Late Headlines and Updates for April 25, 2019; New Q Drops & A Narrative Shift [audio] ~ April 26, 2019

Q dropped a couple of new crumbs tonight and they bring the focus back around to Hussein.


How the Obama White House Engaged Ukraine to Give Russia Collusion Narrative an Early Boost

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 25 Apr 2019 – 6:11:38 PM




Why Did Obama Assign “Renegade” as His US Secret Service Codename?

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 25 Apr 2019 – 6:20:28 PM Why would a President of the United States [HUSSEIN] assign ‘RENEGADE’ as his USSS codename?
Define ‘Renegade’.
1. a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.
synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, betrayer;
adjective: renegade
1. having treacherously changed allegiance.

Thomas Williams had another interesting show tonight and dropped a few teasers. At the end, he spoke of how the bloodline families monopolized everything, skimmed the profits gained from the People’s money, and rolled their debt over to us.

That is about to change, he stated, and made an intriguing exit saying, “Change is perceived to be slow and painful but it hasn’t really; it’s been swift, brutal at times and self-fulfilling for those who seek internal truths and proof.

The external has largely remained hidden to date but recent intel, including tonight’s, suggests we are on the brink of making that river flow of energy reverse the opposite way.”

Perhaps you can read between the lines based on intel he left us with earlier. A major shift is what it suggests, obviously.

He told us the Manna World Trust team has worked long and hard on the financial system, putting roadblocks on the myriad ways the psychopaths used to dip into the Trust and steal funds with their back doors and sneaky tricks.

These controllers are beyond greedy and the team discovered this week that two satellites were used to interfere with the Quantum system so they were destroyed. The team is no longer giving warnings. Obstruction yields a swift and final blow. That was particularly interesting as I saw an update April 23 stating that China was discovered to be hitching a ride on American satellite frequencies for their own purposes. Apparently it’s not difficult.

Perhaps the change Thomas alluded to is related to that financial update. You can listen to the archived show for April 25 at this link. Fingers crossed, possums.

I saw this title below on a video but it’s CNN so I won’t give them the views, however it looks like they’re going to help Biden play the sympathy card so people forget about all the scandals and perverted behaviour—not to mention the fact that he had 4 years with Obama to produce something positive and didn’t. No track record except in the groping department so what does he have to offer—more entertainment for the Jerry Springer show?

Joe Biden’s life and career marked by tragedy

Many people have weighed in on the altercation between Mexican “military” and US officials this week. It was fairly benign, thankfully, but perhaps it was meant to be escalated and/or demand retaliation?

We understand the globalists’ long range plan was to have Mexico take the border states back. Something to keep in mind. President Trump’s response to the event was to tell us he is sending armed troops down there.

You will want to listen to this brief discussion about HB 3063 that would remove choice about vaccines in Oregon. This policy-maker speaks from the heart and gets immediate feedback to his candid remarks which I’ve never seen before. I found it quite remarkable. We’ll see what happens with this bill. People seem to be waking up, and speaking up about vaccines, finally.

Audience reacts to Sen. Heard’s opposition to HB 3063

I think we’ll be getting a lot more good news in the coming days and weeks but we must remain on our toes, never let our guard down, and fight to the finish. The enemy is still spewing outright lies on network television despite proof to the contrary.  ~ BP

P.S.  I just saw this SB2 update from And We Know.

SerialBrain2: The Truth about Notre Dame may surprise you.

Headlines and Updates for September 19, 2018: It’s What You DON’T See [videos] ~ September 19, 2018

Update: Sept. 18, 2:54 pm Pacific: Just a reminder that it appears we’ve been advised that the Emergency Cellular Alert Broadcast  that was scheduled to go out as a test from President Trump on Thursday, Sept. 20 has been moved back to October 3rd, same time; 2:08 pm EDT, 11:08 Pacific.  ~ BP

As many of us now know, the secret societies or factions struggling for world dominance in the background so the general public won’t realize it, use covert language, symbols, and gematria and numerology to communicate to their own and the enemy.

In the Tweet below, President Trump is letting us all know that try as the psychopaths will to use biological threats to manipulate the Patriots or extinguish a large segment of the population, the White Hats have our backs. (Thanks for the share, R.)

