QAnon: Patriot Incentive… or Sedative? [videos] ~ Feb. 8, 2018

This is a pretty good article from Starship Earth that directly asks the question many have had…is “Q” actually acting as a “delaying” agent for the clean-up of our country? Why haven’t arrests been made, and why is Hillary still walking around free (even with an ankle bracelet on)?

Well…actually, when one leaves the political arena behind and concentrates instead on the spiritual why things are, or aren’t, happening on Earth right now, it’s actually  a moot point as we know a high-enough level of humans are now vibrating on a high-enough level to…”git’ er done!” As Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf states, “All is perfect, and perfectly done.”

For me, this statement means that both Light and Dark are instrumental forces that must work together towards a final outcome in this Universe. While individual human desires are influenced by our feelings and emotions about any topic, the mass consciousness of humanity drives the evolution of humanity and that is the point we are at right now.

The really good news is that humanity has exceeded expectations for our next evolutionary step! So…that being said, I kinda calm down about articles like these that DO need to be considered, but then realize the game has already been won…YES!!

So…please read this article, watch the video’s, realize success for humnaity HAS been reached, and…


There’s no denying the love-affair in the alternative media with QAnon patriot and the intel the Q team brings.

Because I have felt there is a stalling tactic going on for some time, I listened to Montagraph’s view on it.

Are American patriots being lulled into a false sense of security by the “saviour” Q? Is it really about the roll-out of the 5G network as Monty claims?

Is the current status of the take-down of the cabal what prompted Cobra to tell us of the uptick in the activities of the Resistance Movement with the blessing and renewed intervention of the Galactic High Council? Was it necessary at this point for the “charge of the Light brigade” to increase their pace—or else?

Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves.

Below is Jesse’s interpretation of the latest Q posts from BPEarthwatch, and below, the warning from Montagraph that Q is a psyop. He could be correct about it all, incorrect, or some of each.

Are we really just a pot of boiling frogs, languishing in a tepid bath while we wait? And if so—for what? Would we know if someone turned up the heat?

Both these guys talk a good game, but we know we have Divine Intervention in many ways. That doesn’t excuse us, however, from taking destiny into our own hands.  ~ BP

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