Calendar TRUTH ~ January 2, 2020

NS1.32.6.19 (Greg2019.12.31) – As we collectively transition from the Gregorian year 2019 into the much-anticipated year 2020, we greet everyone with goodwill and loving energy. As many are noting online, this great transition presents a moment for reflection and taking pause to account for all we have experienced, personally and as a human/planetary species, and for what we intend and hope to energize and emphasize in the times ahead. Even though we aim to promote a calendar reform (calendar change), the importance of this transitional moment and numerological effect and meaning of 2020 is not lost on us. After all, “all is number.”

The synchronic number 2020 symbolizes huge potential. When you keep seeing this number, it’s time to use your gifts and talents to accomplish your goals and have the life that you desire. … The appearance of the numbers 2020 indicates it’s time to live your life with optimism and enthusiasm. When factored, whether as 2+2 or 2×2, 2020 becomes 4. The number 4 is a number of “being”, it is the number that connects mind-body-spirit with the physical world of structure and organization. Four symbolizes the safety and security of home, the need for stability and strength on a solid foundation of values and beliefs. Number 4 also represents “self-existing” definition and form.

As a reflection, in the year 2016, on Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Global Council for Calendar Awareness (G.C.C.A.) launched a 4-year campaign entitled “Calendar Referendum Initiative 2020” (CRI-2020) with the intention of making conscious the deleterious (harmful) effects of our unconscious collective utilization of the Gregorian calendar, en masse, as the civil / business standard for time-keeping and coordination among global society. The Gregorian calendar is something we mostly take for granted and hardly ever question the effects of, even though it is completely ubiquitous and enmeshed into nearly every aspect of our lives.

Our CRI-2020 campaign aims to make clear that the artifice of the Gregorian calendar has served, in it’s 4+ centuries of prolonged use, to pull humanity further and further away from synchronization and harmony with Nature’s timing and cycles, of which we can increasingly see the deteriorating results. Over these past four years, we have raised awareness and promoted adoption of the “untried solution”, presented as the 13-Month, 28-Day Calendar. We want to thank everyone who has supported this effort by signing the CRI-2020 online petition (link here:…), helping us to reach over 5,200 (4 x 1,300) signatures recently. Though this number may not seem like a lot in terms of quantity, we recognize that, as with “turtle time” (another term we use to describe Nature’s timing), the quality of slow and steady is the movement of things which endure.

As we have each “new year”, we, yet again, invite you to “ditch the glitch” of the erroneous and artificial Gregorian calendar system, and make the conscious choice to shift from harm to harmony by beginning to utilize the 13-month, 28-day calendar as a tool for personal and planetary transformation / synchronization of your consciousness with Nature. Please download a free PDF copy of the current 2019-2020 transitional calendar at this link:…/2019-2020-13-Month-28-day-NEW…. In this 28-page booklet, you will learn about the New OS (Operational System) we are promoting to support a shift into greater harmony and synchrony.

Your Sunday Digest for August 25, 2019: Power Moves Are Imminent [videos] ~ August 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: Eww…this is getting exciting folks! Although we know the end of the story…the end of human slavery on Earth…we just don’t know the details yet! For me, I am getting really excited about the dissolution of Fed coupled with a take-down of IRS, return to the gold standard, etc.

Be on the look out for a really “HOT” end to this summer month of August. Hmm, “Labor Day”…wouldn’t that be a grand time to eliminate some of the economic horrors from “laboring” so hard at your work? Just sayin…

Please read this report, start your very own “dreaming” (who said imagination was dead?), and BE…



At this point the Queen death story is still just “interesting”, but I would say imminent. She (and the fake monarchy) have to go for us to move forward and I believe it’s all arranged. Just a matter of time.

Boris Johnson said Britain is leaving the European Union on October 31st. Period. Another satanic Illuminati death date.

We will leave the EU on October 31st, invest more money in the NHS and crack down on violent crime. #LeaveOct31

— Boris Johnson (@BorisJohnson) August 19, 2019

We have reason to believe the Patriots are ready to launch the new Quantum Financial System and the gold standard for the US currency. We wait for Trump’s “go”.

Things are definitely in flux and I’m sure the royals would love a narrative change from Epstein and Andy. If the White Hats truly want a peaceful, civilized transition, they are not going to red pill the sleeping Brits. You can only drop so much on them at one time.

The lizard queen will doubtless move on with her impoverished subjects none the wiser, weeping and wailing and carrying on with the pageantry almost as much as they did for Diana. The end of an era. Thank god.

