Earth in Turmoil: Cuba Tornado and Mini Ice Age in North America [videos] ~ January 28, 2019

Editor’s Note: My advice? Bundle up stay warm and get yourself some kind of heat . that doesn’t depend on electricity. Here in Wyoming in an “all-electric” apartment, I have purchased a Mr. Buddy propane heater with a 25 gallon tank and hose to connect all together. If I do not need these, back to WalMart they go!

Will I need this…hope not, but at least I will be able to stay moderately warm for a short while…it’s the best I can do right now! We can all see how dangerous weather patterns are being used against humanity. Buckle up…it’s going to be interesting for a short while. Please read this article, know the weather in your neighborhood IS being used as a weapon, prepare for much better times ahead, and most importantly DO NOT succumb into fear, and be…



There was a powerful tornado in Cuba last night that killed 3 so far and injured many, leaving residents without power in some areas. Cars were tossed like tissues, upside down and up against structures. We hope agencies that will actually help will be on the scene shortly.

A dam burst in southern Brazil and took residents of a town by surprise as sirens were not functioning to warn them that the mining sludge flowed freely after the breach.

Read more at the Watchers.

DO NOT give money to the Red Cross, people. They steal it and do NOT help victims of catastrophes.

So much for the NWO’s “global warming” hoax. We’re expecting a “flash freeze” with record-breaking low temps.

The promised “polar vortex” arrived in the American mid-west and has brought dangerously cold temperatures to much of Canada and the US with more on the way—and this will be record-breaking cold, they say.

The salted roads will not work to de-ice when it’s as cold as they are predicting.

Get your chains out, folks and bring your pets and livestock in!

And stock up on food and water and candles in case you don’t want to go out for a few days, or your car dies, or roads are closed, or the power goes out, or…

Let’s hope this is the end of the most wintry conditions we will see this year.

This is just in our neck of the woods. Across the planet freak weather is causing chaos and destruction. It’s really wild out there—almost like a sympathetic response to the unrest and volatility in politics and the interdimensional struggle for global supremacy.  ~ CB


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