Headlines and Updates for July 1, 2020: Happy Canada Day! New Q & Apocolypse Never [videos] ~ July 1, 2020

It’s astonishing to see July arrive so far ahead of schedule. I wasn’t expecting it for another couple of weeks. You? The locomotive called “Father Time” is a runaway and we’re just along for the ride. Faster and faster and faster it goes until now events whizzing by the windows are a dizzying blur. Hang on tight, we’re coming into a curve and a lurch could send you flying. You’ve been warned: strap yourselves in.

Happy Canada Day to The Great White North, where we do not live in igloos and the nation is actually larger than the United States—just to set some silly misconceptions and manipulated maps right. Perception management is all the rage and facts matter, Q reminds us.

And speaking of Q, the team had some visibility at the celebrations in Ottawa. WWG1WGA! Canadians—at least a big chunk of them—are awake and building the New Canada. I’ve seen a few “WWG1WGA” signs. Go Q!

The intrepid Norm Traversy along with a big crowd of protestors are delivered documents to the US consulate with the evidence of pedophilia and other crimes within the government so they will be forced to respond. Unless they simply ignore it as they always have. I’m thinking things are a little different now, however.

The crowd is rambunctious but orderly and so far it’s very peaceful with the police kindly attending to someone who may have succumbed to heat exhaustion as it’s 29C there.

I have one eye on the festivities in Ottawa while I put this post together.


‘CHOP’ Falls: Seattle Police Disband Autonomous Zone, Reclaim Precinct

This is a July 1st Q drop with more valuable “intel” for our greater understanding. You can see the newer ones here.


BLM is a Front to Funnel Cash Donations to Biden, Promoters and Other D Service Providers

Q!!Hs1Jq13jV6 1 Jul 2020 – 7:36:21 AM What % [of total] of BLM donations between June 1 – July 1 went to the Biden campaign for president?
What % [of total] of Biden’s campaign for president donations [money raised] came from BLM donations [past month]?
Worth tracking.
Why is BLM pushed every 4-years?
Who pays for Sharpton to fly private?
Does BLM ‘donated’ money end up in Sharpton’s [+other ‘propped up’ narrative drivers] foundation [National Action Network (NAN)] and/or other private account(s)?
What outside [F] groups donate large sums of money to BLM ‘knowing’ it is then routed to Biden campaign for president and other ‘friendly’ [D] service providers?
How do you avoid campaign finance laws?
How do you ‘wash’ [clean] money?
Is this about improving the quality of life for Black Americans OR SOMETHING ELSE?

We’ve warned about the “climate crisis hoax” for a long time, folks. Whichever way the wind blows they change the terminology to try to suck a few more people in.

Because facts matter, we have stiff admiration for the cahones of climate activist Michael Shellenberger who has the nerve to support the climate crisis hoax and now says “sorry”, admitting the Coronavirus pandemic puts climate ‘crisis’ into perspective. Really? How? One hoax diminishes the importance of another?

Yes, a simple apology is sufficient to the control freaks for the monstrous lies and manipulations to secure “carbon tax” funds from the already strapped citizens who just want to do the altruistic thing and save their planet. I wonder how much these “experts” and “scientists” were paid to go along with the charade. I’ll bet Shellenberger sleeps better now.

Little Greta sailed around on a beautiful yacht. We say, “How dare you!”

Environmentalist Issues Apology for Misleading ‘Climate Alarmism’

I dare say the Coronavirus DID put a lot of other things into perspective for a great many people. They’re finally understanding that “experts” lie—or perhaps at the very least “massage the truth”—when they’re not outright creating a massive disinformation campaign and coverup, that is with the assistance of their lackeys, the mainstream media.

Sometimes they tell the truth, however—a decade in advance! They love to tease and titillate the peasants with “predictive programming”, giggling and tittering in the wings amid smug smiles because we just don’t get it. They led us to believe it was “entertainment” when all along they were telling us what they were going to do. They open the playbook now and again so they can feel better about their inconceivable evil deeds. If we don’t object… it’s AOK to proceed. In their twisted little psychotic minds, they told us.

