We Are Ready, Countdown Ended, Indictments Coming – Episode 2152b/Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised/ Total Eclipse of the Heart (full version) – LYRICS ~ April 19, 2020

Editor’s Note: Now why in the world would I post these three videos together? For me, these three videos offer the same statement portrayed in three very different formats…the revolution of the heart!

X22 gives us detailed information about the geo-political circumstances playing out as the game of revolution in the American gov’t. Gil Scott Heron sets the musical theme of this revolution of the heart which will NOT be televised, but rather LIVED “live, in person”. He portrays a different time period, yet the same factors are at play with the same revolutionary result we see lived today.

And then, Bonnie Tyler introduces us to the total eclipse of the heart, that action taken where love (from the heart) eclipses everything driving change from the known into the temporary angst (pain) of the unknown. A love song about when everything changes and pain of the heart is eclipsed, leading…from the dark to Light.

Please listen to these posts from different eras, watch as the world changes in positive ways, find the message of Love your heart is learning, and then hold and BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Headlines and Updates for September 20, 2019: Same Old Playbook [videos] ~ September 21, 2019

The White Hats are hitting the cabal hard and big moves are generating big counter-punches from the terrified deep state.

We know their only hope is to create WWIII but it ain’t happening. Evah!

Patriot Intel Report 09 20 19

Another interesting situation unfolded in Hawai’i the other day. Do you believe in coincidences? Not when we’re at war with the psychopathic cabal.

Hawaii police training sparks false emergency sirens

Here we go again. Why do they always do this to the people in the state of Hawai’i? They just happened to have a “drill” or training exercise. Quite often they go live and become one of those all-too-familiar “false flag” events that may have casualties.

Did someone prevent the cabal from using their “earthquake machine” to create a tsunami? Or was this just a sick prank to try to instill fear?

Patrick Byrne of Overstock.com makes a bold move.

Read about it here…

Patrick Byrne sells his Overstock shares, but blames the SEC and ‘Deep State’

Or listen here…

Overstock Founder Sells All! Patrick Byrne vs The Deep State – The Gloves ARE OFF!!!

Chinese Woman Pleads Guilty to Running Massive ‘Birth Tourism’ Scheme

About those Chinese plans to infiltrate America…

Some might think we’re conspiracy theorists when we say the Chinese planned to take over America and destroy it along with the American people, but it’s not theory, as new information continues to suggest. The constant conquest and manipulation of Humanity has always been in play, just subtly so as not to alert the natives. We slept through most of it.

It’s not the Chinese people who are to blame, any more than it’s the American people trying to destroy America; it’s the Illuminati/New World Order/deep state cabal executing long-laid plans to dominate the world. The Chinese people are slaves, as are the rest of Humanity, and they need to be freed as well.

Trump is cutting the strings operating the puppets, and the people of the world know it. That is why they put paper mâché Trumpinators in their parades and sing the American national anthem. When Q says the US military under the advisement of the Commander-in-Chief are “saving Humanity”, they are being quite literal.

It’s not about them, however. They have said, “Do not glorify us.” They merely activated Humanity to do what it was determined we would do at this time; the time of the Great Awakening. We are all awakening from a nightmare and the future will be glorious.

The evil ones are fighting for their survival just as we are fighting for ours, but as they say, battles are won before they’re even fought—and we have won this one. It’s all over but the screaming. You can hear that every day in the fake news; most of it emanating from Washington and the fake politicians, or the UK and the remaining EU players. We’re all fighting this battle for freedom together. WWG1WGA599

Do Not Glorify Us

Q !UW.yye1fxo 23 Jan 2018 – 4:03:59 PM Do not glorify us.
WE are ALL Patriots.
Honor those who serve.
Where we go one, we go all.

…and from Q+ (President Trump?)1358

Truth Must be Earned

Q!4pRcUA0lBE 12 May 2018 – 11:54:08 PM Trust must be earned.
Trust is not blind, nor is truth.
We fight every single day on behalf of you, the people who put us here.
We knew this day would come.
We will never forget.
Do not glorify us.
We are merely the vehicle.
You are what matters.
You are hope.
You are love.
You are peace.
Stay united.
Stay together.
Stay strong.
This is bigger than any one person or entity.
You are fighting for truth – collectively.
Will of the people.
Trust in yourself.
The choice will always be yours.
God bless you all.
Where we go one, we go ALL.

Ship’s bell on President John F. Kennedy’s yacht

Here’s the Oracle Report for today and yesterday, but also the long range forecast, or “big picture” and “little picture” as Laura says. So much wisdom, and we need all the help we can get. Laura’s reports feel like the voice of equanimity in the maelstrom. We are here to master being Human, and we can do this—with a little help from our “friends and family”.

