Cobra Firing the Grid Update ~ May 22, 2018

Get ready folks! I’ve already noticed more Internet censorship today. Please go to the Oracle Report for today…very significant info about timing perfect for a false flag, AI now fully functional, look twice at electronic synchronicities, stay calm, and…



Firing the Grid Update. Cobra.

Certain Light Forces fleet, even more evolved that the Pleiadian fleet, has begun activating and preparing certain key members of the surface population for Compression Breakthrough and the Event.

This process may trigger all of suppressed energy patterns and belief systems and its purpose is to test preparedness.

Remain calm.

Dragon sources have communicated that holders of Cintamani Stones are part of the planetary grid for Compression Breakthrough.

This grid now extends into the Agartha network. Cintamani is a sacred stone of the Agartha Network.

Firing the Grid

Remain Calm

Remain Calm

Translucent Cintamani

Translucent Cintamani

Dragons are asking everybody to treat Cintamani Stones with respect and are requesting people who are involved in surface Cintamani Grid, to refrain from having physical contact with their own Cintamani stones in moments when they are having a conflict with other surface humans, or when they are in a extremely negative emotional state, to avoid contaminating the grid.

Victory of the Light!

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Hurricane Meditation Update ~ Sept. 9, 2017

Hurricane Irma is approaching Florida and it would be good if as many people as possible join us tomorrow for the meditation. We will be having our main Hurricane Meditation tomorrow at noon 12:00 EDT.

You can see the time for your timezone here:

The instructions are here:

As our regular Weekly Ascension Meditation is happening exactly at the same time, for this week only, our Hurricane Meditation will replace it due to extraordinary circumstances.

Those who feel guided to help more, can do the same Hurricane Meditation in any (or all) of the 4 hour intervals starting tomorrow at 8 am EDT, then at noon EDT, then at 4 pm EDT, at 8 pm EDT, at midnight EDT and then on Monday at 4 am EDT and at 8 am EDT.

You can convert EDT (Florida time) to your local time zone here:

A powerful grid of cintamani stones is already in place in Miami:

And Tampa:

These cintamani stones are anchor points of strong angelic beings that will influence the plasma currents of the hurricane, trying to minimize the impact of the storm and protect both cities:

Additional cintamani stones have been placed in Florida Keys just a few days ago.

Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group ~ Jan. 20, 2017


I just found this new Cobra interview on the Prepare to Change website ( and this has the usual tidbits of interesting information that we can all use as we prepare for The Event. Thank goodness that is not too far off! Bring it on!

So…please read this for yourself, mine out the nuggets of information you find useful, and…


Hi Cobra,
We are very happy and excited to interview you on behave of our team members. It’s our first time to make this interview with you and we hope we can interview you regularly. Before starting interview, I would like to briefly introduce ourselves. Our group name is “International Golden Age Group” and definitely we are Prepare for Change Group, also Liberation Group for all Chinese in the whole world. We have over 3000 lightworkers’ members in over 10 countries now. And we have many platforms and resources to provide message and healing to any Chinese Lightworkers in any countries free of charge. The following is our website:
Now let’s start the interview.

Situation Update

Patrick : It has been almost seven months since we began to bury cintamani stones worldwide. I wonder if this cintamani grid of Light is now strong enough to withstand the energy of Event Flash.

Cobra : The energy grid of Cintamani stones is getting stronger and stronger,  and when the Event flash happens of course it will be strong enough, but what is even more important is that this grid is now assisting in dissolving the Yaldabaoth entity, and this is one of the reasons why it needs to be stronger and stronger because the stronger this grid is, the more it helps in final dissolution of all plasma anomaly, so this is one of the more important project that we have right now, to assist in acceleration of the Event and to assist in stabilizing the process until then.

P : In order to dissolve the plasma octopus, how many cintamani stones do we have to bury worldwide until those angelic beings reach their critical mass?

C : I would not speak about the numbers for various reasons, some of them are pretty obvious, but I would say that those who feel guided can keep planting the stones according to their own inner guidance, and that is the perfect approach to this particular situation.
P : Project Asgardia launched last October as the first public breakaway civilization. As many people are still unfamiliar with this term, I wonder how Resistance Movement defines breakaway civilization.

C : Breakaway civilization is every group that breaks away from the surface population, and doesn’t mean anything about the purpose of that particular group, but I would say that breakaway group is any group that would choose to branch away from the surface.

Untwine : You said about plasma that it is never dead matter but instead it holds consciousness, and in your last update you talked about some plasma anomaly that is still present outside of this solar system. Is this plasma anomaly hosting any type of being ?

C : There is always life presence in the plasma, and I would put it this way, the whole galaxy is a living being, and I would just say one arm of that living being is to a certain degree still damaged by the primary anomaly, and especially by the galactic wars in that particular place for a very long time, especially in the Orion arm in this branch of the Galactic body, so this is still in the healing process, there is still healing process taking place in this particular part of the galaxy.