This blast from the past is a perfect example. Ten years ago the Simpsons predicted a human health crisis. Like COVID-19. Q-incidence?

Is it any wonder we call it a “plan-demic”?

And the CV19 scamdemic seems to give medical staff the right to play god.

Texas hospital starves quadriplegic COVID-19 patient to death against wife’s protests

The ones who have been running the world believe they are gods, you see; here to manage the herd as they see fit.

The most imperfect ones—the elderly and those with disabilities—they’re to be culled, apparently, and they’re not even trying to hide it. They’re just doing it. In our faces. That’s what this world has come to, my friends. It’s shocking to Human sensibilities.

Independent journalist Jon Rappaport continues to chronicle the hideous fallout from the globalists’ “plandemic” and subsequent lockdowns. You WILL NOT hear this on the lamestream news, folks. It’s rarely the virus killing anyone. It’s not that virulent.

Murder by lockdown: details from a dozen countries

Make that 13, plus one city, New York

“We now have mortality data for the first few months of 2020 for many countries, and, as you might expect, there were steep increases associated with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in each one.”

“Surprisingly, however, these increases did not begin before the lockdowns were imposed, but after. Moreover, in almost every case, they began immediately after. Often, mortality numbers were on a downward trend before suddenly reversing course after lockdowns were decreed.”

“This is an astonishing finding…”

“You will notice that only after each country (or city) was locked down did the increases begin. Moreover, they began immediately, and in nearly every case, precipitously.”

Read the rest here…    and more related articles here.

This activity took place yesterday, June 30th. Just an FYI.

We have a LOT of search activity happening right now over Baltimore MD and the general area… pic.twitter.com/h5c3XR75Ac

🐾MilSpecOpsMonkey🐾 (@mil_ops) June 30, 2020

They’re not all getting away with their crimes [against Humanity]. Kip Simpson tells us four council members in Toledo, Ohio were arrested on Tuesday. You can listen or read along with Kip in this video.


Folks are going to be learning a whole lot more about the “experts” who have been running the world and their seedy lives; much of which would curl the toes of most decent folk.

Fox News Anchor Ed Henry Fired

The Patriots are losing their patience with the terrorists. They deserve whatever they get, in my opinion. If you stand in front of a vehicle—salute the bumper and maybe say hello to the undercarriage. You asked for it. We’re not intimidated. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. If you want to protest, follow the etiquette for peaceful protests. You have no right to impact the safe travel of sovereign Beings.

After what we have seen on the streets of America the past two weeks, how do you think someone is going to respond when a protestor approaches the window of the vehicle and wants to chat?

TERROR ALERT: “Protestor” shoots at SUV on city block – VIDEO

One reason ANTIFA and BLM psychos are so violent and have behavioural problems is because few have taken them to task. Perhaps they should go back to kindergarten to learn some manners as to how to fit into civilized society. Behave, or get arrested or… run over. Your choice.

Black Lives Matter Protester Trying to Block Car Carrying Iowa Governor “Shocked” When Hit as Car Driven Right Through Him

The Miracles Intel Call is coming up again tonight for patriots everywhere, because what happens in America ultimately affects what happens everywhere else. Listen in via your phone or log in via the app. Details are below Scott’s news summary.

The next Miracles Intel Conference Call will be this coming WEDNESDAY NIGHT, JULY 1, 2020 beginning approximately 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET.

Our pre-call will open approximately 6:30 PT / 9:30 PM ET — PLEASE DO NOT LOG ON TO OUR CALL UNTIL AROUND 6:30 PM PT.