Praps we could trade Lizzie for Diana and have her back. Sacrifice the queen. Bad chess? Maybe not on the other side of the looking glass.

President Trump is playing a game of global 5D chess. Super. Natural. The Master’s Championship match.

Could you do it on that scale? From our vantage point we can’t see the board or the moves. We just get the running commentary and have to imagine the board.

On some level he is definitely “the chosen one”.

This Queen Elizabeth news could be a hoax. I have said that and I have also said I was trying to verify it. I don’t know whether it is true or not at this time.. If I don’t hear back from my source in one week, I will call it a hoax and not true.

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 25, 2019

Got a phone call from contact in England. Says Queen is vacationing & if she has passed they wouldn’t hear about it for a few days. They said give it a week to be sure. They said they would call me one way or the other by the end of the week.

— chiefpolice (@chiefpolice2) August 25, 2019

Tell you what. Let’s talk about Jeffrey Epstein and his empire of sickos.

Some revealing research follows on the Teterboro Airport in New Jersey which was pretty much run by the El-ites and authorities skimmed over laws and regulations. What else is new? Look the other way. (if you know what’s good for you)

It’s interesting that this is coming from CBS News.

Court documents say Teterboro airport was travel hub for Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking

Footage surfaces of Rashida Tlaib disrupting 2016 Trump economic speech and yelling that his supporters are ‘crazy’. Who’s crazy? Who does this? She was installed. A violent actress.

The drama within the Democrat party is so over the top it can’t fail to tip off the public about the ongoing charade of politics, can it? The Squad members aren’t authentic, rational people who represent the American people. They’re simply outrageous, over-the-top, grand-standers spouting nonsense and hatred. They literally sound insane. Who would vote for them? They will force most Americans to vote Republican because the average citizen wants dignified, responsible representation.

Rashida Tlaib Slapped With $2 Million Lawsuit for Alleged Battery, Assault of Laura Loomer

Enjoy the show. Is HRC’s clone running for office?

October will be a big month. For a mere $15 – $50,000 you, too, can enjoy scintillating conversation with the witch, Hillary Clinton, in her own lair. (She daren’t go out for fear of being lynched.) What or who is the fundraising for?

Why are they using a photo that’s about 10 years old? Get real.

DNC is hosting a fundraiser in October with Hillary Clinton

Rematch in the works?


— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) August 25, 2019

BCP produced a video based on the revelations from whistleblower Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of who recently resigned and told us he was used and deceived by the deep state.

BCP actually went on location in Utah but for some reason the livestream wasn’t working for him and he put another video together when he got home with clips of Byrne’s television appearances.

Fox News sources have corroborated Byrne’s story and say he’s legit. He now realizes what happened, who is at work to control the political power structure and their ruthlessness, and what they have done. When Jeff Sessions and AG Barr were activated he knew it was time to come forward. He has been very candid and I believe he is authentic.

He’s correct in believing that two years ago was too soon for what he has to say. The Q curriculum has awakened the patriots, the stories have been launched in the news, Trump has taken command of the narrative, and eyes are on Washington.

BCP has an interesting theory. He postulated that it’s possible a new faction might have formed within the deep state who not only schemed to prevent the election of Donald Trump, but planned to install Hillary Clinton as POTUS specifically so they could blackmail and therefore control her. Not so far-fetched, is it?


Attorney Joe DiGenova and his wife/legal partner Victoria Toensing have been telling it plainly on Fox News for months. When Joe said Brennan wouldn’t need a lawyer, he’d need five, I silently thanked him and couldn’t get enough of the truth he was fearlessly stating. He says let’s call it what it is: it’s not Russian collusion or Russiagate it’s Obamagate; pure and simple.

He shares my view on the “filth” in Washington and is doing what he can to see the disinfecting takes place as soon as possible by shining a Light on the evil.

If you’ve found it difficult to follow the Russian collusion hoax or are just now putting the pieces of this colossal and complex scandal together, this interview with Sebastian Gorka will lay it all out for you and connect the dots. The duo explain it very clearly and succinctly.

Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing: It’s ObamaGate, and it’s the biggest scandal in American history

That show continues as Dan Bongino also tells us Obama officials will be held accountable.

Dan Bongino: Yes, Obama officials will be charged. AMERICA First with Sebastian Gorka

The deep state has been waging war on journalists for a long time, and another victim is a Kiwi named Suzi Dawson. She has been warning New Zealanders and the world about surveillance and loss of privacy and who has been doing it and as a result is heavily targeted and seeking asylum in Russia. More at the link.

