Headlines and Updates for January 2, 2020: The Truth is Like a Cotton Ball [videos] ~ January 2, 2020

Editor’s Note: I agree with Starship Earth, those of humanity who are awake are glowing like “crazy diamonds” at the moment with a “crazy kind of Love” for Life on Planet Earth. This “crazy Love” will go a looong way to resolving the current mess our world finds itself in, no?

So…find that inner peace and happiness, watch as truth is unveiled in so many corners of our lives, stay aware of your world changes, know the escapades of the Dark provoke no fear in you, and BE…



I was looking for the analogy that could come close to the imposing tangle of information we continue to unravel, mostly as a result of the ongoing Q research, and I see a cotton ball.

Most of us have only pulled on a few strands and are either still following those same ones more deeply into the ball, or were distracted by the other myriad strands and are exploring those until the next distraction when we hop over to another strand. Most of it we can’t even see for the sheer number of them.

It’s sweet torture to see the potential of knowledge to be gleaned from those forays into the occult world of the globalists who have been running the world and how they deceived and manipulated us into willingly being their slaves.

Many of the lies are to protect the monetary interests of the El-ites. They have created a planet of consumers; not only of food, but energy. There’s no need for oil and gas but they suppress better energies to fill their coffers.

We need to be aware of the superior alternatives. There is no need for anyone to be without electricity, heat, light, life-saving devices, or communications. There is ample food, water, everything we need if we are only given access to it. Ending the evil regime on our planet will transform life for Humanity.

Abundant Energy for Everyone on Earth

The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

Scott Mowry‘s guests on Sunday on the Miracles Intel Call were In the Matrixxx and Shady, a couple of superlative Q researchers and the insights they unloaded along with Scott were an indication of how much we don’t know. Many of us have been “awake” for many years and unearthing the staggering degree of manipulation and coverups but we know that there is still far more that we don’t know.

New information surfaces every day from many sources, and when you dig into the Q drops and the complex directions they can take you, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many interpretations to be derived from just a word or two and the history goes deeper than deep.

SerialBrain2 has unravelled the big picture a lot for us, and the other analogy coming to mind is apropos for this website; a big picture. In the late 1880’s the French Impressionists developed a style called “pointillism” in which individual dots of colour were applied to a canvas to create an overall full-size image.

I liken facts to the dots, and having many facts can create large swaths of colour, but when we stand back to view the bigger picture, we can’t see it because we are still missing too many dots. We may pick out an eye, or a shoe, or a window, but we don’t see the whole story the artist is telling.

The truth about what has unfolded on this planet will take years to reveal itself in totality. Q has suggested the Great Awakening will be “Biblical”.

I’m behind on the latest SB2 decodes, but you can read them here. LK at the Dark to Light channel has done excellent videos using the SerialBrain2 decodes of some of the QAnon drops. This is just one video in a series you may want to explore to add some new dots to your big picture.

An update on the impeachment hoax…

Dems said impeachment was URGENT. Now they don’t want to have a trial, because they have no evidence. In real world, if prosecution doesn’t proceed with case, it gets dismissed. So on Monday, I will introduce measure to dismiss this bogus impeachment for lack of prosecution

— Josh Hawley (@HawleyMO) January 2, 2020

When analyzing the current moves of the dark cabal, it helps to know their playbook. They never do anything new; it’s just new circumstances.

Karl Marx: “Accuse Your Enemy of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing it to Create Confusion” Part Two

This update from Dave is terrific. Kudos for even attempting to say all those Iranian/Iraqi names.

[DS] Just Made Their Move, Patriots Knew The Plan, Watch Happens Next – Episode 2059b

Washington and the People’s Government are evolving rapidly. The purge of the entire SES is mandatory, too. This is a good update from Kip Simpson.

Deep State PANICS as Trump BOOTS OVER 40 OBAMA NSC Holdovers After Non stop Leaks

The awakened ones are becoming increasingly vocal in calling out their politicians. You’ve probably heard about the suspected “hidden hand” role in the Australian bush fires raging across the island; just as they did in California.

Australia fires: Angry residents berate PM Morrison in blaze-ravaged town

Hear it for yourself. These people pissed. The PM says he doesn’t blame the victims for feeling “a bit raw at the moment”. They told him he wasn’t getting any votes there, and “You’re out, mate.”

Another one bites the dust… and that’s okay. And expected.

Castro ends presidential campaign

How many ways are there to fraudulently access funds through government institutions and their cronies?

They say there are far more good people than bad but when we continually hear about these crimes from the city level on up, it seems like the majority are corrupt and stealing from the People.

