with a Q&A. You can also listen live from the website.

We like to end on a high note, so here’s the latest meme. You laugh, but it’s not that much of a stretch.  ~ BP

Image may contain: 1 person

Late Edition: News, Updates & Intel for July 30, 2018; Holding Pattern [videos] ~ July 30, 2018

ith respect to the first story below, we’re going to see almost every happy memory we have of our childhoods ripped to shreds when they reveal everything about our reality… so sad. Nothing was what it seemed and Thomas Williams cautions us that what we are now seeing in the alternative media about pedophilia, pedovores, satanic blood rituals and cannibalism is a mere scratch on the surface of the deep pool of Humanity’s fate at the hands of the psychopaths.
I adored Shirley Temple and took the entertainment at face value. I hadn’t thought about that recently, but was forced to when I saw the post below from the Crazz Files.
I continue to listen to David Hawkins of ‘Abel Danger’ spill his guts in the series, “The Greatest Conspiracy Ever Told” and this weekend I learned the details of JonBenét Ramsey’s final minutes. My mind is far too visual for disturbing details like that but we have to steel ourselves, shed our tears for the innocent, and accept the reality.
What the predators have done to Humanity is unforgivable. Most of us treat the fauna on our planet better than these monsters treat Human Beings.
We will do what we must to bring all this knowledge to the fore and see to it that we are never taken advantage of again.
The battle for Planet Earth/Terra/Midgard is sounding like it’s in the final stages, so dig in, stay strong, continue to share the reality of it and support those who are in the trenches putting their lives on the line in whatever ways you can. ~ BP

Shirley Temple and the Disturbing History of Baby Burlesque
Jewish Hollywood’s promotion of pedophilia is nothing new, but can be seen on full display in the Shirley Temple shorts of the 1930s.

Original source http://www.renegadetribune.com/shirley-temple-disturbing-history-baby-burlesque/

Toronto Danforth Shooter: Ties to Chemical Weapons Stockpile?
It’s always the same: “known to law enforcement”. Of course he was. It was another orchestrated terror attack.
See the video…

Crazy flooding again this year in India…
According to data provided by India’s National Emergency Response Center, heavy monsoon rains and floods they caused since the start of the 2018 Southwest Monsoon season have claimed lives of more than 570 people. Floods have affected millions of people and destroyed thousands of homes. 13 persons are still missing.
570 Deaths After Monsoons Sweep India

The Missing 13th Amendment from the American Constitution
We’ve talked about this “missing” amendment before. It’s fascinating. They conveniently eliminated it early on because they needed lawyers to take over the government. If you look, you’ll find that nearly every member of the government is/was an attorney. Barack Obama… lawyer. Michael Robinson Obama… lawyer. Hillary Clinton… patent attorney. Bill Clinton, attorney. Trey Gowdy, attorney. Joe Biden, attorney. Mike Pence, lawyer, and how many lawyers in the SES—400 or something?
That sleight of hand that enabled the modification to the Constitution that they slid by the American public was instrumental in the downfall and subversion of the People’s government. They speak and write in a language only “they” understand, treat us like domesticated animals who need to be “represented” in their kangaroo courts because we’re too stupid to translate and comprehend their BS law of the sea and statutes. They ensured everything they wanted to do was “legal” and knew all the loopholes they’d created.
I understand President Trump has been advised to dump the Admiralty gold-fringed and tasseled flags in favour of ‘Old Glory’. The Republic of America only relates to Law of the Land—no gold fringe! Anyone know if there was a purchase order for a large number of flags for the White House recently?

Missing 13th Amendment Found: “No Lawyers In Public Office”
TLB Editors Note: This article was originally published several years ago, but has not seen much daylight (as it should). What is presented here is more chronicling of the tyranny and treason being forced down … Continue reading
Missing 13th Amendment Found: “No Lawyers In Public Office”
The Liberty Beacon

Thomas Williams hosted another super, uplifting THI show last night, none the worse for wear after being punted by the “clowns” from the July 12th show far too early. He provided much-needed perspective of the “news”, some interesting intel, and a few laughs, as always. The ThemTube version is below. The audio at Spreaker is here. Suggest you take it in.

Nice to see some awakened people re-sharing the intel Thomas bring us. It only took 5 years, lol. This excerpt in the link is from the July 19 show.

Some highlights of the July 29 THI show, off the top of my head…

President Trump has officially “recognized” the letter from ” the Manna World Trust team” delivered to the White House in January advising that the Republic is now sovereign and he has since announced his plan to “seize the Fed”. Now, THAT’s progress!
Trump has also announced that he has no reservations about shutting down the Federal Government if the Democrats refuse to fund the Wall. Of course WE know the Trust is funding the Wall, so this is all smoke and mirrors necessary to facilitate what needs to be done and have it understood by the public. The media will have their way with it, no doubt, and we’ll learn the exact strategy after the fact.