U :  Ok, but it’s part of the pleroma consciousness, it’s not a separate consciousness like yaldabaoth ?

C : It’s not like yaldabaoth no.

U : in your last update you mentioned how the cabal is trying to use Trump to create some wars and divisions in the Eastern alliance, is Putin aware of this, of Trump being used as a puppet ?

C : Putin is of course aware of the situation

U : Ok so he’s trying to stir it to a better direction ?

C : He has his advisers and he knows what to do

U : Ok. Can you say what caused the equator to change from the previous Atlantean position to the position where it is now ?

C : The Galactic pulse 75000 years ago

PFC development

Patrick : What should my leadership group do before the Event so that it can become capable of running a legal entity with more than 10,000 lightworkers ?

Cobra : Ok it’s not the purpose of Prepare for Change to become legal entity, it’s the purpose of those groups to be anchors of the energy of the Event and to keep people prepared. So what is most important at this point is for those groups who are already formed, to get to the next level of inner harmony and coherence, and to start doing whatever they can, number one to spread information, and number two to physically meet, do meditations, do energy work, and to prepare for the Event.

P : What should my new technology group do before the Event under the condition that we have very limited access to advanced technologies?

C : Ok at this point there are some technologies which are already out there, and you know some of them, and those technologies can assist to a great degree before other technologies can be released.

P : More than 20,000 Chinese people have subscribed our Wechat group. Also, there are thousands of people following our Facebook page. Yet, it is estimated that we only got less than 4000 people to join our ascension meditation. When it comes to petitions, we have to work very, very hard in order to get enough signs. Here is my question to Resistance Movement : how did they spread the idea of revolution under a very hostile Orwellian environment and then transform it into action?

C : Ok, the tendency of the people is just to observe and it’s easy for them to join a chat, but it’s not easy for them to do anything more productive. So it is expected that at the moment of the Event and after the Event, people will be more willing to participate in something when they see that something interesting is going on. Until then we will just keep working with people that we have, we will be doing our meditation and our energy work, as much as possible with people that we have.

P : You once said to me that new finance group can manifest abundance before the Event. I really want to know what it can do to help our members achieve financial freedom before the Event. 

C : Actually I was speaking a lot about this in Taiwan conference, if you go to the notes I have explained the whole manifestation process, I have explained how to manifest abundance in your lives, within the group and how to spread it around, and you can just go to those notes I have answered this question with many hours of talking, so you can just go to that and you can get this understanding and spread it in your groups.

P : Now that we have a sisterhood of Rose to channel Divine Female energy, should we form a male counterpart, a brotherhood to channel Divine Male energy ?

C : If you feel so guided yes of course you can.

Jedi : Our group, International Golden Age Group, also Prepare for Change Group , held many physical seminars to the public last year. Our participants had very good feedbacks on those sessions led by our Sisterhood of Rose. Should we increase the activities of Sisterhood of Rose within our Event Support Group ?

C : Yes you can

Post Event tasks

P : As the final Breakthrough is getting closer and closer, I think it’s very important for PFC groups worldwide to work on private contact zones in their living areas. Would you like to introduce private contact zone to our audience and some technical know-how of such area ?

C : Ok the basic idea is that those who have private property of 30 by 30 meters, or 30 by 30 yards, if they feel so guided, to give permission for the Pleiadians to land on those properties after the Event, and if they agree to this, the Pleiadians will begin to land on those properties after the Event at a certain point, to prepare humanity for the First Contact.

P : How should people establish their private contact zones in countries which do not recognize private property ?

C : In those countries simply they can dedicate and make the same decisions as in other countries, because after the Event all this will be restructured, and if they give permission for that property even though they are not legal owners at this moment, that can change after the Event

P : As it is almost impossible for all PFC groups to heal 7 billion people with their short-handed healing groups, I really want to know how light forces would execute their mass healing program.

C : After the Event many healers will join the task even though they are not active in this right now, and there will be also a lot of guidance from the Light forces that will introduce new and effective healing techniques, and still there will be a lot of stress on those who are healing others because there will be a lot of demand for healing.

P : What kind of techniques can we imagine for this moment ?

C : There will be first a lot of advanced spiritual healing techniques and of course there will be also new advanced technologies introduced after the Event that will effectively heal physical disease.

P : Compared to our new technology group, there are already many hi-tech companies or government institutions more capable of introducing advanced technologies to our post-Event society. I wonder if there is any indispensable role for our new technology group to play in the transformation of human society.

C : Yes of course, new technology groups of Prepare for Change will have a big role in this, especially after the Event.

P : Can you give some examples of their role ?

C : They will assist in distributing of those technologies, development of those technologies, and will do whatever they can to make those technologies accessible to human population.