Fraud Case Involves Employees at Miami & West Palm Beach VA Medical Centers

The atrocities on this planet have to stop. China is a hell-hole of Human rights abuse, torture, and death.

This is what they had planned for Americans, too. They were going to disarm you. The FEMA camps with guillotines and fields of thousands of grave liners—some buried—were all lined up and ready to go. You can thank the US Military and Donald Trump for stopping it.

Female Detainees at Xinjiang Internment Camps Face Sterilization, Sexual Abuse: Camp Survivor

Canada, you’re not off the hook, either. I can’t believe my eyes. This is the Toronto metroplex where some believe their Allah-given mission is to eliminate Christians and white people.

Cultural enrichment in Trudeau’s Canada.

Amarjit Lamba, 53, from Brampton, Ontario, charged with second-degree murder.

— Marie-France Delacroix (@ForteLibre) January 2, 2020

They’re everywhere.

Perverts, that is.

UK politician who lobbied for gender-neutral toilets charged with 9 counts of child sex abuse | News | LifeSite https://t.co/3V5KCTK2pR

— Girl♥️Bot (@AMErikaNGIRLLL) December 29, 2019

Those we least expect are the ones to watch. The cabal looks after their own. People and companies pushed to the forefront of the news, Hollywood, television, politics, banking, society, etc. are there because they went along with the corruption and/or perversion. They didn’t work harder than the rest of us; they’re not smarter or more talented than the rest of us; they played the game, at our expense. They betrayed us.

Always seemed like something was a little off with this guy

And now we know

World Famous Author John Grisham Says Not All Men Who Watch Child Porn Are Pedophiles https://t.co/RsQtEZonYq

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) January 2, 2020

Space may be the final frontier and Gina Hill is another researcher who examined a “star” with a telescope. She claims they’re “living beings” and they certainly are active. Around the 11 minute mark this one even displays rainbow colours, and other times a black fog moves over the image. It’s fascinating, and we can see that we are nowhere near to understanding our true reality.

Is this really a star?

We’re all stars, folks. Brilliant, scintillating, living stars. We’re the “crazy diamonds” and we’re rocking this planet.  ~ BP

Financial System Truth Lies – Platinum Fleet ~ October 21, 2019

Financial System Truth Lies. By Neva (Gabriel RL).

Financial System Truth Lies Exposed, Fires World, Lightworker’s Trust – Platinum Fleet

Greetings, Comrades! We have a some information and joy here!

We came back with some more informative energy in such busy times.


Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive

Our surface allied collaborators have been actively working in recent weeks to ensure a series of important activations in governmental media so that things of importance for human development can reach to the masses as quickly as possible.

Technologies that will greatly help humanity as a whole, especially with regard to the purification of air and water, and your energy freedom with the definitive use of Free Energy.

Certainly, there are those who turn up their nose at these claims disputing that much has been said and heard on the subject but apparently nothing is moving towards the realization of this information.

Yes, there are major breakthroughs in this respect and so-called “pingos nois” are being placed before these particular releases.

Financial System Truth Lies - Free Energy

Free Energy

Financial System Truth Lies

Trust is necessary, because even if you do not see certain things still happening on the surface, you need to know that they are about to be manifested and your confidence is very important, as energy support, to accelerate such processes.

It is a subtle game, where our Allied Comrades who are acting more internally in governments move their cards for such releases.

Another point that our dear Master Guardians and executors of this Planetary Release Project ask us to address is the insecurity that some of our surface allies (Lightworkers) have.

You see, we say some, because we are not generalizing. The insecurity as to whether really the work they are doing is paying off and whether they will really see the fruits “in this life” of their efforts and determination.

Comrades, assured in the protocols of our beloved Elder Masters, we can say that you are already seeing these fruits in some way.

Financial System Truth Lies - Lightworker

Financial System Truth Lies

Although your eyes on this realm are not yet completely satisfied, on a more spiritual level, your efforts are not only paying off, but completely changing the face of this realm.

We know that for many of you, changes in physicality would really be what would characterize a change, but we ask you to “forget” the outside a bit and focus on the inside.

All real change is starting from there.

This is very clear, ten years ago you would not have that same awareness of the Light Potential as you do now.

All this internal vibration is what is speeding up the processes that will bring the changes to the surface, and for this work, really, it takes a lot of patience and confidence.

It is a beautiful seed that is germinating and preparing for a great growth.

Behind the most internal backstage, where most human eyes don’t see what’s happening, an entire infrastructure is being prepared.

Our allies – who act more internally, especially in governments – are speeding up their processes and, supported by your efforts – our other allies – are moving forward with the protocols.

