Ben Swann: Trump Accuses New York Times of Treason over Russia Cyber Attack Story [video] ~ June 17, 2019

Editor’s Note: Yes, my friends. it’s getting uglier day by day as the forces of Light continue to deprive the dark of their means of attack! In this case, the Media are being called out for what they are…instruments of the dark compelled to sway public opinion into a state of disinformation and…FEAR.

But…stay tuned as forces working for the Light continue to steadily chip away at the dark’s tools of disinfo, watch as more and more beacons of hope begin to illuminate our world, and be…



Cyber attacks are easy to pull off, can be devastating, and when a large power grid goes down, chaos and suffering can ensue.

The Hill reports on the cyber attack in question.

Russia: Reported US cyber attack on power grid possible

What we must understand is that the “deep state” is very real and these rogue agency clowns and military agents are indeed operating outside the purview of President Trump and his legitimate, appointed administration.

While the President has not come out and said this, he is NOT in control of the upper echelons of the military or the agencies put in place during Obama’s regime.

Some of the same ones who set Trump up in the phony Russia collusion fiasco are undermining the President’s efforts to bring peace and prosperity to America and the world through improved relations with the leaders of all countries.

The deep state thrives on war and destruction and they will say and do anything to promulgate war. Their ultimate strategy is to pull off provocative acts so extreme that nations cannot fail to retaliate, thus escalating the conflict. That is what is behind acts of aggression involving the Iranian tanker ships.

That is what a false flag event is; the deep state stages some sort of attack, whether it’s a bombing, a shooting, a missile attack, a power grid cyber attack, and then plants news articles in their rogue media outlets blaming another party who had nothing to do with it. Does anyone really fall for these any longer?

This is very basic stuff, not difficult to understand. It’s not about elements in America going rogue to take matters into their own hands because they disagree with Trump’s handling of foreign relations. Russia is not our enemy.

We have to see the situation for what it is, not what the lying, treasonous, cabal-controlled media says it is.

President Putin knows very well Trump is NOT at the root of these attacks, and he also knows who is, and why. The American people need to know it, too.

The deep state believes the only chance they and globalists who have been running the world have of surviving Trump, the grim reaper, is to cause extreme conflict and war. They can try whatever they like; they will not escape their demise. Their time is over and they continue to dig their own graves.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!


  1. So do you believe Trump saying Iran attacked those tankers? Trump is a neocon subservient to Israel. China gets half their oil from Iran and are violating US sanctions by continuing to buy 40%+ of their oil from Tehran. Russia will not allow a US puppet state on their southern flank funneling jihadis into Russia. Have you read Putin’s recent speeches? WW3 anyone? Trump has kept every promise he made to Israel,none that he made to the American people. More illegals coming across the border than in anytime in history. Illegals from African countries where Ebola is rife are being spread all across the US. Trump making it much easier for GMO’s to get into our food supply. Trump coming out for mandatory vaccinations. Trump appointing an AG and BATFE head who are in favor of gun confiscation. A son’in law who is a Mossad operative in the White House. A Trump who is friends of Jeffrey Epstein and has ridden the Lolita Express. A Trump who was bailed out by the Rothschild banks in the early 1990’s. A Trump who has done business with George Soros and made millions with him. Think mezzanine loan from Soros to Trump in 2005 on a building in Chicago. Soros forgave the loan and he and Trump made several hundred million on that little deal.
    The whole opposition to Trump on Russian collusion is a psyop designed to keep his support up.
    It isn’t working anymore and he has lost forever the base that elected him. Just another Illuminati Stooge. You need to expand your Horizons and do some much needed study. A Political Scientist you are not.


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