Headlines and Updates for July 12, 2019: The Sun Will Rise Again [videos] ~ July 12, 2019

The sun will always rise again because there is apparently more than one. If the mainstay craps out, there’s a backup.

Sgt. Pattie Brassard showed us images of “our brown dwarf”. Funny NASA never told us about that. Other planets have brown dwarf accompaniment, too, she said.

I don’t know if it’s the energies at the root, (that wave that came in on the 6th) but I’ve been exposed to a lot of negativity of late. For a long time drivers in the ‘hood were respectful and then twice within a couple of days this past week or so, two of them yelled out the window at Mica and I as we walked on the edge of the road.

Some people in our residential neighbourhood don’t think they should have to share the road with pedestrians or pets. Since we don’t have sidewalks, and sometimes not even a shoulder, I take that to mean they believe we belong in the rocky ditch with the cacti, despite the fact that I pay taxes to use the roads. Why do we need signs in America to instruct drivers to “share the road”? It’s a sad commentary.

I reached my tolerance for negativity last night and had to get away from gloomy news, complaints, fault-finding, mud-slinging, drama, and anything that would lower my vibration. I reached out for some Sophia Musik and a meditation video to wipe out all the negative energy. It worked.

And negative comments on the blog may just get nixed. Depends on my mood.

Blatant censorship!!! Earlier, I happened upon this interesting Tweet from Methods… and for some reason Tweets are not displaying properly on the blog these days. Links are not working. Go figure. It was a Q post suggesting they knew what the #TwitterDown was all about.  Now the Tweets won’t display on Twitter, either. This Orwellian tyranny has to be stopped.

#TwitterDown makes me wonder if this happened again… pic.twitter.com/E8VUpntAXx

— M3thods (@M2Madness) July 11, 2019

Here’s a new Q drop—one of many. They’ll start with the small fry and work their way up. Epstein is a keyholder to the network. We’re going to see academy award level performances from many of the “actors” masquerading as “elite” scumbags.3419

Singer R Kelly Arrested on Federal Sex Crime Charges

Q!!mG7VJxZNCI 11 Jul 2019 – 8:25:38 PMhttps://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/R-Kelly-Arrested-on-Federal-Sex-Crime-Charges-512618121.html



Hit ’em where it hurts. It’s unbelievable that we would pay these predators to procure, dismember, and sell babies for body parts. Shut them down!

Court Rules President Trump Can Defund Planned Parenthood, Will Cut Almost $60 Million in Taxpayer Funding

They’re baaaaack! The Hampstead kids are in the news again.https://twitter.com/Johnjam02545194/status/1149527546033086465

What do you know? The link doesn’t work. It relates to this video, which also won’t display properly via link. I had to embed it.

It’s heartbreaking to hear how these children were used and their innocence stolen. We shared the full interview with them a few years ago. It’s shocking. And then the UK LEOs covered it up and it went away.https://youtu.be/N7_epvNbaPQ

It doesn’t appear a lot of the established US government figures are feeling well these days.

I have to say these “incubator” performances are nauseating, but thanks, Kip, for the coverage.

He mentions Angela Merkel’s uncontrollable shaking, and you may have heard speculation that she is being “microwaved”, as some claimed HRC was in that embarrassing head-bobbing incident. (below) We know they use directed energy weapons (DEWs) on many people, for many reasons.

This woman went down in a dead faint.

Collapsing Congresswoman Ruins AOC’s Anti-Trump-Immigration Monologue

On a lighter note, following is a Qute and fascinating video from Jennifer Mac. Folks are crunching numbers and coming up with some leading hypotheses… AND she includes some great jazz.

It’s so easy for uninformed people to say “nothing happened on July 4th”. Disinfo is rampant in ALL circles, and no one is immune.

We know what we know, and we may not get what we want, but we’ll get what we need.

The Patriots are making it FUN for us, folks. They’re delivering on the surprises if you’re paying attention—and there are two biggies in this video.

Juan O Savin, as I said, gives us so much information and coupled with the Q drops, we have more than we know.

You will probably want to pause the video briefly to read some frames.

The son will rise again? Assuming the overwhelming evidence we have is correct and Jr lives… what do you suppose he’s been up to for 20 years? He was a pilot, and we hear the military helped him make his escape. Think logically. I believe Jr has been preparing for precisely this time since he disappeared.

