The Vastness of Being ~ A Greater Perspective ~ December 10, 2019 ~ December 10, 2019

Editor’s Note: Well, it must be true what they say…darkest before the dawn as I (cough,cough) listened to the CBS evening news (US) tonight. NOT ONE MENTION was made of the OIG report released today. OMGosh! Of course, MSM is in the hip packet of the Dark, so no surprises there.

This is a very good time to remember why our world is going c-r-a-z-y on the political and economic fronts (not to mention a few others!) The societal chaos we are seeing is quite necessary before positive change can occur. As a scientist, I definitely say we are in a time of “paradigm change”…thanks goodness delights await us on the other side of this change.

My advise? Breathe, relax, eat some popcorn, and BE…



Hold onto your shorts—it’s getting really good, folks.

Many vloggers are expecting a purge of YouTube beginning today. Will it happen? Will your favourite YouTube truth channels disappear into the censorship memory hole? Time will tell.

The news certainly is intriguing lately, what with “g’s” magically being replaced with a “q”. I’m not making it up, folks. I’ve seen it reported by a couple of people now.

Check this out. The propaganda news will doubtless have more explosive headlines to divert the attention of the public. Read on.

Holy fucking trainwreck, Batman!


— Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) December 10, 2019

For now, we still have the Patriot Intelligence Report for today with some valid perspective on the media circus and IG report and warnings about believing the utter lies the fake media are spewing.

PIR 12 10 19

What’s up with this?

Hannity changed his tie halfway through the show tonight. He was also wearing a CIA pin above his American flag pin.

— Q Research Notables (@QAnonNotables) December 10, 2019

Barr Slams ‘Gross Abuse’ of FBI’s Trump Investigation

“Oh, AG Barr is making the Media rounds to discuss FISA abuse? Would be a shame if the News had something else they needed to cover…”

— M3thods (@M2Madness) December 10, 2019

You may have heard Sec. of State Mike Pompeo met with Russia’s Lavrov. Boy, that Acosta—he’s a gem, ain’t he?

Imagine believing people will think you’re an awesome journalist for asking this question…and then tweeting about it.

— Lisa Mei Crowley (@LisaMei62) December 10, 2019

The control freaks can’t control the moon, and it will be rising full on Thursday morning and illuminating the dark recesses where slimy, creepy-crawlers cower. Laura Walker’s Oracle Report goes into the electro-magnetics of the celestial frequencies but you will have to get her future updates from her website. Sounds like she has some good stuff coming up. Change is the result of the push-shove from the panicking globalists, and change is good. This is her last post on Themtube, just 2 minutes.

As far as an update on Field McConnell, he is now being held in solitary confinement for 10 days, without bond. Even a murderer can put up bail and it is completely unlawful what they are doing to this patriot.

Perhaps Field does need to curtail his info drops just a tad so as not to perturb the already unhinged and unpredictable pedophiles. Might we ask you to cool your jets, Field?

‘It’s Not a Coincidence’: Nancy Pelosi Signs USMCA After Impeachment Announcement

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi surely had a busy morning. After she joined fellow House Democrats to announce impeachment charges against President Donald Trump, Pelosi conducted a press briefing to announce the passage of the long-awaited United States Mexico Canada Agreement.

She told reporters, however, that “It’s not a coincidence” that it all happened in the same day.

Read the rest of the article from…

Unfortunately, it appears the deep state is going to use deep fake videos to promote their propaganda AND discredit valuable intelligence presented to The People exposing the crimes of the psychopaths who have been running the world.

Billy Joyce in Nova Scotia also addresses the plight of the Truth Movement as we are up against Big Tech deep state strong arm tactics.

You can see it coming down the pike, folks. YouTube may purge anyone who promotes the truth, pad the platform with network channels spouting propaganda and lies, pay them for the advertising, and our voices would be nearly drowned out. It just may wind up being exactly what James Corbett dubbed it long ago: “ThemTube”—because it certainly won’t be about us.

Any truther on YT who has not diversified and set up housekeeping on at least one other platform and/or website may find themselves silenced. I’m seeing evidence that WordPress is compromised and can’t guarantee we won’t be affected by the deep state big brother censorship, even with our own URL. We’ll see.

Don’t miss this update on CBC deep fake tactics, and see the half-baked, deep fake for yourself. No, it won’t fool us, but if the content were more serious it might fool the general public who are sleeping and believe their (government) television station brings them the truth.

#DeepFake of #POTUS #Trump goes Mainstream on #Canada State Propaganda #CBC

Here’s the full deep fake. Comedy, right? You think it’s funny now… you might wear your smile upside down later.

Trump’s making Alberta the 51st state | 22 Minutes

Here’s a companion piece from the CBC about deep fakes. You see where this is going? Ha. Ha.

Q warned us. Future proves past.

Q also said there are ways of proving that a dark web video of Hillary and Huma, for example, performing unspeakable acts on a child is the real deal. And how about the video footage from Jeffrey Epstein’s many homes that were full of closed circuit cameras recording blackmail material on his guests? What happens when that is released?

Let’s hope it’s true that the real images can be verified, because I don’t like what I’m seeing and hearing.

Deepfakes of Canadian politicians emerge on YouTube

Though clearly meant to be humorous, videos demonstrate Canadian politicians may be a target

Or other politicians like “Hillary Clinton”, perhaps? Bill Clinton? Joe Biden? ALL of them? How about the fake royals?