Realize that it is a team work and that, yes, everything is happening at the ideal pace, in harmony and safety.

“It’s not easy” sometimes to deal with the bumbling sappers that continually try to delay our plans, but we have always had more successes.

Recently, you have seen incendiary movements happen all over the world, when at first Mother Earth was originally turning miasmas into more conscious Atmans, releasing portions of Inertial Energies into more living and conscious energies, enabling a greater “breathing” of Gaia.

But this initial original move has turned into a possibility for the bumbling sappers to “stick their hands in” and try to use it as an opportunity for control, unnecessarily increasing incendiary outbreaks, causing a stir worldwide.

Certainly, everything happens for a reason and the eyes of our fleets have always been present, respecting the adjustments necessary to occur with this “intervention” of the bumbling sappers in a natural movement of Mother Earth.

We must also say, authorized by our Elder Masters, that your governments are undergoing intense transformations.


A special team of Martians from that system, government energy specialists (certainly far more harmonic and not Babylonian as those already known on Earth ) approach Earth to give some inspiration during this great transition of governments of this kingdom.

Financial System Truth Lies - Inertial Energies

Inertial Energies

Financial System Truth Lies

The new generations, the Crystal Seeds, are already being introduced into this medium, and the transformation will take place literally “from within” as sons, daughters and grandchildren of current rulers will be coming in and taking on many governmental fronts and will begin to bring in new, fairer and harmonics paths, and really in favor of everyone.

We cannot deny that there is much work to be done, but there is still resistance from the old order, and it will fall apart, as nothing else has the strength to prevent such progresses.

In your financial sector, breakthroughs also continue to happen as more quantum computers continue to be installed around the world and interconnecting into a huge cluster network, a real threat to the old swift system.

Know, dear Allied Comrades, the system change will indeed take place, and it will be as harmonious as possible.


Our intention is not to cause trouble in this realm, not for you, our allies, but for those who try to sustain the old energy… Oh, yes… We will cause just some inconvenience

Remain assured in the energies of gold and silver, forces that are in connection with the great Goddess and Solar Lords of this sector of the Galaxy.

Before we begin our usual farewells, we also want to say that in these times of intense transformation in this realm, the energies of Truth and Sovereignty will be more intense, and nothing will ever be able to remain long hidden from that Truth.

Those who articulated, lied and deceived will have their “trambiques” exposed, evidenced and subjected to the law.

The law of this kingdom will be called, and not even the lamb-judging crooks will be able to keep up the farce of a “justice,” based on false morals, as they too will be forced to reveal their hideous hiding places in this Light Truth.

See, dear Comrades, we’re here not to condemn and judge anyone, we honor the Ultimate Law of this Universe and have the will of the Supreme Creator as ours, where Love must be the guide of all our actions.

Thus, those who have “slipped” will have our hand to rise again, even though a larger law must be fulfilled and respected.

“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God,” the saying goes. So, our friendly advice: If you have something to hide, something that takes your sleep, come, in Truth and Honor, reveal to the Light of a quiet conscience. You will have support and blessings from heaven.

That’s enough for now! There is more information coming. Be ready! We will inform you more and more as our Old Master will authorize!

We continue with our important reports about certain movements! We’ll be back when we are allowed and we get more precise information to bring you!

Comrades, know: when Heaven entrusts you with a Protocol, they seriously trust your inviolability to fulfill it! We know that you have difficulties sometimes when you try to fulfill your higher plans. We know that there are many traps that are set to destabilize you. Yes we do!

But, Comrades, we also know that you represent us and there is no threat that will not become harmless before the Light emitted by you, when you trust this Truth!

You are the restorative Light of this Kingdom! Oh gosh! Believe it! Heaven sings Hosanna when you admit your own greatness!

This reality is continually changing, although for some it does not seem so! Listen to the voice of the heart! She is shouting the greater Truth to follow in Happiness!


We, your partners who fly over your skies, are with you and a call from you will be promptly answered because you have plenty of morale for it!

We also rejoice and congratulate the newly anchored Nevic movement in this realm, augmented by the endorsements of late last month, when many of our ships displaced and projected supporting the intense sustaining and reverberation of more conscious “Ets”!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Each day, a new domino falls and pushes another to the next move! We always say that based on the Certainty of Heaven!

We see the big picture and it inspires us to speak with such certainty! A new world is being born, and even if all the curtains have not yet been completely lifted, when they are, it will be spectacularly fantastic!

Believe us, dear Comrades! We are seeing everything inside the curtains! We know what wonderful is emerging! Hosanna! Hosanna! Heaven is truly in celebration!

