Life On Earth is a Freak Show [video] ~ February 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: Here it comes again…another onslaught of illegal immigrants headed our way…to the southern border that is. Starship Earth presents another video by Randy Quaid telling it like it is…absurd, almost comedic behavior by the deep state to: (1) Undermine and destroy Trump, (2) destroy this country, (3) take down the American economy, along with the world’s economy, and, (4) drain this country’s resources opening the door to complete world domination.

There you have it, but…we already know the answer to this plan, complete failure by the dark forces operating through the “deep state”. Ah…love the drama, don’t you?! Please read this brief article watch the video, pop fresh popcorn, and be…



Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the bizarre movie we are engaged in as both actors and audience. ~ CB

Headlines and Updates for January 9, 2019: The Suspense is Killing Us [videos] ~ January 9, 2018

President Trump certainly knows how to build suspense, doesn’t he? We were expecting a big announcement about how he plans to address the border wall standoff, CNN was ready to censor his “lies” and all he did was appeal to the emotional and practical sides of Americans.

I can’t stomach the performances of Punch and Judy and have avoided it thus far so I am going with Natasha’s brief overview at the beginning of this video with thanks so I don’t have to listen to them curdle the milk in my morning tea.

Watching the MSM in action is nauseating. It’s a horror show. Why don’t they arrest the lying, treasonous turds in the lamestream media and put us out of our misery?

Bernie at Truth & Art TV shows us just how despicable they are. Too bad no one fact-checked Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Comey, and the rest. We need to fact-check the fact-checker the Washington Post published for the propaganda it features.

A rebuttal to the rebuttal…

Mark Levin Rips into Schumer and Pelosi After Last Night’s Address: “They are Pathological Liars”


The mind-kontrolled blind mice following the delusional democrats may want to consider their future in a dimm world. We don’t need a crystal ball and there’s nothing to figure out.

America would change, the Muslims tell us. The New World Order would completely rearrange North America with unchecked Muslims flooding in and they are found in the ranks of the “Central American Caravan” once again enroute to the US southern border. They are heavily infiltrating Canada, as well, thanks to cabalist Justin Trudeau and his administration.

SHOCK VIDEO: Muslim Leader Sharifa Alkhateeb Talks About Using Public Schools to Convert America to Islam

“We’re not American, we’re Muslim. We will not be part of the great American melting pot. We do not want to melt into America. We want to turn Americans into Muslims.”

Watch the video at the link above.

Will coffee breaks make way for prayer breaks in North America? Possibly, but there’s a bright side. It’s good for your back. Leave it to the lamestream media to bring the good news.

Islamic prayer ritual can REDUCE lower back pain and increase joint elasticity if done properly, study reveals


We continue to watch the SCOTUS front as Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is MIA for two consecutive days—and counting—while the mockingbird media maintains she is “working from home”. They may fool a few, but not many in the alt media, that’s for sure and they can’t leave the situation in limbo for long.

QAnon is MIA again, too, BTW. He’s such a tease.

What will happen in the future? Most would love to know, and Utsava brings us a new update for those who like a sneak peek to ponder. She gets a kick out of people who refute her predictions, saying the info isn’t in the media anywhere. Some have the gift for tapping into future probabilities, while others have difficulty grasping today.

She’s correct that many are convinced JFK Jr. is alive, well, working with Trump, and some say is the one communicating with us as “Q” most of the time. They say that the caller using the moniker “Mad Dog” in a video with Field McConnell of Abel Danger recently is the voice of “John John”, AND the voice of the commentator in the Q videos.

Last night I listened to Utsava tell us there were many arrests over Christmas, but that some, like Hillary Clinton, were released temporarily with a GPS tracker because they cooperated and are a wealth of information that will assist in prosecuting other big fish. While that may be the case, it angers some patriots to see and hear the worst criminals are still walking the streets such as in this AP article; not that it couldn’t be “fake news” or involve a double. Thanks, K.

Utsava: More about Arrests, the real reason of the shut down, the death of the snakes and the future


More terrorism?

Mirage fighter jet with 2 on board vanishes from radar in eastern France, rescuers search for two pilots


Our eyes are trained on the skies as unusual phenomena continue to dazzle.

What Just Fell Out Of The Sky Over Sioux Falls?

Headlines and Updates for January 8, 2019: It’s Getting Extreme (And Exciting) [videos] ~ January 8, 2019

I published a top notch article recommended by a reader (thank you!) on our satellite site, the Captain’s Blog you may want to take in. Here’s an excerpt…

As the American Declaration of Independence asserts, when there is such an iniquitous state of affairs, “it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government.” We are in the midst of exactly such an event, with worldwide consequences. The present US administration — a de facto military government with a civilian veneer to prevent panic — is engaged in a complete replacement of a “failed and corrupt political establishment”. The process is a patient and judicial one, so as to minimise the risk of violent civil conflict.

