Era of Light Report 3/21/2020: Executions, Rapid Shifts, Inner Power ~ March 22, 2020



Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

The awakened ones, the truthfully informed, have known for quite some time that this world is changing. There have been a few of those who at times doubted the changes and the new energies entering our world. But now the signs are clear for all to see.

The new vibes can be felt by all. The actions, the scenes, the stories are beginning to change. We are now on a fast track to planetary freedom.

There is something else that has changed. The plans of the Alliance have changed as well. One of these in particular is how the authorities are to deal with the Cabal parasites.

The plan for mass arrests is no longer in force.

There may still be arrests here and there, but this will be done only for show.

Now things have been kicked up a notch. There are to be mass executions of the Cabal’s remaining players. Those at the higher levels in particular.

Consequently there is no time for their trials. They do not deserve the opportunity to stand trial, for clear reasons. They were given decades to have a change of heart. And instead only used that time for attempts to further their agenda.

Their game ends here. This is where they end, and part ways with this world.

May they be complete in the next life. All the light to them.

For the rest of humanity, a new sun rises, a new reality is born. Ahead of us we have nothing but futures of light, love, peace and prosperity.

From heart to heart, I am Kejraj!

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Ivo of Vega ~ What’s Next for Earth ~ March 15, 2020

Editor’s Note: Ah, yes…I like the advice of this article, seek a place of higher frequency for your BEing at this time, allowing an easier way to hold and BE in…

Quantum Joy


Channeled By: Sharon Stewart


My post today: Mike Emery commented: Big changes coming – the elite will be heavily vilified. There will be like lynch mobs when the populace learns of the horrid harvesting of children.

I’m hoping against this but we don’t do change well. This is only the beginning folks, hang on to your hats and your sanity because the rest of the population is going to have a melt down.

Me: Ivo, I want to discuss this please. First of all, you’re not saying one way or the other if this is the Global Reset, but most of us who have been following these events are pretty sure that it is. With Trump sending armed soldiers over to Italy, apparently without masks, and people like Bill Gates are stepping down from their CEO positions, and apparently there’s a lot more of them.

These are all great developments, but I’d like to see these people locked up in Guantanamo and the key thrown away.

Ivo: This is only the beginning, my love.

Me: How much isn’t being shown to us?

Ivo: If I told you that then I would be spilling the beans, however there is a lot not being shown to you.

Me: How much of the picture do we actually have here?

Ivo: Less than 50 percent. There is much more.

Me: Okay, that makes sense. So we’re in a position on earth that our future is being carved out for us by people we don’t know whether we trust or not. Let’s face it, not everyone trusts Trump.

Ivo: And this is the point, my love. You are not yet of unity consciousness. If you were, you would all be included and would be asked to work together. However for the lightworker, they are asked to work with us (the GFL) and the Alliance and the Resistance, and the Delta Forces, while you are asleep at night when you are in fact of unity consciousness, and capable of understanding the bigger picture. In fact as you are now, with your limited mindsets, you are not.

Me: Ah. I see. I’ve heard some optimists speaking as if positive ETs are going to land next week.

Ivo: (chuckling) They will not. As we have said, disclosure is a personal process, not a group process. As you become ready to meet with us in your singularity, you will. There is much preparation to be done to take you out of your state of fear and survival to prepare you to be in a state to receive us with love.

Me: I see you’ve worked wonders for me!

Ivo: You are remembering. The essence of our relationship never left you, my love.

Me: Yes, I was trying to re-create it here on earth. I also know that you’ve done a lot for others because everyone comments all the time how much they love you.

Ivo: And I love them as well. Every one of them.

Me: So let’s look at Mike Emery’s comment. People this week are running around in stores buying out all the toilet paper. And now other supplies are running out.

Ivo: Yes. And you see this is out of fear and selfishness that they hoard as much as they can, and now toilet paper is being marketed on your sales websites at phenomenal prices.

Me: Price gouging, yes.

Ivo: So in fact you must see that we have some who are prepared to accept the new reality, and have even worked for it, but then the majority on your planet are still lodged in their fear-based, survivalist mindsets. As we release information, we can only release enough that none of you have opportunity to interfere with the process at hand. We do wish we could have more of you on board working with us, but this is as of yet not possible.

We ask you to help us individually or collectively in mass meditations, and this is wonderful. We feed you a new narrative that in fact helps to stabilize the timelines against the chaotic effect of those who are of lower frequency. You are aware of the Truth, just not the whole truth. Many of you still argue with it.

Me: I know.

Ivo: This gentleman is correct in his assumption that if people on your planet were to be told what has happened to many of your children, that they would create chaos. They would react. The Galactic Federation and others helping in your liberation have the task of feeding you the information you require to help you feel more secure and in the cases of those who would react nevertheless, to minimize the effect of their reaction. We are not looking to start a war zone on your planet. We are looking to end one.