We know that our truths resonate with your truths because, deep down, we are ONE. Be the one the others are inspired by, Masters! You are MASTERS! RECORD THAT ON YOU!

The structures of your world are really being shaken, dismantled! Yes, it does not matter! It is important that the new, more inspired, more renewing, more expert builders are ready to start over!

May the waters of renewal bathe! Burn the transforming fire! Let the cleansing winds blow! Behold, the New Earth is born in the brilliance of the Galactics already manifest on Earth, with all their baggage and inheritance of eons! Hosanna! Hosanna!


Hello, hello, Curitiba (PR)! Someone out there? It would be a pleasure to stop in the air for a selfie (laughs)! We want our videos on YouTube! We love to see you there!

We are still hovering through your skies more actively, still collecting the energies of the latest anchorages! City of Light, Island of Intense Magnetisms!

Know, Comrades, that three days on the Island is enough to shake you and “force” you out of every shadow there is!

Financial System Truth Lies - Curitiba Paranà Brazil
Curitiba Paranà Brazil

Financial System Truth Lies

Outward, so that there is a “face to face” with this shadow, a face and integrate with much Love! This Island does this to anyone who steps on it, aware of it or not!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Heaven celebrates the broadening of horizons and the rising awareness of responsibility!

The borders are being broken! Unification is near! Love will prevail! Heaven has decreed, and it will be so! This is not our simple will. This is a DECREE! Know this, Comrades!

Oh dear! Know that the countless Sources and endless Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

We will return when appropriate! Good to talk to you again! Always is!

See you around! Aloha!

Neva (Gabriel RL): Thank you, beloved Comrades of Light!


Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive

Pills Disclosure News Italia

Dark and Light

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


Restoring Energetic Balance Through Sacred Source Geometrics ~ September 20, 2019

Editor’s Note: Interesting…another article for which the inclusion of any picture is blocked. What does this mean? Please pay attention to this article, see the clues it gives regarding moving from an entropic system to an eternal system, ask yourself, “Why does the Dark want to de-emphasize this article?”, and BE…



By Gaia Sophia

With Planetary Ascension we are building a New Earth in this physical realm. This is a new holographic reality for all. The creation of a holographic reality at any level of Creation has to do with energy. For many years on this planet, energy has been looked at as a consumptive commodity. As in one must consume energy to live, in the form of food; one must consume energy to drive, in the form of gasoline etc. This form of consuming energy has created an imbalance on this planet. This energetic imbalance lends toward an entropic system which ends in self annihilation if allowed to continue toward that trajectory. Due to the mind control and manipulation on this planet, many believe that this entropic and consumptive use of energy is the way Creation works. This is not the case beloveds. Energy is eternal! We were never created to strictly consume. We were created to receive and give energy, to be a Source of energy that is eternal and not entropic.

Creation works in a self feedback loop system that always replenishes and regenerates itself from the Source through a phasing of energy. It does not consume energy from a finite supply as has been the case in our phased lock system. Instead it is designed to bring in energy and give back more than what was brought in by always returning to the Source and expanding out by multiplication. This is the premise for “free energy” and this is the way energy is used and created on New Earth. For the sake of explanation and understanding, let us look at the current use, misuse and imbalance of energy on this planet as well as it’s effects on our planet, individual life and the trajectory of our species.

Currently upon our planet, many individuals and the collective use energy in a purely consumptive manner. Meaning we are not regenerating energy and are merely consuming what is available or recycling existing energy from a finite supply. Basically this is what creates what we know as life and death cycles and is entropic in nature. If we look at this from a planetary standpoint, we can see that we are consuming natural resources for energy to feed ourselves, our live stock, heat or cool our homes, power our vehicles, manufacture goods etc. This has been done through plundering the planet of energy via oil, natural gas, minerals, trees, industrial agriculture etc. Because we are not regenerating a an equal or surplus of energy to counter what we are taking, this method of consumption is entropic in nature and would eventually lead to our extinction as a species. This would be a life and death cycle of a species.

If we look at this on an individual level we can see the life and death cycle of a human is based on energy consumption and depletion. Currently, most humans consume energy in the form of food in order to sustain life in a carbon based body. These bodies are densely packed forms of energy with slow sub atomic particle spins that have been “cut off” from the Source (God as many would say). Because of this the body is only a consumptive vehicle of energy and does not produce, create or regenerate energy from the Source. This too is entropic in nature and finite which causes life and death cycles for humans. These cycles are incarnation traps for souls incarnated on this planet.