Q says he’s frequently “on the move”, and Juan says the same. When Q was silent, Juan had plenty of time to chat on the Abel Danger show. He told us to pause and reflect and enjoy the break before the next campaign began.

Now that Q is running on at the mouth (affectionately intended), Juan missed his scheduled slot on the show yesterday and squeezed in a short update. Just sayin’.

He’ll be back in a few days for a longer discussion.

More than JUAN guy believes Jr Lives. Look up to the sky… the sun will rise again!

The Epstein pedophilia case is going to have a massive domino effect on a multitude of players.

Acosta out as Trump Labor secretary

Last night Thomas Williams noted a significant number (around a dozen) Disney-related/entertainment figures “dying” suddenly. It’s called “escape” from justice or shut up the witnesses. Admittedly, some were old—as much as 105 (what does that suggest???) while one was only 20 years old. You decide.

Due to popular demand, the circus has been held over…

Mueller testimony likely to be delayed for one week

The People fight back.

Laura Loomer is Suing Facebook for $3,000,000,000 for Defamation (Yes, That’s 3 BILLION)

A likely story. We don’t want to hear your excuses. Just do it. You were all spying on each other, and everyone.


As we’ve said for many years, bugger the banksters. Let’s just hope it’s not too rocky a road as so many are already in dire straits, financially.


We woke up to our “normal” seasonal temps this morning of 94 F. Slight chance of rain possible, which would be awesome, but I don’t believe the monsoons are quite ready yet to deliver. Any time now, though, and boy do we need rain.

Here’s the Oracle Report for today, Friday. I’m glad Laura explained the photo. (below)  You can read the report at her website, below.

Oracle Report
Published on Jul 12, 2019
Laura Walker http://www.oraclereport.com Photo taken by wise owl Steve. This is lit and twirled steel wool at 15 degrees below zero F.

Exceptional multiple meteor event recorded over Brazil

You might want to turn off the sound.

Batton down for Barry! And as a very astute crew member pointed out, we had Hurricane Michael, and now Barry… you can’t make this up. These arrogant criminals name streets, towns, hurricanes, anything they choose after themselves, AND give each other awards for fabricated and non-existent deeds, including the Peace Prize for creating more wore than ever before.

In the upside-down world the psychopaths created, Peace Prizes are awarded to war criminals for crimes against Humanity.

This is a new era, however, and the People will now decide what shingle to hang around their necks.

Waves and storm surge produced by Barry to affect beaches in four Gulf Coast states

A little jazz, and now a little mambo… too funny. It might be their last dance, so humour them.

Are we going fast enough for everyone yet?

I’ve got places to go, so I’m out. Warp factor 7, helmsman!  ~ BP

Late Headlines and Updates for November 1, 2018: The Build-Up [videos] ~ November 1, 2018

Crazy days are unfolding, there are unquestionably bizarre circumstances observed and the news and headlines flooding my inbox are staggering.

I see so much in my surfing the ‘net in the way of important updates I could share all day and all night but since I’m preparing to leave the country, that’s not going to happen. I’m still trying to decide what to watch/read first and I’m running out of time, so I’m going to throw it all out there and y’all can pick and choose at your leisure. 

I think the interesting thing about President Trump’s decision to delay the declassification of the FISA documents is that it will continue to allow the freakazoid demoncrats to flail and foam in their own seizures of rage until we get the results of the election.

Anyone elected who is a criminal, may be outed and removed shortly thereafter—by the “stealth bomber”, perhaps. If the deep state actually does rig or hack any of the machines or engage in election fraud with padded voter lists—it will all be documented and the situation will be put right.

The public will be notified and aware of the crimes and the arrests and removals will be transparent and justified by the law. As Qanon has said, “We have it all”. It’s just a matter of the timing.  ~ BP

The information war continues, with BPEarthwatch channel now banned on YouTube.

BPEarthWatch Banned By Youtube 1 Week Before Midterms. Coincidence? Naughty Beaver Investigates

James O’Keefe and his team at Project Veritas Action continue to air shocking revelations within political campaigns across America.

O’Keefe Asks Gillum Staffer Why “it’s not for [voters] to know” “fairy tale” Policies Won’t Happen

I was hoping for some honest, investigative journalism around the crash of the Lion Air Boeing 737 off Jakarta but there’s very little. It was a new plane, only two months old, and the speed and altitude were erratic after takeoff. Apparently there is a “viral rumour” this airline has had significant enough safety concerns that the US and other countries won’t allow them in their airspace—but the pilot and co-pilot had 11,000 flying hours between them. If there was something wrong with the plane, they would know it.