Jeffrey Epstein himself recorded the activity in the tunnels beneath his island. And now he’s dead? Or is he?

Watch the real Donald Trump here where Right Side Broadcasting Network is covering the Hershey, Pennsylvania KAG rally. They begin by interviewing people lined up outside and edit nothing. It’s raw, real footage, with pans of the crowds inside the venue, the whole Trump address, and all other speakers who may attend. They will be streaming all afternoon and throughout the President’s speech.

 President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Hershey, PA 12/10/19

Here’s an interesting update from DAHB0077. Russia is putting a ‘dome’ over their Arctic territory? Interesting terminology.

Russia Creating DOME Over Their Arctic Region As They Rearm ALL Northern Fleet with S-400s

The anti-aircraft regiment of Russia’s Northern Fleet will be equipped with state-of-the-art S-400 air defense systems in the next few years to create an anti-missile dome able to thwart any enemy incursion, the Russian Navy said.

Russian anti-aircraft missile forces and radio-technical troops stationed in the Arctic are going through a comprehensive rearmament process, which will see Russia’s most advanced long-range air defense missile system being delivered to them, Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseev, the commander of Russia’s Northern Fleet, said on Sunday.

We told you everything’s fake. The “global warming” hoax is no exception and polar bears are thriving. The Climate Hoax has been analyzed to death and proven to be lies.

It’s been a decade since the leak of emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia exposed the lies, obfuscations and dirty tricks behind the climate change orthodoxy. But although the conversation has long since moved on, there’s still a lot we can learn from the lessons of “Climategate.” Joining us today to reflect on a decade of Climategate lies and where the debate stands today is Marc Morano of

Learn more here on The Corbett Report interview.

Meet the “Anti-Greta” — Sweden’s Conservative Activist, Izabella Nilsson Jarvandi

I was looking for some humour to finish off but when I look back, much of the post is funny. Biden’s hysterically humourous and some believe is now knitting with only one needle. Can anyone really claim he’s more presidential than Trump? He does and says whatever enters his vacuous mind. He has no filter, no restraint. He’s regressed to a child.

BREAKING: @JoeBiden Pledges to Not Comply with Senate Subpoena in #Impeachment Trial

That’s ok. We don’t need compliance.

— I E T (@Incarcerated_ET) December 10, 2019

We never know what we’ll hear next.

Some Americans can get a little carried away with their guns. On Sunday I was hearing more “gunfire” than normal around here. They stage gun fights at a tourist attraction nearby but there was definitely more activity than normal. Our dog walk revealed that just half a block from residential homes, some trigger happy gun fanatics with more ammo than brain cells were having target practice. That’s illegal. Unbelievable. There are people riding their horses and walking their dogs in that area every day. We need protection from imbeciles like that.

Since Feeding the Homeless Is Illegal, Activists Carry AR-15s to Give Out Food, Supplies

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project: Dallas, TX — Feeding and clothing the homeless in the land of the free has now become a revolutionary act. Luckily, however, there are still good people willing to carry that act out. In December 2014, the Dallas city council enacted Ordinance No. 29595, which makes it illegal to serve … Continue reading

Let us hope that the spirit of giving will prevail this Christmas. So many are in need. Some need food. Some need shelter. Some desperately need brain cells. Give generously.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for November 8, 2019: Revving the Engines [videos] ~ November 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: Shucks…no picture allowed for this daily report of news by Starship Earth. Pretty good pic too…of an angel and fiery devil each grasping Earth on opposite side of the globe…you get it?

Now…on to the news, please read, know this battle has already been won and we get to witness the outcome, so allow yourself to BE…



From the current energies and scenarios I’m getting that image from the fifties movies where the toughs are sitting at an intersection revving the engines and bouncing their hot rods as they prepare to launch a drag race. Bets have been placed and their friends stand at the side of the street ready to cheer them on. One lucky girl handles the countdown. Ready? Set!…  And the perfect illustration appeared.

What we see unfolding is less like a drag race and more like a game of chicken, which sometimes doesn’t end well.

I don’t know if the world is ready for what’s coming, but… GO!!!  Not that we need a race to tell us who the winner is.

Truth wins. Humanity wins. The Light wins. Always.

Just a heads up on some odd telecommunication glitches we’re seeing. Hubby’s iPhone re-sent an old message from May 2019 to our realtor last night. And he got two notifications from eBay sellers about refunds but PayPal has zero related activity logged. I can’t begin to offer an explanation, but wanted to get it out there in case others experience similar situations. It might call for extra caution.

Breaking at press time…  the chess moves are incredible.

Mulvaney defies House subpoena, cites absolute immunity ‘one minute’ before deposition

I hadn’t seen this anywhere else; a report that the Mormon family massacred and abducted in Mexico enroute to a wedding was related to Mitt Romney. Thanks, J.

Family Of US Senator Mitt Romney Massacred In Mexican Ambush—9 Infants And Children Sent To Heaven In Hail Of Bullets

Thomas at TRUreporting brings us an update on the 8kun saga and possible reasons for the delays with the Q boards. We’re talking law suit. There are a lot of bitter, litigious people out there in the world. It’s a shame patriots like Jim Watkins and his son, Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) feel obligated to spend so much time on crap like this.