Thomas Williams and Simon Parkes tell us that the viruses active on a few airlines en route to America recently were real threats—but just a warning. We are well aware the tyrants have been experimenting for decades in their labs, using Humans as specimens, creating diseases to create suffering and death and they wouldn’t hesitate to use their latest deadly strains—some of which are race-specific for their long-held genocidal plans.

We have heard before that all the DNA of Humanity has been mapped and logged, and the source-based Quantum system used by the Manna World Holding Trust knows us all by DNA/energy signature, as well.

Our protectors can foil anything the dark can create with malice and all attempts to take us out en masse will fail. Thank you to the President for making this announcement. We can read between the lines.  ~ BP


It’s also interesting that we get this news just now. It could mean a couple of things. He may have flipped, or he may be helping the opposing team come up with new bioweapons.

Mark Zuckerberg is selling up to $13 billion of Facebook stock to fund an ambitious project to end disease

  • Mark Zuckerberg is selling up to $13 billion of Facebook shares to fund the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which has the audacious goal of curing, preventing, or managing all diseases “in our children’s lifetime.”
  • Among the initiative’s projects are investments in the Human Cell Atlas, which aims to map out every single cell in the human body, and the Biohub, which joins researchers from the three major academic research institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Zuckerberg shows up regularly, particularly for scientific briefings, but Chan runs it day to day.

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have released a second video this week with an inside peek at the shadow government and those who work against the People. You can watch that hidden camera magic here or below.

At least a few of them outright admit they know they won’t get fired. I don’t think they have the job security they believe they do…

Deep State Unmasked: Leaks at HHS; DOJ Official Resists “From Inside” and “Can’t Get Fired”

Congratulations and thanks to James and the team for exposing this one, too.

New Hampshire Bill Signed, Closing Voter Fraud Loophole Exposed by Project Veritas Action

Simon Parkes was Kerry Cassidy’s guest on Project Camelot September 18 if you would like to listen to that one.

Benjamin Fulford did another interview recently with Prepare for Change you may wish to take in.

It’s really delicious watching the interplay with Q-onimous Patriots on Twitter. Take the comment from Adam Schiff, for instance. He says it’s wrong to declassify all the documents. At least that’s what he says now—but not long ago we saw these remarks below… a different story. Oooops! So, which is it, Mr. Schiff? Such hypocrisy.

Check out the great memes here and the number of people saying, “Q sent me.” They’re coming out of the woodwork. Priceless! Q is definitely Trump’s trump card and secret weapon.

The list of QAnon boards for the latest drops:                       

Q drops or crumbs are archived to several sites. The timing of updates on each site can vary.

Praying Medic brings us another decode of the latest “DC panic” drops from QAnon.

Here’s an rare look at The Spider’s Web from Forbidden Knowledge TV. Thanks, S. I have not yet watched this one,but it’s probably share-worthy.

Dave’s latest X22 report and Q decodes…

Isn’t it interesting how Q now has ]Sessions[ out of the [“kill box”] quotes and has reversed them? I love that picture of little ol’ Jeffey in the back of the room that we quite often see, barely visible behind all the big shoulders. He looks like he has the most excellent secret he can barely contain. He does all but wink and I sure hope he’s on our side. Sessions activated: engage!

Release The Sessions, ]Sessions[ Activated, MOAB Inbound – Episode 1667b

Late Edition: News, Updates & Intel for July 30, 2018; Holding Pattern [videos] ~ July 30, 2018

ith respect to the first story below, we’re going to see almost every happy memory we have of our childhoods ripped to shreds when they reveal everything about our reality… so sad. Nothing was what it seemed and Thomas Williams cautions us that what we are now seeing in the alternative media about pedophilia, pedovores, satanic blood rituals and cannibalism is a mere scratch on the surface of the deep pool of Humanity’s fate at the hands of the psychopaths.
I adored Shirley Temple and took the entertainment at face value. I hadn’t thought about that recently, but was forced to when I saw the post below from the Crazz Files.
I continue to listen to David Hawkins of ‘Abel Danger’ spill his guts in the series, “The Greatest Conspiracy Ever Told” and this weekend I learned the details of JonBenét Ramsey’s final minutes. My mind is far too visual for disturbing details like that but we have to steel ourselves, shed our tears for the innocent, and accept the reality.
What the predators have done to Humanity is unforgivable. Most of us treat the fauna on our planet better than these monsters treat Human Beings.
We will do what we must to bring all this knowledge to the fore and see to it that we are never taken advantage of again.
The battle for Planet Earth/Terra/Midgard is sounding like it’s in the final stages, so dig in, stay strong, continue to share the reality of it and support those who are in the trenches putting their lives on the line in whatever ways you can. ~ BP

