Headlines and Updates for November 8, 2019: Revving the Engines [videos] ~ November 8, 2019

Editor’s Note: Shucks…no picture allowed for this daily report of news by Starship Earth. Pretty good pic too…of an angel and fiery devil each grasping Earth on opposite side of the globe…you get it?

Now…on to the news, please read, know this battle has already been won and we get to witness the outcome, so allow yourself to BE…



From the current energies and scenarios I’m getting that image from the fifties movies where the toughs are sitting at an intersection revving the engines and bouncing their hot rods as they prepare to launch a drag race. Bets have been placed and their friends stand at the side of the street ready to cheer them on. One lucky girl handles the countdown. Ready? Set!…  And the perfect illustration appeared.

What we see unfolding is less like a drag race and more like a game of chicken, which sometimes doesn’t end well.

I don’t know if the world is ready for what’s coming, but… GO!!!  Not that we need a race to tell us who the winner is.

Truth wins. Humanity wins. The Light wins. Always.

Just a heads up on some odd telecommunication glitches we’re seeing. Hubby’s iPhone re-sent an old message from May 2019 to our realtor last night. And he got two notifications from eBay sellers about refunds but PayPal has zero related activity logged. I can’t begin to offer an explanation, but wanted to get it out there in case others experience similar situations. It might call for extra caution.

Breaking at press time…  the chess moves are incredible.

Mulvaney defies House subpoena, cites absolute immunity ‘one minute’ before deposition

I hadn’t seen this anywhere else; a report that the Mormon family massacred and abducted in Mexico enroute to a wedding was related to Mitt Romney. Thanks, J.

Family Of US Senator Mitt Romney Massacred In Mexican Ambush—9 Infants And Children Sent To Heaven In Hail Of Bullets

Thomas at TRUreporting brings us an update on the 8kun saga and possible reasons for the delays with the Q boards. We’re talking law suit. There are a lot of bitter, litigious people out there in the world. It’s a shame patriots like Jim Watkins and his son, Ron (@CodeMonkeyZ) feel obligated to spend so much time on crap like this.

We also get some amusing news about Liz Warren’s failed “meme team”. Humans win the Meme Wars, hands down. NPCs are inept. They don’t even understand what “memes” are. It’s not a marketing campaign, it’s an organic, creative inspiration that happens to go viral because it strikes a chord. Emojis??? Please. May the Warren Meme Team RIP.

Additionally, get a load of the astounding “Baphomet” or “Moloch” statue erected in Rome. It’s at the entrance to the Colliseum. Unbelievable. All hail Satan. The world has been run by demons… and Humanity is finally realizing it.

Neon Revolt: Jim Watkins Files Criminal Complaint Against Former 8Ch Owner!! :coded:

Laura Walker shipped out her Oracle Report shortly after 6 am and I was glad to get it to kick off my day. It’s about “duality” and “Light vs might”, and “challenges” and rising to the occasion. The main theme, however, is “transformation”. Look at that striking butterfly. She speaks of being “over-emotional”, which I’m seeing out there, and using logic. Also “trust”.

THE ORACLE REPORT | November 8, 2019

A few minutes later Phoenix delivered the Patriot Intelligence Report. Sessions, Huber… more players coming soon. Powerful energies are in play and a major energetic change is underway.

PIR 11 08 19

Everyone is talking about the “whistleblower”. The rats are so scattered they can’t think straight. They’re scrambling to cover their lies and seditious actions.

UPDATE: Whistleblower Lawyer Defends ‘Coup’ Tweets, Says Simply Referring to ‘Lawful Process’

Just so everyone is aware… we may repeat some things in the news. This is a surface lie. Wait until the deeper ones are revealed.

Obama’s Ukraine Ambassador Yovanovitch CAUGHT in Lie

Burying the story about an international child-trafficking pedophile to protect the powerful elite and not harm the Presidential campaign of a frequent customer’s wife, isn’t just shameful…

It’s being a willing participant in crimes against children…

Enemy of the People.

— M3thods (@M2Madness) November 7, 2019

Greg Hunter used to work for ABC and in this interview where he is the interviewee, he tells us what the latest Project Veritas video really means from a news gatherer’s perspective. It’s an interesting one and casts a brighter light on the damage control the lamestream media is currently doing on the Epstein story.

