The Next Wave of Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council ~ November 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: Clues, clues abound in this article about the future of humanity! The need for “clues” is determined by spiritual alignment which may steal importance from these clues, while others may delight in learning more about the immediate future.

So…please read this article, let these clues speak to you as they will, and regardless of their importance, let your soul BE…



“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very interested in witnessing the way that you will all respond to the next wave of energies that are coming in to support you. These energies have been saved for a time when you would be ready for them, and they are not just for those who are taking care of themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically. These are the energies that are meant to support all of humanity through the end of this calendar year and the beginning of the next.

There is a knowing within humanity that you are entering into the time of great awakening, and in order for the time of great awakening to really take hold on the collective consciousness, there also needs to be a lot of disclosure of information that is going to make a lot of people upset. So the energies coming in are to support all of you, but especially those who have the least amount of awareness about what has really been going on there on Earth, about who they really are, and about the presence of extra-terrestrials and how they interact with humanity.

Now, those of who are awake still have a lot to experience, and you don’t have a unified belief system in the way that Christians on Earth do. And so, within the new age community, there are vastly different beliefs about what is going on, where you are from, and whether you are being helped, harmed, or both by e.t.s. Because of the varied belief systems within the new age community, the information that will be coming in the next decade will also be shocking to some. Some of you are able to use your guidance, your intuition, and your discernment to determine whether something is true or not true when you come across it. Others are prone to delusions of grandeur, and some will believe any conspiracy theory that is put in front of them.

That segment within the awakened new age community will benefit greatly from these energies coming in, and even those of you who have most of it figured out mentally will be facing some of your long-held traumas when you get confirmation of your beliefs. Now, there will always be different sides to every story, but those of you who are accustomed to using your discernment will be able to tell, when the information goes public, whether it is true or not. You have been training yourselves to determine what resonates and what does not, and no amount of spin can convince you that something is true when it feels off.

So once again, we will ask those of you receiving this transmission to be the rocks for those around you. You will be the leaders and the ones who are able to keep it all together in times of great upheaval. So these energies are going to support you as the ones who are there to support everyone. You will all continue to release stuck energy and trauma as you continue into the new year and the next decade, and these energies will support you in those endeavors as well. We are, of course, always here for you. Just call upon us and feel for our presence. You always have our support.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Ashtar ~ The Only Truth Is Love ~ October 5, 2019

via Sharon

This is Ashtar Sheran and I have a message for all those awakening now on Planet Shan.

We are aware that there is much difficulty within your community with dishonesty and deception. The lightworker community has been invaded by the dark in an effort to keep your collective vibration down. Off planet influences are working overtime to prevent spreading of light and love within your community. Social media is a large part of this as well.

It is part of your mission as a lightworker to learn to discern lies from the truth. As you determine words to be a lie, your vibration will rise and you will become more discerning. Being able to sense energy is also a valuable tool and the empathic one is best with this.

Sharon Stewart is such an empath. She is sensitive to lower energies but is faster now at transmuting them, which is the work all must do in order to help heal your world. My Divon Aquila, with her sword by her side, fighting for the light upon earth, is my voice and my heart. She stands in my shoes on your planet, she speaks my words for me so that I may assist you in other ways.

I am one of the most replicated entities by the dark ones. So is Archangel Michael. All channeled messages by any extraterrestrial/divine entity must be scrutinized to see if any part of the dark agenda hides within the channeled words. Beware that channelers are particularly targeted because of their ability to reach many people. People who channel organically can be easily compromised by the dark – they already have dominance of your lower minds. Sharon is adept at sensing the energy of, and finding the few words in a channeling that make it fake. Awareness of the dark agenda is key. At this time, naivety is your worst trait. The dark will stop at nothing to spread more lies and ruin the reputation of the light ones you work with.

It is your task to become aware of the ruses the dark ones are playing on you, it is your task also to master these ruses and not to fall prey to them. To the extent that you yourself are dishonest, you will be able to be fooled. You are living in a world of illusion where death, fear, anger and hatred run rampant. The only truth is love. To the extent that you fall outside of this truth, you can be deceived.

It is part of your work. It is part of your Ascension. We cannot protect you from these untruths – you must learn to do this yourself. In order to know the truth, you must know deception – that is part of duality. The dark is playing its role to the hilt and so you must never let your guard down. Keep your heart full of love and follow those who speak to your heart. You cannot go wrong.