Jedi : How would Jesus, Buddha and other ascended beings present themselves on the surface of the Earth after the Event, especially after the First Contact ?

C : They will not present themselves at the moment of the Event, they will present themselves at a certain moment after the first contact, when the consciousness of humanity is high enough to accept those beings as they are, and not how they imagine them to be in this moment. So there will be a great deal of deprogramming taking place before that happens, and humanity will be able to understand and experience their energy directly when the time is right, and that will be quite some time after the Event and a little bit after the First Contact.

P : Some tribes living deep inside Amazon Rainforest are still very primitive in terms of civilization. I want to know what will happen to them by the time when most of surface population begins to prepare for First Contact and the following ascension project. 

C : Actually it will be easier for them because they have been programmed less, it will be easy for them to accept contact with extra-terrestrial races because in their mythology they know about this already, and it will not be so difficult for them to adapt as most people think. 

Proposal to accelerate Planetary Liberation

P : I learned that energy can go beyond space and time. So, I think we can use our intent to go back to Planet X of December,1999 ; harness its energy pattern and anchor its frequency of Planetary Liberation to Planet Earth of 2017. Do you think it is a good idea?

C : You can do that if you feel so guided but the situation on this planet is not exactly the same as it was there so this can help to a certain degree and if you feel so guided you can do that, of course all this helps, but this by itself will not be enough, because situation here is much much different than it was on Planet X in 1999

P : Some of our members are initiated as level 2 Serapis Bey. Since the ray Serapis Bey helps people or things have better connection with angels, can we improve the cintamani grid of Light by sending such ray to it ?

C : It would not actually improve the Cintamani grid, it would bring additional healing to the veil structure, so no matter if you put those healing energies into the grid or on Cintamani stones or anywhere else, it will improve the situation.

P : You said that the collective consciousness of surface population is deeply programed so that people would prepare for the Event in the slowest way. How can we directly deprogram such state of mind and even transform it into immediate mass awakening ?

C : Ok, do not try to deprogram or awaken a certain particular person, what you can do is just spread information, you spread intel you spread Light, and those who are ready will awaken to that particular level, and this is the basic protocol for all awakening on the planet. And I will simply say here that the state of awakening on the planet is not a concern for the Light forces, because when they will remove the veil, humanity is basically ready for the Event right at this moment so it’s not a problem, the main problem is the veil, the toplet bombs, the plasma anomaly, all those things and when they are removed or healed, the Event will simply happen.

P : Oh so we are basically prepared right now

C : I would say the minimum requirements are met according to surface population.

P : In addition to Syrian Pentagram, should we work on the pentagram of Nazi concentration camps in Europe?  

C : That’s a very good idea.

P : Please name five strategically critical places on the surface of Earth which would require immediate and constant energetic healing.

C : The first one of course is the Syria and Iraq area, the second one is Congo area, the third one at this moment is Mexico and certain countries in South America, the fourth one I would agree would be the european pentagram from WW2. I think those four locations are the primary priorities still at this moment.

Jedi : Which one is a better tool for the surface population to accelerate the removal of plasmatic toplet bombs, rainbow vortex or violet flame or others ?

C : Actually both of them are quite effective, and combination of both is actually a good idea, one and the other.

J : Japanese team and Chinese team do Ascension Meditation every night at the same time. And there are over 500 lightworkers who join meditation. We feel the power is quite strong. Would you suggest people living in three consecutive time zones do ascension meditation together every day at the same time in addition to our weekly ascension meditation ?

C : You can do this in addition to the regular weekly meditation if you feel so guided.


P : According to Drunvalo Melchizedeck, the Martians severed their own female aspects and separated themselves from the Source after accepting the Lucifer experiment. I wonder if Martians were tricked by the Archons and then accepted their implant process.

C : Ok basically I do not agree with many ideas that were released about Mars, the history of Mars is a little bit more complex than people portray, there was a mixture of races living there, some of them on the surface, some of them below the surface, mostly below the surface, so I can not answer your question in a simple way.

P : Why did Humanity as a whole invite the dark forces on this planet back in Atlantis?

C : It is for various reasons, number one they didn’t understand what would be the consequences, and number two their own, I would call it imperfections in personality structure that invited the anomaly, and number three, the presence of the anomaly itself, so it was not easy to avoid that situation.

P : Back in 2012, you said Isis got her crown back. I want to know what it means.

C : It’s a symbolic code for the empowerment of the Goddess on the surface of this planet especially, and in the solar system because the Goddess presence has been suppressed and so symbolically, Goddess Isis gets her crown back, it means that the Goddess presence will be empowered back again, and true real feminine principle will begin to flow freely energetically and physically through the surface of the planet.

P : How did St. Germain manage his wealth and accumulate his fortune when he was in France ?

