End of May 2017 Astrology ~ Sea of Change by Carl Boudreau ~ May 28, 2017

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After Carl made mention of significant alignments in May and their potential impact on society and our planet I made a mental note to check back with him when his full analysis was complete and I’m glad I did. Carl has an exception ability to translate cosmic movements into an easily understandable template for social implications.

While I don’t have the basics of astrology to understand everything Carl lays out here, I get the gist and it resonates strongly as I can see the effects in play already.

I think Carl nails it and we can expect assistance in the coming days to shine a light on the occult aspects of life on our planet and bring a broader understanding of the controllers’ agenda to more of Humanity. I feel there are opportunities for great social advancement and significant inroads into the expulsion of the dark.

Beyond these celestial configurations it’s up to us, isn’t it? This IS the Age of Aquarius. What are we going to do with it?

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I think readers will find the following very insightful. It’s long, but I feel well worth the time. Facebook text—even stripped—is abnormally difficult and time-consuming to work with in WordPress for some reason so please forgive the lack of proper formatting.  ~ BP

End of May 2017; Sea of Change

by Carl Boudreau

Recently, I made several posts in rapid succession because I felt there were some things people needed to know right away. In the time since, I got a strong urge to rewrite, condense and maybe clarify some of that material.
Before we begin, I think it is important to know that, according to esoteric lore, Leo is the sign in which Spirit turns the corner in the battle to subordinate matter to the uses of spirit. The shift from material to spiritual priorities has profound and revolutionary implications for us. And that shift will doubtless have dramatic and disruptive effects on the individual and collective levels.
We don’t normally think of Leo as a revolutionary sign. However, the shift from material priorities to spiritual priorities is a shift with profoundly revolutionary implications and effects.
So I do think the North Node’s transit of Leo holds the promise of deep change. Given the range of energies at work, some of that change might actually turn out to be quick, deep and gentle.

My interpretation of the North Node’s Leo ingress chart focused on a set of squares that show up conspicuously in the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo some change ingress chart. This post basically takes a closer look at those squares.
The Moon’s North Node has been transiting Leo since May 9th, UT. It’s a big deal when the North Node changes signs because the North Node powerfully affects human motivation, and when the North Node changes signs, human motivation shifts powerfully and fundamentally.
To garner the support of the universe, people now need to be guided by the Leo North Node.
Now we all need to be asking ourselves, What would Leo do? With so many people looking at Leo for guidance, now, we can expect events to go in an increasingly Leo direction from this point forward. Accordingly, from this point on events will have an increasingly Leo twist. Let’s take a closer look at what it might mean to do what Leo would do.
When I look more closely at this chart, I see a year and a half of almost constant change. The world as we now know it is slipping into a state of flux.

Let’s follow some astrological bread crumbs.
Leo governs friendship and romance, i.e., matters of the heart, matters closely associated with the planet Venus.
One of the best ways to understand the influence of Venus in a chart is to cast a so-called Venus persona chart. To create a Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress, one basically progresses the Sun in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart to the position of Venus.
In the Venus persona chart, playful, seductive Venus and rebellious, assertive, unpredictable Uranus are conjunct prickly and highly combative Eris in martial Aries.
Uranus and Eris will trigger potentially violent, forced change. Venus will soften the potentially harsh, aggressive effects of Uranus and Eris, though. This highly subversive threesome makes a bundle of squares to a group of planets sprawled across the ascendant in the 1st and 12th houses.
This combination of influences is more changeful than it appears and in a better way than you might at first suppose.
Uranus contributes its disruptive and irresistibly transformative power. Eris contributes its characteristic rancor and resentment.
Venus will soften the often harsh impact of Uranus, sweeten the bitterness of Eris and in general dull the edge of anger when disturbing information is revealed and pent up negative energies are released. Venus is also a solvent, which will dissolve blocks and knots preventing access to these issues.
It will also help carry the energies of Uranus and Eris into wherever these issues are hidden in minds and hearts.
Let’s look at an example. I’m going to use the example of gender inequity in the home and in society.
The world is fraught with examples of power imbalances. I’m using this example only because it is familiar. This is just an example intended to illustrate my point.
I also know that the situation is complex and multifaceted. I have kept it simple, again, for the sake of illustration. Just think of it as a simple line drawing, or a stick figure, simple but recognizable and intended strictly as illustration.
Typically, for whatever reason, certain people enjoy a power advantage in their relations at home and elsewhere. This advantage is often abused in big and small ways. The flawed pattern behind the power imbalance within a family or other small group are is of a piece with a similar power imbalance in society.
Almost inevitably, both intentionally and unintentionally, in small ways and large, empowered people take advantage of this imbalance. It is just the way power imbalances work. Anyone who enjoys a power imbalance will eventually take advantage of it. IMO.
The continued cooperation of the overly empowered person is key to the survival of the group, though, so any abuses are tolerated. The problems with the underlying pattern are never addressed for fear of undermining this vital relationship. Participants are also concerned about what might happen if built up tensions are triggered if the pattern is disrupted.
Feelings between those involved in this relationship are complex and often difficult. There is often a lot of negative energy bound up in the relationship. involved.
The fact that we keep these tensions secret makes vital relationships possible, relationships that make life as we know it possible. But these secrets also lock our lives and the world into their present imperfect form.
The power imbalance continues in place. The defective pattern is never healed. Tensions caused by any abuses of power continue to build up in the relationships.
There are almost continuous and reform efforts, some only partly successful, some futile. The will to correct they pattern and eliminate this power imbalance seems not really to be there.
Completely healing the pattern responsible might relieve the imbalance and alleviate the tensions. But they will also to free built up negative energies.
They would also need to create and impose a replacement pattern that created balanced relationships. But the change might also badly disrupt the groups affected. So people often tolerate the tensions and, in various ways, work to preserve the pattern.
The tensions caused by the defective pattern will be relieved, when the pattern is corrected. But once the status quo is upset, who knows what, if anything will replace it. The situation might devolve into something worse. The tensions being released could easily act to prevent an acceptable reset.
There will still be a lot of unruly negative energy around to interfere with the establishment of a new status quo. Bitterness, covert power struggles, persistent bias, etc. could easily result.
The Venus/Uranus/Eris conjunction, however, seems perfectly designed to discover, reveal and release these secrets. I think we can easily see how the Uranus and Eris energy will provide some of what is needed to change these patterns.
What we really need in the energetic, alchemical mix is not just an energy break down and then fix the pattern. We need a way to soften and neutralize the accumulated tensions caused by the defective pattern so that we can safely reweave the threads of the pattern, to heal it. So that the tensions that accumulated around the pattern don’t hamper the healing work or prevent us from carefully completing the healing and generating a new, better pattern. And that’s what Venus provides here.
We want to heal the pattern. We don’t want it to blow up in our faces or, once disturbed, to settle into an even worse pattern.
We also tend to keep these tensions and our ideas about them secret. We keep these secrets bound up in mental and emotional knots that seem all but impossible to untie. Even the knots in which they are tied are hidden in invisible mental and emotional spaces that can be very hard to find and once found, all but impossible to enter.
We need an energy that can locate these secrets, enter these hidden and locked spaces and loosen the knots. And, in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart, Venus/Uranus/Eris provides that energy, abundantly.
One of the things watery Venus is, is a solvent, comparable in its power to Neptune. Venus, like the solvent it is, will find its way into the places where secret tensions are hidden. The disruptive Eris/Uranus energies will flood in behind the Venus energies.
Venus will find openings that allow the disruptive Eris/Uranus energies to slip through into the most tightly locked hiding spaces in our hearts and minds. It will widen these openings, flood into the secret spaces, and loosen the tightest of knots. Long secret thoughts and emotions will begin to flow into awareness. They will become vulnerable to the transformative powers of the Uranus/Eris energies.
The Uranus/Eris energies will break the hiding places down, blow open the spaces in which secrets are hidden and expose them to the world at large. They will come pouring out into public view.
We should think of Venus, then, as the solvent that can penetrate the narrowest of spaces, the lubricant that can loosen the tightest seeming knots.
We should think of the disruptive Uranus/Eris energies as energies that, once within, can blow these hiding places wide open and expose the most closely guarded secrets, putting important relationships at risk, if not destroy them outright.
These will cause eruptions between friends or partners and disruptions of key relationships on the micro level. These eruptions and disruptions will have widespread implications for the stability at the macro level.
But we should also think of Venus as the missing secret ingredient that will reduce the danger of a blow up and allow us to safely rework the powerful tensions bound up in the defective pattern into new, better patterns.