As I wrote back in November, what is transpiring is a second American Revolution, if not a global “War of Independence” from a psychopathic criminal culture. No thriller or spy novel has ever come close to the tale that is unfolding. You certainly wouldn’t dare to offer this story as fiction, as it would be deemed far too implausible for public sale! I myself am beyond astounded at what is transpiring, and find myself making unexpected new allies, whilst old acquaintances seek their distance.

You probably heard that President Trump will make a public address tonight, January 8, at 9 pm EST, 6 Pacific. Many speculate he will tell us he is declaring a State of Emergency in America. That was done previously, but seems to have been ignored. It will be interesting to see the fallout of this announcement. There’s bound to be some kind of reaction from you-know-who.

It sounds like Central American people are making money hand over fist to facilitate the invasion of America.

It’s the Middle Eastern invasion, folks. I don’t think Americans are going to like it any more than Canada does. See Billy Joyce explain what’s going on there where Muslims are petitioning for their own political party and plan on changing Canadian laws to suit themselves and their culture—and they have some despicable, violent aspects to their culture, to be sure.

Mixing certain cultures is a volatile idea. The New World Order knows it and that is why they have done this all over Europe, and now North America. They know we do not see eye to eye and conflict is guaranteed because the ones immigrating now are inflexible and not interested in assimilating into our culture. Unfortunately, the Muslims sent here are aggressive and violent and will do whatever they feel justified in doing to further their agenda.

Central American Countries Are Helping Middle Easterners Illegally Enter The United States

Natasha tells us the establishment wants to censor Trump’s update tonight and that Twitter is just as bad for shadow banning and censorship as Facebook was. They remove a lot of her posts as soon as she publishes them. The information war is raging with censorship at an all-time high.


Here we go again… Same excuse, different airport. Coincidence? Not bloody likely.

We know it wasn’t a drone, so quit with the stupid stories, already.

This popped up on Twitter.

Breaking News: Alien craft again interrupts flights at a UK airport.

Of course we don’t know that it was “alien”. Coulda been part of the Earth Alliance. I bet Cobra knows.

January 8, 2019

London’s Heathrow airport grounds all departures after DRONE sighting

There isn’t going to be a “first contact”. You may have missed it. James Gilliland shows us it happened a long time ago and he did a super video recently about contact with the galactics.

Mr. MBB shows us a subscriber’s image from December 15, 2018 of what certainly appears to resemble what we have seen in movies they tell us is a stargate. Believe it—or not. Funny… NASA never shows us pictures like this.

What appears to be a REAL Stargate next to the Sun!

More blatant censorship! Daniel Lee’s main focus is exposing pedophilia and he says YouTube and Craig Sawyer have now threatened him with account removal. I believe it was Timothy Holmseth that said Craig Sawyer is a fake, that his child rescue foundation is fraudulent, and that he hasn’t rescued anyone besides his own daughter. That was the last update I heard, I believe.

How many people have foundations claiming to bring Humanitarian aid to the public when all they are is a money laundering scheme?

Sawyer Threatens Holmseth and my YouTube Account

I wasn’t happy to hear we are still expected to submit a tax return this year. Every year I have hoped it was the last time we would have to give away a sizeable and disproportionate slice of our hard-earned income when we don’t even have acceptable phone or Internet service.

White House Says IRS Will Pay Tax Refunds During Government Shutdown

We like the President’s sense of humour and he’s the consummate troll-meister. I’m certain Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren doesn’t appreciate it.

Elizabeth Warren’s Microphone Stops Working, Lights Go Out as She Rails Against the Rich

We would love to know the cause of the mysterious booms and “trumpet” sounds heard all over the world. Jake Morphonios brings samples and welcomes feedback.

I missed this story when it came out on December 6th. Thanks to AIM4Truth for the share.

If you are trying to educate anyone about vaccine dangers, you may want to share this one.

Flu shot lands man in hospital, unable to speak, walk, see or even BREATHE

We’re all being attacked and preyed upon in numerous ways, but the ruthless torture and slaughter of Humans is vile and unacceptable and it must be stopped.

That is what this Revolution across the planet is ultimately about; ending the evil persecution of our world in all its forms, once and for all. People are finally realizing that if they don’t rise up and do something that it will continue. It sickens me to hear of the carnage going unchecked.