We also get some amusing news about Liz Warren’s failed “meme team”. Humans win the Meme Wars, hands down. NPCs are inept. They don’t even understand what “memes” are. It’s not a marketing campaign, it’s an organic, creative inspiration that happens to go viral because it strikes a chord. Emojis??? Please. May the Warren Meme Team RIP.

Additionally, get a load of the astounding “Baphomet” or “Moloch” statue erected in Rome. It’s at the entrance to the Colliseum. Unbelievable. All hail Satan. The world has been run by demons… and Humanity is finally realizing it.

Neon Revolt: Jim Watkins Files Criminal Complaint Against Former 8Ch Owner!! :coded:

Laura Walker shipped out her Oracle Report shortly after 6 am and I was glad to get it to kick off my day. It’s about “duality” and “Light vs might”, and “challenges” and rising to the occasion. The main theme, however, is “transformation”. Look at that striking butterfly. She speaks of being “over-emotional”, which I’m seeing out there, and using logic. Also “trust”.

THE ORACLE REPORT | November 8, 2019

A few minutes later Phoenix delivered the Patriot Intelligence Report. Sessions, Huber… more players coming soon. Powerful energies are in play and a major energetic change is underway.

PIR 11 08 19

Everyone is talking about the “whistleblower”. The rats are so scattered they can’t think straight. They’re scrambling to cover their lies and seditious actions.

UPDATE: Whistleblower Lawyer Defends ‘Coup’ Tweets, Says Simply Referring to ‘Lawful Process’

Just so everyone is aware… we may repeat some things in the news. This is a surface lie. Wait until the deeper ones are revealed.

Obama’s Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch CAUGHT in Lie

Burying the story about an international child-trafficking pedophile to protect the powerful elite and not harm the Presidential campaign of a frequent customer’s wife, isn’t just shameful…

It’s being a willing participant in crimes against children…

Enemy of the People.

— M3thods (@M2Madness) November 7, 2019

Greg Hunter used to work for ABC and in this interview where he is the interviewee, he tells us what the latest Project Veritas video really means from a news gatherer’s perspective. It’s an interesting one and casts a brighter light on the damage control the lamestream media is currently doing on the Epstein story.

ABC News Spiking Epstein Story is Death of the Mainstream Media

SerialBrain2 brings us a new decode, and we also have the complementary dramatic video from LT at And We Know.

Post # 201 – The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower

You can read all the SB2 decodes here.

SerialBrain2: The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower

This is one of the most effective and funny memes I’ve yet seen. The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” theme is made for memes. It’s the “unexpected” element that does it. The juxtaposition of two things so unrelated is funny, and memorable. It’s like a sneak-attack on the funny bone.

Ancient wisdom.


— Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) November 7, 2019

It’s official. Jeff Sessions is running for the Senate and we sure need him.

“Our freedoms have never been under attack like they are today,” he wrote in the announcement on his campaign website. “We have major party candidates for President campaigning on socialism, confiscating firearms, and closing down churches they disagree with. I’ve battled these forces my entire life, and I’m not about to surrender now.  Let’s go!”

Former AG Sessions enters Alabama Senate race

For all those that say Sessions did nothing while AG and can’t be trusted. As an AG he flew under the radar completely unabated. And he’s never announced his intentions to anyone publicly.

Despite what you hear, his nickname in Alabama was:

“The Silent Executioner”

True story

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 8, 2019

But what about the FISA abuse and the work of John Durham? Why the continual delays? Everyone’s asking, including Lou Dobbs.

Joe DiGenova and his wife/law partner Victoria assure us… it’s coming… and when it does… LOOK. OUT. Thanks, J.

Well, well, well…  Thanks, R, for these.

— Rachiebabe079 (@RachieBabe079) November 7, 2019

Mr. Trudeau, there ain’t no Kevlar vest or anything else that can protect you from what’s coming, honey. It’s time to get measured for your pink jumpsuit. Maybe we’ll throw in some tacky socks and a spare eyebrow.

And look what else is happening in the north forty… the natives are restless. The People are awakening.

BREAKING! MKUltra Victims CONFRONT the GUV and the CIA in OTTAWA, CA. THE FIRST rally against MKULTRA ABUSE in the world! SHARE, viralize, spread the WORD! Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse First Rally via @YouTube

— Ellen Atkin (@mkultragirl) November 6, 2019

Do watch the video (same one as above in Twitter post) to learn about the inhumane experiments the Canadian government approved for the CIA to conduct there. I’m afraid the Canadian people have a lot of distressing news to assimilate, and it rivals the horrific things done to Americans, the Koreans, the Germans, the Russians, the Jews. It’s not only the indigenous people who suffered.

The CIA is evil and not an “intelligence agency” in the way they wanted us to believe. It was a masquerade and they helped destroy the world. The unspeakable things done to Human Beings and the lives ruined at their hands know no bounds. We are no longer living in the psychopaths’ Petri dish, however. No more boiling frogs.

Mind control is real, and they used Canadians in their experiments at McGill University. The satanists have also used that facility to conduct their blood rituals and Human sacrifices. Humans are prey, people. It’s time everyone realizes that.

We can’t say it enough. This is a spiritual war, not a political one. Every aspect of our lives has been controlled and manipulated by the creatures that have been running the world. Everything is about to change.

The Hong Kong protests are ongoing and have unfortunately proven lethal for one student today.

