The Coronavirus Con [videos] ~ July 11, 2020

Over the past several months—it’s been FOUR months since the United States began lockdowns, self-isolation, etc.—many researchers and medical experts have shared their findings with us about the coronavirus.

The bad news is… while they said we just needed to “flatten the curve” and it would be clear sailing from there, after taking drastic action to do just that, the globalist-run World Health Organization, CDC, NIH, etc. moved the goal posts and began implementing more draconian measures.

Varying by state and even town, lockdowns continue, bars, restaurants, gyms, parks, movie theatres and other businesses are shut down or shut down again and masks may be mandatory when in public. Social distancing… none of these measures have proven to make one iota of difference.

Almost no one dies of Coronavirus, but they would love us to believe there are millions.

While we can appreciate that most people just want to do what’s best for the rest, the information the establishment “experts” issued has no scientific basis and is strictly an Orwellian progression in tyranny.

The good news is, we have been led down the garden path, to put it politely, and the public deserves to know the truth. There is no need for fear or measures taken in any flu season.

The lying establishment media has been hand in glove with the WHO and spokespeople like Dr. Anthony Fauci to generate a fear in the public that will compel them to willingly comply with absurd restrictions and give up their rights to do so.

COVID Pied Piper of Mask Fear

We have learned of many reasons for these draconian measures, and multiples treatment regimens that work fast and very effectively. There is no need to fear and if whatever this virus or bacteria is, it’s nothing to fear.

Some doctors have even said they would prefer their families contracted coronavirus than the annual influenza.

We need to use logic and do our own research to discover the truth about the coronavirus scamdemic. We urge you to look into it further and resist being swayed by convincing newscasters who are paid by the global “elite” to manipulate the public.

Even military insiders have told us COVID is not what we were led to believe and the stringent protocols certain governing officials in the USA, Canada and elsewhere are inflicting on their people are not about the virus at all—but about control and obedience. Subservience. Compliance. Submission.

Worst of all, the measures they are mandating are harming us far more than most people know; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. They are having us do the opposite of what is best for us. It could make us sick; rendering the “plandemic” a psychological one.

Suicides are rising, as are cases of domestic abuse and child abuse. The elderly in long term care facilities are virtually dying of fear and loneliness because they’re cut off from family and friends.

Please listen to the information that has come out recently in the independent news community online and share it with others. It’s not really a pandemic, nor even an epidemic. The media has pulled a fast one and created a situation that does not exist.

By believing the lies and doing as instructed, the People create the reality.

It’s all a psychological operation, folks and we must not comply. We have to fight back and refuse to obey the controllers.

C0R0NAVlRUS Cases Surging but Deaths are Not, Here’s Why

This is another reason numbers are out of control right now.

We have to be aware how we count cases!

Positive antibodies should NOT count as cases.

— Dr. David Samadi (@drdavidsamadi) July 11, 2020

If this video gives a warning, it’s just YouTube censoring the truth. I had to click a button saying I wish to proceed regardless. There is no sensitive information or anything contrary to a normal person’s ethical guidelines. It’s a top-rated video.


If you prefer to read, do see the articles investigative journalist Jon Rappaport has written nearly every day for months, exposing the numbers manipulation and the whole fake pandemic.

Visit: No More Fake News

If you are intrigued and a tireless truth seeker with intestinal fortitude, explore the material at this YouTube channel. It will shift your paradigms, but remember to enjoy the journey. It’s a rough one.  ~ CB

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