Astromomma ~ May 8, 2020

Super Full Moon in Scorpio- Goodbye Is the Hardest Word to Say, Secrets Surface, The Intensity of Letting Go + True Colors Emerging

Today, May 7th, the moon, which rules our: emotions, gut instincts and intuition, becomes full at 17 degrees of Scorpio. Full Moons are always a highly emotional time and represent: endings, completions and manifestations. Considering this is a Super Full Moon, and the last one of 2020, this full moon will be even more intense and full on. Scorpio, the 8th zodiac sign, deals with: power, shared resources, depth, secrets, transformation and the underworld.

The Super full moon in Scorpio will bring up skeletons from the deepest and darkest parts of our soul. There is nothing light and airy about the sign of Scorpio. It is one of the reasons why the sign is so feared and at the same time, so admired. Hidden truths and hidden motives could make themselves painfully known with La Luna in the darkest sign of the zodiac.

This Super Full Moon in Scorpio will ask you to dive deep and mourn a lost part of your life. Whether this be: a person, a job, or former way of life, there is an element of grieving that is coming up. No other sign can plunge to the depths of a matter and no other sign can release and transform themselves, like a Scorpio. We are all being called to let go and let god. This process can feel very emotional and dark. Perhaps we thought we could just go through the process of transformation unscathed? These illusions are just what this full moon will bring up. Acceptance and allowing will conjure true freedom from the chains of the past.

The Super Full Moon in Scorpio, however, is making a beautiful, harmonious, trine (120 degree aspect) to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune deals with: spiritual pursuits, imagination, healing and transcendence. The Full Moon in Scorpio in harmony with Neptune in Pisces, will bring a healing balm of divine intervention. Spirit is close by with this aspect. As these traumas and secrets emerge, we will be able to deal with them and release them. This aspect between the Moon and Neptune will be a spiritual awakening and test of our faith and strength. Unusual and prolific encounters with the “other side” could happen at this time. We so desperately want to heal and transcend this pain and sorrow. The Super full moon in harmony with Neptune will allow for divine healing to emerge, perhaps from unlikely sources and places. We are being asked to trust ourselves and this process of transformation. It might not be easy but it will be life altering. Divine has the wheel; all we need to do is to surrender to the ride.

The Super Full Moon in Scorpio is here to teach us how to be ok with a part of ourselves and our lives “dying”. It isn’t in fact “dying” but transforming into something that is more authentic and true in nature. If you understand the cycle of life, than this process will be a lot easier to deal with in the long run. If you resist these “deaths” then this process will be grueling and unkind. The choice is yours. This full moon in Scorpio will not mess around; it means business. The Super Full Moon in Scorpio is here to: have you face your darkness with love and compassion, reveal true intentions and motives, and spark the process of the phoenix rising up from the ashes; transformed and reborn!

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We Have a Second Sun, You Know & Live Footage from the Orion Constellation Dec 1 [video]

Editor’s Note: As a scientist, movement in the heavens (space) have always been of interest for me and this article from Starship Earth is quite fascinating! Unfortunately, “the powers that were” also think this article is revealing a bit too much for our poor little minds to handle and have deleted two of the closing video’s.

The Dark are using a pointer to show us the importance of this “space” topic, so I encourage you to do your own research on the deleted topics, learn the truth, and BE…



As we have pointed out before, a very long time ago those who knew the layout of the heavens and studied our reality stated we had two suns. “Twin stars”, the old texts said.

Like everything else, however, that knowledge has been suppressed and changed in favour of a very different scientific model. We’re now told we live in a manufactured construct.

Is it literally two “suns” up there, or something else? We don’t know. We have certainly seen a giant “sun simulator” up there at times as mentioned previously. And why would they need to simulate a sun, you might ask? Few are talking. Cobra has said, “The sun is about to sneeze.” If that’s true, then we can expect some sort of major activity.

It’s difficult to maintain the illusion of only one of these brilliant celestial orbs because average folks all over the world have photographed the “second sun” with smart phones and whatever cameras they had on hand. Sometimes it can be hidden, and sometimes it can’t. Even weather cams have captured a second glowing object in the sky.

We don’t need to tell most people that the sun and moon are never in the sky next to each other, so that question doesn’t come up.

We understand our “moon” was towed in place above us a very long time ago and the solar system just isn’t what we’ve been told. The situation is well in hand, however, and we look forward to learning the truth about our home.

