Headlines and Updates for May 23, 2019: Washington at an Impasse [videos] ~ May 24, 2019

Editor’s Note: Well, my friends, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that I will be away from home “seeing the sight” of where I Am for this holiday weekend! This means I will be not paying quite so much attention to my blog as I normally do which means I won’t be posting quite as much until Monday.

I will have both my iPad and iPhone with me, so breaking events are not likely to pass me by, Stay tuned…and have a safe holiday weekend, and be…



The terrorist distractions continue as the deep state acts out their hissy fits over being dismantled and exposed at every turn. It seems very childish, with parties on either side of the aisle not on speaking terms.

Politicians ramp up their attacks and obstruction, not interested in the least in doing their jobs. Why are we paying them?

Pelosi’s gone off the deep end.

Nancy Pelosi Asks for a Trump Intervention

The weather is not cooperating either and massive twisters track across the Midwest causing almost as much damage as the demonrats.

Huge Tornado Rips Through Jefferson City, Missouri and Surrounding Areas

On the bright side, I hear spring finally broke in Ontario Canada and the leaves are popping on schedule for the May Two-Four Weekend. Party on, folks!

Here in Arizona it’s been 25 – 30 degrees cooler than normal, dark, showery, and blustery, but the wind finally diminished and blew through to Oklahoma and Missouri. Blue skies are back and the traditional heat is to return this weekend.

As we await the James Comey action, let’s revisit the news from almost two months ago that the plot was widespread within the DNC itself. It was all about “Russian collusion”. How many will the investigations and prosecutions take down? Time will tell, but the reason it has taken so long to get to this point is because so many are implicated. The bribery and blackmail run deep and wide, casting a net on perhaps 80 per cent of politicians.

Those who cooperated and worked with us, like Lindsey Graham, may get a free pass or lighter sentence on activities they regret. Those who fight to the death will be taken down completely. No quarter.

CONFIRMED… DNC WAS IN ON IT! Hillary Campaign Mgr. Was Pushing Fake Russia Story at DNC Convention – SAME DAY FBI Launched Trump-Russia Investigation!

Dr. Dave Janda presents a special edition of Operation: Freedom today. (see below) He’s incensed, as many of us are, about Pelosi’s accusation that Trump is involved in a “coverup”.

It’s all about the “hammer” now. And how long has QAnon been talking about, “hammer time”?  Dave suggests what his sources are saying will be coming down the pike any day now. He also explains some intricacies as to why things are happening as they are, and how important timing is.

Q suggested “C comes before D” (in the alphabet) so we expect the Comey hoopla to unfold first, and then DECLAS (Declassification) of the FISA material.

We have explained for a some time now that whatever the demonrats accuse others of doing, is what they themselves have done—be it Russian collusion or a coverup. It’s called “projection”. They tell us exactly what they’ve done.

Dave echoes my view that the Deep State isn’t merely a swamp—it’s a septic tank, and the turds have to be cleaned out and the entire government disinfected.

MOAB incoming!!! Nuclear sanitation.

This is the site Dave recommends we visit ASAP before it disappears.


By Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | May 12, 2019

FBI Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterintelligence Division Peter Strzok and …

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Folks might wonder why drug prices are so ridiculously high, and why the list of potential negative side-effects for prescriptions are so long and frightening. Part of the problem is collusion.

Truth In Media: Big Pharma’s Influence Over The FDA

Late Headlines & Updates for August 8, 2018: What Was Hidden is Being Exposed [videos] ~ August 9, 2018

RT presents an edgy little montage about the deep state’s activities at the end of this video. The US wants Assange to testify regarding the “collusion with Russia” conspiracy theory. Will he leave the Embassy? I really wish they could put this make-believe story to bed once and for all.

It’s not going well for the deep state in the courts…

Mueller’s ‘Star Witness’ Rick Gates Falls Apart During Cross-Examination by Manafort Lawyers – Perjures Himself

Judicial Watch asks… “Why did Robert Mueller collude with Lois Lerner of the IRS?”

As we’ve said, not all the bad dudes are in the Democratic party…

GOP Rep Chris Collins of New York Arrested and Charged with Insider Trading


‘You Are Free TV’ update…

This is suspect on so many levels. They probably want mice with “human immune systems” so they can devise more ways to kill us.