Each Individual Venus/Uranus/Eris square is potentially socially transformative. Combined, they almost guarantee fundamental social transformation. Together, these squares will produce quite a brew of upsetting stimuli, dramatically increasing the likelihood that there will be ‘scenes,’ that people will speak up and act out. Or that they will organize mass protests.
The range of bodies and points involved in these squares gives us an idea of the great range of things Venus will affect. Their placement on and around the ascendant, one of the angles, tried us that these effects will be both prominent and intense.
This Venus/Uranus/Eris conjunction makes squares to Pluto, Chariklo, Lilith, the Ascendant, Saturn, Mars, quaoar, Pholus, Vesta, Ixion, and the Galactic Center. These astrological points are spread through the 1st and12th houses. So we’re talking about a real thorough shake up here.

Let’s take a closer look to gain a clear sense of the nature and range of things that will be directly and powerfully affected by this bundle of Venus/Uranus/Eris squares:
Saturn and Pluto, combined, govern most sources of power and authority in society.
Venus/Uranus/Eris square Saturn and Pluto will cause alienation from authority. We are talking about smoldering tensions within government and between government and the governed.

These Venus/Uranus/Eris squares, combined the the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Ixion square make it likely that mistrust of and disaffection with authority of all kinds will grow. This could, in fact, have a generally destabilizing effect on society.

Venus/Uranus/Eris square Mars will stir passions generally. Something that is likely to intensify any tendency to dissatisfaction and unrest.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to Chariklo is the first indication that these squares will have profound psychological and spiritual effects. Chariklo governs our most intimate personal boundaries.

Perceived violation of these boundaries will proliferate and violations that never troubled us before will begin to bother us.
This square might raise tensions between would be romantic partners about boundaries. It might affect our relationships with healthcare professionals, who, in their work, frequently cross these intimate boundaries. It could be as simple as someone standing too close to you in line at a checkout counter.
The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Chariklo square will send ripples of disquiet through intimate relationships. These relationship tensions could overflow into visible social social tensions.
This square to Chariklo could also raise people’s sensitivity to issues surrounding passage of North Carolina’s bathroom bill. This highly controversial bill, now repealed, compelled transgender people to use restrooms appropriate to their biological gender.

The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to Pholus will raise awareness of and sensitivity to the unfair distribution of shared social resources. It will most likely rouse class resentments.

Quaoar governs the creation and maintenance of worldviews. The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to Quaoar will incline us to shift our worldviews in accordance with Venusian impulses.
We will actively strive to establish a worldview that more fully and completely accommodates love, or the preferences of the heart.

Vesta governs our devotion to our highest ideals. Vesta has a lot to do with symbolism. The Venus/Uranus/Eris to Vesta will detach us from high and firmly held ideals and loosen our ideological attachments. We get some idea of how this particular energy might work in recent developments over the effort to remove Confederate monuments from public places.

Ixion governs the morality and ethics of powerful political figures. Venus/Uranus/Eris square Ixion, will sensitize us to corruption and decadence in high places.

If, as many of us do, one believes that the Universe is an expression of Divine love then we must regard the Galactic center as a font of cosmic love.
The Galactic Center governs the flow and function of Divine Love into and through our world. The Venus/Uranus/Eris square to the Galactic Center will prompt efforts to raise our human ideas about love and how best to give it expression to higher, genuinely cosmic, Divine levels.

Finally, Lilith communicates between the mind/body and spirit/matter boundaries, for example, converting mental and/or spiritual disquiet into physical unrest, converting unconscious issues to conscious.
Lilith is also part of this grouping. It is within a few degrees of the Ascendant. Venus/Uranus/Eris will square Lilith also. This bundle of Venus/Uranus/Eris squares will cause any number of psychologically uncomfortable, spiritually disquieting and politically and economically, socially and culturally disruptive. Lilith’s placement all but guarantees that the often subtle kinds of disturbance caused by these Venus squares will reach consciousness and find expression in our lives.
Social tensions caused by the Venus/Uranus/Eris squares will literally ‘get under our skin’. They will make us visibly irritated. These irritations will manifest visibly. We will not be able to tolerate, control, conceal or suppress how much these imbalances and trespasses bother us.
It will be difficult, for example, to hide or simply ignore the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Pluto tensions (tensions related to authority figures) or the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Chariklo tensions, (tensions related to violations of our personal boundaries). We will definitely feel these tensions as uncomfortable and we will tend to express our irritation outwardly. We will become intolerant of stimuli or trespasses we would otherwise ignore.