ABC News Spiking Epstein Story is Death of the Mainstream Media

SerialBrain2 brings us a new decode, and we also have the complementary dramatic video from LT at And We Know.

Post # 201 – The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower

You can read all the SB2 decodes here.

SerialBrain2: The Maestro’s Beautiful Chess Combination for the Whistleblower

This is one of the most effective and funny memes I’ve yet seen. The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” theme is made for memes. It’s the “unexpected” element that does it. The juxtaposition of two things so unrelated is funny, and memorable. It’s like a sneak-attack on the funny bone.

Ancient wisdom. pic.twitter.com/Z0R3phx4bV


— Julian’s Rum (@JuliansRum) November 7, 2019

It’s official. Jeff Sessions is running for the Senate and we sure need him.

“Our freedoms have never been under attack like they are today,” he wrote in the announcement on his campaign website. “We have major party candidates for President campaigning on socialism, confiscating firearms, and closing down churches they disagree with. I’ve battled these forces my entire life, and I’m not about to surrender now.  Let’s go!”

Former AG Sessions enters Alabama Senate race

For all those that say Sessions did nothing while AG and can’t be trusted. As an AG he flew under the radar completely unabated. And he’s never announced his intentions to anyone publicly.

Despite what you hear, his nickname in Alabama was:

“The Silent Executioner”

True story pic.twitter.com/6nHa82Fe6S

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 8, 2019

But what about the FISA abuse and the work of John Durham? Why the continual delays? Everyone’s asking, including Lou Dobbs.

Joe DiGenova and his wife/law partner Victoria assure us… it’s coming… and when it does… LOOK. OUT. Thanks, J.

Well, well, well…  Thanks, R, for these.


— Rachiebabe079 (@RachieBabe079) November 7, 2019

Mr. Trudeau, there ain’t no Kevlar vest or anything else that can protect you from what’s coming, honey. It’s time to get measured for your pink jumpsuit. Maybe we’ll throw in some tacky socks and a spare eyebrow.

And look what else is happening in the north forty… the natives are restless. The People are awakening.

BREAKING! MKUltra Victims CONFRONT the GUV and the CIA in OTTAWA, CA. THE FIRST rally against MKULTRA ABUSE in the world! SHARE, viralize, spread the WORD! Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse First Rally https://t.co/USvUZyQkCP via @YouTube

— Ellen Atkin (@mkultragirl) November 6, 2019

Do watch the video (same one as above in Twitter post) to learn about the inhumane experiments the Canadian government approved for the CIA to conduct there. I’m afraid the Canadian people have a lot of distressing news to assimilate, and it rivals the horrific things done to Americans, the Koreans, the Germans, the Russians, the Jews. It’s not only the indigenous people who suffered.

The CIA is evil and not an “intelligence agency” in the way they wanted us to believe. It was a masquerade and they helped destroy the world. The unspeakable things done to Human Beings and the lives ruined at their hands know no bounds. We are no longer living in the psychopaths’ Petri dish, however. No more boiling frogs.

Mind control is real, and they used Canadians in their experiments at McGill University. The satanists have also used that facility to conduct their blood rituals and Human sacrifices. Humans are prey, people. It’s time everyone realizes that.

We can’t say it enough. This is a spiritual war, not a political one. Every aspect of our lives has been controlled and manipulated by the creatures that have been running the world. Everything is about to change.

The Hong Kong protests are ongoing and have unfortunately proven lethal for one student today.

Hong Kong protesters gather where student died in clash with police | LIVE

I’m getting a déjà vu. What are the chances this would happen AGAIN in Southern California?

Witnesses thought the aircraft may have been a helicopter because a parachute was deployed, Upland Police Capt. Marcelo Blanco said, but it’s a four-seater, single-engine Cirrus SR22.

Pilot Dies After Single-Engine Plane Crashes Into Upland Home and Sets It Ablaze

Dave released an excellent financial update last night. I noted that he is more savvy than Lynette Zang about what is transpiring. I’ve never had the impression she was “in the know” and I guess she still isn’t. Perhaps she benefited from the discussion more than Dave did.