Help A Kiwi Journalist Take On The Spies – #1vs5i

The man who never sleeps has struck a new deal with Japan and his trolling buddy, Shinzo Abe.

US reaches trade deal with Japan

Someone sent me this so it must be a particularly good update. I’ve been wondering what folks read into the “Evergreen” reference. (HRC) What kind of op were they activating with that coded language? Dave has no doubt researched that but I haven’t had time to listen yet.

Panic, Message Evergreen, Public Discovers Illegal Surveillance – Episode 1951b

Ooops. I nearly forgot. I haven’t even read this yet. To close I’ll leave you with Scott Mowry’s Miracles and Inspiration update for the intel conference call tonight. Scott is a great dot connector, gathers together all the most important news for the week and reveals its significance.  ~ BP

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, AUGUST 25. 2019 beginning approximately at 6 PM PST. 

On this upcoming conference call we will have MASSIVE BREAKING NEWS to share which has occurred over the last few days regarding the global economy,  including: the implementation of the new Quantum Financial System (QFS); the take down of the Federal Reserve; the US-China trade negotiations; and much more.

We can confirm to you there are multiple major developments unfolding at this time as the US military, White Hat Patriots and President Donald Trump regain control of the American, as well as, the global economy from the elite families and international bankster cabal.

  • This week, President Trump has significantly stepped up his attacks on the privately-owned central bank corporation known as the Federal Reserve, and most particularly, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell. All is part of a major public relations operation to prepare the American people for big changes which are now underway to the global economic system.
  • The timing of all these major new developments is coinciding with the Federal Reserve’s annual summer meetings in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, as well as, the G7 Summit 2019 ongoing this weekend in Biarritz, France.
  • In addition, on Friday, August 23, the President came out swinging against the Chinese Communist Party and the stalled trade negotiations by imposing new harsher tariffs on imports coming from China. President Trump is attempting to address years of abuse by the Chinese government upon America by rectifying the extremely unfair trade relationship between the two countries in a landmark fashion.
  • All of this focused attention on China is occurring while the citizens of Hong Kong are in an open revolt against the ruling Chinese Communist Party, as well as, other countries in Europe, Asia and South America. Make no mistake about it, what you are witnessing in Hong Kong is nothing-less-than historic.
  • Meanwhile, there has been no new word from “Q” since August 1 as the 8Chan platform still remains dormant at this time.

We can tell you, this will be another very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598

Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402

Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Scott Mowry

Follow us on Twitter:

Time to Come Home 432Hz (Video) ~ August 25, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is a nice and refreshing video which may help some remember “who you are”. While I do not yet have specific memories, I do realize I Am here on a “mission” and will return “home” when the time is right!

Can you look at your own life and see “coincidences” and “similarities” of your own? Think about yourself and how may not have been molded by this Earth life, and BE…



Pluto/Moon Conjunction: Exquisite Eclipse Reset! ~ July 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is perhaps the best message I have read regarding the Lunar Eclipse today as it resonates strongly within me. Not only the eclipse, but the Full Moon is also conjunct with Pluto bringing that which has been hidden up to the Light.

This works for both things you have hidden out of fear, as well as things obscured in Love. In either case…it ALL comes out bringing a new sense of personal evolution as “issues” are finally settled,

Your job? Let it go, erase the pain, bask in a new sense of personal FREEDOM and be…



By Tania Gabrielle

On July 2, the potent total New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer asked you to set a new foundation of security, especially emotionally.

This New Moon opened the door to new beginask in a new sens ofnings setting the stage for your next six months.

July 16th’s cathartic Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (5:38 pm EST, 2:38 pm PST) takes your newfound awareness and integrates it in profound ways.

You’ve recognized what you want to commit to, especially emotionally for the next six months.

Now you’re ready to do the work to fulfill your new dreams.

And the impact of today’s Capricorn lunar eclipse will only get stronger as the year goes on.

Ask yourself:

  • What new journey are you embracing fully?
  • What new commitments are your accepting?

Whether you’re ready or not, this Full Moon in Capricorn is bringing many parts of your life to a culmination that signals a turning of the tide.

The Moon started in Cancer, its own sign, on July 2 in a total eclipse – a total reset of your emotions.

Now the Moon is FULL – a Culmination and Celebration!

Directly opposite the Moon in Capricorn lies the Sun in Cancer – balancing the sacred masculine and divine feminine energies.