  • One year ago at this time, the Patriots, the U.S. Military/“Q” Military Intelligence and President Trump apparently were finalizing some very big plans to begin to the process of moving America forward into a brave new world. However, at the 11th hour, those plans evidently were called off.
  • In fact we know this to be true, because approximately two and half weeks earlier on June 14, 2019 during a press conference at the White House, the President himself  gave a preview when he said “we’re going to have another big announcement in two weeks”. And he also said, “it will be a very big announcement. Nobody knows what it is. It’s going to be a big surprise, but it’s going to be a really pleasant one.”
  • Instead, the nation was treated to the “A Salute to America” event which featured a massive display of U.S. Military firepower and flying machines from nearly all branches of the service. All of which deliberately flew right over the top of the obelisk — the Washington Monument — in nothing-less-than a major and spectacular show of force against the the Deep State.
  • From the sheer size and scope of the super-patriotic “A Salute to America,” it was clear a tremendous amount of planning and preparation went into this event and it seems clear something more was scheduled to happen on July 4, 2019 than what we actually saw.
  • Then, in April of this year during another press conference, President Trump said he was planning on a second “A Salute to America” at the National Mall similar to the 2019 event. However, due to the lingering Coronavirus pandemic those plans have since been revised.


  • On June 19, 2020, the White House issued a brief statement indicating the second annual “A Salute to America” event this Fourth of July, will be scaled back significantly and will be held at the White House and Elipse Park.


  • Of course, the entire nation is still dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and mask wearing in public so many scheduled Fourth of July events across America have been outright cancelled, or scaled back as well.
  • Yet here we are, one year later and A LOT OF HUGE, HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENTS have unfolded by the week throughout the year 2020, and have set the course to restore America’s original Constitutional Republic, which quite honestly, now seems more possible than ever before.
  • Meanwhile, both the U.S. House and Senate are scheduled to be out of session until July 6, 2020.


  • All in all, the intel we have received from high level sources has indicated a very big announcement is forthcoming from President Trump regarding the status of our American Republic — and perhaps even much more!! Therefore, it may be a very, VERY exciting Fourth of July weekend like no other. However, we must remain cautiously optimistic given what transpired last year.
  • And all of this is happening as America has come under extreme attack from a radical, far-left, Socialist/Marxist insurgency which is terrorizing major cities across our land. Wow, can it get anymore dramatic?
  • Finally, as usual, we continue to request to please keep all of these great, GREAT PATRIOTS of the U.S. Military, “Q” /Military Intelligence, the Earth Alliance and President Donald Trump in your prayers at this most crucial time period in world history. IN GOD WE TRUST AND GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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Thank you for your support,
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I would add that Agent Margaritaville told Field McConnell one year ago that we should watch the skies during the Independence Day festivities last year for some unexpected craft. They were there, but it was cloudy so the orbs or “light ships” were difficult to see. Agent Margaritaville shared the proof in a video. The probs for Washington and Keystone, SD are mostly sunny so we’ll see what happens this year.

We’re expecting explosive news in the next few days, folks. Let us hope the globalist psychopaths will not be successful in blocking our forward momentum as they have so many times in the past. From what Q has alluded I think we’re about to make a break for it. Stay tuned.

As luck would have it, my Internet connection disappeared this morning for a few moments and we could see more of that. Hopefully the patriots will be able to keep our comms functioning so we can continue to share the news—the REAL news. It just might be BIG news.

Do the lunatic left have an inkling of what may be about to be “unleashed”? Don’t take any chances. Maintain situational awareness and avoid large gatherings—not because of a stupid flu virus—because of sleeper cells that may be activated to do damage and harm innocent people.  ~ BP

The Late Edition for June 1, 2020: Explosions Audible Prior to President’s Address from the Rose Garden [videos] ~ June 1, 2020

Let’s start on a positive note. Good one, D.

The President’s address will begin soon and while we wait, we hear explosions and see smoke, presumably from flash bangs near the White House. Unbelievable. Historic times, my friends. It sounds like a war zone there with helicopters, shouting, etc.

