Story Time: A Well-Deserved Break | The Oracle Report [video] ~ October 2, 2019

When politics and bad news push you to your limit, sometimes a complete break is the perfect antidote to frustration.

Laura Walker tells us a beautiful story about our journey and the electro-magnetic effects of our planetary travel companions in this galaxy so we may better cope and understand.

No preamble, Laura jumps right in. What a gift this is—and less than 20 minutes.

You can also read this story at the website, below.  ~ BP

THE ORACLE REPORT | “The Band of Brothers: An Oracle Story for Second Renaissance” – Libra Cycle

The Band of BrothersAt the New Moon on January 1, 2014, we were joined by a group who will accompany uson the journey through the month –a band of brothers. This rowdy crew includes Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Mercury.

As we walk through the tangled forest of the Crescent Moon phase, we encounter another traveler, Jupiter. He’s traveling in the opposite direction, but Jupiter is a wise old warrior, so we stop to talk to him.

With Jupiter’s appearance on the journey, this month becomes even grander than we imagined. He points out new things and explains them, teaching us about 2the beautiful things in nature and the natural order of life. He explains that there is more going on that what initially meets the eye. He helps us with our vision. He provides a lot to talk about. He tells us about the way ahead.

The Fortune of the Two Sisters

After pausing to listen to the magi Jupiter, we gather up our rowdy companions Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Mercury, saying goodbye and continuing our journey through this lunar month. But we aren’t alone for long.

Up ahead, Mercury spots them first: two women. The rowdy band of brothers is excited. It’s Venus! Now they are reallyexcited. Oh, and it’s the Black Moon. Their moods quickly deflate, all except Pluto, who looks right past Venus casting a furtive eye on the Black Moon. When the Two Sisters are together, Pluto reminds us, they bring great rewards. Good fortune is in store.

Surprisingly, Venus tells us she is on her way to a convent for a respite. She’s trying to sort some things out and needs time for contemplation. Mercury, Mars, and Uranus roll their eyes.

But the Black Moon, having evaluated our little party of travelers, offers passage through her domain, which, we quickly realize, is a beautiful underworld of sorts. She tells us to keep going because there is a war party on our heels.

Kali, our leader, steps up and tells us she’s been aware of the threat since the journey began and is following it every step of the way. She tells us not to worry. Instead of worrying, we should infuse our minds with the feelings of peace and gratitude for the beauty and the blessings that are present in our lives. She tells us these things appear very differently when we travel through the land of the Black Moon. We take a different perspective, bringing some things down to black and white and amping some things up to technicolor.

Map of the Warriors

Grand transformations are happening right before our eyes as we continue this month’s metaphorical journey with the band of brothers. But Pluto’s prediction that good fortune was at hand was correct. Unbeknownst to us, a powerful wizard from a far-away land has enchanted us.

Judging our worthiness as warriors of the heart, this kind wizard bestowed us with strength and left a map with markings. We learn that he has also disenchanted the war party that follows on our heels with a fog of confusion.

We need this boost of strength and the map because we continue to travel through the domain of the Black Moon. It is a menagerie. We are walking around an area of quicksand. If we walk too fast or take on too much, we will become burdened and start to sink. So,we are careful to balance everything we are carrying today, discardingwhatever is dragging us down.

We give it to our companion this month, Kali, for her to do with it as she will.

Messages from the Sun and Mother Earth

We continue through the brambles of the land of the Black Moon, an underworld of shifting shapes and shadows. Our companions are on high alert. They are fierce warriors, each of them. Mars is skilled in all the arts of war. Uranus wields the strike force of lightning to shock and stun.

Our benefactor Kali follows alongside us, empowering the band of brothers, this force of the sacred masculine.

The forests of the Black Moon’s domain are a familiar place for Kali, she tells us. This place takes elements of the past and churns them to dust. Anything that is 4blocking the spiraling evolution of consciousness is reduced here. If we are holding on to those elements, we become caught in the grind.

Suddenly Kali’s head jerks to the side and we all stop cold. Her gaze is focused off in the distance. She is listening. She tells us the powerful wizard Sabaoth and the great Goddess Sophia are sending a message.

Thunder and Lightning in Winter

As the Gibbous phase waxes, high magic descends in the land of the Black Moon. From a cliff overlooking a valley, our motley crew of travelers watches the war party that has been trailing us. They have arrived at the convent of Venus’ destination earlier in the week.