I remain in service to your light,



Youtube: SharonandIvoofVega



Via: Daniel Scranton

Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been giving you a lot of information over the years since we began coming through this channel, and we will continue to give you more. We notice that when some of you come across a guide, a collective, a teacher, or anyone who seems like they have answers, you give yourselves over to the teachings, the information, the guidance that comes through, and you give yourselves over to it completely.

But now is the time to exercise your abilities to use your discernment. Here we are, coming to you as a non-physical collective, and soon you will be face-to-face with extra-terrestrials in bodies. So what we are suggesting is that you start using your own guidance now to determine for yourselves whether something resonates with you or not, because soon the stakes will be higher.

You will have to feel out the extra-terrestrial being or beings that is standing right in front of you, and you will have to measure what their intentions actually are, and the best way for you to measure that is by how you feel. This is something to practice with the other humans that you have around you and also with the other humans who are spiritual teachers, channels, psychics, and so on.

You need to check in with yourselves to see whether the information you are receiving is true for you in that moment. And even if this is a being, or collective, or individual, that you trust, it still serves you to check in every time. You need to ask yourself whether what you are receiving in that moment is valid for you. And again, you will be strengthening this muscle as you do so, and it is a muscle that will serve you very well when you have full and open contact with physical extra-terrestrial beings.

But you also are served just by taking the time to check in with yourselves, because you might start living your lives according to a particular piece of information that has been given to you. What we are saying is, if it doesn’t resonate, then don’t follow that particular teaching, or don’t live your life according to a piece of information that you have received. Always trust your own guidance. Crosscheck everything with your own HEART.

And whatever you do, do not believe in the concept of infallibility. Believe in yourselves. Believe in your guidance and intuition, and be sure to follow it, because when you follow it, you then have the evidence that you need to confirm to you that what you were getting was correct. It was valid for you in that moment. And continue to do this. Continue to exercise those abilities and those muscles, and use the information that you get from beings like us as confirmation of what you already know.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.


One of the Greatest Gifts: Discernment [video] ~ March 2, 2019

Besides death and taxes, one other thing is certain: No one will give us discernment, and you can’t buy it. We have to work for it—and HARD! It’s a lesson from the school of hard knocks that we present to ourselves.

I hadn’t planned on writing this one, but two things prompted it. One was a comment from a reader (more on that below) and the other was a Tweet on Twitter. The synergy of inspiration!

When we awaken to the deplorable situation on our planet and answer the call to find out how something so evil could have been allowed to happen, we educate ourselves, practice on the job, emulate others—and fall down.

It’s not lethal, and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for the skinned knees. We get up, dust ourselves off, and continue the education process, practice some more, and when we look back we can see progress. We achieve a comfort level and leave some of the frustration behind.

We become more skilled at seeking out the places and people who resonate; who enable us to connect dots and see the big picture in a logical way. We learn that NO ONE has all the answers, and while group associations can be helpful, we can all be deceived.
Not only that, but most of us are fairly open-minded and want to keep exploring the opinions, information and perceptions of others to round out our experience. I often see bloggers and vloggers remind folks that just because they feature some one or some piece of information or opinion doesn’t mean they necessarily agree with it. Magazines say the same, television programs do as well. Information is largely free for the giving and the taking. Time is limited so we want to be choosy without cutting ourselves off from potentially valuable sources. There is no point in hanging out in places that are counter-productive, either. Some places inspire, and others discourage action.

The cardinal rule is, don’t allow anyone to tell you what to think or believe. Reserve that right for yourself and you only.

Most of us are fairly intelligent people, but what is “intelligence”?

I caught a Tweet defining “intelligence” from Twitter and figured it would come in handy—and it did!

Someone left a comment on Starship Earth recently suggesting that we post anything and everything, whatever is going around that day. It sounded like the frustration many feel when starting out on the awakened path. They want one-stop shopping; a place they can go to learn only the truth; the whole truth, and NOTHING but the truth. They want someone to tell them what to believe about everything that’s happening and everyone involved.