Hong Kong protesters gather where student died in clash with police | LIVE

I’m getting a déjà vu. What are the chances this would happen AGAIN in Southern California?

Witnesses thought the aircraft may have been a helicopter because a parachute was deployed, Upland Police Capt. Marcelo Blanco said, but it’s a four-seater, single-engine Cirrus SR22.

Pilot Dies After Single-Engine Plane Crashes Into Upland Home and Sets It Ablaze

Dave released an excellent financial update last night. I noted that he is more savvy than Lynette Zang about what is transpiring. I’ve never had the impression she was “in the know” and I guess she still isn’t. Perhaps she benefited from the discussion more than Dave did.

US/China Send A Message To The [CB], All Part Of The Plan – Episode 2015a

Dan Dicks brings us interesting news concerning policing the Internet. DARPA. This could go either way—for us, or against us. DARPA isn’t exactly the same as the US Military. They’re more like one of the alphabet agencies. We’ll see which way they go.

U.S. Military To Create AI That Can DETECT And FIGHT Fake News! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!!

Hints of the future… in effective memes.

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 8, 2019

Not all memes are humourous. Some punch you in the gut.

Haiti hasn’t even dropped yet
Nor the Red Cross.

We’ve only just begun

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 8, 2019

AND A HEADS UP from Eye the Spy… with a take on “Rig for Red”.

Eyes on, patriots.


Are you watching?

Trump causes trend that brings Clinton Foundation into the spotlight.

MSM/ Blue checkmarks & zombies defend & praise CF.

Expect CF news to drop extremely soon.

Rigged for Red…Stable Genius.

Enjoy The Show!

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) November 8, 2019

That’s it for now.  ~ BP

Your Sunday Digest for October 13, 2019: Full Moon Trance [videos] ~ October 13, 2019

We’ve got a harvest moon, crazy energies and we’re expecting a wild ride this week.

THE ORACLE REPORT | Aries/Eris Point Full Moon 2019

Is anyone besides me feeling a little off? I’ve been head-achy, that full moon had me up in the middle of the night, a funky leg, and my usual diet hasn’t agreed with me—even my morning ritual Irish breakfast tea this past week. I’m feeling like breaking from routine and striking out in new directions. Perhaps the trance is wearing off and the energies are requiring adjustment.

Update on @infinitechan /8kun:


Please give a huge thank you to @CodeMonkeyZ who has worked tirelessly on this project in order to bring it back to the public.

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) October 13, 2019


The tables are turning. It’s no longer about “them”. It’s about Humanity.

What does climate have to do with Peace, anyway? Not that the awards presented were ever appropriate.

Greta Thunberg Denied: Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gives a press conference on August 1, 2019 at the Prime Minister’s office in the capital, Addis Ababa. (Photo credit: Michael Tewelde AFP/Getty Images)

There’s only one way to fix what is so badly broken. Tear it down and start over fresh.

Top FBI Official Accepted Gifts From CNN Reporter During Clinton and Trump Probes

Arizona Adoption Attorney Arrested for Human Trafficking Had Strong Connections to Jeff Flake and John McCain

This man stated at the Louisiana rally directly to President Trump that he had done this.

Congressman Introduces Resolution to Expel Nancy Pelosi From House

Utsava published an update yesterday that fans may want to take in.

OBAMA DIED-HRC Double-Financial Markets & Chit Chat by Psychic Utsava

A few people in the Alt News community are concerned about continued reports of UN vehicles in California, and the marine/military deployment in America as well as soldiers reported in Mexico. Who knows what’s true, exaggerated, or misconstrued. US troops will protect Americans as much as possible if a few cabal minions are out of order and we will call on civilians to be sensible and keep a level head.

The power outages in California bring to mind a Q post about “days of darkness” being necessary, or something like that. Perhaps it’s related to what is unfolding in the Golden State, or will come into play during civil unrest when the military steps up.

You may be aware of the violence and civil unrest the freakazoids caused after the Trump rally in Minnesota. What do you think they’ll do when the worst news comes out via the Horowitz Report and more? We’ve heard that the focus would probably be in select cities, and not every man, woman and child in America would be affected by the potential unrest, but it’s best to be prepared so that if things get a little dicey we can choose to stay home and avoid trips to stores and gas stations.

The “due date” as it stands is October 18th—that’s Friday. Scott goes into this below and will discuss tonight.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this SUNDAY NIGHT, OCTOBER 13, 2019 beginning approximately 6 PM PST.

The month of RED OCTOBER is now moving full force ahead as President Trump, the White Hats and the U.S. Military have shifted into full blown attack mode. And it is highly likely all is about to escalate significantly as soon as this coming week with the impending release of the Office of Inspector General Report (OIG) on the abuse of the FISA court which led to the spy campaign on President-Elect Donald Trump.

The much-anticipated final report from IG Michael Horowitz is expected to deliver some of the most devastating evidence & charges against Democratic Party and Deep State operations to overthrow the US Government ever to be revealed to the American people before.

In addition, as of Thursday, October 3, all of the U.S. Marines and reserves have been officially activated in order to combat civil unrest, insurrection, treason and/or a coup of the Presidency of the United States. This is the most important and serious new development we have seen from the U.S. Military yet.

As a result of all this breaking news, we are now witnessing major developments happening nearly every day as the war upon the Deep State continues to ramp up to the highest levels in American history.