THE ORACLE REPORT | September 19, 2019 – “The Golden Rule With Mars and Pluto”

THE ORACLE REPORT | September 20, 2019 – “In Mastery”

Dave brought us another great summary on the X22 Report last evening. Alice, Wonderland, flowers in the garden… fascinating.

Setup Needed Before Declass, Tarmac Back In The News, Prisons Prepped – Episode 1974b

Dave also uploaded this X22 Spotlight with Bob Kudla, as mentioned above.

Charges Coming, Timing Is Everything, The Enemy Has Been Revealed: Bob Kudla

Speaking of “prisons prepped”, we have an update on the military tribunal pre-trials at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Don’t panic. Linda explains. It will all work out in the end and the perps will pay. The stage is being set.

9/11 GTMO Watch – KSM et al Will NEVER Make it to the Date Set for Trial

The world needs to know the truth about Hollywood, and investigative journalist Tiffany Fitzhenry has an earful for us on George Clooney and friends. They’re all actors and imposters playing roles to deceive and manipulate the people; to keep them in a trance-like state and distract them so they don’t look at the reality; to tell them what to think and to support the illusion.

They are the opposite of us, of Humanity, and the qualities attributed to the People above in the Q post. Whatever you do, don’t glorify Hollywood imposters. Don’t watch them on TV or go to their movies. Turn them off.

You can read Tiffany’s article at her website, here.

Behind The Illusion; George Clooney

You can also listen to the abridged version here, with Thomas at TRUreporting.

Behind The Illusion: George Clooney :coded:

The controllers love to laugh at the stupid Humans and insert truth disguised as entertainment. Is this innocent cartoon entertainment… or derision for their prey? Thanks, S.

The United States doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If you listened to the Abel Danger show yesterday you heard that while we know of two cannibal restaurants in the States; Los Angeles and New York, that there are many of them in Canada.

A retired Marine intelligence officer on Agent Margaritaville’s team is a master researcher (better than hacker Gary McKinnon), and has been uncovering all sorts of fascinating information about Humans as prey. Names, contacts, all of it.

Major work is ongoing behind the scenes by “those who don’t sleep”. When long-time warriors like Margaritaville lose their composure just talking about it, you know it’s bad. The only question is, “how bad?” We’re going to find out.


Is President Trump solely responsible for the upheaval and the stench of the draining swamp? No, of course not. He is working in concert with not only the positive US military, but cooperative elements in many countries and untold armies of civilians who are awake and actively doing the legwork required to bring down the evil network that has enslaved and preyed upon us for so long.

Trump is the “face man”. He’s the one in the public eye, the visible target taking the flack, along with more prominent members of his family and administration like Mike Pompeo. Those who speak out in public take the heat, but they know the score and are like willows in the wind. They bend and sway gracefully and return to position, prepared for the next vitriolic gust. Warriors all.

Don’t let the trolls tell you that #TheStorm is not here, or that Trump is not exposing the the deliberate inaction by previous criminal administrations who allowed the evil of child sex trafficking to metastasize and flourish. https://t.co/IHqgHWnVIt

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) September 20, 2019

I suddenly decided to go to Sedona today so this post is late. ~ BP

Step Back And Really Look At What’s Happening, Can You See The MOAB – Episode 1910b ~ July 7, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes…I do think the take down of the cabal/coven/Illuminati/Deep State is now starting to be seen. We will watch and see how the house of cards used by the Dark placing humanity under economic slavery will fold.

Do you want to know how/why Trump will escape being aligned with Epstein? You may want to listen to this report by X22. Stay tuned, remain aware,practice becoming merely an observer, and be…



Headlines & Updates for November 19, 2018 [videos] ~ November 19, 2018

These people are so predictable and never deviate from the playbook. “Racism” is their mantra. They wield the word like a weapon.

Brenda Snipes Blames Racism for Widespread Backlash Against Her — Not Her Incompetence

X22 Report… updates from Sunday, November 18

They All Know, Part Of The Plan, One Step Closer To The Central Bank Removal – Episode 1718a

Think Projection, Time Is Up, Haiti Op Underway [C]? – Episode 1718b

Remember those legendary FEMA barges that steamed off to Hawai’i last summer? They’re back in the news. Is this part of the the ‘fear porn’ we were warned about or…?

Multiple anonomalies continue… still unexplained. The triangle craft are not hiding, and that “fake alien invasion” continues to hang over our heads.

SpaceX has another  “delay”, they claim. Today is a no go. Eyes to the skies.

SpaceX Delays Historic Third Launch of Used Rocket (and Its Flock of Satellites)

A reader notified us of the following, saying it’s a money-grabbing scam by the elite. Sounds like it. Just a warning to use your highest discernment. Thanks, C.