The cause for the current life and death cycles or energy consumption method of this planet is complex and deeper than this writing is intended to deliver. This entropic system exists because the planet and all inhabitants were unknowingly disconnected from Source in what is called “the fall”. On the highest level, this entropic system manifested as physical realities because of the distorted light geometries used to create the holographic realities. This is no longer the case on our planet. With the planetary ascension well underway, Gaia and many humans (souls) have reconnected to Source and changed the trajectory for our planet and species. Through much energetic clearing and rebalancing, the organic light geometrics that connect us with the Universal and Galactic time matrices have been restored and a pure connection with Source as Source has been reestablished on this planet and within many HUmans. The days of entropy are coming to an end on Gaia.

We have shifted from the old dualistic, finite energy, life and death geometrics to the original design of Creation which is eternal life, energy geometrics. Through the process of ascension, one clears old distorted dense energy from the physical vessel allowing the body to reconstruct itself from a carbon based molecular structure into a silicon crystalline based structure. In simple terms, the body becomes like a crystal receiver and transmitter of light – light is energy! Through stargate ascension, one reconnects to Source to eventually become Source embodied in a physical vessel. This is a gradual process that involves massive physical and physiological changes. There is a complete breakdown of the old seven chakra system into the energetically balanced twelve chakra system of the Diamond Sun body. The merkabah gives way to the stargate system during physical body ascension as well. The stargate becomes your very own portal to Source and is the wellspring of eternal energy that frees the human body from life and death cycles.

This is the key to an eternal energy model versus an entropic consumptive model. The addition of Pure Source energy to a balanced energy system changes the dualistic or bi-wave model to the tri-wave model – the trinity! This means that we no longer consume enery in the same way. Instead, we become generators of energy – constantly adding energy to our creation from the eternal suppy of Source. There is no more aging or dying as there was before on this planet. The physical vessel becomes eternal until the time comes for a soul to relinquish the body. Disease, sickness etc. go as well.

Due to the suppression of this information we have been locked into an entropic system. Ascension changed this and now the truth shall be revealed to all. Everything in Creation is energy. A magnetic female energy and an electric male energy that must be in balance and connected to Source to create an eternal geometric light structure that allows for physical realities to manifest in certain dimensions. In order to understand this, one must be willing to discard all previously understood science, sacred geometry, physics, scripture, dogma and nearly every book ever written on this planet. Those that are ready will feel the truth in their heart. Below are some very well known and common symbols many are used to seeing. These represent a finite or entropic. energy system. There are also the symbols that represent the eternal energy structures. We will see how each contributes to a very different reality.

Flower of Life

Lotus of Life or Eternal Source SpiralRelated:  The Arcturians: The Landings Are Ready!

The first symbol above is the Flower of Life and has long been understood to be the basic building block of physical reality. This symbol illustrates no connection with Source. It is a finite energy supply creating life and death cycles, trapping consciousness in incarnation patterns until eventual self annihilation via implosion. The outer circle represents consciousness, the inner geometrics represent a finite amount of energy that is trapped and recycling itself – hence life and death cycles.

The second symbol above is the Lotus of Life or Eternal Source Spiral. It is not a well known geometric thus a common name does not yet exist. This is the true organic patterning for consciousness to manifest eternal realities. Here we see there is no outer ring or “trap” for consciousness, allowing it to create and expand eternally. The middle represents Source energy the creates organic eternal life versus inorganic finite life. With this truly Sacred Geometry, we have the connection with the eternal Source (the white hole) and the physical world of matter (the black hole) accessed via the Sacred Breath. The contraction and expansion of the breath through the heart portal to Source creates an everflowing exchange of energy. This allows for the eternal expansion of consciousness versus the trapped consciousness that undergoes life and death cycles. Looking at this geometry, one can literally feel the energy fields around expanding. Feel it!!

Vesica Pisces (Bi-wave) and Trinitized Tri-Wave

Tube Torus

The next symbol is the vesica pisces or bi-wave geometry that has been understood by many as the foundationl geometry needed to create energetic balance. This design taken from the Flower of Life geometry creates a tube torus field as illustrated in the green image above. A tube torus is a closed loop energy system. Again illustrating how there is a recycling of finite energy creating life and death cycles.

To the right of the vesica pisces is the tri-wave geometry that is taken from the Lotus of Life geometry. This geometry represents the trinity. The symbol represents the presence of Source energy in combination with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine balanced energy. This trinitized structure allows for eternal energy to create physical realities and represents a true energetic balance with ALL of Creation.

