Headlines & Updates for January 30, 2019: Caught in Limbo Between Darkness and Light [videos] ~ January 30, 2019

Does it seem like there is a tremendous amount of action begging to unfold that is being reined in until the right moment? It seems dammed up. That’s how it feels to me. We are getting all sorts of rumours, teasers, intel, disinformation, promises, prophecy, and it all seems to have stalled other than a few stunts like the Roger Stone arrest.

There are a number of distractions, but many of us are confident the real stuff that needs to happen is percolating away as quickly as possible. We certainly can’t go back, so we have to go forward; out of darkness, into the Light.

Going forward, Trey Gowdy has linked up with Fox News.

Trey Gowdy and Fox News Join Forces

The news that Bill Smith is back is most welcome as Bill vanished from his Themtube channel 5 months ago and no one knew if he was safe or what had happened to cause him to disappear so suddenly. He says he will explain but doesn’t feel like talking about it yet.

Following is his latest video. You may have heard that Sheila Jackson Lee was forced to resign from several positions she filled. This is more on WHY. Human trafficking.

BTW, while I delete many old posts beginning with the oldest from 2012, I am still experiencing a little sluggishness on the bridge so, to the Crew: please advise of any irregularities when flying Starship Earth. Thank you. As you were.

Lindsey Graham Sends Letter to FBI Director Wray Demanding Justification For Pre-Dawn Raid on Roger Stone

More foundations breaking the laws in the headlines… and who’s involved? They just keep on keepin’ on’ dancing like nobody’s watching.

Sergey Brin Foundation Named in Dark-Money Campaign Finance Complaint

Donation linked to oil and gas initiative may violate IRS rules, Colo. campaign finance law

This news wasn’t a great start to my day, but it’s clear where they’re going with this. They are showing exactly who they are and why they must be removed. Permanently. We told you the creatures who have been running the planet prey on Humans. I’m sure many didn’t believe it. Perhaps now they will.

Aborting full term babies???!!!!!!  That is allowed in their new bill.

Virginia Now Considering Law Legalizing Abortion Up Until Birth

Originator Explains How He Built the History of Earth Map

There is a fascinating aspect to this because before Dylan had finished his map or chart, QAnon was giving patriots updates on “the map”, and Dylan was unaware Q was referencing the map he was working on. Freaky? Supernatural? I keep telling you; Q knows stuff.

The following interview explains that this “map” is only related to Q in that QAnon recommended it as it contains a great deal of valuable information which connects a lot of dots. Dylan did a super job of researching and creating this and for the most part it reflects what we’ve heard elsewhere, so there is probably a lot of valid info in his chart.

I look forward to having an up close and personal look at the ancient global martial law chart in care of the Manna World Holding Trust which shows who was who and their area of responsibility thousands of years ago. Too bad the globalists aren’t the “royalty” they claim.

The more we learn, the more we know we were lied to about everything. History, as we are taught, is no more real or valid than a Hollywood movie.

After his Qmap went viral he’s Mapping the Ultimate Cult – Dylan Louis Monroe Exclusive Interview

Further to the information above, we have this update just in from American Intelligence Media. I haven’t even listened yet.

New Wikileaks EXPOSES Vatican, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, and Pope Francis

And as long as we’re exploring the fringes… we understand there is a dome over our planet; plasma or something else? We don’t know. Some say over specific cities, but how is that possible? A dome over every city, planet-wide is more likely.

Knowing how they give us hints in movies and entertainment, someone focused in on this episode of King of Queens. I’ve never watched the show, but it’s right there. Flat or not, we don’t know. Too many lies and fake Earth stories to be sure at this point. We don’t even know where we are; whether it’s on Earth or some fake quarantined reality where we’re captive.

The FLAT EARTH Dome/Firmament In King Of Queens!

One of our best sources of information, both current and ancient, has been Thomas Williams on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show. Tune in tomorrow night, Thorsday, at 7:30 EST, 4:30 Pacific for the latest deep intel and updates on the cabal’s financial shenanigans to steal our Trust money, news analyses, and truth about anything you can imagine with a Q&A. You can also listen live from the website.

We like to end on a high note, so here’s the latest meme. You laugh, but it’s not that much of a stretch.  ~ BP

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Headlines and Updates for September 5, 2018: Life in the Theatre of the Absurd [videos] ~ September 5, 2018

Here it comes, says Q. What is “it”? That depends on what the meaning of the word, “IT” is. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Theatre? You want to see THEATRE? Watch the highlights from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing yesterday. (video below) I could only manage the first 30 minutes of the whole extravaganza before I had to turn it off and missed the 22 arrests. Yes, I said 22 arrests, and absurd doesn’t begin to describe what I saw.

The Democrats staged a shockingly outrageous spectacle, the likes of which I’ve never seen. The OJ Simpson trial… the Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal… Trudeau’s “people-kind” and other embarrassing stunts… none of it held a candle to yesterday’s debacle.

My jaw was agape in disbelief that those the People elected to represent them in government would stoop to such lows. Kavanaugh’s family must have had second thoughts about whether they wanted him in the esteemed position of Supreme Court Judge after all. Whether Kavanaugh himself waivered I don’t know—and this could go on for days, they said.

I think it’s clear that these creatures will do anything to prevent what they know is imminent coming to fruition and it will get increasingly cringe-worthy. Desperation does funny things to people.

Can you imagine how the fake media and the deep state will be reacting when the really heavy stuff comes down the pike? That’s why we need to prepare. It might be utter chaos for a few weeks until the hysteria dies down and troublemakers are neutralized.

Be alert, aware, maintain situational awareness, remain calm, and send Trump’s declaration of preparedness to folks you think might heed it. If folks don’t read well, Dr. Janda reviews the proclamation on video.

This is a summary piece on the Kavanaugh hearing. It’s one for the books.

Some odd forces at work here. Is this related to what happened to the chopper in Little Rock that lost control just a few feet off the ground? How about the plane that went down in California with the Disney Imagineer on board? Why so many airline incidents these days?

Be prepared for anything. The psychopaths will not go quietly into the night. This brawl is just getting started and we will see a lot of distractions and “events”.

No matter what they do, we are liberating this planet if we have to haul all the sleepers kicking and screaming to the REAL land of the free.

Q posted 140 – 150 times in the past week because they are preparing us. Everyone is challenged keeping up with it all.

Here are the latest Q drops

“UNEXPLAINED FORCE” Pulls Down Planes Causing…

Another airline incident… Flight 203: United Arab Emirates from Dubai with 100 passengers falling ill mid-flight. See the video and details at RT. Are they pulling out the bioweapons, too?

‘Flying infirmary’: VIDEOS show confusion inside quarantined Emirates plane at JFK

More people coming unhinged… These antics in Dallas, Texas this morning. Mind control?

“High treason”, indeed.

Man Launches Vehicle Into Fox Building, Goes Absolutely Bananas

The Praying Medic has an uplifting video, with more Q videos to follow ASAP. Well worth a listen for peace of mind if you’re a little anxious. There were 4,000 people on this livestream at the time and Q is making history.

‘Tuber Bill Smith (not his real name) is MIA over 2 weeks now. We are hoping he just took a break as he has done before, if he saw the onslaught coming. May he be safe.

Here’s a dose of reality for you. Green pasture in Antarctica, and camouflaged tunnels. Disclosure is coming…

That’s enough for now. I need to top off my supplies.  ~ BP