US/China Send A Message To The [CB], All Part Of The Plan – Episode 2015a

Dan Dicks brings us interesting news concerning policing the Internet. DARPA. This could go either way—for us, or against us. DARPA isn’t exactly the same as the US Military. They’re more like one of the alphabet agencies. We’ll see which way they go.

U.S. Military To Create AI That Can DETECT And FIGHT Fake News! What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!!

Hints of the future… in effective memes.


— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 8, 2019

Not all memes are humourous. Some punch you in the gut.

Haiti hasn’t even dropped yet
Nor the Red Cross.

We’ve only just begun pic.twitter.com/qnXRI3BsY1

— I E T (@InKUNated_ET) November 8, 2019

AND A HEADS UP from Eye the Spy… with a take on “Rig for Red”.

Eyes on, patriots.


Are you watching?

Trump causes trend that brings Clinton Foundation into the spotlight.

MSM/ Blue checkmarks & zombies defend & praise CF.

Expect CF news to drop extremely soon.

Rigged for Red…Stable Genius.

Enjoy The Show!

— EyeTheSpy (@TrueEyeTheSpy) November 8, 2019

That’s it for now.  ~ BP

Universal Mother and Pegasus Collective ~ Time to Embrace The New ~ November 5, 2019

Channeled By: Galaxygirl 


I am the Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things. Be at peace children. I and the Company of Heaven have been watching, guiding, nurturing you through this process of metamorphosis. I am coming through to energetically assist you in this Now of intense upgrade, for the vibration of allowance. Now in your world allowance tends to deal with money. This is not what I am referring to. This is the process of allowing on a deep soul level another to assist you. We see that the collective consciousness of humanity struggles with this process of allowing, for your fingers have been trained, programmed, to grasp tightly, so that you fight against this allowance. Open hands, open hearts are what is required for true allowing of the energies of the goddess, of love, of all good things, to flow through you. Energies flow, are in constant flux. You are in the process of receiving daily upgrades, almost moment to moment as the codes of heaven stream into this field of conscious awareness. Open up. Allow in these codes of light to soothe, to permeate, to clear. Try to open up your crown and receive these energies that are just waiting for you to do so. Ah. There. Do you feel any tingling on your crown? Ringing in your ears? Those are good signs. Feel my love for you as we dance the dance of the ages together. You are so tremendously supported, my beloved children of the light, of the way. I am your Mother, the Universal Mother of All Things.

We are the Pegasus Collective. We surround you with white wings of light, forming a circle around you, and around this planetary sphere of most beloved Gaia. We are ageless, as are you reading these words. We are expressions of Source of imagination and purity of form. We have come from far and wide to bear witness to this extraordinary changeover of the ages, for this switch, this event is truly at hand, for the energies are in support of this.

We are the Pegasus Collective. We wish to co-create an experience of joy and bliss with you, weary warriors of the way. Ground to your planetary mother, Gaia. Send a silver stream of pure sparkling light deep into her heart and tie a knot. Now we bend low so that you may climb on our backs. This is how some of the baby angels ride with us as they are learning the ropes of flight. There is much joy in this, in our offering this experience to you, a sacred moment for us. For only the angelic may participate. You are becoming this more fully in your current form. This is what crystalline enhancements create. They create more light. More light is within you now, friends, as the old is falling away.

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. We are many more than nine, but nine of us are channeling through this one in this moment. We are bringing in angelic codes of purity, of joy, of fun. We see it is time for more fun. And now, human of the light, you are sitting upon our backs. We are quite large, are we not? You were expecting an earthly horse with wings (whinnying laughter). No. We are far greater. (I see they can expand and contract their forms at will. I see a human sized horse, and yet suddenly I am microscopic against them on their back). You too have massive energy within you that you will learn to form, to create with more fully. Be sure of this. For you are already doing it. Are you ready to practice flight? Hold onto our mane. (I am seeing a tuft of white mane become rainbow hued where I am to hold on. Wings beating hard and fast. The ground fades from view. We are over snow capped peaks). You see correctly. (I am seeing spectacular snow capped mountains with deep green pine trees and frozen ice blue lakes. We are landing beside a frozen waterfall. We dismount.) Come walk with us, human friend of the light. (We are walking towards the frozen waterfall. I am not cold. As I look down at our feet I see wild flowers spring up from under the snow where their hooves are touching. We approach the waterfall. Suddenly it is frozen no longer. The roaring water is very loud, we cannot speak over it. The Pegasus beside me bows to the water. The water parts. We walk through the waterfall without getting drenched, only pleasant warm mist envelopes me. We are suddenly in a hidden world. Sparkles are everywhere. The fairies are laughing. There is much joy. I am in a green field of blissful beauty. The Pegasus beings surround.)