  • On Thursday, October 10, President Trump held a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota and he was joined by a massive crowd at the Target Center arena. The President came out swinging with a blistering, no-holds-barred attack on Joe Biden & his son Hunter, Ilhan Omar, the Democratic Party, the Deep State and much, much more.

  • The Minnesota rally was immediately followed by a near-riot on the streets of downtown Minneapolis by members of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other radical far left-wing groups protesting President Trump’s appearance.
  • The following night on Friday, October 11, President Trump held his second rally of the week in Lake Charles Louisiana to yet another full-capacity crowd. During this appearance, the President fired off his harshest criticism yet of the Democrat’s phony impeachment scam, as well as, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

  • President Trump also scored another major victory this week for the American people with the successful negotiation of a landmark trade deal with the nation of China which is going to set the stage for a massive transformation of the entire global economy.
  • Finally, we will also have major and spectacular breaking developments regarding 8chan and “Q” which are nothing-less-than THE biggest since the arrival of the “Q” drops all the way back on October 28, 2017.

Once again, we will have A LOT of breaking news to cover on this very important conference call. We really encourage you to join us this Sunday night!!

Our conference call line is:

Dial-in Number: 712-770-4598   Access Code: 767664#

Replay Number: 712-770-5402    Access Code: 767664# / followed by # again

Thank you and God Bless America,
Scott Mowry

Follow us on Twitter:

For some reason I really don’t feel like blogging today, so I’ll leave you with Dave’s most excellent summary. The Patriots are in control.  ~ BP

Fear Is Flushing The [DS] Out, The Only Way Forward, Expose, Transparency & Truth – Episode 1994b

Story Time: A Well-Deserved Break | The Oracle Report [video] ~ October 2, 2019

When politics and bad news push you to your limit, sometimes a complete break is the perfect antidote to frustration.

Laura Walker tells us a beautiful story about our journey and the electro-magnetic effects of our planetary travel companions in this galaxy so we may better cope and understand.

No preamble, Laura jumps right in. What a gift this is—and less than 20 minutes.

You can also read this story at the website, below.  ~ BP

THE ORACLE REPORT | “The Band of Brothers: An Oracle Story for Second Renaissance” – Libra Cycle

The Band of BrothersAt the New Moon on January 1, 2014, we were joined by a group who will accompany uson the journey through the month –a band of brothers. This rowdy crew includes Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Mercury.

As we walk through the tangled forest of the Crescent Moon phase, we encounter another traveler, Jupiter. He’s traveling in the opposite direction, but Jupiter is a wise old warrior, so we stop to talk to him.

With Jupiter’s appearance on the journey, this month becomes even grander than we imagined. He points out new things and explains them, teaching us about 2the beautiful things in nature and the natural order of life. He explains that there is more going on that what initially meets the eye. He helps us with our vision. He provides a lot to talk about. He tells us about the way ahead.

The Fortune of the Two Sisters

After pausing to listen to the magi Jupiter, we gather up our rowdy companions Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Mercury, saying goodbye and continuing our journey through this lunar month. But we aren’t alone for long.

Up ahead, Mercury spots them first: two women. The rowdy band of brothers is excited. It’s Venus! Now they are reallyexcited. Oh, and it’s the Black Moon. Their moods quickly deflate, all except Pluto, who looks right past Venus casting a furtive eye on the Black Moon. When the Two Sisters are together, Pluto reminds us, they bring great rewards. Good fortune is in store.

Surprisingly, Venus tells us she is on her way to a convent for a respite. She’s trying to sort some things out and needs time for contemplation. Mercury, Mars, and Uranus roll their eyes.

But the Black Moon, having evaluated our little party of travelers, offers passage through her domain, which, we quickly realize, is a beautiful underworld of sorts. She tells us to keep going because there is a war party on our heels.

Kali, our leader, steps up and tells us she’s been aware of the threat since the journey began and is following it every step of the way. She tells us not to worry. Instead of worrying, we should infuse our minds with the feelings of peace and gratitude for the beauty and the blessings that are present in our lives. She tells us these things appear very differently when we travel through the land of the Black Moon. We take a different perspective, bringing some things down to black and white and amping some things up to technicolor.

Map of the Warriors

Grand transformations are happening right before our eyes as we continue this month’s metaphorical journey with the band of brothers. But Pluto’s prediction that good fortune was at hand was correct. Unbeknownst to us, a powerful wizard from a far-away land has enchanted us.

Judging our worthiness as warriors of the heart, this kind wizard bestowed us with strength and left a map with markings. We learn that he has also disenchanted the war party that follows on our heels with a fog of confusion.

We need this boost of strength and the map because we continue to travel through the domain of the Black Moon. It is a menagerie. We are walking around an area of quicksand. If we walk too fast or take on too much, we will become burdened and start to sink. So,we are careful to balance everything we are carrying today, discardingwhatever is dragging us down.

We give it to our companion this month, Kali, for her to do with it as she will.

Messages from the Sun and Mother Earth

We continue through the brambles of the land of the Black Moon, an underworld of shifting shapes and shadows. Our companions are on high alert. They are fierce warriors, each of them. Mars is skilled in all the arts of war. Uranus wields the strike force of lightning to shock and stun.

Our benefactor Kali follows alongside us, empowering the band of brothers, this force of the sacred masculine.