FDA Acquiring ‘Fresh’ Aborted Baby Parts to Make Mice With Human Immune Systems


This is conjecture only… no proof… and perhaps just wishful thinking, but come on… Turdeau has hardly been in place long enough to do much harm—at least, not like Hitlary and her crew. I bet he has a great singing voice, though, and I would bet he’ll take a plea bargain to tell the tales that need telling.

Thanks for the heads up, R.

12 Attempts on President Trump’s life? According to Dave Janda…


#SLUMLORD Val_rie Jarr_tt’s Class_st Rac_st HUD Scams, TRUMP Signs RIGHT TO TRY, #ROSEANNE ~ May 30, 2018

As CNN fixates on porn star Stormy Daniels today, President Trump signs the Right To Try Bill and makes it easier for people with terminal and chronic illness to move forward with drug treatments not yet approved by the FDA. The corrupt FDA, controlled by Big Pharma, has been terrorizing natural health practitioners for decades, using military-style raids and lawsuits to literally drive practitioners either out of business and into bankruptcy or out of the country in search of other places where they can practice without threats, danger to themselves and their families, and financial ruin at the hands of these modern era drug cartels we call Big Pharma.

When we observe Valerie Jarrett’s career, we can see that it has been built upon exploiting the financially and socially disadvantaged, most of whom have been African Americans and other minority groups who populate Section-8 and other subsidized housing in the greater Chicago area.

Homeopathic Alert! ~ Feb. 4, 2018


Time to wake up folks! Those who write our rule books have now decided that homeopathic remedies are now illegal…really! Is the negation of ANY helpful substance that is NOT from Big Pharma now illegal? Really?

For me, this seems to be just another step towards complete control of humanity’s health…at least here in the US. Please read this article from GalacticConnection.com, consider wht this means for you, and…


Please Take Action!

Alliance for Natural Health

But not all will be pulled from the market, yet. Action Alert!

The policy comes in the form of a guidance document, which lays out the FDA’s current position on the regulation of homeopathic drugs.

In the guidance, the FDA says:

  1. Any homeopathic drug that has not been considered “generally recognized as safe and effective” (GRAS/E) is considered a new drug;
  2. FDA has not determined that any homeopathic drugs are GRAS/E;
  3. A new drug cannot be marketed unless it goes through the FDA’s approval process;
  4. No homeopathic drugs have gone through FDA approval nor can any producer afford to take them through the approval process.

That’s right: in one fell swoop, the FDA has declared that virtually every single homeopathic drug on the market is being sold illegally. The guidance explains that the agency will apply a risk-based regulatory approach that will prioritize enforcement actions against:

  • products with reported safety concerns;
  • products that contain or claim to contain ingredients associated with potentially significant safety concerns, e.g., belladonna or strychnine;
  • products for routes of administration other than oral and topical, e.g., injectable and ophthalmic products;
  • products intended to be used for the prevention or treatment of serious and/or life-threatening diseases and conditions, e.g., cancer, heart disease and opioid addition;
  • products for vulnerable populations, e.g., children; and
  • products that are deemed adulterated under FDC Act § 501, e.g., do not meet standards of quality, strength or purity as required under the law.

The FDA also says that it recognizes that many homeopathic drugs fall outside of these categories and does not intend to take action against such products at this time, but the writing is on the wall. If it wants to, the FDA could go after any homeopathic drug currently on the market.

Is this level of regulatory scrutiny necessary? No. Although prior to the release of FDA’s guidance document homeopathic drugs did not need to go through the New Drug Approval process, they underwent a different kind of pre-market approval.  Homeopathic drugs traditionally required a monograph from the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS), which involves clinical verification of the efficacy of the substance.

FDA’s process started two years ago, when the agency held a public hearing to evaluate its enforcement policies for homeopathic products. We suspected the agency was planning to tighten its grip on homeopathy, which, after all, competes with the pharmaceutical drugs that fund the FDA.

We cannot let the FDA eliminate consumer access to homeopathy.

Action Alert! Write to the FDA and tell them that previous rules were sufficient to regulate homeopathic products, and this new proposal threatens the future of homeopathy. Please send your message immediately.