Fibonnaci Sequence or Spiral

The geometric structures of the Flower of Life and Vesica Pisces are dualistic patterns that have been used to create our collective hologaphic realities for thousands of years. As a result of creating with these dualistic, finite energy light geometries, we have mathematical equations and formulas that have been derived to explain the formation of life on this planet. One is known as the Fibonacci Spiral and has been used in science and mathematics since the 12th century. This formula explains that a new pattern is replicated using the sum of the two previous patterns. This is another example of an energy consuming, finite geometry. In order to expand, the pattern must consume the previous two patterns. There is no connection back to the starting or zero point (Source). This is a closed loop energy cycle that creates life and death to continue.

Krystal Spiral

The spiral above represents an eternal spiral. This is known as the Krystal Spiral and unlike the Fibonacci, this patterning always returns to the Source before expanding out. It does not consume the previous two patterns for the energy to create the next as the Fibonacci does. The Krystal Spiral and the mathematical sequence it contains comes directly from the zero point. The Krystal Spiral is a living spiral because there is in-flow and out-flow just as the Sacred Breath. There is a gift from Source and there is a gift of back flow giving back, and then there is a gift of back flow return. It is a constant give and take (or phasing) of energy between Source and a living matrix. The Krystal architecture is self perpetuating and inner sustaining, its math is represented by including zero point or Zero in its numerical sequence: 0, 1, 1 , 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc., through doubling each numerical value. Each of the numerical values is derived though returning to Zero and adding all of the numbers together to get to the next highest value in its sequence or multiplication. This is the meaning of the phrase “Out of the ONE come the many” This organic patterning is eternal and created with the energy supply from the Source – never consuming the old energy to create new patterns.

As we continue our planetary ascension it is important to deepen our understanding of energy and how it is used to create realities. Restoring energetic balance through organic light geometries is what Ascension is all about. When all is in perfect balance the trinitized light geomtries are created. These geometries are eternal and align us with the Galactic and Universal grids. This inturn allows for New Earth multidimensional realities to manifest on our planet. Restoration of the organic trinitized geometrics also frees us from the finite trapped cycles of life and death into an eternal life system. The true bonds of energetic slavery are released for humanity on and off this planet. The HUman species is able to evolve and create as true Creator Beings that we have always been. We are energy beloveds. When energy is free, we are FREE.

This writing barely scratches the surface of much that was touched on. It would take a while to discuss each in depth and is the intent. I encourage each reader to meditate and contemplate on what was delivered here. Your heart knows truth beloveds, let it guide you. Trust you have the power to free yourself. You are supported beyond measure. The energies available for ascension are for ALL. We are eternal beloveds! We are light! We are love! We are free! The collective ascension is in full acceleration. Together we rise! EnJoY the journey. I love you all so very much!

The Truth About Zero Point Energy Generators ~ July 7, 2019

Editor’ Note:Thanks to Ascension Energies for this one! Those who know me will say, “Oh, there she goes again about free energy…”. And I will say in return that this point in “time” is when we will finally see this dream. After humanity loses the stigma of living on a planet in slavery (economic) and begins to realize all that we individually ARE!

So…please read this article, do more research and actually build this yourself! Nothing to lose except for those outrageous electrical bills, start regaining your FREEDOM, and be…



Free or Cheep energy solutions for the average home owner. From the simple to the extreme I’ll bring you some of the most cutting edge ideas and try to explain it in a way we all can understand.

Zero Point Energy Nikola Tesla Secret Generator

The electricity companies might not be happy with this book launch: the Nikola Tesla Secret. This is about a genius person’s discoveries about the ability to generate free electricity. Even one of the reviewer of the book stated this is all about the utilities companies has kept away, because it could potentially end their independence.

Well, it’s great to have a look at the book and examining whether or not it can give us many great benefits as promised.

The Nikola Tesla Secret shows you how to set up a circuit that can be used to save your pay for electricity. The Tesla generator is able to generate free radiant energy that can be used for many electrical purposes. This system simply cuts your dependence on electricity generated from the companies since there’s no need for you to acquire any expensive batteries to store excess electricity.

The easiness in setting up the machine can be another big plus point; you can find all the spare parts in any local electronics store and you will not pay more than $100 to fully build. Isn’t it interesting?

The Tesla Secret device does harness energy from the sun, so it will give you an emission-free system which is completely environmentally friendly. The most interesting part of the build is that you can take profit from it. The electrical devices that you are powering up using this device will automatically save you more money. Even the heavy device like refrigerator, plasma TV and clocks can be included into the list of devices powered by the Tesla Device you’ve built.Related:  Designer Creates Amazing Tents That Can Collect Water and Harvest Energy from the Sun

Nikola Tesla worked intently upon developing his electrical technology in his laboratory in Colorado Springs. His produces remarkable findings , one of them is the high voltages and currents with his electrical devices that sparks fly about the lab while from the antenna thick blue lightning streaks upwards 100 feet into the sky and thunder claps are heard over 15 miles away.

