Your Sunday Digest for September 15, 2019: 5D Warfare About to Get Real [videos] ~ September 15, 2019

Editor’s Note: Oh, my…forget the popcorn, I’m too busy holding on to my seat as the gale force winds of change start up. I want to be prepared for this upcoming debacle of change in America, are you? Don’t worry, my foreign friends…global change WILL follow change in America.

Pay attention to the report below, know the astrological influences for the month of September are playing out politically as well as in your personal life, positive change is here, time to BE…



The conflicts unfolding now have escalated to a galactic scale with fireballs streaking though our skies and giant somethings crashing into the moon.

We can see the timing coming together with multiple stories, particularly in politics. The dance is meticulously choreographed so the People can connect the dots and understand the unfathomable amount of corruption and criminality—internationally.

President Trump’s next rally is Monday night in Rio Rancho (Albuquerque), New Mexico. His speech at the GOP Retreat dinner in Baltimore this week was revealing and refreshing in its honesty and his address tomorrow will be no different. Donald Trump knows how to amp up the electricity in the room and unite the People of America.

The Commander-in-Chief takes full advantage of his rallies to educate and guide the masses, uncensored, just as the fake news uses their air time to set up the deep state dimms’ narrative and hit it home to the lunatic left whom they have beaten senseless with their insane rhetoric.

Fortunately, many people are sick of being hit over the head with propaganda sledgehammers attempting to drive wedges of lies into their brains. The Democratic Party has all but imploded and it’s going to get messy as the Maestro’s hammer falls and rends the globalist world asunder.

Scott Mowry pulls together a number of threads in his Miracles Intel Call on Sundays to help busy people make sense of it all. What’s clear is that the situation is ramping up and this fall will see standing room only for the greatest show on Planet Earth. “Intensity” is the flavour of the month.

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This past week has seen yet another HUGE escalation of major events to the point where it is highly anticipated some more of the sealed indictments will be opened on the plotters of the coup to overthrow the US Presidency under Donald Trump.

At this point in time, we are on the cusp of a major reveal of the entire Deep State apparatus which has been controlling America for decades. Once again, we must warn you, it is going to become a great deal more intense in our country as this uncovering process of the Deep State plays out through this month and into next.

  • A US Attorney working for the Department of Justice has recommended criminal charges be delivered against former Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe. and many are expecting an indictment will be handed down at any time.

  • It now appears, the case against General Michael Flynn lying to the FBI is on the verge of collapse and in fact, he will be completely exonerated of all the phony charges by the FBI under the leadership of James Comey. The failure of the case against General Flynn will inflict yet even more damage upon the Deep State coup of the Donald Trump Presidency.
  • In addition, Attorney General William Barr has now finally received the completed report from Inspector General Michael Horowitz (OIG) and it is anticipated it will be released to the American public by the end of September, or early October. The upcoming OIG report will be a catastrophic and detailed account of the abuse of the FISA court in order to spy on Donald Trump, as well as, many, many other Americans.

  • Finally, we recommend taking a look at the latest Patriot Intel Report from Friday, September 13 — which, of course, was Friday the 13th!


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It’s not all about America, obviously. While BREXIT and Boris Johnson have diverted our attention to the UK, there are issues simmering in other nations.

The corporate media doesn’t like to show the Yellow Vest protests in Europe or the millions of people demonstrating in China or anywhere else. They are intent on keeping the focus of North America on the fabricated crimes of the only man in decades who has fearlessly attempted to expose and dismantle the evil globalist genocidal regime; Donald Trump.

Convicted serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s empire is a mere scratch in the surface of a planet-wide network and the depth of that is linking the world, as well.

Canada has been equally tainted by the globalist cabal and the threads are leading there now with the October election looming large, corruption charges bandied about with respect to Crime Minister Justin Turdeau, and the RCMP affiliations now cracked open.

Anyone sitting smugly by and pointing fingers at another country should sit on it because no nation is immune to the global domination sought by the New World Order for decades. They were almost successful, but their house of cards is now in free-fall, like the World Trade Center buildings in New York eighteen years ago.

We are learning there are traitors everywhere around the world and the truth will be staggering to those unsuspecting denizens who have not paid attention. The world has been run by satanic pedophiles and greedy banksters and the collateral damage has been catastrophic.