C : There are many aspects to this, one of them is that he was very well versed in principles of manifestation, and with his understanding he was following those principles, and anybody who has the same understanding of those principles of manifestation can acquire wealth in the same manner, and number two he was quite versed in alchemy, he was using his understanding of alchemy and principles of manifestation to manifest his wealth.

P : So he didn’t get a job, he just manifested his wealth ?

C : He did not get a job. He was just following his understanding of manifestation process and by doing that he managed to acquire his wealth.

P : During Battle of Dunkirk, Hitler gave a halt order to the German army on 24 May. This halt order is considered as one of the great turning points of the war. I wonder if it was the intervention by the Sisterhood of Rose that eventually saved 340,000 lives. Or, it was the idea of Hitler’s puppet master to prolong WW2?  

C : Actually there were many things in play in that situation, one of them was actually influence by the Sisterhood of the Rose,  but there was also a lot of, I would say backward deals, one of those deals was saving the lives of top nazi individuals in exchange for surrender so this was a very complex situation but yes Sisterhood of the Rose was involved.

Jedi : We know that Nazi did have weaponized flying saucers, but why would Germany eventually lose WW2 ? 

C : WW2 was a proxy war between the reptilians and the Galactic Confederation basically. And the technology that the German war machine had was reptilian and draco technology, and of course the Galactic Confederation has better war technology, and at a certain point nazis simply began to understand that they will lose the war one way or the other, and they negotiated their surrender in exchange for free tickets to USA through operation paperclip, or to Argentina or Antarctica, and basically the same group is now trying to negotiate their free passage to Argentina and Antarctica, it’s actually a very similar situation right now.

Cosmic Knowledge

J : Do all galaxies orbit around Cosmic Central Sun?

C : It’s not a physical orbiting around a certain location, it is more of an energetic connection, with, I would say, Energy Source

J : What is the purpose of Cosmic Central Sun ?  

C : To transmit energies from the Source into the Universe

J : Does the Central Race around Cosmic Central Sun reach the highest level of evolution among all central races ?

C : In a way yes, I would say there is a tendency for those beings to be more evolved than in other galaxies but it’s not a strict rule that they are more evolved than other central races.

J : What dimension does Cosmic Central Race currently exist in ?

C : As I said, there are people with various levels of evolvement in that central race.

J : Is Cosmic Central Race the mentor of other central races in the universe ?     

C : In a way yes.
J : Does Cosmic Central Race currently assist planetary liberation ?

C : It is not the highest purpose to answer this question.

J : Is our star families, like Pleaideians and Sirians immortal ? Or they will die eventually even though they have very advanced technology ?

C : Sirians and Pleiadians have a certain particular life span of their physical body, but that is not a problem because they can always materialize or engineer or whatever they do, they can always arrange a new physical body whenever they need, it is not an issue in any way for them. They are not subjected to incarnation process as we have it now here.

J : Is there any carnivorous animal inhabiting within Pleiades and Sirius ?

C : Not in those solar systems no.

J : Ok, so the animals there all eat vegetables ?

C : Yes, yes.

J : Is Primary Anomaly simply energy with very low vibrational frequency or a sentient being ?

C : It is not easy to describe, it is not a sentient being in the way that you would understand it, it is not just some energy, it is a principle, it’s a force field which does not have any higher purpose and it exists simply without any purpose. It is the opposite polarity of purpose.

P : What is the exact relationship between chimera group and archons?  

C : Basically chimera group is the one who are issuing commands to the archons, the chimera group is the top of the food chain of the other side.

P : As every moment is present in high dimensions, is it true that high dimensional beings have no concept of space and time ?

C : I would not agree with the first statement, and also not with the second one.

P : How do they perceive Space and Time?

C : They perceive space and time as a flow which comes in the same way we do, but a little bit multidimensionally.


P : What is the difference between esoteric and occult ?

C : Esoteric means that which is not exoteric, it is inner not outer, it means all that is not connected directly with the physical plane. Occult means that which has techniques or ways to deal with those energies in a more concrete way, occult by itself is not positive or negative, it is just an approach to deal with energies, to direct energies, to work with energies one way or the other. And esoteric is more inner connection with the energies, not so much outer manipulation or direction of energies.

P : Did Jesus go to Tibet to study Buddhism when he was young ? Or He actually worked on his spiritual training at Egyptian mystery school with Mary from age of 12 to 31 years old ?

C : Actually yes he was trained in Egypt in mystery school that is absolutely correct, and yes he also travelled to, not exactly Tibet but to area between Ladakh and Kashmir

P : What was the purpose of his travels ?

C : He was continuing his mission

P : What does Christ Consciousness mean ?

C : Christ Consciousness is actually a term that describes Unconditional Love

P : Can people gain any specific spiritual advancement by keeping dogs or cats as their pets ?

