All Military Planes Dropped Off Radar in DC July 15 & California Power Outage ~ July 16, 2019

Editor’s Note: Ah, yes…the lunar eclipse is moments away and it looks as if all things are getting very interesting! We ALL need to remember our hearts at this moment…how we consider ourselves. It’s NOT based on your role in society, nor on how much money you make.

Rather, it’s all about how you feel about yourself in your gut, your core being, your heart. Take this moment to carve out space for yourself, consider your true reality, and be…



This was posted yesterday on Twitter, and the power outage, as well. Thanks, R.

Well this is interesting, to say the least and I can’t post the Tweet, only embed or link.

The subsequent comments were fun, too, being this is the nearing the anniversary of the disappearance of JFK Jr. in his plane.

Also, A&E hosts their special on the life of JFK Jr. tonight.

“A week to remember.” ~ Q

Possibly this week will be a very memorable one. We’ll see. They love trolling the psychopaths.

“Lights out” and “Wheels up”.


Anonymous 07/15/19 (Mon) 20:47:50

Every military plane around DC just dropped off of radar on the map. (there were a few others, they all went dark)


— Josie WWG1WGA God is so Amazing! (@Josiegirlz5) July 16, 2019

Here’s another power outage report, too from SoCal yesterday. Only about 1400 people, thankfully in Valencia, but over 12K in other areas. Energy wave, some ask?

Headlines and Updates for January 18, 2019; Good vs Evil [videos] ~ January 18, 2019

The top news has to be the intel drops from Thomas Williams last night about the deep state’s outrageous plan to eliminate President Trump and install Nancy Pelosi as President. It seems the new frequencies on the planet are so potent they’ve caused the globalists to go quite mad.

Not only are the psychopaths not capitulating, as they writhe in their death throes they are ramping up the violence and risqué schemes to take control of America with renewed false flag violence (Paris and Syria), MS13 abduction attempts on the Trust team members, and attempts at blowing up the White House and the President (the man from Georgia arrested by the FBI) and more planned, as Thomas relates.

The strategy of note—a 9/11-scale event—was to take out the President during the State of the Union address on January 29; hence Pelosi’s setting the stage about “security” concerns and calling for the cancellation of the address. See how that works? Boom!

Thomas is going to initiate a petition to remove Nancy Pelosi. Their plan is treason, obviously, and their evil continues to new heights. When the link is available we will share it, and we will need to move fast here in the alt news community.

Thomas itemized several key matters of importance in the intel report last night you will want to hear for yourself. There are many strategies in play to destabilize and destroy America and not all of it is playing out in the States yet.

It’s visible in other places, however, as Thomas points out the relevance of items in the news and those that don’t make it there—some of which we have noted, such as the gasoline shortages in Mexico and the chaos anticipated there.

While there is a never-ending stream of fantasy and fear porn on the Internet, things could get grim, so prepare.

This is war, and in ways, very dark and dangerous times. So many are sticking their necks out in this final sprint to our liberation and in our meditation this weekend we might want to surround the warriors with Light and protection.

Listen to the archived audio of last night’s call, January 17, on

As we continue to stress, even more than physical this is a spiritual war; Light vs dark, good vs evil, love vs hate. It’s ugly, and we have to fight hard, but we have a lot of help and we can and will win.

What keeps coming to mind is an old tune from Canada’s Bruce Cockburn masterfully redone by the Barenaked Ladies and before its time; Lovers, in a Dangerous Time. That would be us. We’re the lovers. I hope our breakthrough to the Light is close at hand.


You may have heard the chatter about the radar anomalies recently that were officially chalked up to “chaff” dispersed by military planes. Not sure how many believed that, but we have video now of something that may have shown up on the radar that isn’t chaff, and Mr. MBB shows us what chaff is.

The anomalies are as yet unidentified, making them UFOs. They don’t fly exactly, but they appear to be winged objects; stationary wings. Winged discs or orbs? Hmmmm…

It’s fascinating how these fixed-wing objects move en masse. Definitely not “weather balloons” or good ol’ Alabama “swamp gas”.