Shirley Temple and the Disturbing History of Baby Burlesque
Jewish Hollywood’s promotion of pedophilia is nothing new, but can be seen on full display in the Shirley Temple shorts of the 1930s.

Original source

Toronto Danforth Shooter: Ties to Chemical Weapons Stockpile?
It’s always the same: “known to law enforcement”. Of course he was. It was another orchestrated terror attack.
See the video…

Crazy flooding again this year in India…
According to data provided by India’s National Emergency Response Center, heavy monsoon rains and floods they caused since the start of the 2018 Southwest Monsoon season have claimed lives of more than 570 people. Floods have affected millions of people and destroyed thousands of homes. 13 persons are still missing.
570 Deaths After Monsoons Sweep India

The Missing 13th Amendment from the American Constitution
We’ve talked about this “missing” amendment before. It’s fascinating. They conveniently eliminated it early on because they needed lawyers to take over the government. If you look, you’ll find that nearly every member of the government is/was an attorney. Barack Obama… lawyer. Michael Robinson Obama… lawyer. Hillary Clinton… patent attorney. Bill Clinton, attorney. Trey Gowdy, attorney. Joe Biden, attorney. Mike Pence, lawyer, and how many lawyers in the SES—400 or something?
That sleight of hand that enabled the modification to the Constitution that they slid by the American public was instrumental in the downfall and subversion of the People’s government. They speak and write in a language only “they” understand, treat us like domesticated animals who need to be “represented” in their kangaroo courts because we’re too stupid to translate and comprehend their BS law of the sea and statutes. They ensured everything they wanted to do was “legal” and knew all the loopholes they’d created.
I understand President Trump has been advised to dump the Admiralty gold-fringed and tasseled flags in favour of ‘Old Glory’. The Republic of America only relates to Law of the Land—no gold fringe! Anyone know if there was a purchase order for a large number of flags for the White House recently?

Missing 13th Amendment Found: “No Lawyers In Public Office”
TLB Editors Note: This article was originally published several years ago, but has not seen much daylight (as it should). What is presented here is more chronicling of the tyranny and treason being forced down … Continue reading
Missing 13th Amendment Found: “No Lawyers In Public Office”
The Liberty Beacon

Thomas Williams hosted another super, uplifting THI show last night, none the worse for wear after being punted by the “clowns” from the July 12th show far too early. He provided much-needed perspective of the “news”, some interesting intel, and a few laughs, as always. The ThemTube version is below. The audio at Spreaker is here. Suggest you take it in.

Nice to see some awakened people re-sharing the intel Thomas bring us. It only took 5 years, lol. This excerpt in the link is from the July 19 show.

Some highlights of the July 29 THI show, off the top of my head…

President Trump has officially “recognized” the letter from ” the Manna World Trust team” delivered to the White House in January advising that the Republic is now sovereign and he has since announced his plan to “seize the Fed”. Now, THAT’s progress!
Trump has also announced that he has no reservations about shutting down the Federal Government if the Democrats refuse to fund the Wall. Of course WE know the Trust is funding the Wall, so this is all smoke and mirrors necessary to facilitate what needs to be done and have it understood by the public. The media will have their way with it, no doubt, and we’ll learn the exact strategy after the fact.

The clowns attempted to pull off an RV three times last week, which of course failed, as it always has and always will. The cabal whacked 2,000 of their own in the past month, and since the minions were unable to trigger the RV for the umpteenth time, we expect more executions over that. Have at ‘er. Thomas says we will see more “RV people” stepping down, as a result. (those claiming there will be one “tomorrow”, tonight, next week…)
The United Nations has announced they’re running out of funds because member nations aren’t paying their dues. Of course WE know…the UN was seized and dissolved by the Team but the psychopaths continue to pretend nothing has changed membership fees for the United Nations were always illegal

Kim and the team confiscated the funds collected by the UN as membership dues and returned them to the originating countries and they will not be paying any dues. Period.
Bye-bye UN.