1. TRANSFORMER comprising:

a. Thick Coil of short length and few turns, which acts as the primary in the transmitter and as the secondary in the receiver.
b. Thin Coil of longer length and many turns, which acts as the secondary in the transmitter and as the primary in the receiver. This coil would be 50 miles in length or one fourth the wavelength of a lightwave whose circuit was 185,000 miles long.
c. Magnetic Core attached to the earth and elevated terminal.

2. POWER SOURCE deriving energy from coal or a waterfall.


4. CONTAINER OF LIQUID AIR (-197°F) which causes “an extraordinary magnification of oscillation in the resonating circuit[s].”

5. ELEVATED TERMINAL or bulbous top for accumulating stored charge. To obtain highest possible frequency, a terminal of small capacity (like a taught spring) and high pressure is employed.

Figure 1. The sending and receiving magnifying transmitters are built essentially the same way. The length and size of the tower and transformer is in a harmonic relationship to the electromagnetic properties of the earth. It has a multipurpose function. Standing k waves generated in resonant relationship to known earth currents could be used as carrier frequencies for transmitting electrical power.Related:  The Universe is expanding FASTER than thought – & something ‘beyond our current knowledge’ is causing it

Real scientists have known for centuries that the earth is a giant electromagnet having a North and South magnetic pole. Tesla was using this knowledge to broadcast electricity just like radio and TV waves are broadcast.

You can learn more about Nikola Tesla and his famous, phenomenal findings in his life. The details might be too long to explore here. Thus, you can google it, and get your answer outside.

Source: https://thetruthabout1111awakeningcode.blogspot.com

Twin Soul Ascension Report ~ Galactics Working with Divine Masculines to Collectively Awaken ~ March 11, 2019

By matahariji

Namaste brothers and sisters,

Greetings of the most high. We come forward in this moment of your time with news from the dimensional veil that has now virtually diminished in its entirety. We come forth heralding the Eternal song of gratitude to all of you brothers and sisters who came forward on the 333 portal, in your Ascension/soul groups with the intention to fully activate within the collective consciousness field – the releasing of the Christ-oil which has always been a fundamental aspect of our evolutionary potential as angelic humans.

The most extraordinarily important work took place on this date with regards to the reinstatement of Nikola Tesla and his template of free energy being anchored into the crystalline core of Gaia – overwriting all lower timelines and lower-frequency agendas.

We from the higher realms have no words in your human language to possibly convey the significance of what took place on that portal  date – suffice to say, the vibration of earth exponentially Transformed On that date. Empowering and revealing with pristine clarity, humanity’s direct connection with the blue avian beings.

Blue avian beings hold an extremely important role in Earth’s Ascension and the fact that they have presented themselves or come online so to speak is so huge and so significant with regards to humanity aligning swiftly with the solar flash event and the anchoring in of the Golden Age.

There is currently over 1 billion blue avian beings amongst you dearest ones, most of these beings have been here for a very long time, but humanities consciousness was not at the vibratory level to be able to tune into their frequency. But due to the monumental shifts within the collective Consciousness that have recently taken place, this has orchestrated a significant shift in the collective frequency of Gaia, thus enabling a very clear form of contact with these important galactic beings.

The blue avians are very much connected to humanity in an extraordinarily benevolent way, and can be seen as our big brothers and sisters who loves us deeply and unconditionally. These beings are working on behalf of Source – Mother/ Father God and have come forth on a mission to assist in gaias full and complete Ascension into 5th dimensional consciousness.

You are invited to contact the blue avian beings in your meditation or in your dream time or just before you fall asleep at night. The Blue avians have particular light codes for starseeds pertaining to your galactic origins and reinstatement of your original blueprint that has been 100% entirely freed of all lower programming from the artificial intelligence third dimensional Matrix.

Many many Frontline way showers are reporting about the significance of the March Ascension energies and this channel would like to reiterate the significance of March 2019 in regards to this planets shift in density.

The reason why the energies of March are so Potent is because you starseeds have done the work. On the whole, you have faced your shadow, you have stopped running from yourself, you have dropped the masks, left toxic relationships, and remembered that self love is the key to the higher dimensions. You are now setting Forth clear boundaries that are in Direct alignment with your Remembrance of your divinity, and the fact that it is your duty to set forth those boundaries as a king or queen – high sovereign being.