The Moon (feelings) in Capricorn (masculine, father principle) lies opposite the Sun (your Soul purpose) in Cancer (feminine, mother principle).

Moon and Sun are at 24° – number of LOVE, HOME, NURTURING, ABUNDANCE.

24 hours a day of SIGNALS to help you love your life into reality!

Furthermore, the Moon is conjunct Pluto – planet of power, transformation, life-death-rebirth, purging and emerging on the other side, totally renewed…

A celestial cleansing of the past frees you up to celebrate of the present!

Nothing can be hidden when Pluto comes calling.

All that lay below the surface has been rising to the top, revealing what was formerly in the darkness.

  • From darkness to LIGHT.
  • From past to PRESENT.
  • From trauma to TRIUMPH!

Follow the Light. It will present you with Gifts. Those Gifts are your Divine Roadmap to experiencing Triumphant Returns!

You are setting emotional boundaries that are imperative in order to manifest your dreams.

Too often we give away our power in order to please those whom we hold to a higher authority than our own inner guidance – which is the old paradigm we’re leaving behind: We are finally recognizing our abdication of self-responsibility when we blindly obey top-down instructions and expectations.

This Full Moon Eclipse is asking you to TURN THAT PAGE.

  • Allow what is buried to emerge.
  • Do not judge what appears. It’s all part of your journey.
  • It is what led you to this exciting moment.

In being open to let go of emotions and decisions that are not in alignment with your highest good, you are turning towards the North Node in Cancer – the DIVINE FEMININE!

You are setting yourself free from outside authority!

You are saying, I am who I am because of what I am focusing on, how I am BEING.

And I have total authority over my life.

I am not my past, am I am not beholden to old patriarchal systems imposed on me since birth.


Go ahead and choose what feels good.

Sending you LOVE and LIGHT on this gorgeous Eclipse Day,

Tania Gabrielle


FULL MOON in Capricorn, June 2018 ~ Bountiful and Brilliant! ~ June 25, 2018

By Tania Gabrielle

A powerful FULL MOON in Capricorn on June 28 (5:53 am UT London,12:53 am EST and June 27 at 9:53 pm PDT) puts the emphasis on Career Breakthroughs!

Capricorn rules your public standing, inner authority and divine mission.

You are setting boundaries, accepting responsibilities, organizing and seeking security.

With Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) conjunct the Moon – the emphasis on these qualities is greatly enhanced!

Moon in Capricorn opposite Sun in Cancer are both at 6° – the number of love, compassion, home, family, nurturing, responsibility, home business and abundance.

June 28 reduces to 10 and a 1 – attracting new beginnings. So, even though full moon’s signify a culmination, there’s also a strong sense of, “I am starting fresh today and honoring my feelings every step of the way.”

Several absolutely WONDERFUL transits accompany this full moon:

  • Moon conjunct Saturn – Saturn rules Capricorn

Moon merged with Saturn during a Capricorn Full Moon is powerful!

Saturn governs time and matter and shows the importance of “timing” and self-control and boundaries. So you’re going to feel that… the time has come… for something to end, begin, change, shift or break through – but the time has come for something.

Set the space for something powerful to happen with your life in the second half of 2018. That could very well require that you set some boundaries.

Saturn also rules work and career, so notice whether the time has come for a shift regarding how you approach your divine mission.

  • Moon is trine Uranus, Sun is sextile Uranus

Uranus is the planet of excitement, breakthroughs, innovation, discoveries, and progressive, out-of-the-box thinking.

Honor your original ideas, your individual way of doing things.

Uranus is a rebel and likes to upend existing paradigms and traditions.

Progress is inevitable when Uranus is in play.

  • Neptune forms an exact 150° inconjunct to Venus

This is super creative energy… SO imaginative and spiritual – allowing abundance to flow.

Neptune and Venus invite you to activate your innate creator in a new way, with a deeper connection to Source through an immersion into love and beauty.

  • Venus square Jupiter

Favors ACTING on something to generate the flow of abundance in your life!

Step into that place where you FEEL abundant. Set your focus on one opportunity, and make it happen – many doors can open now as you welcome the flow for prosperity into your life.

  • Jupiter trine Neptune

Jupiter trine Neptune defines beautiful unconditional love. It is so joyful, spiritual, and uplifts the soul.

This trine began at the end of May and is one of the defining transits of 2018.

Such fabulous transits happening during this powerful and positive Full Moon in Capricorn! All coincides with June’s powerful 17 universal month of immortality and leaving a legacy behind!

Make the most of the gorgeous energy!

Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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