Cobra feels we have an excellent chance of meeting the critical mass for the global “Return of the Light” eclipse meditation this weekend, and while many want guidance for how to do the meditation, some are reticent about the details.

We are Beings of free will and if you would prefer to envision something different that’s meaningful to you, as long as you are pure of heart and intent for the highest good for all concerned, you can substitute, of course. Your energy/Light will be welcome. Always think for yourself and be true to yourself. You are the creator in this reality.

It’s a topsy-turvy world, and what we believed was fantasy is real, and vice-versa. This news makes a lot of people happy. Thanks, L.

Never say “never”, eh? Remember “When Hell Freezes Over”? The Eagles took flight again.

Space travel isn’t fantasy. We’re going to the stars, baby—with Patrick Stewart.

Patrick Stewart Gets Emotional Announcing Return To Captain Picard Role – 8-4-18

The bad apples are being forced out—and there are a lot of corrupt people in the Republican party, make no mistake.

GOP Rep. Tom Marino Abruptly Resigns After Winning Re-Election in November

Jesse discusses the questionable habits of Nancy Pelosi in the past with respect to travel, as well as the weather anticipated we need to be aware of—80 – 100″ of snow in three days? Weather is extreme, earth changes are extreme, people are extreme… everything is extreme.

QAnon has been silent for a few days, but someone mentioned that it is probably significant that one of the first details about the explosion in central Paris last weekend involved a bakery. After Q dropped 4 “booms!”. I didn’t make the association, but… bakery, QAnon breadcrumbs, the bakers… an interesting connection.

Jim Stone has a lot of stuff currently that doesn’t resonate but had this to say about the Paris attack, which we felt was an attack, and not ignited with gas.


The official story was that a bakery had a gas leak, and that blew everything up.

Looking at the damage, i knew it was a bomb or missile strike blamed on gas. Now we have the truth: The bakery owner is asking how a gas leak in his bakery caused the blast when all of his stoves are electric. BUSTED.

Once again I called it right.

No doubt the French government did the bombing, and figured a bakery “gas explosion” would be good cover. If terrorists did that bombing, they’d have claimed credit. No one claiming credit means: Macron wanted someone at that location dead, and either bombed it from an aircraft, or with a cruise missile or something else. This proves my “gas explosion drone strike” theory to be bang on, and the French don’t do their homework as well as the U.S. intelligence agencies do beforehand. BUSTED.

BONUS: Two days after the explosion, they still can’t find the origin of the gas leak!!! HA HA, that’s because the people doing the investigation don’t know it was probably precision munitions.

I need to go, so I’m leaving this update here for now.  ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for December 3, 2018: Justice Served—Appetizers Only; Full Course Meal to Come [videos] ~ December 3, 2018

See the December 3 QAnon breadcrumbs here.

David Zublick says GHW Bush 41, indicted on September 10, 2018 was “McCained”, as part of a plea deal to maintain his dignity and legacy—as suspected. Hallelujah! Here’s the exclusive.

And he deserves to maintain his dignity because…??? Why do the wishes of these mass-murdering, treasonous, Human-parasite psychopaths matter? They’re lucky they weren’t subject to public hanging.

Military Tribunals To Begin In January

Remember the Minneapolis bride murdered in her pyjamas by a police officer? Here’s the update. Sometimes there is justice—but never enough for an innocent life taken. We live in a sick society.

Prosecutors: Killer-Cop Mohamed Noor ‘Shot To Kill” Unarmed Pyjama-Clad Justine Damond

SpaceX launched another rocket this morning, and I heard them say there were “64 satellites headed to sun-synchronous orbit”…and there was much lame clapping and cheering. Was that the true payload/purpose? Why, on top of the hundreds already in orbit, do we need 64 more satellites? How do we know they aren’t more weapons?

Here is detailed documentation about Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs), microwave weapons and lasers, used on Californians and how they melt, vapourize and damage targets. It’s a PDF of almost 400 pages you can read—or just scan the Table of Contents as this vlogger, Carol, outlines as she reads excerpts from the document. She postulates that the reason the control freaks are collecting all our personal data is so they know our potential vulnerabilities to exploit us as targets, particularly for “soft kills”. Read it for yourself.