Due to the work that all you starseeds have done, please know it is this, which is creating the monumental shift in energy that all Awakened ones are exponentially tuning into currently.

Keep going starseeds, keep committing to the practice of becoming the observer of the egoic consciousness – The Rise and Fall of all temporary thoughts, emotions and sensations.

Prioritise finding a spiritual practice that will empower the Observer – the Witness consciousness that is your true, abiding and eternal self.  Also beloveds commit to a practice of gratitude as many times a day as possible. Go on rampages of gratitude whenever you remember to do so. This one single action will shift your frequency, so rapidly and so efficiently, and enable you to stabilize at 5th Dimensional consciousness, quicker than any other practice.

We would like to now take a moment to speak about the current energetics that are playing out between the Divine masculine and divine feminine currently, with regards specifically to the 144000 star seed twin Souls who have incarnated as original source beings to bring forth and reactivate the original Christ and Sophia yeshua / Magdalen divine holy Union template.

As we spoke about in our last written transmission, Huge monumental shifts have taken place within the Divine feminine collective consciousness, and the Divine feminine has completely freed herself of all illusory shackles that were imposed on her by the patriarchy, who sort, via any way shape or means to control the wildness in the Divine feminines nature.

The agenda of this has now been fully exposed enabling the Divine feminine to cut all cords that were attaching her to being a “good girl” a “good wife” and a “tame” citizen, through the false idea that, in order for her to have a socially acceptable life she had to be bound eternally to a man. The insidiousness and depth of this programming is utterly unfathomable to the human mind, hence why many extremely awakened divine feminines were not even aware that these programs were still binding them.

Please know dearest ones, that this time line has now completed and the Divine feminine has 100% completely and utterly liberated herself. She has risen and is rising, as the truth that she is a free wild woman that God created, and is perpetually unbound by any dark 3D programming. She has entirely freed herself of all manipulation and control. She is a sovereign being, a high queen, and she remembers completely that there is no higher authority than herself.

In this rising of the Divine feminine, this has activated an atomic shift within the Divine masculine, whose 3d false reality, previously was being fed via her attention, and her unconscious fears of being alone. Now the masculines 3D energy source has dried up, and he is noticing this, which is forcing him to turn inwards to his heart and face the shouting and screaming of his heart, which remembers fully that he is in fact a divine masculine who has incarnated to unite in eternal Bliss with his divine consort, his eternal divine feminine queen.

The Ascension energies are now exponentially increasing as we approach the spring equinox Gateway (in the northern hemisphere) This year equinox is On the 20th of March at 5:58 EDT.

On this date we are being called to gather together to do extremely important work for the collective with regards to clearing the dark energetic grid which has held the template of human trafficking and child sex abuse….Dearest ones,  it is imperative for the ascension trajectory that this particular area is entirely cleared through us focusing on overwriting these templates with the new grids that hold the “Divine child’s” Innocence as the most guarded over force on this earthly realm.

Please know dearest ones, that we are being called together to not focus on the Old Darkness, instead we are being called to birth the true template – which holds Gods children’s  Innocence as the most important energy, that must be guarded over on this earthly realm.

Dearest ones, it is so important that as many of you come forward as possible to be part of this extremely important Earth ceremony. Indeed please know it is absolutely imperative that if you are reading these words you find yourself in a  soul group or soul gathering on this extremely important equinox date.

On this date we are also being called to work with our galactic team to establish a blessing of vibrational equilibrium for the Divine masculine and feminines. We are being called to work in the inner Earth chambers of Mount shasta with the blue avian beings who have specific codes for US pertaining to us as a collective species stabilizing in the frequency of vibrational equilibrium with our own inner masculine and feminine energies.

Please know that this is an extremely high vibrational ceremony for you personally to be involved in with regards to your own personal evolution. The transmissions have been created to fast-track your evolution, and all those who show up diligently for this work unanimously experience a profound alignment with their true Christ nature, through showing up for this level of spiritual service. Please see below for full details to book on to the transmission.

On a closing note,many of you are observing huge shifts taking place with your relationship to food. We would just like to take a moment to speak about this. Everything about you is dismantling from the old 3D matrix. You were all trained and conditioned to have three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. But as evolving sovereign crystalline beings your true forms were created to eat only when you are hungry, and for many this dismantling and transition is exactly what is taking place right now. Dearest ones, we encourage you to drink lots of water stay hydrated and as much as possible eat foods that are filled with water and light, ideally fruit and vegetables. These are building blocks for your body and will nourish your cells and replenish your blood.

Please know dearest ones, that it is our greatest honour to gather with you all..

See you on the equinox transmission

many blessings Jenji and the white wolf tribe