When we ask everyone to remain vigilant, we need eyes in the back of our heads every moment, everywhere. Maintain situational awareness. See something, say something. You never know—it could save lives and/or property. The more you know.

Whoever captures footage of a dropoff wins the internet. https://t.co/w3cEtqJEWD

— Julian’s Rum 🥃 (@JuliansRum) June 1, 2020

We’re getting more valid perspectives on the COVID hoax. It’s nearly lost its steam and influence with most people at this point. Thank goodness.  Thanks, J. This is an excellent article—I mean “leak”.

More people are dying because of state-imposed Corona-measures than they are being killed by the virus.

German Official Leaks Report Denouncing Corona as ‘A Global False Alarm’

And now back to those fascinating protests… as they spread to Toronto, as well, as I’ve just learned. It’s lovely weather to be outside and rubbing shoulders with abandon with the citizenry we shunned for nearly three months, isn’t it? Human contact! How gratifying. How reckless!


— RatPaws 🇨🇦 (@PawsRat) May 31, 2020

They never stop. They’re trying to rescue their narrative. I don’t think anyone’s listening. Hello? Anybody there? Nope. No one’s listening. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

“If you were out protesting last night, you probably need to go get a Covid test this week,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told protestors.

Protests risk spread of coronavirus

At what point does this become utterly insane? A friggin’ preschool?????

A pediatric nurse said she was compelled to research the science on the risks and benefits of cloth masks after learning that her granddaughter’s preschool would require every child over the age of 2 to wear a mask.

Data Doesn’t Support Cloth Masks Reduce COVID-19 Risks: Nurse

I think patience is wearing thinner than those useless masks. Go NYPD! If you’re mobbing a police vehicle you are a terrorist. We don’t negotiate with terrorists.

We have to take a hard line with lawless criminals. No quarter!

The NYPD isn’t having it any longer.

This is how you handle savage terrorists.


— John Cardillo (@johncardillo) May 31, 2020

We have a brief update from Guns & Gadgets on the 2nd Amendment activity under legislation currently which illustrates it is so important to pay attention to what is going on with bills and the representatives passing them. Patriots caught a potentially bad move and only had one day to do it before a bill passed in Louisiana.

He also addresses some video that came out of Minneapolis—in a totally corrupt state. One video I saw involved what they claimed were police or National Guard walking down a residential street at night and ordering some young people to get inside their home. When they didn’t comply, they said “Light her up” and fired something which hurt and they retreated indoors. I doubt this was police unless it was the cabal’s deep state police. It may have been timed for the point when the National Guard were deployed to make it look bad for them. I don’t believe it was what it looked like. Just my opinion. I saw more reports about National Guard discharging weapons, too. We’ll have to be watchful.

2A Updates

Lots of good stories here, folks. America is finally standing up, unified, and fighting.

Local Philly Residents – Black and White – Stand Guard Over Target Store – Chant “Four More Years” and “USA! USA!” (VIDEO)

In case you missed it…

Do u understand THEIR comms?
George Floyd, 911! pic.twitter.com/SlBH9FnuVd

🇺🇸WRN (We R News)ℹ (@WhiteRabbitNew2) June 1, 2020

Dan Dicks of Press for Truth was live streaming from Vancouver at a Black Lives Matter protest and they went after him. Tensions are running high, folks. It’s not always easy to remain calm but Dan does a good job. These people are mind controlled morons. They don’t have a coherent thought between them.

It’s all good, folks. We will prevail. Nothing can stop the red tsunami.