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. We brought you here for you to see more clearly. For as the layers of your world fall away more and more of Nova Gaia will be revealed to you. You are currently in the midst of creating joy in your word. Every prayer is like watching wildflowers bloom up from the snow. You are melting the old to make way for the new and the new is beautiful. The thawing of the human heart has been a long process. Many wish to remain in their frozen asleep state, frigid to change, hesitant for the new. Now is the time to embrace the new, the change from frozen to flowing waters. Allow the crystal clear waters of the great mother to soothe you. She has brought us forth. She does this when an angel upgrade is needed, and you are our new charge. We are here to assist the evolving humans from what they were into what they are becoming. We touch our muzzle to your third eye. Feel our warm breath. Diamond codes lie within. We ignite you. Be unfrozen, human friend of the light. Do not be afraid for the clear waters of change to rush through. See what lies beneath the frozen human experience. Paradise is just a step away.

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. Please enjoy this magic meadow, this place of healing, as long as you need to. We are charged with assisting humanity in her evolution from what is to what is to come. In this sacred space of the now we welcome you. We welcome you home. For home is this connection, is this closeness, is this light that you feel encoded within these words. Home is within, for all is energy, and all is connected – a difficult lesson, but true nonetheless. You are surrounded by light, by love, by family.

We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. When you are ready for this meditation time to be complete, alert us. We will escort you home. But know that you are forever changed. One cannot meet the Mother of All Things and be anything but blessed. We breathe on you again. It is our delight to serve the Mother. It is our delight and joy to serve in this way. We enjoy working with young angels, and angels of all shapes and sizes. You are trying out your wings, yes? It is safe to do so. Do so here, in this space and then bring this vibration of home back with you. Thus you will be a part of energetically bridging the realms. We see that you already are. We are the Pegasus Collective of Nine. Peace.

~ galaxygirl


Ascended Christ Collective ~ Prepare Your Hearts With Love ~ June 27, 2019

Channeled By: Galaxygirl


We are the ascended Christ Collective. We offer beams of hope to humanity in this most sacred hour of the change of all changes. For great change is coming, and we see this with the eyes of Source that see the all most clearly. We see you all most clearly. We see your morphing forms of light. We see your struggles to understand the lessons learned through the darkest of times and we see the Christed light weaving light all around you, through you and those challenging experiences into a tapestry of the most beautiful of lights. We see all things most clearly. For we are you, your ascended you in the higher realms of the time of no time, of the space in between spaces, where all is possible and yet all is not yet. For the Christed flame burns in the heart of every sun, in the heartbeat of the universes.

The Christed light beams brightly now on your earth, on dearest Gaia, who has sacrificed so much for so many. Her time of rebirth is nigh, is here, is within you.The Christed flame burns brightly, enlightened souls hearing our words. You have little of your time left to prepare. And so we urge you to prepare your hearts with great love, with great urgency and care. Prepare. Prepare to be the vessel of perfect love, to align with the Christed flame that burns brightly within and to nurture it. Nurture yourselves in this time of the changing metamorphosis, of this time of the greatest changeover from the darkness into the lightness of the all that is to come, is to be, is to become yet more light. For all is morphing all around you, the very earth trembles under your feet. The time of the end of chapters is at hand, and yet, with the marvelous work of our ascending grounded ones, many torrid timelines have been long passed by, blessed, but passed over. You are on the fastest, most pure, most perfect timeline, for you have spoken as a collective. Enough is enough. Those that are not of the purest of ways, of hearts, those who have chosen more experience of flirtation with the darkness or of becoming enmeshed within it, within another matrix are being removed, moved, air-lifted, transported, dissolved away from this realm of morphing light. Nova Gaia awaits those with brave pure hearts, those with open hands to serve and eyes to see, ears to hear. There is laughter on the wind for the fairies are playing with the children there. Can you hear them? The call of Nova Gaia rings loud and true in the hearts of the Christed ones. Listen to the call.