But it isn’ta convent at all. A “convent” in the land of the Black Moon is a grove. Amid smoke and shadow, the war party’s magicians are performing a ritual to Venus and her sister Eris.

Perched on a pyre, the body of the old hero-king lies cold. A sickening wave of nostalgia, filled with pain, suffering, and death, wafts through the war party and off to far-away lands. Venus and Eris turn their heads in disgust.

Kali, our guide, has no reaction at all. She sees farther away and points to a rainbow on the horizon.

The Transformer Flame

Upon seeing us high on the cliff overlooking their ritual, the war party and its magicians scurry in all directions. Peace and harmony return to Venus’ grove. She quietly calls to us. The band of brothers -Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto -steps aside. Venus has words for us alone.

We follow her deep inside the open woods of her temple. She stops under a massive oak and turns to us. With a wave, the image of a roaring fire appears in her hand. It flickers as she rolls her fingers through it. She tells us the flame is an entity called The Transformer Flame and it is a gift from the Great Goddess Gaia-Sophia. We turn to Kali and she nods in approval.

The Transformer Flame is encoded to magnetically pull out whatever binds and enslaves us, whatever holds us back, and whatever we fear. Venus demonstrates how those types of things are drawn out and fly into the fire. They are transformed into raw energy that returns fresh and ready to be devoted to whatever we desire. We feel a strange stirring in our hearts as she asks us what needs to go.

Shooting for the Moon and Rainbows

Our companions on our journey this month, the band of brothers Mercury, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto, rejoin us in Venus’ grove today, but Venus is nowhere to be seen. Pluto eyes us carefully. He recognizes the telltale signs of the Transformer Flame’s work. He bows his head slightly in acknowledgment.

Kali tells us that it is time to continue. With one more day’s journey through the under land of the Black Moon,we will reach the border.

With that, the sky darkens and a swift wind stirs. The oaks rustle and from behind a giant trunk, a wolf appears followed closely by a long-haired beauty with a bow. It’s Diana, the Huntress, Goddess of the Moon.

Diana tells us she was sent by her father, Jupiter, the old sage we encountered earlier in our quest. She has come to accompany us through the remainder of the Black Moon’s domain, the most treacherous territory. We have reached this point on the eve of theFull Moon, she tells us. The underworld of the Black Moon comes most alive under this Moon. Fears morph into emotional storms. One brews now.

Branches lash like tentacles and whirlwinds whip all around. Diana raises her bow, arrow poised.

“Focus your intent and shoot anything that tries to overtake you,” she yells over the roar of the wind. “Whatever you do, don’t stop. Keep going. The Fear Winds will take you off into the shadows of this world and you will be lost in your illusions. Don’t be taken off course.”

Chiron -The Wounded Healer and Teacher

Outrunning the whirlwinds, we come to a screeching halt at the border of the Black Moon’s domain. Perched on the edge of a steep mountain range, we see walls of water pouring into unknown depths below. Through the mists,we see a shimmer of colors. It’s Kali’s rainbow!

Kali tells us that it isn’t a rainbow, exactly. It’s a bridge. With the slightest movement of her finger, the mists part. “Meet Chiron, the Keeper of the Rainbow Bridge.”

Mars comes forward to Chiron and with an uncharacteristically warm smile, slaps him on the back,and gathers him into a bear hug. Chiron was Mars’ teacher in the arts of war. They are old friends.

“The Rainbow Bridge appears at various points in space and time to transport travelers on a spiritual path,” Chiron says. “The bridge takes you out of shadows, fear, pain, and suffering…”

Standing at the entrance to Chiron’s rainbow bridge, Kali speaks:

“The properties of the Rainbow Bridge, the properties of light, are malleable and can produce a wide range of effects. This bridge has been configured like a prism that will filter into three parts: that which is held in high intention, that which is held in low intention, and that which is not yet determined. These energies will 7undergo refinement, as in processing. The high-minded energy is powerfully reinforced; the low-minded energy is scrubbed and polished; the neutral energy remains so.

Crossing the bridge is an ascent in consciousness. It changes the nature of personal reality and worldwide reality. Are you ready to go?”