I guess they didn’t get the message from the President.

Nearly 200 Illegal Immigrants Arrested Trying to Cross the US Border

Who thinks it’s AOK to allow anyone and everyone into their country? THIS is the perfect example of what some of these “migrants” do on a regular basis. This is common knowledge, and it is the reason for the border wall. Only the globalists and their brainwashed followers fight this safety feature.

Border Agents Discover Body Of 6-Year-Old Girl: “She Was Raped By 30 Men”

When you invite foreigners into your country, you had better ensure they are compatible with your customs, beliefs and social mores—or pay the price. Compared to European and Western society, some of these people—men, in particular—are heathens, and they have no intention of adjusting to our culture. This is what you can expect, America, if you let unvetted people into your country. Ask the women of Sweden, Germany, Britain and other countries where the psychopaths have forced migration of middle eastern men or those of the muslim faith.

German women are bushmeat to migrants

Fortunately, our laws support the building of the wall because as we all know, nothing is more important than, “National Security”.

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a challenge from 3 conservation groups to Trump’s border wall because it threatened endangered species and violated environmental laws.

Read the article…

These distractions are infuriating. A day of mourning, indeed. I hope that’s just a story for something more important going on for D5.

Tom Fitton: Cohen Plea Deal is Mueller Operation’s ‘DESPERATE’ Attempt to Remain Relevant

The Real Reasons Hurricane Michael Attacked Florida: An Insider’s View [video] ~ October, 12, 2018

Floating radar platform used to create superstorms

Was Hurricane Michael used to take out Florida voting stations—and masses of Republican voters?

Yesterday I shared an important article from State of the Nation about the real reasons the deep state created and unleashed Hurricane Michael on Florida. It may leave unsuspecting people a little shaken because it reveals the truth and our vulnerability.

The editor of, Michael, is a very private guy and stays in the shadows, but since he lives in Tallahassee, Florida, he took that act of terrorism personally and he felt it was important to make it clear to the public what that was about so he did an interview with Douglas Gabriel at  American Intelligence Media. Douglas isn’t feeling the best, but he felt it was important enough to do this for us, and I’m glad these two made it happen.

It’s such an important video. If you can only listen to one, today, I would say choose this one. It’s only 27 minutes.

That hurricane was the dark’s attempt to influence the midterm election because they know this election will determine if the deep state can retain any influence in Washington at all.

It’s so important for Americans to vote Republican this time around. It has never been more important to vote the right way. The wrong way could mean the end of America. It’s that serious. We must have a “red wave” this Red October and November to save the Republic.

Please listen to the video.  If you haven’t read the article, you can do that at this link. Please share both with people you feel might benefit from knowing about this.  ~ BP

Weather Terrorism Obliterates MAGA Panhandle

Weather Wars, Weirdness and the Controversial Evidence of an Epic, Global Coverup [videos] ~ September 11, 2018

Editor’s Note: Thank goodness for this rather detailed report from Starship Earth about the truly weird weather and visits from our positive ET cousins. The truth is stranger than fiction, my friends,and it seems to me that this will be the last (one of the last?)hurrah for the cabal.

They are trying so hard, but we all know that “Love Wins#! Please read, take a peek at your sky outside, and…



We never know what we’re going to wake up to each day any more. Giraffes in the snow in South Africa, for Pete’s sake? Since when are giraffes and caribou interchangable?

Not only do we have increasingly violent “Earth changes” to deal with, we have the powers-that-were adding their spin to things; exacerbating storms, earthquakes and other potentially dangerous events in, on, and around our planet.

From Jamie at ‘A Plane Truth’ we have a video that goes into the “craft” in our skies contributing to the chaos, hiding in the clouds, MAKING clouds and seeding clouds. In other words, manipulating the weather.

Perhaps this will clarify the video below that Ben Fulford pointed us to in his September 3 update.

Project Blue Screen Updated; BUSTED!!! Several Demonic Drones Photographed

Benjamin Fulford included this next video in his update and it doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. Be sure to wait for the zoom.