C : Connection with animals can of course open the heart and bring more Love in the life of anybody.

P : What is the origin of Dowsing ?

C : Dowsing is one form of detecting energy flow, and is actually a very limited fragment of the old understanding of Atlantis about determining and detecting energy flow.

P : Where are the home planet of Xi WangMu and Jade Emperor?

C : Actually Jade Emperor had some time in the central civilization, and he also spent some time in various star systems in the big dipper constellation, and it is very much the same with Xi WangMu, she also spent a lot of time in Thuban, which is the main star in the Draco constellation, where she was experiencing a lot of her own spiritual growth, and then she later came to this planet to assist in the development of the Chinese civilization.

J : Is Seth Material reliable? Who is this entity Seth?

C : As with all channeled materials I would say it is reliable to a certain degree. And you need to use your own inner guidance with any channeled material.

J : Is it true that Dalai Lama can recognize his next incarnation ? If yes, how can he incarnate 14 times without losing his past life memories ?

C : Actually he can sometimes recognize, because there are certain protocols, but his memory is not uninterrupted completely there was a lot of manipulation with this in the past, so to a certain degree this is correct but not completely.

J : What is Laozu’s mission as a ascended being when he lived in China ?

C : His mission was to give a lot of wisdom to the Chinese population

J : Is Quan Yin his twin soul?

C : It is not his twin soul but one of his soul mate from his soul family.

J : Is Anubis in Egyptian mythology an ascended being ?

C : At this moment yes.

J : And how to connect with him ?

C : As with any other being of Light, there are many techniques, many approaches, there is no difference.

J : What is his role regarding to human souls ?

C : He is assisting for those who are making transition from the physical plane to the non-physical planes.

J : Buddhism puts much emphasis on the concept of incarnation. It also advocates the idea that human beings would incarnate as animals if they commit immoral behaviors before they pass away. Is this part of teaching a negative mind programming ?

C : Actually Buddhism is a mixture of understanding and mind programming, so the part of reincarnation is correct, actually this is what is happening, but a being can never regress back to animal kingdom if he was inside the human kingdom, what could happen is if a certain being went too far in negativity, he can be taken to the Central Sun, re-processed and then go through the whole cycle of evolution again, and of course that includes the animal evolution at a certain point.

J : What is Buddha-nature ?

C : It is the state of enlightenment.

J : When someone’s physical body is deceased, and then he goes to live in astral plane, will his plasma body and etheric body die or disappear or transform ?

C : First, the person who leaves the physical plane goes through a plasma tunnel, and if he succeeds passing through the plasma tunnel, the plasma body gets dissolved, and then he enters the etheric plane, and after a particular time, if he dissolved the etheric body he enters the astral plane.

J : Some cintamani stones are transparent, but others are opaque. What is the function for these two kinds of stone ?

C : Basically the transparent stones are focused more on bringing higher energies and little bit more refined, the opaque stones are better for grounding those particular energies.

J : How to develop our telepathy in order to have better communication with our star family and ascended beings after event ?

C : After the Event, there will be a lot of energy support from the Galactic Central Sun, and it will be much easier then to develop these telepathic abilities, and the Light forces will give guidance and instructions how to develop that and of course it will take some dedicated time and practice for those to be awakened, it will not just happen by itself. People will still need to dedicate quite much time and effort to develop those, but it will be much easier than it is now.

J : Will human keep his or her individual consciousness after he/she ascend back to the Source ?

C : Actually individual consciousness will be expanded to encompass the whole.

J : Is soul destructible or absorbable ?

C : It is possible to destroy a soul if you put it into the Galactic Central Sun, that’s an exceptional situation but basically the soul is eternal. Of course the soul at a certain moment gets dissolved when a certain being goes beyond the soul level, but that is also a very unique and special situation.

J : Have dark forces invented any kind of technology to manipulate or destroy soul ?

C : No, it is not possible for them to do anything like this. They have of course damaged the soul and they have done this with nuclear explosions already, but this is about it.


J : If etheric archons can choose our parents and family conditions, why they would let some lightworkers have relatively better biological parents and better family conditions instead of throwing all starseeds into the worst families or countries on Planet Earth ?

C : Basically the archons can not control every incarnation and every situation 100%, of course the Light forces have some say in this, and sometimes the Light forces manage to arrange a better incarnation for certain people.

J : Do our star families join our weekly ascension meditation and also Goddess vortex?

C : Yes of course they do on their own level yes.

J : If yes, why we have not reached the critical mass yet ?

C : It is because of the free will of humanity that does not cooperate enough.

J : Why people can occasionally see the future in their dreams ?

C : People can see the future for certain specific particular events that have already been determined that they will happen. And then the Light forces inform people in their dreams, or their soul inform them in the dream, that something is about to happen.