Your reactions, individually and collectively, are important. You are all aware that holding as high a frequency as possible will help you stay on a more positive, more beneficial timeline.

We have to gauge how much truth to tell you against your collective reaction. As you see, the virus was indeed perpetrated by the cabal in order to create panic. And we wish to avoid this as much as possible. Our people are sending energies to stabilize your minds however there are some in very unstable condition upon your planet, in very low frequency mindsets.

The Truth you learn is dependent upon your current frequency. When you raise your frequency, you will be subject to learning more of the truth. It is that simple.

As for what is next, simply watch. The news will be told to you. Many of you are very astute at understanding what lies underneath overt actions on the part of your POTUS, and others. And you have been spreading this intelligence in order to create calm. And this is most helpful.

Me: When do you think these announcements of the truth will come out?

Ivo: When your world is cleared of darkness and your people are the only holders of low frequency, so that your reaction cannot be used against you by your Elite.

Me: Yeah, but people will go nuts and fight with each other.

Ivo: That is their perogative.

Me: Yes, you warned us in “What You Need to Know Now,” of the next 20 years. That we should stock up for the long term as well as short term, and that people will be rioting. They already have.

Ivo: We do as much as we can to soothe you but you have free will. This is still a free will zone.

Me: I heard Ashtar saying that they would put frequency fences around the planet so that people can’t assault others anymore. That fighting will be impossible. Is that true and if so, how far along is that fence?

Ivo: It is true. Your world will be rezoned, my love. However, for now you must understand that the negativity must be transmuted.

It is easy to protect yourself from others who would assail you. Simply raise your vibration and release yourself of the need to protect yourself. When you protect yourself, you in fact invite assault. When you do not protect yourself, you have dropped your half of any transaction that would harm you.

When you continue to attack others then you in turn can be attacked. So, when you ridicule others’ posts on Facebook, then you are of that attack mentality – and this must be released. All attack thoughts must go. Otherwise you will be subject to attack, to the extent that you require it in order to release your need to do it yourself. Life is a mirror and others project back to you what you have repressed within yourself or that which you are actively engaged in doing which does not align with universal law.

Those who wish to go to the city and attack others on the street in protest are of one mindset. Those who refuse to go to these events are of another mindset. You are more likely to be attacked if you are aggressive in nature yourself.

Me: Yeah, Ivo, I was attacked all my life because I was “too nice”.

Ivo: And yes, with a father as yours, the narcissist who attacked his family, what part of your nature do you think you repressed in becoming “so nice?”

Me: Ah, right. My aggressive side. My anger.

Ivo: Which you still try to subdue, but thankfully it is coming out. You feel out of control when it does but you must recognize it as a repressed part of your ego.

Me: It’s something, that’s for sure.

Ivo: You tend to channel it into your taste in music which is loud, brash and often utilizes lurid lyrics. And so, do you not feel like your father when you become so angry?

Me: I do. And yes, I was talking about Black Sabbath last night.

Ivo: As you ascend, you release blocks and you integrate your personality. And you continue to say you are acting like your parents.

Me: Ugh.

Ivo: They modelled this behaviour to you, you learned it as a way of behaving, and now you must release it, my love as it is not who you are. All are going through this process during ascension, of integrating your shadow, your repressed side, and then accepting and releasing it. All are. And it is a hard process for many.

Me: It is.

Ivo: As for lynch mobs when the public learns of the harvesting of children, all those who have perpetrated these crimes will already have been arrested.

Me: So what are the people supposed to do then? Maybe they’ll go out and attack random targets, like government buildings or hospitals?

Ivo: You still have police. If it is required your world will again be put into lockdown until the tensions resolve.

Me: You can’t blame people for being angry.

Ivo: No you cannot, but it is how you deal with your anger that they can be held accountable for. You must learn to understand that difference. People become angry all the time. It is how you deal with it that you must learn to tailor to a more acceptable outcome. Resolution of anger, rather than reaction to anger is the way forward.

Yes, you are still of reptilian nature, all of you are. That is homo sapiens. Those who has ascended to homo divinicus (or universal) are of a different, more peaceful nature.

In our book, I did warn people what was to come, so you are forewarned. I also suggested that moving away from the cities would be a good idea because the major centers are where these acts tend to crop up, and why not because your major world centers are of reversed polarity. They are of negative polarity. It is easier to control people when you have them gather into larger areas and then reverse the polarity of these areas to create a negative state of mind.

Me: Makes sense.

Ivo: They have said, “Head for higher ground,” in the same vein, seek areas of higher frequency. And then align with the highest possible for yourself. That is my advice.

Me: Thank you Ivo.

Ivo: Yes, you are most welcome, my love. I see grand things happening for your world even this year.


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