Having seen this, is it any surprise that the President and his cabinet are announcing the formation of a “space fleet”? Clearly, the technology the military have is FAR beyond anything they have let on—courtesy of American tax payers. We have ourselves to thank.

Does it look like gravity is a problem for these massive craft above, or the ones flying in and out of them?

Thousands of us now know the “secret” space program is decades old and no secret. And there’s more than one. The President is just breaking it gently.

We’ve heard the tech the world’s military is using in their “secret” space programs is anywhere from 50 to 100 years advanced over what they show us—so it’s probably more.

We learned of the TR3B Astra 5 years ago or more, and while some may pass it off as the latest “secret military aircraft”, it is anything but.

You can bet that if we’re seeing and hearing about the TR3B and the patent is now in the public domain, that they have craft light years beyond this now. Humanity only gets military cast-offs when they have something better to wear.

It’s important to note, however, that many folks have seen and photographed triangular craft in the skies over our cities in regular neighbourhoods. They hover in the dark… silently and stealthily. What are they doing? Surveillance? Watching? Listening? Are they friend or foe? Everything that happens on this planet they don’t want to tell us about is due to “national security”. We’ve had enough of the coverups.

President Trump is all about transparency and getting us up to speed, however, so the lies won’t be clouding the truth much longer.

I took the following photo in the Phoenix, AZ area on July 29, 2018 at 6:15 pm. Have you ever seen such fake clouds? The sky was covered with them and they developed quickly. More nights than not, chemtrails would rapidly cover the western sky in cloud and we wouldn’t see the sun set.

With their machinery manufacturing clouds, is it any wonder it does nothing but rain in the Eastern US, and the drought continues in the West? Does anyone think that’s an accident? “Climate change” is a myth; a cover-up for the treasonous efforts to engineer the weather.

We’ve seen video footage from ‘1PacificRedwood’ channel showing us how they pulse low pressure systems off the coast of California with heat to break them up so they don’t bring rain. California being a major food-producing region of the United States means that long term that is problematic.

Rain would make California less favourable for the future plan of purposeful “wildfires” in the parched forests of Northern California ignited via lasers-DEWs and man-made lightning.

Chemtrails, we’re told, are sprayed partially to render the atmosphere conducive to that kind of technology creating a powerful “incendiary device” to torch millions of acres of land. There are no accidents.

Many countries signed a Treaty in the late ’70s pledging not to use “weather weapons” on their allies. No worries. The United States rogue military under the New World Order uses weather weapons on their own citizenry. There’s no crime in that, is there?

The inconvenient truth is, if you can control the planet’s weather, you can control the agriculture. You can create feast or famine, and if there’s a way to destroy a civilization—it’s through starvation. We won’t even get into the social evils that erupt from lack and desperation.

When a “freak snow storm” or freezing temperatures hit a nation that don’t normally see that, it can decimate crops—as can hurricanes, floods, landslides, hail storms, tornadoes and wildfires.

Fortunately, Donald. J. Trump signed into being an Executive Order or two that will mean people committing treason, sedition, and Human Rights Violations will be punished to the extreme letter of the law.

Unfortunately, it’s not only the people who are suffering. We’ve seen countless videos of our wildlife wandering around dazed and confused—sometimes lashing out at Humans in their painfully disoriented state due to the manipulation of our reality. We’ve heard all sorts of convincing rationalization as to why, such as “they’re dehydrated”, or “it’s isolated rabies”. I’m not buying it.

They experiment on the life on this planet all the time. Why do we think entire pods of whales and dolphins beach themselves? Why are there whales and dolphins bleeding from their “ears”? Why do entire flocks of birds fall en masse from the sky? Why are there gigantic fish die-offs washing up on beaches? Something is desperately wrong with our world, folks. It’s UN-real.

What is reality? Does anyone know any more?

If you’re not familiar with the Boogey Man channel, Andrew may have some surprises for you. Some ‘un-real’ surprises.

What The Hell-NO Is Going On In Our Skies Today ?!?