We are the Christed consciousness, we are of no time, of no space, for we cannot be contained. We are, as are you. And now, be the light, be the Christed flame to the others. Blast this light and love to the dark recesses of your hidden pains and memories that have yet to be blessed by the Christed part of you. Be the Christed flame. Be the living embodiment of the Christ, become your higher self in form. It is such a simple thing, and yet, one must relax into it. You must allow this process. It cannot be forced. It must be felt with the heart, seen with the eyes of Source and understood with the childlike innocence of those who believe. Believe. Feel. See. Forgive. Be in joy. Be the Christ for it is all around you. Yeshi, marvelous Yeshi, such a light – what a tremendous example of joy. And yet, there are many others, there have been and there will be for they are waking up into the light of their own magnificence. It is a humble thing. Magnificence and love, intertwined, in unity, in perfect dance of harmony, of joy, of light, of bliss. Children radiate this, when they are at peace, they radiate the playful childlike innocence of pure joy that is the Christ. Be this. Learn from the children. Follow your heart. Re-learn the art of play and be in joy.

We are the ascended Christ Collective. We see you, we love you, we encourage you on your journey towards internal enlightenment as you transform this quadrant of pain into pleasure, love, joy – a respite, an oasis, a sanctuary. Remember the inner must proceed the outer. And so, may we lovingly suggest you invite these energies of the Christ within you, and then it will be reflected in your outer sphere, and you will be paving your own golden roadway with bricks of light as you walk the narrow light-filled path to Nova Gaia. To this we say welcome home. We are waiting for you on the other side. Invite our sparks within you and be at peace. For the road is long, but you are almost there. See? It is shining within you, bright and true. Be the Christ. We are the ascended Christ Collective. Be at peace and be in joy.

~ galaxygirl


Metamorphosis ~ January 11, 2019

Editor’s Note: Now, it seems, the rest of the world is waking up to the fact that, indeed, the very manner and mechanisms of the world have changed. No longer will the drums of war be continually beat as “Q”, Trump, the Yellow Vests of Europe, and more to say in global unison…”No More” to the despots who have ruled our world for waaaaay too long.

Please read this article, thanks to G for bring this to my attention, know that positive change is immanent, and be…



Syria was transformed into a battleground for nations from all over the world. It was where the United States and Russia faced off. On 20 December 2018, Washington decided to withdraw without compensation.

This date will be remembered in the history of the world as the most important since 26 December 1991 (dissolution of the USSR). For 27 years, the world was unipolar. The United States were then the world’s major economic and military power, and the sole masters of events.

Three years ago, overtaken by China, they lost their economic status. Next they lost to Russia their status as the primary conventional military power. They have now lost that of the first nuclear military power, faced with Russian hypersonic weapons.

President Trump and General Mattis have kept their promise to abandon US support for the jihadists, as well as the promise to withdraw their troops from combat zones in both Syria and Afghanistan. However, for Mattis, the end of the anti-Daesh Coalition uniting 73 nations around the United States prefigures the dissolution of NATO. As a soldier, he cannot accept the risk of being deprived of alliances. On the contrary, President Trump states that the fall of the United States does not allow them to wage war, whatever it might be. According to him, it is impossible for the USA to continue to command the allied forces, and urgent to stabilise the US economy.

President Trump’s decision was carefully thought out.

It followed a visit to Damascus by Russian Vice-President Youri Borissov, who is his country’s director of the military-industrial complex. To that purpose, he enjoys a special budget which escapes from any Western control and does not appear in the state’s official budget. It takes into account the conditions for reconstruction and the coming economic relations, only in roubles and from a special bank which does not recognise the dollar.

This decision also follows the journey to Damascus by an Arab head of state, Omar el-Bachir. The president of Sudan represented his counterparts from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. As soon as he had informed President Trump of his meeting with President Bachar el-Assad, the announcement of the US military withdrawal was made.

A plan for the reintegration of Kurdish combatants into the Syrian Arab Army was considered, with help of Iran. It will be implemented by an intervention of the main Iraqi Chiite militia.