In the next year and a half, waves of displeasure and irritation will ripple constantly through society. This will stir strong desire for change and translate into irrepressible tensions that force us to seek change.
The annoyance caused by power imbalances and hidden, adverse sexual and gender tensions of many kinds will bubble up out of our personal lives into our social environment as people cannot help but give voice to their rising irritation and annoyance.
There is abundant indication in this chart that these complex, many-layered tensions will manifest clearly and conspicuously in our outer lives. The unease is unlikely to remain hidden or private, spilling over into shared social spaces like the workplace.
As we have seen, several other things about this persona chart work strongly against such personal unease going unnoticed.
The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Vesta square will expose bias and hypocrisy in the expression of even our highest ideals. This will affect too many people too deeply for it to go unnoticed.
The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Ixion square will expose and make us sensitive to sexual immorality in our leaders.
Finally, Venus/Uranus/Eris will square the Galactic Center. If, as many of us do, one believes that the Universe is an expression of Divine love on a cosmic scale, then we must regard the Galactic center as a font of cosmic love.
Venus/Uranus/Eris square the Galactic Center will invite frequent comparisons and contrasts between our understanding of Divine Love and the way love is expressed, or not, in our global culture. This aspect, when combined with all the other other influences discussed in this report, bespeaks a global philosophical and religious crisis.
The tensions caused by the Venus/Uranus/Eris squares will literally ‘get under our skin’. They will make us visibly irritable. These irritations will manifest visibly. We will not be able to tolerate, control or conceal how much these perceived imbalances and trespasses bother us.
Shifting preferences, the desire for changes at this level of our relationships will translate into irrepressible tensions that will manifest as tensions between ourselves and our partners.
It will be difficult, for example, to hide or simply ignore the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Pluto tensions or the Venus/Uranus/Eris/Chariklo tensions. We will express our irritation outwardly. We will become intolerant of stimuli or trespasses we would otherwise ignore.
The annoyance caused by power imbalances and hidden, adverse sexual and gender tensions will bubble up and out into our social environment as people cannot help but give voice to their irritations and annoyance.
There is abundant indication in this chart that these tensions will manifest in our external lives. They are unlikely to remain hidden or remain private, spilling over into shared social spaces like the workplace. They will not remain as fleeting, barely and rarely perceived dramas in our private lives.

Several other things about this persona chart work strongly against their going unnoticed.
Outward shows of annoyance and irritation seem all the more likely because Venus, along with Eris and Uranus, also square the Ascendant.
The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Saturn and Venus/Uranus/Eris/Mars squares will, too, intensify and aggravate our irritation and annoyance. It will be all the more obvious and contribute significantly to the negativity in the air over underlying issues.
The Venus/Uranus/Eris/Quaoar square means that people will no longer be so bound by age old traditions governing the relationships between romantic partners and close partners generally.
Quaoar governs the creation and maintenance of worldviews. We will actively strive to establish a worldview that more fully and completely accommodates love, or the preferences of the heart and, thus the soul, which is love.

As I said at the beginning, when I look at this chart, I see a year and a half of almost constant change. The world as we know it is slipping into a state of flux.



Stationary/Retrograde Pluto: Scary bringer of good news ~ April 20, 2017

Whew! I NEED some good news, don’t you? Well..Carl Boudreaux is bringing me that gift with his latest astrological reading that I found on Starship Earth: The Big Picture. No doubt these are tempestuous times on Earth and I welcome reading Carl’s latest forecast, listed below.

We spiritual folk KNOW that WWIII is not going to happen, it just looks that way just as Jordan Sather (https://roserambles.org/2017/04/20/4-20-trumpputin-trolling-world-2-0-still-distracting-w-fake-war-while-deep-state-implodes-april-20-2017/) has said, while the drama plays out, much is happening under the radar screen for the betterment of our plant.

So…please read Carl’s astrological findings below, breath a sigh of relief, and…


I felt the urge to post a little something about recent vibes.

We are dealing with lots of retrograde stuff and rather than risk confusion and error in my account, I’ll just say ‘check your astrology calendar for the gory details’, lots of retrograde stuff going on: Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, very recently Venus and now Pluto.

The retrograde I’d like to comment on though is Pluto, stationary/retrograde on Thursday, April 20, 8:46AM New York Time.

I think the overall combination of retrograde motions will add to the complexity, intensity and urgency of the vibes many of us are sensing. The reason I will focus on stationary Pluto is that I think it brings the best and most clear cut of the various astrological events.

Let me cut to the chase. In my experience with stationary Pluto, Pluto always seems to retrograde at precisely the right time to prevent a catastrophe.

It could be, for example, that enemy forces are massing on a contested international border. War is in the air. Also, there are numerous other astrological aspects around that don’t help the situation. They seem to suggest or support war. It seems like open conflict is inevitable.

Or similar, analogous, things could be going on in one’s personal or professional life.

Then, ‘all of a sudden’ Pluto goes stationary/retrograde and the situation suddenly and quickly cools off. By the time Pluto returns to where it was when it stationed, the whole situation has unwound and, instead of being on the brink of open war, the involved parties are in the midst of successful negotiations and it’s hard to remember why everybody got so excited in the first place.

So, in the present context, stationary Pluto was contributing to an intense, high-pressure situation/atmosphere this week – involving urgent and fateful decisions and growing concern. Then it today it went stationary/retrograde. 😄

The vibes prior to and leading up to the Pluto station were serious, no doubt, and might help account for the difficulties I have been seeing and hearing about for more than a week. Blessings and best wishes to all those involved.

But my take would be that as Pluto’s station retreats into the past and the Pluto pressure itself eases up, people will find that things are not as bad as they feared they might get and that there are options – or options will soon develop – that make the situation less dire than it was certainly beginning to look.

Stationary Pluto is no joke and it is associated with some really high pressure, high risk situations. But in difficult times, the Universe rarely seems to want to hit us full on with a stationary Pluto at the worst possible moment. In my experience, stationary Plutos always seem to have serious mitigating effects.

In my younger days, when Pluto stationed in the middle of a hot situation, I always felt like somebody had just canceled a fireworks display. Nowadays, I am very grateful for the compassion of the Universe. A stationary/retrograde Pluto, in my view, is like the opposite of Murphy’s law.

Carl Boudreau


Astrology for November 2016 – The Great Dovetail from Carl BoudreauEnergy Update ~ New Phase of The New Grid ~ October 25, 2016

carl boudreau

Good ‘ole Carl Boudreau. His astrological forecasts are world renowned, so…let’s see what he has to say about the month of November. While we are all caught up in the Presidential election of USA, perhaps there are some other issues we might wonder about.

So…please read this astrological forecast, imagine how you factor into this, and…


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Last month I described what was happening with a waning astrological configuration dating back to the early 1970s, the “oligarchic alignment.” It is breaking up in a series of very gradual planetary shifts.

As it breaks up, the globe’s oligarchies are ever so gradually breaking up. This gradual breakup is accompanied by critical levels of social, cultural, economic and political strain. These shifts have brought improvement in energetic conditions, but this improvement has been agonizingly gradual and slow when measured against the need.

Many are still experiencing, or only slowly recovering from, critical, life-changing events in family, relationship, health and work areas. Or they are still experiencing interminable delays in their quest for relief. Outer turmoil is accompanied by high levels of inner, psychospiritual turmoil. The combination of inner and outer difficulties is proving wearisome.