From the Cat Report…

“Since November 9, 2016, the nation’s elites have been obsessively determined to either use the unchecked clout of the deep state to force Donald Trump to resign, or failing that, so besmirch him and his voter base as to ensure his defeat in 2020.  For the first three years of the Trump presidency both stratagems were employed in tandem.  However, with the abject failure of the Russian collusion hoax and the Ukrainian impeachment fiasco, these conspirators are now left with relying on the besmirchment option and doing everything possible to make certain that the coronavirus lockdown and the burning of American cities by the militant wing of the American left will deleteriously affect the economy going into November of 2020.” Read more:

The Economic Fallout of the Lockdown and Riots will not Diminish Support for Trump

The Late Edition for April 3, 2020: The More We Know About Mining the Planet [videos] ~ April 3, 2020

The more we learn about those who have been mining our planet, the more dark it becomes. Who ever thought anyone was mining Humanity; even removing millions of us from the planet to be used as off-world slaves or lab specimens? This is what I imagine their story might be.

Imagine Humans “grown in a lab” like a rat for the sex trafficking trade or other even more lurid purposes. Cultured pearls are treated with more care and respect.

Imagine babies and children who never knew there is a sun in a blue sky; some who never learned to speak; who were tortured, repeatedly shocked, traumatized, treated as less than cattle.

They probably never heard music or saw a painting. They never rolled in the grass.  They never petted a puppy. They never felt loved, and they never laughed.

Imagine walking into those pitch black tunnels, not knowing what was ahead, and tenderly removing those pathetic creatures from their tomb and bringing them into the light and a nourishing environment. How frightening that would be… their misshapen little bodies contorted from permanent incarceration and lack of movement in a small cage with atrophied muscles and tendons and emaciated skeletons.114

US Military Savior of Mankind

Anonymous 5 Nov 2017 – 9:56:55 PMUS Military = savior of mankind.
We will never forget.
Fantasy land.
God save us all.

If this is what is unfolding on the hospital ships, I couldn’t do what those medical staff are doing. They and the soldiers who rescued the children are forever the heroes of our time, and it appears this is what we are seeing unfold in these unprecedented days of disclosure.

The virus that infected our planet millennia ago will be expunged. The vermin will be exterminated. The predators broke every law of civilized societies without care or consequence for the destruction of sentient life. Until now.

And now we know why QAnon said the US Military are the saviours of Mankind.

Image date: 04/02/22020 – released 1:18pm today, Apr 3.

Sailors treat a patient aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy (T-AH 19) April 2. Mercy deployed in support of the nation’s COVID-19 response efforts, and will serve as a referral hospital for NON – COVID-19 patients pic.twitter.com/fN0t73QQ9a

— GEORGE 🇺🇸 (@TheCollectiveQ) April 3, 2020

Another Q proof?

Melania tweeted, “This evening @WhiteHouse is lit blue…”

Q drop, with a 2-year delta tomorrow, says, ‘Blue’ pic.twitter.com/Ycsuv909o9

— Cowboyw2b (@ToddWal47945939) April 3, 2020

It’s habbening… we’re on the offense. The old guard is under heavy attack.

Get ‘em. https://t.co/oiEqVjaFyK

— The Kate Awakening (@kate_awakening) April 2, 2020

Lawsuit: 1,000+ Children Sexually Abused in State Institutions in Michigan

Unless you’re new, by now you may have linked the “coincidental” features of the current coronavirus situation in California and New York and the presence of the two Navy hospital ships there; the Comfort and the Mercy, and their “sanctuary state” status, with the prevalence of underground tunnels in those areas and the number of sealed indictments waiting to be opened and acted upon. The other high indictment state was Texas.

Maybe things are heating up there now. QAnon said it would be a “hot spring/summer”. Curfews extended by city council… perhaps to keep people unaware of activities planned for that area? It just might spread to a lot of other areas.

Texas City Begins To Fine Individuals Who Refuse To Wear Face Masks

The Adrenochrome Bust You Never Heard About

We also have some interesting information regarding the world of Adrenochrome from an “anon” that arrived on the boards at the same time as QAnon back in 2017. This insider has been dubbed HP for highway patrol, and you can read more detail on it at this link. It’s quite a deep dive. Thanks for the heads up, L.