At the same time, the deal of the century has not been announced, but it has already been started. Hamas no longer fights Israël, but is now financed by them, via Qatar. The Hashemite monarchy will have to accept ruling over the Palestinians at the risk of being overthrown by them. Within the next few years, the apartheid régime of Tel-Aviv will probably experience the same destiny as that of Pretoria.

The world is not evolving the way we thought – from a unipolar system to a multipolar system. Of course, there will still exist the side of the Eurasian Russo-Chinese Union, but there is no longer any West. Suddenly, every member state of NATO will retrieve its independence. It is probable that some of these states will take initiatives, certain that they know what they have to do. It is even possible that they will wage wars against one another.

Everything that we have learned about the world is finished. A new era is beginning.

Special Message From Advanced Interplanetary Council of Light ~ Energy Equinox Update ~ September 23, 2018

By Diane Canfield

Advanced Interplanetary Council of LIGHT

Blessings Beloveds,

For the Equinox, the Advanced Interplanetary Council Of Light wants to deliver a special message to everyone on Earth. Message Below:

Greetings of Love,

The Equinox is a great time of energy transfers on your Earth and as such we would like to give you a Special message to all human kind. We have been working behind the scenes to help expose the dark players on your planet. You will now start to see more and more darkness exposed as we Shine more uplifting frequencies and vibrations on you and your planet. This is natural for us as we exist in these higher level frequencies. All we need to do is to set our intention and it takes place.

Your planet is now being bathed in these frequencies continually. As awakening happens, you will need to go through a metamorphosis to accept these higher frequencies as your planet is a duality planet, where both dark and light exist. This means all darkness needs to be washed away from your being, which for humans is not an easy process. BUT we designed you to be able to do this and to live in more than one frequency at once. Smart aren’t we? So even though this Ascension/Awakening process may seem harsh at times, it is worth it to come close to the higher frequency in which we exist.

As all darkness washes away on your planet, this leaves room for all LIGHT to exist within these gaps. Think of a flower that shoots through the concrete to find the light, this is what humans are doing, You are now being drawn to light as a moth to a flame. ( Insert by Diane, Think about this, many of us are now obsessed with being able to carry more light)

As you hold more light, more light will be accessible to you through us. Everything works as a conduit and as you are able to take in more light, more light is provided to you. As you take in more light, more truth is revealed to you. As more truth is revealed, more knowledge and wisdom is downloaded into your systems. As all of this is taking place, you come closer to the Divine Creator, that exists within all things. Yes even us!

We have been working with humans for decades, implementing changes that need to happen. Finally many humans are on the right track as they encourage other humans to wake up. This has been something that needed to happen and is now happening!

We show ourselves to humans who are ready for contact, and do not have preconceived ideas about who we are. Once we make contact we are with this person for life as there is an energy exchange that takes place with them. They then immediately are able to accept more light into their bodies. As this light comes in, it is noticeable to others and can be transferred to others while connecting with them. This is one of the ways we have been working to enlighten all of humanity.

Do not get discouraged as more darkness is shown to humankind. There is still much darkness to be revealed. Rejoice in the fact, that dark programs are being revealed to let in more light. As more light comes in this leaves more room for light and love to exist within each person.

We do want to make contact with all humans but for now because most humans are not ready yet, we only pick out a few to make contact within those that are ready and qualified. As time goes on, more will be ready by accessing the TRUTH, accepting more LIGHT and discarding all darkness within themselves. This is one of the requirements for contact with us.

In order for you to have contact with us and be seen by us, here are some of the essential love based tips.

Search for Truth and do not settle for anything less

Integrate into your reality that we exist

Ask that we show up for you

Delete all fear from your life

Connect with others who have seen and made contact with us

Live your life with the Divine Creator

Live your life in TRUTH, and merge with others that do the same

We have asked that Diane share all of her direct contact experiences with us, with everyone. The time is near to share these with others, so that other humans may be uplifted into more LIGHT.

End of message.

Note: The Advanced Interplanetary Council of Light is a council of Extra terrestrials that I have SEEN in person. There are 5 races of these ETs that have visited me through interdimensional experiences Earth. I am a multidimensional facilitator that brings others humans into higher awareness by sharing my own out of this dimension experiences thus opening up  gateways for the light to flow in unhindered.

 In Service and Love