Newly Discovered Celestial Bodies and The Oligarchic Alignment

During the life of the oligarchic alignment, astronomers discovered a series of previously unknown large asteroids, or small planets. Each newly discovered asteroid represents a new set of archetypal principles that affect our collective aspirations on an all but instinctive level. They complicate the task of recovery and reform.

They become principles that we must now factor into all our choices and build into custom and tradition. They manifest as additional reasons for political disquiet and motives for societal reform.

The following list is not exhaustive:

Chiron (1977), Pholus (1992), Nessus (1993), Chariklo (1997), Varuna (2000), Ixion (2001), Quaoar (2002), Sedna (2003), Orcus (2004), Eris (2005).

All of these bodies are new to astronomy and to astrology. With the exception of Chiron, perhaps, and certain other newly discovered bodies, there is not a lot that can be said about them with either clarity or certainty.

Their official discovery, however, justifies the assumption that new archetypal issues are emerging in collective awareness, or old ones are coming to the fore and gaining in importance.

Their emerging influence would help account for the sheer number and density of the challenges we are encountering during this transition. The discovery of Planet 9 was also announced earlier this year.

We cannot yet say much about it either the new asteroids or the new planet, or two. Indeed, it has not yet even been physically observed. Published reports of its discovery included mention of yet another planet whose existence is as less well established.

I think we can safely assume that Planet 9 and its even more elusive sibling, like the newly discovered asteroids, are probably already serving as change factors at certain levels in collective consciousness. We need to assume that they are also adding to the complexity of our current experience.

The Asteroids at Work

The asteroids do not appear to be neutral, idle observers, floating picturesquely in the background of today’s astrological events, lending atmosphere.

Consider the following examples:


Chariklo is associated with respect for subtle but crucial personal boundary issues. Chariklo’s energies would translate into human and civil rights issues. Chariklo would contribute heavily to the complexity and intensity of identity politics.

Chariklo recently left Sagittarius where it would have been caught up in the mutable T-Square. It is now in Capricorn with Pluto where I believe it is seriously intensifying identity and personal boundary issues.

In recent decades, Chariklo would have been associated with the emergence of political correctness, the growth of identity politics, the emergence of the safe spaces movement and the growing awareness of microagressions.


Ixion governs the abuse of political power and the violation of trust in high places. This would include extreme abuses of power and trust. It is in Sagittarius, too, where it is caught up in the action of the mutable T-Square, whose function is to seek and reveal the truth.

Accordingly, the use and abuse of personal power and the violation of public trust has been a central issue in the US presidential election campaign.

In fact, if you explore the mythology of Ixion, you will see that current headlines reflect its influence rather clearly. Ixion can be involved in the crassest kind of financial and sexual abuse and in the very highest of places.

It is also in Sagittarius, caught up in the powerful and highly influential mutable T-Square. Accordingly, the use and abuse of political power and the violation of public trust have roiled the US presidential election campaign.

Ixion would, for example, be at issue in the kinds of accusations leveled at Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Or put another way, with Ixion in the mix, it is not surprising to hear such accusations being made. They are typical Ixion issues.


In the version of the Pholus myth with which I am familiar, Pholus violated the rules governing the use of communal resources. Pholus’ misuse of community resources enabled Heracles to violate the terms of his spiritual quest.

Bad Pholus aspects are associated with cronyism, corruption and venality generally. These Pholus themes reflect the kind of accusations or criticisms frequently leveled at Hillary Clinton. Pholus is currently in Sagittarius with Ixion, participating in the mutable T-Square.


Quaoar appears to govern the evolution of worldviews and value systems – the process by which the worldviews and value system of 1950 became those of 2016. Quaoar is also in Sagittarius, caught up in the mutable T-Square. And, indeed, the issue of updating, upgrading, transforming and refining worldviews have also been foregrounded in the presidential election campaign.

Disclaimer: The examples presented above are intended strictly to illustrate astrological issues. They are not intended to spark political discussion. Nor are they in any way exhaustive.

In sum, these newly discovered asteroids are demanding that we weave a whole new range of values into the fabric of our shared reality, retroactively. Existing worldviews and value systems must be modified to accommodate these new principles. We need to factor a whole new range of thorny moral and ethical issues into our thinking during an already complex and challenging transition.

Improvement has only been partial and incremental. The paths we follow seem to be of indefinite length. There seems little or no promise of resolution, or only a distant one.

November 2016 – Dovetailing

Mars will enter Aquarius on November 9th.

I believe November generally, and the Mars/Aquarius ingress in particular, will get us beyond slow, partial and incremental resolution. True to form, Mars will certainly act as a stimulant and/or an irritant in Aquarius. It is very likely to spark protests and spirited, even zealous reform efforts. Indeed, Mars in Aquarius might very well put the scent of revolution in the air.

But Aquarius energy does not make disruptive or violent reform inevitable. It is essentially about idealization, harmonization and optimization. Mars will activate this more moderate potential in Aquarius, too. In fact, I believe this aspect of Mars in Aquarius will be predominant.

Mars in Aquarius will form many positive, facilitating aspects. In fact, it will turn astrological trouble spots into supportive, facilitating aspects.

Viewed in combination, the many aspects that Mars forms while in Aquarius will create a cauldron or crucible formation. Typically, crucible formations encompass fully half of the chart, spreading over six houses or more.

A cauldron is highly transformative, encompassing inextricably all of the bodies caught up in it, catching them up in a powerful transformative process. The aspects formed by Mars in Aquarius will render this crucible formation highly progressive.

This cauldron will blend all of the energies in the Zodiac into a predominantly positive, progressive mix, suffused with Aquarian archetypal energies. It will change conflicts and crossed purposes into positive synchronicity.

This will accelerate the transition away from oligarchic values and support those seeking solutions during this transition. And the solutions people find will be progressive, solidly Aquarian solutions.

The aspects Mars will make are as follows.

Mars in Aquarius will be in trine relationship with Jupiter in Libra and form a semi-sextile relationship with Pluto. This will help to resolve any tensions between Jupiter, and Pluto and Aries.

Mars will form a semi-sextile with Neptune, Chiron and Nessus in Pisces.

Finally, Mars in Aquarius will be in sextile relationship with Saturn and the other bodies in Sagittarius. This will take the edge off the mutable T-Square.

Mars in Aquarius will also be in sextile with Uranus in Aries.

I have looked at the dispositor charts for relevant dates in November and they are all about mutual interception which, as you know, softens, moderates and modulates conflicting or clashing aspects.

In Aquarius, Mars will also enliven the archetypal Aquarian forces that bring synergy, cooperation, coordination and synchrony.

Hence, as Mars enters Aquarius on November 9 UT. On an individual level, it will powerfully stimulate and just as powerfully support our desire to achieve reintegration and healing of our lifestyles. Collectively it will do the same.

With so much positive synchronicity, it will also bring disparate efforts together. People whose work or whose needs and resources complement each other will find each other at crucial moments.