The psychotic media is telling the world that the Americans are going to start WWIII with Iran. That is pure fantasy generated by the propaganda arm of the deep state, of course, to make the Trump administration look bad. America will not attack anyone, and there will be no WWIII. Not now. Not ever. Get over it. When have Trump’s negotiations ever failed? Nothing is what it seems.

Since nothing the cabal does to secure funds works, they are beyond desperate. They managed to loot 1.8B from the Fed last week. The good news is, that was one more “secret access program” of theirs they have revealed to Kim and the team which is now shut down so it cannot be repeated.

There has been an ongoing process like this with the Trust funds, time and again. The psychopaths had many, many ways to steal money from many sources, and most of them have been shut down by the Quantum system so they cannot use that avenue again. They still have a few tricks up their sleeve, apparently, but each time a secret access is revealed that option is removed, permanently.

You know what else the Quantum system can do? It can send a looped message to the cabal… 24/7… like this… which it did—to the Rothschild thieves. (I love the sing-a-long part of the show.) If that message wasn’t written directly to the cabal, I don’t know what was.

At some point soon, they will have exhausted all avenues to rip off the People, will no longer be able to block the global Trust and the funds can then be released for Humanitarian Aid projects. Kim and the team are not indiscriminately holding back any funds; they are continually fighting off the fraudulent efforts of the dark to steal the funds. As soon as it’s safe to do so, they will release the funds. As Trustees, they take their job to protect the Trust on our behalf very seriously. To throw it all away now would be asinine, reckless and irresponsible.

It has been grueling and dangerous work to fight the banks, gather up 6,500 individual global trusts into the one and fund as required to prevent a global economic collapse. FYI, none of those trusts were called St. Germaine or Wanta.

Ironically, despite the death threats and assassination and abduction attempts, Kim had a message for us yesterday. She thanked US—the THI gang—for reminding her why she does what she does. Can you imagine; Kim thanking US? Kim was instrumental in much of the key work that dismantled the cabal. Without she and the team, we would not be enjoying the good news we’re getting these days. Our hats are off to you, Kim and Co. We can never thank you enough. Ditto to Thomas.

If there’s ever any doubt as to whether the lamestream media is complicit in the brainwashing and anesthetizing of the public, consider this: a US military missile was fired on American soil with the intent to shoot Airforce One and the President of the United States out of the sky while enroute to meet with Chairman Kim Jong-un to seal the Peace agreement and denuclearization of North Korea.

The missile was shot down mid-air by F-16s—and according to recent QAnon intel, equipped with a C-5 special weapons package enabling them to do that, as normally it is not possible. If you believe there is no civil war or revolution ongoing in America—think again.

The corporate media networks completely ignored that mind-blowing act of war and sedition on POTUS while the Independent/Truth Media made it widely public. Who are they protecting? It’s not rocket science—the rogue military that reports to the Rothschilds—and until the “US military” reports to the Republic, we can expect the chemtrails and weather weapons to continue.

The cabal’s media live in a dreamworld. They don’t report on what’s happening. They convey a fabricated world of fabricated events designed to manipulate the public and unseat President Trump and his administration. They protect the rogue agencies who seek to destroy the patriot movement to make America great again. They want the world comfortably numb to what’s really unfolding. For a few, it works.
The pedophilia/human trafficking aspect of life on our planet has far-reaching tentacles that will take down an astounding number of prominent figures and it will be noisy, so prepare for that. The proof is in the news every day now, without fail.

Thomas cautioned us again to do our inner work; to get shielded, calm and centered because from here on it will be “bedlam”. That’s encouraging! For help with that, visit the Think Different website and access the tools.

We’re coasting to some degree at the moment… but that holding pattern is about to end. There are a lot of things developing in the background that cannot be revealed on the show. Yet. Patience. It’s happening.

MEGA ~ Making Earth Great Again ~ BP