The moment has come for the bulk of the revelations, justice, and healing. Timing is everything, and none of it can be rushed. It’s a miracle it’s happening at all.

RCMP official charged may affect allies’ trust in Canada’s security establishment: Carvin

Patriot/Publisher/Hero Julian Assange is in the news again. You can learn more in the video below.

Julian Assange To Remain Jailed After Serving Sentence

Mark Davis, a well-known award-winning Australian investigative journalist, best known for his work on Dateline, has said that it’s the journalists from The Guardian and New York Times who should be in jail, not Julian Assange. Obviously, mainstream media has completely ignored this in fear of undermining their smear campaign that’s been running against Julian Assange for years, making him out to be a criminal when in fact he’s the complete opposite.

Read the rest of the article…

CN LIVE! Mark Davis Wikileaks Revelations

UK Gender Clinic to Offer Sex Change to Kids as Young as 3 — Online

Are people blind? How can it have come to this, I ask you? Society has plummeted to the depths of depravity and perverts are corrupting our children.

Do people really not mind if grown men are permitted in the bathrooms where their little girls go?

The pedophilic predators have created an entire lexicon of new terms and afflictions like “gender dysphoria”, gender-fluid, and non-binary. It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

It’s not bad enough the globalists are destroying the family unit, they now attack the most vulnerable members of society to make the transition to genderless Humans a reality that much faster.

We had better hope that this “reality” they portray is simply a baseless one concocted by the lying, treasonous media to give the illusion we are on the road of no return for Humanity. There have always been only two sexes, and no amount of sick “gender perturbation” can change that.

Where are we headed?

Are Humans really dumbed down enough to believe that cannibalism is the answer for the imaginary, fake news-enabled “climate change” fairy tale?

In answer to that question, perhaps we should look at the transgender/gender confused former First Lady Michael Robinson Obama. Few even suspect despite the proof being dangled in front of the public for over eight years such as in this video making the rounds on Twitter this week as witnessed on the Ellen Degeneres show.

Look at this video Michelle Obama dancing on Ellen Show. I looked at the original this happen towards the end when I guess it popped out! What a bunch of sick sick people. Sickness is what happened to America it’s truly a shame. Putting a man as first lady it’s a disgrace

— TIMENOUT (@TIMENOUT) August 1, 2018

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, folks, but there’s lots more where this came from—and much worse—so buck up and put your big boy pants on. If  you’re squeamish keep the Depends handy, too, because it’s going to get messy, as I said.

“All the world is a stage” and the ones you saw running it are all actors. The names (and sometimes the gender) were changed to protect the criminals.

The people of Earth are witnessing a protracted life-and-death game of 5D chess, and the Master just advanced his game. On the side of the Light, cheating is not required, or permitted.

Donald Trump won the Presidential race in 2016 fair and square—despite the election rigging by the deep state. In the 2018 elections the Q team told American patriots to, “Vote! Vote! Vote!” and get friends and families to do likewise.

They did just that, and the Republicans secured the majority in the Senate which the White Hats knew would be critical in the days to come—once again, despite the voting fraud by the deep state.

Judicial Watch has mandated the cleanup of the voter roles in key states where literally millions of “dead people” and non-citizens cast their ballots. Some American citizens were exposed for voting twice in different states, and the voting terminals programmed to spit out blue votes when the ballot cast was red will have to be replaced as well.

It must be hard to want to work at saving a nation when the People themselves don’t have enough honour and nationalism to want it for themselves. The values in America and other countries have definitely suffered as a result of the NWO’s grip on the world.

A return to honesty, integrity, and respect will take time, but the current administration is doing their part to set a good example, end the corruption, and make Earth great again.

A few words from the top dog appear to have done wonders to inspire the patriots in North Carolina. It was another slam dunk, home run, checkered flag, or touchdown—however you choose to look at it. Small, individual victories compound to yield a galactic championship when you play hard, play to win, and have mastered 5D warfare because you embrace The Art of War.

Was the President’s rally in North Carolina this week strategic? Of course. The Plan is fluid and no move is wasted. Are the patriots tired of winning yet?

