MUST SEE! Three videos of possible interest regarding possible operations being carried out now ~ April 4, 2020

Editor’s Note: I have reposted this from Kp’s website…thank you Kp!! Please pay attention to the following video’s and please share these for others to see. Yes, the dark are indeed going down in ways many may have not dreamed possible!

Who knew the level of detail and corruption in our world that has been/is being cleaned up as the dark are purged from Planet Earth. It’s my thought that information shown in these videos will be shared on the EBS system in order to “wake up” humanity…we shall see!

Please watch these videos, prepare your heart for Earth’s release, and as the Earth is released from darkness, please join me in…

Quantum Joy!


These are all via the Jonathan Seagull YouTube page. I’m only posting titles and links. There’s quite a bit of detailed information about the DUMBs and what those who are taking out the dark cabal might be dealing with.

Please note that these videos may not be for everyone. I found them useful as “collections of data”.

I suggest holding all involved in this in the Light.
The Underground War, Happening Now Jan 2020

The Underground War Happening Now Part 2

UPDATED Underground War Happening Now Part 3 Jan Feb 2020

All of Us Who Love Field McConnell Are Advised to “Breathe” [video] ~ November 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Signs of the times, my friends. The Dark as sooo worried, and sooo harried they cannot even get the “simple” stuff right! It’s time for all to know Earth’s total situation is in Divine hands, relax, breathe, and BE…



Dr. Good Vibes, Kirk Pendergrass and perhaps even Field himself are checking in on this video. I’m just starting to listen. Thank you, E, for the share. This was great to come home to just now.

They said thank you for all the prayers for Field, and they asked for help for those who are calling him names.  ~ BP

Update: While listening to this, it’s clear the clowns who issued the arrest warrant don’t know the law and Kirk is picking it apart to shreds. More notes to follow. As I said before, what are they doing issuing a warrant regarding Broward County, Florida when Field lives in Wisconsin and has never been to Broward County or Florida? This is so messed up. This is a fraudulent document, he says, full of fraudulent statements, and totally bogus.

Time Sensitive Message for the Patriots and the Awakened: The Next 72 Hours are Critical ~ November 30, 2018

Thomas Williams delivered this message last night at the end of his show, November 29, for the subsequent 72 hours beginning November 30. I just now was able to steal the time to listen to the end of his show—which was terrific.

Here is the message for everyone who is awake to what is unfolding on our planet, no matter what level of awareness you occupy at this moment in time.

If you are reading this, it is meant for you. Please take it seriously. There is so much we don’t know, and which cannot be explained. By now you should be aware this is largely a spiritual war. Trust in your personal inner guidance as a member of the Light Forces—for that is what you are.

Thomas said…

I’m going to ask all to ride the current frequency tension wave that is currently pulling on so many people now. It will pass; but also request you all hold a good space for you and the rest of this planet over the next 3 days after today. Nov. 29)

We need as many people as possible operating in peace and love through these next 72 hours to dampen the effects currently ongoing and preventing something else manifesting.

I hope you all can manifest peace within you, and manifest peace on a global scale, and ensure this week passes without nasty surprises.

We are on the brink of some subtle and many not-so-subtle changes and it’s important we get off on the right foot.

All is unfolding and progressing nicely along now and we need you all in a good head space. Others are testing you currently. Just don’t play their game. Play your own game of peace and balance.

Like I said, we’ll probably have another show after that 72 hours has ended, on Monday.

Stay in peace; hold your balance. Don’t let them get to you, and we will come through with flying colours.


YES WE WILL, POSSUMS! We are so much more than we ever dreamed or anyone ever let on. We are legendary—and not just in our own minds!

Peace and love to everyone. This year is going to be glorious when all is said and done, and only 4 weeks remain. Make it count, and we could have Peace on Earth for Christmas.

I just discovered Cobra has an update for us and I will share that shortly.  ~ BP

GDPR – Tic Tac… Ready to Roll ~ May 24, 2018

It seems that this spiritual website from Italy will close quite soon due to an enormous list of practically impossible demands for it’s continued operation based on their Internet use. It seems things are no better in Europe that they are here in the U.S. folks!

While this is a shame, it is also a sign of progress toward the Light! As desperation grows worldwide, the stage is set for a global revolt against dark forces still in control of our loves through economic and regulatory means.

The very best mental effort we can make WILL overthrow the dark. Simply hold the high vibration of happiness and joy in your heart for 70 seconds…that’s all it takes! Need more info on this? Please go to and look for Law of Attraction.

So…please decipher this message, be GLAD from your heart to overcome actions taken by the dark, and…



GDPR. By Interstellar.

Just to let you know what is the solution the Cabal found to create loosh, eventually fine and close many website like this one.

Most of these requirement are very complicated to achieve and it is clear they want to clean the web from the Alt Media.