The elite is trying to steal more money, while pretending that it’s going to redistribute it! Sponsored ads of some facebook page (called ReadHeroes) just create October 3rd 2018, are appearing, claiming to have a software (a transaction Bot for crypto and stocks) developed by Elon Musk saying that it distributes the wealth from th super rich 0.1% to the other 99.9%. The site is a complete scam! You gotta warn people. BitcoinCode is a scam.

Headlines and Updates for October 21, 2018: New Depths of Miscreant Behaviour [videos] ~ October 21, 2018

Is this what former Attorney General Eric Holder had in mind when he said, “We kick em.”??? So this is, “The Kolfage Kicker”?  This veteran doesn’t even have any legs to kick out from under him. This is what psychopaths do.

There is a huge job awaiting researchers at Wikipedia to correct all the lies published there about our history and the subhumans who subjugated Humanity over the centuries. Let them go down in infamy as a cautionary reminder of how complacency can be the undoing of an entire civilization. It happened many times.

Does anyone really want these people running their country—and the world? We’ll find out on November 6th.

Facebook Deletes Disabled Veteran’s Page Without Warning — After Taking $300,000 for Ads


Bill Still reports more psychopathic behaviour…

Minnesota Dems – We’ll Guillotine Republicans, 2416

If anything, I think it more likely it will be us guillotining the reps (that’s reptilians)—figuratively speaking, of course. Off with their ‘heads!

Simon Parkes notified us of a shocking development in the UK, which brought to mind for me the French Revolution whence came the famous phrase, “Let them eat cake” when the so-called aristocracy was so out of touch with the plight of the common folk that when they had no bread, the advice was to eat cake instead.

A Cunning Plan…
Tuesday, October 9, 2018
Here in Great Britain the present Tory government has come up with a cunning plan.

More cunning than Blackadder’s Baldric.

Michael Gove has said he wants to open up council rubbish / trash sites so people can dig around and purchase items that have been discarded by others.

For instance a child’s push scooter would be £5.00 while a TV would be £40.00.

Me thinks that Gove has been reading too much Charles Dickens!



Can you believe the cojones of these El-ites?

What—no bread? Let them eat cake! What— no pram? Go to the local landfill and rummage about until you find what you’re looking for. We’ll give you a great deal!

You know what I say to these “elitist tyrants”? On your bike! Do not pass go. Cycle straight to the Tower where you shall spend the rest of your days for your crimes against Humanity.

Better yet—toss them in the dustbin of time and let’s be done with them once and for all. Ship them all off to the the Great Central Sun for recycling and make them useful for once.

And also in Britain…

Apparently the Brits are more civilized than the American heathens who beat up and bully anyone who disagrees with their opinion.

Hillary Clinton says civility won’t return unless the El-ites gain control of the government. Too bad she has no say in the matter.

Hitlary is basically under house arrest in the “catch and release” program so she can play her role and not tip off the somnambulent public as to the true state of affairs in America. She’s on a short leash and when the master tugs, she’ll have to go to her kennel at GTMO to await prosecution.

Fortunately, she looks great in orange. Unfortunately, since there is such a backlog of thousands of El-ites indicted, under arrest or soon to be and to imminently arrive at Guantanamo, the actual court cases could take many years. Whatever will she do?

Protesters participating in an anti-Brexit demonstration, march through central London © Reuters / Simon Dawson

1,000s gather in London for ‘biggest’ anti-Brexit rally seeking final say (VIDEO)

Holy hell, Canada. Wake the frig up! Who died and made doctors God? Thanks for the heads up, R.

Children’s Hospital Says It Will Euthanize Kids Without Parental Consent

Mike Adams has a message for the reprobates who believe they will simply eliminate the undesirable patriots in America on the “activation day”. Read his article at the link and/or watch his video. Apparently the reprobates need a reminder that they were completely unsuccessful in disarming Americans and at this stage some of them have itchy trigger fingers, especially in Texas, Mike says. Americans aren’t violent people, but they WILL protect their lives, their families, their President, and their country.

Civil war alert: Leftists openly plot executions of U.S. Senators, Supreme Court justices


Dave’s astute Sunday updates in the financial and geopolitical arenas…

The Economy Has Just Turned, & So Are Countries

World Peace?, Deep State Losing Control Of Narrative

Dave has a good chat with Frank at the Frankly Speaking channel. Frank is one of my favourite talk show hosts. Just a real, nice guy. Informed, well-spoken. Balanced.

Some semi-surprising moves from POTUS, but since we know the Trump administration is working with the team at the Manna World Holding Trust, the news is not out of the blue.

To close for now, we have a spectacular mystery light source at the South Pole general area illuminating the planet with what appears to be a “big blue flashlight” and other cool stuff/anomalies from Steve at WSO.

Geosat Shows Something Below Earth Flyin Around