By mid November, our seemingly disparate efforts will begin to dovetail. Things will begin to come together for all of us.

Jupiter will square Pluto on November 24 – Don’t Worry about It

Also, as a result of the the many positive relationships that Mars establishes in Aquarius, the Mars/Jupiter square on November 24 will be barely a blip on the economic radar. Its force, however conflicted, will quickly be absorbed by the essentially constructive processes that are slowly overtaking our lives with Mars in Aquarius.

Sun Trine Neptune

On November 1, the Sun will trine Neptune. This will inspire hope and idealism. It will also soften boundaries, smooth rough edges and, thus, facilitate the dovetailing of our efforts promised by Mars in Aquarius. Neptune trines are famous for unforeseen and fortuitous events.

Mars in Aquarius will bring our individual and collective efforts into productive, progressive alignment with the efforts of others – synergistically, synchronistically.

In November, our lives will begin coming together a little faster than before.


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September 2016 – Jupiter Comes Back Online ~ August 26, 2016

Abstract Zodiac backdrop
Abstract Zodiac backdrop

Found this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture. Please read, inform yourself, and…


September 2016 Astrology from Carl Boudreau; Jupiter Comes Back Online


It’s been a long time coming, but FINALLY we have good news!

Right now, a few weeks before Jupiter enters Libra, people would be forgiven for thinking we are actually headed for a catastrophe – for unmitigated chaos – in global consciousness. Jupiter will rejoin the action just in the nick of time. Or we would be looking forward to an indefinite extension of the grim conditions we are now experiencing.

Despite the Jupiter Libra ingress, the scale of the problem and the nature of current aspects do not suggest a quick or easy resolution of the world’s problems. However, Jupiter’s Libra ingress will accelerate us in the right direction.

I think a corner will be turned in September. I think the worst will be over by September 9 when Jupiter enters Libra.

Thank you Carl, and if you feel so inclined, Carl is at a point that he more than welcomes small donations—particularly those of a buck or two on a monthly basis. The Facebook Link is here…   ~ BP


Carl Boudreau

Carl Boudreau – Astrologer Extraordinaire

September 2016 – Jupiter Comes Back Online


by Carl Boudreau

August 20, 2016
Hard August, Hard September?

September 1, UT ~ a solar eclipse in Virgo. September 16, UT ~ a lunar eclipse in Pisces.

Added to August’s mid-month eclipse, these eclipses make up a series of three eclipses. On one level, we can be grateful for these eclipses. They are occurring as the power of the mutable T-Square is peaking and its energy is shifting.

This surge of eclipse energy from the mutable T-Square will accelerate the demise of global oligarchy and hasten the end of the gross political and economic inequality threatens global stability. The eclipse energies will trigger and accelerate karmic consequences for using dishonest and manipulative language. This will further cleanse our politics and economics of toxic rhetoric and hasten the end of the oligarchic institutions and practices that it supports.

And that’s all to the good. This is a change process we should all welcome. However, we have to admit that the change process has been difficult on many of us.

We really need a break. We also need this process to be less abrasive and corrosive and more effective going forward.

September’s two eclipse charts are similar to August’s eclipse chart and to each other in most important respects. This would seem to promise a continuation of an energy of which we saw too much in August.

Most of the disconcerting influences in August’s chart do persist in September’s eclipse charts. In fact, September’s second eclipse chart looks like it would deliver an especially strong dose of the vibes we weathered in August. And it would do so, if it were not for one crucial factor.

Between September’s two eclipses, Jupiter changes signs. Jupiter’s entrance into Libra will significantly alter what at first glance seems like an extension of a rather difficult astrological pattern. And it will do so in a very positive and welcome way. Many of us will consider it welcome and long overdue.


September 9, UT ~ Jupiter enters Libra for the full transit. Jupiter will leave Libra in October 2017.

Harsh Side-Effects

Mutable energies by nature focus on transformations in consciousness. Indeed, since the mutable T-Square formed late in 2015, dramatic change has been cascading rapidly through consciousness and at an ever accelerating pace.

In keeping with the nature of the T-Square, greater value has been placed on detailed, well-reasoned analysis. Increasingly, people are questioning false rhetoric. Also, deceptive and manipulative language has been backfiring on those who use it.

That much is abundantly clear from the results of the recently ended Brexit campaign in the UK and Trump’s presidential campaign in the US. Mr Trump’s campaign has depended heavily on sensationalized and deceptive rhetoric – i.e., demagoguery. Accordingly, Trump’s increasingly negative treatment by the popular press and his poll numbers are suffering.

The overall effects of the mutable T-Square have been wholesome and for the greater good. However, it has proven to be rather strong medicine with pretty serious side effects. The non-stop changes in consciousness have been very disruptive, almost too disruptive.

Turbulence at the macro and individual levels is blending. Inner turmoil is blending with outer turmoil. At the same time, we are dealing with scarcity and risk.

We are feeling uncared for and alone in an increasingly harsh reality, albeit a reality many of us helped create and sustain.
We have been enduring these inward and outward challenges largely without the benefit of ‘the greater benefic,’ Jupiter.

Navigating through a Perfect Astrological Storm

In recent dispositor charts, the inner, personal planets have channeled these difficult energies though our personal lives. The inner and outer turmoil caused by the change process of recent years has also taken a stiff toll on our relationships.
Recent energies have caused the shedding, or release, of psychospiritual baggage. A lot of dark and difficult stuff has been coming to the surface. It hasn’t always been easy to process and it frequently comes between ourselves and other people in our lives. More generally, negative thoughts and emotions expressed outwardly as highly dysfunctional behavior. This in turn feeds our anxiety.

We often seem to be trapped in an all encompassing negative feedback loop. Negativity leads to more negativity, irrationality to more irrationality, dysfunction to more dysfunction, turmoil to more turmoil.

Negative synchronicity snowballed. It became hard to know what to expect in a particular situation.
As August opened, it was getting hard to see what was holding our society together. As August closes, things do indeed seem about to boil over.
The Last Astrological Straw

In these complicated and conflicted times, issues both personal and impersonal are thorny enough. However, a Mercury/Chiron opposition was added to the mix.
Because of this opposition, our insecurities and ambivalence are generally closer to the surface. Freudian slips, imagined offenses and garden variety misperceptions are common.

The Mercury/Chiron opposition virtually insured upsetting miscommunications would occur more frequently.
The Jupiter Libra Ingress

In more normal times, Jupiter, the greater benefic, would  provide our refuge in a storm, our refuge in adversity. Jupiter uplifts, heals, enriches protects, and empowers. He has a famously light touch, always gently applied, always eagerly anticipated, always warmly welcomed and fondly remembered.
For one astrological reason or another, Jupiter has been largely missing from the field. Or, compared to what is capable of, he has played only a minor, occasional role.
It was only relatively recently, when Jupiter transited Cancer (mid-2013 – mid-2014), that he escaped the oppressive leverage of Pluto. He remained under the thumb of capricious Neptune and Uranus.