This will probably push many into the Dark Web unless something will change quite drastically and very very soon.

Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive 🙂

This is an absolute joke, and probably it was planned well ahead with the popping out of Zuck, G and they CIA patrons having stolen already all they needed.

I do estimate there will be very few of the Alt Media in Europe able to fully comply with the GDPR, and not only them, probably the majority of small websites that like to share any kind of stuff, and even companies website unless they spend hundreds if not thousands! We did our best to comply, we have the page, the form, the banner and the consent and we now shall see if we’ve done enough… you can place your bet 🙂

What happen is that they stole from anyone of us a mountain if data, as soon as you connect to FB, Twitter, Google, buy and Apple device… and they now ask for the consent to do it… we do not manage or do anything with your data but we surely are the ones that will be warned and shutdown otherwise get fined, and that cannot happen…

These listed below are the requirements, FYI. I’d like to point out the identity thing in the list… what’s your opinion in disclosing it, would you do it or maybe better to stay on the safe side and shut the whole thing down after they warned you that you’re not compliant?

The famous #IBOR Internet Bill Of Rights instead of getting closer is drifting away and tomorrow it’s detaching from the mooring line…

Enjoy the GDPR List

  • Inform your visitors in plain language about the purpose of your cookies and trackers before setting other than strictly necessary cookies (ePR)
  • Provide options for the visitor to change or withdraw a consent (GDPR/ePR)
  • Have a mechanism in place to log and prove consents (GDPR)
  • Map and document data streams performed by third parties (GDPR)
  • Configure your consent method to use explicit/active consent when processing sensitive personal data on your website (GDPR)
  • Provide the identity and contact details of the data controller in your company (GDPR)
  • Disclose that the visitor is entitled to access, correct, delete and limit processing of personal data (GDPR)
  • Disclose that the visitor is entitled to receive personal data so that they can be used by another processor (GDPR)
  • Disclose that the visitor has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (GDPR)
  • Inform about the occurrence of automatic decisions, including profiling (GDPR)
Pills Disclosure News Italia

The Impossible

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Francis of Assisi

What’s Happening is Almost Invisible… But We See and Feel the Effects of the Transmutations [videos] ~ April 26, 2017

This is a very good, and complete article from one of my favorite spiritual bloggers, Starship Earth: The Big Picture. The points introduced all coalesce into the broad scope of what’s happening today on our little blue ball…Earth.

So…please take the time to read this article, watch the video’s, and really consider how life on our planet is about to change! When? No one knows for sure, but the signs of change sure are heating up fast…and then take a moment to…


Everything is moving. Everything is changing—including us. Transmutation of energy is inevitable and unavoidable.

Jordan Sather has done another superb video (thanks, K) explaining The Shift and why and how it is happening.

His version of the physics behind the transformation of our sun is a beautiful lead-in to what Cobra has alluded to when he said, “the sun is about to sneeze”. When that happens, it will set off a chain reaction. I don’t believe anyone knows precisely when that will happen—just that it’s very close. Our sun is a crucial catalyst for change. The wait is frustrating, and many are feeling it acutely now.


If you have not seen the video showing the elegant dance the planets in our solar system perform while in tow with our sun, I highly recommend it. Jordan showed a brief clip in his video.

Yes, old Sol is on the move, and with it, Starship Earth. We are on the celebrated journey of countless lifetimes.


And another video (thanks D) communicates the all-important role the sun plays in our lives and in the Shift of Human consciousness. As Kryon says below, everything in nature is here as a friend, not an enemy. The dark would love to convince us otherwise, but we were given everything we need to thrive and evolve as a species. It’s when it’s messed with that problems arise, and mess with it they do.


In response to a comment on the blog today, above all, do not be afraid. There is nothing to fear. We all chose to be here at this time and an inspiring process is under way. Our destination will be the culmination of what will seem to be a mountain of miracles because we don’t understand the reality.

If you watched the most recent video from Yellow Rose for Texas (via Adam1414) showing the astounding activity of the sun and the ships in the vicinity in April of this year alone—you have an idea of one aspect of reality that remains hidden unless someone makes a point of accessing the data from NASA’s cameras and presents it to us.

Kryon told us some time ago that that which is hidden will come out, and that there will be a battle between the dark and the Light; that the dark is ignorant and it will create its own defeat.

Those who lash out are uncomfortable operating in the Light and there are many acting out. They are intolerant, as Kryon says, and anything incongruent with their beliefs is considered “the enemy”. They are still operating in the old energies; the old paradigm.

Kryon asks us what have we seen in our world that indicates the dark is retreating and the Light advancing. I would say, “plenty”.

He asks us not to look at change and consider it chaos. This video features another great teaching from Kryon that implores us to look at what we’re seeing differently and in an inspiring way. “Connect the dots and celebrate something you didn’t expect.”  ~ BP