Sorry to say, that ain’t gonna happen, because NO ONE knows the truth about everything. We are all on individual journeys, have individual souls, life experiences, education, cultural influences, thoughts, beliefs, frequencies and interests. What one determines is the true reality someone else can’t even accept as mere possibility.

This blog is “the big picture” for a reason. We are watching everything, or most of the important things, that are happening in our world; good and bad, and all sorts of opinions about it.

While we endeavour to avoid publishing lies and disinformation, it’s not black and white. I’ve written several posts about that. Nearly everything is a shade of grey and there are many “buts”, exceptions and qualifiers. For that reason, I recommend everyone have their favourite go-to blogs and news sources where they feel reasonably confident they are getting decent information representing the truth.

One of the most important milestones in our journey to enlightenment, in my opinion, is “the wisdom of strong discernment”. I recall when I began learning about the atrocities unfolding and being frustrated because I didn’t know who or what to believe sometimes. The dark makes sure there are opposing opinions about everything to keep us confused.

With a great deal of research, time, and practice, however, I learned how to work it. We take on a new element of “intelligence” when we learn to discern.

Take a look at this definition of “intelligence”.

Greg Rubini‏ @GregRubini 18h18 hours ago

14. the true ‘Intelligence’ has all these key components: -Logical capabilities-Intuition-Imagination-Creativity– the ability to Create, to Invent-Ability to Connect the Dots-the Ability to find solutions-The Ability to Act Efficiently What do you think; does that cover it? It’s a pretty good definition, isn’t it?

The difficulty for many people in the Truth Movement when trying to establish what the truth is, stems from the assumption that our intelligence about what is real and true, or discernment, involves only logic and the ability to connect dots.

From my perspective in the now, after more than ten years of practice, is that it’s not that simple. I learned to trust my intuition to a great degree. Remarkably, I find I am usually proven correct—at least in cases where a reasonable amount of proof was eventually available. If we continually slam the door in the face of intuition we will never have a good relationship with it.

It’s hard to explain what intuition is, but for me there’s a frequency or vibration I feel when processing information and it guides me. Inspirations come to me sometimes about the information and indicate a clear path. Sometimes folks say, “I just knew”. Sometimes I say,”Rubbish! I don’t believe that for a second.”

That “knowing” comes from at least a few of the abilities on Greg’s list and is probably largely unconscious. After awhile, like any new skill, we cease to have to work so hard at it, and it comes more naturally—and is harder to explain.

Some of us need to stop blocking the skill of discernment by insisting on using ALL logic and stifling intuition.

Intuition can make it dramatically easier to connect dots, find creative solutions, and provide the ability to act efficiently. When we relax the discernment process and “just go with it”, we can find a groove that makes the process flow and we become much more efficient at processing what we see, read, and hear. It’s that, “I feel ya, sistah” vibe. Rather than paddling upstream all the time, we can relax and enjoy the scenery.

It’s also important to forgive ourselves for stepping in the doo-doo the dark leaves for us, or the traps they set. We, as Humans, aren’t evil, were never trained in spiritual warfare, and are discovering these strategies on the battlefield in real time. That puts us at a distinct disadvantage, but we’re quick studies. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

It’s a testament to our fortitude and courage that we woke up at all and are here fighting the battle for Truth and Liberty on behalf of billions of souls who simply can’t face it and continue on like nothing is wrong—or at least not bad enough that they feel called to DO something about it.

No one came to us and said, Okay, Human—Lesson One; Listen up. Later on in your life—and we won’t say when—you’re going to have to make a choice. You can carry on adapting to whatever crap your experience throws at you and never want more, or you can refuse to accept the injustices, pick up your sword and go to battle on behalf of all those never wanted more for themselves.

The Matrix was not part of the foundational curriculum, but should have been. Better late than never.

The schools and educations we were granted in no way prepared most of us for this skirmish with the dark. Most of us never even knew who we were. Many of us now do, thankfully—and we know that we are formidable opponents. We are the warriors!

Some of us are here to serve in the Truth Community. Some, like me, don’t have insiders feeding us classified information. I don’t have specific prescient abilities any more than most but feel guided to contribute based on a certain skill set I felt compelled to develop years ago together with a strong desire to be a part of this battle for freedom enroute to our ascension.

