Headlines and Updates for July 23, 2019: Listen to the Audible Gurgle of the Swamp [videos] ~ July 23, 2019

Ever seen one of those “deep fake” videos? Maybe now you can say you have. Check out this update below from Daniel Lee. I think we all know where Ruthie is. These people are pathetic in their attempts to deceive the American people.

Daniel also goes into detail on the continuation of the National Emergency status I shared a Tweet on yesterday, if you haven’t yet looked into that and its significance. This is one more example of the Patriots using the deep state’s weapons against them. May the snatching proceed!

He also has an important update on the pedophilia issue in Foster Care and the President’s remedy for that which comes into effect October 1, 2019. This is HUGE as we have revealed in our coverage about the illegal child snatching done by Child Protective Services, the courts, and law enforcement.

The video also goes into the story I learned of from Jim White on the Northwest Liberty News channel a month or so ago when an autistic boy was taken from his mother on false charges without his required medical equipment and she had no idea where they had taken him. It’s outrageous what these criminals do to families, so thank you President Trump. Good job, Jim, for publicizing that shocking story and others like it. See Jim’s positive update on Cyndie Abcug below Daniel’s video.

This order from POTUS in no way relieves we, the People of our responsibility to attend to these cases, however. We must remain vigilant and act to ensure the letter of the law is observed and enforced. The perpetrators must be exposed and stopped if we are to cut off the source of food for these creatures infesting our planet. Speak up!

RBG Deep Fake Video, POTUS Deals Huge Blow to Deep State Pedophilia

NWLN Exclusive! Cyndie Abcug Finally Ses Her Son After More than 60 days

The courts are doing their job better in some places. This case has been dragging on since 2014. The El-ites’ fancy robes aren’t going to protect them any more as the courtrooms are populated with constitutional judges and rule of law is followed.

Democrat Judge Dragged from Courtroom After Being Sentenced to Jail

The traitors have no problem spewing brazen lies, but as Q says, let the enemy destroy themselves. Their credibility is in the negative integers now.

MSNBC Contributor Caught Lying About Fox News’ Mueller Coverage

Is there dirt to be got on Jared Kushner? One day we’ll find out. Or not.

Mueller’s Top Prosecutor Attempted to get Dirt From Russian Oligarch

The efforts to prepare the public are ramping up.

IG Horowitz to Release Report with Evidence Comey Conducted “Counterintelligence” of Trump on the Sly – Had Covert Agent in White House

Here is fantastic news for Canada/the Republic of Kanata. Wow, Frank Vaughan and now Kevin Annett. Go, Canada!

If you listened to the interview with the Dutch satanic ritual abuse victim Toos Nijenhuis that I shared yesterday, you heard Kevin Annett asking questions along with Mel Ve. He knows the score on this planet and is a fantastic guy to have representing Canadians with all the work he is doing to expose the genocide and satanic ritual abuse north of the 49th. His website is Murder by Decree.com. You can read the transcript for the video below at the link and Kevin’s bio and CV.

Kevin is very plain in his intent.

Breaking News Release: Kevin Annett announces his candidacy in Canadian Federal Election

We have conflicting information about this story. See the “other side” below.

The interesting part is that frequently before a key figure dies, there is disinformation put out about the death prior in “hoax” form, then retracted, with apologies, such as with Joan Rivers and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, to name just two.

Threat Journal@ThreatJournal

At least THREE Arab media outlets reporting Turkish President @RTErdogan dead of a heart attack. If true, this will have massive implications for #Turkey, Syria, Iraq, #NATO, Russia.http://www.alraeesnews.com/31819 https://news-sinaa.com/mix/5482467/ https://palsawa.com/post/216261/ 

View image on Twitter

55511:44 AM – Jul 22, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy790 people are talking about this

Death of Erdogan was much exaggerated

Dave did another top notch summary last night. He’s definitely a logical thinker, and a dedicated patriot. It will be interesting to see what happens with Mueller and his strategy.

Some may think too much was made of the stealth bomber and fighters, but it was very meaningful exactly as presented. The messages got across. Others can disregard or ridicule, but the messages aren’t for everyone.