Currently, in addition to the other astrological disadvantages under which he labors, Jupiter has been in Virgo, the sign of his detriment. His benevolent powers have been all but stifled. Virgo is a nearly total black hole for Jupiter’s attractive qualities.
The truth is that Jupiter has been undergoing tests, measuring his abilities against the difficult side of the astrological coin. During these trials, his energies have been absorbed building strengths and skills appropriate to astrological challenges he was facing, indeed, we were all facing. When Jupiter enters Libra, these new strengths will at long last come into play.

JupiterJupiter Bounces Back Big Time

Jupiter will enter Libra for the full transit on September 9, UT. The Jupiter Libra ingress is a major inflection point for the whole Zodiac. To understand why, we need to look more deeply into the fabric of basic astrological relationships.
Briefly stated, and generally speaking, Jupiter’s move into Libra will bring its beneficial energies out from under the many things weighing upon them. Jupiter will also move into decidedly more advantageous alignment with major players in the Zodiac.
Before September is half over, we will be able to count on Jupiter’s enriching, uplifting, kind and empowering energies once more. Positive synchronicity will proliferate in the world. Mutable winter will turn into mutable spring.
The additional good news about Jupiter’s ingress is that its benefits will be sustained, long-term. The ingress chart, with its positives, will be in effect for the whole of Jupiter’s year long transit of Libra. Also, aside from the particulars of the ingress chart, the positive trends that emerge in it will outlast the Libra transit.
Jupiter’s Big Move
So let us look into the underlying fabric of the chart. (Translation: some technical astrological stuff immediately ahead.)
We know that Jupiter is now in Virgo and generally doesn’t express happily there. To begin with, then, when it enters Libra, Jupiter will, escape the debilitating influence of Virgo. Its internship with Virgo will be over for now.

Though famously difficult for Jupiter, its transit of Virgo marks the beginning of a brand new Jupiter/Virgo cycle. As Jupiter enters Libra, the creative potential of the Jupiter/Virgo cycle will begin to manifest. Their energies will begin collaborating more creatively with each other and with energies of other planets and signs of the Zodiac.

During the new Jupiter/Virgo cycle, their energies will also manifest in new, surprisingly helpful ways, more compatible with current astrological challenges. Jupiter will display some of the strengths and skills it developed during its long stay in astrological boot camp. (It will also remember those who, despite the difficulties, worked constructively with Jupiter’s energies on the rough side of the Zodiac.)
In Virgo, Jupiter is also squaring Saturn in Sagittarius. Its oppressive situation in Virgo is doubly compounded by a square to Saturn and to Jupiter’s home sign and primary power base, Sagittarius.
These aspects, too, are especially challenging for Jupiter. Jupiter and Saturn are contradictory energies and adverse Jupiter/Saturn relations are especially problematic.
When Jupiter emerges in Libra, its square to Saturn turns into a sextile. It will also be a sextile in which, at this point in the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, Jupiter will have the upper hand.
Improved Jupiter/Saturn relations will continue positive for a couple of years, at least, as Jupiter approaches conjunction with Saturn. Both will then move beyond conjunction into the full, highly creative, Jupiter/Saturn cycle.
In the years ahead, Jupiter’s cooperation with Saturn will lead to the development of sound and reliable resources on all levels.
The same kind of thing will happen with relation to Sagittarius. When Jupiter enters Libra, it will sextile its home sign and Zodiacal power base. It will be able to draw more readily and fully on its reserves of power in Sagittarius, all the more so because of the strengths acquired during its recent training efforts.
Consider also Jupiter’s relationship to Neptune. While in Virgo, Jupiter, opposes Neptune, a relatively weak position vis à vis Neptune. Before that, Jupiter was in Neptune’s native sixth house, under Neptune’s control.
When Jupiter enters Libra, however, it will be in Neptune’s native 8th house. This placement will give Jupiter definitive leverage over Neptune. Neptune will need to expend its powers in the service of Jupiter’s more benevolent, down-to-earth agenda.
Once again, then, Jupiter’s move into Libra takes Jupiter from weakness to strength. Or, put another way, once again, it removes a block and puts Jupiter in a position to exercise strength that has been growing quietly in the background.
All of these positives will synergize each other. Were we to look more closely, we would see similar things happening in many of Jupiter’s other relationships.

Jupiter’s Libra ingress, then, marks the moment Jupiter’s latent powers begin to manifest and the rest of the Zodiac facilitates rather than blocks Jupiter. Challenging relationships will flip, becoming supportive. Jupiter’s new but so far suppressed powers will manifest in our lives.
As it enters Libra, therefore, Jupiter’s power in the Zodiac will increase by an order of magnitude or two. Its supportive, healing, uplifting energies will suddenly begin flowing freely into the Zodiac and into our individual and collective lives. The overall energies of the Zodiac will tip from negative and challenging, to positive and supportive.

Venus Botticelli

Botticelli’s Venus

The Jupiter/Libra/Venus Alliance

There is another big positive to the Jupiter Libra ingress and it directly addresses another big downside to the recent change processes: growing alienation.

The recent change process has put even our most important relationships under pressure. Relationships are breaking all around us. However, the Jupiter Libra ingress brings very good news in this department also.
Libra governs relationships and partnerships of all kinds. Jupiter’s show of strength in Libra, by itself, will go a long way toward healing and renewing and enriching fraying bonds and creating new ones.

Jupiter’s Libra transit will help nourish and nurture relationships even more because Venus will also be in Libra and rather strongly placed. Libra is one of the signs that Venus rules. It is a power base for Venus. It is also the sign that, like Venus itself, governs and drives partnerships.
More, Venus is dominant in the dispositor chart for the Jupiter Libra ingress. Moon, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter will also be pouring their energies through Venusian channels, so to speak, serving Venusian purposes.

Venus’ strong position will enlist the greater part of Zodiacal energies in the service of supporting human relationships. It will have final say in how most planetary energies are leveraged during Jupiter’s transit of Libra.

Jupiter itself will strongly reinforce Venus. Viewed another way, Venus will be abundantly supplied with power and resources in its efforts to rebuild stressed relationships alongside Jupiter.

During Jupiter’s transit of Libra, relationships will be very heavily prioritized. It would be hard to imagine more auspicious Venus and Jupiter placements for the healing and nurturing of human relationships across the board.

The Venus/Jupiter alliance in Libra will powerfully nurture relationships and alliances of all kinds at every level of society on a global level. Healing, sustaining energies will pour into social, political and economic alliances, friendships, romantic bonds, familial ties and work and professional bonds.
All of these will, in turn, enjoy a flood of positive synchronicity, complements of a Jupiter recently liberated, newly restored to power and in close alliance with Venus. Under Venus’ powerful influence, warmth will return to our personal relationships.