It seems adrenochrome is a multi-purpose concoction. This is a particularly interesting paragraph when one considers the bizarre behaviour by some of the people in the spotlight since President Trump arrived on the scene. Read more at the website to learn how mining and Canada, might be linked.

HP: That is sounding even more plausible than other theories from an LE stand point. Maybe, it is how Justin Castro is controlled. Andrenochrome can induce schizophrenia too apparently. Researchers Abram Hoffer and Humphry Osmond claimed that adrenochrome is a neurotoxic, psychotomimetic substance and may play a role in schizophrenia and other mental illnesses in what they called the “adrenochrome hypothesis”, the researchers speculated that megadoses of vitamin C and Niacin could cure Schizophrenia by reducing Brain Adrenochrome. However, these hypotheses have never been scientifically accepted; adrenochrome is not currently believed to have any psychedelic properties.”

This is a synopsis of the information provided which is further evidence that the authorities… White Hats… Earth Alliance… whatever you want to call them, are shutting down the cabal’s rat lines and starving their system.


HP: The cargo was shipped from Cote D’Ivore via a shell company(AJAS Shipping and Freight), we and other Agencies around the Country have intercepted 15 Tractor-Trailers carrying 20kg(44.1lbs) of Adrenochrome each – 1,200kg/1,202.5 lbs. 1kg is worth $1.5bil on the market. All shipments were headed for Reservation in the Yukon Territory, Canada. That Reservation has a copper mine and cooper is needed for synthetic Andrenochrome production or extraction/conversion into Adrenochrome from indigenous Epinephrine secreted via the Adrenal Glands. Adrenochrome is a Neurotoxin, Date Rape drug, Mental/Schizophrenia inducer(read up on the Adrenochrome Hypothesis) and used in unofficial roles as booster to super-potent Opioids for targeted killing(Carfentanil and those classes). The US Secret Service was been contacted by myself, and we showed them all of the evidence. and I have spoken with them one on one(how I found out about the other trucks) due to use finding $100bil worth of potential cash. US$4.5 to US$6 trillion(in total) was trying to cross an International Border. The USSS Agents said that with the 15 trucks caught; it is likely 45 to 60 more crossed the Border successfully for a hand-off to new drivers into Calgary. I am still interviewing (interrogating) the driver that the Highway Patrol caught. I took the case off of them.

In a country full of sick, over-medicated, over-weight people, the coronavirus or any influenza can take a great toll. The media will be exposed for the role it plays in duping the public. The world is about to learn the corporate media are the propaganda arm of the New World Order.

When you own the media, law enforcement, the military, the education system, the medical industrial complex, and the politicians… you can do pretty much anything you want. Fortunately, their house of cards is coming down—in the nick of time.

When a radio station is renamed, “Evo” (evil?) as it was in Phoenix, AZ a few years ago and the music doesn’t really qualify as music, you know it’s not good. That corrupt media is being replaced with citizen journalists and Q’s “digital soldiers” globally. WE are the news now. We are educating the public because the legacy media is poisoning minds and hiding crimes.

Outrageous: Authorities are Hiding Fact That 74-78% of American COVID-19 Patients have Health Problems Other than the Virus

The Trump administration is making it as simple and fast as possible to get the “coronavirus checks” into the hands of Americans. When you lighten the load, you lighten the mood, and the vibration of the nation. Try as they might, the cabal cannot prevent the consciousness shift as the “Hundredth Monkey” effect takes hold.

Mnuchin says Social Security recipients will automatically get coronavirus checks

For those who are still doubting President Trump and his mission, you need to watch this.

Trump CARES / Did Trump take down Project Pelican?

Reminder:  Maintain situational awareness at all times when not in your home.

What is the common theme when bad news is about to break (against them)?
Watch your surroundings https://t.co/fwzuGV3eTQ

— X22 Report (@X22Report) April 3, 2020

I’m surprised the aircraft carrier commander did this. Perhaps he was playing for the other team.