Here we share information that we find interesting (along with the occasional sermon like this one) and allowed me to connect some dots and find a comfort level with what I believe is unfolding and is a reasonable indicator of what we can expect to see unfold in the future. Other times I publish interesting things that some are saying and learning from their own research that don’t necessarily resonate with me one way or another but I feel others may find interesting.

I don’t limit my exposure to information based on what I think I already know or believe; I seek out alternative views and research. I know a lot of the crew here appreciate that. We are on an epic journey together and I have learned many things thanks to the generosity of the crew who leave links and tidbits of information and opinions.

I don’t have a litmus test for every blogger, vlogger and information source to be able to tell readers who is right, wrong, trustworthy, of the Light, uncorrupted, or anything else. That’s not my place and I will never assume that responsibility for anyone but myself.

That’s what the globalists are doing; they’re snatching the right to tell us what is truth and whom we will get our information from and that right does not belong to them. We have to fight to keep that.

The greatest asset the Deep State possesses is the control of the legacy media. That gives them the power to establish reality for most of the Earth’s population. They drill their version of truth into the heads of the public over and over until it becomes, in the minds of the unwary, fact. It’s then their reality. Frightening, isn’t it?

Most reading this would agree. Having said that, do we not believe—logically thinking, of course—if there truly is an Alliance established on planet and off to dismantle the stranglehold of the dark in our galaxy and beyond, that they would establish an alternative way to communicate with the awakened allies within the population? Obviously, our telepathy isn’t working so well, and social media can be squelched—so what is the alternative?

Isn’t that what QAnon is; a tool of the Alliance to break through the disinformation and fake reality established by the fake news? Hasn’t that strategy been incredibly effective in alerting sane people to the unspeakable evil practices of the dark, and igniting the will to survive and fight within the surface population?

I think it was monumental in its inspiration and ability to spur the patriots to action and possibly influence the mid-term election. Everything done has been legal and above-board; simply arming the masses to defend themselves, take back their country and support their President.

What purpose would it have served the dark to alert the patriots to the corruption and horrific, inhuman things they have done? This is just logical thinking, which is what Q has encouraged.

Only you can decide these things for yourself, as you do for everything you take in. We are all on our individual journeys and have to accept responsibility for our evolution. Some folks bring us the truth and some bring us truth mixed with disinformation designed to lead us away from the truth. Some are genuinely misinformed and believe they bring reality when they are not. Some just aim to keep us wasting our time with insidious information and ideas so we aren’t inspired to do anything.

Those who say they bring us the truth do their best—HOWEVER, they too are limited and we cannot throw caution to the wind and take every word or fact without question. That is not a wise practice. You may as well spin a roulette wheel because we all make mistakes and experience errors in judgement.

The caption on one of my email accounts is the following: There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what IS true. ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Another aspect of the ability to discern truth involves the spiritual nature of this war. Many people begin the search for truth due to events they see unfolding in 3D, and since most of us never received spiritual education we believe this hard, dense Earth is all there is to reality.

If you wear those 3D blinders you will fail to take into consideration the spiritual—what I call 5D—aspects of what is unfolding. We say it is a battle of good versus evil.

We don’t understand the world we live in at all. The reality is so far from what we were taught it’s criminal, and there is enough information out there to keep us busy for another lifetime, at least, if we felt guided to explore it.

When I use my discernment to determine what is unfolding, it’s meaning, how it’s happening and why, and where it’s likely to lead, I am looking at the multidimensionality of it. I have said that what I see going on with QAnon’s incredible “predictions” and the magic of the Q movement that spread planet-wide along with Donald Trump’s infectious popularity is that it feels “supernatural” and I don’t believe Q or Trump are an accident.

This IS the prophesied time when the Light will vanquish the dark. It’s happening—and a lot more that we can’t see or measure. That, of course, is my opinion, and you are free to disagree.

There is a component to this new reality that cannot be accounted for in this realm, is my feeling about it. I can’t explain it further, but that is what my intuition tells me.

Of course I could be wrong, but I also happen to believe that we have a lot of off-planet help, and that much of what is unfolding is beyond our comprehension. I just have to go with my feelings about it, and all of you will do the same with your own reading on it.

Perhaps most important of all, we should be prepared to change our minds about what we accept as the truth or who may be telling it. The more we learn, the more we practice, the better our discernment gets, and part of discernment is knowing when to throw out old information and revise our beliefs based on new information.