A Lecture on Mind Phantoms

Our journey with the band of brothersturns into a strange trip. We find that instead of walking across the bridge, the bridge is transporting us. We are passengers, seated on a glowing floor around our teacher, Kali. In another place, the energetic fields of our physical and emotional bodies are being filtered through the prism, sorted into three categories: keep, transform, undecided. Our consciousness is here attending class.

Kali speaks:

“Each of you is a Rainbow Bridge, a bridge to the flowering of humanity. Your efforts are important. But there is one thing that undermines your course -distraction by illusion. Humanity, with its inherent code of sweetness, is easily fooled. Fear is continually projected to keep you in the shadows, detached from your greatness, and distracted from manifesting and actualizing that greatness.

Together, we are bringing down this illusion,this tyranny over the mind of humanity. Systems based in power and control are dissolving all around. It is a spectacle from which it is hard to turn away. Destruction is mesmerizing. This is where most people are getting stuck.

But look beyond to what’s underneath. The strength of thousands has upheld the truths of nature that were mostly eradicated. These truths have resonated from your heart and your deep connection with nature herself. They have formed the structure of the world that is emerging.

At this point in time, where do you place your focus? On what is dissolving or what is emerging? Do you wish to live in fear of the transformation or do you choose to look deeper into it?”

Kalidismisses class with homework:

“See the symbolism that is alla round you.”

Over the Chasms and Through the Colors

We find ourselves at the Disseminating phase of the Moon, far from where we started the journey back at the New Moon. With our comrades, the band of brothers, we’ve met wise teachers and received lessons about the transformation of life, witnessed dark magicians setting up events, traveled through the shadowy underland of the Black Moon, and fought off emotional whirlwinds with a Moon goddess.

Now we find ourselves transporting over chasms while the light subtly shifts between the colors of the rainbow. We have a panorama view of the landscape and we can see very far into the horizon.

Mars and Uranus are off to themselves, huddled around a point in the landscape. They seem to be engaged in communication with someone remote.

The Black Dogs

Kali utters a command. A portal off to the side opens and ten black dogs, shepherds, rush forward to take up positions around the perimeter of the bridge. Their gaze is fixed at various points out on the panoramic landscape. We look around at each other, confused and somewhat frozen in place in awe mixed with a tinge of fear. The energy of these magnificent beasts, standing guard around us, locked in watch, loaded with protective force, is palpable.

Mars and Uranus break from their huddle and rejoin us. “There is quite a battle waging outside,” Uranus tells us. “We will begin to feel the effects any time now.” And as if on cue, something impacts the bridge and we stumble a little.

Regaining his footing, Mars continues. “The dark magicians of my archenemy are attacking. They are staged ahead, attacking from behind a battlefield that is being held by my sister, Eris. She and her forces await us at the end of the bridge.”

Uranus continues, “The attack-spell combines command of the elements of nature –wind, fire, and water –with mastery over what humanity believes. This attack causes unsettling effects and creates disequilibrium in the psyche, which makes humanity ripe for the insertion of false reality.”

Eyeing us, watching the weight of recognition fall over us, Kali interrupts. “The rainbow bridge safely transports consciousness over chasms and through difficulties. All are guarded and protected,” she says with a flourish of her hand, proving the thought with a reminder of our watchdogs.

The Balance of the Spiritual Warrior

Mars continues his story.

“My archenemy is the archenemy of all, but I hunt him for one reason: to avenge my sister, Eris. He stalks her, incessantly waiting for the right moment to tap into her energy and distort it, reigning down chaos and destruction on humanity. She is a goddess of death and rebirth, the natural order of life, but she also holds fury, which makes her very powerful. Because she is a keeper of ancient magic, dark magicians try to capture her. But Eris is the Queen of the Battlefield, and when we are united no force can defeat us.”

The Tone of a Test

A tone resonates through the rainbow bridge and the light changes, bathing everything in warm gold. In response, our companions on this month’s journey, the band of brothers, stands at attention. Kali walks to the head of the bridge.

“At the end of every crossing of the rainbow bridge liesa reward, which comes only after completion of a test,” she tells us.

The Goddess of Liberty

Hearing the tone, the rebel goddess Eris, whose soul burns with the fires of freedom, looks up in the sky. A smile slowly arches across her face and mirth grows in her eyes. She turns to the dark magicians that she knows are watching from faraway lands when, birds, thousands of them –owls of all varieties -shoot out of the rainbow bridge, descending in trails of light.

Her party has arrived.

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