Ben Swann ON: Christians in the Middle East Being Exterminated

Soldier on, people. This nightmare is nearly over.  ~ BP

Operation: Faithful Patriot – Lethal Force Authorized at the US/Mexican Border [video] ~ November 30, 2018

Whatever you want to call the current ops to enforce US immigration laws at the southern border… Operation: Hot Musket or Faithful Patriot—it’s on!

As we suspected, at least some of those troops we heard were called for domestic duty appear to have been sent for crowd control and riot training—and specifically to fend off marauders we know are terrorists, gun runners, drug traffickers and worse—Human traffickers.

It seems like that first onslaught of pathetically weak “Guatemalans” comprising women and children was a “test”—possibly intended to lure America into thinking the next wave would be as easily turned away.

I’m thinking the next one will be much bigger, fierce, and ruthless—meaning, prepared to kill Mexican federales, Border Patrol officers, law enforcement and our military. It could turn out to be an “us or them” standoff.

The first battalion of “migrants” was a show of force I don’t believe more than hinted at what will follow. This is war.

The President and his men aren’t taking any chances and they have all hands on deck to secure the border by any means necessary.

This time, non-lethal force is backed up with authorization to use “lethal force”. I hope the invaders get the message from this news and reconsider their agenda.

I suspect this footage is provided to the Next News Network for that purpose, to keep us, the Patriots apprised, as well as a warning to the enemy.

In fact, this siege by the dark’s civilian soldiers is the perfect opportunity to “go military on them” and rally the troops for perhaps other activities that may need to take place simultaneously—now that the EAS cellular alerts have been tested in several commonwealth countries. Why let a good crisis go to waste?

Get the latest update on that Wall below in video number two. It’s up to the Senate now? And who controls the Senate? QAnon fans know the answer to that—but what the hell happened to Paul Ryan??? Another flipper?

At least a couple of people in the independent media have suggested recently that Trump’s people scan the Internet for feedback from the Patriots and I have long felt the Light Forces have been doing this; visiting blogs, websites, watching videos, listening to interviews and reading comments.

We have been outspoken about sovereignty, Human rights, freedoms, Rule of Law, safety within our borders, our desire for peace, and I don’t think there’s any gray area when most Americans voice their opinions on these things. They want to save their country and make it great again and I believe the powers that be are fully on board and prepared to make it so, effectively returning the power to the People as Donald Trump promised he would if elected two years ago.  ~ BP


3 killed in crash during high-speed chase with Border Patrol

Border Patrol, no matter how thinly stretched, will not lie down and play dead. They mean business.

We don’t want any deaths or bloodshed over these border wars but the law is the law and it must be upheld at all costs to send a strong message. No quarter. En garde!

Must See Visual Proof of the Troop Buildup to Control the Thousands of Immigrants Now Arriving & Facebook & Instagram Widespread Outages [videos] ~ November 20, 2018

Editor’s Note: Anyone else think this Thanksgiving Holiday will be one or the books? Please read, watch, and…



Must see video: The visual proof is below, but for some odd reason not on your television. Go figure.

There are massive operations going on in America right now, my friends. How do we know? QAnon has been silent again and nothing from Cobra, either.

The authorities don’t want to alarm everyone, but we need to be awake and aware. This is a national security crisis.

President Trump’s notice about the new immigration plan is in the video below, and the truth about the lamestream media’s failure to report accurately on the true number of illegal immigrants swarming America’s southern border. No amnesty.

There are thousands more enroute and this situation could get very ugly. If non-active duty military are all being called to deploy you know something big requires their skills.

Trump has come right out and confirmed what we “conspiracy theorists” have been reporting for years about the Human trafficking business—and it IS a business—rampant on our planet.

America must work with Mexico to control this situation. The Mexican people don’t want these hired mercenaries secreted within the masses of “refugees” in their country any more than we do, raping women and children, looting businesses, roughing up residents, destroying property… all of which there is proof of already.

This has become a huge threat, people. The majority are not “refugees”; the vast majority of them are hired assassins, rapists, and ruthless marauders. They are dangerous and lawless; paid by the New World Order to destroy our societies and create chaos.

Are you listening, America? They are abducting children from other countries (as well as your own) and bringing them in across the border to be used for the most disgusting purposes. It’s so unthinkable it’s difficult to believe but if  you don’t support your President in stopping these crimes against Humanity then you are part of the problem.

These criminals must be contained and incarcerated—whatever it takes. We pray for the American troops protecting the border and the American people, and the women and children victimized by the psychopaths.

Share this video.  ~ BP

A Mexican journalist reports the true situation… another must watch. A border patrol agent in Texas has already been killed by migrants throwing rocks, as shown by this officer in the video below.

Facebook is working just now for my other half here in AZ but outages are concentrated in the East, we hear. Is it related to the above activities? We don’t know. Thanks, L.