Democrats Admit Trump Helped North Carolina Candidates

Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp tells Greg Hunter the deep state has enough power to demand that all the corporate news outlets including Fox ban the topic of how the World Trade Center buildings actually came to disintegrate and fall when no similar steel buildings on fire have ever collapsed that way before or since.

Kevin puts his reputation on the line to call out the fable for what it is; a coverup, because of what it could mean; that it was an inside job. Despite the thousands of experts who state it could not possibly have happened the way they claimed, many people still have a psychological barrier preventing them from even entertaining the possibility it could have been an intentional act of terror perpetrated on the American people by an enemy within who plots even today to steal their rights and their ability to defend themselves.

Despite knowing about the Kennedy assassinations, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco Massacre, the Benghazi Massacre and other horrific events, the indoctrinated, traumatized public refuse to go there. The choice will soon be removed and they’re going to have to face the truth.

Kevin Shipp – New Proof WTC Building 7 was Controlled Demolition

Look at the pathetic border fence President Trump is replacing in Arizona. It wouldn’t keep out a three year-old.

We’re building the wall in Lukeville, AZ!

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) September 15, 2019

Fake News and Fallacy

The deep state propaganda people haven’t an ounce of honour between them. Does anyone even listen to them any more?

Not only that, they are completely lacking in creativity and resort to the same ragged pages of their playbook year after year. I’m embarrassed for them. They make no attempt to pursue journalism.

They parade material and here-say from a book as fact. “The alleged victim has no recollection.” Why are we even talking about this?

The corporate media is officially a bad joke and have zero credibility remaining. We, the digital soldiers as General Flynn refers to us… We’ve got this.

Trump rips new claim against Kavanaugh

Dave brings us another splendid overview of current events in this X22 Report from Friday.

D5 Avalanche, Could Gouge The Landscape, Take Cover, Incoming – Episode 1969b

This just in…  look at that face on Brennan. Someone should take pity on him and put him out of his misery.


The indictments begin:

First layer of the [ ]


Nothing can stop what is coming!


We are the news now!@tribunal_watch

— TRIBUNAL WATCH (@tribunal_watch) September 15, 2019

We’re gearing up for an exciting week and sleep is harder to come by.  Stay strong, patriots. It’s getting really good now and what we’ve been waiting for is beginning to unfold.  ~ BP

Ben Swann: Trump Accuses New York Times of Treason over Russia Cyber Attack Story [video] ~ June 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends. it’s getting uglier day by day as the forces of Light continue to deprive the dark of their means of attack! In this case, the Media are being called out for what they are…instruments of the dark compelled to sway public opinion into a state of disinformation and…FEAR.

But…stay tuned as forces working for the Light continue to steadily chip away at the dark’s tools of disinfo, watch as more and more beacons of hope begin to illuminate our world, and be…



Cyber attacks are easy to pull off, can be devastating, and when a large power grid goes down, chaos and suffering can ensue.

The Hill reports on the cyber attack in question.

Russia: Reported US cyber attack on power grid possible

What we must understand is that the “deep state” is very real and these rogue agency clowns and military agents are indeed operating outside the purview of President Trump and his legitimate, appointed administration.

While the President has not come out and said this, he is NOT in control of the upper echelons of the military or the agencies put in place during Obama’s regime.

Some of the same ones who set Trump up in the phony Russia collusion fiasco are undermining the President’s efforts to bring peace and prosperity to America and the world through improved relations with the leaders of all countries.

The deep state thrives on war and destruction and they will say and do anything to promulgate war. Their ultimate strategy is to pull off provocative acts so extreme that nations cannot fail to retaliate, thus escalating the conflict. That is what is behind acts of aggression involving the Iranian tanker ships.

That is what a false flag event is; the deep state stages some sort of attack, whether it’s a bombing, a shooting, a missile attack, a power grid cyber attack, and then plants news articles in their rogue media outlets blaming another party who had nothing to do with it. Does anyone really fall for these any longer?

This is very basic stuff, not difficult to understand. It’s not about elements in America going rogue to take matters into their own hands because they disagree with Trump’s handling of foreign relations. Russia is not our enemy.

We have to see the situation for what it is, not what the lying, treasonous, cabal-controlled media says it is.