Like all astrological energies, Venus and Jupiter combinations can be abused. However, these energies will be closely supervised by the ever watchful mutable T-Square, still very much in effect. This should act as a strong check on abuse.

Jupiter By a Hair’s Breadth

Right now, a few weeks before Jupiter enters Libra, people would be forgiven for thinking we are actually headed for a catastrophe – for unmitigated chaos – in global consciousness. Jupiter will rejoin the action just in the nick of time. Or we would be looking forward to an indefinite extension of the grim conditions we are now experiencing.

Despite the Jupiter Libra ingress, the scale of the problem and the nature of current aspects do not suggest a quick or easy resolution of the world’s problems. However, Jupiter’s Libra ingress will accelerate us in the right direction.
I think a corner will be turned in September. I think the worst will be over by September 9 when Jupiter enters Libra.
In Sum

Over the last forty years and more, we co-created a global oligarchy. We have been ‘co-experiencing’ the negative effects of that oligarchy for some years now.
The mutable T-Square is currently helping us ‘co-deconstruct’ the oligarchy, with considerable hardship and risk to ourselves. Essentially, what we have been doing recently is ‘co-deconstructing’ the oligarchy and its basis in consciousness as we deal with the rigors of the change process and cope with the damage still being done by decades of oligarchic misrule.
For the most part, we have been enduring this difficult reconstructive and transformative process without the benefit of Jupiter – the most powerfully benevolent planet in the Zodiac. As a strengthened Jupiter rejoins the game, we should all feel relief and experience renewed up for the future.
To a very large extent, co-creating the global oligarchy was about the gross abuse of Jupiter’s wealth building powers. It seems poetic justice that we should endure a lengthy portion of the ‘co-deconstruction’ phase largely without Jupiter’s assistance.
The Nick of Time

Let us hope that we have learned what we need to know about the proper use of Jupiter’s wealth building powers so that, as Jupiter’s wealth building powers become available again, we don’t make the same mistakes over again, we don’t extend or recreate the oligarchy.
Finally, now that it’s back, Jupiter will help heal the damage the oligarchy has inflicted as well as the damaging side effects of the co-deconstruction process.

Given how matters stand, how close we came, Jupiter’s Libra ingress arrived not a moment too soon.

August 2016 – Turning a Major Historical Corner ~ July 24, 2016


Looks like it’s time for things to get bumpy in August as we have another lunar eclipse at the full moon on August 18, or perhaps get even bumpier than they are right now? Time to settle in, watch the show, and…


August’s Aspects

August and September, with their series of 3 eclipses, will mark a pivotal point in the breakdown of the global oligarchy – in the breakdown of the global political and economic power of the 1%. In this post, I will focus on the first of these eclipses, taking place at the Full Moon of August 18 UT.

The good news is that we are beginning a phase in the transition away from global oligarchy that we have been looking forward to. The bad news is that it will be a long and difficult transition.

The Lunar Eclipse at the Full Moon on August 18, UT

The North Node gives eclipses their meaning. Presently, the North Node in Virgo is strongly expressing the need for an objective, down-to-earth and selfless approach to resolving numerous and still rapidly increasing global issues.

By all accounts, the forces of oligarchy represent the opposite of the values supported by the Virgo North Node. So, logically, this pivotal battle should and probably will be decided in favor of the 99%. Ultimately.

It just will not be an easy or quick victory and the outcome is not fully guaranteed. The conflicts in the chart will play out in the realm of communication. These conflicts will also be intense.

The communication process itself is seriously afflicted, though. Resulting conflicts are highly likely to overflow into behavior, and not always in a good way.

To understand the astrological source of these difficulties, we need only look at a few of August’s more prominent aspects.

August’s Version of the Mutable T-Square

The dominant aspect in the August 18 eclipse chart is an updated version of the mutable T-Square that has dominated the charts since it took shape in the fall of 2015.

The base of this T-Square sets, as it always has, along the critically important nodal axis, the line connecting the North and South Nodes. There is no more sensitive or powerful axis in the astrology chart.

The energies affecting the nodal axis are powerfully communicated to every region of and aspect in the chart. And in this chart, there is a lot of complicated, difficult and downright dangerous stuff going on along the nodal axis. Or should I say, the most dangerous stuff going on in this chart directly affects the nodal axis.

In the August 18 version, or ‘iteration,’ of this T-Square, its base is formed by an opposition: retrograde Chiron opposes a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction. The nodal axis, then, is heavily afflicted by this highly problematic aspect. This same aspect will seriously resist the work of the North Node in Virgo, and vice versa.

The Unusual Power of the Mutable T-Square During August’s Lunar Eclipse

The power of the mutable T-Square is augmented by an unusually powerful Mercury. Mercury has had its muscular little fingers in a lot of pies lately; it is affecting many lines of causality and synchronicity and will continue to do so into the future. This is very clear in August’s eclipse chart.

Mercury transited (eclipsed or occulted) the Sun on May 9th at the time of Jupiter’s return to forward movement. This renewed and foregrounded Mercury’s power. Also, the simple fact that Mercury will be near the North Node during the eclipse will increase its importance.

When everything is taken into account, Mercury is the strongest planet by far in the dispositor chart of the August eclipse. It overrides the importance of strongly placed Sun and Neptune, each in their own home sign.

Mercury also ‘disposes’ of, or channels, the influence of the Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. It’s complicated, but this lineup in the dispositor chart puts these bodies at a considerable disadvantage.

Their power is subordinated to that of diminutive Mercury. The great energetic river formed by their combined streams must all flow through Mercury’s narrow gate, with considerable complications along the way.

This will create severe bandwidth issues throughout the month. The elements of this potent and complex but tangled stream of energies will struggle mightily to express themselves simultaneously through Mercury’s comparatively narrow and highly specialized modalities.

They will frequently find themselves competing aggressively with each other for passage. Then they will struggle mightily to escape Mercury in Virgo’s many narrow filters.

It is difficult to overstate the scale of Mercury’s influence during the August eclipse. It is equally difficult to overstate the degree of Mercury’s affliction. The astrological handicaps under which it will labor to perform its inordinately difficult task will be numerous and daunting.

A Powerful Mercury, Powerfully Afflicted

There will often be insuperable obstacles to successful communication at all levels in August and beyond. Indeed, simple, seemingly straightforward, routine communication can explode. In August, regardless of the seeming importance or unimportance of the issues, or how casual a conversation might seem to be at the time, it would be best to proceed with caution.

Overreaction is the order of the day. People will be primed to take offense and give offense in return. Sometimes it might just be best to hold your peace, no matter what you think is at risk.

On the micro level, the result of miscommunication might be estrangement, lost friendships, broken agreements and lost partners. On the macro – or national and global levels – the results might be broken alliances, shattered treaties, and failed trade deals. Hostile, unguarded diplomatic exchanges might lead to open warfare.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is opposite Chiron Retrograde

Much of the difficulty will come from retrograde Chiron’s opposition to the Jupiter/Mercury conjunction in Virgo. Retrograde Chiron’s negative potential is strongly enhanced.