Be Ready, B2 Stealth Bomber, Roundup Begins Soon – Episode 1923b

Speaking of the “roundup”… another power outage in New York??? This happened Sunday night and lasted into Monday. Blustery Bill DeBlasio is damanding answers. I love it. Sorry to the residents but it’s all worth the inconvenience. Do keep us apprised on the “missing”.

Thousands in Brooklyn still in dark as New York City deals with another power outage

Scott Mowry’s intel update call is still available in the archive until the next call, Sunday night.

He fleshed out current stories with his intelligence on many subjects, including additional news on Jeffrey Epstein, who apparently has other real estate I was unaware of in addition to the two Caribbean islands, Palm Beach estate, lavish town home in Manhattan and over-size ranch in New Mexico. There is a ski chalet in Colorado, as well, and a luxury apartment in Paris. All of those properties/assets will go back to the People thanks to President Trump.

You will notice that Scott is no longer advocating for NESARA, but says GESARA will unfold. All the intel we get at this sensitive time will be proven or disproven eventually, but for now, we get what we get and disinformation is necessary in times of war, so use your own discernment.Replay Number: 712-770-5402Access Code: 767664# / followed by # againYou can follow Scott on Twitter. We’re on the same page. How many times have I said, “Expect miracles”??? I believe that is exactly what we are getting.https://twitter.com/MiraclesInspire

Jeffrey’s friends are desperately trying to cover their tracks. They just don’t get it. It’s far too late for that.

Tiffany FitzHenry@Tiff_FitzHenry

Ghislaine Maxwell abruptly torpedoes her oceanic non-profit in the wake of the scandal surrounding her associate Jeffrey Epstein.

Why you ask?

Because it was just an illegal slush fund! Like all the elite’s charity scams. Now let’s do Bill Gates! https://www.businessinsider.com/ghislaine-maxwell-terramar-project-charity-jeffrey-epstin-2019-7 …Ghislaine Maxwell abruptly torpedoed her oceanic non-profit in the wake of the scandal surrounding…The TerraMar Project announced that it was ceasing operations on its website just days after Jeffrey Epstein’s latest arrest.businessinsider.com3,16010:01 PM – Jul 22, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy2,140 people are talking about this

No worries. Everything that’s currently unfolding is for show. The People’s interests are protected and we cannot turn our backs on the truth.

Any bills passed that do not serve the People and the Republic can easily be nullified once the show is over and the actors go home. (or to prison) The Patriots are in control and the People are learning that the intelligence agencies had many rogue actors intending to destroy America.

No More Wikileaks! Intelligence Authorization Bill Criminalizes Whistleblowers And Reporters

Ha! How ironic is it that she seems to be in the country illegally because she married her biological brother?

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Rep. Ilhan Omar; Accused Of Immigration, Tax And Loan Fraud

Is it intermission yet? I need more popcorn.

Many folks are mistaken when they believe that President Trump controls the entire US government. His sphere of control is growing, but he has a lot more ground to cover before the patriots can route out ALL the traitors to the Republic.

There are hundreds of lawyers in the Senior Executive Service (SES) alone. There are tug-of-wars going on in all sectors and the old guard is gradually being eliminated.

We know about the swamp creatures clogging the drain and it will take time for the fetid sludge to be cleaned out. Patience required—and clothespins.

Tom Fitton: Leftist Activists in the State Dept. SABOTAGED Migrant Deal w/ Guatemala

Steve at WSO has some great shots for us, and captured something he wasn’t expecting, as well, in this short video.

Strange Shadows in the West…WSO Investigates

The energies must be substantially higher as the number of nasty people dropping by to leave comments is increasing as well. They’re not happy campers, and I guess it makes them feel better to attack others. They’re all smiles until you disagree with them and they get triggered and abusive. Hopefully one day we’ll live in a world of happy, rational people who respect the opinions of others.

We welcome opinions, but will not tolerate repeated sharing of fake news, “spun” news, or the bashing of the President, his family, or the patriots who are risking everything to free us from bondage and a predatory situation. We foster a positive, uplifting, educational and rational atmosphere for readers to interact and share information. If you sound like a troll, your comments will be deleted. You’re welcome to leave them on the websites belonging to the fake news media, disinformation agents and Fakebook.  ~ BP

Sound Healing; Medicine of the Future ~ Nov. 22, 2015


Great article! I AM reposting a blog from Starship Earth: The Big Picture because it deals with a subject near and dear to my heart, namely…healing! B that I mean healing of any nature. As a Clinical Laboratory Manager, I know quite a bit about traditional Western Medicine and how it can used, or misused (all too common, unfortunately), for our health needs.