The forests of the Black Moon’s domain are a familiar place for Kali, she tells us. This place takes elements of the past and churns them to dust. Anything that is 4blocking the spiraling evolution of consciousness is reduced here. If we are holding on to those elements, we become caught in the grind.

Suddenly Kali’s head jerks to the side and we all stop cold. Her gaze is focused off in the distance. She is listening. She tells us the powerful wizard Sabaoth and the great Goddess Sophia are sending a message.

Thunder and Lightning in Winter

As the Gibbous phase waxes, high magic descends in the land of the Black Moon. From a cliff overlooking a valley, our motley crew of travelers watches the war party that has been trailing us. They have arrived at the convent of Venus’ destination earlier in the week.

But it isn’ta convent at all. A “convent” in the land of the Black Moon is a grove. Amid smoke and shadow, the war party’s magicians are performing a ritual to Venus and her sister Eris.

Perched on a pyre, the body of the old hero-king lies cold. A sickening wave of nostalgia, filled with pain, suffering, and death, wafts through the war party and off to far-away lands. Venus and Eris turn their heads in disgust.

Kali, our guide, has no reaction at all. She sees farther away and points to a rainbow on the horizon.

The Transformer Flame

Upon seeing us high on the cliff overlooking their ritual, the war party and its magicians scurry in all directions. Peace and harmony return to Venus’ grove. She quietly calls to us. The band of brothers -Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto -steps aside. Venus has words for us alone.

We follow her deep inside the open woods of her temple. She stops under a massive oak and turns to us. With a wave, the image of a roaring fire appears in her hand. It flickers as she rolls her fingers through it. She tells us the flame is an entity called The Transformer Flame and it is a gift from the Great Goddess Gaia-Sophia. We turn to Kali and she nods in approval.

The Transformer Flame is encoded to magnetically pull out whatever binds and enslaves us, whatever holds us back, and whatever we fear. Venus demonstrates how those types of things are drawn out and fly into the fire. They are transformed into raw energy that returns fresh and ready to be devoted to whatever we desire. We feel a strange stirring in our hearts as she asks us what needs to go.

Shooting for the Moon and Rainbows

Our companions on our journey this month, the band of brothers Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto, rejoin us in Venus’ grove today, but Venus is nowhere to be seen. Pluto eyes us carefully. He recognizes the telltale signs of the Transformer Flame’s work. He bows his head slightly in acknowledgment.

Kali tells us that it is time to continue. With one more day’s journey through the under land of the Black Moon,we will reach the border.

With that, the sky darkens and a swift wind stirs. The oaks rustle and from behind a giant trunk, a wolf appears followed closely by a long-haired beauty with a bow. It’s Diana, the Huntress, Goddess of the Moon.

Diana tells us she was sent by her father, Jupiter, the old sage we encountered earlier in our quest. She has come to accompany us through the remainder of the Black Moon’s domain, the most treacherous territory. We have reached this point on the eve of theFull Moon, she tells us. The underworld of the Black Moon comes most alive under this Moon. Fears morph into emotional storms. One brews now.

Branches lash like tentacles and whirlwinds whip all around. Diana raises her bow, arrow poised.

“Focus your intent and shoot anything that tries to overtake you,” she yells over the roar of the wind. “Whatever you do, don’t stop. Keep going. The Fear Winds will take you off into the shadows of this world and you will be lost in your illusions. Don’t be taken off course.”

Chiron -The Wounded Healer and Teacher

Outrunning the whirlwinds, we come to a screeching halt at the border of the Black Moon’s domain. Perched on the edge of a steep mountain range, we see walls of water pouring into unknown depths below. Through the mists,we see a shimmer of colors. It’s Kali’s rainbow!

Kali tells us that it isn’t a rainbow, exactly. It’s a bridge. With the slightest movement of her finger, the mists part. “Meet Chiron, the Keeper of the Rainbow Bridge.”

Mars comes forward to Chiron and with an uncharacteristically warm smile, slaps him on the back,and gathers him into a bear hug. Chiron was Mars’ teacher in the arts of war. They are old friends.

“The Rainbow Bridge appears at various points in space and time to transport travelers on a spiritual path,” Chiron says. “The bridge takes you out of shadows, fear, pain, and suffering…”

Standing at the entrance to Chiron’s rainbow bridge, Kali speaks:

“The properties of the Rainbow Bridge, the properties of light, are malleable and can produce a wide range of effects. This bridge has been configured like a prism that will filter into three parts: that which is held in high intention, that which is held in low intention, and that which is not yet determined. These energies will 7undergo refinement, as in processing. The high-minded energy is powerfully reinforced; the low-minded energy is scrubbed and polished; the neutral energy remains so.

Crossing the bridge is an ascent in consciousness. It changes the nature of personal reality and worldwide reality. Are you ready to go?”

A Lecture on Mind Phantoms

Our journey with the band of brothersturns into a strange trip. We find that instead of walking across the bridge, the bridge is transporting us. We are passengers, seated on a glowing floor around our teacher, Kali. In another place, the energetic fields of our physical and emotional bodies are being filtered through the prism, sorted into three categories: keep, transform, undecided. Our consciousness is here attending class.

Kali speaks:

“Each of you is a Rainbow Bridge, a bridge to the flowering of humanity. Your efforts are important. But there is one thing that undermines your course -distraction by illusion. Humanity, with its inherent code of sweetness, is easily fooled. Fear is continually projected to keep you in the shadows, detached from your greatness, and distracted from manifesting and actualizing that greatness.