Gen Milley talks removal of aircraft carrier captain

Our attention also frequently turns upward as evidence of a great deal of activity continues to surface.

Gina’s on top of it. Her iPhone 8 with a clip-on lens they no longer make yields these spectacular images.  It seems quite a crowd is gathering. Are they here to watch the show? Or the showdown? Are they “extras”?

More ships are arriving!

That concludes the Late Edition. Can you feel the world changing?

Dark to Light.   ~ BP

Headlines and Updates for December 2, 2019: New Q and Counting Down…Ready… Set… [videos] ~ December 2, 2019

Editor’s Note: It’s all out there, all over the place right now, my friends. Regardless of your belief system, BIG changes for Planet Earth are well on their way…and there is no stopping this train of change for Planet Earth!

As I indicated, regardless of your belief system, all systems I have researched are rooted in Love…that higher dimensional, higher vibration of BEing that actually holds everything together…we just haven’t been taught about that principle!

So… please read the news below, might be a good idea to prepare a bit for supplies being stymied by the BIG reveal scheduled for Monday, Dec. 9, it’s a might good time to check in with your heart as an indicator for who you really are, and BE...



There’s a new Q board, folks, and Qmap.pub is not reflecting the updates. Click that link to see the December 2 posts.


NEW BOARD pic.twitter.com/hvsatfYPK9

— I E T (@Incarcerated_ET) December 2, 2019

Here’s your prognostication for the deluge of Truth coming… timelines from multiple sources with multiple points of focus. It is sounding like the stuff is about to hit the fan. False flag shootings and stabbings may pale in comparison.

From Q back in 2017 we had this… years ahead of its time.

JUSTICE pic.twitter.com/ijRxIsgDFP

— I E T (@Incarcerated_ET) December 2, 2019

Gitmo REAL News





— CanadaAgentShowTime (@CanadaSpecialA1) December 2, 2019

Wake Up Canada! – Margarita Mondays – Report #1

Agent Margaritaville  and his team have been trolling the pedos relentlessly on Twitter and via the videos released. You may not believe your eyes in this one, but the team has been working with the UK law enforcement and they told him it was coming. This may set you back on your heels—and it took place very near where I grew up. And then we go across the pond… and paradigms will be shattered. Sickos have been ruling the world, folks.

“Nice Enough Guys!” to be British Royals: The Prince Phillip and Colonel Russell Williams Story

Pardon me???  The lunatic left lack reasoning skills. Listen to the appeal from this dimm criminal who tries to play the race card. You can’t make this up.

PANICKING Democrat Politician SENTENCED to PRISON, BEGS Trump for Pardon

In keeping with the extraordinary activity at the sun and “out there in space” as we saw in the Orion area on December 1, we have a video below from Adam1414 who puts the information/comments from Yellow Rose for Texas together with the NASA cam footage. You can turn off the sound if you like. The camera footage and text suffice to show there is a lot going on.

Thomas Williams has said that most of what Rose has told us is true according to his information, for what it’s worth; that we are trapped in a construct and due to underhanded tricks by the controlling factions, have not been able to escape as intended over millennia. Through various means they kept our vibration so low that we couldn’t organically evolve or ascend in consciousness; only perpetuate the predatory reality. Kind of like a warped holodeck.

The story is that “soon”, due to the help of our friends upstairs who have been artificially and very gradually raising our vibration and our consciousness, the good and decent people will be exiting and separating from the evil/unevolved souls. They will go on to exist with their wars and corruption, while we will move on to a higher way of life, having learned our lessons.

Sounds crazy… but makes sense in many ways, as well. That guy in the video above who believes he should be pardoned… he didn’t learn a thing. The cream—those who live in service to others—will rise to the top; service-to-self souls will sink to the bottom. The great separation.

