Late Headlines and Updates for September 3, 2018: Bad News for the Bad Guys [videos] ~ September 3, 2018

Folks are talking about this photo from the Q boards:

Looks like 5 choppers, at least, prepared for a covert op, I think is the suggestion—possibly related to Seal Team 6.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to read Benjamin Fulford’s September 3 update, where he reports that the military told him,

“a U.S. military offensive is under way to terminate the defenseless and disoriented cabal.”

That is probably involving the effort depicted in the image above.


Here are the places you can see the latest QAnon drops:

Q drops or crumbs are archived to several sites. The timing of updates on each site can vary.

Remember to check for the latest UNCENSORED news and information uploaded to Mike Adams’ website and browse for whatever suits your fancy.

Just for laughs…  George Soros not paying his protestors… awwww… ANTIFA not happy. And you know what THEY do when they’re not happy.

More bad news for the psychopaths…


You gotta hate those legal precedents.

Yes, Virginia, there IS alternative, free energy. We will not be chained to oil, gas and traditional electricity forever so we can pay through the nose for it while the rich get richer, manipulating the prices to suit their whims.

There are many ways to generate energy. This is one way they don’t want us to know about.

Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Can you see him? His tail is black and white striped. The fire department just escorted this bad boy out of our yard in a pail. Nasty thing… you couldn’t even look at it without it rattling. It was coiled and ready to strike so I didn’t dare get any closer than this.

When I came out the back door I thought the outdoor tap was spraying water and then realized it was a diamondback rattling and stuffed Mica in the house PDQ. I haven’t seen one all summer other than squashed on the road but there is an irrigation emitter there and he was probably smelling water.

Hopefully they will relocate him to a nice, lush place in the desert where he won’t bother anyone.  ~ BP

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