I can’t think of many truths I have not changed or tweaked over the years because nothing is static. The information changed and I with it.

Everything in our life is constantly changing because every sub-atomic particle comprising our reality is in motion. To hang onto a set of truths and never be open to revising them is pure folly. We’re setting ourselves up to fail if we do that. I’m sure most of you know that, but it bears putting into print. It’s logical that we would be open to new information.

What can we be certain of? I can think of three things: I AM. YOU IS. WE BE.

As a reward for sticking with it and reading all the above, I bring you the followup to the first QAnon video, “The Plan to Save the World”. Here is, “Q – Dark to Light”. Thanks, T. Information is Light, and that is what QAnon brought to the patriots. To reject truth is to reject the Light, is it not?

It’s not easy to summarize in an easily digestible way what has happened and what we see unfolding but these videos do a good job and hopefully inspire the newly initiated truthers to explore more AND have faith that we are in good hands. We all need to stay positive and keep our vibration high.  ~ BP

Landscape of a Planetary Information War [videos] ~ September 16, 2018

Editor’s Note: Yep…it’s mighty confusing for ALL of us out there right now with it being almost impossible to tell who is telling the truth! Lies and deliberate misinformation abound out there, and as a blogger who is part of Alternative Media, it’s difficult to know what is true.

Please read this blog by Starship Earth, and learn to read between the lines as the information war heats up. Be discerning, and…



Those who have been watching and waiting for the plans of the White Hats to materialize for many years are not disappointed, yet delays continue to test our patience.

We understand that timing is everything and that the plan must remain fluid, but it’s also apparent that the dark will not surrender, and they continue to act out, stall, threaten, and attack.

The enemies are crumbling, trembling in fear, losing their better judgement, and the rats are fleeing the ship.

Within their ranks, they are imploding. There is no honour among thieves and they don’t hesitate to throw each other under the bus, and they’ll not hesitate to throw us under the bus, too, so please allow me to get something off my chest that has been bothering me.

The fact that the Resistance is running on the dregs of patience is evident with the number of people offering to come forward with damning information if “X” doesn’t happen; if the President doesn’t tell the truth about 9/11… if the authorities don’t arrest Hillary Clinton… etc.

We hear that Julian Assange/Wikileaks is giving the President until October 21st to expose her crimes and get this party started.

Vlogger Daniel Lee has announced the deadline, and I questioned the validity of that information.

First of all, this is not an attack on Daniel Lee. Far from it. I am concerned about him. Daniel is a brave, bright light, exposing pedophiles. He gave us a source for the deadline and I checked it—because I have fallen for these ploys myself, and I kick myself every time I do. It happens to the best of us. We’re passionate about what we do and we get excited sometimes and forget to check things properly.

There is only one article from an obscure website stating that Assange is giving Trump until October 21st to expose Hillary Clinton’s crimes. There is no date on that article, it is posted under “latest news” and it accurately references old information. We have been hearing these threats for two years and we don’t even know if Julian Assange is still alive.

A Wikileaks associate has recently gone missing, his personal belongings turning up in the sea off Norway. This website itself is highly suspect in my eyes, partly because it is lying by omission; suggesting the information is current.

Daniel began by outing information about pedophiles. He says he has had threats, but no one has contested his claims or sued him—because they’re true. We know all about the pedophilia and we appreciate the updates, hoping the sources are valid.

Insiders continue to come forward and confide in Daniel, and that’s great, but now some of them are getting into other areas, such as financial. One source even lives in Juneau and they had lunch. That set off the alarm bells for me. Why wouldn’t you trust someone who met your for lunch? Seems legit, right?

I remind readers that a vlogger publishing on the channel called “Bill Smith” hasn’t uploaded a video for a month and we’re very concerned for his welfare. Even his YouTube friends who were in contact with him every day have not heard from him.

Getting back to Daniel… he is now reporting on the fabled words, “Global Currency Reset”. He says a source told him the NESARA funds will be distributed to Humanity and every American citizen over 21 will get $100K every month for 11 years.

He reads this from a document. Who wrote it? There are a lot of misinformed folks out there. I believe it contains some accurate information—but don’t they all? That’s how they hook you. People believe what they want to believe and some couldn’t be happier to see new life breathed into those old rumours—from a reliable source.