President Putin knows very well Trump is NOT at the root of these attacks, and he also knows who is, and why. The American people need to know it, too.

The deep state believes the only chance they and globalists who have been running the world have of surviving Trump, the grim reaper, is to cause extreme conflict and war. They can try whatever they like; they will not escape their demise. Their time is over and they continue to dig their own graves.  ~ BP

Censorship Ramping Up AGAIN at YouTube [video] ~ June 5, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, the dark ARE playing games with the blogging of truthers. For my own site, “Rose”, my hits have been cut into with only 1/3 actually showing up. Readers have reported not being able to readily access my site. We’ll see what happens. At this time, I Am considering another sister site enabling you to have access to the truth!

Since my blog is free,without any cost to readers, I (like Starship Earth) welcome PayPal contributions to help defray the cost of operations. Unlike Starship Earth…I blog all by myself with no help.

So…please read the article below, know how perilous true journalism is these days, yet be…



Here’s Praying Medic with the latest announcement from the deep state about censorship of the truth. He reads some of the article in the New York Times. They reserve the right to decide what the truth is, and who will see it.

Forward-thinking truthers have alternate outlets for their communications, because we’re extremists, don’t ya know.

Come and see us at the Captain’s Blog

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We thank everyone who does engage in an energy exchange and donates. Number One and I sincerely appreciate it, as well as your excellent company on this journey.

Since Starship Earth is not on the WordPress platform but on our own URL, we should be okay. Just don’t expect them to make it easy to find if searching. You will have to know where to find us.

Preying Medic has a plan. Do you?  ~ BP

Where to Find my Videos if YouTube Bans my Channel

New York Times Anon Exposed: Full Admission from the Author’s Mouth & BIG Regret | Amazing Polly [video] ~ September 9, 2018

Here you go. Thank you, Polly, for bringing us this admission of guilt and a new perspective on the anonymous letter.

You will see the source of the letter open the Microsoft file on his computer as proof of authorship.

People don’t seem to understand there is a WAR going on. Attacking the President of the United States in FUN is a dangerous act.

This guy “Floppy Disc” needs a checkup from the neck up. There have been multiple attempts to assassinate the President and people have died protecting him and he and his buddy are writing “humourous” letters to the New York Times suggesting there is dissension within his cabinet???!!!

Wake the hell up, America. Either you’re on the side of the patriots or you’re with the enemy.

In my mind, this confirms that the deep state will seize ANY opportunity to promote their agenda AND capitalize on it monetarily, twisting the truth and deceiving the public. They know no shame.  ~ BP

Amazing Polly
Published on Sep 8, 2018

SCOOP! The person who wrote the OpEd contacted me for an interview!
The failing New York Times Published an OpEd allegedly written by a Trump Admin official, and they claimed that this anonymous source is giving insider intel about a resistance inside the White House.

CNN Broadcast the Truth About John ‘No-Name’ McCain’s Execution; Assassination Attempts on POTUS [videos] ~ September 7, 2018

You’d better watch this fast before it’s removed. Download it, whatever you want to do, but here you have the truth from a reliable source, Ohio Governor John Kasich.

In the first 5 seconds of this video he said: “It’s like, 24 hours since John McCain was put to death…”

John McCain was put to death: Do It Q

(Be sure to watch the whole short video from Cordicon. It’s excellent, with a little extra decoding. Great job, Shawn.)

Translation, for anyone not sure due to language barriers or hearing challenges… that means, “execution”. “The Songbird of Hanoi” wasn’t even given the option of suiciding himself. I’m sure the officers tasked with that job felt a deep satisfaction.

Things slip when people in the know are chatting off the cuff. So… everyone knows  the truth about John McCain but The People, because of the lamestream media’s lies and freak show funeral and disgusting displays of honouring him as a war hero with brain cancer—when he’s the opposite—and the finger-pointing over Trump’s absence and lack of fake fawning.

Shame on CNN editors for missing that little truth bomb. Tsk! Tsk!  I’m sure ThemTube will take care of your careless faux pas. Dustin Nemos shared this news as well. As Q said, No-Name did not leave on his own terms. Isn’t that a nice way of putting it?

Arrests… military tribunals for war criminals and treason… and executions. McCain is the first of many, and if you think the psychopaths are going to surrender… think again.