Don’t worry about the changes we see in our skies is the advice we’ve been given. Interesting things are going on behind the scenes and some spectacular revelations will be coming before long.

Best Evidence of HIDDEN SUN Leads us to Question the Heliocentric Model of the Solar System (Part 1)

(video removed from Starship Earth)

And since we’re on the topic of the heavens, have a look at the vision captured by an avid astronomer when he trained his telescope on the Orion constellation. Fascinating! I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything up there before in the vicinity of Orion.

Live ORION ZOOM Dec 1, 2019

(video removed from Starship Earth)

Tartarian Magic, Parabolic Mirrors, and Flying Carpets: History Erased [video] ~ June 25, 2019

Pabst Building, Milwaukee, Wisconsin early 1900s – Really? Who had the skills to build this when we were riding in horse-drawn carriages and just getting into street cars? When was this building really erected?

Editor’s Note: I haven’t watched this full video, but I will not discount this fellow’s thoughts. I readily believe in the misrepresentation of our history as this has suited the needs of our controllers in order to keep in in the dark and…controllable!

What will our true history reveal? Nothing that we have been taught in school, that’s for sure. So…please keep an open mind as you listen to this video, know that our true reality is about to be revealed, and be…



The video below is another astonishing peek into our erased past that there is little evidence of. It’s like another world. Martin has shown us that there have been “resets” in the past when civilizations have been eradicated and rebuilt and we have no knowledge of it to speak of other than a few rare texts to document it.

If you’ve not explored our hidden past before, this will seem a little “out there”, but if you’ve looked into it even just a smidgen, this will probably resonate. Some of the historical texts Martin finds are mindblowing. He came highly recommended and I’ve enjoyed many of his presentations.

As Thomas Williams has said, the “tech” is all old. The controllers just suppressed it and kept it for themselves. None of it is new. Expand your horizons.  And don’t worry—Martin barely mentions flat earth/the globe. This is beyond all that and he has been researching long enough that he has a great deal of sound opinion to add for context. You are always free to form your own.

Yes, he talks a little funny, but you’ll get used to it. He also acknowledges the folks in the chat from time to time as it was recorded as a live presentation. Chances are though, it will really open your parachute. What has been withheld from us is simply stunning. Atlantis is just the tip of the iceberg.

The degree of control by other groups assuming supremacy on this planet is difficult to wrap your mind around the first time, but it serves to shed light on the current situation and the battle for dominance and freedom. We have been manipulated for eons and our awakening is long overdue.

Our problem is, history was rewritten and buried in mud floods and genocides, and we didn’t question what our eyes were telling us. We gave our power away, went on with our lives, living the lie, and ceased to question; seeming not to care that our history was stolen from us.

The truth is rather grotesque—but compelling, to say the least. We can learn from our mistakes.  ~ BP

FLAT EARTH BRITISH.Live! Tartarian Magic! Flying Carpets! & Parabolic Mirrors!

Headlines and Updates for June 3, 2019: D-Day Anniversary… Significant? [videos] ~ June 3, 2019

Editor’s Note: The meeting of President Trump with Queen Elizabeth was the usual pomp and ceremony, but…did you notice the placing of folks on the small stage of dignitaries?

Also…quite interesting as Trump proceeded to greet the troops walking ahead of Prince Charles who then seemed to realize her should do the same thing?

This placement is quite telling for me who know the royals have everything arranged to a “T”. Perhaps some kind of power shift has occurred. Yippee!

Please watch this video, see for yourself indications of real change in our world, and be…



Sunday was an interesting day, and it’s obvious the Patriots are on the offense.

We learned Google and YouTube aren’t too big to fail, and the disgusting, predatory practices of the global El-ites are being exposed on a daily basis.

Earlier today Mexico jumped into the mix with Google issues showing on the “Down Detector” map. 

Now it’s back to the US West coast.

We eagerly await news of developments in the UK as a result of President Trump’s visit there where he’ll have a spot of tea and cucumber sandwiches with Queen Lizzie.

I found this blurb from The Hill interesting…

The timing of the trip is largely based around the D-Day anniversary, senior administration officials said. Trump will participate in a ceremony in Portsmouth on Wednesday to commemorate the Allied invasion. He will attend a larger event in France the following day.

D-Day, eh? Fascinating. Perhaps it’s a significant anniversary of the allied invasion… the ones who wear white.

And there’s this…

BREAKING NEWS: Italian PM @GiuseppeConteIT announces unexpected press conference for 6.15 pm today. No one knows the contents but he says: “I have some very important things to tell you all”.