Together, we are bringing down this illusion,this tyranny over the mind of humanity. Systems based in power and control are dissolving all around. It is a spectacle from which it is hard to turn away. Destruction is mesmerizing. This is where most people are getting stuck.

But look beyond to what’s underneath. The strength of thousands has upheld the truths of nature that were mostly eradicated. These truths have resonated from your heart and your deep connection with nature herself. They have formed the structure of the world that is emerging.

At this point in time, where do you place your focus? On what is dissolving or what is emerging? Do you wish to live in fear of the transformation or do you choose to look deeper into it?”

Kalidismisses class with homework:

“See the symbolism that is alla round you.”

Over the Chasms and Through the Colors

We find ourselves at the Disseminating phase of the Moon, far from where we started the journey back at the New Moon. With our comrades, the band of brothers, we’ve met wise teachers and received lessons about the transformation of life, witnessed dark magicians setting up events, traveled through the shadowy underland of the Black Moon, and fought off emotional whirlwinds with a Moon goddess.

Now we find ourselves transporting over chasms while the light subtly shifts between the colors of the rainbow. We have a panorama view of the landscape and we can see very far into the horizon.

Mars and Uranus are off to themselves, huddled around a point in the landscape. They seem to be engaged in communication with someone remote.

The Black Dogs

Kali utters a command. A portal off to the side opens and ten black dogs, shepherds, rush forward to take up positions around the perimeter of the bridge. Their gaze is fixed at various points out on the panoramic landscape. We look around at each other, confused and somewhat frozen in place in awe mixed with a tinge of fear. The energy of these magnificent beasts, standing guard around us, locked in watch, loaded with protective force, is palpable.

Mars and Uranus break from their huddle and rejoin us. “There is quite a battle waging outside,” Uranus tells us. “We will begin to feel the effects any time now.” And as if on cue, something impacts the bridge and we stumble a little.

Regaining his footing, Mars continues. “The dark magicians of my archenemy are attacking. They are staged ahead, attacking from behind a battlefield that is being held by my sister, Eris. She and her forces await us at the end of the bridge.”

Uranus continues, “The attack-spell combines command of the elements of nature –wind, fire, and water –with mastery over what humanity believes. This attack causes unsettling effects and creates disequilibrium in the psyche, which makes humanity ripe for the insertion of false reality.”

Eyeing us, watching the weight of recognition fall over us, Kali interrupts. “The rainbow bridge safely transports consciousness over chasms and through difficulties. All are guarded and protected,” she says with a flourish of her hand, proving the thought with a reminder of our watchdogs.

The Balance of the Spiritual Warrior

Mars continues his story.

“My archenemy is the archenemy of all, but I hunt him for one reason: to avenge my sister, Eris. He stalks her, incessantly waiting for the right moment to tap into her energy and distort it, reigning down chaos and destruction on humanity. She is a goddess of death and rebirth, the natural order of life, but she also holds fury, which makes her very powerful. Because she is a keeper of ancient magic, dark magicians try to capture her. But Eris is the Queen of the Battlefield, and when we are united no force can defeat us.”

The Tone of a Test

A tone resonates through the rainbow bridge and the light changes, bathing everything in warm gold. In response, our companions on this month’s journey, the band of brothers, stands at attention. Kali walks to the head of the bridge.

“At the end of every crossing of the rainbow bridge liesa reward, which comes only after completion of a test,” she tells us.

The Goddess of Liberty

Hearing the tone, the rebel goddess Eris, whose soul burns with the fires of freedom, looks up in the sky. A smile slowly arches across her face and mirth grows in her eyes. She turns to the dark magicians that she knows are watching from faraway lands when, birds, thousands of them –owls of all varieties -shoot out of the rainbow bridge, descending in trails of light.

Her party has arrived.

Headlines and Updates for September 20, 2019: Same Old Playbook [videos] ~ September 21, 2019

The White Hats are hitting the cabal hard and big moves are generating big counter-punches from the terrified deep state.

We know their only hope is to create WWIII but it ain’t happening. Evah!

Patriot Intel Report 09 20 19

Another interesting situation unfolded in Hawai’i the other day. Do you believe in coincidences? Not when we’re at war with the psychopathic cabal.

Hawaii police training sparks false emergency sirens

Here we go again. Why do they always do this to the people in the state of Hawai’i? They just happened to have a “drill” or training exercise. Quite often they go live and become one of those all-too-familiar “false flag” events that may have casualties.

Did someone prevent the cabal from using their “earthquake machine” to create a tsunami? Or was this just a sick prank to try to instill fear?

Patrick Byrne of makes a bold move.

Read about it here…

Patrick Byrne sells his Overstock shares, but blames the SEC and ‘Deep State’

Or listen here…

Overstock Founder Sells All! Patrick Byrne vs The Deep State – The Gloves ARE OFF!!!

Chinese Woman Pleads Guilty to Running Massive ‘Birth Tourism’ Scheme

About those Chinese plans to infiltrate America…

Some might think we’re conspiracy theorists when we say the Chinese planned to take over America and destroy it along with the American people, but it’s not theory, as new information continues to suggest. The constant conquest and manipulation of Humanity has always been in play, just subtly so as not to alert the natives. We slept through most of it.

