Reports & Warnings Concerning Cobra [video] ~ May 13, 2018

Ah, yes…indeed the war for planet Earth is indeed heating up! When information appeared calling Cobra into question by several sources, I knew many questions would arrive because, hey…I have questions in my own mind! No one is exempt from attack in this war it seems…and the attacks made by the dark are not just in the physical realm!

This blog by Starship Earth speaks well to the crux of the problem. The knowledge I have learned from the geo-political scene indicates that the cabal/Illuminati/dark forces are indeed in dire straits as plan after plan after plan for complete world domination has failed.

Their latest ploy? Attack messages that stem from well-known leaders of spirituality to led the spiritual masses into confusion and disorientation which falls into their “divide and conquer” strategy. This is a pretty clever plan, designed to win through introducing spiritual confusion, and…this plan will fail as well.

What is a well-meaning spiritual BEing to do? My advise is to learn all you can from multiple sources, and then…ask for guidance from your inner Higher Self and let LOVE guide your mind to the right thought for you. No one can, or should, tell you what or how to believe. This is the time for your own conviction to guide you.

Let’s not forget that all is NOT woe as this may be one of the last tricks up the sleeve of the nasty dark who are in fact currently losing this war for Planet Earth. Perhaps attacking the spiritual base for Planet Earth with a “false flag” spiritual assault is all they are left to try, just sayin’…

That being said, please read this article from Starship Earth, learn all you can, know that truth wins, and…



I wrote the post below yesterday when I came upon the warning. I chose not to publish it. This morning I got up to the attached video from Tom Price and decided it needs to get out there. Readers are free to decide how to take it.

I have always been a Cobra supporter and share Benjamin Fulford posts and also from Tom Price. There is a war—not a game— going on and a lot of people depend on the information in the Lightworker community. There are many newly-awakened souls who need guidance and  I now feel it would be irresponsible NOT to put this out. With regret, I share the following.  ~ BP

True identities and intent seem to be at the forefront of Internet life at present. It’s easy to hide and deceive.

This isn’t posted with malice of any kind, only a desire to ensure we place our trust in the right places and keep Lightworkers safe.

Particularly in light of the recent update from Cobra’s website about Lightworkers being summoned by the Resistance Movement and disappearing with them into Inner Earth, it’s prudent to take note of this news from May 11 about the status of Cobra and his identity.

There is a great deal of trickery and disinformation circulating on the Internet, and I’ve no way to validate this information other than my own intuitive guidance so readers are on their own to process this and determine its veracity.

There are those who have felt that it is not truly Cobra running the 2012 Portal blog any longer and despite claims to the contrary from “Cobra”, we are left on the fence. I have noticed a difference of late but no need for red flags—until now.

Those attending Cobra’s conferences would know his identity. Cobra has not seemed to put out any dangerous information and people love his conferences and what he teaches. “Isis”, his wife (alias) attended with him and no one is sounding any alarm bells after attending the conferences.

We recently learned of the death of “Isis” and it sounded like a sincere request for commiseration and honouring of a precious soul.

If Cobra isn’t who he claims, why has he been attacked to mercilessly over the years? The video below may answer some of these questions.

There is an audio link below from a Blogtalk Radio show in 2012 you can listen to. Since “Ishtar Antares” is Slovenian, and I believe Cobra is also, there is a resemblance in the accent but it doesn’t sound exactly like the Cobra interviews I’ve heard, so I don’t know what to say. The material does sound like the same information Cobra has shared on his blog and in interviews, however, including with respect to the Tachyon chambers.

For what it’s worth, I seem to recall Cobra vowing several years ago that he is not that person, “Ishtar Antares”.

The following blog post tells us the Pleiadians are not going to interfere in this situation unless harm is done. They just did interfere when they said not to go back to Cobra’s website.

I hesitate to put this out there in the blogosphere because it’s bound to stir up some drama, but we need to know who we’re dealing with and who to trust—particularly when we have various other “trusted sources” possibly being exposed. It seems there are very few we can trust, and we are owed the truth. 

The last thing we need is another distraction, but there you have it. Listen to what Tom Price has to say. My job is done. If I get more information about this I will share it.  ~ BP

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1. Beloved Friends!

We Are Honored To At Last Give You Promising News Concerning The Event.

We Would Never Mislead You And Until We Had Stronger Intel. We Refused To Speak About This Matter.

2. Presently All Is Running Smoothly. This Might Be Meaningless To You.

But This Is The Moment To Trust Your Family of Light!