The clowns attempted to pull off an RV three times last week, which of course failed, as it always has and always will. The cabal whacked 2,000 of their own in the past month, and since the minions were unable to trigger the RV for the umpteenth time, we expect more executions over that. Have at ‘er. Thomas says we will see more “RV people” stepping down, as a result. (those claiming there will be one “tomorrow”, tonight, next week…)
The United Nations has announced they’re running out of funds because member nations aren’t paying their dues. Of course WE know…the UN was seized and dissolved by the Team but the psychopaths continue to pretend nothing has changed membership fees for the United Nations were always illegal

Kim and the team confiscated the funds collected by the UN as membership dues and returned them to the originating countries and they will not be paying any dues. Period.
Bye-bye UN.

The psychotic media is telling the world that the Americans are going to start WWIII with Iran. That is pure fantasy generated by the propaganda arm of the deep state, of course, to make the Trump administration look bad. America will not attack anyone, and there will be no WWIII. Not now. Not ever. Get over it. When have Trump’s negotiations ever failed? Nothing is what it seems.

Since nothing the cabal does to secure funds works, they are beyond desperate. They managed to loot 1.8B from the Fed last week. The good news is, that was one more “secret access program” of theirs they have revealed to Kim and the team which is now shut down so it cannot be repeated.

There has been an ongoing process like this with the Trust funds, time and again. The psychopaths had many, many ways to steal money from many sources, and most of them have been shut down by the Quantum system so they cannot use that avenue again. They still have a few tricks up their sleeve, apparently, but each time a secret access is revealed that option is removed, permanently.

You know what else the Quantum system can do? It can send a looped message to the cabal… 24/7… like this… which it did—to the Rothschild thieves. (I love the sing-a-long part of the show.) If that message wasn’t written directly to the cabal, I don’t know what was.

At some point soon, they will have exhausted all avenues to rip off the People, will no longer be able to block the global Trust and the funds can then be released for Humanitarian Aid projects. Kim and the team are not indiscriminately holding back any funds; they are continually fighting off the fraudulent efforts of the dark to steal the funds. As soon as it’s safe to do so, they will release the funds. As Trustees, they take their job to protect the Trust on our behalf very seriously. To throw it all away now would be asinine, reckless and irresponsible.

It has been grueling and dangerous work to fight the banks, gather up 6,500 individual global trusts into the one and fund as required to prevent a global economic collapse. FYI, none of those trusts were called St. Germaine or Wanta.

Ironically, despite the death threats and assassination and abduction attempts, Kim had a message for us yesterday. She thanked US—the THI gang—for reminding her why she does what she does. Can you imagine; Kim thanking US? Kim was instrumental in much of the key work that dismantled the cabal. Without she and the team, we would not be enjoying the good news we’re getting these days. Our hats are off to you, Kim and Co. We can never thank you enough. Ditto to Thomas.

If there’s ever any doubt as to whether the lamestream media is complicit in the brainwashing and anesthetizing of the public, consider this: a US military missile was fired on American soil with the intent to shoot Airforce One and the President of the United States out of the sky while enroute to meet with Chairman Kim Jong-un to seal the Peace agreement and denuclearization of North Korea.

The missile was shot down mid-air by F-16s—and according to recent QAnon intel, equipped with a C-5 special weapons package enabling them to do that, as normally it is not possible. If you believe there is no civil war or revolution ongoing in America—think again.

The corporate media networks completely ignored that mind-blowing act of war and sedition on POTUS while the Independent/Truth Media made it widely public. Who are they protecting? It’s not rocket science—the rogue military that reports to the Rothschilds—and until the “US military” reports to the Republic, we can expect the chemtrails and weather weapons to continue.

The cabal’s media live in a dreamworld. They don’t report on what’s happening. They convey a fabricated world of fabricated events designed to manipulate the public and unseat President Trump and his administration. They protect the rogue agencies who seek to destroy the patriot movement to make America great again. They want the world comfortably numb to what’s really unfolding. For a few, it works.
The pedophilia/human trafficking aspect of life on our planet has far-reaching tentacles that will take down an astounding number of prominent figures and it will be noisy, so prepare for that. The proof is in the news every day now, without fail.

Thomas cautioned us again to do our inner work; to get shielded, calm and centered because from here on it will be “bedlam”. That’s encouraging! For help with that, visit the Think Different website and access the tools.

We’re coasting to some degree at the moment… but that holding pattern is about to end. There are a lot of things developing in the background that cannot be revealed on the show. Yet. Patience. It’s happening.

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Secret bunker video from CDC… ~ April 5, 2018

Love, Dr. Timothy

This is a satire video from Mike Adam’s Natural News showing how the CDC may have reacted to news made by a research physician, Dr. Timothy Cunningham, regarding his “true” thoughts about vaccines given the “ok” by the CDC being administered to African-American baby boys. This video may not be up long, as it has already been censored by YouTube, so we shall see how this goes…

If you will recall, Dr, Cunningham was reported missing several months ago, and has now been identified as a body in the Chattahoochee River neat Atlanta. For more information about this story, please go to naturalnews.com.

Please watch this video, go to Natural News for more information, including Dr. Cunningham’s letter of CDC malfeasance, know that evil knows no bounds, and…