It’s not the Chinese people who are to blame, any more than it’s the American people trying to destroy America; it’s the Illuminati/New World Order/deep state cabal executing long-laid plans to dominate the world. The Chinese people are slaves, as are the rest of Humanity, and they need to be freed as well.

Trump is cutting the strings operating the puppets, and the people of the world know it. That is why they put paper mâché Trumpinators in their parades and sing the American national anthem. When Q says the US military under the advisement of the Commander-in-Chief are “saving Humanity”, they are being quite literal.

It’s not about them, however. They have said, “Do not glorify us.” They merely activated Humanity to do what it was determined we would do at this time; the time of the Great Awakening. We are all awakening from a nightmare and the future will be glorious.

The evil ones are fighting for their survival just as we are fighting for ours, but as they say, battles are won before they’re even fought—and we have won this one. It’s all over but the screaming. You can hear that every day in the fake news; most of it emanating from Washington and the fake politicians, or the UK and the remaining EU players. We’re all fighting this battle for freedom together. WWG1WGA599

Do Not Glorify Us

Q !UW.yye1fxo 23 Jan 2018 – 4:03:59 PM Do not glorify us.
WE are ALL Patriots.
Honor those who serve.
Where we go one, we go all.

…and from Q+ (President Trump?)1358

Truth Must be Earned

Q!4pRcUA0lBE 12 May 2018 – 11:54:08 PM Trust must be earned.
Trust is not blind, nor is truth.
We fight every single day on behalf of you, the people who put us here.
We knew this day would come.
We will never forget.
Do not glorify us.
We are merely the vehicle.
You are what matters.
You are hope.
You are love.
You are peace.
Stay united.
Stay together.
Stay strong.
This is bigger than any one person or entity.
You are fighting for truth – collectively.
Will of the people.
Trust in yourself.
The choice will always be yours.
God bless you all.
Where we go one, we go ALL.

Ship’s bell on President John F. Kennedy’s yacht

Here’s the Oracle Report for today and yesterday, but also the long range forecast, or “big picture” and “little picture” as Laura says. So much wisdom, and we need all the help we can get. Laura’s reports feel like the voice of equanimity in the maelstrom. We are here to master being Human, and we can do this—with a little help from our “friends and family”.

THE ORACLE REPORT | September 19, 2019 – “The Golden Rule With Mars and Pluto”

THE ORACLE REPORT | September 20, 2019 – “In Mastery”

Dave brought us another great summary on the X22 Report last evening. Alice, Wonderland, flowers in the garden… fascinating.

Setup Needed Before Declass, Tarmac Back In The News, Prisons Prepped – Episode 1974b

Dave also uploaded this X22 Spotlight with Bob Kudla, as mentioned above.

Charges Coming, Timing Is Everything, The Enemy Has Been Revealed: Bob Kudla

Speaking of “prisons prepped”, we have an update on the military tribunal pre-trials at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Don’t panic. Linda explains. It will all work out in the end and the perps will pay. The stage is being set.

9/11 GTMO Watch – KSM et al Will NEVER Make it to the Date Set for Trial

The world needs to know the truth about Hollywood, and investigative journalist Tiffany Fitzhenry has an earful for us on George Clooney and friends. They’re all actors and imposters playing roles to deceive and manipulate the people; to keep them in a trance-like state and distract them so they don’t look at the reality; to tell them what to think and to support the illusion.

They are the opposite of us, of Humanity, and the qualities attributed to the People above in the Q post. Whatever you do, don’t glorify Hollywood imposters. Don’t watch them on TV or go to their movies. Turn them off.

You can read Tiffany’s article at her website, here.

Behind The Illusion; George Clooney

You can also listen to the abridged version here, with Thomas at TRUreporting.

Behind The Illusion: George Clooney :coded:

The controllers love to laugh at the stupid Humans and insert truth disguised as entertainment. Is this innocent cartoon entertainment… or derision for their prey? Thanks, S.

The United States doesn’t exist in a vacuum. If you listened to the Abel Danger show yesterday you heard that while we know of two cannibal restaurants in the States; Los Angeles and New York, that there are many of them in Canada.

A retired Marine intelligence officer on Agent Margaritaville’s team is a master researcher (better than hacker Gary McKinnon), and has been uncovering all sorts of fascinating information about Humans as prey. Names, contacts, all of it.

Major work is ongoing behind the scenes by “those who don’t sleep”. When long-time warriors like Margaritaville lose their composure just talking about it, you know it’s bad. The only question is, “how bad?” We’re going to find out.


Is President Trump solely responsible for the upheaval and the stench of the draining swamp? No, of course not. He is working in concert with not only the positive US military, but cooperative elements in many countries and untold armies of civilians who are awake and actively doing the legwork required to bring down the evil network that has enslaved and preyed upon us for so long.

Trump is the “face man”. He’s the one in the public eye, the visible target taking the flack, along with more prominent members of his family and administration like Mike Pompeo. Those who speak out in public take the heat, but they know the score and are like willows in the wind. They bend and sway gracefully and return to position, prepared for the next vitriolic gust. Warriors all.

Don’t let the trolls tell you that #TheStorm is not here, or that Trump is not exposing the the deliberate inaction by previous criminal administrations who allowed the evil of child sex trafficking to metastasize and flourish.

— Joe M (@StormIsUponUs) September 20, 2019

I suddenly decided to go to Sedona today so this post is late. ~ BP