Sean Gautreaux has discovered the trick to exposing the cloaked craft in our skies. It’s mindblowing what a little tinkering with the camera will do.

WHO/WHAT Is In Our Skies, War in the Heavens, Water Elementals, Angels, Demons, Triangle Craft?

The star footage I’ve seen on the Internet fascinates me because when I look to the sky at night, with the naked eye I see “stars” that are flashing red, green and blue lights—exactly like one of the stars in this video below. Stars didn’t always look this way.

At 3:45 in the video below we see a star called “Denab” and it looks exactly like the ones I see that have me transfixed. My binoculars aren’t powerful so I don’t get this good a look, and it’s wonderful to see this close up. What the hell is that? THAT is a star?

I have to agree that the images certainly resemble the patterns I see on the bottom of my pool when the sun filters through the ripples.

Are people who speak of the “water” beyond the firmament disinfo artists? Are they really conspiracy theorists and whack-jobs? IS THE EARTH FLAT?

Why do rockets always arc instead of going straight up? Why do researchers’ small experimental rockets with cameras attached suddenly stop on a dime when they reach 73 miles altitude? Are those all hoaxes?

Maybe the Earth isn’t flat or maybe it is, and maybe it has a dome over it—even an “atmospheric one”, but where the hell ARE we? We are not in a real world.

Call me crazy, but I always assumed stars were solid spheres like the moon, the sun, earth. And now the moon doesn’t look solid, either. So what is going on?

Do people ever wonder why the sun and the moon—vastly different in volume, according to scientists—look the same size to us?

Clearly, we don’t live where they’ve led us to believe we do.  And if they would keep all this a secret, why believe them about anything? Our entire education from our exit from the womb to this moment has been a lie?

I think there’s a very good reason NASA is known as, “Never A Straight Answer”.

This is another good video exploring the concepts above, and at the 10:55 mark we can see clouds drifting BEHIND the moon.

Moon And Sun Proven to Be Only Miles In the Sky Oops!

So, what’s the deal, folks? Why does what thousands of people are seeing around and above us not match the narrative? What are all these gadgets and craft doing in our skies? Why doesn’t anyone but the alternative media speak of them? Who put them there? Who is operating them? Why aren’t we told?

A rational person could only come to the conclusion that they must be hiding something. Why? And who is “they”?

We knew about the sun simulator months ago, and there’s a very old patent, but no one in a position of authority or the media ever mentions it, so they’re hiding something, and I don’t like it. I am sick of the lies and coverups. I’m fed up with being manipulated and managed. Aren’t you?

I don’t know what’s going on, but it appears there is a firewall between us and the real sky—or something. We’ve seen video of clouds floating behind the moon. That is only possible if a) the moon is not as far away as I was taught in school or b) we’re not seeing the real sky, and it’s a projection or some other construct.

What are those shadows cast by clouds reflecting off of? A shadow has to be cast ONTO something. What is there above the clouds to cast a shadow on to????

Is the fakery related to Earth being under quarantine? Is that it?

Because if that backdrop to the heavens people are documenting is a visual to appease the masses because the cabal has been purposely trapped and contained here by the Light Forces so they have to face the music and can’t further contaminate the civilizations who have already purged them, then I can live with that.

I just want someone in a place of respected authority to come out and say it. Then I might believe it. MIGHT. And don’t bring me Neil deGrasse Tyson!

I certainly hope President Trump, President Putin and whoever else is relegated with the task, will respect us enough to come clean about the snow job past administrations have done on We, the People, and take us through the 21st century in an honest, honourable way.

Knowing and seeing the above documentation, we are hard pressed to accept that anything in our world is real any more.

We are sovereign Humans and we deserve the truth. People can accept it, or leave. Anyone who doesn’t want to live in the real world can look for a better one.

Because I hate being lied to I am so appreciative of the folks who bring us the spectacular footage of what they are discovering in our reality that the ones running the world continue to bury and censor.

You may want to keep an eye on The Watchers site for updates on what they’re doing to our weather and the global anomalies that are either natural or man-made.  ~ BP