Sound Healing; Medicine of the Future ~ Nov. 22, 2015


Great article! I AM reposting a blog from Starship Earth: The Big Picture because it deals with a subject near and dear to my heart, namely…healing! B that I mean healing of any nature. As a Clinical Laboratory Manager, I know quite a bit about traditional Western Medicine and how it can used, or misused (all too common, unfortunately), for our health needs.

As as an intuitive healer, I know a bit more about holistic healing methods and the health gains to be made by using essential oils and intriducing the herbs and plant products into our daily diet. It thrills me to see active thought on the effect of sounds waves (vibration, yet again) on our health. This makes perfect sense to me!

So…please read this article, investigate YouTube for sounds you may enjoy, and…


The Future is NOW.

I had planned to do a post on sound healing when I had the honour of a synchronicitous email from Steven Halpern, a gifted musician who has long flooded the airwaves and our gadgets with his beautiful strains of vibrational healing—even before there was a field.

Halpern_web-bioSteven has made it his life’s work to share the wonder of the healing power of sound with the world.

I hear his music on the New Age satellite radio station often, and it’s also been used in movie soundtracks and I’m only too happy to assist him in his goal.

Steven shared with me some background on this modality that few have yet discovered, and it was typical of many safe, inexpensive and effective alternatives to psychotropic remedies from the drug pushers; the allopathic medical community.

Yes, sound healing was targeted in the past by the FDA and outlawed for a time, so that tells you just how effective it is. Some may find it difficult to believe that the feds would try to ban music, but that’s what they attempted.

Steven said, “Back in 1978 Rep. Claude Pepper of Florida wanted to outlaw guided visualization, sound healing, color healing, as well as the main thing, vitamins and supplements.”


“…the FDA outlawed [sound healing music] for awhile, along with other actions back in 1993.”

I haven’t personally accessed those hearings yet.

music therapyIt sounds outrageous that the US government would make it illegal to listen to music that relieves pain and heals disease, doesn’t it? But that is the sort of initiative alternative healers have been fighting for decades.

Whatever is wholesome, effective and affordable—the feds have tried to make unavailable to us. They want us all to be sick, miserable, confused, broke, drugged-up, incoherent zombies.

Steven was kind enough to send me audio files from the recent Sound Healing Conference in Oakland, California organized by David Gibson but unfortunately, being the techno-weenie that I am and about to leave for vacation and start a new job, I was unable to access them. I saved them, but haven’t listened yet. I hope to be able to figure out how to do that as I find this topic fascinating.

mitchell gaynor oncologistDr. Mitchell Gaynor

As you may know, integrative oncologist Dr. Mitchell Gaynor is one of several holistic doctors murdered by the psychopaths in our rogue government recently—and in fact, it appears he was eliminated right after his appearance at the Conference in Oakland, Sept. 11 – 14th, 2015, where he spoke to professionals about his research, along with James Oschman, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and other alternative healers.

Sep 19, 2015 · Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, a Manhattan oncologist and popular author who taught cancer patients to supplement conventional medicine with soothing music, diet …

My original post on this treachery most foul is here.

Dr. Gaynor referenced Steven Halpern’s work in his book, Sounds of Healing and used sound therapy in his practice at Gaynor Wellness in New York City to cure cancer.

Yes, I said C.U.R.E.  That is fact based on plenty of research and testimonials.

vibrational beingUnfortunately much of the ancient evidence of sound healing has disappeared, but we know that early Earth inhabitants used sound, or vibration, in many ways, for many purposes. That is part of the reason why the controllers don’t want us to know its power.

You may have heard of the Solfeggio frequencies, or that chamber music resonates with the human brain in such as way as to harmonize the two hemispheres and boost creativity, known as the “Mozart Effect”.

I’ve dabbled in brainwave entrainment, binaural beats and affirmations myself, but since I didn’t have any health issues, I have no testimonials of my own. Knowing that we are vibrational beings, I was simply curious.

Aboriginal peoples still use sound frequencies in their culture. If you wish to learn more about sound medicine you may enjoy this article.

There is ample evidence to support the case for sound healing. You’ll find further information in the following articles:



shell vibration

If you have health conditions you may wish to explore sound healing before consulting a traditional medical practitioner.

One day soon, as a culture we will turn to sound healing as a first response and leave ineffective, costly and dangerous practices behind forever.  ~ BP