They will do anything to distract and transfer the attention for their crimes to President Trump or others. This Kavanaugh hearing/circus is exactly what they need.

If you listened to the THI Show last night you heard Thomas Williams say that there have been more attempts to assassinate POTUS and on Monday he had to change his plans due to threats. Unfortunately, one man died when he jumped in front of the President and took a bullet for him.

Now, do you wonder why Donald Trump tore a strip off the press after the Sheriffs award ceremony when they brought up the topic of that “anonymous patriot” memo in the lamestream media claiming to be a member of the “resistance within the White House”???

It’s “treason”!!! And it is “gutless”. The news worth sharing isn’t from gutless anonymous sources.

Donald Trump was a duly elected president and no one can show he did anything wrong after digging and stalling for 18 months. But they pretend. Two men have died protecting the President this summer.

And wasn’t it odd that the first video I shared from that ceremony the Sheriffs held for Trump was removed from ThemTube? I replaced it, but we’ll see how long that one lasts. In the video above where Trump addresses the press about the letter, you hear him address all the sheriffs standing behind him after presenting him with the plaque.

As Natasha says in this one minute video, you’re not allowed to publish material that highlights Trump’s accomplishments. They deleted one of her channels full of interviews and documenting Trump wins when he delivered on his promises, which he has done many times.

Some Starship readers found the video of the mile or more of patriots lined up for the Indiana Trump rally that I shared was blocked in their location.

We can’t show the thousands of Americans who want to attend Trump rallies, or show that the constitutional sheriffs support him and honour him with a plaque for building the wall and helping them do their jobs to stop the crime and corruption. The censorship is outrageous.

Now you know why the White Hats will have to use the emergency broadcast system to warn us when we launch into the next phase of martial law—and I’m sorry but I can’t recall now where I heard the explanation of the martial law scenario or I would link it. I’m taking in so much information these days. Was it Daniel in Alaska and his insider intel or Dave on the X22 Report?

Regardless, the latest BS about the “Resistance in the White House” is obviously a further attempt to impeach the President and make it look like he is under attack from within—which he is—but not the way they make it sound. It’s the deep state traitors attacking him.

They want us to think they have their own “QAnon patriot” as spokesman for a group that wants to oust POTUS”. We all know they are anything but patriots, and that’s why there are over 50,000 sealed indictments now.

As usual, they copy the strategies of others because their own playbook is so worn out we’ve memorized every page and they can’t fool us any longer.

Thomas Williams has reasons for believing it may have been Mike Pence who wrote the anonymous op-ed. More on that later.

If you watched the latest video from the War Drummer I shared yesterday, you heard his personal input on the current situation at the beginning before he got into the SerialBrain2 decodes.

He said in his opinion WE, the Resistance, the Patriots, the Awakened, MUST get down and dirty and fight in the mud with the deep state actors. This is no time for our conservative decorum. That is his personal decode of Q’s posts telling us to “be brave” and “fight, fight, fight”.

He says if we don’t fight fire with fire, and extinguish their incendiary attacks with our own, that we cannot win this war. And it is a WAR. For our very lives.

He says it’s time we all gave everything we have to this battle. There’s no time for sitting on the sidelines. It’s time for an all-out brawl, if that’s what it takes. It’s ugly, but it’s necessary. How much are people willing to SACRIFICE as Cordicon/Shawn points out in the first video in this post, for FREEDOM? Are Christians willing to sacrifice like Christ did? So many have sacrificed already.

Are the patriots ready to bring it? Everything but the guns? I guess we’ll find out.

If you would like to watch all or part of the Montana rally from Billings yesterday, it’s here.

In closing, I want to say that I do hope the Patriots’ MOAR (Mother Of All Rallies) set for tomorrow in Washington, DC goes off without a hitch. The deep state don’t want patriots talking face-to-face to other patriots, because they can’t censor them, and they can’t stop them from handing out pamphlets to share information, either. I don’t know if that’s in the plan or not.

Envision the best case scenario, and may everyone be safe. May it be a glorious day of increased understanding and unity, of strengthened resolve, of high frequency energies that purify the putrid stench of treason in Washington, DC, the corruption capital of America. The swamp.  ~ BP