J : It is said that Kola Superdeep Borehole was closed because people heard some terrifying screams and even saw monsters popping up from the borehole. Do you have insight about those mysteries ?

C : Actually what was happening is there were reptilian living there underneath, and those things were happening before, people got kidnapped and some of them were controlled by those reptilian underground.

J : Why people can get levitation or other super physical strengths after getting hypnotized ?

C : I would need to see a confirm case of this, because there are many rumors of things happening which under close investigations always turn not to be correct.

J : Is there any world below solid third dimension, like 1 or 2 dimension ?

C : No

J : What is the difference between planetary grid of Light and leyline ?

C : A leyline is one particular line in the planetary grid.

J : So a leyline is actually in the ground or above the ground ?

C : It is actually an energy line that streams through the surface, and extends a little bit below and a little bit above the surface.

P : What is the relationship between Tunnel of Set and Set the Egyptian deity?

C : Tunnels of Set were named after Set by certain occultists because tunnels of Set were used by negative entities to travel through the wormholes in plasma. And Set was known as one of the main entities for the dark forces.

P : Can you describe the principle of photoradionic drive mentioned in your pleaidian interview ?

C : Ok what it basically does, usually it utilizes the principle of energy transition and transmission between the etheric and physical planes, so the energy itself for this drive comes from energy transmission from the etheric and physical planes, it is not entirely a physical phenomenon. And that’s why it appears to contradict some ideas of the mainstream science.

P : So in a way the energy uploads itself to the etheric plane and then manifest itself back to the physical plane ?

C : No there is a flow of energy between the physical plasma and etheric, in the way this drive is structured.

P : Can you describe the working principle of antigravity vehicle ?

C : Basically the underlying principle is the same, I would say most of those advanced technologies are based on energy transmission between the physical and etheric through plasma, and the plasma is actually the medium or I would say the stargate through which the energy flow operates.

P : Is Ophiuchus really the 13th zodiac sign?

C : This is one possible way of interpretation, this is just one possible way how to divide or set the zodiac, but not the only one.

P : We have discovered that some people tend to get even more scalar wave attacks after wearing cintamani stones. I wonder how we can resolve this situation.

C : Ok I would say that everybody who is working for the Light, that is doing their mission, can get more scalar attacks because we are in the middle of a war, and it is simply an indication that you need to spend more effort in protecting yourself.

P : Very good, thank you Cobra, so at the end of this interview do you want to say something to our audience ?

C : Yes I would say that there are some interesting developments lately that are bringing us much closer to our final goal, and it is very important for everybody to be alert, not to do things by default, be awake, be alert, and do our mission because every deed every action counts, now especially.

Thank you, Cobra for your amazing interview. Thanks for Untwine’s help to transcribe Cobra’s interview into text. Thanks for Patrick and Jedi’s efforts to make this interview possible. For more information about earth liberation, please subscribe Cobra’s blog: If you can read Chinese, you can go to : You will find many truths and fantastic information on this website.
Victory of the Light

International Golden Age Group

Cobra Ascension Conference Notes from Glarus, Switzerland April 2016 ~ June 5, 2016


These are notes from Cobra’s Ascension Conference, recently held overseas in Switzerland. Over two-hundred folks were there (yes!) and the following are simply notes, NOT direct quotes, from Cobra. How am I feeling these days? I feel good, I feel that hunmanity is in the “home stretch” of coming home to who we all truly are in terms of BEing. Buckle up,it should be all down hill for humnaity from here…unless we forget who we are!

Please read these notes, enjoy the show, and…


Ascension Conference Notes Pt 1 – Glarus, Switzerland – April 16-17, 2016

June 2, 2016

The following conference notes are an interpretation of the person who wrote these notes. Many details are omitted and some original meaning is lost. They are NOT exact words from Cobra and Isis. In an unedited form these notes were already published on PFC.

Notes taken by Antares during the conference, translation Pippa, edited by Nova Biscotti and Cobra


Ascension PFC

Cobra on Saturday, April 16th

Cobra welcomed us and emphasized that we all made this ascension conference a reality. He said this was a reflection of the showing progress. The drastically changing situation allows these conferences to take place and there will be another in due time.

Isis thanked us for coming and talked about the fact that we all together would create a big mandala of light with our hearts – a light vortex – to accelerate the awakening and support the planet. After the meditation that we used to get in the right mood and let go old energies, Cobra started with the first topic:

The Galactic Alignment and the Galactic Superwave

The purpose of the conference was to help provide the victory of light to leverage eventually. However, the Event is only the first step; it is only the beginning of the ascension process.

Not until the occupation of the earth is over, we will be able to start unfolding our real potential. Here we already want to reach beyond this goal. The New Era we are talking about is the time AFTER THE EVENT. Currently we are being in a cleansing phase. If we focused on the “here and now“, we would lose the perspective. Therefore the primary relevance is to pay attention to the time after the Event. The actual understanding of the master plan is of paramount importance.