Jim Stone, independent investigative journalist  gets into this at length, mentioning my suspicion of a remote hijack, and also has a plethora of fascinating stories and updates on his site. I recommend checking in with him from time to time to stay abreast as I will be out of touch much of the time with family.

Click this link to go to Jim’s site and scroll down for your reading pleasure. He includes the “Mueller Rape Hoax”, the synagogue shooting, the border crisis, and more.

One thing Jim reported which was counter to what we were hearing is that the advance polls are showing the dimms are doing fairly well and attempting to steal the election. As of today, Martha McSally (R) has 51% over Sinema (D) here in Phoenix—so it’s too close to call.

CONFIRMED: Machines in several states are flipping votes to dem

The Dems can’t win with busloads of people voting “early and often”, they can’t win by slandering, they can’t win by having millions of illegals vote, so they have yet another tool – flipping votes. And there’s no question they do it on paper also.

Clearly there was a red wave, if we don’t get it they have clearly made war the only answer.

If people do not fight for real after a successful stolen election this time around, we are TOAST.

Immigrant Caravan Loots and Robs Public Market in Chiapas (Mexico) on their way to USA

John B. Wells and the Next News Network discuss a number of items prior, but around 18 minutes in they discuss this gathering of patriots who intend to set the record straight on Gen. Michael Flynn and other things on Nov. 9, 10, 11 in Texas. There will be some great speakers there including Mike Adams and Field McConnell.

REINFORCEMENTS! Hundreds of Patriots Descend on Texas for ‘Classified Operation’

What About Rothschild? Goldman Banker Pleading Guilty in 1MDB Will Forfeit $44 Million

Nothing Else Matters Before Education…

…a great education on politics, the election, the Republic and the bad actors, from Douglas Ducote Sr.

Boston Mobster Whitey Bulger Killed in Prison – Sources Say He Was About To Out FBI Officials, Maybe Robert Mueller?

As Thomas Williams confirmed there was a plan to hit Hawai’i with a catastrophe. That is why we had warnings from DAHB0077 about the massive numbers of FEMA barges on their way to the islands and the fact that they were anchored off the coast where they could not be seen from shore, and probably the reason for the major military powers holding their “war games” at Hawai’i this year. Drills, you know.

There was definitely something afoot there, but their plan was foiled. Like we said, they can plan whatever they choose, but they will not be permitted to pull off any large-scale, 9/11 scale events. Nothing will work for them any longer. Thomas also reminded the thugs that the “looking glass” will no longer work for them. The patriots out-think, out-plan, out-execute, out-finance, and out-tech them. They have been castrated. About all they have left is their weather weapons.

Hawai’i Weatherman Says Hawai’i is Targeted

This is interesting and possibly confusing… stealing from the National Guard? Vigilantes? Anything’s possible. Crazy.

What Is Really Going On at The Border? Military Readies for Big Clashes

Panic, Central Bankers are Trapped

Why Are We Here, Who Has the Power (DS) Cannot Stop the Awakening

Astrology Status for 09/18 – October 2015 – The Threshold ~ Sept. 29, 2015


Astrology Status for 09/18 – October 2015

The Threshold

by Carl Boudreau
September 18, 2015 at 7:22pm

Not Just Another Ingress

I think the best way to understand October 2015 is as a followup to Saturn’s re-entry into Sagittarius for the full transit. This ingress is one of those astrological events whose truly immense significance can easily be missed.

It’s true that October will be about coming to terms with the complexity and difficulty of the energies unleashed in September, among other things (http://on.fb.me/1FMYcNo). But the deeper astrological truth about October is that it will help us once again bring the gifts of Saturn to bear against injustice, inequality, exploitation and oppression. Saturn’s Sagittarius ingress will end a hazardous, decades long odyssey for Saturn and the world.

saturnSaturn and the Major Planetary Cycles

Astrologers who study the long term, pay special attention to the cycles of the outer planets: Saturn/Pluto, Uranus/Pluto, Neptune/Pluto cycles, etc., etc. In this post, I will be primarily concerned with recent Saturn cycles.