Documents like these have been circulating on the world wide disinfo-web for years and there is no shortage of sources on the Internet about the GCR/RV lie. It has never happened, many don’t want that lie to die and as I said, the New World Order don’t hesitate to throw US—the independent media—under the bus.

I’m not an insider, and I don’t KNOW what the truth is any more than the rest, but when I hear this GCR/RV/NESARA/GESARA narrative coming around again after we finally put it to bed last week (according to Thomas Williams) now we are seeing the loop resume yet again.

I feel this is getting into dangerous territory. Daniel is passionate about making a difference and from the sound of it, he already has. I don’t know if he has the expertise to feel out a shill, however. They are predators, and highly skilled at taking down their prey.

We know the trenches of this information war are situated in the alternative media, and there are snipers out there just waiting for the perfect moment to pick off one of our own.

We have very reliable, vetted information over years from Thomas Williams about the financial situation from the people who control the Global Collateral Accounts/Manna World Holding Trust and have proven it to President Trump.

It sounds to me like Humanity is not considered mature enough or savvy enough with money to award large sums to individuals unless it is for a humanitarian project. In that case a business plan is required and approval might come after a feasibility study, you might say.

A lot of people want gobs of cash tossed their way so they can buy whatever they want, quit their job, attend to their physical health, get out of debt and feel secure in their retirement. We have been told that “it’s coming” for decades now. Maybe NESARA will unfold, but I doubt it. Not in that way.

All you have to do is interview a few big windfall lottery winners to see that in most cases, people blow it all in short order.

Daniel is a kind soul, getting very popular, and is receiving lots of donations all of a sudden. He has bottomless faith, wants to be an author, and hopes to quit his job and make videos and write full time. His fibre optic Internet cables have been severed twice—and it feels like a setup.

Why hasn’t YouTube shut down Daniel’s channel due to the unfriendly nature of the pedophile information he is putting out? Other channels have been zapped for nothing but a patriotic video.

I am concerned that anonymous sources are feeding Daniel this disinformation because he is willing to put it out there. It’s what people want to hear.

Perhaps I’m too suspicious, but it’s possible some of the sources are not on our side. I doubt if he has the expertise or resources to do a background check and he needs to be very, very careful.

I’ve been wrong about plenty of things over the years and I hope I’m wrong about the situation with Daniel. I would hate to see him victimized by the psychopaths’ Internet hit men. When you’re given accurate information and you’re excited, it can be difficult to maintain adequate discernment when you think you have an honest source you can trust.

Worst case scenario, they could soon give Daniel something that is almost immediately proven false—and then what happens to his credibility? What happens to all the true pedophilia revelations he has made? And if that happened, no one would feel worse than Daniel.

This has been bothering me, and now I’ve said it. Bottom line, I hope Daniel will play it safe(r), keep his job, and leave the financial updates to those with vetted sources and a proven track record in those areas.

It’s always better to under-promise and over-deliver. You don’t want to inflate the dreams of the masses and then shoot down their balloons. Or your own.

If my concern is unwarranted, perhaps I’ve just given Daniel some well-deserved notoriety.

We can argue amongst ourselves all day, but I think there is one thing we can all agree on. Truth is our greatest weapon.  ~ BP

“21st Century Kid”

There’s maybe a way I can tell you
‘Cos with everyday things continue
To get more compromised,
So who will fantasise
A new generation politicised

When things are done in our own name
Are we as much to blame?
Now it’s become clear to me,
But only lately
And the ground is removed underneath

Shout it from the brink,
You’re louder than you think

21st century kid, you’re surrounded by illusion and confusion,
So maybe if you’re holding out for the truth now,
Could it be the greatest weapon?
Could it be the greatest weapon?
Your weapon

Nothing is certain except a memory
And that’s soon washed away by a low sea
Now sit yourself down my one
And see what you become,
Ignoring a smouldering gun

The white dove’s flown
D’ya think we’re on our own?

21st century kid, you’re surrounded by illusion and confusion.
So maybe if you’re holding out for the truth now,
Could it be the greatest weapon?
21st century kid, you’re surrounded by illusion and confusion.
So maybe if you’re holding out for the truth now,
Could it be the greatest weapon?
Could it be the greatest weapon?
Your weapon