The story according to Rose via her contacts is, Trump is not here to “fix the world”—only make it a better foundation for those who are staying in this lower consciousness; to give them a fighting chance to evolve at their own speed. Peace and harmony are required for GESARA. His Trumpness has made phenomenal inroads no one would have thought possible with situations still developing even now. Every day the situation changes.

Will Santa bring us the gift of freedom this year? Will we have peace on a New Earth? It’s something to shoot for.

YRFT – NOVEMBER 24th 2019 – SUN Anomalies

LT from And We Know has produced another great video to bring us up to date on the news. This is his work, not a decode from SB2, where you’ll get  a peek at the stunning and magical wonderland Melania Trump brought to the White House this year. There does appear to be coding here, too, and a countdown from the White House. Nice work, LT.

AWK Dec. 2 News: FLOTUS destroys [DS} with #Christmas @Whitehouse Patriotism exhibit

Busy day. Gotta run. Let’s hope Field McConnell has good news for us tonight. Kirk Pendergrass was optimistic this morning.  ~ BP

Everything you need to know about today’s partisan impeachment stunt ~ November 13, 2019

Editor’s Note: What an absolute disgrace as MSM preempted normal TV programming (is anything “normal” on TV these days?) to show the Congressional impeachment show. I don’t think you can really call this a hearing as it has not occurred under normal Congressional procedures?

Actually, this show may actually be a good thing since it will force the illegal tactic of the Democratic party into the open where all cab be seen by everyone…I think that is called…transparency!

So… let the show go on, be prepared for a change as the next spiritual chapter plays out which should cause us all to BE…



Nineteen minutes after Donald J. Trump was sworn in as America’s 45th President, The Washington Post published this headline on its website: “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.” For once, anyway, the media was telling it like it is.

Democrats in Congress have been selling their far-left base on impeachment since Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential race. After nearly 3 years of coming up empty—including $32 million of taxpayer money spent on the Russia collusion hoax—Democrat leaders knew they needed to do something to appease their party’s left fringe.   

That’s why Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the impeachment “inquiry” in a hastily organized press conference—before the full House voted, and before any of the relevant evidence could even come to light. This time, Democrats knew they couldn’t risk letting the facts derail their momentum, as had happened with the Mueller Report flop.

Watch: The Swamp wanted a media circus, and they got it!

House Democrats are effectively shutting down Congress—yet again—over their impeachment sham. Nothing substantive can get done while the left remains fixated on undoing the 2016 election. They have repeatedly ignored opportunities to work with President Trump and take action on issues that will help the very people they represent.

The President continues to push forward on trade deals, healthcare, our booming economy, immigration, and other areas where Americans want real solutions. Democrat leaders, unable to control their far-left fringe, can only stage TV hearings. Meanwhile: Speaker Pelosi still refuses to hold a vote on USMCA to replace NAFTA—despite growing pressure from manufacturers, labor unions, farmers, and workers.
  Democrats have failed to come up with any areas where they’ll work with President Trump to lower medicine prices for our families and seniors.
  House Democrats have failed to do anything to help rebuild our country’s crumbling infrastructure.
  They continue to ignore loopholes in our immigration laws that drive the border crisis, fuel human smuggling, and hurt both U.S. citizens and legal immigrants. Americans have every right to be angry. It’s remarkable to think about where our country could be if Democrats in Congress put country before party. Under President Trump, the U.S. economy has hit its lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Illegal immigration is finally starting to come under control after decades of neglect.

If House Democrats were as committed to helping Americans succeed under President Trump as they are to tearing him down, imagine where we could be now. 

Instead, bring in the cameras. The one bright spot from today’s embarrassing spectacle is that American families finally got front-row seats to how Congress wastes its time—and spends millions of their taxpayer dollars—on partisan stunts. No wonder Americans don’t trust Washington. Who can blame them?

Don’t rely on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-hand accounts. Read the transcript yourself here.

Impeachment czar Adam Schiff has lied to Americans—over and over again.