As as an intuitive healer, I know a bit more about holistic healing methods and the health gains to be made by using essential oils and intriducing the herbs and plant products into our daily diet. It thrills me to see active thought on the effect of sounds waves (vibration, yet again) on our health. This makes perfect sense to me!

So…please read this article, investigate YouTube for sounds you may enjoy, and…


The Future is NOW.

I had planned to do a post on sound healing when I had the honour of a synchronicitous email from Steven Halpern, a gifted musician who has long flooded the airwaves and our gadgets with his beautiful strains of vibrational healing—even before there was a field.

Halpern_web-bioSteven has made it his life’s work to share the wonder of the healing power of sound with the world.

I hear his music on the New Age satellite radio station often, and it’s also been used in movie soundtracks and I’m only too happy to assist him in his goal.

Steven shared with me some background on this modality that few have yet discovered, and it was typical of many safe, inexpensive and effective alternatives to psychotropic remedies from the drug pushers; the allopathic medical community.

Yes, sound healing was targeted in the past by the FDA and outlawed for a time, so that tells you just how effective it is. Some may find it difficult to believe that the feds would try to ban music, but that’s what they attempted.

Steven said, “Back in 1978 Rep. Claude Pepper of Florida wanted to outlaw guided visualization, sound healing, color healing, as well as the main thing, vitamins and supplements.”


“…the FDA outlawed [sound healing music] for awhile, along with other actions back in 1993.”

I haven’t personally accessed those hearings yet.

music therapyIt sounds outrageous that the US government would make it illegal to listen to music that relieves pain and heals disease, doesn’t it? But that is the sort of initiative alternative healers have been fighting for decades.

Whatever is wholesome, effective and affordable—the feds have tried to make unavailable to us. They want us all to be sick, miserable, confused, broke, drugged-up, incoherent zombies.

Steven was kind enough to send me audio files from the recent Sound Healing Conference in Oakland, California organized by David Gibson but unfortunately, being the techno-weenie that I am and about to leave for vacation and start a new job, I was unable to access them. I saved them, but haven’t listened yet. I hope to be able to figure out how to do that as I find this topic fascinating.

mitchell gaynor oncologistDr. Mitchell Gaynor

As you may know, integrative oncologist Dr. Mitchell Gaynor is one of several holistic doctors murdered by the psychopaths in our rogue government recently—and in fact, it appears he was eliminated right after his appearance at the Conference in Oakland, Sept. 11 – 14th, 2015, where he spoke to professionals about his research, along with James Oschman, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson and other alternative healers.

Sep 19, 2015 · Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor, a Manhattan oncologist and popular author who taught cancer patients to supplement conventional medicine with soothing music, diet …

My original post on this treachery most foul is here.

Dr. Gaynor referenced Steven Halpern’s work in his book, Sounds of Healing and used sound therapy in his practice at Gaynor Wellness in New York City to cure cancer.

Yes, I said C.U.R.E.  That is fact based on plenty of research and testimonials.

vibrational beingUnfortunately much of the ancient evidence of sound healing has disappeared, but we know that early Earth inhabitants used sound, or vibration, in many ways, for many purposes. That is part of the reason why the controllers don’t want us to know its power.

You may have heard of the Solfeggio frequencies, or that chamber music resonates with the human brain in such as way as to harmonize the two hemispheres and boost creativity, known as the “Mozart Effect”.

I’ve dabbled in brainwave entrainment, binaural beats and affirmations myself, but since I didn’t have any health issues, I have no testimonials of my own. Knowing that we are vibrational beings, I was simply curious.

Aboriginal peoples still use sound frequencies in their culture. If you wish to learn more about sound medicine you may enjoy this article.

There is ample evidence to support the case for sound healing. You’ll find further information in the following articles:



shell vibration

If you have health conditions you may wish to explore sound healing before consulting a traditional medical practitioner.

One day soon, as a culture we will turn to sound healing as a first response and leave ineffective, costly and dangerous practices behind forever.  ~ BP