Retrograde Chiron’s opposition is likely to draw discussions in the direction of old bitterness, simmering grievance and lingering grudge. It can stir pain in wounds nearly forgotten but not fully healed. It can inflame feelings about real or imagined attacks on personal beliefs. A Chiron opposition is also a prolific source of imagined threat or offense.

The negative potentialities of retrograde Chiron’s opposition are multiplied by its nearness to Neptune, retrograde Nessus, the South Node and the influence of Pisces generally.

Retrograde Nessus will hasten the manifestation of negativity and quickly dredge up guilt and pain. The effect would be to diminish our sense of self-worth and darken our interpretation of other people’s motives.

Neptune will further increase the likelihood of confusion, weak, self-deceptive, even delusional reasoning. The South Node, for its part, will make errors in reasoning and all these other ill-advised seem attractive.

This combination of negative placements makes the odds of failed communication very high indeed.

None of these influences, alone or in combinati0n, would be conducive to successful communication and positive outcomes. Disagreement could arise completely unexpectedly and quickly become heated and even violent.

Mars/Saturn Conjunction in Sagittarius – a T-Square + Flint and Steel

Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Sagittarius at the apex of the mutable T-Square. This fiery, explosive conjunction squares both poles of the Mercury/Jupiter/Chiron opposition during the eclipse.

This will further multiply the already considerable negative potential of the Mercury/Jupiter/Chiron opposition. In sum, it will dramatically raise the likelihood of miscommunication and worsen its consequences.

Retrograde Pluto is exactly conjunct the fixed star Vega, opposite the asteroid Vesta.

During the August eclipse, a Pluto/Vega conjunction is exact to within about 16 minutes of arc – i.e., extremely exact. A Pluto/Vega conjunction is rare.

It occurs roughly every 248 years. It last occurred in about 1767-8 at the dawn of an era of world historical revolution.

Vega dramatically enhances charm, glamour and charisma generally. Pluto is an intensifier of feeling and a powerful motivator of radical, even revolutionary action.

Combined, Pluto and Vega can generate intensely charismatic and thoroughly irrational appeal. This in turn can inspire fierce, unreasoning loyalty. This in its turn can inspire fanaticism and zealotry.

The asteroid Vesta, for its part, governs earnest devotion to a principle or ideal. Opposite the exact Pluto/Vega conjunction, Vesta can easily produce a fiery clash.

This opposition takes place in cardinal signs, along the Capricorn/Cancer axis, its volatile influence will be complicated and compounded by the lingering power of the Uranus/Pluto square.

This Pluto/Vega/Vesta influence, combined with the influence of the Chiron/Mercury/Jupiter opposition and the Saturn/Mars conjunction, is highly conducive to overheated, irrational rhetoric and the violence to which such rhetoric often gives rise.

Outcomes Might Not Be What You Hope

Under the influence of the eclipse, negative tactics, no matter how appealing or even irresistible they seem, could backfire badly, either in the moment or in the future.

This would seem to put the offender at a disadvantage. However, in present circumstances, a penalty on the offender could easily overflow and engulf bystanders, including those offended.

Regardless of whoever has the right of it, social unrest brought on by a violation of the North Node’s mandate, could overflow, translating into misfortune for the righteous too. Violence is contagious and unrest tends to overflow boundaries.

Consider Also The Asteroids – The Pervasiveness of Transformative Process

It is clear from the nature of the mutable T-Square, placed so strongly in August’s eclipse chart, that August’s intense conflicts will largely be rooted in the realm of ideas and beliefs. It will be about the rightness or wrongness of beliefs, the soundness of arguments presented in their defense and the motives behind them.

Ideology will be pitted sharply against ideology, religious belief against religious belief, scientific theory against scientific theory, dogma against dogma, motive against motive, and everything in between.

Where the Asteroids Come Into It

A consideration of the asteroids would give us a very clear idea of the scale of the process supported by the mutable T-Square and the possible scope of the conflict.

As I have tried to show in previous posts, the asteroids have a great deal to do with the ideas by which we govern our lives and our societies. If we add up the areas influenced by the better known asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno, Vesta, Chiron, Pholus, Nessus, Chariklo, Ixion, Quaoar and Eris) we come up with whole worldviews full of ideas from around the globe.

Quaoar in August

For the present, let’s consider the asteroid Quaoar and its role during the August eclipse.

During the eclipse, retrograde Quaoar will be in all but perfect conjunction with the Galactic Center in Sagittarius. This conjunction is also rare. It occurs once every 286 years, give or take. The last such conjunction occurred during the run up to the historic revolutions at the end of the 19th century.

Quaoar is associated with the creation and maintenance of large belief systems of all kinds. It governs our ability to keep our worldview up to date, and our ability to change it as knowledge and circumstance change.

Quaoar’s influence is all inclusive in this regard. It affects every facet of every existing belief system.

Not to put too fine a point on it, the Galactic Center is a major source, perhaps even the primary source, of transformative sacred energy. The precise conjunction of Quaoar and the Galactic Center sends immeasurably large amounts of transformative and uplifting sacred energy surging through the world’s belief systems. Especially with Quaoar retrograde in Sagittarius, it inspires the vigorous updating and upgrading of the totality of ideas in the totality of global worldviews.

Subjectively, the conjunction would make us feel an urgent need, even a sacred duty, to update and upgrade our beliefs – along with everyone else’s, for that matter.

The transformative energy from the Galactic Center will affect all of our beliefs. Nothing and no one will be excluded. Quaoar’s conjunction with the Galactic Center, then will dramatically augment the transformative effects of the eclipse.

The Other Asteroids

In the interests of brevity, let me just say that the other commonly observed asteroids are centrally involved in the dynamic of the Mutable T-Square. These other asteroids are also strongly placed. Hence, the kind of reasoning applied to Quaoar will apply to the other asteroids.

The forces at work in August and beyond will inundate the totality of our global idea systems. We are slowly emerging from a time when greed was exalted to the level of a virtue. All respect for facts and sound reason was abandoned. Virtually the totality of the ideas that govern the conduct of our individual and collective affairs are now deeply flawed.

I don’t think we want to underestimate the scale of the impact that the upcoming eclipses, including August’s eclipse, will have. When an irresistible demand for truth collides with so many flawed ideas, trouble is sure to follow.

On an individual level, be careful what you say and to whom you say it in August and the weeks and months to follow. Listen carefully to what others say, also.

It will be far too easy to spark animosity, to overreact to an imagined insult, to mistake a lie for the truth, or vice versa. It could be some time, I think, before the fires thus ignited are quenched and the intellectual air is safe to breath unfiltered.

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My heartfelt thanks to all.

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