Always the light forces have had a plan that was powerful from the beginning and have been adjusting it to the ever-changing situation. Therefore, the more we can conceptualize the plan the better we will understand the overall situation. If all of the 200 people in this room carried further their understanding about this, a chain reaction would arise which leading to greater global understanding and more awakening. There are numerous misunderstandings about what is right and what is wrong. We not only need mental understanding of the big picture, but to get facts straight concerning the situation. Our energies are the portal for transformation. Participation in the conference is triggering a first-hand transformation process, which will not last just two days, but may become a life-altering experience.

We Had To Unlearn What We Have Learned

Cobra briefly elaborates on the programming we have experienced since our birth. Our new alignment of the group also enables the new cycle for the earth. The first layer of the programming arose many thousand years (or even million years) ago when we went into quarantine to transform the earth from this point. We went into quarantine to both transform the situation here on this planet as well as the cosmos. The only way to reach this point was to enter into a contract with the controlling forces which included implantation at the time of incarnation – also by crystals. Its main effect was our separation from the source, between human and divine, up to the distinction between personality and spirit. The first layer of the programming was and still is the identity of separation. Every subsequent program is linked to it.

For each incarnation that followed, like the present, a new contract had to be agreed to, whereby the first consequence at birth is the implantation. Therefore the erasure of all reminders about former lives is associated and this is a very painful procedure, which is the reason why babies cry when they are born.

Because the remembrances are cut off the path is cleared to adopt all parental paradigms (beliefs imposed by our parents as children). Ambient emotions, which can be very conflicting, are fully absorbed. This programming is be completed firstly by kindergarten, then further indoctrination via the educational system, media, dominating trends and fashion. With this we are fully adapted to the slavery system. The whole (programming) cycle is reinforced in that way.

Once we start to awake, however, we will start asking questions. We will question the systems of beliefs and thereby deconstruct them step by step. In this context, Cobra mentioned the film Conspiracy Theory which amplifies the“right and wrong“ conspiracy theories that we are detecting in parts already.

Now it will be up to all of us to discover in what kind of energies and world we are living.

The Galactic Alignment

The members of this conference came from 22 countries (and all continents except Antarctica). Some maybe even from other planets, as Cobra remarked with a twinkle in his eye. Who knows?

All the stars, and actually all of those we can see at nighttime, are located in this small circle representing a branch of the Milky Way.

By this example the importance becomes obvious to see things from a different perspective. Here on Earth we see just a tiny fraction of reality because our eyes have the skill to only capture a small proportion of the electromagnetic range.

To express it bluntly: we see and feel “virtually nothing“. Within this small circle we see all the stars in the night sky. The Milky Way as a whole only appears as a milky cloud in which, except from the small selection, no other stars are recognizable. The overwhelming vast majority of the stars, as well as all the additional existing galaxies are invisible to us.

Again Cobra pointed out how important it is to expand our perception concerning the physical and non-physical horizons.


Cobra showed a picture which was taken during his flight above the veil and he claimed to have learned a lot about the Chimera group as a result of this experience. The energies beyond the veil are very much better than on Earth. He felt like having taken a bath in tachyons which feels like being in a tachyon chamber except that the “chamber“ is literally everywhere. In this place one is able to feel and experience the galactic ocean of light and love. There is much more out there…

One part of the things that happen around us is part of the galactic plan and another part is caused by the controlling dark forces. We are instruments within the mission of the light forces, we are ambassadors of light. We have been trained for innumerable lifetimes to apply our abilities, interests and certain other things NOW in this appropriate way. Some things and activities may temporarily seem to be unrelated to this plan, but talents and abilities all of a sudden may become vitally necessary. Somebody who likes driving his or her car very fast may have the day come when the same ability is needed to navigate a spacecraft.

For this, specific reflex and coordination skills are required. The same applies to video games, for example. In the next phase after the first contact, demonstrating these skills are part of the divine plan; therefore we should cultivate and use these talents now. We will use them to a fuller extent after the first contact. In every one of us various talents and abilities are being awakened by the inrushing energies.

Currently these skills may still be latent (asleep), but they will be activated suddenly and then we will experience an intense phase of integration. We then will undergo a “relearning“ of these talents and we will re-experience them. The free will, however, is the greatest problem! Although numerous people have developed several talents they do not follow their inner guidance. In this way only slow-moving growth takes place.

If one hundred percent of the key persons had followed their inner guidance, we would have experienced the Event in 1996! The people in this conference room follow their guidance at least up to fifty percent or more. Otherwise they would not be here. This is a good sign. The more people awaken to their guidance and gifts, the more the process will be accelerated. May this conference contribute to it (and pass on to all the readers around the world).