Our Family Of Light!

The Details Would Be Beyond Your Knowledge And Comprehension.

The Seamless Shifting Of Your Present Reality Will Be Instant And Amazing.

3. The Shift is Perceived When One’s Awareness, As A Materialized Presence, Has Bridged The Gap, Between Major Categories Of Vibration, Known As Dimensions.

4. The Shift Can Be Perceived By Some And Not Others. This Is Caused By The Frequency Of Each Being According To Their Present Experience At The Moment.

We Can Assure You That All Will Be Met With Great Joy And Celebration.

5. One Other Word To Share Is The Ongoing Reports Concerning Cobra.

Cobra Did Well And Was Faithful. He Did However Age In The Human Form And Left The Planet In A Previous Time. He Did Travel With Us For As Long As Possible.

6. We Must Warn You Of The Site That Was Taken Over By Those That Wish To Deceive You.

Do Not Go Back To The Cobra Site. It Is Fake And Is Being Run By Those Wanting To Confuse The Masses.

7. We Could Go On With Details But It Is Not Relevant To Your Well Being To Know All.

We Are Honored To Give You Updates.

We Rise Together In Light!


People only know Tomaz Raman as Cobra – not Sulla. The source of the material was not doing interviews.

Tomaz Raman (Cobra) was a business partner of Alojzia Sulla – the real Pleiadian contactee. He died in January.


Updates on Cobra’s site are a mix of recycled content from Sulla, taken from other sources, or just made up.

People should ask Cobra which Pleiadians he speaks with.

Leja Raman passed away, but she was not ‘targeted’ by energy weapons as Cobra claims.

Cobra’s wife Leja Raman (Isis) died.

A couple months later Sulla was killed in an assisted living facility by another patient there. His wife is still alive in the same facility.

Neither of them are really named Isis. I am referring to Tomaz’ wife as Isis now as reference bc that’s what people know. Tomaz and Leja took on the roles.


I was told Pleiadians have decided to not directly intervene in that situation, unless there is harm done.

Timing of the Event is dependent on internal + external factors. It’s always in flux. We missed targets bc of ops happening in deep space, as well as pushback on the surface – FF’s, divide + conquer tactics. Collective consciousness has to be ready too – this has improved lately.

More info:

Ishtar Antares on Blogtalk Radio fall of 2012

Ishtar Antares lives and works in Slovenia as a Cosmic Astrology consultant. He developed a tachyonization chamber and his company “New Energy Tachyon” distibutes tachyonized products worldwide. He travels a lot, activating sacred spots throughout the planet and spreading his knowledge to those whom wish to receive it. Teachings from his book are incorporated into Aurora Transformation, a transformative weekend event that changed lives of many throughout the planet. If you would like to organize Aurora Transformation in your part of the world, you can contact the author at

Website referenced:


The Positive Side of 2012
Published on May 11, 2018

BEWARE: The Alternative Media is now INVADED by the Bad-guys. COBRA, Benjamin FULFORD, etc., are all affected by the Programmed Humanoids and A.I. Get the DETAILS here. This post was requested by the GALACTIC FEDERATION. Title: May 9, 2018 Entry Protocols

(1) Cobras BLOG (This is the TRAP)…
One of the Videos (This is the TRAP)



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2 Responses to Reports & Warnings Concerning Cobra [video] ~ May 13, 2018

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Interesting report. I was personally warned off of Cobra well over a month ago, this by Sirian sources that I have. And as a crew member of a Pleiadian mothership, I am well aware that the Pleiadians are not going to be performing mass landings anytime soon. I still post reports from Ben Fulford and Tom Price. Take the advice to listen within, check your sources and check again. Lately, I’ve seen lightworker friends being taken down/over by the dark. This is an all-out war, a war of intelligence, through electronic means (avoid mass meditations), people who claim to remove implants (they usually put more in) and spiritual teachers who make claims to have evolved beyond 5D (not possible presently in physical form unless a high initiate/yogi). There’s a TON of disinformation and misinformation being presented through what were reliable channeled sources up until six months or a year ago. And, in regards to Cobra specifically, his claim that his “wife” was the Goddess Isis is patently a lie. The Goddess Isis, a Being from Sirius B, has NOT incarnated on Earth since shortly after her Twin Flame and mate, Lord Osiris went out of embodiment. Until fairly recently, She was in the Great Silence. She holds an Etheric Retreat outside of Sedona, AZ and can also be found visiting Venus and the Sirian flagship, The Golden Lily.


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