— Giulio Occhionero (@g_occhionero) June 3, 2019

As I read the Fulford report, which I haven’t read in some time, I had a “holy crap this is so not Ben’s style” moment, but this is the opening paragraph:

People with real-world intelligence contacts are all buzzing with the feeling that something big is coming down. “My gut feeling is that we are very close to the end of the U.S. Corporation. I can say this, as what is happening here in the region is connected. There is change in the air. The corrupt governments are being exposed and will either step down or be removed by ‘the people,’” was how a CIA source in Asia described the mood. Many apparently disconnected events all point to this.

Meanwhile the Bilderbergers were scattering like cockroaches to avoid the prodding lenses of the Alternative Media on site in Montreux. Thanks, J.

LIVE at Bilderberg 2019 Bilderboat To Castle

As they were entering the airport in Geneva one participant told Dan Dicks, “I can’t talk to you or they’ll shoot me.” Cute.

Perhaps we can get some straight answers from attendees Jared Kushner and Mike Pompeo on their return to America.

Following is an interesting Tweet from M3thods. So many people still send gobs of cash to the Red Cross whenever there’s an event or disaster.

Rothschild (red shield) coat of arms

See the Swiss flag above? Red cross… red shield… Roths child… home base = Switzerland. Neutral. No one declares war on Switzerland. They feel safe in their protected environment.

Who protects the Vatican? The Swiss Guard. In those ludicrous clown costumes. Most men wouldn’t be caught dead in those outfits, looking like Petruccio in The Taming of the Shrew.

Don’t give money to the Red Cross. The cabal just steals it and virtually none goes to victims. Cash cow, and yes, piggy bank, indeed. Listen to Q.

“Piggy Bank”

— M3thods (@M2Madness) June 1, 2019

Have you thought any more about the Virginia Beach shooting on Friday afternoon? I know… another shooting… we’re becoming numb to it, aren’t we? Here are some considerations that Americans need to ponder.

We know the control freaks’ ultimate goal is disarming America. We’re slowly seeing them inch that plan into being. Is it getting better? No. We’re seeing more bizarre, senseless shootings than ever. Why? People need to think about this.

And the media love to pump it up, don’t they? The programming: Associate “massacre” with “guns”. Even hand guns.

Funny, I never saw a gun load itself and pull it’s own trigger.


Look out! Creepy Joe’s at it again, the pervert. Thanks, J.

Joe Biden Asks For 10-Year-Old Girl’s Address, Tells Her She’s “Good Looking”

Joe Biden is being criticized for his creepy behavior once again after he asked a 10-year-old girl for her address and said, “I’ll bet you’re as bright as you are good-looking.”

Hardly presidential material, is he? But the dimms claim President Trump isn’t “presidential”. A pundit (can’t remember who) addressed this the other day and echoed my previous thoughts on it.

What is “presidential”? It’s always been defined by who was in the oval office.

So, who was in office? Liars. Traitors. Puppets. Rapists. Thieves. A closet gay guy with a man dressed up as his wife and two rent-a-kids. Actors. CIA operatives. Foreign nationals. Idiots. PEDOPHILES.

President Trump is one of us. He talks like us. He’s authentic. He speaks of “our movement” and making America great again.

He is not a politician, nor is he controlled by the deep state/El-ite/psychopaths.

He waived his presidential salary. He sets a good example, strives for transparency, and encourages America and patriots worldwide to stand tall and fight for their rights.

He has done what he promised as much as possible when he is opposed by the SES and murdering deep state operatives every step of the way. He didn’t say what people wanted to hear and then after elected do the opposite.

He has redefined “presidential”, in my opinion, and I would hope that if America has more presidents that they will be like Donald Trump, and not Obama, Bush, Clinton, and the rest who outright lied about the ETs, space travel, and stole taxes to build a secret space program they use to attack civilians—not to mention having a role in 9/11.

President Trump is different, and we need to think differently about every aspect of life moving forward because the old ways don’t work.

Granted… Obama is transparent, too. It’s so obvious they’re trying to tell people that when the videos come out exposing them for the deep state traitors they are, that we should consider the footage “fake”. We’ve got a lot more than just video, honey.

Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.

Obama Tells Ottawa Crowd ‘Deepfake’ Videos Have Him Worried

“People can duplicate me speaking and saying anything.”

Great play, Shakespeare, but it won’t work.