Such cycles begin with a conjunction and end when the two bodies return to conjunction decades later. In the first half of these cycles, beginning just after the initial conjunction, the planets move toward opposition. During this phase, until the point of opposition, the faster moving, separating planet, remains subordinated to the the slower moving planet.

Beginning in 1980, all of the outer planets, including Saturn, gathered in a fairly tight grouping in signs closely identified with the 1% – power signs. Consequently, all of their Saturn cycles began at roughly the same time.

As a result, during those years, Saturn was subordinated to Uranus. Uranus was subordinated to Neptune. Neptune was in turn subordinated to Pluto. The combined power of all the outer planets was subordinated to the power of Pluto. The power of the outer planets was woven into a single intense current of social, economic and political power under the sway of Pluto, a planet associated with the use of power for its own sake.

Pluto would be supreme. Saturn would remain in a deeply subordinate, weakened position in relation to the other outer planets for the better part of the next 30 years. While Saturn was so subordinated, the world, freed from the discipline of careful thought and hard work, would get progressively more out of control.


Advantage the 1%

This alignment took place in the signs Libra thru Pisces – signs closely associated with society’s social, cultural, economic and political elites – the 1%. This new concentration of power was in addition to the considerable advantage the elite already had by virtue of their position in society.

Under the influence of this grand alignment, every conceivable effort was made to channel social, cultural economic and political power into the hands of the 1%.

A World Without Saturn

Saturn stands for sober and objective judgment. It tests our reasoning, our skills and our assets against reality. It imposes discipline and hard work. It engenders good conscience and strength of character.

Saturn is blind to privilege. Its reason is unfailingly rigorous. Its commitment to the truth is unimpeachable. Its sword cuts both ways.

With Saturn subordinated to Pluto, et. al., little if any defense remained against the accumulation and inevitable abuse of power by the overly empowered 1%.

With Saturn’s influence so seriously impaired, rules were bent and broken with relative impunity. Science and sound reasoning took a back seat to demagoguery. The truth gave way to outright lies. The public conscience was muted. Nothing was out of bounds if it increased the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the 1%.

The grand alignment has been breaking up slowly for some years, now, and it will continue to break up in slow stages over the coming decades.

angelic super heroOne of the things we can look forward to in the near term, though, is the return of Saturn’s power. Saturn will dramatically re-empower those among us who fight for social, political and economic justice.

Saturn in Sagittarius, a Major Milestone

As explained above, during a Saturn cycle, Saturn will initially break free of the slower moving planet’s dominance at the halfway point, at the opposition. Saturn does not actually come into its own, however, until it squares the slower planet in the final quarter of the cycle, as it returns to conjunction.

Accordingly, Saturn reasserted some of its power when it squared Pluto from Libra in 2009-12. Saturn will assert significantly more of its power as it squares Neptune from Sagittarius.

sagittarius full moonIn fact, Saturn in Sagittarius is forming a T-Square with Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. The intense, prolonged friction from this T-Square will affect all of the mutable signs – the signs that govern the creation, maintenance and dissemination of thought.

In so doing, the T-Square will burn off the grit of lies that has frozen the gears of reason. It will dispel the fogs that blind people to the truth and to their own best interests.

Saturn’s Sagittarius ingress will, in effect, empower those who speak truth to power. It will awaken reason and conscience from their long slumber.

For the first time in many decades, the 99% will have the tools to block further abuses by the 1% and roll back previous abuses. They will have the resources to find genuine, truthful answers to the countless questions enveloping us.

Imposing Truth on Power

One of the most insidious effects of the great alignment of the last thirty-some years was the creation of a worldview enshrining the ideas and false principles that supported the supremacy of the 1%. This great body of lies flourished and grew for decades in Saturn’s absence. A great density of lies shielded the 1% against the truth and the consequences of their actions.

through the veilOn of the most important and empowering effects of Saturn’s ingress will be to destroy this false worldview, suppress the demagoguery it engenders and answer the lies that breed oppression and exploitation. The ingenious lies that used to set the ignorant marching will fall flat.

Truth will begin to matter again. It will become progressively easier to convince each other and ourselves to do the right thing for the right reason. Blessed once again with conscience and the power of individual thought, people will break free of the oppressive system we have created since the 1980s.

So think good thoughts about Saturn, and spare a generous thought for the Sagittarians who actually have to deal with Saturn in their Sun sign. 😉