The awakening of the group will be accelerated by the Galactic Energy. Our energy consists of a double helix. In the center is the Galactic Central Sun, the heart of the galaxy, a stargate. The Central Sun is the source of light and love. At 25,000-year intervals it sends out a heart pulse. Now we are exactly in the middle of this heart pulse. This is not New Age mumbo-jumbo, but is founded on facts. The earth axis is currently aimed at Polaris. The precessional movement of the earth’s axis is related to this galactic pulse. The Galactic Central Sun sends a pulse that synchronizes the whole galaxy. As a consequence, also the tilt of earth’s axis will be adjusted. In doing so the solstices in summer and winter play an interesting role.

In 1975 the earth began to adjust with the galactic equator during the winter solstice. This will continue until 2020. So at every first moment of winter (approximately three days) a portal opens to the galactic equator (the galactic equator is the symmetry plane of the disk-shaped Milky Way). That is why there is direct access from the Galactic Central Sun via the suns to the earth every 25,000 years – currently always on the first day of winter.

This cosmic portal causes transformation. 25,000 years ago the earth happened to get in a quarantine status. In the middle of this time period, approximately 13.000 years ago, Atlantis fell and disappeared. There was a mass extinction of many species on this planet. It was the end of ice age and global cataclysms took place. This we will not experience, but a cooperative transformation of consciousness.

The Galactic Superwave that occurs every 25.000 years

Due to this heart pulse, energies and particles are sent into the whole galaxy. This is why our sun is getting more active and a change in the climate is taking place. Therefore we have been experiencing all the freak weather lately. Many of us have been recognizing that we feel a bit strange when we are exposed to direct sunlight. The sun now has a different power, a different intensity. All the weather patterns are changing and this is influencing our consciousness. Everything that has been suppressed so far is being influenced and we experience a profound purification process. The Galactic Superwave is very powerful and cannot be stopped.

This inevitably leads to the Event. All changes we can see around us now are not simply unrelated local political alterations here and there, but the entire planetary situation will be changed totally. This will lead us into the Golden Age. The galactic source energy is transforming our planet.

The first important energy that plays a vital part are tachyons. They are the first particles in our universe and are directly connected with the source. They are not only responsible for balance, but also for transformation. The whole galaxy is full of tachyons. However, the veil and various technologies prevent them from reaching our planet.

The Pleiadians have given Cobra technical information to build tachyon chambers. Now there exists one sort of chamber for healing and another to energize several substances.

The Galactic Superwave is the basis for the whole transformation process. That’s why all this is happening here and is exactly the reason why we are here at this time. We were inspired and guided to be here. Just now it is of paramount importance for us all to connect with our spiritual guide.

Especially since April the power of the Galactic Superwave has been rising. NASA has recorded a gamma ray that came from the Central Sun.

In 1977 NASA started the probe Voyager 2 within their project. It travels through our solar system and is now located at its outermost region. This recorded gamma ray is the result of the galactic activities. Therefore the light forces have been very active and Cobra spoke about it in his last report.

Cobra illustrated that two interesting things are happening. Our sun is sending the particles in every direction and pushing them outside. They are colliding with the interstellar particles coming from the Galactic Central Sun and from everywhere. As a result there is a “crash” – the Termination Shock. This circumstance plays a vital role for our fate. The heliopause is located slightly outside the Termination Shock. This is the area where the light forces have been positioning their mother ships for some time past. These are regulating the flow of energies and beings in and out of the solar system. According to many of the predicted catastrophes we would have earthquakes and mankind would be wiped out already. Thanks to these mother ships we are here and protected. The people publishing those prophecies were/are not aware of the protective measures around our solar system. Due to the reason mentioned the predicted catastrophes will not happen. The mother ships are our safeguards.

Cobra showed a picture of Jupiter that was taken on March 17, 2016. It shows a light flashing at the bottom edge which was officially declared as a meteorite impact.


According to Cobra it was in fact a mother ship that exposed shortly. These ships have diameters ranging from 500 to 1000 kilometers, are well camouflaged and are located everywhere. This is part of the disclosure process that these ships show themselves for some seconds to not provoke exuberant reactions.

During a recent stroll Isis and Cobra felt an impulse to look in a certain direction and they saw such an exposed ship for a short time. Since March more and more exposures have been taken place and there are really mother ships of the Galactic Confederation among them.

The Cintamani stone plays a vital role in the process of disclosure. Million years ago a planet in the Sirius star system exploded. Fragments had been catapulted through the galaxy and hit earth at a certain point. Of all the stones on earth the Cintamani stone presently has the highest possible vibration. The Cintamani project stones have been placed in many key vortices around the world. Recently a Japanese-US-American team succeeded in bringing a Cintamani stone via South America into the Antarctica. “Randomly“ they could get the last flight before winter season which starts in April, 1. Cobra thanked everybody who put stones in place.

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