And We Know just uploaded this new video of the SerialBrain2 decode, Post # 171 – Comey’s arrest imminent.

I have to say I was floored by his version of the “welcome Abe” decode. I felt like I was in Japan with his music selection, fonts and the koi swimming by. Simply outstanding, LT. He really brings SB2’s decodes to life for us visual people.

See the archive of SerialBrain2 posts here. I can’t wait to hear what he says about the Trump visit to the UK.

SerialBrain2: Comey’s arrest imminent.

The truth is being told. I hope America is listening.

Devin Nunes calls ‘fraud,’ citing difference between Mueller report, Dowd transcript

BBC, Sky News Have Hidden Their Interviews With UN Expert On the Torture of Assange

We may be sure that “uncomfortable truths” were indeed what came out in Melzer’s interview. Watch any existing video interview that Melzer has done on this subject and you’ll see how much damning information he packs into each minute of footage. You may also get a pretty strong suspicion of why establishment narrative management firms like the BBC and Sky News may not have wanted to publicize that footage.

However… we have this news. (FYI, Firefox tried to prevent me from visiting this next site so I had to “accept the risk” to proceed. Fun and games.)

The Justice Depatment Surprised With Decision Not To Charge Assange Over His Role In Devastating CIA Leak

Rand Paul Proposes Immunity for Assange in Exchange for Testimony

Swedish Court Refuses Prosecutors’ Request To Detain Julian Assange

The UN’s Torture Expert: Assange Is Suffering ‘Psychological Torture’ And Cannot Be Extradited.  (same censored website)

Ain’t it just like him? Trump arrived in London early. His last visit with the Queen saw he and Melania arriving fashionably late, keeping her Highness waiting. One has to giggle. Keep ’em off balance, I say!

And of course Melania and Ivanka are wearing bright white.

Trump Takes the United Kingdom by Storm

Maybe I’m weird, but I can’t stand all this pomp and circumstance. It’s absurd, and a waste of time. I’m so glad I’m not the president. It sounds like a friggin’ thunderstorm. Oh… there’s that “storm” reference again. Funny, that.

ARRIVAL CEREMONY: President Trump and Melania Trump Buckingham Palace Ceremony

Eyes on, folks. Important update from DAHB0077

Shaken Fury 2019: FEMA Conducts Large-Scale Exercise Near Memphis

North of the 49th…

My mother told me there were tornado warnings in the Kingston area. Looks like Ottawa was hit again.

Ottawa Tornado Tears Off Roofs, Topples Trees In Suburb

And to close, some cheeky musical commentary on Themtube censorship. Thanks, Naughty Beaver.   ~ BP

The YouTube Censorship Video. Naughty Beaver

Late Headlines and Updates for September 3, 2018: Bad News for the Bad Guys [videos] ~ September 3, 2018

Folks are talking about this photo from the Q boards:

Looks like 5 choppers, at least, prepared for a covert op, I think is the suggestion—possibly related to Seal Team 6.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read Benjamin Fulford’s September 3 update, where he reports that the military told him,

“a U.S. military offensive is under way to terminate the defenseless and disoriented cabal.”

That is probably involving the effort depicted in the image above.


Here are the places you can see the latest QAnon drops:

Q drops or crumbs are archived to several sites. The timing of updates on each site can vary.

Remember to check for the latest UNCENSORED news and information uploaded to Mike Adams’ website and browse for whatever suits your fancy.

Just for laughs…  George Soros not paying his protestors… awwww… ANTIFA not happy. And you know what THEY do when they’re not happy.

More bad news for the psychopaths…


You gotta hate those legal precedents.

Yes, Virginia, there IS alternative, free energy. We will not be chained to oil, gas and traditional electricity forever so we can pay through the nose for it while the rich get richer, manipulating the prices to suit their whims.

There are many ways to generate energy. This is one way they don’t want us to know about.

Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Can you see him? His tail is black and white striped. The fire department just escorted this bad boy out of our yard in a pail. Nasty thing… you couldn’t even look at it without it rattling. It was coiled and ready to strike so I didn’t dare get any closer than this.

When I came out the back door I thought the outdoor tap was spraying water and then realized it was a diamondback rattling and stuffed Mica in the house PDQ. I haven’t seen one all summer other than squashed on the road but there is an irrigation emitter there and he was probably smelling water.

Hopefully they will relocate him to a nice, lush place in the desert where he won’t bother anyone.  ~ BP